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Ain't Life Grand

A day in the life of Rose Kowalski, greasemonkey at Burton Cutter's Auto Repair Shop somewhere in the southern United States... and what a crazy day it turns out to be. She loses her job, gets kicked out of her own trailer and is given a time-out by her GF. Will Rose be able to get her life back together in the evening when the whole town is out at the fairgrounds for the big monster truck festival, or will the miserable day find another way to kick her in the rear...?.

Alone Am I   [Academy Halloween 2013]

The Amazon Way

What was supposed to be a fun couple of days in the company of Queen Melosa's tribe turns into anything but when Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in the middle of a border dispute. As the conflict escalates, it falls upon Xena, Gabrielle and a small group of warriors and inexperienced juniors to defend the village.

April 9, 1940

In the early hours of the morning on April 9th, 1940, Anne-Katrine Jensen's life is changed irrevocably when the German Army commences Operation Weserübung, the invasion of Denmark and Norway. As a woman, she isn't allowed to join the hopelessly outnumbered Danish forces that struggle to put up a defense against the advancing army, but she refuses to let it stop her. Equipped with her ill brother's uniform and rifle, Anne-Katrine heads off to war - much to the despair of her sweetheart, Lydia Petersen.

Part 1  Part 2 

The Awakening of Suzanne   [Academy Valentines 2013]

Being Dead Isn't Half Bad   [Academy Halloween 2014]

A Big Step For Bards and Warriors

Looking for some peace and quiet after their recent fight against the warlord Abraxus, Xena and Gabrielle set up camp at a picturesque lake at the foot of a waterfall. Plans for a romantic evening are soon forged, but before those plans can be carried out, an old friend stops by causing unwanted complications for Xena and frustrations for Gabrielle....

Black Rose & The Baroness

The ordered life of young Lady Christiane is thrown into turmoil by the unexpected death of her father, Gottfried Baron Goldenloew of Swan Manor. When the Baron's last will is rejected by the Crown, Lady Christiane is forced to enter an arranged marriage with a nobleman from another part of the country to keep her home in the family's possession. Matters grow even worse for the new Baroness when the peace is threatened by the infamous bandit queen Black Rose whose gang of traveling ruffians has found a safe haven in the woodlands just a few kilometers south of Swan Manor.

The Book of Chills

A voice coming from a malfunctioning radio... A nocturnal conversation with a mythical creature... An unwanted gift that becomes a curse... A nightmarish secret in a mental hospital... A young woman's face in a century-old photograph. Strange encounters, supernatural phenomena and otherworldly events - these are some of the elements you'll find in this anthology... the Book Of Chills.

The Book of Chills II

A woman in need getting a little help from her ancestors… An ancient spirit playing a few tricks on some unsuspecting people… Three young friends running into a real vampire on Halloween - or do they…? A cute, cuddly teddy bear with a deranged mind of its own… Two women fighting off an alien invasion force in the desert.

The Book of Chills III

A female firefighter needing all her skills to stay alive in an inhospitable inferno... A serial killer with an insatiable lust for smooth skin... A mother and a daughter finding out that not all abandoned buildings should be explored... A blackmailer getting more than he bargained for... A woman crossing ethereal paths with her dead self...

The Book of Chills IV

A fake paranormal investigator encounters two very, very real ghosts... A recording artist with plenty of ambition but hardly any talent wants to take a shortcut to the top of the charts... A young bard is challenged by the Viking Goddess of the Underworld to tell the best stories of her life - or else she'll lose it... A sensitive teenage girl makes the wrong decision by spending Halloween in a graveyard with her gang... Twin sisters are separated by death but still share a connection... Wicked adventures of the ghostly kind, visitors from the Norse age and messages from the Great Beyond - these are some of the elements you'll find in this anthology, the Book Of Chills, Volume IV.

