Xeno's Dilemma
Part 1

by Larisa

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Have you ever heard the story about the jerk and the bard? Well let me tell you. Joxer the mighty, friend and pest of xena, the warrior princess and gabrielle, queen of the amazons, he always showed up at the most unopportune time, to put it simply his timing sucked! This about the time he caught them.......... What was that? Do you hear it? It sounds like it's coming from over there. A low deep growl came from the bushes off to her left, knowing trouble was waiting there, she continued walking, butat a quicker pace. Glancing back over her shoulder what she seen made her jaw drop and eyes bulge.

"by the gods, not again!" She takes off running for her very life. "you son of a bachai....................maaaaaamaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

All she can hear is growling and snapping from behind her, and the tearing of materal. For a second she's held back by the seat of her pants until the materal gives pitching her forward, scrambling on hands and knees she looks up to see a village ahead, getting her footing she runs to the nearest building screaming the whole way.

Xena tilts her head sideways, grabbing her chakram she moves to the door.

"xena, what is it?" Questions gabrielle. "someones coming this way, and in a hurry." Replied xena.

Going to the door xena with gabrielle right behind her opens it just as a body comes flying thru the doorway hitting xena square in the chest, knocking her and gabrielle down. Hands grab at xena clawing up her body to finally latch on to her breastplate, confused xena looks down the length of the body on top of her, she sees a large black wolf has hold of a booted foot belonong to this struggling creatire on top of her. "oh for the love of gods, shithead let go!" Yells xena. Small hands release their grip on her breastplate to be pulled down her body. Gabrielle struggles to get up from under xena, looking out the door she sees the problem. "shithead let go now!

Two green eyes look to her. "i did let go!"

The wolf continues to drag the poor idiot across the ground by her boot, then grabs what is left of the seat of her pants and starts to hump her leg. Gabrielle goes out the door and grabs the wolf by the scruff of its neck.

"i told you to let go!"

The wolf releases the materal and cowers.

"now get to the barn, xe, what is wrong with your dog?"

Xena standing in the doorway trying not to laugh at the scene in front of her schrugs her shoulders,

"got me, at least it's not you this time!"

Gabrielle glares at her then reaches down to help the poor woman at her feet up.

"come on lets get you inside, i'm sorry about xena's wolf getting you." She glares at xena who just gives her that lopsided grin. "his hormones are raging and someone" looking to xena. "won't do anything about it!" Xena follows them inside watching the sway of gabrielle's hips with a grin on her face.

"don't look at me, i gave up on doing men and kinky stuff! I'm as pure as the driven snow!"

Gabrielle turns and gives her a look similar to her own raised eyebrow.

"yeah right, come on lets get you cleaned up and i'll see what i can do about finding you something to wear until xena can mend your breeches, right xena!"

Looking over her shoulder she gives her a smile.

"yeah yeah , ok, oh by the way, nice underwear you have there, shithead or who ever you are."

"this always happens to me, thanks to my demented aunt! Gods i hope she didn't hear me! And you shut up, i don't want to hear it!" Looking at gabrielle. "sorry about that , but he's a pain in my" looking behind at her tattered breeches. "now bare ass!"

With raised eyebrows gabrielle looked to her shaking her head. "ooook, you often talk to yourself? I mean , there's nothing wrong with that, i often end up talking to myself even though xena is right there with me."

"oh, i'm not talking to myself, believe me, this is just their way of making sure everyone thinks i'm nuts! I'll explain later, right now i would really like to get rid of this cold breeze in a very delicate area, if you know what i mean?"

After she got her something to wear they returned to where xena was talking to her mother. She walks up to cyrene amd holds out her hand. "aunt cyrene, i'm pleased to meet you, after all i have heard about you."

Cyrene turns 10 different shades of red and groans, clasping hands she gives her a i will kill you later look.

"ahh, mom, can you explain something to me?" Asks xena.

"it's kind of complicated, and aaahhhh......wellllll......." Looking above her she replies "arte, you'll pay for this!" Well xena you know your absent father, gods i need a drink! Lets all sit down and i will try to explain things to you, but first, xena give me all your weapons including your breast dagger!"

Gabrielle pulls her to the side. "ok, ah whats your name anyways?"

"don't you dare laugh, it's xenodike, but you can call me xeno, xe, no, what ever i answer to anything, another thing to thank my aunt for."

"what is going on here, and you had better tell me or i'll let shithead out of the barn!"

"ok, ok, i'll tell you, but can we do this somewhere else? I don't really want to be around a pissed off warrior when she finds out the whole story!"

Gabrielle and xeno go into the kitchen, sitting on barstools gabrielle pours them each a cup of port from a bottle sitting there.

"ok, lets have it, tell me what is going on here!"

"some years ago the goddess artemis decided to take to the countryside looking for excitement and other pleasures, if you catch my drift, when she happened upon a nice little village, this village in fact, and came into the only inn around, where see met the inn keepers daughter and fell in love, if you can believe that?"

"you lost me, run that by me again."

"some years ago" whap! "owww, what was that for? Gee gabrielle you remind me of my family, they smack me uplong side the head all the time." Mumbling to herself. "well you will be family soon."

"lets try this again, just tell me about the inn keepers daughter, who is she? Then it hit her, smacking herself in the forehead she mumbles. "and i thought xena was thick, are you telling me that artemis is xena's mother, father, donor, hatcher, what!"

After slamming her cup of port and grimacing she refills hers and brie's. "this stuff sucks! How do they drink it? My mouth is getting numb." A hand appears in here perifrifial vision, covering her head she squacks. "ok, sorry, i got side tracked, it's a goddess thing, if there is true love between two women, and one happens to be a goddess then they can concieve a child, and that child will be born with special powers, like hercules, and xena the warrior princess. Think of the connection, her mother is guardian of your amazons, and you are her chosen queen, with xena as your champion! Oh geez i knew i forgot something!" Getting off her stool she knelt down on one knee, bowing her head she spoke, my queen, i bring you a message from regent ephiny, you and xena are to get your ass's home, because you two are to be at her and solari's joining" getting back on her stool she = smiled at brie. "gods that stuff has gone to my already numb bwain."

Gabrielle =91s eyes were unfocused with the pupils starting to dialate.

"cuse me, but whyd ja just call me your qween? Looking in her cup she drinks the last of it then refills both of their cups. "your ......uhm....wite.....hite....what eber, this stuff suckzz!"

"qweenie, i think weez gettin drunkt." Xeno pulls down the front of her tunic showing gabrielle her amazon necklace. "i'm the natuns messerer." Gabrielle squints and answers.


"ya knowz, i runz ever wherez passin messerers.......notez......somethins.."

A loud bang comes from the dinning area of the inn along with a deep boisterous voice of xena followered by a sorprano joining in the singing of a very dirty song. Grabbing xeno by the hand brie drags her and they both stumble in to the dinning area,and what they see is unbeliveable. Xena and her mother are singing together and using obscene hand gestures.

"she haz titz out to here, and a tight wittle rear, when i gabs her here {lower southren part of the body} her tongue licks my ear, so i takes her in the rear, when she squeels like a onker, i done a good bonker."

