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++++++++++++++ Justice Deferred 10a by: Alex P. ++++++++++++++

Cam was just finishing her final Tai Chi routine, when the bus carrying the new prisoners arrived. As usual, most of the older prisoners lined up along the fence to get a look at the new fish, some wanting to choose their targets. It was normal practice for the new women to be kept in a building separate from the general prison population for a short period of time, until they could be processed in and assigned to a cellblock and a cell. When Cam had come in just a little over two years ago the new fish were in separate quarters for three to four weeks, but with all the over-crowding, and the latest round budget cuts, the time was reduced to a week to five days. The new prisoners had already been evaluated, at another facility before being transferred to their permanent "home". The women being unloaded from the big grey converted school bus with barred windows, were seeing their first glimpse of the place they would call home, until the state believed they were reformed and no longer a danger to society, or in some cases, they simply served out their sentence.

There were several, fairly young women getting off the bus that day, along with one or two returns, many of these women weren't able to adjust to the outside world, and hadn't been able resist the temptations out there. Some of the women were sullen and angry, others were quiet, and introspective, a few were crying and sobbing in terror, this wasn't a good idea, the prisoners that preyed on the weaker inmates saw crying as a sign of weakness, and it made them targets. All the new "fish", were under the intense scrutiny of the inmates lining the fence. Some of the older prisoners were yelling suggestive remarks and phrases, others made thinly veiled threats. Others just watched with silent menace, carefully selecting a victim from the twenty or so new arrivals. Unlike the majority of her fellow prisoners Cam had no interest in the new arrivals, and the commotion did nothing to interrupt the slow graceful movements as she began another exersise taught her by three recognized masters of the Oriental discipline.

As she concentrated on keeping her spiritual center, Cam began feeling something pulling at the edges of her consciousness, getting stronger with each heartbeat, drawing her attention toward the door of the big grey bus. Her sky blue eyes focused on the door of the vehicle, Cam was aware of a presence stepping into the doorway. It came from a small woman, with a brightly glowing golden aura, that nearly blinded Cam with its intensity. While still drawing, and holding Cam's darkening blue eyes with her own. The black haired woman could see the woman's soulful, compassionate emerald eyes, even though she was actually too far away for anyone else to discern the small blonde beauty's features.

Emerald met Sapphire, and the air between them seemed to crackle and burn with the powerful energy that passed between the two women, they both gasped, as they felt the pull from the other soul. Even Paula could feel the energy between the two women, she became puzzled when she heard the little golden haired woman gasp, following the new woman's gaze the guard Captain instantly recognized that the focus of her attention was the tall graceful form of Cam Brusard.

"It's her," Paula heard the woman whisper.

Paula made it a point to check the records to find out who this woman was, the Captain had the memories of the assaults on Cam too fresh in her mind to ignore the little blonde's strange behavior, and that surprising off hand remark. This was the first time that Cam, and Cheryl ever laid eyes on each other in this life time. Cam's intense gaze stayed on Cheryl, following the enticing form, until the intriguing woman was swallowed up by the gapping maw, that was the door to the segregation building. For her part, Cheryl could feel the tall woman's eyes on her, she too could feel the irresistible pull of destiny on her soul, reaching all the way to her core, drawing her toward the mysterious figure standing apart from the crowd.

Neither had ever met before, they'd never even heard of each other before, but they both had a feeling that they would never forget each other. Once the guards had escorted the new women into the seg. building, Paula secured it behind them, leaving a confused Cam, still staring at the closed doors where the diminutive blonde had left her sight, and left Cam with an empty space deep inside her in a place she'd never felt before, and a feeling she couldn't explain and never knew existed before that moment.

The Captain of the guard wasn't the only one that picked up the unusual connection between the two women, a pair of watered down yellowish brown, hate filled eyes followed the exchange from the shadows.

"Oh no my dear Camilla," an insanely intense voice hissed hoarsely to no one, "she will not have you either. You are mine, and you always will be. You just don't know it yet my pretty one, and no one will have you but me. I promise you that."

The shadowy figure moved toward a side door, a hysterical cackle followed as the mysterious, painfully thin figure of a woman, disappeared into the darkened halls of D block. ======================== After a couple of quiet days, Cam had almost forgotten about the unusual occurrence with the new fish, filing it away as some kind of a fluke. The dark woman went on to her normal routine. A week passed, and the only people who seemed to even remember the incident, were Paula and the mysterious woman, they both kept track of the two other women, but for very different reasons, and in very different ways. Cheryl in the mean time had been assigned a bunk in a cell on the second teir, and after she was issued the usual items, two spare uniforms, two towels, bedding, soap, toothbrush, and various essentials, she was led to her cell. After the little blonde was settled in, she asked a guard for permission to use the showers, even though it was mid-day, the guard knew how the woman felt, and let her go clean up.

