Beyond Ones and Zeros

By Penelope Downs, AKA Doc


Disclaimer: The characters are mine and I own the copyright. Use without my permission is prohibited. Any resemblance to a person, dead or alive, is unintentional. If you under 18 years of age, are offended by same sex romances, light bondage, or it's illegal to read about it where you live, stop now and read no further.


We had met on the dark side of the Net about a year ago. At first, we were both ill at ease. Neither of us had played sex games through the ether. Cautiously, however, we began to explore our fantasies. We discovered that we liked the same things—toys and restraints. Our courtship picked up and we began our mating dance in earnest, exchanging graphic depictions of what we wanted to do to each other.

I wasn’t sure if my cyber mate was a writer, professionally, or just very good in bed, but her verbal talent was prodigious. Soon, I found myself unable to find satisfaction in real life; no one could match my airy lover. I couldn’t even satisfy myself, unless I was online with her, reading her descriptions of how she planned to dominate and love me. I became so frustrated, I thought I would loose my mind. I couldn’t concentrate and knew I was close to a breakdown. I poured my heart out to my love and begged her to consummate our relationship, physically. She was reluctant and it took two weeks of begging and pleading to get her to change her mind and agree to meet me at a neutral spot, the rebuilt City of Angels.

As the day approached, I wondered if my lover would show up or whether she was even real. I was desperate but not stupid and realized that I might have been duped, that my lover might be anyone, a man or even a kid playing around. I didn’t care; I couldn’t stop thinking of the favorite fantasies she had sparked, my loins ached. I would give myself to whoever she was.

We had agreed to meet in front of the new multi media center at noon. Ten minutes before the appointed time, I took my place, glancing at everyone who came near. No one seemed to be heading to a rendezvous. I waited and watched. At ten minutes past noon, I looked at my watch and fought back tears. She still hadn’t appeared. I wasn’t certain how I would handle complete rejection; I hadn’t expected that. My head was beginning to ache from tension. I put my hands up to my temples to rub them. That’s when I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I was startled and jumped before turning around to be met by the most dazzling pair of light blue eyes. It was she; she hadn’t abandoned me. Quietly, she spoke.

"I’m sorry to make you wait. Like you, I’m nervous. I’ve been watching you since you arrived. I might not have come over to you, but you looked like you were going to cry. I don’t want to hurt you."

Her eyes held me captive. I couldn’t speak immediately. When I caught my breath, I replied. "Please love me."

Silently, she took my hand and led me in to the building. I followed her to a basement lecture room, which was empty. She turned on the lights and told me to go to the table at the front of the room. I complied while she went to a shadowy corner to retrieve a bag. She returned to me and told me to strip. I did, as quickly as I could. She then ordered me to lie on the table. Once she had pulled my hips forward so that she could comfortably position herself between my outstretched legs, she retrieved the restraints from the bag and attached them to the legs of the table, tying my hands down. Smiling wickedly, she said. "I’m going to start with my favorite."

Soon, I was writhing under her ministrations. She was as adept in the physical world as she was in our electronic one. She began our lovemaking using a buttery-soft leather whip. She gently ran it across my breasts and abdomen; letting it caress my skin, as any good lover would do. She then stood back and I felt its lite "bites" as she struck at my thighs, waist and breasts, hard enough to create a tingling sensation but not so hard that she left marks.

My excitement built. My nipples were erect and the wetness began to flow from my center. She smiled as she relaxed her arm and let the whip fall. She stepped forward. Leaning over me, she kissed and then sucked on my right breast while she pinched and twisted the nipple on the other. She lifted her head and smiled at me. I tried to lift my head to meet her, desperately wanting her to kiss me. She refused to give in to my demands. She was in charge. She bent down between my legs and ran her tongue along my thighs. I writhed and tried to move my center closer to her mouth, encouraging her to give me the relief I sought. However, she purposely avoided my nether lips. She had other plans, none of which included giving me satisfaction anytime soon. Instead, she grabbed my right leg and began placing a series of kisses all the way down it. When she had kissed and sucked each toe on my right foot, she gently put it down and started giving the same attention to my left leg.

I was in ecstasy and agony at the same time, if that’s possible. My lover created incredible sensations in my body. Much stronger than any I had experienced during our simulated lovemaking. However, she purposely avoided giving me the relief that I needed. I wasn’t sure how much longer I would be able to refrain from screaming my frustration. I began groaning constantly, trashing my head from side to side. I decided it was time to start begging her. It worked in our private world. I hoped she would respond.

"Please mistress." I said between groans.

"I haven’t given you permission to speak." She said as she stepped away from the table.

I looked at her in disbelief when I sensed the break in contact. I had miscalculated and wondered what I could do to earn her forgiveness. I clearly wasn’t going to speak again without permission. Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt that I would die from frustration. She turned her back to me and walked away. I wondered if she would simply abandon me like this, spread-eagled on the table.

I was relieved to see her return. This time, she had something in her hand. I looked down. It was a toy much like the ones she had described in her tales of lust. She stood before me and began disrobing. She was truly magnificent. Once she had stripped, she asked me, "Do you want me to fuck you with this?"

Realizing that I could safely speak this time, I replied. "Oh yes, please mistress."

"Please what?"

"Please fuck me."

She laughed and then inserted the small end of the toy in to herself and adjusted the straps. Apparently, she was as wet as I was. She slowly approached me as if she was a predator and I was her next meal. She held the toy with her left hand and brought it to the lips of my womanhood. She pushed the tip just inside them and then removed her hand so she could use both arms to balance herself above me. She was as ready for this as I was and her nostrils flared as she spoke.

"Feel me inside you. I’m going to take you ‘til you scream out my name."

She quickly thrust her hips forward until the toy was completely buried inside of me. I groaned loudly and pushed my hips up to meet hers. I wrapped my legs around her, trying to further impale myself on the toy, as if that was possible. She then withdrew completely from me and looked down. Tears spilled from my eyes. She smiled and then quickly thrust the toy back inside of me. She was not going to take it slow. We were both fully aroused and in need of hard, quick lovemaking that would take us both over the edge.

As she plunged the toy in to me at break neck pace, I felt my orgasm begin. So did she. She growled, "Not yet, don’t come yet. We must do this together." I could only grunt, words were beyond me. I didn’t know if I could do as she requested. I tried to think of anything but the motions of her hips. It was impossible. Fortunately, my heightened arousal must have pushed her over the edge, too. I happily felt her passion climax, the signal that I could release with her.

As she lay spent on top of me, I smiled. `This was much better than ones and zeros,’ I thought to myself.


Pt. II


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