The Truth Serum

Part III of III


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The Second Night

Xena chose another one of Gabrielle's favorites, pheasant and red port, for this evening's meal at Zafira's Inn. A single woman, never married, owned the inn. Usually, it was not customary for a single woman to run a business, but because Gladys was an only child, when her parents died, it was passed on down to her. The clientele was mostly women due to the fact that Zafira had an extremely high population of single women. Consequently, Gabrielle and Xena like to visit this inn because they didn't have to worry about running into any of Xena's old warlord friends or being hit on by men.

A long, thick, and dark bar ran along the sidewall to the left of the seated two companions. The lighting in the tavern was dim, but one could tell the amply stocked bar meant frequent patrons. However, tonight only a few of the tables were occupied most likely due to the ladies party being held at the casino. Gabrielle was sitting next to Xena at one of the 20 small rounded wooden tables that ran from the front of the tavern to a petite semi raised stage in the back. Xena wanted to eat Gabrielle's leftovers like usual but Gabrielle told her that she needed room for desert.

"Dessert? You never let me get dessert." Xena said as she lifted her eyebrows in excitement.

"Well, tonight's special."

"Should I ask?"

"No it's a surprise. Let's go sit outside. It's beautiful tonight. Do you want another ale?" Gabrielle replied as she tenderly looked in Xena's big baby blues.

Xena lifted her arm up to the table and patted her hand on top of Gabrielle's. "No. I think I'll leave room for dessert!" Xena let go of a rare huge smile.


The cool breeze brought a refreshing air to the warm summer evening. Xena pondered what Gabrielle had in store for dessert. Gabrielle knew that Xena had always cherished sweet things. Since Xena's mother, Cyrene, owned an inn, she was never left wanting any of the foods she cherished. However, in the last 13 years, being a traveler and having little money, she didn't have too many choices when it came to food.

They sat at a small bistro table overlooking the village square where two dimly lit candles flickered in the middle of it. It was the perfect evening for the birth of a romantic relationship.

Gabrielle reached down into her brown and tan leather bag nestled between the two friend's chairs. She looked to the right at her patiently waiting companion. "Ok, You have to close your eyes for this."

"WHAT?" Xena gave Gabrielle a helpless stare.

"If you don't close your eyes, you get no dessert…don't you trust me?"

"Ok, but you better have...""

"Ssshhh …don't demand!" as Gabrielle placed her hands over Xena's eyes.

"Ok. Now open your mouth"

Xena moved her forehead quickly up in intrigue. First, Gabrielle pulled out a small piece of nut bread. She slid it gently between the warrior's stiff lips.

"Oh, that's good. Surprised you saved some for me!" Knowing Gabrielle had a certain weakness for nut bread, Xena could never forget the day the bard ate the nut bread tainted with henbane. At the time, Gabrielle thought she was instructing a chorus however, it was just a bunch of jutted rock forms in a secluded cave Xena had left her in. Gabrielle was in rare form that day and just thinking about it brought a devilish grin to Xena's face.

"Hey, be good or you won't get anything else."

"There's more? Well, that is a reason to be good. Oh, you are my girl aren't you?" Xena said with a satisfied smile.

"You are lucky aren't you?" She said as she placed a kalmata olive in Xena's now more relaxed lips.

"Very nice, my favorite type of olive " Xena could really get used to being fed by Gabrielle. She's trying so hard to make it easy for me.

"You'll like this one." Starting to immensely enjoy this, Gabrielle focused on Xena's wet and wanting lips. They were much wetter now and it was apparent that Xena's mood had gone from fear of the unknown to intense desire of the unknown.

Gabrielle parted Xena's lips wider and slid the fig in her inviting mouth. Xena savored it as she thoughtfully chewed. "Oh, Gabrielle, you are just too good. "

Wiping some residue left from the fig in the crease separating Xena's upper and lower lips, Gabrielle responded, "Mmmm…I don't think you know how much"

"Then, show me." Xena took her arms that were resting on the top of the table and starting to reach for Gabrielle's hands. You are not getting away from me now, my bard.