Cheryl was an innocent lamb among wolves, and she was totally oblivious to the lurking dangers as she entered the shower area. Sure she'd be left alone, the small blonde quickly stripped off the clothes she'd been wearing for the last week, without a shower, and quickly adjusted the temperature to just barely below scalding. Anxious to wash the chemical smell from her skin, she stepped into the steaming stream of water, letting the relaxing needles of water flow over her soft, tired skin. She let out a sigh of contentment, as she felt herself relax for the first time since her arrest, over six months ago. Cheryl was amazed how the little things she had always taken for granted when she was free, had become such decadent luxuries now, like a shower in the middle of the day, closing her eyes Cheryl tilted her head back and let the water hit her face, closing her eyes for a moment to concentrate on the wonderful feeling of the water, runing down her body.

"Well, well, well," a sinister voice said from behind the temporarily blind woman "looky what we've found ladies."

Cheryl froze, sure she heard at least two other women, they were giggling at the first one's joke, and while the young woman didn't know much about prison, she did know enough, that she realized she was in very deep, deep trouble.

"Looks to me like you've found yourself a new bitch, Val." another woman said.

Cheryl jumped as she felt a rough hand grab her left breast and squeezed hard, causing the frightened blonde to yelp in surprise, and pain. Her bare feet slipped on the wet tile floor as she jerked away, and Cheryl fell to her knees.

"Oh, looky Val," the third woman purred "the bitch is already on her knees for you."

"P-please, don't h-hurt me." Cheryl pleaded, as she opened her eyes, getting a good look at her attackers.

The small woman trembled in terror as she saw what she was facing. The one they called Val, was a big hard looking, heavily tattooed woman with short bleached-blonde hair, and cruel looking beady black eyes, that gleamed evilly as she surveyed the magnificent attributes of the young woman she was about to claim. There was two women with her, the one that spoke was a tall painfully skinny women, with long stringy black hair that was obviously a bad dye job, she had watery, yellowish brown eyes, that never seemed to be able to focus on any one thing, she had sharp unpleasant features, partially from the bones protruding from her tight paper thin skin, a symptom her long time eating disorder. Her painfully thin body was covered with scars and bruises, as was her other companion's, evidence of Val's tendency toward violent sex. The blonde was probably once a very pretty young woman, the ghost of her beauty haunted her, she too seemed unable to focus her striking indigo eyes, Val had a reliable connection on the outside and she always made sure that her "girls" always got plenty of whatever they wanted, it was a way she guaranteed their loyalty. Cheryl noticed that in the cleavage of both women's breasts, there was the letter V, burned deep into their flesh to marked them as Val's property.

Val licked her lips anticipating all the things she was going to do with the gorgeous piece of woman that was cowering on the floor in front of her, Val loved it when they begged, it made their screams sound sweeter. The vicious sadist was so intent on the compact little blonde, that she didn't notice the tall dark shadowy figure, when it silently entered the showers behind her.

"Remind me to thank you later, Spook, for tellin' me about this little piece of eye candy." Val said laughing cruelly

"No need Val," the black haired anorexic quipped "always glad to be of serv..."

Val stopped laughing when she heard her sometimes almost sane lieutenant stopped talking in mid sentence, and now both her companions were staring over her shoulder, their faces masks of purest fear. The showers were silent except for the sounds of running water and the little golden haired woman's terrified sobs.

Cam had been headed to her cell on the third tier, when she felt a sudden overwhelming urge to go to the showers. She began to just shake off the feeling, and go on about her business, but her stomach was knotted up with tension, and she had a sudden ache in her chest. Surrendering to her instincts, as her uncles and Cutter had always taught her to do, Cam decided to wander over by the showers curious to see what she might find there.

When she arrived at the entrance to the showers, Cam could hear voices, but was unable to tell who was talking, or what they were talking about, but when she heard the terrified yelp, she knew her honor wouldn't allow her to just walk away, so she let out a resigned sigh, and cautiously entered the tiled rooms. Before Cam was through the dressing room, and before she was able to see anyone in the showers, she could hear the conversation. The first voice she heard was a voice she didn't recognize, pleading not to be hurt between terrified sobs, the next voice Cam knew all too well.

