The Truth Serum

Part I of III


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This is an alternative "first time" story that takes place the morning after the end of "Fish, Femmes, and Gems". It depicts both Xena and Gabrielle as two passionate women in love with one another (aka lesbians). If you are under 18 years of age and/or this type of love is illegal where you live, please find yourself some more appropriate reading material.

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In this story a candle mark equals approximately an hour and a moon is the equivalent of one day. Hope you have fun reading, enjoy!

KAG - April 2001

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The Morning at the Lake of Saularus

The insistent chirping of merry little finches circling overhead awakened Xena. Despite setting up camp underneath some lush trees overlooking the lake, it was just 6 candle marks past high moon and the blistering heat left her damp and parched.

Xena slowly wavered on her side away from Gabrielle and stood up facing the water. The clear sky reflected the glistering sun droplets dancing on the lake's pallet. Oh, how Xena was going to relish this morning dip.

Imagining the gentle, soft caresses the inviting lake would resonate over her needful body sent shivers down her spine. Especially, lately, everything that she touched, smelled, or breathed evoked heighten erotic thoughts from within her. Everything she touched tingled through her strong, eager, and aching body. She knew the reason why oh too well but, at the present moment, had no remedy. The lake would have to suffice.

Gabrielle turned to watch Xena tiptoe on the course sand towards the lake. Gabrielle thought to herself silently. Xena is always so mindful not to wake me. But, I am usually already awake and steeling glimpses of my friend, a friend I so passionately adore. These visions perpetuate my daily thoughts of stroking her hand, her face, and her lips bringing my soul into a towering frenzy of undeniable pleasure. I know I need to stop myself from engaging in these thoughts in fear of driving myself absolutely mad with pent up desire and lust. Ahh, so beautiful, her long bronze legs, so perfectly straight and smooth despite years of battle, her walk was so confident and proud.

"Gabrielle, come on in, the water's beautiful," Xena motioned for Gabrielle to join her in the middle of the lake. Still sitting, Gabrielle pondered, the Lake is not the only thing beautiful this morning. She continued to stare forward, sharpening her gaze at the warrior, watching Xena playfully enjoying her swim with no response.

"Gabrielle, are you listening?" She said looking puzzled at Gabrielle.

" Mmm, silly me." Gabrielle's arms moved upwards as she gave a nod of disapproval. "Maybe later... I want to continue that story I was writing." However, it was just an excuse not to be anywhere near the naked warrior this morning.

Disappointedly, Xena looked back at Gabrielle and swiftly disappeared under the ceiling of the lake.

Xena remained in the water so long her skin looked like fish scales. After putting her leathers on, she approached Gabrielle from behind, who was now was facing opposite the lake. Desperately trying to distract herself with her writing, Gabrielle could feel the strong warrior's presence descending upon her.

"Whatya writing?" Xena inquisitively asked breaking the silence as she bent down over Gabrielle's shoulder to get a peak.

"Oh, just some silly story about the Amazons and sex. Uh, I meant the Amazons and the Centaurs. Ha, ha. Nothing real interesting." She folded down part of the parchment so that Xena could not make out what she was really writing.

"Well, the Amazons and Sex? I've heard some stories, Gabrielle, and since you are Queen of the Amazons, you would know, wouldn't you?" Changing her position, Xena stood up in front of Gabrielle with her elbows bent and hands planted at her waist, raising her left eyebrow in intrigue.

Gabrielle stood up and gave her a playful, disgusted look, "You know what I said, I corrected myself" as she hit the warrior with her scroll in the abdomen. "And you just can't let any of my mistakes go without pointing them out!"

"Oh, but Gabrielle, Amazons and Sex sounds like a much more interesting story. I bet, there are so many willing listeners that really want to know how and with whom they do it with." Xena looked down at the now standing, fiery bard enjoying the adorable rousing she inspired in her. She realized the affect she was having on the bard, but had no intention of stopping, just yet.

"Huh, you being no exception. This potent curiosity may be due to something you're lacking. Maybe that explains your obsession with fish. It's a symbol for something that you desire, an empty space you are trying to fill."

"Yes, I do like fish ALOT. You have a problem with that? I seem to recall that you don't have a problem eating the fish I catch."

