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Last Updated: 6/21/2011

Betrayed Cravings   [Incomplete]

Sometimes what you want most is right under your nose.

Part 1 

Rizzoli and Isles

Blondes Have All the Fun

A trip to New York opens more than just the secrets of the heart. Jane and Maura meet several invaluable colleagues and form lasting friendships.

Part 1  Part 2 

Deception and Distraction

A drink may do more than just quench the thirst; Jane gets an unexpected surprise when she stops in for a drink at a lesbian bar.

What Are ou Reading

Maura ignores Jane, the baseball game, and everything else in order to pay more attention to her work on the laptop. Jane gets irritated and demands to know what is occupying her friend's attention, but it's not what she assumed it would be.