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Carola Eriksson

Last Updated:  11/15/2008

Almost A Story... No, Really!   ebook version available

Never underestimate the power of the Yellow Rubber Bath Ducky! A parody.

Christmas For Santa's Little Helpers   ebook version available

A very short story about a sad little elf in Santa's workshop, a Christmas wish, mistletoe, and why it really isn't much fun to be a Bad Girl.

Conquering Liaisons   [Incomplete]

This series has a rather expressive Conqueror Xena, a very lovable young Gabrielle, humor and above all things; love.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 


A short and somewhat dark fic. Someone is imprisoned in the dark, with only her thoughts for company. But is she really alone?

Faerie Folk   ebook version available

At night the faeries sing the song of life, breathing magic into the forest and love into the heart of one young Brownie.

Fragments 1: The Gift

A Conqueror story with Gabrielle as Conqueror. On the occassion of the Amazon Queen's birthday, a strange and complicated gift arrives from the East.

Fragments 2: Offering

A Conqueror story with Gabrielle as Conqueror, sequel of sorts to Fragments 1: The Gift. A small moment in the lives of a Conqueror and her slave, and how moving forward sometimes requires waiting for the right time.


What would you do if someone offered you three wishes? For Riley Thomas, a woman very much down on her luck and with her health in tatters, the answer should be obvious.

Gladiator   ebook version available

It's about two different people, a meeting and fate. If you loved WFC, then this is definitely a good read. Dark, but with light at the end of the tunnel.

House of Dolls

She watched the life in the manor go on around her from the shadows, not understanding why she was treated as if she did not exist and always longing for just one kind soul to ease her loneliness and see her.

In The Ruins Of The World

The end of the world and what happens afterwards for those left in the ruins.

The Island Of Beasts   ebook version available

The Island of Dr Moreau, über version. Mike has reached absolute rock bottom in her life when she's brought ashore on the small island that would be the focus of her nightmares, and what she finds might just turn her life around.

A Ladyhawkeüber

A very short über-joke, sprung from the "what if we'd write a Ladyhawke/XWP über" quest.

The Last Letter   ebook version available

The tale of a female King, and how she had spent her life loving the woman her father arranged for her to marry, only to one day realize that her bride may never come to share those feelings.

Little Echoes   ebook version available

A short and sweet little story with season two's Xena and Gabrielle. Xena's in deep thought and Gabrielle senses that something's bothering the warrior. Little does she now that she's been on the warrior's mind all day...

Love In A Strange World   ebook version available

Timeline Stranger In a Strange World revisited...and altered a bit.

Mark Of The Mermaid   ebook version available

A dark and gory tale about the curse of the mermaid's flesh and the poor unfortunate souls that fall under it. The lure of eternal life comes with a heavy price, and even for those that attain it, an eternal life in solitude is no gift to cherish. So all that remains is to wander through life in search of the one, that one person that can share that unending life - the one allotted to you.

The Other Breed

Humanity thought it was the pinnacle of creation. That mankind was the rulers of the Earth simply because they stood highest on the evolutionary ladder. They did not know that mankind was just... the second breed.

Pain's Fairytale

From the hidden bowels of society, a forgotten soul yearns for the company of the princess on high.

The Passing

It was the end of everything. Or maybe, with the aid of the unlikeliest of sacrifices, it was a new beginning.


A Ninja looks back on her life and the woman whose very essence became entwined with her own.

Shopping With The Conqueror   ebook version available

Xena the Conqueror is a mean, evil... well! - We get the idea. What does the Conqueror do when she needs a scribe? Well, she goes to the local slave market, of course! And meets a small, irritating blonde. Parody

Relationships And The Conqueror   [Parody]

The sequel to Shopping With The Conqueror. We're introduced to Xena's friend Calli, the shamaness Alti and get an explanation as to why relationships is not one of Xena's many skills.


Born the last of her kind, her kind mother and the loneliness of the frozen peaks was all that she knew. Then one day a new creature made its way into the frozen world, bringing with it change for the white guardian of the mountain.

A Tale Of Woe   ebook version available

A chilling story about the jealousy and wrath of the mechanical beast to serve as a warning to all - or maybe not.

Dessert Series


It is the final hour before closing for Christmas when Sarah gets a desperate customer.


The second story in what became a small series of short stories that I've come to call my "desserts", sequel to Chocolate. It's New Year and Sarah plans on spending it alone, she just has one shop left to visit.

Ice Cream

The third story of my "desserts", follows Vanilla. Preparations are made for a very special evening, but will she dare to go through with her plans?


The fourth short story of the "desserts", follows Ice Cream. A new neighbourhood can offer quite a few surprises... if you're a cat.

Turtle Series

Ignorance Is Bliss   ebook version available

Dash is a very unusual turtle. Not only is she very dangerous to any and all male turtles in the vicinity, but she tries to give her human friends some dating advice... it really isn't her fault that humans keep forgetting the important parts, is it?

It's A Turtle Life

The sequel to Ignorance Is Bliss. Further days in the lives of a certain pair of lively and adventurous turtles, and their humans.

Star Turtle Voyager

A Dash & Kiri / Voyager crossover - crazy lesbian turtles in space.

A Very Merry Turtle Christmas

Crazy lesbian turtles at Christmas! A Christmas story, Dash and Kiri style.