Xeno's Dilemma
Part 2

by Larisa

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The newly weds kissed long and deep, infernos blazed deep inside of their bodies, they broke the kissing for lack of air.

"We better make an appearance at the party, then later we can slipaway and find something fun to do."

With Goddesses and amazons partying together nothing could match it! Dite had women all around her on the dance floor vieing for her attention, she was well known as the party girl on Olympus, Athens, Argos etc....etc...etc ....

Now her sister artemis was quite the opposite, and thats why she approached her niece and new wife. hugging them both she lookeded deep in to Xeno's eyes.

"You have finnally broke my curse no more will creepy crawlies chase you." Xeno gave her a confuse look. "I wasn't mad that you painted bullseyes on my stag, it was an excuse to try and get you to come into this village. I was hoping that you would run here for protection and Eponin would do exactly like she did. I didn't want you to be like me and wait so long to be with your soulmate. Be happy and love each other!" She carressed their cheeks then joined Cyrene.

Cupid pirouetted to each of the newly weds and handed them a small scroll. on the top it read.

Fantasia a la Jace

Aathens newest resort tayloring to your deepest fantasies!

1 week paid in full for the newly joined

Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle Queen of the amazons

yours truly

Jace {joXers older brother}

"Xe, can we go, i mean, it would be nice, no wars, battles, gods, slavetraders, or warlords." giving Xe her puppy dog look, she knew she could not denie her this.

"Any thing you want sweetheart."

Brie kissed her with such passion that her knees started to buckle, then she dragged her stumbling warrior to their hut. once inside they stood in the middle of the room and slowly undessed each other, exploring each others bodies with hands, lips and tongues. soft moaning noises came fromtheir shared arrousals. Xe kissed Bries breasts on at a time, licking her nipples bringing them to to hard little nubs, teasing each one with her teeth. slidding her tongue down her tight rippling stomach to her soft blond curls, Brie arched her back pushing her mound against Xe's lipss, slowly she brought her tongue thru swollen lips tasting her lovers sweet nector. Brie gasped. "oh gods, Yes Xe Yes!" each lick of her tongue brought her lover closer to the edge. Xe felt her own juices run down the insides of her thighs. capturing Brie's swollen nub betwenn her lipss she sucked and licked. "oh sweet dite, harder Xe!" stomach muscles tightened, her head thrown she leaned back, her knees against Xe's shoulders for support, she thrust her hips one last time carring her over the edge. "Oh gods.... iiiiissssaaaa!!!!!!

Xena froze, Brie brought her head down to strare in to ice cold warlord eyes. Shock covered her face.

"Now Xe, I did not ........"

"Yes......Yes......Yes......riiiiiiissaaa= aa!"

Xe jumped up and ran to the window at the back of their hut, beckining Brie to follow. outside the window laid Jace with rissa with Jace quite enjoying herselfbetween her lovers thighs. Jace's back arched once more her hands twined in rissa's hair moaning, tearrs ran down her cheekss. Xe grabbed one of Bries's scrolls and quil and stared to write.

"Xe, what are you doing taking notes?"

Xe gave her that lopsided grin that she loved so much. Rejoining her lover at the window just as Jace thrust her hips once more in the air, splitting the silence with a war cry.

Xe started clapping and whistling, Brie stunned just looked at her. Jace and rissa looked in the window at their audiance and turned ten shades of red. Xe held out the scroll to them, on it was a big number 10.

Xe grinned at them and winked. "Let the sex olympics begin girls!" moving from the window she smacked Brie on her ass as she passed. Taking on of their blankets she tossed it out the window to the lovers.

"You know Xe, sometimes your sense of humor scares me!"

"Well you should really be scared now, because I have another blank scoll!"

Launching herself into her lovers arms Brie nibbled on her chin. "I hope your a good swimmer because you are going to be swimming in the ocean of Brie!" Xe showed her excitment over her lovers arrousment by giving her a deep throaty growl. "Get your score card ready little Queen!"

the battle of the score cards continued until the early morning hours, names, screams and battle cries were heard all over the village. shara was prepared, she had made more than enough of her special eliXer for soar throats. a healers work is never done.

Morning came and went, very few women were seen about the village, only the little ones were up having the time of their young lives, grouping together they decided they would start cleaning up the village. once done they sat and admirred their handy work. One little girls smile was the brightest of them all, her aunt Poni was gonna be mad as hades! seeing elders venturing out into the daylight the young ones took off to the trees. snickering could be heard all over the mess hall along with a terrible snoring. but not wanting to disturb the sleeping woman they let her sleep.

Xena was still in her playfull mood and had as usual woke before Brie, she was dressed and searching thru one of her trunks, finding what she needed she walked over to the bed, yanking the blankets off a still sleeping queen she bent over and bit her on her ass. Brie came three feet out of the halfway collasped bed. "hades tiny balls. Xe, one of these days you are gonna pay!" she growled, rubbing her ass she drew down her eyebrows so that her nose wrinkled, surveing the room she grinned at the G and X letters scribbled on the wall over the head board with all the little hash marks below each letter. then at her hands stained black with ink. pulling on a shift she glanced at the ink bottle on the table by the bed and grinned. "Xe, I'm hungry!"

"That doe's not surprize me Queenie!"

