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Stories to Vote on!

Only one vote per person!!! When you're done with this vote, go try and guess in this year's PUNSICLE graphic on toys and games. It's a toughie!

Story 1

Intimate Connections, Phone Tag--You're It
by Chelle

Story 2

In Beer Veritas
by Rabster

Story 3

Sand Angels
by Ladyhawke

Story 4

The Best Christmas Ever
by romansilence

Story 5

Legend of the Yearning Curse
by Dusty Swayed

Story 6

Fate's Gift
by Marianne Fleischman

Story 7

It's a Wonderful Life, Isn't it?
by Mickey

Story 8

Head Hopping for the Holidays
by Patty S and Andy

Story 9

The President Has Left the Building
by BJ Gale

Story 10

Fred and Ethel's First Christmas
by Fern Driscoll

Story 11

Winter Solstice
by Claudette E. Dillard

Story 12

by Fedelma

Story 13

Merry Bleeping Christmas
by Tara Kerry

Story 14

Wrong Place, Right Time
by Allyson Scott

Story 15

Fire and Water
by S. Lynne

Non-votable Participants

The Amazons' First Christmas Tree

by Tap


Willy's Present

by b.soiree


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