Xena swaying on very unsteady legs using her mother to try and stand up, she flashes brie a ravishing smile.

"there's my wittle qweenie, ma, ain't she beau.....ti....ful..?" Brie's eyebrows hide in her hairline and her mouth drops open. "xener your druk.....uhm.....drinkt....ya knowz? Looking to xeno she sways. "ain'tz shez, stopz movin, ya makin me sick."

"ok girlz, i think it'z time for bed." Cyrene slurs. Dragging a swaying xena with her she heads towards the girls, xena grabs brie by the hand and winks at her. "come on qweenie letz go to bed, oh, guess whats, my ma's a lestian, ain't that nice?" Cyrene pulls xeno up the stairs pushing her towards the room next to xena's and brie's then heads to her own. Xena and brie make it thru their door and fall, crawling on their hands and knees they head towards the bed. Brie crawls right up xena's back and on to the bed, flopping over on to her back she takes off her top and flings it across the room where it hangs off the mirror on the dresser, her skirt soon joins it. Armor hits the floor as a struggling xena fights to get her leathers off, finally they hit the floor and she crawls on to the bed collapssing on top of brie with her head resting between her bards breasts.

Morning comes like a herd of centaurs for four very hung over women, two who are shocked to their still booted feet. Gabrielle is first to wake, for once in her lifetime it's before noon! Must be nice, can i have her job? Gods, to travel with xena, and see her naked! Hades i'll walk, i'll even carry argo! Whap!! Just had to hit myself, sorry my little fantasies sometimes get the better of me. Anyways, gabrielle struggles to get up and then realizes that xena is laying on top of her.

"xena, oh warrior princess" gabrielle lifts one eyelid and peers into one very bloodshot blue eye staring back at her. "can i ask you a something, did we...uhm... Ya know? Her hands gestulated at their bodies. Two bloodshot eyes pop open, xena raises her head and groans, then she notices how they are postioned in bed. "oh my gods!" She puts her head back down, then jumps up out of bed grabbing her aching head. "xe, did we, you know, i mean not that it matters, wait a minute, yes it does, but, well i would like to know if i enjoyed it and if i was any good!"

"of course we didn't do anything! You would know if i did and yes you would enjoy it! And shithead thinks your very good!"

"should i call your mom so she can grease the door so you can get your big head out, oh one of many skills?"

"cute qweenie, come on get dressed, and i'll go get us some tea while you go wake up what's her name, shithead?"

"oh yeah, your gonna love this, her names xeno, and guess who named her? Give up huh huh do ya." Xena gave her the eyebrow. "your other mother" laughing she ducked under xe's arm and runs out the door.

Cyrene was already in the kitchen sipping herbal tea when the girls joined her, three sets of bloodshot eyes and pounding heads to go with them. "i don't need to ask, i can see how you girls feel. Have some tea it will help."

"mom can i ask you something, does my other mother ever come around?"

"on occasion, she drops in when i need her, like right now would be good arte, i know you can hear me, get your ass down here!"

A bright blue light appeared in the corner, and artemis appeared, wearing leathers like her amazons. Walking over to cyrene she kissed her then sat on her lap, flashing a familar grin to xe she replies. "it's a bitch when you can't pick your relatives, but you know i do what i can for you, you know all those scraps you and my chosen get into, well you ever wonder how you two get out of them? Have you ever wondered why that was? And gabrielle my chosen one {she looks to her} i chose you to bring peace to my daughter as well as my amazons. Oooohh xeno, i know you are under the table { a mumbled damn can be heard} how are the animals treating you, cyrene what exactly did you have in mind with my ass?"

"oh i have numerous ideas." Cyrene and artimis left the kitchen and were heard going up the steps.

"xeno, get up here will you, what exactly did my other mother mean by how are the animals treating you?"

"wellll, you know her ahhhh....silver stag, i kinda painted big black bullseyes on its sides as a joke, she didn't it find to funny. So ever since then she has had every creepy crawly to harpie chasing me, they steal my cloths, burrow in my pack you name it. I woke up one morning with a skunk in my bed roll and for a whole week the amazons wouldn't let me past the border. And to make matters worse, my aunt made me the official messenger for the amazon nation, so everyone knows that xenodike will bring all the news, xeno's not bad, but dike! I might as well have a sign around my neck saying parents hide your daughters!!!! The last time i had a date was over three years ago and that ended with the two of us covered in mud to help soothe the bee stings!"

Xena and gabrielle sat there speachless, xena turned to her bard and grinned. "i feel very lucky, she only punishes me with a bard!" Brie punches her in the shoulder. "that could go two ways oh dark warrior princess!"

Xena pulls her eyebrows together and looks at xeno. "if artemis is my ah other mother, then who is yours, athena?"

"you don't want to know." Xena raised her hand towards xeno's head. "ok ok , oh ma,come here a minute, please, and give xena a heart attack."

Xena got a funny look on here face, looking at brie who just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. A shimering pink cloud appeared, low and behold there stood aphrodite.

"hi babes, whats up? Need some help with your sex lives?" Glancing to xena and brie she shakes her head. "you two reallllly need some help in that department, here's a hint for you two. Xena, babe, loosen up! Queenie, leave the dog alone!" Xena and brie looked at each other. "hi baby x, what can i do for you, need a date? But then dressed like that, you need more than a date. You need a nice lacy teddy!"

"maaaa, i always look this way, my cloths keep getting shredded, the last time i had to run around a village in a burlap sack!

"what kind of women are you dating, barbarians?" Asked dite.

"ma, the last date i had was over 3 years ago, and it got ruined because of aunt arte, not to mention everyone thinks i'm in to that beastiallity stuff, so they stay clear of me, even mom thinks i'm weird! Can't you do something about arte's curse?"

"i'll see what i can do, well gotta cruise, i've got some serious love feasts to start. Lets see orgies in athens." A twinkle comes to her eyes. "and my favorite kink in argos! Later sweetcakes."

Just before she left she gave a little wave at xe and brie. Disappearing in a cloud of perfume. With wicked little grins on their faces xe and brie made eye contact. Leaning back in her chair xe threw one leg up on the table, flipping her leather skirt up, she showed brie that she wore no underwear. Brie licked her lips.

"come conquer the little warrior brie!"

Breis eyes bulged, her tongue slipped from between her lips, leaving her stool she moved towards xe, placing her hands on xe's shoulders she wrapped her legs around xena's and started humping her and growling like a mad dog.

Xeno's jaw dropped, covering her eyes she mumbled "not again! Ma get back here, now!"

Dite appeared at her side, took one look at the pair and giggled.

"ma, you did it again, look at them, you gotta fix this before brie starts lifting her leg on the furniture!"

"oh that spell was suppose to go to argos, sorry babes" with a wave of her hand brie and xe woke up, dite vanished with a giggle, a waf of perfume, and two very confused people. Xe looked at brie.

"ahhh....what are you doing?"

Following xe's eyes down she blushed.

"i have no idea?"

Trying to hide the emotions on her face as well as what was going thru her now flaming body xena coughed and got up from her stool, giving brie a chance to recover, she acted like it was no big deal what they had been doing.

