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Justice Deferred (11/?)

by: Alex


Two days after Cam made the call, two attorneys from the firm that represented, both Cam, and her family showed up, along with their lead investigator, requesting a conference with their client. Cam met with them in a small unmonitored room, set aside for lawyer/client conferences, and after a little over an hour of sometimes heated discussions, the three men hurried out of the prison, heading toward Columbia Mo. to carry out their unusual client's request.

From then on Cam made sure that Cheryl was never out of sight. Whenever she wasn't with Cam, one of the tall woman's associates was very near by. The only thing Cam told them was that she wanted her naive young friend protected 24/7, if they failed, the consequences would be dire. No one wanted to find out what she meant by dire, Cheryl noticed that two of the women had enrolled in her classes. Cheryl was even transferred from her original cell, to one on the first tier. To her surprise, her new cell mates were the nurse Maria, and her cell mate and lover Malinda. Maria was the closest to Cam of any of the women that associated with the tall dark and dangerous biker.

One of the advantages of having these two as cell mates, was that Cheryl finally heard the entire true story, behind some of the disturbingly dark tales she had heard about Cam. Mostly they were telling her things Cam wouldn't.



"Let me tell you something niña." Maria told her one night after the curious woman asked about one of the more disturbing stories. "I was with the tall one in the infirmary after she was stabbed. We almost lost her, but she never cried out, or complained about the pain. I have been a nurse for fifteen years, and I have never seen anything like her. Two days after she came out from under the anesthetic, she refused any more pain medication. She was living in fear, and she was sure that the two that stabbed her would find a way to get into the infirmary, to finish the job on her, and she didn't want her instincts dulled by the powerful narcotics. It is a scary thing to suddenly realise you are not immune to being killed by anyone that can get their hands on a weapon. She began right after that working on regaining her abilities, strengthening herself, she started out slowly at first, like the doctor told her, but it wasn't unusual to find her sitting up like an Indian at night. She looked asleep, but peligrosa knew everything and everyone that came near her."

Cheryl was hanging on every word, she had heard Maria call Cam "peligrosa" before, and finally got Cam to tell her what it meant. Hanging her head ashamed, she told Cheryl that Maria was calling her a dangerous woman. It was not something Cam was proud of.

"Then when she was released from the infirmary, she really fought against her ahhh...." Maria turned to their other cell mate Malinda for help "Help me here mi Amada, how do you say alma oscura?"

"Dark soul," the big redhead answered "talkin' about Cam again huh?"

"Yes that's it she fought the dark soul and didn't seek venganza like everyone thought she would." Maria continued "but she didn't remember ley de sobrevivencia, and everyone thought her weak, so she was a target, then those stupid puercas threatened her. Instead of waiting for them to come after her, she went after them. The rest of the story is basically true, except she felt bad about killing the one that died. Cam told me that she woke up when Cam came into her cell, and tried to fight. Cam fought back the only way she knew, unfortunately for that ramera, Cam knows only to fight to kill, it is the way of her world."

Cheryl thought for a moment then shuddered thinking of how casually, Maria spoke of killing, Cheryl didn't understand how a nurse, a woman dedicated to saving lives, could accept the taking of a life so easily. So she asked.

"You forget chica, I killed my cuñado," Maria reminded the naive young woman "for abusing mi hermana hermosa and mi dulce sobrina pequeña. Bastardo!"

The normally friendly Mexican woman spat on the floor, at the thought of her drunken abusive brother-in-law. According to Malinda, Maria's family had tried to get her sister and niece away from him, but because they were in Mexico, their pleas to the local law went unheaded. So Maria had come up to see if her sister and niece were alright. When she got there everything seemed fine at first, but one night, she went by their house unexpectedly, and walked in on a horrible sight. Her brother-in-law had already beaten her sister nearly to death, and she was laying unconscious on the floor, and her husband was beating on her little three year old niece. Maria had a buck knife, that she carried for protection, in a fit of rage she pulled out the knife, and stabbed him four times then slit his throat. Instead of allowing the case to go to trial Maria, had plead guilty to first degree manslaughter, in order to save her sister and niece from the public humiliation of a messy public trial.

