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Last Updated:  10/9/2005

Are You The Herodotus?

A story about Gabrielle returning home from Eygpt to confront her father about his adventurous youth. A light-hearted look at her dysfunctional family, and how children seem to take after either one parent or the other.

Before Our Journey's Through   ebook version available

Could you travel on foot from Illinois to Wyoming through conditions like: 4 feet of mud, fever, dusty trails, lack of water and snow in the Rocky Mountains-all because your neighbors wanted you dead? Would you be able to endure racist or bigoted remarks about you, as well as outright attacks that put your life in jeopardy and forbade your culture? How would you react to a legal system that not only kept you from voting, but made you the property of someone else? 1847 was a particularly bad year for Mormons, Indians and Women. This book is about all three.

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Covington's Kid   ebook version available

A look at the early experiences which molded Janice Covington.

Everything That Is

Gabrielle travels into the mountains of Chin to learn from a mystic who she believes can help her recover her sense of self and worth.

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Everything Is Alive

A continuation of Everything That Is. Xena and Gabrielle in Siberia. Alti tries to drive Gabrielle from Xena by telling her about the murdered Amazons. After fighting Alti, they meet the survivors of Xena's murderous rampage among the Amazons.

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A Full Circle

Xena and Gabrielle learn more about their individual pasts than they ever had suspected.

Gabrielle's Secret

Written just after Lucy's accident, this story reveals one of Gabrielle's long guarded secrets.

Gabrielle's Weapons

Xena discovers that the Bard's weapons are words.

The Healing Journey   ebook version available

Xena learns that Gabrielle's world is dangerous for the uninitiated too.

Last Battle   ebook version available

Gabrielle and Xena face their last battle together.

The Legacy   ebook version available

Gabrielle's unscrupulous cousin enlists Xena and Gabrielle's help to claim a family treasure.

Long Time Passing   ebook version available

This beloved classic Xena and Gabrielle story shows their lives as older women.

The Mummer's Play

This is a very old play reworked into the Xenaverse. It is being offered to fans for free performances.

The Pomera And The Price

The Reason Why   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle fight a fire in a village, Xena gets sick, and Gabrielle takes care of her.

You Made Me

Callisto reveals the major events in her life that led her to become a madwoman.