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Written: November 20th - 22nd, 2014.

- I'm grateful for your assistance, Wendy Arthur & Ixnay :D

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Description: Sometimes, bois and girls just wanna have fun. That's why personal assistant to the celebs Mickey Delany brings something special to her meeting with famed recording star Veronica Masterson instead of the usual remedies needed to fix the star's glittery dresses. On this Sunday afternoon, Mickey knows they won't be needing them - the remedies or the dresses…



The gravel crunched under Mickey Delany's shoes as the twenty-four-year old personal assistant to the stars walked up the gravelly path from the staff garage to the rear of the imposing white mansion belonging to her employer, the famed recording artist Veronica Masterson. The water-combed, business-suit-wearing woman had an innocuous gym bag over her shoulder that contained a selection of toys for big girls.

Things were looking up for her. Not only did she have a firm contract with hers and Veronica's signatures on it - which had finally given her some much-needed cash in her pocket - she had even worked a few days on a B-monster movie in the five weeks since the huge celebrity-studded party at the mansion where the brown stuff had finally hit the fan with regards to Veronica's lying, cheating husband, the TV star Brent Salinger.

On the set of the monster movie, Mickey had spent many an off-hour following the news from the divorce proceedings. Brent had whimpered, pleaded and moaned, but it hadn't saved his network career or his marriage. A particularly memorable news day came when a group of nine gorgeous, long-legged starlets had held a joint press conference where they announced to the world that they had all been Brent's hourly delights at one point or another during his marriage to Veronica Masterson, and that he had promised them better roles on St. Aloysius, the medical drama where he played the lead, if they spread their legs for him.

Through all that, Veronica had been the very picture of strength. In her countless appearances in court and on TV news and talk shows, she had chosen not to hide her pale and increasingly haggard face behind a large hat or dark sunglasses so the world could see what effect the whole thing had on her. Even when the inevitable kooks had the tabloids in a frenzy claiming they were Veronica's secret loverboys, she had kept strong and firm.

Mickey shook her head at the thought as she turned the corner of the gravelly path and climbed the vast staircase that led to the glass double doors. She moved the gym bag further up on her shoulder. The nylon strap cut into her gunmetal-gray business suit and threatened to crease it, which she didn't want.

She had to grin when she remembered the telephone conversation where Veronica had spent the better part of three minutes steeling her resolve to finally ask if Mickey could come over to the mansion on the following Sunday afternoon so they could arrange what to wear at a movie premiere, not to mention pick up where they had left off.

Mickey knew what Veronica was referring to. At the fateful party, they had shared an intimate kiss or two. They had left it at kissing since neither wanted to commit the same crime as Brent while the marriage was still in place, but it had been kisses that held the promise of much, much more.

The following morning, they had woken up in each other's arms, and it had taken an entire herd of rampant oxen to keep them apart - of course, Veronica's throbbing champagne-induced hangover had put a damper on her lust, too.

Arriving at the glass double doors, Mickey didn't even have time to knock before one of Veronica's other personal assistants opened it.

Inez Villareal, as always dressed impeccably in a designer dress that admittedly looked good on the thirty-something Latina, shot her new colleague a glare that proved she still hadn't quite figured out what on Earth Veronica Masterson saw in the blonde with the steely backbone and the loud opinions.

"Hi, Inez," Mickey said far too cheerily as she stepped past the living door stop. "Miss Masterson asked me to come over. I gather we're to discuss a movie premiere?"

"I haven't been told," Inez said and closed the door behind Mickey. She furrowed her brow at the business suit and the clashing gym bag. "I'm sure it must be your mistake. I'll ask Miss Masterson at once. There's no need for you to get comfortable, you'll soon be leaving. I'll only be a minute," she said, giving Mickey the sort of glare reserved for those who really ought to simply roll over and die.

"Ah, no. I got it, Inez. Is Miss Masterson in her den?" Mickey said and strode off down one of the hallways on her way to the private quarters of the imposing mansion.

"Yes, but-"

"Thanks. Catch ya later," Mickey said over her shoulder, skipping down the two steps to get to the older part of the mansion. Behind her, Inez's annoyed snort was aimed at her, but she didn't have time for such trivialities.


It didn't take Mickey long to reach the door to Veronica Masterson' bedchamber. The room was in the original part of the imposing house, and Veronica slept there so she would never stray too far from her roots in the world of glitz, glamour and splendor. Compared to the mansion itself which was a study in white, glass and chrome, the bedchamber was a faithful copy of what she'd had back home on the family ranch in Idaho before she had been thrust into the spotlights - it had plenty of wood, leather and authentic carpets.

The door was ajar, but Mickey knocked on it to remain professional. "Hello, Miss Masterson?" she said around the corner.

'In here, Mickey!' the familiar velvety voice of the recording star said from somewhere inside the adjacent bathroom.

Mickey stepped inside the bedchamber and closed the door softly behind her. She cast a quick glance at the interior and found the room to be exactly as she remembered it - save for a new patchwork bedspread that only added to the cozy atmosphere.

She put the gym bag down on the rug and straightened out her jacket and her tie that had been pulled crooked.

There was nothing crooked about Veronica Masterson as she stepped out of the bathroom and clicked off the light. The tall, dark-haired woman wore a maroon pant suit over a cream blouse; her feet were bare and had painted toenails, but a pair of expensive pumps waited for her at the foot of the bed.

Mickey's eyes slid up over the tight pants, the perfectly accentuated hips and the alluring, symmetric peaks in the blouse until they finally came to a rest on the amused smile that played on Veronica's lips.

"See?" Veronica said and spun around while Mickey gathered her wits. "I can dress without anyone whispering tips into my ear. You approve?"

Mickey blinked a few times and successfully hid the smirk she had been carrying. "Certainly, Miss Masterson."

"Oh, what happened to Veronica, Mickey? We're on a first name basis."

"Thank you, Veronica."

The recording star winked at the shorter PA and waved her over to the vintage bureau that stood in the far corner of the bedroom. When they were joined there, Veronica put her hand on Mickey's back and gave her the briefest of hugs. "Mmmm… you're wearing Velvet Charisma Noir, aren't you?"

"Yep. It's me."

"Love that smell," Veronica husked, leaning down to take in another sniff of the shorter woman's scent. Doing so, she brushed her nose against Mickey's water-combed hair and placed a tiny kiss on her blond locks. "Love the hair. Love the suit."

"Miss Masterson-"

"Don't you dare go all 'Miss Masterson' on me!" Veronica said and gave Mickey a playful push on the shoulder. "I'm a free woman now. I can love whatever and whomever I want."

"I know, but-"

"No buts. I think we'll have a-"

A knock on the door made Veronica stand up straight as an arrow and pretend that she was showing Mickey something outrageously important on the bureau. "Enter!" she said, turning around.

Inez came in carrying a tray with two small jars of honey and strawberries, two flutes and a champagne bottle in a wine cooler. Her eyes zoomed in on Mickey and briefly shot fire. "Miss Masterson, here are the afternoon snacks you asked me to prepare," she said coolly.

"Thank you, Inez. Put them here, please," Veronica said and moved away from the bureau. She kept her hand on Mickey's back to guide her into the center of the room.

Inez once again gave Mickey the evil eye as she arranged the tray and folded a pair of napkins. "Miss Masterson, what's that I hear about a movie premiere? I haven't been told."

"Oh, it's just an indie thing. A music documentary. Nothing major, Inez. It's just going to be a low-key affair. I would have told you later in the week."

"Should I prepare for an after-premiere party, then?"

