A Trip in Time
Part 7

by Ri

See Part 1 for disclaimers.


            Beverly was bored, she was tired of waiting for Picard to come back from his walk. She walked onto the back porch and into a romantic clinch between Deanna and Riker.  Surprised and pleased she decided retreat would be the best reaction on her part. Riker heard the intrusion and kept Deanna protectively behind him as he turned to face the person who was interrupting such a personal moment. Suddenly his posture relaxed and he smiled sheepishly when he saw it was just Bev.




            Deanna peeped over Rikers shoulder and said, “Um…Hi Bev.”


            An amused smile flashed across Bev’s face as she bit her cheeks to keep from laughing out right,

“Hi you two.”


            “Um we….I…we’re…Um…”Riker was trying to explain the obvious and Bev decided to just laugh it was hurting her cheeks to keep biting them like this.


            “Well that was comprehensive,” She said breathily she was also laughing really hard. Riker and Deanna looked at Bev and then at each other and started to laugh too.


            Riker shook his head and sat down on a swing and patted it to indicate that Deanna should sit next

to him, “Where’s the Captain?”


            Deanna looked at Bev whose only expression was amused acceptance and sat down next Riker on the swing. He smiled at her and put an arm around her shoulder, Which she happily snuggled into.


            Bev smiled widened and she looked affectionately at the young couple, “I haven’t seen Jean Luc I was coming out to see if you’ve seen him.”


            Riker looked surprised, “No, He hasn’t come back from his walk with Gabrielle yet.”


            Now Bev looked suddenly concerned, “Gabrielle came back a while ago and said he wanted to walk a little more and he would be back in a bit.  It’s been a half hour and he still hasn’t come back yet.”


            Riker stood up, suddenly worried, “Come on you two lets go find our Captain.”


            ***                  ***                              ***                              ***


            Gabrielle sat on the bed and watched as Xena paced back and forth.  Cyrene had left a while ago and she and Xena were planning what to do about a certain God of War and his temper tantrum.


            Xena suddenly turned as a thought crossed her mind, “Do you think he’ll try to get the Captain alone?”


            Gabrielle shrugged,” You know as well as I do how unpredictable Ares is…I have no idea what his next move will be.”


            Xena had a grimace on her face, “Come on, Love.  Let’s go find the Captain”


            ***                              ***                              ***                  ***


            Picard was strolling through the beautiful forest trying to sort out all the thoughts rushing through his mind. He was trying to figure out if he broke the prime directive and the effect it would have on history.

“A millennium of history,” He said  grimly himself as he turned and walked up the open path toward an incline.      


            He was cresting the little hill when a figure suddenly appeared he knew before the God materialized that it was Ares.


            “Awww, So I finally get you all to myself. You’re a really popular guy, Did you know that?”


            Picard tried to walk around him saying, “We have nothing to discuss.”


            “Oh, I think we do, Jean Luc.”


            Picard stopped and twirled, “Listen, I don’t know what you think I can do, Ares but…”


            “You can help me preserve my Godhood, If you don’t Xena might not live to her full life expectancy….”


            “What the hell are you talking about….?”


            “I’m her and her daughters only ally.  And as much as we fight I truly care about the Warrior, The battling bard and the brat.  I don’t want my brothers and sisters to kill them.  The fates told me I will lose my godhood and that they will not last till end of the year.  If you care for them you’d safe me so I can safe them…”


            “That is the biggest pack of bull you have spouted, Ares,” Said a very familiar voice from behind them.


            Ares whirled, “The fates said that you will cease to exist in this time period…Xena that means you and Gabrielle will die again…I don’t want that, I can prevent it with Picard’s help…”


            Xena smiled ferally and shrugged, “Is that a reason to inflict the God of War on the future? I don’t  think so…”


            “What about Eve?”


            “You harm one hair on my little ones head and you will lose more then your Godhood…”


            “Not me, Xena.  I don’t want to hurt your baby you know what I want…”


            “Forget it Ares,”Said Gabrielle from the other side of the clearing.