Cassey & Toni - Five Stories About Two Women In Love

collection of five stories chronicling the lives of two women over a period of nearly two years. When Cassey Peters split from an abusive relationship, she had no way of knowing that she'd soon find genuine happiness and true love in a truck stop in New Mexico - nor that they would appear to her in the shape of Toni Willis, an intriguing truck driver on her way to San Diego.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 

Caught in the Crossfire

On March 21st 1945, history records that the Royal Air Force conducted a low-level bombing raid against the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. What history fails to record are the names of the brave women in the resistance movement who gathered the intelligence and who risked their lives going up against the Nazi occupation forces day-in, day-out for several years. This is a story of two of those women, Henriette Brandt and Vera Holgersen.

Chronicles of the Empress: A Tale of Two Castles

On the heels of a personal tragedy, Lady Bronwyn of Ashburne Castle, daughter of Emperor Jin-Sarnos XII, is forced to go on a diplomatic mission to a neighboring empire to settle a border dispute. With her, she has the best Ranger of her father's armed forces, 'the Huntress' Caid Barlin. The two women and a small band of colorful traveling companions must navigate safely through a world of sweeping landscapes and narrow-minded emperors, mystical Seers and hideous creatures until they reach Lord Lasar-Ihtreg's realm in the Shadowlands.

Chronicles of the Empress: Long Live the Empress

Three moons on from Lady Bronwyn's misadventures in the Shadowlands, she has been confined to the castle keep as a bird in a golden cage, and her traveling companions have been banished from the walled city for their part in the Lady's safe return. Yearning for the Huntress, Lady Bronwyn plans her escape from Ashburne Castle, but seeking refuge among the banished in the Sarkhann Forest may not be the best or indeed the safest solution for her.

Chronicles of the Empress: Quest For the Natfarann Gold

The dramatic events that led to Lady Bronwyn claiming the throne have given way to a calmer and more peaceful life for the Empress and her consort, the Huntress Caid Barlin. As a certain sameness falls over Ashburne Castle, the deep-rooted love between Bronwyn and Caid provides them with all the excitement they need. Suddenly, amid the worst winter storms for generations, travelers from the Natfarann forests in the far north arrive with a desperate plea for help. Thoroughly intrigued, Bronwyn once more assembles her team and sets off to help them.

Chronicles of the Empress: Black Death Cometh

Three moons on from Empress Bronwyn's return to Ashburne Castle with the forty gold bars she and her companions took from the lair of the terrible beast in the Natfarann Forest, the dreaded curse has yet to manifest itself. As the weather improves and Spring finally kicks Winter off the land, things are looking bright and cheery for the Empress and her allies. The gold has been put to use for the good of the people like she promised it would be, and yet, some citizens are dissatisfied with the Empress and her grand schemes - some are even harboring sinister plans against her and her consort, the Huntress Caid Barlin.

Class of '88

For Delia Corbett, the party marking the twentieth anniversary of her finishing secondary school turns into a magical, unpredictable evening with plenty of laughter and a few tears. Meeting her old classmates for the first time in years brings back a lot of memories - especially of Vicky Baxter, a honey-blonde beauty who was the first girl Delia kissed.

Culture Clash: The Bard and the Biker

Pamela Johnstone, a quiet, unassuming author of bodice-rippers and cozies, finds herself stretched beyond her breaking point when she is thrown into a series of dangerous situations. She and the tough-as-nails biker chick Robin 'Lone Star' Kendall are forced to work together to fight off a ruthless enemy dead-set on hurting them - but the odds aren't in their favor.

Camilla's Promise   [Academy Valetine 2016]

Crusin' the Night Away   [Academy Valetine 2016]

Daisy-Belle and Her Big Bad Bear

Do opposites really attract? It's not something self-confessed hippie Daisy-Belle Cosmick has ever given much thought until she and her folk band the Butterflies get stuck in Cape Whitnell on their way to a music festival. The sheer presence of clean-cut, by-the-book Sheriff Erica Wayne gives the folk singer plenty to think about - including an intriguing possibility of finding love in the unlikeliest of places...

