The Truth Serum

Part II of III


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The Truth Be Known

In shock, Xena crouched behind the closed, narrow kitchen door and smiled at the thought of what her devious little companion was up to. Due to her war training, Xena had become perpetually suspicions of all people, friend, foe or stranger. At times, this quality still came in handy, but mostly this distrust of people, especially now, was unnecessary. Yet, Xena still remained uptight, more from habit, than from her reactions to the environment. She knew this wore on Gabrielle, because in contrast to Xena, the bard was always willing to embrace new things without hesitation or apprehension. All the while, Gabrielle still stood by the warrior eliciting supreme patience for all of Xena's hang-ups.

Yet, uptight was not the word to describe Xena's feelings towards the bard. Considering the unwavering denial she contained for her adorned, Gabrielle, taking an aphrodisiac could be quite dangerous. No, actually, maybe it was insane. Xena had to get a hold of that serum, find out what its intended effects were, and then act as if she had taken it. All to please her bard, of course.

Politely demanding, Xena asked Gladys for the secret bottle of liquid Gabrielle had given her. Reluctant, but much more afraid of the consequences of disappointing the warrior, she handed it over.

"Go ahead and make the nut bread and give it to Gabrielle as planned for tomorrow's breakfast as if you put the liquid flavor in it."

Gladys had known Xena for quite some time and realized she had a plan. It was not any of her concerns what those plans entailed and what the expected outcome was. She recognized that questions only created more questions. Questions, she didn't really have time or care to find the answers to.

"Xena, I don't care what kind of lover's games you two are playing. Just make sure you don't disappoint that cute little bard of yours. I don't know what you did to deserve such a gem."

"Me, either." She replied hastily realizing she had just confirmed Gladys' suspicion of the two. "Thanks!" Xena held the vial up to the dawning sun peering though the kitchen window and strolled away.

Xena took the serum to Anticus, the only healer in Zafira.

Anticus' one room shack was lined with massive weathered wooden shelves of medical scrolls detailing everything from ailments to remedies. The bottoms of the shelves, where one could reach, were neatly placed jars and vials of liquid. In the back of the room, two medical cots draped with thin white linen occupied the corner near a tiny tub of water.

Anticus studied the serum on a thin lab table about 6 feet long made of blackened, almost fire worn, wood. Studying the serum through his tube like magnifying glass, he questioned, "Where did you get this Xena, it is extraordinary. It has compounds of endorphins, sex hormones, serotonin, melotonin, and some strains of calming hormones that I've never seen before. Most of these hormones exist in humans but hardly ever at such strengths in the body at the same time."

Xena leaned forward resting her chin in her left hand that was being supported by her elbow on the table. "So, what does it do?"

Anticus pulled his neck up from the scope rolling his eyes as if he were searching for the solution in his head. "I would say it probably makes you feel like a fearless child in love."

"Mmmm, that's interesting. Sounds like something Aphrodite would put together." Xena said picking up the vial and inhaling its seductive, sweet scent.

Anticus removed his small, round, black metal rim glasses looking quite proud of his quick and thorough analysis. "I would say so. What do you plan to do with it?"

"Bring it back to its owner, and have a little fun on the way." Xena patted Anticus on the shoulder, "Thanks for your help," and walked insightfully towards the door.

"Be careful who you give that to!" Anticus warned.

The First Night

Amusing enough, going around and collecting all of Xena's favorite foods was making Gabrielle feel thoroughly titillated. Food and sex certainly had an erotic connection to one another. Food, to Gabrielle, had served for quite some time as mild substitute for her sexual cravings. She was lucky she had a great metabolism; otherwise, the bard would have weighed 250 kilograms. Increasing thoughts of putting these items between Xena's moist, full lips was beginning to make Gabrielle feel a little light headed and nervous about tomorrow night's plan.

Gabrielle arrived back at the inn to find Xena seated slumping comfortably at the bar making conversation with a pretty blonde barmaid. Approaching the empty seat next to Xena, she realized the two were conversing about an all women's party that was being held tomorrow night at the casino. Gabrielle had always wanted to attend one, yet, in the part of Greece she grew up in all women festivals were banned since women were not allowed to be seen in public without a male escort. It looked like Gabrielle would finally get her chance.