"gabrielle, when did you want to leave for the amazons?

Straightening her skirt brie took a deep breath tring to calm her aroused body.

"i was hoping we could leave this morning, of course after breakfast that is. If you don't mind? It's been a while since we've been there, can we stay awhile, you know get caught up on everything, maybe take a little vacation. That is after i do the joining and we recover from all the parties? You know how they are, they have parties to celebrate having a party."

Xena shook her head at the babbling bard, raising her hands to fend off any more excuses.

"ok, ok. We'll leave after breakfast, that ought to give us plenty of time to get there."

After watching brie eat everything in the kitchen, they went to start packing, xena went to saddle argo while xeno and brie went to raid the kitchen for supplies.

"yah know argo, bries gonna turn you into a pack horse, i know she has enough food packed in our bags to feed an army, still not enough to feed her is it girl?" Snickering. "gods my beautiful little bottomless pit."

After tying everything to the saddle they headed out, stopping first at the front of the inn where cyrene and arte waited for them. They exchanged goodbyes.

"be careful girls and come see me soon." Waving with one hand cyrene pulled arte in to the house with the other one, all the trio could hear was arte saying "again! But we just!" As the door closed behind them.

They had traveled over 6 candlemarks with xe riding and brie and xeno following behind trading stories back and forth. Not knowing how to get on the subject brie just plowed ahead and asked outright.

"xeno, whats it like to be with a woman?" Stuttering a little. "i mean, i'm curious, ya know for my stories"

Xeno looked at a vey red faced bard.

"gabrielle, i know how you feel about xena, hades little balls, anyone who sees the two of you together can see it! If you want to know how to get her attention try seducing her!"

Placing her finger across her lips and tip of nose her eyes started to twinkle as thoughts began forming in her head.

A mischevous grin formed on xeno's lips. "tell you what, this always works!" Xeno whispered in brie's ear.

Hearing brie laugh xena looked back over her shoulder at them then continued to sing her little ditty under her breath.

"ah well listen to my story about gabrielle.

A cute little gal thats lookin really swell.

Pefect hair such a lovly lass.

Nice firm breasts and a tight young ass.

All of a sudden xeno stopped dead. "did you hear that?" Looking around brie asked. "what?" Glancing at the bushes a deep growl was heard by both of them.

"oh no, not again, run brie!!"

The bard and the messenger took off running, brie looked back over her shoulder and let out a scream of "xeeeenaaaa" as they both ran past her and argo, xena pulled her chakram and spun argo around, expecting to see an army behind her she was shocked to see a fury little bunny running after her two brave and fearless friends, growling all the way, with a flip of her wrist she let the round killing thingie go. Taking down the ferocous bunny. Stopping to pick up her kill. Looking around for them she seen two sets of feet dangling from tree limbs. Being the wicked person that she is, she yelled.

"look out it's coming your way!" As she threw it up into the tree, screams were heard, then cursing as two bodies laid sprawled at the base of the tree. Laughing hysterically xena wipped tears from her eyes.. Brie got up from the ground brushing off her cloths of dirt and leaves, fire shot from green eyes as she stomped towards the warrior princess. "are you nuts! You could have gave me a heart attack!" Brie threw a punch at xe missing her shoulder but connecting solidly with her breastplate, craddling her hand "gods that hurt, i think i broke it, i really have to practice punching, but not on you, oh no, no, no, wheres joxer when you need him! And see you and joxer didn't believe me about that rabbit, oh know the bards imagination running away with her again!" Xena couldn't hold back her laughter any longer she doubled over tears coming to her eyes. Brie stood there huffing. "xeno tell me this doesn't happen all the time."

"i wish i could say no, but yep, sorry!" She shrugged her shoulders and brushed dirt from her cloths.

Having calmed herself xena told them the would make camp over by the stream for the night. Setting up went quick with three of them doing things. Brie was taking the rabbit off the spit as xena was finishing up with argo and xeno returned from washing up. After eating they sat around the fire gazing into the flames.

"hey xeno, why don't you go run thru camp for me so i can get our breakfast for tomarrow morning." Xena fell backwards off the stump she had been sitting on laughing. Brie threw her boot at her, while xeno leaned over and said "bite me!" Picking up the plates xeno headed for the stream to wash them.

"i know your there, you can come out now."

Cupid appeared at her side. "i see that you are still being chased by creepy critters."

"oh shut up, it's not funny, can you do me a favor my dear brother?"

"oh heras tit, now what?"

"well you know about xe and brie, can you maybe give them a little push, you know the raging hormone thing, ma always screws it up."

"no problem sis, i've been dieing to do something for them, leave it to me."

Creeping to the edge of the trees cupid fletched two arrows on his bow, with a gigantic smile on his face he let them fly. A now calm and cool xena sat a few feet from brie sewing up tears in her leathers, while brie worked on one of her scrolls, at the same time they jerked, looking to each other they shrugged their shoulders and went back to what hey had been doing. Looking for the thread xena noticed that it had rolled up against brie thigh.

"brie could you hand me the thread there by your thigh?"

With out looking she handed it over, their fingers touched, a tingling feeling went from fingertips to toes of them both. Blue and green eyes connected, witnessing a shared passion so deep that their breaths caught in their chests. Xe gave brie the sweetest smile she has ever seen.

"thank you my queen."

"your welcome my warrior."

Xeno sat at the base of a tree grinning like a lunatic at the exchange of emotions. She whispered a thank you to her brother. Returning to camp, grabbing her bedroll she moved a good distance away from the fire, seeing this gabrielle questioned her actions.

"why are you way over there, aren't you gonna freeze tonight?"

"oh, no chance of that, you'll see in the morning, goodnite."

Rolled up in her blankets laying on her side with her back to them she faked sleep. Putting her scolls away, brie stretched showing off tight abs, with breasts straining at that awful green bra looking thing . "i guess i'll turn in to, it's been a long day, you know with being chased by the solstice bunnie and all."

Xena listened for the deep breathing signaling that brie was asleep before she laid down, gently draping her arm across a tight stomach, breathing in the scent of lavender she let her eyes follow up to that god awful green thing, thinking to her self a grin graced her lips. "next time she changes that top is gonna disappear." Small fingers enterlaced with hers placing between firm breasts. "well maybe just the lacing at the front, yeah, that'll work." She sighed, pressing thier bodies close together she drifted off to sleep.

Xeno looked over her shoulder at them, punching one fist in the air she yelled a silent yes!

Morning came slapping xena in the eyes with a bright stream of sunlight, glancing down she seen the top of a golden head nestled between her shoulder and breast, a small hand cupping the other and legs all entwined. Brushing soft golden bangs xe whispered. "brie. Wake up" she felt her bard stir, not fully awake she cuddled further into soft flesh. "your pillow needs to get up." Groaning she opened her eyes to stare into clear blueness. "morning xe." Reaching up she carressed xe's cheek, wrapping fingers into long black tresses she pulled xe down to her placing a heart warming kiss against her soft lips.