Gabrielle quickly moved so that Xena could not reach her hands. Feisty tonight, aren't we, warrior. "Uttt,,,,no, no, no…. one more to go." Taking a deep breath, Gabrielle dug into her bag and took out a small jar of honey she had been saving since their last trip to Rome. Realizing she forgot to get a spoon, she wondered if she should ruin the moment and go into the tavern to get a spoon or just dip her fingers into the jar and place the heavenly substance into Xena's mouth. Then, she realized she had forgotten that she picked up some strawberries this morning. Strawberries and honey will go very well together.

Xena was anxious. Never had she felt such uncontrollable desire towards another human being. Yet, this uncontrollable desire was making the warrior unable to control the racing fever infecting her body.

Droplets of sweat gently rested on the warrior's forehead, reassuring Gabrielle that the seductive tease was having the intended effect. This part of the dessert was going to be pleasurable for both of them.

Gabrielle dunked the strawberry into the jar of thick, sticky honey. Imagining this sweet prize of nature moving over Xena's lips and tongue was beginning to make Gabrielle feel a little faint with desire.

"What's the hold up?" Xena longingly replied.

"Ssshh.. keep your eyes closed." She kicked the warrior in her shins under the table.


"Be good!"


Placing her forefinger vertically over Xena's lips, she slid the red berry down to open a pathway into Xena's mouth. Xena opened willingly and let the strawberry slide halfway in on the tip of her tongue gripping it slightly and gently between her teeth. Xena bit a third of the strawberry off as Gabrielle pulled it slowly out of her mouth. Xena graciously chewed on the remains in her mouth. "Mmmmmm,Yumm…" What is possessing Gabrielle to tease me like this? Did a Bacchae bite her in the forest today?

Gabrielle ate the remains of the strawberry savoring it knowing Xena had taken the first bite.

"Do you want some more? Gabrielle's heart was beating so loud and fast she was afraid Xena could hear it.

"Yes," Xena said softly and yearningly. "Can I open my eyes yet?" She wanted so much to see Gabrielle's sultry green eyes and her expression while feeding her.

"Not yet, but soon." Then, I'll kiss your sweet lips.

From a distance, Gabrielle noticed a tall, red headed woman about the height of Xena approaching the table. Realizing this woman must know Xena, she nudged her. "Someone's coming this way that may know you."

Reluctantly opening her eyes, Xena noticed a familiar, but almost forgotten sight.

"Hello, Xena." The woman stood taut.

The voluptuous green-eyed lady stared intently at Xena as if she was hungrily looking at a full course meal. Gabrielle inconspicuously moved her neck to observe Xena's reaction to this mystery lady. Noticing Gabrielle's eyes searching for answers, surprisingly, Xena rolled her eyes as if to say oh brother, running into this person is not what I had in mind.

"Tara. I thought you were living in Rome. What brings you here to these parts?"

"What, no hug for an old flame?" Tara moved to the front of the table on the side facing Xena. "I see your taste in slaves has changed." Tara hissed at Gabrielle, gleaming with animosity.

Xena's eyes widened as she lifted her eyebrows smirking at the bard sitting next to her. Gabrielle disgustingly lifted the left part of her lip up and sneered at Xena.

"No, Tara, this is Gabrielle, my BEST friend. I haven't had slaves since I retired."

Gabrielle was able to come up with a slight smile yet, was still angry that anyone would think she was a slave. What, do I look like a slave?

"My apologizes, Gabrielle. I just saw you feeding her, and well…" Tara cowered her head down in embarrassment. I should have known. She is way too attractive to be a slave

Xena interrupted her not wanting to hear what it looked like the two were doing. Nothing was going to ruin this night for Gabrielle and her, nothing. "Honest mistake. Are you here for the ladies party tonight?"

"Yes. You'll be there?" Tara glared down seductively at Xena.


Xena thought this was untimely for a hostile ex-lover to pop up. Tara and Xena had been lovers a couple years after Borias had been killed. At the time, the last thing on Xena's mind was falling in love. She hid the pain and anger she was feeling by engaging in many torrent affairs with women and men. Although, the affairs with women were gentler, ran deeper, and usually lasted longer.

