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Last Updated:  11/1/2015

Carnivale   [Academy Valentines 2004]   ebook version available

In this original tale, love wears a mask at carnivale time, but when it's all stripped away, what lies underneath?

Chained   ebook version available

Gabrielle and Xena's relationship has taken a sudden and unexpected turn - Gabrielle's reactions to the after effects.

A Day Off   ebook version available

Our warrior and bard are all set to enjoy a nice, restful day off from saving the world...but Gabrielle decides to liven up Xena's fishing holiday with a little diversion of her own. How does a fishless Warrior Princess deal with a bard high on hallucenogenic berries, and bent on mischief?

Deep, Black Water   ebook version available

On a dark and dreary evening, Emmy Day takes a shortcut home through the park, and meets Sarah Walker. It's a decision that will change her life, forever. This story will blow you away!

Goodbye, Again   ebook version available

Following on from 'Deja Vu All Over Again', Mattie and Harry talk about their future.

Growing Pains

The innocent eyes of a child see less than they should; can one such child tell the difference between good and evil, and make the right choices? A child's account of a fateful meeting with a certain blonde hiding up a tree.

Gumboots For Hire

The Bogey and Bacall of the Xenaverse hit the seedy underworld of Ancient Greece. Xena:Warrior Investigator wisecracks her way through mystery and adventure as she takes on a new client Gabrielle, and the hunt for her missing husband. Can Xena fight her way through her own dark and frankly nasty past, hundreds of former lovers and her own libido? Will her dark, inscrutable ways and killer chat up techniques be enough to woo the classy dame? Or will she have to bump hubby Perdicus off in the end? Find out, in the first of the duo's thrilling adventures...

Gumboots Walk Again

Our duo are back again, and this time its Antiminius and his virgin fixation that comes under the Warrior Investigator's eagle eye. Unfortunately, she's having her own troubles, in the form of an unwanted assistant - Velasca has been assigned to the case. All that's missing is Xena's very own stalker...whoops, no! Strike that - here's Alti... Sequel to Gumboots For Hire.

A Night At the Circus   [Academy Halloween 2007]

Part 1  Part 2 

Heart Will Go On   [Academy Valentine 2009]

Last Night   ebook version available

Charlie and Emily are reunited after some time spent apart, and the two lovers spend the night together reliving their relationship. Will things ever be the same for them, when morning comes?

Love Lies Bleeding   [Academy Halloween 2003]

A seductive popular woman who stalks people at a party, including one woman's girlfriend.

Masterpiece   [Academy Halloween 2005]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall   [Academy Halloween 2002]

A woman wakes one morning to find out that her life is slipping away from her, with terrifying consequences.

No Rest For the Wicked   [Academy Halloween 2006]

Old Warriors Never Die, They Just... - with Kam and Verrath

One Enchanted Evening Or An Awful Tale Involving the Hideous Side Effects of Sex & Drink & General Hard Livin'

Will Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer survive the Curse of Ugliness that has struck down a village's most beautiful inhabitants? Will they be Hungover and worse in the morning? Will Joxer really have to make out with his own sister? Enter the depravity, steel yourself against terrible stereotypical accents and hideous plot contrivances and find out... if you THINK YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!

These bards all went to Brighton Beach and all you get is a X+G comedy? Definitely 'post fin.'

Over the Top   [Academy Valentines 2012]

A Prayer For You

A poignant prayer said over Gabrielle's grave.

Shattered   ebook version available

A Conqueror story: How can one woman make a difference, in the face of oppression, cruelty and fear? How can another woman risk her life to save the ruined remains of an idealistic rebel? And how can hope survive when it grows on the barren soil of the Conqueror's Corinth?

The Song Of The Sun Child

An ancient folkloric tale, telling the myth of the Dark Warrior and her redemption by the Sun Child.

Soul Cakes   [Academy Halloween 2004]

Spring-heeled Jack   [Academy Halloween 2009]

A Halloween tale. Trading prayers for soul cakes on All Souls Day, Ifan finds that his God can't always protect him from the ancient ways.

Take One Head And Call Me In The Morning   [Academy Halloween 2001]   ebook version available

Lady Xena was never one to let a little thing like death get in the way of a good relationship...

Medium Rare   [Academy Halloween 2010]

Tales From The Heart   ebook version available

A relationship at breaking point, yet two hearts still wanting the same thing.

The Whispering   [Academy Halloween 2015]

Wish You Were Here... - with Temora

The Winter Mayfly   [Academy Halloween 2013]

Stories co-authored by Kamouraskan

As Good As It Gets   ebook version available

The Last Conqueror   ebook version available

The Empire is crumbling and a struggle for power is about to begin. Dark forces are converging, and crucial choices have to be made. But which choice is the right one? And what difference can a streetsmart kid from Corinth and an insane prisoner make anyway, against forces which draw their power from the evil of the earth?

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Part 14  Part 15  Part 16 

Tender Mercies Or... How I Learned To Stop Chafing And Love The Bard

Gabrielle is in need of some very delicate TLC, and Xena is just the person for the job...