Daisy-Belle's Second Helping

Three months on from their first (a)rousing encounter in Cape Whitnell, the folk singer and hippie bird Daisy-Belle Cosmick and by-the-book Sheriff Erica Wayne are finally back together in Daisy-Belle's hacienda in Coulson, California. Erica has a long-term plan that she can't wait to let the older woman in on, but Daisy-Belle is buried up to her eyebrows in work, stretching herself beyond her limits trying to organize a charity concert at the local community center for New Year's Eve. Will they achieve their goals and dreams, or will the stress from the concert send everything into a tailspin?

Daisy-Belle's Last Hurrah

The ol' hippie bird Daisy-Belle Cosmick wants to record a greatest hits album with her band, the Butterflies, simply to see if they still have what it takes. They get help from an ace guitarist by the name of Rebeccah 'Rebel' Tunney who's playing in a blues bar in downtown Coulson. Unfortunately, Daisy-Belle's partner, newly appointed police sergeant Erica Wayne, is investigating the blues bar in connection with a spate of drug problems that has struck the city.

The Crunch Cookie Caper and Other Elfin Good Adventures

Rockabye and Epilotta, Santa's A-Team Elves, return with further Elfin good adventures: Santa has mislaid Mrs. Santa's award-winning recipe for crunchy Yuletide cookies, and Rocky and Lotta must go on a wild quest to retrieve it. On another assignment, they fly to the northern-most tip of the Elfin world to deliver a scrumptious layer cake to an Elf's eight-hundredth birthday; and finally, Lotta has her sights set on a very special prize as she signs up for the annual Amateur Elf Talent Show on Little Yuletide Eve... in short, there's action adventure, humor and romance for the whole Elfin family.

Date of a Lifetime   [Academy Valentine 2014]

Double Trouble

On their way to Kelitamenea to help one of Joxer's relatives out of a squeeze, Xena and Gabrielle run into a little problem in a forest - a little problem that soon blossoms into a great, big headache for the Bard who quite literally finds herself in Double Trouble.

Digging Deep

On a chilly Tuesday in February, the construction crew chief Janni Holbrooke is at home preparing a birthday surprise for her girlfriend Melanie Sinclair who's visiting her mother in the old part of the city. An earthquake hits the area the two women live in and creates widespread chaos and confusion - and soon, Janni is called out to assist in a search and rescue operation in the primary disaster zone: the old buildings downtown.

An Elfin Good Time

On the Night of Nights, Yuletide Eve, the experienced sleigh driver Rockabye Elf and the fresh-faced rookie Epilotta get caught up in humorously hair-raising situations featuring chimneys, Yuletrees, canines, heating ducts, raisin buns and oddly named reindeer when they go on a run to deliver a load of presents to a small town - and much to the detriment of Rockabye's gingerbread snacks, they're even forced to break the First Rule: Never mingle with humans.

eFriends and G-friends

In the year 2084, advances in technology has meant that friends, partners and spouses can be bought off the shelf. As a result, human interaction beyond close family relations is now a thing of the past. The female eFriend owned by Amanda Paulsen looks and behaves like a human being, she has even been patched to possess the capability to love like a human being, and yet, she's circuitry and memory banks rather than flesh and blood. Despite the vast differences in their technology, an undeniable, magical connection exists between the two women - a connection that's about to be short-circuited.

EvilXena: Resurrection

After a long and stressful journey, Gabrielle finally returns home from the terrible events in Jappa. She soon discovers that Greece has undergone a drastic change in the year since she and Xena left for the land beyond Ch'in: A merciless warrior second only to Ares, God of War has united the warlords and conquered a great deal of the land; a warrior with a wild, dark mane and piercing blue eyes.