Tara had been the mistress of one of Xena's warlord allies, Zantagres. When Zantagres was killed, his army was left without a strong leader. Tara, realizing she couldn't meet the challenge of commanding an army; she searched for Xena knowing that Zantagres would have wanted her to do so.

When Tara and Xena met, it was lust at first sight. Tara, strong, smart, and beautiful, fulfilled the warrior's unquenchable thirst for pleasure. Yet, that was all the warrior wanted. Tara wanted love.

Having a soft spot for women, Xena carefully broke up the relationship realizing that Tara yearned for more than just torrent night pleasures. Tara left Xena quietly but an internal war was brewing.

Tara devised a plan to get revenge on Xena for hurting her by seeking one of Xena's archrivals, Makel. She told him the bulk of Xena's plans to take some villages on the coast near Thessaly. To this end, Makel was ready to ambush Xena's army when she attacked.

Although, Xena was unable to invade the villages because of Makel's ambush, she was able to retreat with few causalities. Xena learned a valuable lesson that day; don't play with fire, if you don't want to get burned. Xena would have been happy never to see Tara again, let along run into her at a time like this.


"We'll be there," Gabrielle jealously interjected placing her hand on top of Xena's.

With that clue, Tara, smiled and replied, "Until later, Xena."

Gabrielle's hand released Xena's as Tara turned to walk towards the casino. "Were you involved with her?"

"Yes, but it was a long time ago. Things didn't end well." Xena spoke softly, not looking Gabrielle in the eyes. The warrior's joyous mood was starting to sink.

"What happened?"

"She wanted love, I didn't. I was honest with her and she couldn't handle it. She joined forces with one of my enemies and he ambushed me near Thessaly when I planned on taking a few villages."

"Did you love her?"

"No," she said shaking her head. "I didn't love anyone then." Xena's head pulled up. "Do you have any more strawberries?" She turned to face Gabrielle.

"Is that all you think about, food?" The top of Gabrielle's nose wrinkled as she let out an adorable smile.

"No…I…" The warrior settled down on her elbows and looked deeply into Gabrielle longing eyes. Tracing the bards soft and subtle facial features with her eyes, she yielded at her lips. Moist and slightly parted, Gabrielle's lips, attentively sat silent waiting for her friend to finish her wondering thoughts.

Gabrielle's heart accelerated as she stared deeply into Xena's captivating blue eyes. The intense power of her emotions towards Xena was becoming so great that Zeus himself would not be able to tame it. It was just becoming too overwhelming for her to hold back anymore. Something had to happen soon, or she was going to go crazy.

"You what?" Gabrielle's face moved in closer as if to pull the thoughts from Xena's head.

"I think about sex a lot." Xena quickly moved up from her chair and suggested, "We should start for the casino before it gets crowded…that way we can play a few rounds of blackjack before the show."

Xena briskly walked away from the table never looking back at Gabrielle. After hearing Xena's confession, the bard jerked out of her seat and ran after the warrior. "You are going to try and change the subject after such a revelation?"

"Yup". The warrior's feet met firmly with the ground with each confident step.

Gabrielle jumped in front of Xena. Not even flinching, the warrior turned to the left as the bard ran backwards trying to stay in front of the warrior. Gabrielle suddenly started poking her fingers at the warrior's gut, attempting to slow down her brisk gait.

"With who?" Gabrielle gently forced her palms into the warrior's gut.

The warrior stopped short and yelled, "Gab- BRI- ELLE!"

Thinking this was Xena's cry to get her antics to stop, Gabrielle replied. "Fine, then, you don't have to tell me. OH, no, don't tell your best friend, not even after you opened that can of worms. Just leave her hanging. That's fine. I'll remember that." Gabrielle turned to face forward realizing that they had approached the casino.

Fine, Gabrielle, but I just told you. Sometimes, you can be so….dense. The warrior internally chuckled.

The Ladies Party/The Casino

Gabrielle soon forgot what they were bickering about when they arrived at the casino. Bells clamored and lights flickered as patrons excitedly bustled about in the large open room. As they walked through the door, a booth with a yellow background and green lettering said, "CASH OUT."