Deeply intrigued by her companion's late afternoon excursion, Xena said, "Well," Xena wrapped her left arm loosely around Gabrielle's right shoulder, "Did you get all of your shopping done?"

"Almost…oh Hera, I am exhausted!" She plopped down on the wiggly round bar stool. "Maybe I will just go up and go to sleep." Gabrielle turned her bar stool to face the stairs leading to their room not making any attempt to look at the food just waiting to be eaten in front of her.

"I ordered you dinner…your favorite, rabbit." Xena pushed the plate closer to Gabrielle.

"No, you eat it." Gabrielle slid the plate to Xena and patted Xena's hands resting in her lap. "You always want my leftovers."

"Well, there's no fun in taking your food if you don't WANT it." Xena could tell by looking at Gabrielle, she was exhausted. Her hair, usually neat, was nappy and tangled. In addition, she was starting to develop dark circles under her eyes.

"I'll meet you up there in one candle mark, after I grab a bath"

Welcoming the warm water sprawling over her exhausted and usually enduring body, Xena leaned her head to rest on the edge of the oversized tub. Was she so uptight and serious that she needed a serum to make her happy? She couldn't remember a moment in time in her entire life thus far, that she hasn't been this happy. However, there was one tiny thing missing that would make her life utterly and immensely complete, being loved both emotionally and physically by the only person she has and will ever love, Gabrielle.

Annual Festival of Zafira

The morning sun rose with a breathless exuberance. It seemed like the entire village awoke with the same enthusiasm. Today was not ordinary, however as Xena learned from speaking with the town's blacksmith. This afternoon the annual festival of Zafira was being celebrated.

Zafira was a sweet and charitable girl that grew up in this town, then known as Amorphis, 200 years ago. Legend had it that she was the daughter of Ares making here half god and half mortal just like Hercules. On Zafira's 18th birthday, Ares summoned her to rule up on Mount Olympus with him however, Zafira had other plans. She had already chosen her path in life, the path of charity.

When Zafira reluctantly informed Ares of the news, he was infuriated; of course, he is the god of war. Ares couldn't take the chance that Zafira, his daughter, would be his enemy in years to come. As retaliation, Ares assembled his troops and ordered them to burn everyone and everything in Amorphis, including his daughter, Zafira.

Ares, not quite the planner in fits of rage, didn't realize Zafira was not in the village during the attack. She was on her way to volunteer her assistance at a Spartan hospital. Upon hearing the morbid news, she immediately went to Mount Olympus to speak with her grandfather, Zeus, and pleaded for him to take back the senseless wrath that Ares had inflicted on her village.

Zeus explained to Zafira the only way he could turn back time was if she gave up her goddess powers as a trade off. Not surprisingly, Zafira did the charitable thing and surrendered her powers for the return of the village and villagers of Amorphis. From that day forward, the town of Amorphis has been known as Zafira. Thereupon, to honor Zafira's life long commitment to charity, they have celebrated this annual festival ever since.


The sun beamed on Gabrielle's resting forehead through a pinhole in the shade covering the window. This would have annoyed her on most days, but today she welcomed the invitation to join the day in its celebration. Knowing Xena, regardless of how little sleep she's had, had already done most of the day's chores by now. Never complaining, Gabrielle knew Xena would have breakfast killed, picked/skinned and prepared for her when she finally rose. This type of friend was always worth keeping around, even if they did tend to use Gabrielle's cookware for weapons. However, that's another story.

It didn't take Gabrielle long to find out about the festival that was beginning in a few candle marks. The bard always loved festivals because it gave her a chance to mingle and share stories with others. She particularly liked, in more recent years, dancing and drinking ale, thanks to the warrior princess, she had acquired a taste.


Towering high, the warrior proudly walked on the rusty colored pressed gravel sandwiched below the soles of her long black boots. The village was an ordinary village in the sense that it didn't differ much from other Greek villages she had visited. Most had squares, which were surrounded by one and two story storefronts and flats. Yet, what made Zafira stand apart from the next village was the vast amount of color and artisanship they put into their buildings. Each unit had it's own distinguished charm related to the business or owner that dwelled inside. The particular shop that interested Xena the most was the one that had a thin white linen cloth floating gracefully from the gutter in the gentle breeze.

A jingle summoned the merchant from the rear of the small shop as Xena walked through the door. Looking down and walking feebly, the merchant scurried to the front of the store. Suddenly halted by the sight of the six-foot leather-claded woman, the merchant shuffled a few steps back.