"Oh, no, no… no. Nothing like that at all," Veronica said and shook her head decisively. "It's just a little thing. Well, thank you, Inez. Miss Delany and I shall try out… a few different things now. Thank you."

Mickey grinned at the perplexed look on the other PA's face. "Don't call us, we'll call you," she said and put her hands on her hips.

Inez' left eyebrow crept up her forehead but she made no further comment. "Miss Masterson?" she said, turning back to her employer.

"Thank you, Inez. We'll let you know when we need your help," Veronica said and finally broke contact with Mickey. Smiling, she gestured at the door to let the senior PA know that she wasn't needed.

"Ooooh, she hates my guts!" Mickey said and broke out in a giggle as soon as the door closed behind Inez Villareal. "Maybe she considers me competition! Maybe she wants to get into your pants, too…"

"So is that your goal?" Veronica said, locking the door with an old brass key. She kept standing at the wooden door for a little while, cocking her head and pinning Mickey to the spot. While she waited for a reply, her fingers began a little slide across her blouse going south.


Veronica narrowed her eyes and stood up straight. "No?"

"No," Mickey said and took off her jacket to reveal her white shirt and her dark-blue tie. "Beyond whatever we're gonna do regarding the premiere…"

"Forget the premiere. That's only a tiny part of why I called you," Veronica said and waved her hand dismissively.

"I thought as much," Mickey said, breaking out into a sly grin. "In that case, my goal is to ease you into the world of Sapphic loving. What we'll do when we get there is your choice. We may end up making love, or we may not. That's for you to decide."

Taken by surprise by the blunt language, Veronica blinked a few times, but it wasn't long before she licked her lips and began to slither closer. "Thank you. I didn't expect you to say that. I thought that you'd just want to… oh, I don't know what I thought."

"I'm not a gold digger, Veronica. I'm not here just to say I've banged a superstar. I'm here because I felt we had a connection… I'm here to give, not to take."

"So different from my husband… so unbelievably different," Veronica said, but it was all she had time for before the urge to claim Mickey's lips overpowered her.

The first kiss they shared created a pleasant warmth inside Mickey, and she reached up to caress the smooth cheek that was so close to her. As her fingers slid over the star's prominent cheekbone, she registered there was nothing but excitement in Veronica's blue eyes. "Hey," she husked before leaning in to add a little nibble, "what do you say we get undressed and go on from there?"

A slight moan escaped Veronica's throat and she opened the first round of the ancient game by loosening Mickey's tie. They never broke the sweet contact while she pulled off the dark-blue snake and undid the row of buttons that seemed to follow her every request without complaint. The third button was at the height of Mickey's breasts, and Veronica reached in through the open shirt to caress the peaks that were held in place by a sports bra underneath a sleeveless undershirt. "You're way, way overdressed," she mumbled around Mickey's succulent lips.

"All part of the fun," Mickey said and tugged the shirt out of her pants. It was quickly off her shoulders and pooled on the carpet. "C'mon, let's sit on the bed. Okay?"

"Okay," Veronica whispered, taking Mickey's hand and leading her to the wooden, queen-sized bed. With a flick of the wrist, she pulled the bedspread off and onto the floor. The white linen was clean and inviting, and held the same, delicious scent that always surrounded Veronica. Smiling at each other, the two women sat down on the edge of the bed.

To reciprocate, Mickey pushed off Veronica's pant suit jacket and tugged at the cream blouse. She winked while she waited for permission to pull it off - it came at once, and the star's sculpted torso and salmon-colored bra soon came into view. The twin peaks were too good to miss, so Mickey ran her fingers along the underside of the left one. Going back up, she came to a halt at the clasp at the center of the bra. Another nodded permission soon followed, and she unhooked the bra to liberate Veronica's breasts.

"Simply gorgeous," Mickey whispered before she leaned in to paint a glistening line between the mounds with her tongue. The gasp Veronica let out was reward enough, but the sight of the nipples hardening gave her a jolt that was hard to ignore. She added to the star's state by cautiously running her fingers across the mounds without actually touching the sensitive tips.

"My turn… my turn," Veronica breathed, tugging insistently at Mickey's undershirt.

Mickey leaned back to ease her lover-to-be's request. Soon, her own breasts were free to the world, liberated from the confines of the undershirt and the sports bra. Veronica's slender, elegant digits repaid the earlier favor by brushing across the heated skin, a gesture that sent fiery tendrils through Mickey's chest and all the way south. A shower of goosebumps flushed over her at the first real contact, and she parted her lips and leaned her head back to gasp out her enjoyment of the situation.

Grinning goofily, they pulled each other into a hug that allowed them to feel the other; feel the hardness of the erect tips against their own, and feel the warmth that flushed their skin.

Veronica drew a little pattern on Mickey's exposed chest that finished with a flower around her left breast. "You're one of the most unusual… and amazing women I've met… and I really do mean that," she husked, leaning down to unbuckle the leather belt.

"I'm just me," Mickey said with a chuckle.

"Maybe you are, but you're beautiful, you're kind… in an abrasive sort of way…" - Veronica pulled back and offered Mickey a wink to take the sting out of the words - "but above all, you've opened my eyes. There's so much more to life, to… to… everything when you're involved."

"Gosh golly, I don't deserve that praise," Mickey said with a pair of red blotches tainting her cheeks. Smiling, she leaned in to claim Veronica's lips as an appreciation. When they separated, she winked saucily before she reached in under the star, grabbed her rear and pushed her up into the bed.

"Hey!" Veronica said with a snicker, "That's unfair! I was working on your belt!"

Mickey climbed off the bed to kneel on the carpet. "You first," she whispered and leaned in to begin a long, wet trail of kisses along Veronica's stomach going down.

The maroon pants were in the way, but the star unbuttoned them herself and lifted her rear end off the linen so Mickey could slide them down. A pair of salmon-colored, lacy panties came into view, and Mickey let her index finger slide in under the elastic band. She looked up at Veronica seeking permission, but the star suddenly seemed apprehensive.

Mickey didn't want to push the issue and let the panties be for the time being. Instead, she kissed her way back up Veronica's stomach, past her breasts and her collar bones until she reached the parted, succulent lips. They kissed for a little while before Mickey slid up to lock eyes with Veronica. "What can I do to ease your fears?" she whispered, staying on safe ground by caressing the star's neck and throat.

"I'm not afraid… I love it when you touch me," Veronica said and ran an index finger up and down the soft, smooth skin on Mickey's arm. "I'm just a little worried about the unfamiliarity of it all… Mickey, will you please be gentle with me?"

Mickey smiled and leaned down to place a comforting kiss on Veronica's lips. "I love being gentle. I promise that you'll only feel pleasure."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"And will you take off your pants so I'm not the only naked woman in here?" Veronica said and stuck out her tongue. She broke out in a snicker that was silenced by a wave of heat that flowed through her when Mickey did as asked and removed her final garments. Veronica's eyes roamed all over the shorter woman, from her pronounced shoulders to the surprising sight of a tattoo on the silky smooth skin where the pubic hair would normally be. "Oh…" she breathed, trying to reach down in the hope of running a finger across the tender skin immediately above Mickey's center.

"I always shave my pubes. I hope that's not a turnoff?" Mickey husked, sliding up into bed.

"Gosh, no… I just didn't expect it."

"Mmmm. I'm full of surprises, Miss Masterson."

Nothing further needed to be said. Another kiss followed before Veronica moved her rear end off the bed in an invitation for Mickey to slide down the lacy panties.