Loud laughs and hollers came from the black jack and poker tables centered in the middle of the room. Each high half moon table was clothed with a felty green fabric with four stools around it. In the crescent part of the table, the dealer sat, hosting the game.

Xena's eyes widened with excitement and she spotted an empty seat at the nearest blackjack table. It had been years since Xena had played her favorite card game, a game she was quite good at.

"Let's play blackjack, Gabrielle." Xena grasped her friend's arm.

Gabrielle was now more interested in what was going on in the corner of the room on the dance floor. About 10 women hypnotically moved with the tribal rhythm on the small square wooden platform in front of the stage.

"Xena, I won't even bother to ask you to dance, but I hope you don't mind if I do" Gabrielle started to slowly move her hips with the medieval sounding music as she approached the other dancers on the ground moving freely with the lively stringed instruments playing in the background.

Gabrielle knew the warrior wanted her and would try anything to distract herself from those feelings. However, knowing Xena as well as she did, one thing that would switch her attention to Gabrielle was jealously. If Gabrielle appeared to be interested in another woman, she was sure the warrior would come over and intervene.

Xena yelled, "Sure just try to stay away from blood sucking bacchaes." Xena reminisced back to the last time she caught Gabrielle lost in dance.

Moving slowly and seductively to the now more hypnotic rhythm, Gabrielle embraced the freedom and energy of the room. Most of the dancers were young girls, about the age of Gabrielle when she started traveling with Xena. Full of energy and animation, they moved and chuckled with joy. Sometimes Gabrielle missed feeling that freedom of innocence, but realized the laughter was primarily produced from their naivety. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to dance amongst this harmonious commune.

Xena won the first few rounds of blackjack but was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on the game, as she had a complete view of Gabrielle on the dance floor. Xena studied Gabrielle's every precise and flirty movements. Trapped in a wave of pure ferocity, Gabrielle was lost in a plane that rose above the stage of the other dancer's below. Xena was almost tempted to join her intoxicating companion, but declined selfishly in order to enjoy the magnificent vision of her dancing Queen.

"Ma'am" the large overweight woman dealer broke Xena's trance with a loud slap to the table. "Are you hitting or not?"

"Oh" looking down at her cards, she had a 2 and a 10. "Hit me." Xena responded.

"Bust!" The brown haired dealer cried in victory looking down at the queen Xena was handed.

"Nuts!" She said regretfully watching the dealer take away all the earnings she won thus far.

After losing two more hands, her mood had turned from innocent and tempting desire to agitated hostility. Not only had she lost at a game she thought she was very skilled at but, Gabrielle was now dancing with Tara who appeared to become entranced by Gabrielle. (Yeah, who wouldn't?) At first, when Gabrielle approached Tara, it seemed cute and innocent. Maybe Gabrielle was curious about Xena's past with Tara and was trying to get some information from her. Both seemed to enjoy each other's dancing talent and seemingly mindless banter. That, Xena could understand. However, Tara was brushing up against Gabrielle a little too often during this particular piece and Gabrielle seemed to invite it. In fact, every time she came closer, the bard seemed to smile and giggle a little more. Is this my sweet little Gabrielle trying to get back at me for not elaborating on my "I like sex" statement? Or maybe she still doesn't forgive me for tickling her this afternoon?

Tara and Gabrielle now stopped dancing. Looking at Gabrielle, Tara brushed Gabrielle's cheek tenderly.

Xena started out towards the two dancers. Reiterating in her head, Xena repeated to herself that she would remain in control and not over react. Gabrielle could not possibly find anything interesting in Tara, or could she? Xena did once. But, no, Xena was going to act civilized and not upset Gabrielle. She had to tell Gabrielle how she felt soon or someone else was going to sweep away this wonderful bard.

As she approached the two dancers who had since halted their motion, she overhead Tara softly invite Gabrielle back to her room. Nonchalantly, walking over to Gabrielle, Xena placed her arm around the bard's waist.

"I can tell you now, she's way too much for you to handle." Xena smiled victoriously at Tara as she prevented the situation from going any father.

"Xena, don't you think that's for her to decide?" Gabrielle said with agitation.

"Gabrielle, I told you before, I don't like to share." Xena lifted both eyebrows up in sync gritting her teeth.