"Utttt, Ohhhh…. Good morning, sir………. uh, I mean maaa'dam." The short grayish haired man refused to meet the warrior's eyes.

"Top of the morning." She patted the significantly shorter man on the shoulder to ease his apparent tension.

"I need something to wear that will be cool and make me look …,running her hands along the white flowing linen dress,"ETHEREAL…something like this…." She continued to caress the soft fabric. "Do you have this," She looked down on the fabric she was clutching, "in my size?"

Astonished by her delicate request, but unwilling to let the warrior see his confusion, he smiled. " I think I may be able to put something together rather quick for you."

"Good! It seems like ages since I've worn anything different than these heavy, hot leathers."

Zafira had a very seductive nature that made Xena feel extremely at ease and willing to discard her battle gear. Often, Gabrielle hinted to Xena, especially when they shopped together, that Xena should purchase some new outfits. However, Xena always responded saying that she needed to be prepared for a fight or a battle, especially these days when everyone seemed to want a piece of the good Warrior Princess. However, today she felt a little mischievous and was going to give her leathers a deserving rest. The bard was going to be pleasantly surprised.


Shortly after the midday sun had shown its face overhead, the day's festivities began. The cheerful light soaked the village in lighthearted drunkenness as children ran blindly in circles carrying pastel ribbons chuckling like tiny birds. As Gabrielle watched, she skipped like a child in her mind as she slowly floated through the crowd.

Where is Xena thought Gabrielle? She usually doesn't stay away this long. She was either up to something…or into something. How, come it's never me that she gets lost with?

Feeling the craving coming on for some untainted nut bread, Gabrielle stopped at a small vending booth.

"Well good afternoon dear," said the stocky grandmotherish woman minding the stand.

"Hi!" Gabrielle smiled with endearment. "Such a wonderful festival, reminds me of the village I grew up in."

"Where did you grow up, dear?" She said wrapping a small loaf of bread in a thin sheet of parchment paper.

Behind Gabrielle, two male villagers were wildly carrying on. "Did you hear Xena, the warrior princess, traded in her leathers this morning for a wedding dress?"

Gabrielle, not sure if she heard them correctly, turned to interrupt their conversation. "Excuse me, huh, what did you say about Xena?" Gabrielle questioned as a bewildered smile washed across her face.

"Well, it seems that Xena's become a little soft in her old age. She traded in her leathers for something a little more FEMININE at the village thrift shop this morning. See for yourself." He pointed into the crowd of cluttered villagers ahead.

Turning to follow the man's pointing finger, Gabrielle spotted the most engaging sight she's seen in many moons. Xena was wearing a long, flowing, white dress that caressed her long and powerful frame, almost making her seem angelic. The warrior smiled into the crowd as she floated celestially over the ground that lay beneath her. Is this really Xena or was it Meg or Diana? I can never be too sure these days when tons of Xena look a likes are popping up all over the place.

Gabrielle's gaze met Xena's returning glance with surprise and intrigue across the expanse of the village square. Realizing her mouth hung out like a gaping guppy fish, Gabrielle tried to play if off by faking a sneeze. Yet, it was too late, Xena had caught her in the act. Gabrielle pleaded with her eyes for the reasons for this welcomed change.

Slowly walking towards one another, Gabrielle had long forgotten she was in the process of buying her most favorite food in the whole world. Her eyes were now planted on a certain ex-warlord who looked more like a fallen angel.

"Xena, is that you?" Gabrielle placed her hand on Xena's cheek, then moved both hands to rest on Xena's temples. "Is that you in there?" She smiled coyly at the warrior while shaking Xena's head from side to side.

Smiling back at Gabrielle and not losing her partner's astonished stare for a second, Xena replied, "It's just too hot for leather."

This is much hotter than leather, Xena. Breaking the trance, Gabrielle looked down when she realized her face was starting to feel a little flush from her inner voices.

Xena, recognizing her favorite bard starting to get a little blushed from embarrassment, lifted her eyebrows as if to say 'I think I know why you are blushing...I did this for you because I know you have wanted me to change my wardrobe for so long. And after that wonderful serum in the nut bread I didn't eat, I just wanted to give you a little taste…'

Damn I think she noticed…I saw those eyebrows go up! Gabrielle thought.