Looking over to xeno they seen that she was still asleep. Xena pushed on her shoulder. "xeno get up." Xeno looked over her shoulder at them. "i think you guys had better step back a bit, no telling what is under these furs with me." She slowly moved the furs aside to reveal 1 fox, 2 weasels, 1 rabbit and 1 racoon. She gently shooed them away, not wanting to scare them. Dumping her boots out carefully a handful of mice fell out of each one. "i told you i wouldn't get cold, i go thru this every morning.

Brie and xe just stared thanking the gods the didn't have to worry about little critters.

While they packed up camp xena walked around in a state of mild arousal. "first waking up with brie cuddled up against my breast then the kiss, it should not have been a big deal, oh, but tell that to my body. Some hard hearted warrior, when all it takes is a kiss from my bard and i melt, right into a big old mushy warrior puddle. Take a deep breath and get over it, you can't have her, no way in hades, she likes men! I like to kill men! I don't do dicks, only if there on a woman, she does men, thats it xena, think of gross disgusting, filthy, rancid smelling men! Send the fire from your groan to your darkside that realllly hates men. Got it no problem!" Brie walks up to xena leaning really close against her side, body heat can be felt and the scent of lavender and brie's own scent reaches xena's senses. Her knees start to buckle, brie grabs her to keep her from falling to the ground. "xena are you all right?"

"yeah, just a little dizzy is all, i'll be alright, is everything all packed?

"we just finished so when ever you are ready we can head out."

As brie left xena's side to join xeno she grabbed xena's ass, sending her three feet in the air. Brie grinned from ear to ear, winking at xeno she whispered it's working! Yes!"

Half way there xeno stopped them. "ah guys, i think it would be a good idea if you both rode argo, we're getting close to the border and thats usually when you know what happens, it would be safer that way." Brie turned to her with a furious look on her face, grabbing her by the arm she spun her around so that her back was to xena. "xeno, i hate riding, and argo doe's not like me, i will walk to the border with you." Xeno winked at brie. "have you ever had a wild boar chase you? Believe me you don't want to, so get on the horsey and shut up queenie!" Understanding hit brei. "ok, ok, i'll get on the horse."

With brie behind xena on argo, she had the perfect opportunity to mess with her warrior, feining sleep she leaned into xe's back like she normally doe's holding on with her arms around a leather clad waist, moaning into xe's hair she moved her hands up under her breastplate carressing firm breasts, hearing an intake of breath from xe, she mumbled "take me." Then pushed her hips against xe.

Xe was dieing, brie was killing her a little bit at a time.

"i think i have found the answer to spontanious combustion, it's called gabrielle!"

They came to the amazon border, just as they started in xeno stopped them.

"you guys go in first and let them know that i am here, because when i do come in it's gonna be fast and they shot first then ask questions later, and i really don't feel like dodging arrows."

"ok, as soon as brie and i get to the guards we'll let them know, c-ya soon."

Xe and brie stood with their arms raised above their heads waiting for the guards, within a instant amazons came from everywhere, one came forward, removing her mask. Solari walked up to brie, kneeling on one knee before her.

"my queen, welcome, we will escort you to regent ephiny."

"oh for the love of gods, get up, how many times do i have to tell you guys, i'm just gabrielle, bard, sidekick of xena." Xe kicks in "tormentor of xena." Brining a grin from her bard. "yeah that to."

"solari we have the nations messenger with us to, she's waiting at the edge of the border."

"oh we know we.......a blood curdling scream could be heard coming their way. "you had better take cover, or get run over." Brie and xe jumped behind a tree as the amazons returned to theirs. Xeno came busting thru the trees screaming the whole way as she headed towards the center of the village. Hearing the screaming amazons came from everywhere with their weapons to stop in the center and wait. Xeno came thru the last trees and headed for the first amazon she seen, circling the woman screaming for help with a bear right on her heels swipping at her feet, with a swipe of her staff the amazon smacked the bear in the ass that sent it howling back into the woods.

Xe, brie and the rest of the escorts came thru the trees to see the end of the chase. Xeno grabs on to her savior slidding down her body to end up with both arms around the amazons thigh, with her face resting against the warm thigh she gulped for air.

"hi eponin, whatcha got on your leg?"

Looking down at the poor gasping woman. "i have no idea my queen?" Something made her look again, their eyes connected, deep brown sinking into green, as green as her queens. Spellbound neither one of them moved. Eponin smiled showing even white teeth, offering her hand she helped xeno up. Brie could see that there was definitly something going on here, wondering if it was the same as what everyone seen in her and xena?

"eponin, this is xeno, the nations messenger, xeno, this is eponin, my weaponsmaster. Come on xeno lets get you cleaned up. Ep can you get her some leathers so she can look like the amazon she is."

"shall i bring them to your hut."

"yeah, that would be good, oh xena, mighty warrior princess that means you to."

Two of the three made it back to the hut, xena took argo to the stables to feed and groom. "alright girl, now you can get a rest and i can cool off before i have to sit in a water trough somewhere. My bard has no idea what she's doing to me, or maybe she does!"

Brie started a bath for xeno, pouring bath oils in the water then setting out soaps for her to use. Entering the living area brie noticed that xeno was looking at the scrolls filling the shelves.

"are these all the ones you have wrote."

"alot of them yes, but some are the treaties and laws of the tribe. Come on lets get you cleaned up, give me your cloths."

"what!" Xeno barked, eyes going wide, she clapsed the front of her tunic.

"strip woman, how do you expect to take a bath if you still have your cloths on?"

"oh yeah, right i forgot about that."

Having stripped out of what amounted to rags, xeno stood before her queen sheepishly, skin tinted a high pink.

"it's just been so long since i've been naked around anyone, guess i'll have to get use to it."

"don't worry about it, now get in that bath before it gets cold!"

Obeyeing brie, xeno surrendered to the hot fragrant water. Brie went to the chest at the end of her bed and pulled out her queens leathers and xena's blue tunic and black trousers. Silver designs garnished the cuffs and hem, symbols of her place in the amazon nation as the queens champion and protector.

She knew the minute that xe seen her cloths she was goining to throw one hades of a fit, without her leathers and armor she felt naked. She had just laid them out on the bed when xeno came from her bath. Standing berfore brie in all her glory, was and unrecognizable woman, all the dirt and grim gone, dark hair clean and flowing in long swirling curls streaked with blond.

"ok, now what, do i get to run around the village like this."

Raising her arms out to her sides mucles rippled up her ribcage shoulders bulged and pecs hardend, brie just stared. Thinking to herself "these amazons are gonna fight over this one, eponon better make her move quick." From neck to waist she was a perfect v, abs that put bries to a shame, perfectly cut and defined. These amazons had no idea what they had been missing all these years!

Brie smiled at her. "of course not, eponin should be here with some leathers for you." They heard someone clear their throat, turning brie seen eponin, as she moved towards her eponin got a clear view of xeno, her jaw dropped open, not being able to get a single word out she just handed the leathers to brie, then turned to leave, glancing back over her should she misjudged the door way, slamming her head into the jam she stumbled backwards, on wobbly legs she went outside mumbling the whole way as she rubbed her head. Laughing brie walked over to a very red xeno.

"come on i'll help you get dressed."

