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Last Updated:  11/13/2005

Death, Resurrection, And Taxes

Contributing to the Greater Good has its down side; After 31 years, plus, (6 + 25 years entombed), of unpaid taxes, the Greek version of the IRS has come looking for the Warrior Princess and her side kick. Xena's filed their first ever Tax Return, with a little help from Salmoneous's kid brother. Now they're being Audited, and it's up to the Bard to sort out their friend's handy work. Justifying their creative accounting recalls some of the funnier moments in their travels. They'd be laughing too... But when an honest man and his family are threatened with foreclosure on their business and home, Xena and Gabrielle become suspicious. Someone's been altering people's tax returns... And cheating the people of Greece out of their hard earned dinars.

If Only You Believe

The original inspirational story of the Warrior's fight to free hersef from her dark past...led - the Bard's light.

The Last Ever Episode Of Xena Warrior Princess: Final Scene

The end of our time with the Warrior and the Bard has come

The Rebirth Of The Xenaverse   ebook version available

A hopeful look toward the future going into the 6th and final Season of Xena Warrior Princess.

Twilight's Eve   [Incomplete]

When Xena and Gabrielle go in search of their lost daughter Eve, they discover that twenty-five years in an icy tomb has changed more than the topography of Greece. A bond unbroken - death and resurrection is threatened once agian - life. Will the cost of finding Eve be their love for each other?

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3a  Part 3b 

Xena Warrior Gardner: Destroyer Of Nasturtiums

A humorous look at the everyday warrior in all of us.


The Effects Of Xena Warrior Princess On Middle America

This is a humorous essay of sorts, on being a Xena fan in middle America.

Even In Death I Will Never Leave You

A love letter of sorts, to the characters.


Ember's Fire

Epitaph For A Hero

Flawless Lucy Lawless

Lucy Vs. Xena

My Warrior's Love

Translated by Trisha Von Doss. For Gabrielle the Bard of Potedia.

When I Iz Watchin' Xeener

Where For Art Thou Steven Sears?

The Woman In Your Eyes

From Xena of Amphipolous to Gabrielle of Potadia, as translated by Trisha Von Doss.