Four and a Half Steps to Heaven   [Academy Valentines 2013]

Felicity's Bookworm Sanctuary

Living, loving, laughing, and perhaps a little bit of crying - that's life in a nutshell at Felicity's Bookworm Sanctuary, the friendliest second-hand LGBTQ bookstore you could ever hope to find. Through tireless work, it has become the number one hangout for women of all ages who spend their time mingling, chatting and reading books from days gone by. There's always room for one more on the Kozy Korner sofa, so come on in and have a look around!

The Final Hour   [Academy Halloween 2015]

Flea Market Flicker   [April Fools Whatever 2017]

Gabrielle in the Underworld

Gabrielle is dead! -- When the young bard suddenly finds herself thrust into the Underworld, she doesn't know that it's merely the starting point for her greatest adventure yet. While Xena is travelling to Potaideia with Gabrielle's remains, she hears of a myth that could help her get Gabrielle back. Will Xena succeed, or will they be separated for all eternity?

Happy Nieghbor Day   [Academy Summer Challenge 2012]       ** Honorable Mention **

The Harrison-Starr Detective Agency

Meet Regina Harrison and Stella Starr, the owners of the Harrison-Starr Detective Agency. Unpredictable and unstoppable; undaunted and uncombed, Reggie (the body) and Stell (the brains) always go the extra mile to help people in need. Through various disguises, charades and clever ideas, they go all out to bring the crooks to justice - and as a result, crime fighting has rarely been crazier...

News from the Harrison-Starr Detective Agency

Part 1  Part 2 

Last Words from the Harrison-Starr Detective Agency

For the fourth and final time, Stella Starr and Regina Harrison return with their special mix of zaniness, outrageous costumes, madcap chases and tons of sweet lovin'. No crook is safe with the unstoppable and unpredictable Stell and Reggie in the house - pickpockets, cheating husbands, armed robbers and warring ice cream vendors stand no chance against the intrepid, hard-working investigators of the Harrison-Starr Detective Agency

Part 1  Part 2 

The Hunt for Cecrop's Emerald

Janice Covington and Mel Pappas explode onto the page with this rip-roaring tale of long lost treasure, of high-jinks and daring-do, of heroics and cowardice, of shady men with hidden agendas, of strange connections to the ancient past - and ultimately of love.

Adventures on the Orient Express

The return of Janice Covington and Mel Pappas sees the two intrepid adventurers traveling from Greece to England on the legendary Orient Express. Along the way, they find humor and romance, meet new friends and run into old adversaries - and discover that greed can corrupt even the most noble of men.

I'm Not Afraid of the D-AARGH!   [Academy Halloween 2016]

The Incorrigible Janice Covington   [April Fools Whatever 2017]

It Happened On Winter Solstice

When Xena and Gabrielle return to Amphipolis for the Winter Solstice celebrations, they have no idea that a life-altering adventure awaits them: one of danger and near-tragedy, of bravery and dedication, and - above all - of love and mutual devotion. Even as their hearts soar, a final threat appears that must be overcome in order for the Warrior Princess and the Bard from Poteidaia to have a strong future... together.

It Happened One Winter Solstice Night

While staying in Amphipolis for the Winter Solstice Festival, Xena and Gabrielle finally understand that they are much more than just 'best friends'.


1945. In late April, the collapse of Nazi-Germany is almost complete. Before Denmark can be liberated by the British, Anne-Katrine and her sweetheart Lydia must fight a personal battle against a high-ranking officer of the SS who may just be fanatical enough to employ annihilation tactics learned on the Eastern Front. It all culminates on the eve of May 4th when the long-awaited message of the unconditional capitulation of the German armed forces is broadcast by the BBC.

Lonely No More

A chapter closes in Judith Engelbrecht's life when she decides to leave her husband of fifteen years. Yearning for at least a time-out from the marriage that has led her nowhere, Judith races to her summer cottage at the coast to find some peace of mind. Starting anew is a daunting prospect for a woman approaching her fiftieth birthday, but at least she has help in the shape of her next-door neighbor, the spirited Alice Lundgaard.