"Yeah, but your obsession with fish has a life of it's own. It can't be all about FISH!"

"So, what are you trying to say?" Xena moved her neck to the side squinting her glaring eyes at Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looked towards the ground, not meeting Xena's searching eyes. "Xena, really, you have a reputation for being kind of promiscuous. Yet, the last three seasons, well, you haven't really had it. I think this is something you need to explore. Anyways, well, you know, I am not good at catching fish, Xena, pleasssee!" Gabrielle blushed.

"So, what you are saying is that I fish in order to fill the void of the lack of sex in my life. So, dear, what obsession do you have to fill that void for you, huh?

"Well, you see I don't have that problem. I never had to the chance to get addicted."

"I don't believe that. We still need to eat usually is the most accessible food item. You never offer to catch them, so I am the only one to do it. How many times have I offered to teach you how to catch a big, fat, succulent fish?"

"Xena, really, these shoes are made for walking," pouncing a few footsteps away to put her scroll into her parchment bag, "These hands are made for talking." Gabrielle held the quill up with her hand to emphasize her point. "Fish feel so slimy and I can never get a good enough grip, they always swim away."

"Not all fish, Gabrielle, swim away. Maybe fishing could fill your void too?"

Maybe you could fill my void if you weren't so tauntingly wicked. " I am shutting my ears, and plugging my eyes."

"That sounds like it hurts. How does one plug their eyes anyway?" Xena loved to poke fun at Gabrielle those few times her speech faltered, even when, most of those times, it was the result of Xena embarrassing the bard.

Gabrielle noticed the devilish satisfaction on Xena's face as she watched the bard squirm for a comeback. Mostly, Gabrielle enjoyed the playful attention from an otherwise quiet and serious warrior. However, sometimes, it just simply agitated her. The unrelenting teasing just seemed to become more frequent lately, Gabrielle never knowing what to expect next out of Xena. It should have been something Gabrielle was more willing to embrace, considering this playful mood meant the warrior was happy and not in a darkened state. Sometimes, the teasing became more than just verbal; it became physical, Gabrielle's body becoming a prisioner to Xena's flirty ministrations. Ever increasing was the unquenchable thirst that Gabrielle had for her seemingly clueless friend, equating in many frustrating and sleepless nights for the bard.

Noticing her companion unlacing part of her green top due to the scorching temperature, Xena lowered her stare to the bard's engaged fingers and hungered to undo the rest. Xena's breath became labored and heavy, her logical mind battling her colossal libido. She laid her arm across the blonde woman's shoulder. "Maybe you just need a good nights rest at a clean and quiet inn. Whatya say we stop at that inn at Zafira and stay there for a few nights rest before going to Poteidaia to see your family? Then you'll have plenty of time to tell me all the stories about the Amazons and the Seeeeeeeeee." Xena knew she was pushing it by the stern frustration on the bard's face. She figured she'd stop, for now, before her good senses started to fail her.

"XXXXXXEEEENA!!!" Give it a rest warrior princess.

"Centaurs. My, my, Gabrielle, the tension... that swim in the lake would have done you some good this morning."

"Oh, you have all the answers this morning, don't you! What did the water fairy come and bless you with wisdom last night. That explains all the tossing and turning." Xena was getting on her last nerve and Gabrielle didn't know whether she wanted to smack or ravish this gorgeous warrior. Hum, both might actually satisfy me.

"I don't toss and turn Gabrielle!" This confession alarmed Xena, for she had been known to also talk in her sleep during some of her more stirring dreams. By the Gods, if Gabrielle knew what Xena was really dreaming, Gabrielle might feel a little uneasy.

"Oh, yes you do," she got into a defensive stance placing her pointing finger right into the warrior's firm gut. "And you keep me up all night. You don't know how many stars I have counted waiting for sleep to take me." Huh, she tosses and turns all night long. I often wonder what dreams or nightmares she's having. Sometimes she adds in side effects that sound something like "Mmmm", "Ahh" or "Yummm". Or at least, it sounds that way. At times I think she is dreaming of delicious and exotic food, maybe something sweet like grapes or oranges, but then she surprises me and the "Mmmm" sound falls deep within her throat and becomes lower and huskier. It is at that point that I think she may be dreaming of more erotic pleasures like sex. Usually, she falls asleep immediately and I stay awake listening intently hoping that she will slip one evening and let me in on what she is consuming in her dreams. And I obsess that it is me she is dreaming about and consuming.