Mickey didn't need to be told twice. Hooking her fingers inside the elastic band, she gently pulled the garment down to reveal a trimmed patch of dark-brown curls. Veronica's glistening folds told a tale of her body being ready for more, even if her mind had doubts and concerns.

The panties slid up Veronica's thighs and were soon on the carpet. Mickey moved in between the star's long legs and took full advantage of the opportunity by kissing and caressing her way down from the navel to the alluring prize at the juncture. At the last moment, Mickey skipped the sweetest spot and moved up the left thigh, much to Veronica's vocal dissatisfaction. "You're so perfect…" she husked in between running her tongue across the smooth skin of the upper, inner thigh.

"More… please… more…" Veronica whispered, but Mickey had other plans. She had been asked to be gentle, and gentle she would be. Instead of suckling on the glistening folds like she would normally have done, she kissed her way up the star's long torso until she arrived at her throat.

There, she reached down to cover Veronica's warm center with her hand. The move earned her a sensual moan and an insistent push, but she wasn't about to jump ahead in her program. The love juices coated her fingers and prompted her to add a little pressure while the star pressed the other way. "Hey… put your hand on top of mine," Mickey whispered close to Veronica's ear. "Put your hand on top of mine and feel me make love to you. May I go on?"

"Gawd, please… don't stop now," Veronica husked back, turning her head so their lips were too close to ignore. Arcs of electricity flashed between their eyes as she reached down and placed a hand on top of Mickey's.

A deep kiss followed, then another. Moving slowly and deliberately, Mickey ran her fingers up and down the slick folds to stroke Veronica's soaked center.

A cross between a hiss and a moan escaped Veronica's lips when Mickey commenced the gentle, loving cadence down below. She arched her back off the bed and pressed her hand down onto Mickey's to add to the sweet pressure. Seeking out Mickey's mouth, she moaned in disappointment when she couldn't find it anywhere - moments later, the lips she had wanted were attached to her pulse point at the side of her neck where they matched the cadence at her other end.

The strokes became longer and longer until Mickey could sense that Veronica was ready for more. Kissing the star's throat and heaving chest, she finally slipped two fingers in between the folds to explore the velvety cavern. The reaction was instant. Veronica once again arched her back off the bed and let out a long, throaty groan that made Mickey's nape hairs stand on edge.

Her stroking didn't let up for a second. She began a slow, gentle exploration of the soft, soaked cavern while keeping just the right amount of pressure on the swollen bud at the top. Veronica's hand held on tight, seemingly trying to press her entire fist inside as it followed Mickey's movements. Mickey knew that would be too much, too soon for the inexperienced woman so she resisted.

Pulling out, she concentrated on stroking the outer folds while beginning a slow, insistent rubbing of Veronica's bundle of nerves that had come fully out to play. With a final dip inside to give it a good coating, she moved her middle finger up to focus on maximizing the pleasure for her lover.

Veronica once again groaned out loud as Mickey's finger went to work on her clit. Sighing, she increased the pressure on Mickey's hand while she pushed up with her pelvis. The heightened sense of pleasure made her sigh deeply and seek out the warm lips she knew would be close by. This time, she found them and nearly devoured her lover whole; their tongues danced against each other in a perfect mirror of the sweet contact between her legs.

In need of air, Mickey left Veronica's lips behind and went on a quest to thrill her lover wherever she could. While keeping up the circular rubbing down below, she kissed her way past the hollow of Veronica's throat, her collar bones and the swells of her breasts. The mounds and the erect nipples were too good to pass over, so she put her mouth over the right one and let her tongue fondle the sensitive tip in perfect synchronicity with the movements of her middle finger.

"Oh Gaaaaawd," Veronica moaned, arching her chest off the bed so Mickey's lips and tongue could continue the sweet torture. Acting instinctively, she closed her legs and pressed her rear down into the mattress which trapped Mickey's fingers around her clit. It was only when she realized the stroking had stopped that she released the grip and allowed her lover to carry on.

Mickey grinned over the star's glorious reactions. Feeling wicked, she pulled back from the nipple and trailed her tongue along the underside of Veronica's right breast in the hope of finding an unexplored erogenous zone that she could use to bring her new lover over the edge for the first time.

She found it just below the areola on Veronica's left breast. While keeping up the rubbing down south, she explored the row of tiny bumps at the root of the nipple and the rest of the tender mound with great fervor, but she was unprepared for the strength of the response.

Groaning out an incoherent rendition of Mickey's name, Veronica nearly pressed her left breast into her lover's mouth to get the most out of the tidal wave of pleasure that had washed over her. "Don't… don't stop… that… please," she groaned, moving her free hand over to pull Mickey closer.

Mickey was only happy to comply with the heartfelt plea. Wearing nothing but a smile, she went to work administering plenty of loving to the hot zone and the surrounding areas. Veronica's breasts were caressed, gently kneaded, suckled and caressed again until it was evident she was on the verge of her first orgasm at the hands of a woman.

The hand in question kept the circular rubbing going but began to vary the tempo. Sometimes, she'd go fast, other times slow. Now and then she left the nub behind to dip into the soaked folds or simply to stroke them.

Veronica's face was flushed and had gained an angelic quality that left Mickey grinning although the muscles in her right forearm were burning. Even while she adjusted the tempo again, the star's breathing changed and became shallower. A series of gasps and moans turned loud, and before long, Veronica grabbed hold of the sheets and balled them up in her fists.

They barely had time to lock eyes before Veronica orgasmed. Arching her back off the bed, she slammed her legs shut and let out a groan that left no doubt as to the glorious nature of her climax.

"Ride it… ride it, baby," Mickey husked, continuing to add pressure to Veronica's swollen nub that she manipulated slowly with her index and middle fingers. When her lover slipped back down onto the linen, panting and moaning like a locomotive, she withdrew her hand so the pleasure wouldn't turn to pain. She chuckled at the sight of the soaked digits, but did the only thing she could and licked them clean. "You even taste like a star," she said with a wink.

"Gawd… that was so wonderful. Come… come up here… I need you," Veronica croaked, putting out her arms in an invitation for a cuddle. When Mickey swept up into the bed and snuggled down next to her, she wrapped her arms and legs around her new lover and held her tight to share the wonderful moment. Sighing, she found Mickey's lips and offered her a deep, grateful kiss. "Thank you. That was far, far better than anything I've ever-"

"Shhh. No talk of your exes now. Okay? This is you and me time. We're the only people who matter. Just enjoy it," Mickey husked, caressing Veronica's cheeks with the fingers that still glistened with the star's own juices. "Welcome to the New World. Did you like the journey?"

Veronica chuckled and gave Mickey a little crush. "Oh Gawd, yes! You're the most beautiful, gentle lover… you won't get any complaints out of me… perhaps I can get frequent flyer miles? Mmmm?"

"You know," Mickey said and leaned in to lick a path up the side of Veronica's throat, "that was my plan. I'm gonna take you so high you never want to come down."

"I think you already have. I want to repay the favor, Mickey," Veronica said and ran her fingertips down the smooth back that was halfway on top of her.


"Yeah. How about it?"

"Well, I'm game," Mickey said with a husky chuckle. She claimed Veronica's lips in another kiss, but it didn't last as long as some of the earlier ones. Instead, she eyed the tray with the champagne cooler, the strawberries and the honey. "First, let's crack open the bubbly to celebrate. I've heard it's a good aphrodisiac. Not to mention the honey."

"Mmmm!" Veronica said, saucily wiggling her eyebrows.

Mickey slipped off the bed and shuffled over to the bureau to get the tray with the goodies.