Love in the Caribbean

When Lana Ferguson gets an old treasure map for her thirtieth birthday, it's merely the start of a grand adventure that will take her and a friend to the exotic US Virgin Islands. To top it all off, the Captain and the first mate of the boat Lana has hired are charismatic, strong, gorgeous gals - and suddenly, romance is in the air for both Lana and her friend. They came looking for treasure; will they find Love in the Caribbean instead...?

Part 1  Part 2 

Mickey's Big Break   [Academy Valentine 2014]

Mickey's Big Weekend

The time has come for Mickey Delany to suit up for her biggest gig yet as a personal assistant to the celebs: the recording star Veronica Masters has asked the boi-ish gal with the take-no-crap-from-nobody attitude to come work for her at a special event at the star's mansion. There, Mickey will encounter stars and starlets, egos and short tempers, sensual jazz, plenty of champagne, and perhaps a surprise or two that could turn it into a big weekend for all involved.

Mickey's Big Score

Sometimes, bois and girls just wanna have fun. That's why personal assistant to the celebs Mickey Delany brings something special to her meeting with famed recording star Veronica Masterson instead of the usual remedies needed to fix the star's glittery dresses. On this Sunday afternoon, Mickey knows they won't be needing them - the remedies or the dresses.

The Morning of the Fourteenth    [Academy Valentine 2015]

My Dearest Wish    [Academy Valentine 2015]

Mysterious Island

En route to the Marquesas in the South Pacific, a bad storm sends the luxury yacht owned by Carol Ann Lawrence and her dominating husband, the former Air Force Captain Charles Lawrence, off course into uncharted waters. When they discover a mysterious, bluish-green island that seems ripe for exploration, they head ashore with a small team of sailors - but as the dream of a tropical paradise turns into a nightmare, Carol Ann learns the hard way that some things are better left alone... like the island of the Mu-Kwanda.

A Perilous Escape

After Carol Ann Lawrence's daring breakout from the camp run by the fierce warrior women, she must employ every skill she has to battle horrific insects, hairy beasts and the raging elements to get back to the luxury yacht she arrived on - but as her attraction to the alluring Queen Lexa blossoms, she discovers that nothing is ever easy on Ka'una-Kameha. When things come to a head, Carol Ann is forced into a perilous escape from the island of the Mu-Kwanda

An October's Romance

It's Grace and Helen's wedding anniversary and, like always, they've driven to the romantic Lookout Point Bungalow Retreat to celebrate their special day - however, this year is different as Helen is still recovering from the injuries she sustained in a bad road accident...

On the Fast Track to Love

When author Kathleen O'Malley is asked by renowned race car driver Francesca Carrara to write her biography, little does she know that the charismatic and strong-willed woman will turn her life upside down, and awaken feelings in her she thought she'd never experience again...

Part 1  Part 2 

On the Fast Track to Love 2

After sharing a home for several months, the bond between the biographer Kathleen O'Malley and the professional race car driver Francesca Carrara has grown very strong. Unfortunately, the new season brings new problems and as Francesca embarks on the world championship tour, unexpected - and very much unwanted - issues arise that may threaten their relationship and Kathleen's peace of mind.

Part 1  Part 2 

Outlaw Blues

The first story in the Strong Wimmen Of Princetown Trilogy. Two women meet by accident on a stagecoach to Princetown, Arizona Territory in 1879 - Mathilda Brown, a young redhead who's just been released after serving three years in a Correctional Institution for Wayward Women, and Blackie Durham, a feared outlaw with a Peacemaker on her hip and a cool glare in her ice blue eyes. What neither of the two seemingly mismatched women know is that their arrival on the dusty streets of Princetown will set events in motion that will turn the entire community upside down.

