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+++++++++++++ Justice Deferred 10b by: Alex P. +++++++++++++

After the face off, with an extremely ugly chicken-hawk, named Val, and Val's two anorexic stooges, Cam was left with a empty shower, and a badly frightened young woman, who was facing the cruelest sections of the world, and no one was pepared for that. The poor woman was already huddled in a corner, completely naked, in a fetal position, on the cold tile floor, scared out of her mind by the harsh reality of almost being assaulted, and probably raped, all on her first day in general population. Sensing the small blonde's distress, Cam took a few moments, trying to figure out the best way to help this woman, without having her to think that Cam was just as bad as the slime, that she had just gotten rid of.


Deciding that the first thing to do was to get her moving, and safely out of the showers, without her thinking Cam was just another pervert trying to cop a quick feel or an eyeful of the beautiful blonde's body. Cam got a spare towel from a shelf, then slowly and carefully, went to the woman huddled in the corner. The tall woman's heart ached for the obviously terrified newcomer, and in an unusual act of compassion, she knelt down holding the towel out to the still wet, and trembling woman.


"Hey, sorry about the welcoming committee little one." Cam said softly trying to soothe the terrfied young woman. "You know you really shouldn't come in here alone, a pretty one like you could get in big trouble."


The little blonde looked up at the familiar stranger, and her eyes grew wide with surprise at her savior's words.


"G-get in trouble!" Cheryl blurted out confused by the now friendly woman offering her a towel.


The little emerald-eyed blonde took the towel and thank her for it as she quickly wrapped it around herself to cover her embarrassment. Cam was sure the little blonde would be alright for now, and probably wanted some privacy, with that in mind Cam stood up and turned to leave.


"What do you mean by that?" Cheryl asked, trying to reconcile this beautiful smiling woman, with the tall dark angry avenging Goddess that had suddenly appeared oozing death and destruction, just minutes before.


"Haven't you heard?" Cam quipped in answer to the astonished young woman, "some of the people here ain't very nice."


The echo of Cam's laughter at her own joke echoed after her as she left the showers, leaving a very confused young woman and unknowingly, smiling, green eyed blonde, that was watching the retreating broad-shouldered back. Cheryl knelt there on the floor, clutching the towel to her chest, until a cold chill, reminded her that she was still wet and naked. Determined to follow the dark woman's example, Cheryl quickly dried herself and got dressed, wanting to put some distance between herself, and the memory of how close she had come to something she really didn't care to think about. As she was dressing Cheryl found a small folded up piece of paper, but she waited until she was dressed and out of the shower area, before checking it out. She was surprised to find it was a note from her rescuer. ============ Little One, If you would like to talk, and maybe even learn something, come to my bunk this afternoon. Just ask for Cam, they all know where to find me. Cam ============ Cheryl studied the note for a few moments, then put it in her pocket, and returned to her cell. She spent the rest of the morning through to lunch trying to find out about the enigmatic woman, that had saved her from gods only knew what, she was sure that at the very least she would have been seriously hurt, earlier that morning. Prison being the hot bed of rumors that it is, it was no surprise that her rescue from Val was known by almost everybody, by lunch time. The fact that Cam, herself, had stopped the attack wasn't unusual or even big news, but the part where Cam claimed the green-eyed blonde as 'hers', had all the tongues wagging. By telling Val, and her two lackeys that Cheryl was hers, Cam wanted to let everyone know, that if anyone touched the beautiful little blonde, they would be facing the tall dark and deadly woman's wrath personally.


Truth be told, Cam herself had no idea why she'd done it, it wasn't like her to pull something so out of the blue, but that morning, when she was facing Val, the idea of those beautiful trusting emerald eyes looking into anyone's eyes but Cam's or the thought of anyone else's hands on that body, sent an icy pain through Cam's chest as if her heart were bursting into a million pieces. In that moment of near panic, the tall muscular woman found herself telling the bleach blonde chicken-hawk; that the little newbie was hers. Cam was laying on her bunk listening to her boom box and pretending to read, trying to sort out her feelings, and what it was about that pretty little blonde that made her want to do crazy things, like tell Val she was claiming her. The tall normally confident, controlled woman, was completely confused, she didn't know why she was acting the way she had been, and she didn't know why but she was worried what the emerald eyed blonde was thinking of her. Hell, she didn't even know what book she was supposed to be reading.