Xeno was done, to keep her from being bored brie gave her one of her scrolls of her and xena's adventures to read, then started to run a bath for xena, she had just come from the bath when xena came thru the door, seeing her tunic on the bed she rolled her eyes.

"brieeee, do i have to wear that?" Pointing to her tunic and trousers.

"unless you want to stand by my side naked?"

"this ain't fair!! I feel so, so."

"naked" brie finished for her. "to bad, now strip, your bath is ready."

Xena looked to xeno with a raised eyebrow.

"bossy little queen ain't she?"

Xeno just grinned at her. "been there, can't help ya."

Brie started unbuckling xe's armor taking great care to make sure she brushed against her skin as much as possible. The once stoic warrior held her breath. Leaning up the little queen whispered in her ear. "breath mighty one, before you pass out."

Moving to a table brie laid out xe's armor. "give me those filthy leathers so i can clean them."

Xe shook her head taking her leathers she threw them at brie hitting her square in the chest, knowing that if she didn't move quick they would bomerrang back at her. Sinking down into the hot water every muscle began to relax. Dunking her head rivelets of water streamed down her face and into her eyes. Closing them she drifted off to sleep.

Brie handed xe's leathers to one of her guards, then whispered in her ear, smiling to herself she stepped in to the room.

"well thats done, now it's time to turn the heat up on a certain warrior princess then let her cook for a while." The two conspirators grinned at each other. Xeno now had a pretty good idea of the fun her brother and ma had everyday.

Sneaking into the water a mischevious grin crossed her lips. Brie let her legs slid along xe's, feeling the water rise she opened one blue eye. Making contact with two creamy firm breasts, following up she meet two flaming green eyes, her heart just about beat out of her chest. Thinking to herself. "what is happening to me? I've seen her naked thousands of times and it's never affected me like this before. But then she has never touched me like she has the last day either, maybe i was wrong about what i thought earlier with her and men. But there was perdicus?"

Reaching for the soap brie lathered her hands, begining at her neck she worked her way down paying special attention to her breasts, keeping eye contact with her warrior the whole time. Lifting herself she ballanced on the edge of the tub, placing her foot on xe's shoulder she ran soapy hands from ankle to soft blond curls, watching xe holding her breath she treated the other leg in the same fashion. Moving forward she came nose to nose with xena, thumbs carressing the sides of her neck, she licked xe's lips, pressing their lips together she slid her tongue inside a willing mouth, before xe could do anything the kiss was broke.

"breath xe!"

Brie got out off the tub leaving a very arroused warrior there. Grabbing her towel she left. Xe just sat there shocked to her very toes. "i am going to have to sit here until the water freezes." Feeling the throbbing at her center she moaned. "gods, she's killing me!"

Brie was already dressed when xe entered the room on somewhat shaky legs, moving to the bed she reached down to get her trousers but a small hand beat her to them. Brie held them out to her so that she could step into them, placing her hands on bries shoulders to balance herself, she stepped into them and let brie pull them up her thighs. Good thing to, with feeling fingertips brush her skin her knees just about buckled on her, the same went with her tunic, fingers grazed her from breasts to ribcage. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. Brie buckled on her sword belt and hung her chakram on her side.

"can you get your boots on, or do you want me to help?"

Stammering she answered. "uhm....ahhh....got it, go."

Walking up to xeno she grabbed her brush, running it thru her dark hair she placed the traditonal braids in for her, she smiled. "i knew i forgot something, your all set know."

Watching xe struggle with her boots she bit back a laugh, seeing that xeno to noticed she winked at her, and mouthed the words. "it's working."

Xena gave up on her boots, half ass laced she sighed. Brie stood in front of her, a beautiful smile on her face with green eyes twinkling.


All xe could do was nod her head. Grabbing her hand she pulled the wobbly warrior behind her.

Entering the eating area, everyone seeing their queen stood. "now i told you guys about that, sit down and eat." Chuckling they made their way to the queens table, ephiny and solari stood so that xe and brie could get by. Xeno moved to the other side to the only vacant seat avalable. At the movement eponin glanced sideways, once again her jaw dropped, her heart pounding frantically, catching green eyes as green as her queens, she forced out "xeno."

Sparks shot across between them, nodding her head she whispered "eponin." She felt her body react to this dark haired woman beside her. Tingling ran thru her body, flames lashing at her center, thinking it was pure lust after three years of celebacy, what else could it be?

Everyone at the table noticed, especially solari, elbowing eph who in turn elbowed brie.

"brie, were solari and i that bad?"

"worse, i was wondering when she would stop crawling on all fours behind you!"

"oh, she still does, just not in public."

For that statement she got punched in the shoulder.

"did i ever tell you what she likes me to do to her when she's on all fours? Welll she...." Sol's hand quickly covered her mouth, brie laughed hysterically, glancing sideways at a dumb founded xena.

Food was brought to the table, two plates were set in front of brie, it was a well known fact she ate enough for two people! Two pitchers of port were set in front of xe, who not bothering to use a cup drank from the pitcher. Eph raised an eyebrow, she knew something was going on, but what, she had no idea? Her brain was spinning, bries happy and acting wicked, xena hasn't said a word, has sweat running down her flushed face. And ep and xeno are practically falling out of their chairs leaning on each other. That could only mean one thing aphrodite! No, brie and xe always had something between them, maybe it's the furies? Thats got to be it, xena's paying again!"

Xena picked up a small carrot and played with it, seeing this brie grabbed her hand, brining it to her mouth she rolled her tongue around it before taking it and xena's finger into her mouth. Xena stiffened. Eph and sol just gawked at what their queen was doing.

"you never do that with me, sol!" Groaned eph. Sol scooped up some of her mashed potatoes and smeared them on ephs face.

"there ya go, howd ya like it?"

Sol grinned from ear to ear then stood up from the table. "where ya going?" Asked eph.

"to see if cook has anymore."


Sol wriggled her eyebrows. "i have a better place to put them later tonight." Eph groaned. "don't forget the gravy this time." To herself she wondered if there wasn't something in the port. Sol returned with two bowls on a tray, placing them on the table she grinned at eph.

She couldn't stand it anymore, leaning over to bries ear. "what is up with xena, she's acting all weirded out, are you two fighting or what? Giving eph an evil grin.

"oh you could say that, actually, it's a one sided battle, xena and her iron will, and she's losing big time!"


"watch this!"

Brie slid her hand up the inside of xe's thigh to rest exploring fingers at her throbbing center. Xena growled, grabbing bries hand she stood pullung brie up with her. Throwing her queen over her shoulder she practically ran from the room, brie waved to everyone as they left. The four women at the table gapped, eph looked at xeno with a quizical glint to her eyes.

"xeno, what was that all about?"

"oh, lets just say i gave her some tips on ahhhh....seduction."

Knowing smiles were shared, but one smile out shinned them all and that was eponin's.

Xena carried her queen over her shoulder all the way to the hut and right to the bed where she her fliped over on to the bed growling as she pulled her tunic over her head, throwing it across the room and all the way out the door where it ended up hanging off one of the royal guards staff. Both guards jumped, then seen what it was, and left it there. One guard looked to the other.

