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Nene Adams

Last Updated: 2/15/2014

2006 Hall of Fame
2012 Hall of Fame
Lifetime Achievement

And Vinegar And Bitterness To It   [Academy Halloween 2011]

Field of Mars, Field of Venus   [Academy Valentine 2008]

Fury of the Hour

A story commissioned by Cecily Hawkins Somewhere beneath the surface of New York City lies a hidden treasure, and two very different women are in search of it. But danger and romance lurk in unexpected places

The GabVengers    [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]  **  winner  **

Heaven In Her Face    [Academy Valentine 2003]   ebook version available

In this Regency romance set in 1816, highly impressionable Emma is awash with romantic feelings for the divine Marianne Pye.  Her brother wagers that Emma can't remain true for a full month as she is notoriously in and out of adulation. When Marianne must accompany her mother to the aid of an ailing relative, Emma comes into contact with Marianne's more staid sister, Penelope. Reluctantly, Emma finds herself slowly drawn to Penelope and learns that she has many strengths worth admiring.

Lily White    [Academy Halloween 2003]

Everyone is entranced by Lily whose cold exterior seems mysterious, but one person hates who she really is.

Living Doll    [Academy Halloween 2002]

In her quest to reunite with the woman she loves, Felicity will go to any lengths, including necromancy. Is the price too high to pay? A foul curse spells murder for the Living Doll.

Nukekubi - Floating Head    A Kwaidan Story  [Academy Halloween 2004]

Operation: Annihilate!   [Academy April Fools]   ebook version available

(Or, A Faithful and True Account of the Thrilling Adventures of the Galactic Super Squad, With Extra Helpings of Big Scary Aliens and Some Gratuitous Sex, Hold the Anchovies)

Remembrance Never Dies   [Academy Halloween 2007]

Part 1  Part 2 

Shades of Twilight   [Academy Valentine 2010]

Rule of Thumb   [Academy Valentine 2010]

Sinister   [Academy Halloween 2005]

Splendor of the Dead   [Academy Halloween 2006]

She Wakes the Waters   [Academy Valentine 2014]

Thirteen   [Academy Halloween 2001]    ebook version available

A halloween suspense story revolving around the tragic fire at a sanatorium and the nurse who wouldn't leave the ghost of her patient

Three Minutes   [Academy Valentine 2010]

Truth In Love    [Academy Christmas Challenge]

An entry in the Christmas challenge set in 1898 London where a librarian laments being alone and meets an imposing man at their employer's christmas party who has a secret.

Well Met By Moonlight    [Academy Halloween 2003]

A young homeless woman is saved by a dark-spirited woman who only asks for her smile.

Hell For Pastime series

Hell For Pastime    ebook version available

Captain Anne Bonney, commander of the submarine USS Sabre, is on a collision course with CIA's top wet ops agent, Amelia Emerson, as they race to stop a madman's mission under the sea. Along for the ride is Rohan Tarnach, a shipwreck survivor with a taste for adventure.

Dead In The Water    ebook version available

Capt. Anne Bonney and CIA Agent Amelia Emerson team up again on a classified mission in a race against time and neo- nazis to find a lost U-boat with such deep, dark secrets that may change the course of history as well as be the death of Rohan Tarnach.

And A Star To Steer Her By    (on behalf of Rohan the Thunder Chick)

Hidden Depths    (commissioned by Rohan the Thunder Chick)

Winter in New England gets even colder when Rohan Tarnach swears she sees a submarine as she almost drowns in a frigid lake. Her partner Trudie as well as Anne Bonney and Amelia Emerson are caught up in subterfuge, intrigue, assassins and the weather as they try to puzzle out what Rohan really saw under the ice.

At Nene's Library

Chamber Of Horror

A series of spine-tingling tales of Gothic terror guaranteed to leave you breathless! Both Classic X&G and Uber offerings for you to enjoy... if you dare!

Horror In Dixie

13 Tales of Southern Terror that will haunt your imagination for many long and sleepless nights to come. You'll laugh out loud and scream yourself hoarse as this series of stories buries you deep in the mythical American South. They're to die for, and not for the faint of heart!

Kwaidan: Supernatural Tales Of The Floating World

Enter a fantasy world of intrigue, love and death; monsters, myths and miracles! Will a splendid samurai and her lady survive as they battle against mortal and immortal forces trying to tear them apart?

The Myth-Adventures Of Dream Rabbit And Bardie-Poo

Enjoy low comedy, hijinks and more jokes than you can shake a chakram at? This series stars Xena, Gabrielle and a host of hilarious co-stars as they take on multiple myth-understandings in search of ...the perfect bush! :-)

The Xenaverse Faery Tales

Join Xena, Gabrielle and others as they team up with the Brothers Grimm in a series of fun fairy tales with a tingling twist!

Gaslight series

Set during the Victorian era, Lady Evangeline St. Claire strives to be an equal to Sherlock Holmes in his deductive abilities. Accompanying her is Rhiannon Moore, daughter of tutor, who has fallen on hard times. Together they match wits with criminals and even the redoubtable Holmes. Eventually the become partners, not only in adventure, but in love.

Black by Gaslight   ebook version available

The Devil's Advocate

The Banshee's Wail

The Hour Of The Jackal

The Mystic Dragon's Curse

The Changeling's Moon

The Alabaster Hand

The Poltergeist Puzzle

The Fall Of The Phoenix   ebook version available

The Eyes Of The Idol

The Ides Of October

The Disappearance Of The Devil's Eye

The Body On The Serpentine

And the Dead Shall Speak   [Academy Halloween 2009]

Historical Romance

All That Glitters

A young socialite agrees to have her paramour solve an inheritance puzzle for a friend in order to repay a gambling debt.

Stand and Deliver

In the late 18th century, a swashbuckling highwayman steals a lady's jewels as well as her heart... but is he really what he seems to be, or are appearances not the only things that are deceiving?

The Phoenix Saga

Historical Romance and adventure in medieval Ireland centers on Lady Cathelin O'Cameron - known as the awesome knight Blacksunne and returned home from the Crusades to reclaim her family's estate.  In so doing she encounters a Muslim slave, Madrigal, who bedevils the knight more than anything else.

The Sunne In Gold

The Sunne In Scarlet