Brie moved infront of her lover, grabbing Xe's ass with both hands she squeezed. "Your gonna take to the mess hall and feed me, then, were gonna come back here and your gonna feed me again!" Xe reached down and fondled Brie between her thighs. "Is that so, well come on lets go, cuz your gonna need the = strength!"

They kissed passionatly before leaving the hut thats when Brie seen that Xe was holding something in her hand. "Xe, whats that ya got there?"

"Oh nothin, it's for Xeno and Poni, ya know a joining present, lets go wake up Eph and Sol."

Talk about shocking,as they entered Eph and Sols hut Brie had to cover her mouth to stiffle her laughing, Xe's eyebrows buried themselves in her hairline. cloths hung from everywhere the bedsheets were dragged across the floor along with the blankets. Xe approached the entangled bodies, biting down hard on her lip to keep from laughing she touched sol on her shoulder, leaning over she whispered in her ear. " wakey wakey little chicky, queenie requests your presence at breakfast, as is!" pushing on Eph sol winched. "I feel like a centaur stomped on me, Eph, come on time to get up."

Xe grabbed a shift of the ceiling beam and handed it to Brie, as she walked past to get the other shift she mumbled just loud enough for her to hear. "More like a big chicken stomped on both of them!"

They helped both of the still half awake amazons into their shifts then pulled them out of thier huts and headed to Poni and Xeno's hut. Brie was worrieing her bottom lip to death trying not to laugh. on stelth toes Xe placed the gift between the two women then retraced her steps to the door. taking a deep breath she screamed. "oh my gods Xeno, look out!!!!" Two bodies sat straight up in the bed and seen a huge skunk laying between them. Xeno screamed and feel out of the collasped bed, crawling on her hands and knees towards the other women standing there. Poni laying on the other side chanced a look over the edge of the bed at the skunk. in one swift movement she grabbed the skunk and was charging at Xe, who took off out the door at a sprint with Poni chasing behind her swinging the stuffed skunk.

Xeno still on her knees looked up at the others with an ear to ear grin, getting to her feet she went out the door to follow Xena and her chasing wife.

Brie sighed. "Well girls I guess she took that rather well don't you?" Not being able to hold it in any longer she broke up in to hysterics.

Poni was chasing Xe around the mess hall yelling things that she wanted to do to the Warrior Princess with a certain stuffed skunk as the other three walked in to the room. everyone who was there stood up and started clapping and yelling. Eph looked to Brie with a confused look on her face.

"What are they doing?"

"Applauding you and your little chicky baby here, I suppose you two just won best costume!" She said laughing.

"Huh?" then it hit her, then she hit Sol. "We did it again, didn't we?" The two of them stood there covered in feathers of every color. "You and that damn honey Sol, I asked you if we shouldn't wash it off, oooohhhhh but noooooo. {Eph does her impersination of her wife.} "We can do that tomarrow, don't worry about it."

"Yeah, but who started the pillow fight?" Sol grins at her. "Mama hen, huh, huh?"

They continued to bicker back and forth, just like a couple of chickens.

"Kind of fits them doesn't Xeno?"

"Sure doe's Brie, but I was wondering about something?

"Whats that?"

"Ah whats your costume suppose to be?" Pulling on the bottom of Bries shift to show a huge black hand print in her groan area.


At the sound of her name she stopped in mid stride to have Poni run right in to her back still holding the skunk. She grinned a toothy smile when she seen Brie holding out her shift.

"Hi honey, surprize!"

Brie stuck out her tongue at her.

"Haa, yours is worse!" She held out her ink stained hands in front of her, making little goosing motions with her fingers. Xe pulled the back of her shift around to see a little black hand print on her ass.

"Ok, ya got me, truce?"

Everyone heard Xeno groan. "ohhhhh nooooo!" Following her eyes they looked to the queens table to see the still sleeping woman. there laid Aphrodite, dressed in amazon leathers except for her little pink slipper thingies, her hair in braids with feathers sticking out all over the place and some amazons mask covering her face. Xeno got closer to her mom as the other 5 stood back. lifting the mask she jumped at what she saw. dite's face was painted black and white in zebra stripes. Everyone gnawed on their bottom lips.

"Ooohh mommy, time to get up!" Dite smiled and said "Ride me girlfriend!"


Dite sat straight up clutching the left side of her chest, looking down she groaned. "I knew I wasn't dreaming about munchins, bummer! those little brats did this!"

Xeno held a pot lid for Dite to look into. "That's it!"

Poni turned as she heard her name called from the door way where one of the guards stood. "Poni, i think you and Gabrielle had better come and see this."

They all stood in the center of the village. the trees had cloths hanging from every branch, obviously from the sexual forays last night. Xeno tapped her wife on the shoulder and pointed to the amazon banner poles. Poni's face went blood red. hanging from the pool was her leather top and on the other one was dite's pink bra and her see through thingie flying in the breeze.

"Munchins! we've been terriorized by munchins!" mumbled Poni.

"I'll fix them and good." Giggled Dite. With a flip of her wrist 10 Munchins fell from the trees naked, except for the zebra stripping covering their bodies.

"There, now we're even." Then Dite vanished in her pink cloud along with her pink bra and see through thingie

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