"jace do you think thats xena's way of putting out a do not disturb sign?"

"i don't know rissa, could be?" Just then the queens top came flying out the door to hang off the other staff. Jace and rissa just shrugged their shoulders and continued to stand their post.

Xena covered bries body with her own, breasts pressing against breasts, xe gazed into green eyes full of love and passion, softly she kissed them closed.

"do you have any idea what you have put me thru today my little queen?"

"no more than what i have gone thru for two seasons princess."

Capturing her lips xe carressed closed lips with her tongue. Gaining entrance, she filled bries mouth, their tongues dueled bringing gasps from them both, the kiss became hungry and soul searing. Hands explored with a fever. Xena raised up on knees, straddling bries hips, teeth nipped at her neck, pulling soft flesh between her lips she sucked, bries back arched, her nails dug into xena's back drawing blood, moaning she turned her head to give xe more room.

Releasing her neck she kissed her way down to her breasts, cupping them with her hands she ran her tongue between them. "oh gods xe!" Brie moaned. Trailling her tongue down to a tight stomach she swirled her tongue around brie naval. Hips raised up against her. Slipping to the floor she pulled brie right to the end, her hips barly touching the surface, kneeling between her thighs she ran her tongue from knee to swollen lips. Brie pushed her hips towards her.

"xe .....pleaseeee.!"

Running her fingers thru blond curls she spoke in a deep passion filled voice.

"what do you want brie?"

"oh dite, touch me xe!"

Xena ran her finger down her lovers clit feeling her juices cover her fingers.

"by the gods brei, your so wet!" Licking her fingers she was hungry for more, her tongue delved deeper bringing sobbing noises from deep in brie's throat. Her hips pushing against xe's face. Xe could feel her own juices running down her thighs, suffering with the throbbing, she continued sucking and licking brie. Tremmers were coming from deep in brie, rising up xe heard a strangled moan escape bries throat but was swallowed as xe kissed her deeply, pushing her back on the bed, she straddled her thighs covering her with wetness. Groaning brie raised her leg making full contact, xe gasped, bracing one hand she slid her fingers between brie's lips, looking into green eyes she asked.


"yes xena, i want to feel you in me!"

Carefully she inserted two fingers, feeling tightness she was surprized. Knowing now that brie was still a virgin and was giving this gift to her!

"brie, this going to hurt." Brie moving her hips against xe's hand. "i trust you xe, do it" pushing she felt the wall give, brie let out a small scream. Xe held fast, waiting for her mucles to relax, kissing her gently she felt hips start to move, her body on it's own instincts ground down on brie's thigh.

Breathing became rapid and ragged, xena holding back her own peak brought her lover to the edge and over, with an earth shattering scream she heard her name xeeeeenaaaaa!!!!!! Seconds later another scream was heard gabrieelllllle!!!!! Deep orgasims shook them to their centers. Their screams were heard all the way to the center of the village.

"and here i thought our queen was so innocent!"

Sol looked at eph. "yeah, i thought your were to, so there." That comment got her ear yanked, which led to ephs nipple being pinched. The movement at the head of the table got the attention of ep and xeno, clearing their throats they got the other twos attention. Blushing from being caught.

"oh, hi, we were just ah....."

Looking to eph, sol pleaded with her eyes for help.

"ah..... Trying out xena's pressure points!"

"yeah, thats it, pressure points!" Sol finished.

Rubbing their ears they replied in unison. "i don't think our ears can withstand what those pressure points wiil do!"

The queens guards just about had heart attacks, both dropped in to fighting stances, then they realized what the screams meant. Jace looked to rissa who just nodded her head and left with bries top still hanging off her staff.

The two lovers held each other, xe ran her fingers thru sweat dampened hair. "brie, i never thought this would ever happen, i've wanted you from the first time i seen you, i love you brie! You are my heart and soul, with out you i am nothing!"

"i love you to xe! I've always wanted this, from the very beginning, with out you half of me is missing!"

The lovers drifted off to morphious still entwined in loves embrace. Never knowing that cupid and dite were standing in the room.

"nice one cupie, i've been trying for years to get them to this point in their destiny."

"it was nothing ma, i just switched the arrows around a little, lust works wonders on a little queen!"

They left in a flash leaving the two lovers to sleep.

After xe and brie left, the whole eating area burst into laughter, knowing that the mighty warrior princess had finally been conquered by their little queen. Some hearts were shatterd while others were over joyed. Since the two of them would be busy for a while, ephiny started the bonfire to offically start the party. Only a few women were left at the tables, xeno was one of them, with her two friends gone she didn't know what to do, she sat and nursed her cup of port. Brown eyes watched her from the door, taking in the flexing of mucles across shoulders and back, hair falling in soft twisting spirals, brushing across tanned skin with every movement. Eponin felt a fire surround her hard warrior heart, softening it with every breath filling her lungs, on silent feet she approached, reaching out she brushed fingertips down warm silky skin, feeling mucles twitch under her hand a sigh escaped her lips. Xeno turned her head at the sound, she smiled up into melting brown eyes, taking the hand resting on her shoulder she stood. Eponin carressed her body with her eyes. From high cheek bones and strong jaw to wide muscular shoulders = and deep chest all the way down to finely defined legs. Fire and passion filled her eyes over whelming xeno's senses. A low timbered voice reached her ears. "dance with me." All xeno could manage was a nod of her head. They reached the center of the village, walking amongst the other women they caught as much attention as brie and xena.

Amazons were everywhere both standing and prone, or should i say passed out. Mead, port and ale ran freely as well as some of the amazons. The beat of the drums slowed to a sensual rythym bringing women close together, two women stood out amongst the rest, their bodies moved as one, glidding across the ground, eyes stared into each other, seeing deep into a shared soul. Oblivious to everything around them, all that mattered was each other.

Eph and sol watched them with interest, sol leaned into eph, whispering in her ear she asked. "what has gotton into ep, she's usually the wildest one at our parties!"

"i think she lost her heart this afternoon to the nations messenger. Did you notice at supper that she missed her mouth more than once while eating? I think we have more than one warrior heart conquered here, and neither one of them knows it, yet"

Ep closed the distance between their lips, hesitant a first until she felt xeno's tongue carress her top lip, tongues met dualing, wrapping brown locks in her fingers she pulled ep to her deepening to a soul scorching kiss, tongues slid against each other, moans released in to each others mouths. Time froze for them, a fire ripped thru their bodies, knees grew weak, breathing became labored, needing air they came apart, two flushed faces stared at each other. In unison the said. "thank you dite" carressing xeno's cheek she asked. "stay with me tonight."

"are you sure, i mean, these things have always gone bad for me before there even started, plus it's been a long time."

"yes, and tonight all that changes!"

Sol watched them leave. "two more down. Running her hand up eph's thigh. Wanna make it a six?"

"think we can keep up with the other four?"

"don't know eph, lets go see?"

They went towards their hut which stood on the right side of the queens, on the left was eponin's. They came upon the queens guards who were sitting on a bench aways from their normal post in front of the queens door. When they seen their regent approach they stood up. Eph's eyebrows were drawn down in the middle, noticing xena's blue tunic and gabrielle's top hanging from their staffs. "whats this?" Pointing to the cloths. Yelling. "they came flying out the door and this is where they landed." She looked at them strangly, turning one of their heads she pulled the cotton from her ear.