Xena thinks to herself. You don't know how many stars I have counted waiting for YOU to take me. "Do I talk in my sleep?"

"Well, not exactly. You make funny noises."

Well, if it's only funny noises, I make, I guess I'm out of the woods, right? " We need to get moving if we are going to make it by sundown." Xena replied and picked up her bedroll as she started towards Argo.

"Just like you to change the subject. Don't you want to know what kind of noises you make? Does "Mmmm" and "Ahhh" ring a bell. What on earth are you dreaming about?" Gabrielle let out a little chuckle. The fact that Xena wanted to discard the issue, made the bard more suspecting that Xena knew what she was dreaming about, and those dreams were not about food.

The bard picked up the rest of her gear and followed the raven-haired woman, still pressing for a response "Well?"

"I really don't remember."

"Right." The bard realizing she was not getting anywhere, decided to drop the probe, for now.

She knows me oh too well. Xena rested her hands on her hips and stared at the unbeknownst bard packing the rest of her things into her brown bag, admiring the insightful curiosity the bard so fearlessly held. Her hair glistened in the wild morning sun while her soft skin absorbed the radiant light scattered around her. Each movement she made grew sluggish against the earth that Gaea first inhabited, and time halted suddenly, and there was only Gabrielle.

Suddenly, aware of the warrior's stare transfixed on her, Gabrielle began waving her hands in front of Xena's placid eyes. "Hello in there?" She had seen this intense stare from Xena only a few times before. The first time, it was right after Xena brought her back to life during the Thessalian war, the first year they traveled together. The second time she saw that stare, was when Xena was in Autolycus' body, but that could be just her imagination, since, Xena never really was there, or was she. Oh, it's still so confusing. What could she possibly be thinking about? Me?

The bard looked into the deep watery, sky blue eyes and firmly spoke. "WHAT are you staring at?"

Realizing she had been caught, Xena couldn't decide if she should play it off or tell Gabrielle the truth. Letting instinct take control, Xena placed her hand on Gabrielle's cheek and looked deeply into her light green eyes. She could feel herself losing control as her head started to enter a dizzying haze. What was she doing? She better think of something quick. She moved her hand quickly across the bard's cheek and patted Gab's shoulder.

"You had some dirt on your face. See again, you should have taken that dip in the lake this morning." Was Gabrielle going to buy it?

"Xena....ut..mmm, huh?" Gabrielle said puzzled. She inconspicuously grasped for breath, as if she hadn't been breathing for minutes. More confusion cluttered her mind, as she incoherently stood, her body tightened like a motionless jellyfish.

Gabrielle was usually composed when the two were physically close yet, when Xena caught her off guard, all bets were off. In the last year, Gabrielle had become perplexed by Xena's recent demonstrative warmth towards her. Not that she didn't want it, oh; she desired the closeness of the warrior with all of her being. However, her bewilderment clouded her better judgment, as she did not know whether Xena was being just friendly or wanting something more. As a result, this forced Gabrielle not to embrace such tenderly intimate moments for fear of misinterpreting Xena's motives. Yet, if Xena was being more than friendly, Gabrielle was certainly not encouraging her dark haired companion to continue with the bard's body language.

Gabrielle must have been thinking for minutes because when she turned to face Xena, she had already mounted on Argo and was motioning for Gabrielle to get on behind her.

"I think I'll walk." Although the bard knew she would not make it far on foot in this blistering heat with the little sleep she had last moon.

"Suit yourself but I'm telling you its way to hot."

"That's ok, I'll suffer."

On The Road

After traveling continuously for three candle marks, Gabrielle was thoroughly drenched with sweat and overcome with heat exhaustion and sleep deprivation, she could hardly construe the shapes she descended upon. Her feet battled her heavy wretched legs and it was only a matter of time before her legs finally won and gave out.

"Gabrielle, you've been dragging your feet and on the ground for over a candle mark now. You look like you are going to pass out. Come on up here! And I won't take 'no' as an answer." Xena demanded in a low voice offering her left hand to her partner.