The Ballad Of Victoria Lynn

The second story in the Strong Wimmen Of Princetown Trilogy. Deputy Sheriff Victoria Lynn Cooper has always been a woman of action - until now. Unable to work after an accident, she slips into a haze of cheap whisky and self-loathing that seems impossible for her to break out of on her own. The fact that her beloved Princetown has been overrun by bandits and cutthroats of all types only worsens her condition... but maybe the kind, mature Nurse Emily Mason can help?

Lady Yvonne's Reel

The third and final story in the Strong Wimmen Of Princetown Trilogy. Karla Stuart works at the Circle Y ranch as a horse wrangler and driver for 'Gentleman' George Ballentine. When the boss' daughter, Yvonne, returns to the ranch to learn the ropes, Karla's hopes of a joyful reunion with the green-eyed beauty she used to have a severe crush on when they were teenagers are dashed when she discovers that eight years at a boarding school can really change a young woman - but soon, events transpire that make all the strong women of Princetown band together to save their community...

A Question of Loyalty

Traveling close to Amazon lands, Xena and Gabrielle experience first-hand that Queen Melosa has started an all-out war against the neighboring villages and that she is supported by a band of highly skilled warriors who are fanatic followers of the old beliefs. While Xena stays behind to help a town build its defenses, Gabrielle travels to the Amazon camp to try to get Melosa to stop the devastating attacks.

Part 1  Part 2 

Playing With Fire

Detective Joanna Powell's twelve years on the police force hasn't prepared her for the elegant - yet fiery - Liliana Zinovia, a woman she meets during a homicide investigation. The attraction is undeniable and sparks fly... but Joanna soon learns the hard way that when you're Playing With Fire, someone is bound to get burned.

Part 1  Part 2 


It's always nasty when a relationship comes to a messy end; especially so when someone is thrown out and has the door slammed in her face. When Anita turns up at an old friend's juice and salad bar in downtown Copenhagen to look for a shoulder to cry on after suffering that exact fate, Marlene, the spunky owner of the Juice-n-More, is more than willing to give Anita strength, moral support and plenty of lovin' while she gets back on her feet...


After the tragedy in Jappa, Gabrielle returns to Greece to spend some time with her Amazon Sisters. Unfortunately, a certain God of War has other plans for her. As those plans are set in motion, Aphrodite realizes she must take drastic action to put things right again...


In this sequel to Reunion, Xena and Gabrielle travel to Treus to be guests at the wedding of Princess Penthea, Queen Diana's daughter - but the joyous event turns ugly when a band of merciless and bloodthirsty thugs interferes, forcing our two heroines to once again embark on a dangerous mission.


Wanting to conduct the ultimate test of Xena's and Gabrielle's abilities in the art of war and survival, Ares puts them through four harrowing trials. In order to make it through unscathed, the two warriors will have to dig very deep and tap into their many skills - will the unique bond that exists between Xena and Gabrielle be strong enough to overcome the God of War's plans?

Ride Around Midnight   [April Fools Whatever 2017]

Room in Our Hearts For You

Life has many twists and turns - we never know if we end up where we want to be, or where we need to be. When advertising executive Julia Thorne is involved in a car accident, she is introduced to Brenda McCrawley, a friendly, dedicated former nurse who runs a shelter for abused women. Through meeting some of those women, it dawns on Julia there's life beyond her own glitzy, shallow existence in a corner office of the Collins-Mattheson-Thorne Advertising Agency. The real world is inhabited by real people who struggle with real issues, and they'll only get help if someone with her power and financial clout reaches out to support them.

Sarah's Choice   [revised]

An introverted, lonely secretary and an extroverted actress... how is that ever going to work? That's the question Sarah Madeleine Michaels asks herself when she meets her dream girl while on holiday at a fitness resort. To some, the answer is blatantly obvious, but for Sarah, finding out takes her on a very bumpy journey where she learns more about herself than she really wants to know...