"is their a problem with your ears?"

"ah... No ephiny, but believe me we have both prayed to the goddess for that this night! Reaching in her pouch she handed her some cotton. "your gonna need this, our queen has one hades of a set of lungs on her!"

They started to giggle. "oh just wait ep and xeno just went to her hut didn't they?"

They looked at each other then groaned, "for the love of dite!" The one guard moaned, reaching in her pouch she handed her partner some more cotton. "did something get put in the food tonight or what?" Just then they heard the drums drowned out by xena's war cry. The guards covered their ears, as eph and sol laughed hysterically, trying to keep from falling down they held on to each other as they made their way to their hut.

Eponin and xeno stood in the center of her hut, she ran her hands down xeno's shoulders and across tight biceps grazing erect nipples with the tips of her thumbs, with shaky hands she undid the laces on the front of the rust colored leather top, sliding down xeno's shoulders she let it drop to the floor. Sucking in air she gasped. "by the gods your beautiful!" Her hands touched collerbones moving down hard pecs she watched the mucles dance under the candle light. Xeno's head was tilted back, she could feel every fiber of her body sing out. Eponins hands continued their exploration down her stomach. She felt her skirt drop and fiery hands glide down over her hips to her thighs and back up to claim her breasts. Opening eyes full of passion she reached for the ties of eponin's top, copieng her motions she slowly undressed her. Becoming more arroused with every touch of skin she felt. Pulling eponin against her hard body she captured her lips, kissing her deeply tasting the sweetness of this hard warrior caused her head to reel.

Eph and sol sat on their bed still giggling about the war cry, when the air was split with the word uuuuunnccoooo!!!!!

"who the hell is unco?" Asked sol.

"got me, i have no idea, i hope for our queens sake it's xena!"

"i think it's bet time eph, how long do you think they'll stay in there?"

"i give it two moons, for a new staff."

"i say three moons for your new boots ephie!"

Thinking, she agreed on the bet. "same deal on the other two?"

"ep and xeno, ah.....yeah ok." Answered sol.

Sol reached over and broughtn out the dishes she had gotton from the cook, eph just grinned. "i forgot about that stuff, you gonna share?"

"nope, all for me." Sol grinned and continued to eat the potatoes and gravy. Eph glared at her, reaching for the spoon sol pulled it out of her reach. Eph gave up and crossed her arms over her chest and just sat there, fire shooting from her brown eyes. Sol filled the spoon, offering it to eph who continued to glare at her. Putting potatoes on her fingers she smeared them all over ephs lips. Leaning over she licked her lips clean, deepining the kiss eph brought sol across her lap, the potatoes forgotten as their bodies hungered for something else.

Xeno picked ep up and carried her to the bed, tenderly she laid her down then stretched out beside her. Brushing her fingertips across tight mucles and firm breasts, thinking to herself. "never has she been with such a beautiful woman!" Fingers brushed dark curls, dragging her fingertips back up across ep's tight stomach she watched mucles jump, a sharp intake of air came from between her lips. Flipping xeno on her back ep took control, pinning her hands behind her head she kissed her deeply, twinning their tongues, moans escaped them, pulses raced faster than ever before, the two lovers rolled and thrashed on the bed until it could take no more and crashed to the floor. They never even noticed! Coming to a silent agreement they twinned legs, grinding against each other, their bodies stuck together from sweat, teeth bit and nails scratched, drawing bloody welts across back and shoulders. Release was close for them both, with one last thrust they both came, shattering the silence with screams.

The guards dropped into their fighting stance once again. "what the hell was that jace?"

Growling and grunting could be heard coming from the hut. Yelling to be heard because of all the cotton in their ears "don't know but i hope what ever it is they keep it in there with them!"

"hey rissa, give me some more cotton, how much more of this do we have to listen to before we are relieved?"

Rissa looked to the sky. "ohhh... Only about four more candle marks, remember we lost the draw, we've got until breakfast!"

Jace groaned. "i'll be dead before then!"

More screams were heard from the queens hut, then once again brie and xe slept, sated. Brie laid on top of xe her head tucked against her neck, and her legs stretched out between xe's. Two sets of arms hugged tightly.

Eph found out what was in the other bowl that sol had. She lay on her back with sol dripping rasberry topping over her breasts, twitching at the coldness that hardened her nipples, sol started licking the sweetness from her body, taking a very long time to make sure she got it all. Eph kept arching her back everytime she felt her lovers tongue, lacing her fingers into dark hair she pulled sol's head closer to her breasts. Sliding their legs between each others they moved slowly at first, sol released eph's nipple to lick and suck on her soft neck, using her fingers she smeared rasberry stuff on her pulse point. Greedy lips sucked, moans escaped parted lips, her hips began to move harder, pressing herself against her lovers thigh, smearing wetness.

Sol shuddered, bearing down she thrust her hips, pulling eph to a sitting position, they ground against each other. Moans were muffled by a deep kiss, reaching the brink together, falling off they screamed each others names.

Jace and rissa gave up on the fighting stance anymore that night, they had moved the bench in front of the queens door, with rissa's head in her lap, jace with one of her arms drapped over rissa's legs laid sideways with her head resting on her hip, her hand was resting between rissa's thighs.

Morning came with two royal guards still laying on the bench blocking the queens door, staffs crossed closing off the door way. Xe and brie stepped to the door and glanced down at the guards. Brie just smiled instead of being upset that her guards were sleeping at their post. They ducked under the staffs, suprized when ep, xeno, sol and eph joined them. Taking a closer look xe noticed that jace had wrapped her blue tunic around her head as rissa had done the same with brie's top. "i wondered what happened to those?" Rissa felt eyes staring at her. Opening one eye she seen two sets of legs, scanning up she caught blue and green eyes laughing at her. Scurring to get loose from jace she fell to the ground landing on all fours, jace's head hit the hard bench, stirring her from sleep. Realizing their predictiment they jumped to attention in front of their superiors. Stammering for excuses, brie raised her hand. "don't worry about it, we understand, go get some sleep you two."

Xe couldn't let it go that easily. "nice hat girls." Reaching their hands up they caught on to her meaning, blushing right to their toes, they removed the disgarded clothing. Noting all the cotton stuck in their ears six women burst out laughing and walked away.

"come on rissa, it's time for bed!" Grabbing the other womans hand she headed for her hut. "but my hut is on the other side of the village!" Jace grinned at her. "not today it isn't.'

As they walked thru the village they seen nothing but sleeping amazons. Some half clothed others completely naked. Once inside the mess hall the few that were there pointed and started laughing. Xe gave them her death look, which had no effect on them. They finally looked at each others appearance. And figuered out what caused the laughing, the worst of the six were eph and sol, rasberry topping still covered parts of their bodies, potatoes were smashed all over their leathers and stuck in their hair. Eph slapped sol in the shoulder.

"remember when i asked you where the potatoes were, and you said they were in a safe place. Is this safe?" Spreading her arms out to show potaotes everywhere.