Her mind was in a whirl of confusion, as she tried to figure out what it was about the pretty little woman with the golden hair with the reddish highlights that only showed in the sun light and those innocent emerald eyes that sparkled when she laughed.


<>Huh?<> Cam suddenly wondered <> just where in the hell did that come from?<>


Cam's biggest problem was every time Cam pictured that Angelic face, it filled her mind, wiping out all other thoughts. All she could think of was spending time with this woman, getting to know her. Sure she had sexual thoughts about Cheryl, even now the vision of that compact shapely little body, underneath her, writhing and squirming with desire, teasing and touching her until she was screaming out Cam's name in ecstasy, was making Cam wet right now. She groaned in frustration, realizing what had just happened. Cam couldn't remember being this hormonal since she'd been a teenager, and Goddess knew, she didn't want to live through that again. How could this woman do this to her, when Cam had only seen her maybe two times for only a few moments at a time? Suddenly Cam felt a tingling sensation on the back of her neck as if all the tiny hairs there were standing on end, and for some reason, she knew that the little blonde was on her way. ============== Cheryl wasn't going to meet with the tall, incredibly beautiful woman, after hearing all the stories she'd heard about her. Sure Cam had saved Cheryl from a horrible fate at the hands of the three women that had cornered her in the showers that morning, and from what was said, it wasn't the first time the woman and her friends had gone to the aid of a weaker prisoner. The rumors said that the group that revolved around Cam made a habit of it. This was all well and good, but there were other stories about the mysterious woman, stories that told of darkness and death, stories that quite frankly, scared the hell out of Cheryl.


Then there was this "claiming" thing. From what Cheryl could understood, by letting those women believe that she was claiming Cheryl, the woman everybody called Cam, was telling the whole prison, that Cheryl was hers to do with whatever she wanted. According to Cheryl's spike haired cell mate, if Cam decided to take her in the middle of the cell block day room, no one would lift a finger to stop the tall dark woman. She had, for all intents and purposes, announced to the world that Cheryl was her property. When Cheryl heard this she was livid, she ranted and raved, she was furious that this woman, a woman she had never met before, felt she had the right to just take Cheryl Anne Killian as property, without even asking first. She was angry that the woman had just decided it was her right to own another person.


Humiliated that the entire prison knew about it, and secretly ashamed because deep down, a part of her, was thrilled over the idea that the beautiful enigmatic woman with the crystal clear blue eyes could, if she wanted, take Cheryl's body and ravage her, making her beg for Cam to take her, and she was powerless to stop her, because Cheryl secretly admitted to herself, she really wanted Cam to do just that. Curiosity made Cheryl climb those steel stairs to the third tier, and that was another thing that bothered Cheryl. When she was in orientation, she was told that on D-block the most dangerous prisoners, were kept on the third tier. They were kept on third tier, and in single cells, because the prison officials were concerned by what these women were capable of doing to their fellow prisoners, and usually the other prisoners were afraid of them too.


From what Cheryl had learned, Cam was among the most feared women there, only the true psychos weren't afraid of her. While all of this scared the boggies out of Cheryl, it also intrigued her. The dark stories of violence and amoral behavior, just didn't fit with the woman that had appeared out of nowhere to save her from three predators that morning. Cheryl felt she just had to know more about the woman, but now as she climbed the stairs that led up to the woman's lair, Cheryl was wondering about the intelligence of her hasty decision, when every step brought her closer to the woman, that casually announced her ownership of Cheryl, and the woman who even the most vicious murderers here feared.