            “Listen you jealous little harpy. I’m talking about creating a God, not flopping around with a little Amazon…”


            Gabrielle was becoming enraged and almost threw her sai at Ares, She was instantly stopped by Xena who put firm but gentle hands around her from behind. “I don’t want to hear it any more, Ares. I love Gabrielle. I will protect my own daughter, Now be a good little War God and go home.”


            Ares was fuming he was about to make a grab for the Captain When three more bodies got between him and his goal, “Don’t even think about, War God.” Said Riker from protectively in front of the



            “Oh for…Well my sake.  Ok, fine, I’ll leave but this isn’t over people,”There was blinding flash of light and the God was gone.


            Xena smirked and looked at Picard, “Well at least now we know what he wants.”


            ***                  ***                  ***                              ***


            Gabrielle and Xena were alone in their room.  Gabrielle was brushing Xena beautiful black hair and it was very relaxing to the tense warrior.  She loved to feel her loves soft touch as she brushed through the tangles in her hair. She also found it very arousing for some reason.


            Gabrielle smiled as she watched the tension slowly drop from the warrior’s shoulders. They had a long discussion with the Enterprise crew when they came back to the inn.  Xena and Picard led the discussion and it was decided to try and contact Aphrodite and see if she would run interference with her persistent brother.


            Xena and Gabrielle went up to their room to get some sleep since it had been a long day and they were sure that tomorrow would be as long. Xena was so worked up that she couldn’t even sit down so Gabrielle had suggested brushing the warrior’s hair.  Xena smiled, she just loved how her bard took care of her. Xena grabbed the little wrist on the next stroke through her hair and brought the smaller woman into her lap with one movement. Gabrielle, brush still in hand looked up into passion filled blue eyes and melted. The brush fell from her fingers, lips met and bodies merged.


            When they parted breathless from the kiss they stared deeply into each other’s eyes and Xena smiled sweetly.  She brushed soft bangs from Gabrielle’s eyes and said, “This makes me feel so much better, Thank you…”


            “Its not hurting me any either, my love” Gabrielle replied with smile.


            Xena rubbed noses with the smaller woman, “I’m very glad to hear that, “She kissed her mate again and began slowly to remove her top.


            “Mmmm,”Gabrielle moaned and pulled back,”No fare, Xena your still completely dressed.”


            In a blink of an eye Xena’s clothes were lying next to them on the floor, “Better?” She asked with a smirk, as she gently nibbled a tasty earlobe and deftly removed Gabrielle’s skirt.


            “Ohhh yea much, “Said the prone woman as she caressed the warrior’s strong beautiful back.


            Xena was now gently caressing Gabrielle’s breasts, the soft skin eased her tension and filled the void that had left her so sad earlier in the day. “Gods,” She purred as she brought the smaller body as close to her as physically possible. They slowly merged with each other building to a peak till they both shattered and happily went over the edge….


            Cuddled into each other’s arms the lovers finally allowed themselves some time to relax with each other.


            “Thank you,”Said Xena very quietly.


            “My pleasure,” The bard purred back and snuggled closer.


            Xena chuckled, “I think I am very lucky. I have a beautiful mate who loves me, an absolutely perfect child that is a joy to our lives and family who cares for all of us.  I guess you don’t think of that if all the Gods on Olympus want to kill you.”


            “It does tend to blind you to the good things in life, Huh?” She gently kissed the warrior on the neck and grinned.


            “Yep,” She brought Gabrielle’s lips to her own for loving kiss, “You do know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me, don’t you?  I know I should say it more often but…”


            “I know. Words are not your thing. You are more into action. You know, you show me you love me all the time. Every day, every look, every touch communicates volumes, I just had to train myself to listen to them. You don’t have to say it.”


            Xena smiled and kissed Gabrielle deeply and passionately she was determined to show her love just how right she was.


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