"uhmmm...yeah, their safly smashed all over {ticking off on her fingers.} Us, the bed, floor, blankets and the ceilling." Finished she grinned at her lover.

"ceilling, how in the hades did you guys get potatoes on the ceilling?" Asked xe.

Blushing the two lovers looked to each other for an answer, eph spoke up. "were messy eaters?"

Xe rolled her eyes. "maybe you guys should stick to say, chicken legs or something?"

"wellll...... Let me tell you what eph likes me to do with....." Eph covered her mouth stopping sol from disclosing thier sexual habits. Four mouths hung open, xe was the first to recover, looking to brie she said. "their all yours queenie!" Pulling sol to the side. "tell me some more about chicken legs." Xe groaned. "don't worry xe." Ep said. "with her appetite the chicken will be gone before she can do anything with it."

"thats what's got me worried!"

Xe noticed the scratches and bit marks all over ep and xeno. "well that explains all the animal noises coming from your hut last night, one of xeno's little friends give you guys a visit?"

"ahhh....no, actually."

"never mind, i got it, that long huh."

"we could say the same about you and brie!" Xeno traced scratch marks across xe's back that her shift didn't cover. "and from the look of bries neck, i'd say maybe a leather collar is needed?"

Xe looked pensive. "not a bad idea, with a matching leash." Chuckling . "thanks for the idea xeno."

Six very relaxed women sat around the head table, laughing at the shape of their sisters this morning, knowing all the screams from their huts last night had started alot of relationships. And wondering if the centaurs could hear them as well all the way to the outskirts of the border. Oh, they had been heard alright but not by who they thought. There was one pissed off god of war, nosey bastard. Two estactic goddesses and a proud cupid, slapping himself on the back, wings, somewhere.

The three of them sat unbeknowing to the women. "well arte, it certainly looks like your chosen has brought peace to your daughter, could of fooled me with all that screaming last night."

"now look here dite, she did you a good turn, they started their own little love feast last night, but your gonna get the credit for it."

"yeah ma, and i'm the one who did it!"

"chill babes, just think we got one up on ares, he's so pissed about losing xena's attentions that he got drunk and ended up in a gay bar on accident! Gag me but are's in a teddy and fishnet stockings!"

Cupid started to giggle. "my uncle the god of war slash drag queen!"

It took two days to get the village cleaned up, not to mention a certain hut needed it's ceiling scraped. Preperations started for the joining later that day and knowing the amazons it would take another two days to clean up afterwards. Brie went thru all the scrolls so as to be sure of the protical to keep with the ancient traditions.

Thinking of the first time she met her regent and captain of the royal guard her heart warmed. Her first encounter with ephiny, such a hard woman, stoned faced, cold towards her, and now such a warm compasionate woman. And eponin, fierce and brutal to spare with had turned into xeno's protective lover. What love can do to people. Who would have thought that the conquerer of nations was a whimp when it came to a little amazon queen! So caught up in her thinking she didn't hear her lover approach, xena wrapped her arms around brie's chest pulling her back into soft leather, kissing the top of her golden head she asked.

"are you ready for the joining?"

"as ready as i'll ever be."

With the whole nation present their queen stood apon the platform with xena standing behind her right hand shoulder and eponin behind her left, xeno stood below to her left. Brie asked for those to be joined to present themselves before her. Ephiny and solari came to stand before her.

"in the name of artemis, guardian of the amazons, i her chosen gabrielle queen of the amazons, will join these two woman as lifemates. Is there anyone present to denie this joining?"


Amazons gasped and spun around to see who would denie this joining. They split down the middle, dropped to their knees and bowed their heads as artemis walked forward. Ephiny and solari kneeled and dropped their heads, artemis touched their shoulders and asked them to rise. Approaching her chosen she hugged her and smiled to her daughter.

"we seem to have some woman missing from this joining, am i right?"

Confused everyone looked around. "i'm going to put this joining on hold for a moment." {raising her hand to eph and sol.} They were really confused now.

"sweetheart, will you come up here?" From the back of the crowd cyrene walked forward, xena's eyes about fell out of her head. With cyrene at the bottom of the platform artemis stepped to xena. "xena, i should have done this along time ago, i love your mother and i'm asking you for her hand in joining." Xena tilted her head back giving artemis that look, turning to her mother she seen the smile on her face, she need not ask. Taking artemis's hand they left the platform to join cyrene. Joining their two hands she stepped back and nodded to brie.

" i know no one is going to denie this joining, unless they want to suffer at the hands of xena!" Eyes traveled to the grinning warrior.

"i'm going to skip all the unimportant stuff here since artemis knows it better than us."

Brie pulled a braided leather strap that was tucked inside her belt, stpping down. Keeping with the ancient tradition, each is give to the other something of theirs that they cherish the most."

"it's covered brie."

In a blue cloud appeared cupid, handing his aunt a small leather covered box he then floated to xeno to stand by her side. "nice catch you got there sis, you gonna keep her?"

"forever!" She replied with a heart filled smile.

Arte took out a silver ring with a half moon on it out of the box, placing it on cyrene's finger she then placed the twin on her own. Tears ran down cyrene's cheeks. Brie bound their hands with the braided leather. "in the name of artemis, i joined these two women as lifemates. You may kiss." Cheers went up everywhere, xena was hugged by her mothers. "you had better make her happy mom!" Xena said to arte. This was not missed by eph and sol. "i'll explain later guys." Xena walked back to brie, they were soon joined by xe's mothers.

"since i am here i will do the joining, but first, there are some things that need to be done. Dite, get your ass down here!"

In a pink cloud and heavy perfume dite appeared to stand next to arte.

"i was just about to catch this awesome wave and you ruined it!" Looking around her. "oh i guess we're ready, bummer, ok babes lets do it."

"there are still some women missing from here, aren't there dite?" Nudging her.

"hey, your wrinkling my lace. Ohhhh baby x, grab your woman and get down there and make your momma proud!"

Eponin had a shocked look on her face when xeno stepped in front of her. "yep, that's my ma, hard to believe ain't it?" They now stood next to eph and sol. "it's not over yet guys!" She grinned at them.

Xena seen the look on arte's face, trying to hide didn't work.

"ah mom, can i do this my way a least?" Arte nodded to her.

Kneeling at brei's feet holding small hands in her own she look into the most beautiful green eyes.

"brie, i have always loved you, you are my heart and soul, i can not live with out you, will you marry me?"

Tears filled brie's eyes, raising xe she placed a kiss on her hands.

"you are all that i have ever wanted, i love you with all my heart, yes i'll marry you!"

Six women stood before arte, with a wave of her hand six silver rings with half moons appeared on their fingers.

"in my name you all are joined as life and soulmates!"

"let the sex games begin babes!" Kicked in dite.

Cupid floated over the crowd with a huge baskit in his hands throwing out huge wads of cotton to every one. The six newly joined women knew the reason for this. Xeno stood holding eponin.

"poni, i didn't even get to ask you if you would marry me."

"you didn't have to, we were already married in our hearts. I love you xeno!"

"i love you to poni!"

Part 2

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