Cheryl had just one more problem, ever since she heard about the ownership thing she had visions flashing through her mind, disturbing visions, things she'd never thought of before. She saw scenes of Cam walking into the showers instead of Val; she would take Cheryl and kiss her so hard her lips bled. Then the Cam in her dreams, forced Cheryl to the floor, where she would take Cheryl over and over, no matter what Cheryl said, driving her to orgasm after mind-blowing orgasm, as she screamed out her lover's name. Cheryl stopped at the top step and shook her head, trying desperately to force the erotic visions from her head.


"Jesus Christ Killian get a grip." she muttered to herself "it's not like you've never seen a beautiful woman… but by the gods she IS beautiful."


Cheryl laughed at herself quietly, as she turned left and headed down the catwalk to the furthest cell. She could hear music coming from the far end of the row of cells. She tried to remember the name of the old blues song that was playing. She had heard of it before, but never this version, and never by this female singer. The slow sultry voice of the vocalist, was doing little to help Cheryl dispel her erotic visions, she groaned with frustration, as she felt the slow burning, pressure building in her groin.


<>Cheryl old girl<> she thought wryly <>I sure hope you can find some quality time with yourself real soon, or you're going to go nuts<>


She felt more nervous, than erotic, by the time she reached her destination. Cheryl looked into the cell, and saw Cam stretched out on her bunk, her incredibly long muscular legs were crossed at the ankles, and all she was wearing was an old threadbare tank top that was at least two sizes too small, and a pair of boxers. Cheryl could see the woman's work shirt and jeans neatly folded on her desk that stuck out from the wall of her cell.


<>She knows I'm here<>Cheryl thought <>I don't know how she knows but I'm sure that she does<>


"Hey, Come on in." Cam said without looking up "have a seat" Cam indicated a small chair beside the cell door.


She sat up and casually pulled on her jeans completely aware of the woman's heated gaze on her backside, and giving her an eye full, playing around until she heard Cheryl's frustrated groan, then she sat back down on the edge of the bed and gave the blonde a sly grin.


"I guess I ought to introduce myself," the black haired beauty said holding her hand out to the diminutive blonde "Just call me Cam everybody does."


"Cam is short for?" the blonde asked as she reached out and took the offered hand.


Cam gave the young woman a curious look, but saw none of the usual malice, in those mesmerizing emerald eyes, so she decided to go ahead and answer.


"Camilla" Cam answered "Cam is short for Camilla."


"Camilla that is a lovely name," Cheryl said still holding the large hand admiring the long graceful fingers. "My name is Cheryl by the way."


"Yeah I heard." Cam answered briskly something about this gorgeous little blonde made Cam nervous.


"I imagine you should know your property!" Cheryl said more than a little bitterly.


"What the hell?" Cam inquired incredulously "Where the hell did you get that altitude, and why the hell am I getting hit with it?"


"You told those women you were claiming me." Cheryl snapped angrily "Now everyone knows. They think you own me and most of them are afraid to even talk to me."


Cam's laugh at the young woman's reaction to her statement further fuelling her outrage.


"You think slavery is funny?" Cheryl snaped angrily her eyes flashing "I don't know how you were raised, but I don...urp."


Moving faster than Cheryl's eyes could follow, Cam launched herself from the bunk, and grabbed a handful of the angry, ranting, woman's shirt. She yanked her from the chair, and using the collar of her prison issue shirt, lifted the now totally frightened woman off the floor. Cheryl could feel the wall against her back, and her feet leave the floor, between her terror and the tightening of the shirt collar Cheryl was beginning to have trouble breathing.


"You know NOTHING about the way I was raised, bitch," Cam growled looking as if she was about to rip Cheryl's head off "don't you EVER presume to lecture ME on proper behavior or to critique MY childhood."


Cheryl sputtered, and coughed, but was unable to speak, hearing the choking sounds, Cam noticed for the first time, how she was holding the small woman, and the fear she saw in those beautiful green eyes. Instantly she felt a pang of regret wrench her heart. She gently sat the short golden haired woman back on her own feet, and released her shirt and began slowly backing away, now it was Cheryl's turn to see the terror in Cam's eyes.