"Mmmumph." Gabrielle coughed as Xena moved her hand to her right buttock and squeezed.

"Let's go, sweetie." She turned to face Gabrielle who was now speechless, Xena's hand still gripping her backside. She moved her left hand to Gabrielle's chin, pulling her eyes up to meet hers.

Gabrielle smiled wanting to burst out hysterically at Xena's playfulness, but she played it cool. She moved her mouth to the side a few times like she always does when she doesn't know what to say or do.

Taking her hand and leading her to the bar a few paces away, Xena sat down at the stool to the left and motioned her arm for the bartender while Gabrielle stood on her right side. "Two ports."

Xena folded her arms together looking intently at the fully stocked wall of liquor in front of her. Trying to gain strength to let the words go, Xena thought. Silence lingered between the two until the ports arrived.

"So, how would you know exactly if I was too much to handle in bed?" Grabbing the port, Gabrielle gulped a third of the liquid, never taking her eyes off of Xena.

Xena sat hunched over deeply engaged in thought. "Well, I can just imagine. You're feisty about just about everything else, so why should THAT be any different?"

"Well, huh, I can't imagine me being more unbridled than any of your ex-lovers."

Xena's head almost did a complete turn around as she nefariously growled at the bard.

Although not surprised at Xena's reaction to her remark, the bard still took a few steps back. "Did I say that?"

"Yes, I think you did." Xena finished up with what was left of her port and slammed the glass down on the bar.

"Well, that doesn't change anything. I still want to dance, and if you are not going to dance with me warrior princess, than I guess I will just have to find some other willing woman who can handle that request."

The warrior slowly lifted herself up from the barstool. "Come on, Gabrielle, denizen bard of the jungle." She then gripped the bard's elbow and led her a few paces to a small open space on the edge of the dance floor.

"That has a nice ring to it."

The song was conveniently slow and sensual, for only lovers and couples now floated on the dance floor. Xena grasped the bard's right hand, and immediately noticed they were clammy. She brought the bard slowly into her right shoulder where the bard gently rested the side of her head.

Although the bard had been this close to Xena before, she had never been this intimate with Xena the same time her body was desiring the warrior. The dance seem to take on a life of it's own, as the heat emanated off the two women enveloping them into a quiet and resting trance.

Xena's dark hair draped down over her shoulders inches from Gabrielle's nose. He hair smelled like a bouquet of roses inviting the on looker to participate in the sensory experience. No one would ever be able to guess by dancing with her, that this woman, in her past, had been on the path to being the destroyer of nations. Her movements, so smooth and gentle, caressed the bard into a hypnotic dance of seduction.

Resting the side of her face in the bard's strawberry blonde hair, the warrior inhaled the fruity, almost tangerine fragrance and she tenderly ran her fingers through the bard's hair. Her mind raced with erotic thoughts of her irresistibly cunning friend. The warrior, not known for a tremendous amount of control when she was filled with such desire, hoped she could contain herself a little longer.

The bard moved her head off the warrior's shoulder and peered up at Xena as the music gradually came to an end. "Xena, you are a wonderful dancer. I don't know why you won't dance more often."

"Mmmm. It's only because you are making me look good."

The two dancers came a step apart when the music halted, unembarrassed of closeness they just shared.

"Xena, so do you think you could handle me?" A cunning and sly smirk appeared on the bards face when she saw Xena's astonished glare.

"I think with patience and practice, I could eventually master it."

"Well, you know, I would have to have a sample, just to make sure you were up for it. Not everyone is cut out for this type of work."

"Oh, well I think that can be arranged."

Xena relaxed and a small grin filled her face and she gazed into the eyes of her one and only love. Xena's magnetic blue eyes waited for Gabrielle's to meet hers. The intensity created from resisting Gabrielle for so long created a surge of electricity emitting warm currents to all of the her sensory organs.

Gabrielle and Xena locked glances. At that split second there was no denying their romantic love for one another.

Xena's long hands moved down a short path to cup Gabrielle's chin in both of her hands. Bending her head down, her moist lips softly planted themselves on top of Gabrielle's yearning lips. A warm rush of fluid air moved from Gabrielle's lips through her entire body and seeded itself between the center of her universe.

