Virtual Dilemma

By Penelope Downs, AKA Doc


Disclaimer: The characters are mine and I own the copyright. Use without my permission is prohibited. Any resemblance to a person, dead or alive, is unintentional. If you under 18 years of age, are offended by same sex romances, light bondage, or it's illegal to read about it where you live, stop now and read no further.

I had let her talk me in to a meeting. I never had had any intention of having a physical relationship with her. Ours was to have been a virtual affair. One I was supposed to have been able to walk away from without remorse or guilt. An affair in which I was to have been able to live out my fantasies without constraint.

I didn’t know why I had let her talk me in to it. Things were fine for me. I had the best of both worlds, intangible and tangible. I talked, figuratively, hot sex to my faceless, cyber lover. She in turn would make me hot, describing how hard I had made her come.

I had no problems acting on my arousal. I simply went to prostitutes to release my pent-up sexual tension. I had several favorites who enjoyed it when I relived the fantasies I had developed for her. In fact, one, a little blonde who I found out all-too-soon actually resembled my lover, begged me to weave fantasies just for her. Hell, she even offered to pay me.

I guess it was my lover’s desperation that made me feel guilty enough to agree to meet with her. I seriously considered breaking my promise to her. I almost did. I had gone to the rendezvous point two hours before the appointed time of our meeting just so I could position myself where no one could see me. I watched people and finally spotted the one I knew to be her. I watched her as she waited and anxiously scanned the faces of passersby. I actually stayed hidden well beyond the appointed time for our meeting. I was relieved when I noticed that she was about to go. Then, damn it, I saw her about to cry--my Achilles heel, a woman’s tears. She looked so small and vulnerable, I had to go to her.

My next mistake was touching her. I felt a jolt go through my body and settle between my legs the minute my hand touched her shoulder. Then, when she turned around, I knew I was in trouble. Those beautiful green eyes grabbed hold of my heart and wouldn’t let go. I had no choice but to comply when she uttered her simple request, begging me to love her.

I led her to the empty lecture room where I had hidden my bag. I had packed my favorite toys, all ones that I had described during our ethereal courtship. My mouth watered as I realized that I would love the woman this time, not just the online persona.

I steeled my heart, determined that I would remain detached despite the fact that I would take the real woman. I planned to be more masterful and ruthless than I had been in any of our previous lovemaking sessions. I did not want her to be able to love the corporeal me.

I began our session by coldly ordering her to strip. I didn’t even watch her. She obeyed my command without hesitation. She had a perfectly beautiful body. Petite, yet muscular and well toned. I masked my expression so she wouldn’t see my arousal. I didn’t want her to see the effect she had on me. Even though I had remained fully clothed I wondered if she could smell my musky scent. I felt my wetness seep through my underwear and jeans.

I ordered her to get up on the table. I then retrieved the restraints from my bag and, once I was sure that I would have satisfactory access to her womanhood, tied her hands to the legs of the table. I stepped back and smiled. She was opened up, spread-eagled. I retrieved my favorite whip from the bag. Although I planned to dominate her, I didn't want to hurt or frighten her so I gently ran it over her flat belly, the valley between her breasts and her thighs so she could get accustomed to its feel. Then, I stood back and began "kissing" her with it. I didn’t hit any area repeatedly, but moved the whip around so that it wouldn’t leave any marks on her fair skin. She liked it, her arousal built quickly. I saw the wetness flow from her center and dampen her thighs. I smelled it, her essence.

I dropped the whip; she was becoming too aroused. I wasn’t ready for that. I decided to play with her and show her who was the master in this relationship. I stepped forward and, leaning over her, took one of her nipples in my mouth while I squeezed and pinched the other with my fingers. She tried to lift her head, wanting me to kiss her. I refused. Instead, I knelt between her legs. I wanted her to think that I was about to take her. I leaned in and licked her thighs. Oh God, I actually tasted a bit of her wetness. I had to stop; it was too soon. I deliberately began placing kisses down the leg I was holding. I had to move away from her core and that scent. I didn’t think that I would be able to restrain myself if I didn’t. When I had finished kissing that leg and foot, I moved to the other one. It was having the desired effect. She was writhing and bucking her hips. She was on sensory overload. Then she did it. She spoke without permission, begging me to give her relief. I had allowed this during our online lovemaking; however, I would not allow it here. I didn’t want to punish her; I was too aroused for that. I needed my own relief. However, I did want to frighten her in to submission so I stepped away from the table. I wanted her to think that I would walk away and leave her, although, in fact, I only planned to retrieve my strap-on toy from the bag. I turned my head slightly and, catching a view of her in my peripheral vision, smiled as I saw the frustrated look on her face. I knew she wanted to speak out, but she refrained form doing so.

I had prolonged her agony and denied my relief long enough. I turned around and walked back towards the table so she could see what I held in my hand. She smiled when she saw the toy. I then undressed in front of her. The look in her eyes made me quiver--it was pure carnal lust. Once I was naked, I spoke to her again and asked whether she wanted me to fuck her with my toy. She said yes. It felt good when I pushed the smaller end in to myself. God, I was so wet and ready. I wasn’t going to take it slow. Neither of us wanted it slow. We were both in need of a quick, hard fuck. I moved in between her legs and positioned the tip of the toy inside her nether lips. I then used my arms to brace myself against the table. Before I began, I warned her that I was going to take her until she screamed my name. I meant it. I quickly entered her, burying the toy deep inside her. It felt good, she must have thought so too; she wrapped her legs around me to try to pull me in deeper. I stood still, remaining inside her then I withdrew completely. I looked down at her and saw tears in her eyes. My libido sailed and I entered her again forcefully, setting a break neck pace I plunged in and out of her. She was higher than I was and almost reached her orgasm before me. I had to order her to wait. I wanted us to come together. Fortunately, it only took a few more thrusts of our hips for me to catch up to her and we went over the edge together. I collapsed on top of her for a few minutes before I could catch my breath.

When I sat up and looked down at her contented face, my heart ached. Suddenly, fear gripped my belly. ‘Shit, I’m in love,’ I thought to myself. I quickly moved off of her; pulling the toy out of her. My abrupt movements startled her but she didn’t say anything. I took the toy off and threw it in my bag. I then quickly dressed. She remained silent as I removed the restraints and then untied them from the table legs, placing them back in the bag, too. She slowly sat up and began rubbing her wrists. I turned my back to her, picked up the whip and put it in the bag as well. Before she could say anything, I darted from the room. I knew she wouldn’t follow immediately since she wasn’t dressed.

I’ve been home for three days now. I can’t eat; I can’t sleep. I haven’t turned on the computer or answered the phone. I don’t know what I’ll say to her, although I know what I want to say to her. I even went to the blonde prostitute today, thinking I would be able to get her out of my system by fucking someone who resembled her. It didn’t work; I couldn’t come.

‘Damn it, why did I let her talk me in to it?’


Pt. III, Conclusion

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