Academy Author Index

M. Guerriere
(formerly Absinthe Angel 777)

Last Updated:  9/2/2005

Butyrm Arachis Hypogaea et Quilon Acinus

Gabby's Latin isn't all that great. I'll blame any grammaritical errors on her. *s* Probably should have asked Livia but she was off with her wacky cult. Xena got it in her head to ask for a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and this is what resulted.

Heroic Barding Junior Year

Young Gabrielle encounters some trouble during her third year at the Athens School of Fine Arts. One of my many alternate plots. 12/28/04

Indecent Proposal

Desperate for some cash Xena & Gabrielle take one of Hercules' junk jobs. Fun times in the tiny Kingdom of Eroticus


A private talk between Eve & Gabrielle

The Rewrite

First Time: Gabrielle is stricken with writers block and discovers a unique way to get her creative juices flowing once again.