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Dillon Weston

Last Updated:  11/1/2009

A Christmas Carol

A short story about the Magic of Christmas. Gabbriella Renee Jones has always loved Christmas. This year she gets a little something special.

A Christmas Carol II: Saving the Best For Last

This story picks up six months after A Christmas Carol. When Jackie catches sight of a woman ogling Gabby like she's a buffet, she makes an important discovery. Will she have the courage to act on it?

A Christmas Carol III: Circle of Love

Another chapter in the continuing saga of Gabriella and Jacqueline as they expand their circle of love.

Getting Over It

An inadvertent discovery forces Madison Norman to admit her ten year relationship is over. But it's a face to face meeting with her ex-lover and her ex-lover's new love that drives Madison to a new state, a new town, and a new job. Ashley Patterson has recently moved back to Georgia, wanting to be closer to her family and away from a former girlfriend who refuses to acknowledge their relationship is over. Madison and Ash meet at a charity soccer game and the sparks fly. Their immediate attraction is doused by a conflict neither woman could have foreseen. Can they resolve their conflict and work through old baggage to continue the magic of their initial meeting?

Grits and Buggies   [Academy Xmas Challenge 2008]

Sheena's Sight II

Sheena finds out what she has to do to help save her new girlfriend's brother. Is she up for the task?