"I huh...you know...I didn't...it's just that…well" Cam muttered as she backed away toward her bunk, her heart breaking, sure that the blonde was going to leave, and never return. "I'm just, I'm awww Goddess I am so sorry, I didn't mean to, I mean, I'd never really hurt you, it's just, well you caught me off guard, when you started talking about my family, I don't like anyone talking about my family."


Cheryl wasn't sure this woman, was the same one she thought was about to kill her just seconds ago, now she was trying to sputter out an apology. Cheryl didn't know if it was the pitiful sincerity of the apology, or the horrified and stricken look in Cam's eyes over what she had done, but she suddenly felt an irresistible urge to comfort the dark dangerous woman. She sat down on the bunk, and taking Cam's quivering chin in her tiny hand, Cheryl gently pulled the frightened and contrite woman's face around so that their eyes locked onto each other.


"I-I'm really sorry," Cam whispered just barely able to be heard "I w-wouldn't really hurt you. It's just you surprised me, I'd never hurt you on purpose really. I'd rather die then ever hurt you really. I mean it."


"I know, Camilla, I know," Cheryl's answer surprised even herself, "I don't know how I know, but I do, deep in my heart I know. I know even deeper down in myself in my soul, I know that you would never take a hand to me in anger, or allow me to be harmed in any way. Something inside me is telling me to trust my avenging warrior with my life, and my heart."


Cheryl put her arm loosely around the silently weeping woman's shoulders. She was confused it was the first time she had ever had these kind of feelings for anyone, man or woman, foster sibling, anyone. Every time this familiar dark stranger sobbed it tore at Cheryl's heart. Why she would suddenly feel them now, it was beyond comprehension to the small blonde. Cam could feel the small woman's arms and the sudden connection between them. She didn't understand it, but with just a touch this person made her heart pound like a jackhammer and swell in her chest filling with the presence of this woman, her soul lost the terrible loneliness that had been weighting it down since childhood, and it suddenly soared to the heavens singing Cheryl's praises.


From that first moment both women knew that somehow they belonged together, although neither of them ever spoke of it again it was there, they spent the rest of that first afternoon getting to know each other better. Not an easy task considering that both were such painfully private people, and they seldom allowed anyone to see their true selves. After that they were virtually inseparable, they ate together, showered together, (Cheryl had learned her lesson well and she never entered the showers alone again), and they spent their yard time together, in the evenings they would sit in one or the other's cell, drinking tea made on a small hot plate Cam had gotten as a gift from the Captain of the guard when the older woman learned it was Cam's birthday last year. Not once did they sleep together, Cheryl flirted outrageously, but Cam seemingly ignored her advances. Cam had made up her mind and resolved herself, that no matter how badly she wanted, and to be honest, needed the little blonde dynamo, she was determined that this woman was not destined to be a tawdry affair, or to be taken behind a dumpster, to be used then thrown away.


In fact Cam was ignoring all advances, the only woman Cam desired or needed, was the dimunitive, green eyed blonde, that had somehow wormed her way through all of Cam's carefully constructed defenses, no other would appeal to her any more. Cam denied herself, fearing that if she slept with the young ethereal beauty, she might lose the woman that had quickly become more important to Cam than the air she breathed.


It was after just a little over a week when Cheryl was convinced to tell Cam, the full story surrounding her arrest and conviction. Something about the story bothered Cam, she'd had a lot of dealings with the so-called justice system, and had an idea about how things were supposed to work, and there was something about the innocent young woman's story that set off alarms in Cam's head. The next day, while Cheryl, was out taking a class, Cam got to the phone and using one of the "safe" numbers her attorney had given her. For the first time, the tall blue eyed beauty was about to ask for legal help, and just like the rest of her family, it was for someone else. Cam made sure the lawyers understood, that they were to spare no expense in their investigation into the case of Killian v State of Missouri. Like the rest of her family, something Cam would never ask others to do for her, she wouldn't hesitate to ask them to have it done for someone she cared about.


This time there was no doubt in her mind and in her heart, she knew she cared deeply for Cheryl Killian.


++++++++ END 10b TBC in 11 ++++++++

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