Meanwhile, Veronica shuffled around to sit on her knees. She let her long fingers slide up her torso as she stretched to work out the kinks, stopping here and there to caress and fondle herself as if she was secretly marveling at how good she felt.

The sight made Mickey narrow her eyes and lick her lips that had suddenly gone dry. As she took in the sights of the naked woman on the bed, her body reacted and began to shiver in a most pleasant way. A wave of little thrills trickled down across her skin and left it flushed and ready to be loved. By itself, her body turned up the heat that eventually pooled at all the right places. There would be so much more to come from the lazy afternoon, of that she was certain.

Smirking, Mickey kept a firm grip on the tray as she slithered back to the bed. She put it down gently and took the opportunity to claim Veronica's lips in a kiss that started slow but soon turned searing. Their tongues once again danced against each other in the overture to round two which was soon to follow.

"Are you ready to learn more of the Sapphic ways?" Mickey husked around nibbling on Veronica's lips.

The star just grunted, too occupied with Mickey's mouth to form a coherent answer. They briefly locked eyes to send each other a sizzling message before they went back to kissing.

"Good…" Mickey said once the need for air drove them an inch apart. "Open the bottle. I'll just lie here all by my lonesome and wait for you."

The corners of Veronica's mouth twitched at the news, and she nodded enthusiastically as she took the bottle of champagne from the cooler. While Mickey scooted up to the top end of the bed and got comfortable on her back, Veronica's long digits wrapped around the cork and quickly took care of it. A loud POP followed, but the bottle had been handled correctly so no champagne went to waste.

The two flutes were soon filled with the pale-green, bubbly liquid. As Mickey dunked a strawberry in honey, Veronica scooted in between her new lover's legs that had been spread to ease the access. The star stared down at the silky smooth region just above Mickey's folds that had already begun to glisten. The small tattoo that she had noticed before turned out to be a traditional Amazonic labrys.

Veronica gulped and gave Mickey one of the flutes. "Here's to you," she said and raised it in the air. When she was offered the first coated strawberry, she leaned forward and took it with her teeth, biting halfway down to the leaves and Mickey's fingers on the first pass.

"Here's to us," Mickey husked, taking a sip from the flute. The champagne was cool and just what she needed to counteract the raging inferno inside her.

Veronica made a little show of chewing on the strawberry before she went in for her second helping. When they were so close, she extended her tongue and licked Mickey's fingers clean of the honey instead of snatching the rest of the juicy fruit. "How am I doing?" she said with a wink.

"Just fine… just fine," Mickey replied, smirking from the delicious contact. She dunked another strawberry into the honey pot and chewed on the fruit with great relish . "Oh, they're good. Really tasty."

"Mmmm," Veronica said, gazing down at Mickey's tattoo.

After finishing off the strawberry, Mickey 'accidentally' poured some of the champagne down her chin. From there, it trickled down her throat and between her breasts before it ran off onto the sheets. "Oh, clumsy me… how am I ever going to get that clean?"

The only reply she got was a throaty snicker as Veronica put away the rest of the champagne and leaned down. With her tongue and her lips, she did her best to mop up any excess fluid, dipping into the hollow of Mickey's throat before going across her collar bones and the rest of her upper chest.

Mickey's skin caught fire from the contact just as she had hoped it would. With Veronica being a singer, she had perfect control over her lips and tongue that constantly changed from a hard, little poking to a soft, lavish licking that only made the fire inside Mickey grow worse. She hissed sensually when the tongue finally reached the desired destination. Moving her hands down, she cupped her breasts and manipulated her nipples to show what Veronica should focus on next.

The star was nothing but a quick study, and she soon wrapped her lips around Mickey's right nipple and began to caress it with her tongue.

The jolt of raw pleasure that shot through Mickey was enough to make her utter a long, insistent moan. Even while she reached behind Veronica's dark head to press her closer to the action, she lifted her abdomen off the bed and pushed against the taller woman's bare stomach. A chill from an unexpected separation raced across her skin and made her whimper, but the whimper turned into another strong moan when Veronica simply transferred her attention to Mickey's other breast and engulfed it with her warm, moist mouth.

Mickey cracked open an eyelid and watched in amazement at the way her breasts were being tended to. Veronica noticed she was being watched and winked at her new lover before she went back to work. Her expert tongue sent fiery tendrils racing all across Mickey's body and soul, and it wasn't long before her lust told her in a most decisive voice it was fully ready for the next phase. "Baby," she whispered, reaching down to still Veronica's suckling. "I need you… need you inside me now. Please…"

The heartfelt plea was adhered to and Veronica slid further down the writhing body. When she reached the soaked folds, she paused like she hadn't yet gained the confidence needed to please her new lover orally. Smiling nervously, she did the next best thing and let her long fingers draw a pattern on Mickey's labrys and further below. A strong moan and another pelvic push convinced her she was doing the right thing and she moved further down to stroke and caress the outer folds.

Mickey gasped when the star's long digits slid over her heated, super-sensitive skin. "More… inside, baby… I need you inside," she moaned, once again pushing herself into her lover's hands. She opened her mouth to add another plea, but the sensation of a tender, probing penetration cut her off and left her powerless to do anything but groan and writhe.

A long middle-finger probed her cavern, but it wasn't enough for her. "More… please… deeper…" she husked, but found her plea unanswered. Reaching down, she took Veronica's hand and tried to explain she should use more fingers. The message was translated into a second, then a third digit that slipped inside Mickey's slick opening. "Oh, Gawd… yes, like that… harder… harder… please, baby, I need you now… now…" Mickey moaned, writhing in perfect beat with each thrust.

Gasping from the thrill of seeing her new lover in such ecstasy, Veronica did as asked and increased the tempo and pressure. Soon, most of her fist save for her thumb entered Mickey's soaked center on each pass. Deeper and deeper she went; harder and harder she tried to be without hurting her partner - although judging by the lustful groans emanating from Mickey, she felt no pain whatsoever.

A million colors floated past the insides of Mickey's closed eyes as the near-fisting continued below. Her entire being was engulfed by the strong sensations that pulsated through her from each thrust and set fire to everything they touched. Every inch of her had turned into an erogenous zone and she could barely hang onto the basic functions of life, like breathing. Gasping and moaning, she rode the wave that crept up on her from Veronica's sterling work.

When Mickey's inner muscles rippled and spasmed as a precursor to her orgasm, she reached down to still Veronica's frantic gestures. "Slower… slower now, baby… let me ride it…" she husked, but that was all she had time for when her lover adhered to the request and slowed down.

The sensations of the fingers inside her, the slower tempo and the clenching of her inner muscles worked together to ignite an orgasm that rolled through her like an unstoppable force. Her body trembled and shuddered, and the strength of the groan that burst from her throat was enough to make Veronica stare at her in shock.

Panting and moaning, Mickey crested the wave and allowed herself to fall down into a mountain of soft downs on the other side. She licked her lips and reached out for Veronica to join her in her arms. The star was only happy to comply and the two women were soon cuddling on the bed. "Thank you… thank you so much… that was amazing," Mickey whispered, drawing a pattern on Veronica's back. "You know what you're doing… I thought I was supposed to teach you a trick or two," she continued, winking. The need for a kiss became too strong, and she sought out the star's lips to take care of it at once with a quick thank-you smooch.

"You're welcome," Veronica said with a snicker. When a brief shiver rolled across Mickey's steaming hot body, she reached over to the other side of the queen-sized bed and pulled the bedspread over their naked bodies while they recovered from their latest lovemaking. "Better?" she husked, laying down a line of little kisses on Mickey's temple and cheek.