Without hesitation she took Xena's hand and was lifted up by her forearm behind her companion. Earlier, she decided she wouldn't ride on Argo with Xena because, without a doubt, she would be holding and leaning on the warrior for the entire ride. Thus, giving her the perfect medium for fantasizing about Xena. Now, her denial was so far away. I am a bard, you know. This is part of the process.

When they first met, Gabrielle was so interested in seeing the world and exploring her new surroundings, that she hardly ever gave being so close to Xena a second thought. However, as time went on, Gabrielle became less and less interested in the external environment and more and more interested in Xena. In short, that particular habit, had caused her to almost get killed one too many times. In fact, she'd find herself daydreaming, inhaling the Warrior's fragrance, and slipping away into fantasy when she should have been paying more attention to what was going on around her.

Often, Gabrielle wondered what Xena was thinking about during those long rides while the her arms were wrapped tightly around Xena's hips, her head resting on the warrior's partially exposed upper back. Did Xena not have any second thoughts about the closeness they shared or did she pay careful attention to the bard that rested behind her attached to her warm body? It was at that moment, that it became Gabrielle's intention to find out the truth in these next few days, no matter what the cost.

"Xena?" The bard whispered softly.

"Yes?" Xena spoke in an inquisitive voice.

"Do you think there will be any young men in Zafira?" Gabrielle knew she would be catching Xena off guard because they hardly ever discussed the opposite sex unless it was about fighting them.

Surprised by such an inquiry, especially from Gabrielle, Xena replied, "Maybe a few, why do you ask?" Xena turned her head towards Gabrielle, her left eye searching for the reason for such a question.

"I don't know, I miss the attention, I guess. Xena, it's not like I don't get attention out here on the road. But, gosh, most of the time I get the wrong kind of who wants to bash my head in. Ha. I just, guess, miss feeling that I am special."

What has gotten into her, thought Xena? Xena knew Gabrielle felt less than adequate sometimes, not to mention the fact that everyone thought that Gabrielle was just her sidekick. Nonetheless, it never occurred to her that Gabrielle yearned for the attention of men. Of course, there was Perdicus, but Xena thought it was just a passing phase. At the time, she wanted Gabrielle to be happy and safe no matter how much Xena detested her choice of a partner. However, now, it had become so apparent to Xena that Gabrielle was interested in her. But, maybe Xena was so blind sighted by her growing romantic feelings for her friend causing her to lose sight of the reality that Gabrielle was truly attracted to men.

"Gabrielle, you are special no matter where you are and what you are doing. But, if you feel like you need reassurance, I am sure you will find it in Zafira." Xena bit her lip hard, If Gabrielle didn't realize by now, after visiting Zafira almost a dozen times that the population was mostly female, and mostly Sapphic, the bard was clueless. There would be no men at this village, at least none that would be interested in women.

"Thanks, Xena." Boy. she's trying hard to make me happy.

Traveling a few moments in silence, Gabrielle placed her hand on Xena's shoulder and proceeded to slowly massage her upper back and lower neck with the tips of her fingers. Gabrielle drifted away in light thought. Her shoulders are so proud and strong, yet so sensuously delicate. She never slouches, even when she is in pain from a rough battle. Very rarely has she ever asked me to massage her back. Xena would rather suffer in agony before admitting that she was hurt. Xena's back was soft and slightly damp from the heat as Gabrielle kneaded the skin around the metal ornamental hooks extending down the warrior's shoulder. After a bit, the bard closed her eyes and drifted off into fantasy.

What is she doing? Bored? I'm fine, Gabrielle, just get your friggen mitts off my back before I get dangerous. First, you're telling me how you want the attention of young men, now you are massaging my back like an attentive lover. You are giving me mixed signals.

"How does that feel, Xena?" Gabrielle smiled slyly at the wicked thoughts now racing through her mind.

Are you kidding? "Good, Gabrielle, but I am fine."

"You seem a little tense. I see you sometimes, trying to rub your back against the trees after a hard fight. Why don't you ever ask me to give you a massage?"

Irritated by the sensations being emitted down her torso and not being able to do anything about it Xena said, "Well, I don't want to bother you with my aches and pains because, honestly, it would be quite frequently."

