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Gabrielle tries to make some sense out of the events she faced in her last battle beside the Warrior Princess.

Ares' Rift

Families and friends of Xena and Gabrielle's come together in Cyrene's tavern to give eulogies for Xena and Gabrielle after they are killed outside Demeter's Acropolis.

Bittersweet Banter

Xena and Gabrielle discuss Xena's inability to get a certain song out of her head.

Duel Of The Hearts   ebook version available

Nightmares torment Gabrielle until she is near emotional collapse. She heads home for answers. Xena awaits but has no idea how bad the situation is. Aphrodite steps in to help.

The Game Of Love

Ares and Aphrodite talk about his future and his love for Xena.


Unaware they are on the verge of a catastropic volcano eruption, Xena and Garielle find an infant dragon and discover he is the key to the salvation of Greece and the island of Thasos. Many enemies including Poseidon, want him stopped and the only way to get him to his destiny Xena has to go face to face with the sea god.

Like Daughter, Like Mother   ebook version available

Alti summons of Xena and Gabrielle results in disaster for the shamaness, but a meeting of two people answers a few questions.

My Daughter, My Nemesis

This story occurs a few days after the episode Motherhood.

Requiem For The Warrior Princess   ebook version available

Xena is arrested and tried for the murder of General Marmax.

Requiem For The Warrior Princess II: A Plan That Worked   ebook version available

Gabrielle faces an old enemy and realizes she must work with him to save Xena from Ares' grasp.


Xena gives Gabrielle a home after years of traveling.

Very Innteresting

A very tired Xena and Gabrielle decide to stop in a town that has a few surprises.


Herodotus brings Gabrielle home to stay; Xena considers leaving her there.