Part 1  Part 2 

Showdown at Creagan's Creek

The Territory of Utah, 1878. A gang of outlaws led by Clay 'Rattler' Beechum has struck fear into the hearts of the citizens of Dry Gulch and the other small towns in the area. When the Beechum gang abducts a circuit judge to use him as a bargaining chip in a trade-off with Clay's jailed brother, the only townies willing to go into action to rescue the judge are Ellie Shepard and her sweetheart Precious Mahoney. Along with their homesteader gal pals 'Shotgun' Sally Yarborough and Jezebel Behrle, they saddle up and ride out to show the bandits what wimmenfolk can do.

Sublimial   [Academy Halloween 2015]

Taylor Mackenzie and the Wrath of Lady Alice   [Academy Halloween 2012]

Three Hours in Hell: Ricki Warbeck & Jessie Sanders Story

On a cold, gloomy November day, the lives of Ricki Warbeck and Jessie Sanders are turned upside down when Ricki and the class of second graders she's teaching at the Joshua Bradley Elementary School are taken hostage by the depressed, armed Dale Henriksen. Jessie, an expert SWAT sniper, is deployed to the situation and watches everything unfold through the scope of her Remington rifle...

Twisted   [Academy Halloween 2014]

Under Siege

In a small village they're just passing through, Xena and Gabrielle meet a friendly magistrate with a big problem: he has arrested two of Abraxus The Brutal's brothers and, predictably, the feared warlord isn't particularly happy about it. Xena and Gabrielle quickly decide to help the magistrate - but when the situation escalates, they find themselves Under Siege.

Virgin Sacrifice   [Academy Halloween 2016]

A Weekend with Aphrodite

On their way to Athens, Xena and Gabrielle decide to take a rest in the temple of the Goddess Of Love - perhaps they shouldn't have! The three of them soon find themselves on an adventure unlike any they've ever been on.

White Fever

Strong dames, fast cars, bad boys - WHITE FEVER. Working as an Enforcer for a crime family, Maeve Donnelly spends every night prowling the neon-lit mean streets of the Big City. On a seemingly endless night, she gets reacquainted with an old lover, Staci Hart, encounters a madman with a knife, and runs afoul of a pair of ruthless brothers intent on snuffing her out. Maeve and Staci soon have their hands full, but when the going gets tough, the tough just reload.

Part 1  Part 2 

Dames, Dollars and Death

(Sequel To White Fever) For Maeve Donnelly (aka White Fever) and Staci Hart, the mean streets of the Big City just got meaner! When a new and merciless crew executes a series of daring raids against both the Donnelly and the Coluzzo crime families, Fever leaps into action to stop them - but then she receives a 'business offer' she can't possibly refuse.

Part 1  Part 2 

Fever vs. The Carjackers

(Sequel To Dames, Dollars and Death) Roberta Cain, Maeve Donnelly's former mentor, is back on the mean streets after doing a twelve-year stretch in the State Penitentiary. It soon becomes clear that Roberta is a cut above the other criminals Maeve and Staci have faced and that they need to up their game accordingly. With such an unpredictable and aggressive opponent, will there be a happy ending for Staci Hart and Maeve Donnelly...?

Part 1  Part 2 

Xena's Birthday

Back home in Amphipolis to celebrate Xena's birthday, Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with all kinds of issues, like Ares bringing unwanted news, Aphrodite showing up with an embarrassing gift, Iolaus and Joxer drinking too much sweet ale, Cyrene making so much food that it could support an entire battalion - and someone from Xena's recent past hoping to re-connect with the Warrior Princess.

Xena, Champion of Ares

When Licantus, a feared slave trader and one of Ares' faithful followers, sends further raiding parties to mainland Greece to round up Amazon warriors, Xena and Gabrielle travel to his nerve center on Crete to end his reign of terror - but who will the God of War side with, his new disciple or his old Champion...?