What she didn't know was how they had learned so quickly about a new fish being in the showers at this time of day. Then she heard Val's voice mention the Spook and she knew that Val's pet psycho bitch had it in for the new woman for some unknown reason, and as soon as she saw a chance to get rid of her, the Spook had jumped on it. The crazy bitch had tried to kill Cam a few times, saying she was in love with the tall dark beauty, and was assuring that Cam would remain faithful forever by killing her. Cam had asked the crazed woman to please hate her in the future, and the borderline psychotic was happy to do as her beloved Cam asked, nurturing a seething abnormally intense hatred for the biker. Sometimes Cam had to wonder why a supposedly humaine judical system, would keep a homicidal maniac, like the Spook, letting her wander around loose in the general population, but then the biker remembered that it was just the way things were, and people like Cam, simply had to learn to deal with it, and use her time to work on the things she could fix. Cam felt a cold fear grip her heart, and somehow she was sure, that the new fish the Spook had led Val to, was her beautiful golden haired woman, the one Cam had seen, the first day she'd arrived. This revelation was accompanied by an intense need to protect the small woman, Cam had no idea where all that had come from, but she sure as hell wasn't going to let an innocent soul like that fall into the hands of a sadistic chicken-hawk, like Val. The tall cerulean eyed woman slipped silently into the steam-filled room. Cam took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly, as she surveyed the scene unfolding in front of her.

Val and her two favorite stooges, had caught one of the new women, the poor thing was trying to get herself clean, after spending a week in seg, without a change of clothes, and the only way to get clean was a whore's bath. The aesthetics of the entire situation bothered Cam, not to mention the strange hold the little wet blonde huddling in the corner on the cold tile floor seemed to have on Cam's soul. If nothing else Cam had to find out how someone she had never seen before, could have such a profound affect on her, this meant she would have to step, in and put an end to this now, and see to it that it didn't happen again. She knew of only one way to do that, it was something Cam had never done before, but this little blonde was a special case, calling for special measures.

"Is there a problem here ladies?" Cam asked, her rich, low alto, voice filling the air like a warm blanket.

Val spun around, and came face to face with one of the few things in this life she truly feared. Cam's eyes never left Val's, but she could feel those curious emerald eyes burning into her. Cam knew she had the full attention of every person in the room.

"C-Cam, why are you here?" the big appearance-challenged bleached blonde asked, made very nervous by the dark dangerous woman's sudden appearance.

She had thought she had a clear shot at the pretty little golden haired woman. Val had already made plans on how she was going to break the obviously innocent woman, in Val's mind, she was already enjoying her new victims delightful screams, as Val and her two stooges subjected that perfectly proportioned body to the most exquisite torments. Now all her carefully planned scenarios were crashing into a brick wall named Cam.

"A better question is, why are you here, Val?" Cam asked, her voice deceptively calm, but still filled with barely controlled violence "Did someone order chicken-hawk, extra ugly, with a double side of sleaze?"

Val trembled uncontrollably, her eyes narrowed with rage, every fiber of her primitive body wanting to lash out at the woman confronting her. She knew she had Cam outnumbered, and normally that would be enough, but this was Cam, and Val knew what the barely restrained woman facing her was capable of. She knew that even with two more besides her minions, they still wouldn't stand a chance against the dark deadly woman, she had seen what happened to the two women that had stabbed Cam, right after she first got to CCC, and Val had no intention of ending up like them.

"I think that's between us and this new little fish over there." Val answered with mock bravado in a last ditch effort to get her hands on the pretty blonde. "Why?"

Cam heard the frightened little woman gasp, fearing that her rescuer would bow out, leaving her to the dubious mercies of the three women that had trapped her in the showers.

"Please." Cheryl said softly, that one word held all her hopes and fears, it was almost a prayer to the dark goddess that had simply appeared out of the blue, to come to her rescue.

"Sorry Val, this one's mine." Cam stated flatly, her now ice blue eyes boring into the bleach blonde's brain, uncovering her fear of the terrifying avenging angel facing her.

"S-s-sorry Cam, we didn't know." Val stuttered as she began cautiously backing out of the showers, signaling her two cronies to join her in her retreat. "We'll get out of here, and leave the two of you alone."

"Good idea Val," Cam growled softly, her eyes transmitting messages of deadly retribution. "I'd hate to think you are trying to cut my time Val. Now wouldn't I...Val?"

"Uh huh, no problem Cam," all three said in unison, then they were gone.

Leaving Cam and their intended victim alone in the showers, both wondering how to approach the other, afraid of saying the wrong thing, and accidentally offending them. Cam figured she was going to have to try to clean up Val's mess before anyone found out about this face off.

Cam only hoped this frightened little bunny was worth all the trouble she was going to cause.

+++++++++ END 10a TBC in 10b ++++++++++

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