A warm blanket of afterglow fell over Mickey that dulled her senses. "Mmmm…" she mumbled, locking eyes with the woman in her arms. Veronica's enticing lips were too good to ignore so they were given a few little nibbles along the way.

Underneath the bedspread, Veronica caressed her lover's smooth skin. She let her hand roam from just below Mickey's breasts and down to the silky smooth pubic region that was given special attention. "Tell me," she whispered, leaning in to kiss Mickey's brow, "is it a generation thing to shave down there? I mean, you've got no hair anywhere…? Well, except on your head."

"A generation thing? We're not a generation apart. You're only eight years older than me," Mickey said quietly as she shuffled around to get a full view of Veronica's face. "It's not a generation thing, it's just my thing. Like my short hair and the fact I'm wearing suits. It's just my thing."

Veronica leaned in to add yet another kiss to her growing collection. "Would you rather have been a boy?" she whispered, sliding her fingertips around Mickey's left breast.

"No way. I love the skin I'm in. I'm happy being a woman, except for the monthly… I wish we could turn that off at will. But I do like to carve my own path in life… is that a masculine character trait? I don't know."

They fell silent for a little while. Mickey used the gap in the conversation to run her fingers up and down Veronica's back. The tender contact made the star sign contentedly and snuggle further down into her soft bedmate's arms.

"I wish I had carved my path in life instead of being told what to do for the past decade and a half," Veronica said after a little while. "That's what I've been trying to do since Brent left. I've been trying to regain control of my life. I guess I have now, at least to a certain extent… but… but it's so difficult. My career… oh, that's another story."

"Hey," Mickey said while she swept some of the star's black mane away from her shoulder. "Are you unhappy? If you are, I think you should-"

"I'm not unhappy, but… sometimes, I'm dissatisfied with the material I'm given to sing. With the costumes I'm given for my live performances. Remember the dress that flashed my cleavage from my neck to my navel?"

Mickey chuckled and pulled the reluctant star closer. "Yeah, I do. But we fixed it good, didn't we?"

"Only because it was you, Mickey…"


"No, I'm serious!" Veronica said and swatted at Mickey's tummy. "Had it been anyone else than you that night, I would have… I would have looked like a cheap slut on national TV."

Mickey shook her head vehemently. "No, absolutely not. No way. You'd look like a million dollars like you always do… only in a crappy dress."

"Thank you," Veronica said and leaned in to kiss Mickey's lips. "But I'm actually insured for two point five million dollars, so…"

"Holy shit, I better watch out what I'm tuggin' at, eh?" Mickey said and let out a snort that made Veronica snort back and snuggle up closer.

Sighing contentedly, the star shuffled over to lie more on top of her new lover. She moved her legs down on either side of Mickey's right thigh so their centers each had something to lean against. "Trust me," she husked, paying close attention to a spot on Mickey's neck, "you can tug, pull, poke and do anything else you can think of on anything you see!"

"Gosh golly, Miss Masterson… is that an invitation to a fu-?"

"Yes…" Veronica said and cut Mickey off with a searing kiss that earned her a gentle moan. When they separated, she winked at her new lover while she clawed the smooth skin on her tummy. "I'm not done with you yet… and I have something special in mind. But I need a moment first."

"I'm game. Whatever it is, I'm game."

Veronica snickered and moved her pelvis in towards Mickey's to add a little sweet pressure. "Careful. You don't know what I got in mind," she husked, gently rubbing her thigh against Mickey's hot, soaked center.

"Kinky! Way kinkier than I had expected from a recording star who performed a live set at a fundraising dinner of the Wives of the American Revolutionaries or whatever the hell they were called…"

"Oh, you saw that?"

Mickey smiled and wrapped her arms around the bare torso on top of her. "It was all over the news, baby."

"I'm sorry I didn't call for your services. Inez was so excited about going to the gig and I didn't want to ruin her day," Veronica said with a juvenile snicker. She was trapped by Mickey's strong arms but didn't mind a bit. Instead of trying to escape, she moved her pelvis to a steady rhythm that earned her a husky sigh. "You think you got me, but I know I got you, Mickey. Mmmm?"

"You definitely got me, baby," Mickey said, closing her eyes to enjoy the waves of pleasure that rolled up from her clit that was in contact with Veronica's smooth thigh.

Smiling over her lover's genuine reaction, Veronica slowed down her movements to allow their breathing to level out. "Can you imagine what would happen if Inez walked in on us now?"

"Either she'd die… or she'd come and we'd get a free show," Mickey said with a wink.

"Noooo! Silly. She's not like that. She's so driven by cold, steely ambition that I doubt she's had sex for a decade."

"Let's not talk about other people now, okay?" The request was accompanied by a little wink that rounded off the sharp edges of the words.

"Okay…" Veronica said and stuck out her tongue. "But only if I can kiss you senseless. If I can't, I'll talk about all my personal assistants…" she continued in a sneaky whisper.

"You're such a rascal," Mickey said, but that was all she had time for before her lips were well and truly claimed by a deep, warm, strong kiss that immediately turned so heated their tongues simply couldn't stop making love to each other.

They kissed and kissed and kissed until the need for air drove them apart. They kept close, nibbling at each other's lips, caressing each other under the bedspread and finding sweet spots to explore later. It was clear by the looks of mutual lust and attraction that flew between them that their afternoon in bed wasn't merely a one-time deal - it would be a regular feature in their lives.

"You complete me, Mickey. I didn't think I'd say it… but you complete me," Veronica whispered with a remarkable look of sincerity on her face. "I feel safer… more loved here, now… than I have done for my entire marriage. We've only known each other for such a short while, but my heart tells me that I can trust you. Isn't that amazing?"

"Yeah. When we first met, I'll bet your heart told you something different about me?"

"At the Valentine's Day show… oh, boy, I wanted to strangle you for the things you said to me!" Veronica said with a snicker. "Now I'm glad I didn't."

"Me too!" Mickey said and pretended to wrap a hand around her own throat.

Veronica snickered again and leaned in to deliver a kiss of comfort on Mickey's brow. "But it didn't take long for you to find your way into my heart and soul. Now… now I can't imagine you not being there."

"It's a beautiful place to be, Veronica."

"Thank you," the star said with a blush creeping across her cheeks. She looked down shyly, but suddenly remembered the bag Mickey had brought with her. "Tell me, what did you bring in the gym bag?" she whispered into Mickey's ear.

"Little o' this, plenty o' that. Toys for big girls. All kinds of toys. I didn't know what you'd really enjoy, so I took a few of my favorites."

"And you called me kinky?"

"Takes one to know one."

Veronica stuck out her tongue and slowly pulled back from her lover. As she sat back on her thighs, she took the bedspread with her but took full advantage of the pleasant reveal to run her fingers across Mickey's stomach. "What kind of toys?"

"Oh, the usual stuff. Whips, collars, handcuffs…" Mickey said and put her arms behind her head to gain some elevation.

The hissing sound made by Veronica drawing in a sharp breath through her teeth made Mickey chuckle out loud and reach out to reassure her lover. "No, don't worry… I'm just kidding. I don't like any of those things. I've brought a few little items I've had fun with over the years, like a string of pleasure beads and a special vibrator for two."

"Mmmm," Veronica said, clawing the smooth skin on Mickey's stomach. Almost instinctively, she moved her fingers down to the labrys tattoo and drew a circle around it that made Mickey squirm from the tickling touch.

"You like my tat, huh?" Mickey said, her eyes following Veronica's slender digits on their way around the tattoo. "You want a matching one down there?"