Unable to control herself, Gabrielle moved her hands softly and precisely down Xena's hips feeling the lightness and silkiness of the supple fabric. Meanwhile, her eyes followed the same path her hands were tracing down the warrior.

"Xena, this is beautiful. What is the occasion? Some silly villagers said you traded your leathers in for a wedding dress….Something your not telling me?" Still admiring the white dress, Gabrielle hoped this wardrobe change was not something permanent. She had one too many fantasies of herself removing the warrior's leather, one piece at a time. That fantasy would be hard to give up.

Peering down at her very fascinated friend, Xena said. "Please, Gabrielle. You are always recommending to me that I should wear something different and I saw this dress, it's like it called to me. I just needed a change, just for today." Xena now ached for something more than just approval from her dearest friend whose unrelenting hands moved up and down Xena's aroused torso. The delicate touch of Gabrielle's wandering fingers was starting to drive Xena a little over the edge.

"I'm glad you like it." Xena removed the bard's hands from her waist and held them commingled in her own, in between both of them.

"You left unusually early this morning. I was hoping to eat breakfast with you." Gabrielle said as she let her wrist rest in the warrior's slight grip.

"I had to check on Argo and get a few things." Xena shrugged her shoulders referring to the new dress. "Did you see the fruit and nut bread I left you on the night table? Gladys was kind enough to leave it by our door this morning."

"Yeah, Did you eat?"

"Yes, I ate half the loaf of nut bread."

"You must have been hungry!" Hmm, I sure hope that serum is not dangerous when eaten in large quantities.

"Yes, very, you have no idea." Xena still gripping the bard's warm and gentle hands changed the subject. "Do you want to walk around?"

Xena was not one to attend festivals. Her reputation as a warlord spread far and wide, however, the good deeds that she has done since didn't seem to catch up. Just about everywhere the two companions traveled, they received suspicious and fearful looks accompanied by hostile and snide remarks. Xena mostly learned to ignore it, yet, she had her dark moments when Gabrielle knew the best way for Xena to handle this type of persecution was to avoid them. Thus, not being seen in public.

However, Zafira was different. Most of the town's population was women. Odd for Greece at this time in history, women came here to be empowered with independence or to live their lives free of discrimination because they chose to love other women. It was not surprising that there was no persecution of any race, creed, or form, in this village. In addition, there was no crime.

In the square, the town was filling up with eager participants as the activities were underway. Festivals including music, dance, and games were a cherished pleasure of many Grecians. As a result, they never gave up the opportunity to indulge. Xena knew that Gabrielle would not be an exception.

The two companions strolled through the town on the pressed dirt pavement smiling like a couple of schoolgirls. Excitement was all around them in every corner as patrons crowded bustling food stands scattered throughout the square serving traditional Greek food like lamb and nut bread.

As they approached the game booths, Gabrielle became more and more intoxicated with the thought of winning a prize, such as a doll, at a skill game. One game, she knew she could win, was the ring toss. But, she was darned if she was going to waste a half dinar to win a lousy hair pick.

Then, it appeared before her, "The Wet Down" game. The booth looked like a shower with large wooden bucket of water hanging overhead. Connected directly beneath the bucket, was a red round target about the size of a melon. The concept of the game was to hit the target, which dropped the full container of water down on the head of the unlucky participant below. Of course, they could be lucky depending on whether they needed some cooling off!

This game was not played for a prize. All the money the keeper received was going to be given to the local orphanage. Not only did this game look dangerously fun to Gabrielle, it was for a good cause. She knew Xena would not be able to argue out of participating in this.

Noticing Gabrielle looking a little too intimately interested in this game, Xena said, "Oh, no, don't even think about it."

"Oh, come on Xena. It's for a good cause." Gabrielle nudged the warrior's waist.

"Ok, go ahead, I'll throw." Xena gestured for the booth keeper to hand her a ball.

"Huh, don't think I will fall for that, oh no. I'll go first. If I miss then you get a chance to get me in, and you never miss, do you?"

"And that's fair?" Xena looked up questionably at her favorite bard while tossing the ball up in the air and catching it with her left hand.

"Yes, you know it is." The bard grabbed the ball in flight from Xena.

"Ok." Xena surrendered squinting her eyes intently at her close friend with a seductive smile.

