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Lauren Vaniste

Last Updated:  9/28/2005

Adapting   [Incomplete]

Eva Lokoak, a 15 year old native from the not so great lands of Jersey, enters a strange and unfamiliar world of a new high school after 8th grade graduation. And not just any high school either. It would be considered by some to be a "Special ED school". But it's not for the education; it is for the counseling, for Eva has had past horrors in her life that had caused her to be hard and cold as ice covered stone.
Depressed is more the word in fact. Her father had done some "THINGS" to her at a young age, and the school she attended before did not make things any better, especially since the local gang nearly killed her on several occasions, once with Eva ending up in the ER. And she had no idea what it was like to have friends, for she had none before.
But this changes when she enters the Special Ed school of McCann High. For boys actually hit on her rather then throw stones at her, and girls her age actually want to be her friend, and wonder why a girl so young and energetic can be so cold and hard. And Eva avoids any contact with the students for a brief time, until two girls break through the cement Eva formed around her heart. And one of them has certainly captured Eva's eye, stealing her heart in the process, bringing her dead heart back to life. This is a story about love, self discovery, homophobia, and adapting. And the healing power and strength a soul mate's love can bring.

Part 1