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Last Updated:  9/14/2005

Dyo Zoi

First time story set directly after Gabrielle's verdict of guilty in Eve's trial during "Path of Vengeance". Gabrielle's verdict and Xena's reactions set in motion a series of events breaking the two soulmates apart. They discover the heartbreak of life apart, adventures with Aphrodite, Amazons, Ares and Eve, and the joy of being brought together by fate and the love they share.

Eye Of Sieves

Continuing on where Dyo Zoi left off, Xena and Gabrielle are still trying to pick up the pieces of their broken relationship.  Right before things begin to get back to normal, they are swept away to the land of Sieves to Find the missing Queen. During the journey they come in contact with a few familiar faces. They may save another world, but can things ever get back to the way they used to be?

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Forever   ebook version available

After returning from Japa, Xena and Gabrielle are still adjusting to their new way of life... or rather Xena's lack thereof. The duo decide to head for Egypt to show the land of the Pharaohs what a girl with a chakram can do. However Gabrielle, discontent with Xena: Warrior Ghost, harborers secret plans to revive her lover. An escapade ensues involving mystery, treasure, magic, love and adventure.

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