"Oh, no. Uh… tell me, what kind of tattoo artist did you go to to get it done? Because, frankly, I can't see how you could have worn any underwear while-"

"I was as naked as I am now. And the artist was family."

"Oh. That must have been really, really awkward…" Veronica said and concentrated on the tattoo and the surrounding flesh.

Mickey shook her head and reached down to still her lover's hands. "No, the artist had already seen everything there is to see down there."

"Oh… meaning-"


"I see. I'm sorry for prying."

"You weren't," Mickey said and sat up so she could deliver a kiss to Veronica's succulent lips. "Now, where were we…?" she husked as she placed a tender hand on the star's smooth hip and began to claw it.

"The toys…"

"The toys, yeah," Mickey husked, adding another kiss to the one from before.

Suddenly looking shy, Veronica licked her lips and cast a glance at the top drawer of the bureau. "What if I told you I've bought something that I'd like to try first… but I don't know if you're into it?"

"I would say, that sounds intriguing…"

After stealing another kiss, Veronica slid off the bed and wiggled over to the bureau. She opened the top drawer but kept the item out of sight of her lover. "Remember you can always, always say no if it isn't your thing…"

"Sure, but I can't see what we're talkin' about, baby," Mickey said and shuffled around, " 'cos your glorious butt is in the way."

The star shook the body part in question before she turned around to reveal a black nine-inch dildo on a harness. She almost seemed reluctant to look up at Mickey's reaction, but she did so eventually.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Mickey said, observing the toy.

"Of course."

"I've never actually tried one of those."

"Oh, I understand," Veronica said and quickly put the dildo back in the top drawer. "We can just-"

"Wait, wait, wait," Mickey said and stepped off the bed. She was at Veronica's side in a few heartbeats and reached into the drawer to take the toy. "I didn't say I wasn't interested in trying it on for size. Hey, I can see in your eyes you'd like to go on a trip to the wild side for a change… am I right?"

Veronica nodded shyly.

Mickey wrapped an arm around Veronica's torso and pulled her impossibly close. "And you will," she husked, causing the taller woman to shudder and let out a brief moan. They leaned against each other for a few heartbeats before Mickey took her new lover by the hand and guided her back to the bed.

Once there, they shared the last of the champagne to replenish their fluids that would surely take a strong hit with their promised lovemaking. When the flutes had been put away, Mickey stepped in close and made sure with her lips, tongue and roaming hands that Veronica was more than ready for her date with the black toy.

She showered the taller woman's upper chest in kisses while her fingers drew patterns along her long back. "Just let go, Veronica," she whispered, "just allow me to love you… I'll never, ever cause you any pain. I'll give you such pleasure… so much pleasure you'll be swept away…"

"Oh Gawd, Mickey…"

"Shhh, don't speak… just feel. Just feel, baby," Mickey whispered, licking a glistening path from the hollow of Veronica's throat and up to her lips. Now and then, she ran her hands across the ample breasts and the erect nipples in front of her to keep up the sweet pressure.

The sighs and moans that emanated from Veronica's sensually parted lips proved that she was ready, and Mickey helped her down onto the center of the bed.

There, Veronica instinctively parted her legs and bent them at the knees to allow her lover the best possible access. Working on auto-pilot, she grabbed one of the two pillows and shoved it under her rear end. Sighing, she reached down to stroke herself tenderly.

Mickey licked her bone-dry lips and stared at the glistening fluids that oozed out between Veronica's fingers. She could almost taste the salty liquid, but a promise was a promise, and she quickly wrapped the strap-on's nylon harness around her hips.

Once it was clicked in place and tightened, she reached down between her own legs to take some of her love juices that she just knew were coating her thighs. She used the fluid to make sure the shaft was well-lubricated before it would be sent into action.

On the bed, Veronica reached down to carefully spread her pink folds so the dildo could slip inside her unhindered. The intense, dark-blue gaze she offered Mickey nearly ripped the fabric of time and space, but it got the point across.

Mickey crawled up into the bed and got in place between Veronica's legs. She moved the tip of the dildo up to the star's opening, but didn't go any further. "Baby," she said, whispering so she wouldn't break the moment, "have you tried it inside you yet?"

"No," Veronica breathed.

"All right… I'll be extra careful," Mickey said and let the tip of the dildo graze the glistening skin to coat it even further. When it was ready, she slid the first inch inside Veronica, going slow to allow the inner muscles to be accustomed to the foreign object.

"More… more," Veronica breathed, pressing her pelvis up towards the shaft.

Mickey was only happy to comply, so she moved her hips forward which sent the black dildo another few inches into Veronica. Shifting her weight, she got ready to go deep if the request came.

It didn't take long for Veronica to let out a moan and arch her back off the bed. Nodding, she waved impatiently at her lover.

Chuckling at the star's impatience, Mickey slid in the rest of the way and carefully began the ancient cadence, much to Veronica's vocal pleasure. The low groans that came from her lover's throat sent a wave of pleasant, little chills down Mickey's back, and she concentrated on giving Veronica the best possible experience.

Sitting on her thighs, Mickey let her hips and her pelvis do the work of feeding the dildo into Veronica's oozing center in a slow, deliberate rhythm that matched the star's heavy breathing.

"God, I never knew this could be so much fun," Mickey whispered as she looked at the writhing woman on the bed. Her own body reacted to the sounds that came from Veronica by sending several showers of warm fuzzies all over the spots that mattered the most, but her senses were crying out to re-establish the physical contact that was sorely lacking, even while she serviced her lover through the rhythmic motions. To regain some of the contact, she took Veronica's thighs and lifted them higher simply to feel the warm, flushed skin against her own.

The long, lustful groan that burst out of Veronica's throat proved that she didn't object to her legs being moved around. She opened her eyes and pinned Mickey to the spot with a dark-blue gaze. "Get… get up here… I need your touch… please," she whispered and put out her hand.

Even before Veronica had breathed the last part of the sentence, Mickey followed her request and crawled up the long torso. The slick dildo was in the way and made it difficult for her to lie flat, but she wasn't about to be hindered in claiming Veronica's lips and devouring them with a frantic, bruising kiss.

Their bodies touched all the way down as the sweet wrestling match continued, causing them both to catch fire and gasp and moan into the other's mouth from the ferocity of the encounter. Further south, Veronica tried to guide the dildo back to her place of need, but she couldn't do it by herself. "Please… please, can we do both? I need you up here… and down there…"

"I'll try," Mickey said and grabbed hold of her artificial appendix. She moved the shaft back to the opening but found it more difficult than she had imagined. "Your legs are in the way," she said with an embarrassed chuckle.

Veronica was nothing if not a quick thinker, so she parted her thighs even more and moved them around Mickey's hips. "Now… try again…" she said, shuffling around to make it easier for the shaft to slide into her.

The flexible shaft entered Veronica easily, aided by the coating it got from her juices. Mickey grinned and slid into place between the legs that seemed endless at that distance. "I'm there, baby… let me know if it stings." With the dildo in place, she crawled back up the long torso and slid her hands under Veronica's shoulders to get as close as humanly possible and still remain as two beings.

"Oh, that feels so good… please, Mickey… I need you…" Veronica moaned, commencing the rhythm against Mickey's abdomen.

Mickey followed suit and let her pelvis do the talking. Her entire front caught fire from the close contact with Veronica's longer torso, and each time their sensitive breasts and nipples brushed against each other, detonations went off inside her that spread a searing heat even further into the fabric of her body. "Gawd, this is amazing," Mickey husked, panting and moaning from the tendrils of lust and pleasure that swept through her.

