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Last Updated:  7/12/2012

The Bardic Tales - An Anthologie of Xena & Gabrielle Short Stories

You are in a tavern in ancient Greece. A bard stands to relate 6 stories involving Xena and Gabrielle. You will be entertained with stories of magic, craziness, romance and spine tingling events . You may even find yourself chuckling from time to time.

A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bed   [Academy Halloween 2009]


Three short pieces that depict conversations that take place between Xena and Gabrielle illustrating how their relationship may have evolved. The conversations take place and were prompted by the events that took place during the season one episodes: The Titans, Prometheus and Mortal Beloved.


When and how did Xena and Gabrielle first kiss and what effect did it have on them? Perhaps it happened like this.

Could'a Would'a Should'a   [Academy Xmas Challenge 2008]

Healing Love

It is more than half a year since Japa and Gabrielle is struggling to move on. How can the love that Aphrodite has for her best, mortal friend help, and does Aphrodite have what it takes?

Journey to Recovery

Over the years there have been many questions asked regarding Xena and Gabrielle, such as ‘did they ever?', ‘if so when?', ‘what in Hades was that thing with Ulysses about?', ‘after all those things they said to each other while Xena was One Against an Army, what happened next?' and don't forget when Tara kicked Gabrielle's ass - ‘what was THAT all about?'. Here, in this tale, there will be answers to some of these questions which you may, or may not, agree with. Whichever that may be, I hope you enjoy following our heroines' journey.


A very different, very alt, short story this time, depicting an event that may, or may not, have taken place after the second season episode, The Quest. Whatever you might think it is, once you start reading it, it isn't!

Slave Conqueror

The Conqueror acquires a new slave but amidst tragedy, friendships and surprises, Xena gets more than she bargained for.

Stranger Things   [Academy Xmas Challenge 2008]

There by the Whim of a god, I Go

What would happen if Ares managed to bring pre-Hercules Xena into Gabrielle's post-Japa world? No, not an alternative universe story, just a devious scheme by Ares.

The Unwelcome Rescue

Were you surprised that Gabrielle simply walked away from her family and no one, especially her father Herodotus, apparently made any attempt to bring her back? Well, he did! This short story takes place just a day or two after the events in Sins of the Past.

The Wedding

In an ‘alt' Xenaverse… well, for all we know, maybe they actually did this! Anyway, Xena proposed to Gabrielle somewhere around the end of season 2 or maybe season 3. This is the story of the ensuing ceremony.

XWP Changing Places

Xena's soul, stranded in the Japa underworld is about to be reincarnated into a new body by the Japa gods and is no longer aware of who she was. Gabrielle, returning to Greece, discovers one day, without warning, that her soul mate's spirit is no longer travelling with her and she is totally alone, but she has no way to find out what has happened. Recovering her memories Xena is enraged by how she has been manipulated and she also discovers the torment that Gabrielle is experiencing because of it. She must take on the Japa gods to 'persuade' them to send her back into the world so that she and Gabrielle can be reunited. But as usual, things don't always go according to plan.

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