They were trapped in a sweeping wind tunnel transporting them upward until they were resting on a white cloud floating above the earth. Eyes closed and lips still together, they savored the magic that existed between them at this moment until a clumsy dancer knocked them out of a trance.

Gabrielle looked up at Xena, curious and surprised, partially embarrassed by immense intensity passing between them. Gabrielle pleaded with her eyes for the answers on where to take this next.

Xena, too overwhelmed with the passion and energy that just swept through her body, stared blankly at Gabrielle to gain a few moments for composure. Her heart and body was on fire and if she didn't exit this inferno of a room shortly, she was going to pass out. She briskly turned and headed for the door very much like a nervous and flustered adolescent after her first kiss.

Turning around to watch Xena leave, Gabrielle was having difficulty getting her feet to move. Pushing the dancers that now seemed to surround her, she quickly moved to catch up to Xena.

Looking up at Xena with her fingertips in her mouth, Gabrielle pondered what to say next. A bard lost for words. How can I be a bard lost for words?

Both women were face-to-face. Watering with stark passion, Xena's eyes stared into the soul of Gabrielle. She could see that the bard needed and wanted her as much as she needed her.

Xena lowered her moist red lips to meet Gabrielle. Their gently magnetic lips locked as Gabrielle felt Xena's kiss cover her like a thousand oceans over. Moving her upper lip over the bard's lower one, Xena kindly and gently sucked while Gabrielle let out a pleading whimper, "Mmmaahhh."

Gabrielle pulled away slowly as Xena's neck remained bent down, her eyes closed, waiting for Gabrielle's lips to respond. She opened her eyes searching for what halted the moment and saw Gabrielle staring intently at her.

"It's apparent you have talent, and with lots of practice, I think you could be an expert." Gabrielle flatly stated.

"Well, I guess I better get to it then, huh?

"Xena, I'd be happier," Gabrielle moved closer to Xena, both of their bodies pressed up against one another. Gab extended her arms so her hands could wrap around the warrior's shoulders. The heat that was being exchanged between the two women was enough to make Gabrielle weak in the knees. "...if we could talk later...I'm beginning to REALLY want to be with you, and this hallway was not the place I had in mind."

"Mmmm." Xena pulled her soon to be lover's head up so that their lips would meet once again. Not able to control herself, Xena traveled until her lips tasted the silky, smooth skin on the bard's neck. She tasted like sweet, ripe oranges basting in the summer sun.

"Xena, let's go now!"

Gabrielle grabbed Xena's arm in a lock and dragged her through the hallway. They had become a small spectacle for some of the town's folk who could not believe what these two women were doing.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes and said to a few towns' people "Huh, she gets that way when she doesn't take her medicine."

"Oh, but, Gabrielle, you're the only medicine I need."

As soon as they exited the casino, Xena stepped behind Gabrielle and pulled the bard's back close to meet her upright chest. Now, kissing the bards neck fiercely, Gabrielle fell back in surrender to quench the hunger of her warrior.

Xena firmly moved her hands down the sides of Gabrielle's dress until she found the bottom and began moving inside.

"OH... Xena, no that's enough." "Oh." Xena's fingers ran slowly up the bard's thigh "We will never get…to the inn… at this rate." Gabrielle moved forward to break the warriors hold on her.

Xena looking like a puppy dog that lost its bone, broke her stronghold on Gabrielle. She was having a hard time just looking at the bard without wanting to touch, feel, and caress her. Years of wanton and yearning all pent up in the warrior needed to be released. Xena, was not sure, at this point, if she would ever by sated by the bard.

"Now you walk over here," pointing to the far left side of the road. "And I will walk over here," pointing to the far right side of the road. "If you cross the middle of the road before we get to the inn, then, umm, I guess it will take a lot longer to get to the inn…just stay there!"

"Grrrrgghhh" as Xena walked over to her side of the road.

"And don't look at me" Burning up with pent up passion, Gabrielle was beginning to think that neither of them would make it to the inn. But, they had to. Neither one of them wanted their first time to be behind some building or tree. They waited this long, they could wait a few more minutes.