"Please… please don't stop now," Veronica husked, pressing her fingers into Mickey's rippling back. "Don't stop…"

"Don't worry, I'm never gonna stop…"

"This is so good… you're amazing… I knew you'd be…"

Fueled by Veronica's heartfelt comments, Mickey grinned and went to work on Veronica's throat and lips. She kissed, nibbled, licked and gnawed at the woman underneath her who responded to her every touch with a series of moans and sighs.

Down south, the unfamiliar rocking motion grew in tempo and intensity. A shudder that rippled through Veronica's body alerted Mickey to her lover's impending climax. She considered slowing down to prolong the rush like before, but she discarded the idea within a heartbeat when Veronica crossed her legs behind Mickey's rear and attempted to shove the dildo - and the woman wearing it - inside her. Now she had no choice but to keep up the pace.

An open pit of fire was on the boil inside Mickey; the incredible sensations of making love in such an unusual way, and the moans and groans that came from the woman in her arms all ganged up on her and sent her on a collision course with her second orgasm. Veronica came first, and the star's throaty cries sent Mickey over the edge, too.

Bucking and groaning, the two women writhed in each other's arms, riding out their orgasms as one. Mickey buried her head in the crook of Veronica's neck, the only safe place for her to release the feral cry she couldn't hold back any longer. Her sex clenched several times as the strong orgasm shot through her, aided by the way the dildo was kept in a firm grip by Veronica's inner muscles.

Their bodies eventually became still though their chests were still heaving from the exertion. A late spasm from somewhere deep inside Mickey sent another little wave of pleasure through her, but it was the last remnants of the wild ride. Panting like crazy, she reached up to caress Veronica's cheek as a thank you. "Have… have you ever exp-"

"No," Veronica moaned, shaking her head slowly.

"Me neither. That wasn't the… wasn't the last time I'll try that toy," Mickey said and began to snicker into Veronica's sweet-smelling hair.


They looked at each other and broke out in identical snickers. Winking, they got even closer and gave each other a few warm, pleasant kisses. "Roll over," Veronica whispered, giving Mickey a gentle poke on the shoulder.

Before she could move, Mickey reached down and took out the dildo that was inappropriately erect even after the frantic session. She giggled at the way the soaked, glistening toy flopped onto Veronica's tummy as the star shuffled over onto her right side. "Better than the real thing, I imagine?" she said with a wicked gleam in her eye.

"No comparison… because it was you," Veronica said and silenced her lover with a long, deep kiss.

They just lay there in a contented silence for a little while until Veronica rolled over onto her stomach. She propped her head up on her arms and began to swing her legs back and forth like a frolicking mermaid. "Thank you," she said and briefly scooted over so she could kiss Mickey on the forehead. "My vagina's on fire… and it's never felt so good."

"Heh, you're welcome," Mickey said and let out a snicker.

"Do you wanna try it?"

Mickey shook her head as she looked down at the glistening black shaft that was still attached to her hips. "No thank you. That's not my thing. It was a fun experience, though. But, no… I like the girly bits better."

"Oh, do you?"

"Mmmm…" Mickey said and kissed Veronica yet again. "But I will admit it was pretty special to watch the effect it had on you."

Veronica grinned as she scooted to the left and crawled halfway on top of her new lover. A hand moved all by itself and began to draw a pattern around a soft breast - it earned her a long sigh. "Yeah? Watching gets you hot?"

"Hey, I'm a hands-on girl!" Mickey said and reached down to grab a handful of Veronica's rear end to underscore her words. They laughed and kissed some more before they settled down again. "Watching you does get me hot, though. You respond so well."

"So do you. We came together."

A short arc of electricity zapped from blue to green as Veronica delivered the undeniable statement of fact. The star's blue eyes seemed to turn darker for a moment before she leaned in and placed her hand demonstratively on top of Mickey's right breast like she wanted to claim it for good. Her long fingers drew a little flower around the nipple that soon rose to attention. Smirking, she stretched down to place a tender kiss on the swell of the breast.

"Yeah, we did. That makes it special," Mickey breathed, already enjoying the overtures of their next round. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the pillow so nothing would get in the way of the golden colors that had begun to flash before her eyes from Veronica's touch.

Veronica continued to nibble at the soft flesh, but she paused for a moment to smirk and look down at Mickey's center that was once again ready to be loved. "Mickey… I… I didn't have the nerve before, but… but we've shared so much since then. I'd love to… oh… I'd love to love you with my tongue."

"I won't stop you," Mickey said with a wink.

"It's only that… that I don't have much experience with that. I didn't want to do it to my husb-"

"Hold it, hold it, hold it… no talk of that jerk now, please, and definitely no talk of his peener," Mickey said decisively.

Veronica snickered and rested her head on Mickey's soft chest. "Sorry. But I'm serious, I want it to be my crowning achievement… I want it to be the best thing we've done today. I just don't know how to do it properly… doesn't that sound pathetic?"

"You just haven't learned it yet, baby," Mickey said and clawed Veronica's skin as far down as she could reach. "But there's no time like the present. If you'll let me, I could teach you…?"

"I'd love to, Mickey. You've done so much for me today… I want to pay back all your favors."

Mickey nodded with a big grin on her lips. She looked at her new lover, at herself and finally at the bed. "Listen here, Lady Blu, I have a great idea. C'mon, lie down on your back… c'mon, lie down flat. Let's remove the pillows," she said, shoving the remaining cushions down onto the carpet.

"Uh… on my back? But…"

"On your back," Mickey said, swept her legs over the side of the bed and hopped off it. Working the plastic locks on the harness, it didn't take her long to liberate herself from the strap-on, and she brushed a hand over her lap to make sure she didn't have anything there she wasn't born with.

After Veronica was comfortable on her back - albeit with a large question mark written all over her face - Mickey stepped back up into the bed down at Veronica's feet.

Moving like a tigress on the prowl, she slid up the long legs, showering them in kisses and nibbles as she went past the spots she wanted to get to know better. Once she reached the patch of dark curls, she leaned down and placed a tender kiss right in the center of it. This time, she couldn't resist tasting her lover's salty juices and let her tongue slide over the slick folds below the hair. The move earned her a sharp intake of breath and a little pelvic thrust, but she ignored it with a grin and carried on climbing upwards.

"Wh- what are you doing, Mickey?" Veronica breathed as her tummy was assaulted by Mickey's probing lips.

"Loving you," came the muffled answer. "And showing you how to do it."


"Shhh… just enjoy it," Mickey said with a wink before she moved further up and focused on Veronica's breasts. The mounds were well-loved; fondled and caressed, no spot on the tender flesh was left untouched by the time Mickey went further up the long body.

By the time their mouths finally touched, a searing kiss was long overdue. They spent several moments locked in a hot exchange that saw them both moaning into the other's mouth. Eventually, Mickey pulled back and winked saucily at the puzzled Veronica. She rose further and grabbed hold of the bed's frame that held it against the back wall.

With a center that was already throbbing from the intimate contact she hoped would follow, Mickey placed her knees on either side of Veronica's head before lowering her scorching hot flesh down close to the waiting mouth. "Get the picture, baby?" she husked, looking down at Veronica's eyes that seemed to pulsate.


"Just do what comes natural to you… I'll bet you'll master it in a flash."

"Gawd, you're so wet," the star said in a voice muffled by the proximity of her lover. She moved up her arms to help Mickey hold the position.

"I could have told you th-" Mickey said, but she was cut off by the magical sensation of her lover's tongue probing her. "Oh! Ohhhhhhh…" she groaned, throwing back her head and lowering herself even further.