Moving under the bucket and rolling her eyes, Xena placed her hands on her hips and shouted, "If for some reason, you do hit the target, you better run like Tartarus."

"Is that a threat I hear, warrior princess?" Gabrielle moved her eyebrows up with a sly smile.

Intently focusing on the crimson target, she fired the sand filled clothed ball. Not only did she hit the target, but the sheer force caused the bucket to spill its contents so abruptly, Xena had no chance to jump out of the way.

Wiping the thick film of water covering her face, Xena looked at Gabrielle displeasingly. Luckily for Xena, she wore dark undergarments beneath the white dress otherwise the dress would have been completely transparent.

"Oops! Never underestimate the sidekick of the warrior princess!" Gabrielle jutted forth, sprinting as quickly as she could towards a path that led to a field that encompassed the festival.

Good shot Xena thought to herself. I taught my spunky bard well. Xena took off after Gabrielle.

"You can run but you can't hide." Xena screamed.

Huffing and puffing, Gabrielle could not remember the last time she had run, let alone this fast. She knew she would not be able to out run the warrior and would have a worse chance at outsmarting her. So, the question now was how could she surrender to her friend with the least consequences of her actions?

Bending down to catch her breath, Gabrielle noticed in the background the sun lit up the grassy expanse of the field. At one time, it must have been used to graze lamb. A picture of simple village life, the view brought back fond memories of when Gabrielle was a child. She and her sister, Lila, would run wild and carefree, their hands spread out like huge eagles, pretending they were the gentle creatures like those who flew above them.

Suddenly aware she was daydreaming, Gabrielle got up only to realize that Xena was shortening the distance between them. Surprisingly, the warrior approached Gabrielle out of breath too. Now, only about four feet separated the two friends. Gabrielle distracted the warrior momentarily shuffling side to side, knowing it would only be a matter of time before she was caught or surrendered.

"So, what are you going to do, spank me?" Gabrielle badgered annoyingly.

"No, you might like that! I think I may tickle you to near death"

Xena thoughtfully planned her next move. Remembering one of the bard's stories, she knew Gabrielle hated to be tickled.


On one summer day, Lila had been too embarrassed to come out and play with the neighborhood children because of a bad haircut her mother gave her. She sobbed most of the morning, her brown uneven bangs draping over her swollen and reddened eyes. In an attempt to cheer Lila up, Gabrielle stole her favorite doll and ran out of the house in effort to provoke Lila to come outside and play.

Finally catching up to Gabrielle, she pounced on her like any good mother would do and rescued her baby doll. However, instead of just leaving it at that, Lila decided to tickle Gabrielle until she had tears gushing from her eyes. Not only did it cheer Lila up, but also it gave her a secret weapon against Gabrielle in many years to come.


Xena teasingly lunged at Gabrielle never taking her eyes off the bard. Gabrielle returned a nervous smile not knowing whether or not she would enjoy her fate.

Xena leaned her large frame over while her elongated hands grasped for a piece of Gabrielle. Gabrielle abruptly turned to run ahead when Xena latched on to her half cut green top and pulled the bard's back into her chest.

The sheer dampness of the warrior's garment coolly caressed the bard's exposed lower back. The warrior's arm followed around Gabrielle, the warmth radiating around her small body.

Suddenly, Xena turned the bard around hastily and started poking her in the sides of her waist.

Jouncing, the bard struggled to pull away from the warrior, her legs turning into jelly. "Xena, no please, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."

The warrior's fingers intensified its pace as Gabrielle's knees crumbled to the ground, the bard's body following closely behind.

"No, Xena...please." Gabrielle's pleading eyes looked up at the standing warrior hunched above her.

Xena knelt down onto the defenseless bard sprawled out of the grassy field. Gabrielle's legs jerked wildly between Xena's thighs and knees. Xena thought silently. Should I continue my ruthless torture of pleasure and pain on the bard until she surrenders? Uh, Huh!

"Ha ha, ha, ha." Gabrielle giggled uncontrollably loud unable to control any of her bodily senses. "I'll do anything, please stop."


"Ha, ha, almost anything?"

Xena took the bard's wrists in her hands and looked down with yearning into Gabrielle's seductive green emerald eyes. The tortuous months of self-control was finally going to be put to an end thought Xena. The warrior needed her growing passion for the bard finally sated.