"I wouldn't mind. Am I doing something wrong? " Gabrielle said moving her head closer to the warrior's ear. So close, Gabrielle knew the warrior could feel her gentle breath on her skin.

Moving her hands downward, the bard's fingers slipped slightly underneath the leather chemise in the middle of Xena's back. Gabrielle lightly stroked the flesh that she so coveted many lonely nights sleeping inches from the warrior. Her fingers were magnetically drawn into warrior's force field towing her in to a quiet frenzy.

Gabrielle's fingertips shot through Xena like an electric beam of light transmitting minute shocks directly to that special place in the center of her universe. "Gabrielle, you are ....very...good, believe me...." She let out a hindered sigh.

"Hmm." I am getting to her Gabrielle thought triumphantly. "Why don't you ask me, then?"

"Mmmm....why do you ask so many questions!" Xena followed agitated. Yet, what she really wanted to say is that she would enjoy it way too much and could not be accountable for her actions.

Gabrielle's hand moved on top of Xena's leather chemise teasingly massaging her upper waist.

"Fine, stubborn warrior! Suit yourself. Plenty of people would die to get a massage from me, huh." Gabrielle moved her hands off of the warrior.

"Gabrielle..." Xena said apologetically.

"Listen, forget it. I don't understand after all this time together, why you just can't ask me for help. Do you think that I will think of you any less because you have weaknesses? Do you think I would use it against you?"

Xena stopped Argo and turned her waist around as much she could to look at Gabrielle. "I know, Gabrielle, I'm sorry, I'm just a little temperamental. I need some good rest. You are my best friend and I trust you with everything." Xena pleaded trying to make light of the situation.

"Ok, truce." Giving the warrior a big bear hug from the back, Gabrielle backed down. " You'll ask next time, right?"

"Definitely, you'll be the first!"

Almost to Zafira, Xena said, "Gabrielle, do you ever think about settling down?"

"Some day I hope. You can't be a nomad forever. Why do you ask?"

"Just wondering."

"Well, obviously you were just wondering, otherwise you wouldn't ask. But, why are you wondering?" Gabrielle jokingly poked Xena in her sides trying to get a rise out of her.

"Just the comment you made before about finding a young man. ...Do you miss the intimacy?"

"Well..." Gosh how am I going to answer this one? "I guess I can't miss anything that I never really had, right?"

"You mean to tell me that because you didn't have it much, that you don't think about it?"

"I didn't say that. You asked me if I missed it. How can I miss something that I didn't really have or had only once?" By admitting her inexperience, she realized she just fed Xena's insistent thoughts and comments that Gabrielle was still an innocent girl from Poteidaia. However, what Xena didn't realize is that experience is not the only way you can learn about the game of love.

"You do have a point. "


Gabrielle briefly thought back to the time she spent a week with the Amazons. As a daily ritual a few of the Amazons, including Ephiny, would meet out by the campfire just before bedtime to discuss everything from feminine problems to sex. Full of questions and intrigue, Gabrielle was educated, so to speak, in the area of sex education. She learned about men and women, men and men, and women and women, which seemed to be the preferred choice for most of the Amazons. It was then, that Gabrielle understood why she was having so many sharp pains in her stomach while being around Xena. She had the butterflies of love.

At that time, Gabrielle chose not to tell any of her sisters her newly accepted feelings towards Xena, although she was sure that Ephiny knew from a conversation they once had over some ale while they were waiting for Xena.

"Gabrielle, do you have something to tell me about you and Xena?" Ephiny sipped her ale while placing her hand on top of Gabrielle's.

"About what?" Gabrielle could not be too sure what Ephiny was getting at.

"Well, I heard that you and Xena were lovers." Both Ephiny and Gabrielle looked up shocked when they realized Xena was standing smiling in front of them. Gabrielle never did figure out if Xena heard Ephiny's question and Gabrielle never confirmed Ephiny's speculation.


"Do you ever think about it, sex?" Xena knowing this conversation was easier to continue because they were not facing each other while riding the horse.

"Well...yes, I guess... I suppose...ha, I mean I am only human, silly. "She gently patted Xena on the shoulder.

"Great, because I was worried"

"Well, what about you? I am sure you miss it A LOT more than me since you've had it a lot more than me!"

Kicking back her neck and swatting Gabrielle with a mane of her black raven hair Xena said, "What's that suppose to mean?"