While she held onto the bed's frame for dear life, a burning pool of fire in the pit of her stomach ignited by Veronica's attempts at pleasing her orally; tendrils of lust shot up from her center, and she could do nothing to stop the long moans that escaped her lips. As the tongue continued to explore every nook and cranny of her hot flesh, beautiful colors filled her vision though her eyes were closed.

Her hips began rocking back and forth to reap every last ounce of enjoyment she could, and she pressed herself down into Veronica's mouth. "Gawd… you're an expert…" she moaned, gripping the bed's frame hard although her hands and arms had already turned to jelly.

The tongue's early, fumbling attempts soon turned into a rock-solid session that left Mickey unable to do anything but hang on and be loved. She thought she had herself under control until the fateful moment when Veronica's tongue stroked and flicked her clit. The little gesture had a great result - she came, and came hard.

She stiffened and threw her head back to let out a long, throaty groan that surprised even herself by its ferocity. Even while her sex was still gasping for air from the unexpected, hard climax, she stepped off her lover's face and slid down the long body.

Mickey only needed one glance at Veronica's glistening face - that was drawn in feral pleasure - to know that she needed to reciprocate before it was too late. She got settled in a hurry and gently pushed at her lover's thighs to let her know she should part them.

When Veronica's burning hot center came into view, Mickey attempted to swallow it whole by opening her mouth wide and framing the tender flesh with her lips. She sucked on it gently to heighten Veronica's pleasure before she extended her tongue and let it play around the folds, the opening and finally the clit that received so much attention from the tip of her tongue that she needed to hang onto the thighs with both arms to stop herself from being thrown off by the frantic bucking.

A river of salty juices escaped Veronica's center, but Mickey lapped up all she had time for before going back to the clitoris to make sure Veronica would get all the loving she deserved.

Throaty cries and a series of shudders were the first hints of Veronica's imminent orgasm, and Mickey scooted back up the heaving body to be there when it happened. She entwined their legs and rubbed her own throbbing center against a smooth leg while doing the exact same thing to Veronica.

Mickey could feel yet another orgasm building inside her, but she tried with all her might to ride the wave until her lover was ready to join her. The magical moment came when they locked eyes. When green met blue, the world stopped. At that point in time, all boundaries were torn down and they climaxed hard in each other's arms, bucking against each other while crying out the name of their new lover.

The echoing cries had barely left their throats before they collapsed onto the bed in a state of complete disarray. Their chests were heaving, their limbs were entangled, and they had a hard time getting anything out beyond grunts and meaningless, incoherent moans.

Mickey recovered first from the five-star spectacle and tried to raise herself up on her arms that had turned to floppy jellyfish. She had to give up. Instead, she turned her head limply and stared at Veronica with wide open eyes that told a tale of not understanding how it could have been so good. "Baby… that was… that was…" she whispered, shaking her head slowly.


"How it is poss-"

"I have no idea."

"Me neither," Mickey whispered and snuggled down into Veronica's arms. The comfortable blanket of afterglow once again swept over her and dulled all her senses except for the glowing affection she had for the tall woman in her arms. She tried to articulate the affection but found that words weren't enough to explain the emotions thundering around inside her. Instead, she kept quiet and settled for cuddling.


Half an hour later under the bedspread, Mickey studied Veronica's profile while the tall woman grabbed a much-needed rest. When she reached up to caress the smooth cheekbone, the soft touch made Veronica turn her head and establish contact.

"Mmmm?" she said lazily, snuggling around under the bedspread.

"Baby… Lady Blu. Where do we go from here? Relationship-wise… job-wise?" Mickey whispered, leaning in to place a soft kiss on Veronica's lips.

The star sighed and shuffled over onto her side so they were face to face. "This has been the best afternoon of my entire life. A woman like me could fall hopelessly in love with a woman like you. You're an amazing lover, Mickey… so gentle and giving," she said with a sigh.

Mickey narrowed her eyes but added another kiss for good measure. "Well, thank you. My heart just leaped when you said that… I kinda sense a 'but' in there somewhere, though…"

"But… we can't take it beyond the bedroom door."


Veronica sighed deeply and turned distant for the briefest of moments. She gazed into the eyes of her new lover to gauge her level of disappointment, and wasn't surprised at all when Mickey's green eyes had turned just a bit harder. "With the type of career I have… and the type of audience I have… they're just not ready for something like this."


"I need to be seen with a man on my arm."

Mickey shook her head but pulled herself closer to show that although she was upset, the closeness to Veronica's heart - and her nude frame - was more important. "Well, excuse me for being blunt, Lady Blu, but that blows. You need to be seen with a man, even after your last one embarrassed you in public by screwing any woman who had a pulse?"


"Damn, girl. How can you live like that?"

Veronica took a deep breath to explain, but eventually let it out slowly and settled for a modest shrug. "I'm surprised the fat cats who control my strings from further up the money chain haven't been in contact yet… I'm sure they'll demand I start dating suitable husband material within two weeks, tops. At the very least, I'll need to have a beau on my arm at the premiere this coming Friday."

"Veronica… do you want me to leave?"

"No!" Veronica said strongly. She sat up with a jerk and put a hand firmly on top of Mickey's beating heart. "No, I want you to stay, Mickey Delany! And if you're thinking about sneaking out when I'm not watching, don't! Because I'll hunt you down and… and… and tie you to my bed!"

Mickey smiled and ran her fingertips up and down Veronica's silky smooth arm that pinned her to the bed. "Good, 'cos I'm not going anywhere. I'm the best damn personal assistant you'll ever work with. And besides, I need to protect you from Inez. But being tied to the bed does sound kinky, I'll admit."

"Oh, you…"

"I know," Mickey said with a big grin that was responded to in style. A contented silence fell between the two lovers, but it was clear the subject still needed to be discussed at a later date.

A deep, loving kiss marked the end of the day's erotic adventure. Sitting up in bed, Mickey stretched this way and that to get all the kinks out. "Ohhhhh… I think I'll grab a shower and get dressed before Inez breaks down the door with a SWAT team in tow."

She smiled and swept her legs around Veronica's nude frame and onto the floor. The star was conspicuously silent, and when Mickey cocked her head and gazed into the dark-blue eyes, she could see there was something waiting right there on the tip of her tongue. "Something's on your mind… I can tell," she husked, reaching over to put a warm hand on Veronica's smooth thigh.

"Water is scarce around here… we should preserve it," Veronica said and put a hand on top of Mickey's. After a few heartbeats, she guided it up her thigh and towards the heated flesh at the juncture of her legs.

"We definitely should."

"May I lather you up first?"

"Absolutely," Mickey said and slid off the bed. She put out her hand in an invitation to a mutual shower, but the star was way ahead of her.

Snickering loudly, Veronica jumped off the bed, grabbed hold of Mickey's hands and hustled her over to the bathroom door. "Last one to come needs to fulfil a wish for the other!" she said and hurriedly turned on the lights.

Mickey leaned her head back and laughed out loud. "Gosh golly almighty, Lady Blu… I've created a monster!"

Veronica stopped and winked saucily at the shorter woman. "No," she said in a monster-like growl. "This is my true nature… I've just kept it hidden. And you're never gonna escape. Ever. I'm gonna make sure of that…"

A shiver of thrills flashed all over Mickey's body at the sound of Veronica's voice and the fiery look in her eyes. When the star's message was accompanied by a suggestive wiggle of the tongue, her skin caught fire and all she could do was to jump into the bathroom and slam the door shut behind her.

Soon, the sounds of splashing water, husky laughter and throaty moans painted a pretty picture of two naked bodies engaged in that most ancient of activities…


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