"How you doing over there?" Xena yelled. Knowing she was becoming sick from the distance between her and Gabrielle.

"Good" As good as I can be.

When they finally arrived at the inn 5 minutes later, although to both of them the walk seemed to take hours, they were both glowing and flushed with passion.

Xena was following Gabrielle and restraining her hands behind her back as they walked past the front desk clerk.

"Good night." He cordially stated.

"Oh, it will be one good night." Xena replied as she intently stared at the strawberry blonde mane dangling in front of her.

Gabrielle suddenly turned around at the foot of the stairs that led to their room. Xena just about tumbled over the bard, she was that close.

"You first." Leading the way with her arm.


"That's right let's see what the warrior princess is made out of." Lookin' good.

Xena turned halfway up the stairs and grabbed for Gabrielle's mane and deeply kissed the bard. Her tongue lightly traced a circular path around the bard's rose-colored lips. Gently poking her tongue into the side of Gabrielle's lips, she whimpered, "Ahhh".

Xena led Gabrielle's back to the side wall lining the stairs and forced their bodies together like an over magnetized objects. Gabrielle's mind dizzied as she felt Xena's warm pelvis meet her bare belly. Hungrily, Xena's lips sucked and then slightly nipped Gabrielle's upper lip. She whispered, "You are so sweet."

"Mmmuph, Xena…so long, I've waited so long."

Gabrielle's yearning to explore Xena's mouth could not take the suspense much longer. Her wet tongue delved into Xena's mouth moving lightly over her moist teeth. She could taste the remnant sweet grape flavor left from the port she had just finished. Feeling the warmth that enclosed their kiss, Gabrielle wanted to go deeper, to be inside her lover, enraptured by this warrior.

Using the back of the wall to balance, Gabrielle wrapped both legs around the warrior's waist. Her skirt moved up to her hips, so the only thing separating Gabrielle's universe was her undergarment and Xena's dress.

"You're so, so bad." Xena muttered in the bard's ear as she slowly planted soft kisses on her neck.

Xena moved up the stairs once more with the bard clasped to her. Xena found the door to their room and slowly and carefully started to open it when Gabrielle jumped down and grinded her body deeply against Xena's.

Moving her hands down the back of Xena's white dress, Gabrielle searched to see if she was wearing anything underneath. Sure, enough the warrior had her thin leather chemise on. Gabrielle would get the pleasure of peeling some leather off the warrior this evening.

"Oh, Gabrielle." Xena rested her head against the door.

Breathing Gabrielle's scent for what seemed like the first time, the warrior took in what was like a

tangerine bursting with the rising sun, sweet and golden. Xena could almost taste the aroma on her tongue.

Opening the door, Xena let Gabrielle walk in first. Xena dropped her dinars and bag on the desk to the left of the door.

Both women stopped to look at each other from a foot away knowing that tonight's events would change everything between them. And, this change, would bind them closer than any human they had ever known, or will ever know.

Walking slowly to Gabrielle, she took her bard's face in her hands and started kissing her softly. Wanting to explore every inch of her beautiful and subtle mouth, her tongue roamed across her lips like a gentle masseuse. Each pass sent the warrior through a shuttering rainstorm, feeling each and every droplet of rain on her soft lips.

Gabrielle was enveloped in the warrior's hands with her hands resting on the warrior's hips. She was beginning to feel faint with desire. Her wanting center between her weakened legs were contracting with each whisk of Xena's tongue across her lips. Love pangs seeped deep into the pit of her stomach and caused her to gasp for every breath.

Xena engulfed the bard in her arms and carried her to the bed never taking her eyes from the now, teary-eyed bard. Gabrielle was so filled with joy, the tears just started to puddle. She laid Gabrielle down slowly and lay upon her. Just touching and kissing the bard was overwhelming in itself. Both women knew that their journey into each other's hearts, souls, and body would be a lifetime adventure and that tonight, may continue into many days ahead. Hope the inn has the room available.

What became of the truth serum? Xena never mentioned a word to her bard and decided to let Gabrielle believe that the truth serum was in the nut bread that Gladys baked. One never knows when a truth serum might come in handy, especially in a pinch.

The End

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