Realizing she may have not chosen the perfect set of words to describe their differences, she decided to rephrase her statement. "I just meant you are more experienced. You have more memories to reminisce."

"Yes, I think about it but not because I have more experience or more memories on the subject. I think about it because I'm only human, silly." She said as she tauntingly hit the side of Gabrielle's thigh.

Gabrielle poked the warrior in the lower back edging for some juicy information.

"Do you think about it a lot? Like, maybe when you are sleeping?" Gabrielle moved close to the warrior and pressed against her ear. Her breath gently caressed the side of Xena's face. She knew she might be tempted to press her lips against Xena's cheek if she was just given a sign.

Needing to end this conversation and get away from Gabrielle fast, Xena replied, "Not as much as I think about food.....I am hungry!"

Figures, Gabrielle thought. I'm in love with a woman that probably is in love with food more than sex. We'll, see about that.

They arrived at Zafira just before dawn. Xena and Gabrielle agreed to meet back at the inn in a candle mark. Xena was going to get a room at the inn, order some food for dinner, and stable Argo while Gabrielle was going to do a little shopping.

Arriving At Zafira

Gabrielle stood at the side of the Inn waiting for Xena to exit and stable Argo. Sensing it was safe, she briskly, but carefully, made a run for the inn.

A task at hand, Gabrielle gave strict instructions to Gladys, the innkeeper, to bake one loaf of nut bread for her and put the entire hourglass shaped vile containing a chocolate liquid extract into the batter. Curious, Gladys' kind but tired eyes inspected the mysterious bard, hoping she was not taking part in poisoning someone. Gabrielle noticing Gladys' justified apprehension, took a dab of the potion and placed in on her tongue.

"See, it's not poison. It's kinda like an aphrodisiac so too much could be dangerous. In the wrong hands, that is..."

"I don't even want to know what you are going to do with this bread, Gabrielle. You're a great customer, so I won't ask any questions." Gabrielle's innocent looks sure were deceiving, Gladys pondered.

""Thank you, Gladys, I really appreciate it. Can you bring it up to our room in the morning?"

The Truth Serum

Prior to leaving the lake of Saularus, Aphrodite appeared to Gabrielle.

"Ha, you know Gabrielle, when I was putting the spells on Joxer, you, and Xena, I knew what you really had been obsessing over. And, ha, if I made your obsession worse, you would have been falling all over Xena and I know you want that dumb, silly, warrior to admit her feelings for you first so I have a plan, wanna hear?"

"Everything comes with a price with your gods, doesn't it?" Gabrielle responded as she twisted her staff in her palm.

"Oh, my little chickadee, I am the goddess of love, and it is my duty to bring it all together. Besides, I'm just about sick and tired of the suspense. You two will be senior citizens by the time you get together. That would be a bit scary, don't you think?"

"Huh." Gabrielle pondered that vision. "So, you expect me to believe you want to help me just because…?"

"Gabrielle, I'm not like the other gods, a little tricky and sly, yes, but in the end, love has to save the day." Aphrodite moved forward placing her arm around Gabrielle's strong but subtle shoulders.

True, Aphrodite was cunning and devious, however for some reason Gabrielle believed she could trust her. It was funny; Gabrielle felt she was becoming quite fond of the muse in the few visits the goddess had paid to her and Xena. (I) Silly, Gabrielle, the goddess of live is supposed to have this affect on you! "So, what do you have in mind?" (/I)

"I'm glad you asked!" Aphrodite held out a small bottle of brown liquid. "Smell this."

Taking the cork off the bottle, Gabrielle took a whiff. "That smells kinda like chocolate. What is it?"

"I like to call it a truth serum. A spoonful of this stuff and you won't be able to keep the truth inside. I guess you can say it makes you feel uninhibited, kinda like you feel when you are drunk, just without the sloppiness and hangover."

"So, your saying, if I give this to Xena she will be able to admit her feelings for me."

"Well, for sure it will make relax and have some fun for a change. The words and feelings will come. One good, deep look in your eyes, Gabrielle, and she will not be able to deny it any longer."

"You think this will go good in nut bread?"

"Perfect. Good luck, ha, ha, haha. " Aphrodite disappeared into thin air.

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