Gabrielle's eyes returned the intensity, patiently waiting for what was oh so destined to happen. Kiss me now, Xena, the bard thought unable to let go of the words.

"Help, Help me!" a young child called out from the trees nestled to the side of the two companions.

Xena broke the trance with the bard and rose to her feet. Scanning the entire area, she saw a small boy approaching her from the forest. Offering her hand to Gabrielle, Xena pulled the bard close into her chest not ready to dismiss the intimate moment.

"I…" Xena reached for Gabrielle's face.

The boy was a handful of paces from Xena. "Help, Murphy is stuck up in a tree!" The distraught boy cried.

"Where is Murphy? " Xena questioned. She could feel the soft breath flowing from Gabrielle's mouth on to her the bottom of her chin.

"Over there in the trees." He said pointing in the direction of the forest.

Oh, Hades. Your timing is ever so perfect. "I'm not done with you." The warrior's palm met the side of Gabrielle's chin. The heat of the moment had saturated the warrior's eyes with eager passion.

"Huh?" I hope not thought Gabrielle. That serum seems to be working pretty good right now!

Letting go of her friend's hand, Xena walked towards the thinly layered forest ahead, her bard following closely behind.

Gabrielle watched the warrior move. It was at that moment, she realized that Xena embodied the perfect human. She was strong, tall, and calculating like a man but beautiful, soft, smart, and seductive like a woman. Since the day she consumed the henbane in that nut bread two summers ago, she was never able to recover from her intense desire for Xena. Not a day passed, that she didn't fantasize about her dark, handsome, and powerful companion.

Dangling from a branch about 10 feet above the flat pasture below, a small tiger kitten wrapped its paws around the draping branch. Still young, the kitten could not figure out how to back down off of the branch onto the trunk. Yet, it sat fearless as its owner below worried anxiously.

"Oh, here kitty, kitty." Xena murmured as she looked up at the tiny kitten in the tree.

"I already tried that." The boy replied.

Xena reached down to her right side to get her chakram resting on her waist. As she pulled it out from the latch, Gabrielle jumped in front of her.

"Xena! You're going to hurt the tree!"

"You want me to be environmentally conscious at a time like this? You want me to climb up this tree in my new dress, are you crazy?"

"Well no, good point, take your dress off." Gabrielle reached down to pull the dress over Xena's head "What's your name?" She looked over to the young blonde lad.


"Simon will turn around so he doesn't have to see you in your chemise." Gabrielle motioned with her hands for the eight-year-old boy to look in the other direction. Xena raised her arms up as Gabrielle pulled the fabric over her head.

Gabrielle held onto the dress as she glared up at Xena's wet hair glistening in the afternoon sun like a wheat field after a sun shower. She could tell Xena's resistance was so joyfully hesitant, almost as if she loved the precious pain it brought to her.

Xena returned the bard's stare momentarily knowing that Gabrielle was searching to see if the serum was working. Oh, yeah, it's been working for many moons now, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle reached up to remove a misplaced hair from Xena's temple. Her fingers slightly tingled from the smooth damp hair nestled between her fingertips. She placed it behind the warrior's ear and looked at the tree as if to say, ok Xena, it's time to get the kitten.

Xena glanced back at the bard before embarking up the tree. Gabrielle's gentle nature touched the very core of the warrior in a place she thought never existed before meeting her. It was because of Gabrielle that she learned to appreciate beauty and kindness in an unconditional way. This was one of the many reasons she was so in love with the bard.

Xena knew Gabrielle must have realized by now that she loved her outside the parameters of how good friends love one another. What Gabrielle didn't know was that Xena's passion for her was like the big bang, the day the universe was created. Consequently, if Xena had taken that truth serum, neither God nor mortal would have been able to hold the warrior back from the bard. With that final thought, the warrior climbed up the trunk of the tree.


"Oh, she's so cute, Xena! You're her heroine!" Stroking the furry brown and gray striped kitten, Gabrielle smiled and wiggled her nose at Xena.

"Oh, I see it now. Warrior Princess, ex-warlord, saves kitten, story at 11."

"That almost makes up for your ruthless tickling!"

"Huh, I told you, I am not through with you yet." Xena endearingly looked at the stunned bard with a sensuous smirk.

Simon held his baby kitten with a parent's adoration extremely grateful for the assistance of the great warrior princess.

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