Her sister moved herself and her daughter back to Mexico where her family is caring for them. Maria had gone from the family's shame, and outcast lesbian, to being their hero and her sister's savior. They write to her constantly, and were always making sure there was money in her account. She was something of a family martyr to them, for saving not only her sister and niece's lives, but saving them mentally as well when she plead out. Her sister and niece, write her regularly, she became something of an avenging angel to her sister, and almost a super hero to her niece.

Malinda, a tall muscular redhead with broad shoulders, had been a truck driver on the outside. Like many in her profession, she fell into the trap of the "on time bonus" syndrome the companies that she hauled freight for paid their independent drivers a bonus for having their loads delivered on time or early. The trick was often there was no way to keep to their schedules without driving long hours without rest and very few breaks between loads.

After figuring that out, Malinda had begun keeping two sets of logs, one to be shown if the state troopers pulled her over, the trucker could show them that she was taking the proper amount of down time as the law required, when in truth, she wasn't, she was relying on drugs to help her remain alert enough to drive. Eventually it all caught up with her, and one night after several days of driving Malinda fell asleep at the wheel, lost control of her rig, and ran over a Honda Acura killing both passengers. When she was examined after the accident, her blood work showed massive amounts of amphetamines, and when the DOT inspectors checked her log books, they found all the discrepancies easily.

When it was all said and done, Malinda was convicted of Vehicular Homicide, and sentenced to life. She always felt she deserved the death penalty, and suffered horrible recuring nightmares of the wreck and the two innocent people she had killed. From what Cheryl had seen, she felt the woman had suffered enough. She along with everyone else that knew them acknowledge that the big quiet, sensative woman would have probably committed suicide, if not for Maria. In fact that's how they met. One night when the nightmares became more than Malinda could bare any longer, the big soft hearted redhead had broken a glass and slashed her wrists so deeply that she severed the tendons of her right hand.

The guards found her just in time, and she was taken to the infirmary, this all happened not long after Cam had been stabbed. She had taken to the gentle giant of a woman, Maria had fallen in love her, the minute she saw her. Not long after Cam's release from the infirmary she and Maria had convinced the doctor, that they would take care of the big woman, and being the surrogate cupid of D-block, Cam arranged to have Malinda put in the cell with Maria. Then she sat back and let nature and the gods take their course. Now using the prison over crowding as an excuse, they arranged for a third bunk to be put in their cell, and had Cheryl transferred to their cell. Cheryl was more than a little suspicious of all the changes, so she asked Cam about it, and Cam's answer was all Cam. As few syllables as possible and as cryptic as possible. All she'd say was;

"We take care of our own, always."

Leaving the rest for the little blonde to figure out. Cam soon had the normally shy and demure woman out in the yard with everybody lifting weights with her working as hard as Cam, and following Cam's training schedule. Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays, they worked on their upper body strength and Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays they worked on their lower bodies. They ran five miles everyday except Sunday when they ran ten miles. Shortly after they began working, Cheryl asked Cam to teach her some of the martial arts that Cam practiced everyday. At first Cam refused, she had never taught anyone the deadly arts she had learned from the day she moved in with Cutter and her uncles. They had insisted that she learned them not only to protect herself but they also wanted her to learn the self discipline, and piece of mind the martial arts could give her.

Cam remembered all the times that her training had stopped her from doing things she would have regretted later, and how they helped her to appreciate the little beauties that life bestowed on her even in prison. So wanting to give that to the woman she loved above all else, she consented to take Cheryl as a student. The feisty little blonde took to the skills, and fluid movements as if born to them. One day Cheryl got permission for the Captain of the guard to have a pair of staffs made available to her during her yard time.

Shortly after that, Cam went out early, she found all her friends standing around watching something. Curious Cam elbowed her way to the front of the crowd, and was amazed to find Cheryl, totally oblivious to all the attention, and calmly practicing with a staff. Cam watched as the woman went through an intricate set of movements going smoothly, and apparently effortlessly from one move to the next with all the grace and skill of a master of the weapon.

"Damn Cam," one of the woman said "Did you know she could do that?"

All Cam was able to do as she stood there watching the shy young woman she loved, work out, mesermerized by the blonde's eroticly fluid movements. Cam licked her suddenly very dry lips as she looked over the sweat soaked workout clothes (shorts and a thin cotton tank top) sticking to the blonde, and becoming nearly transparent to the point where Cam could clearly see the muscles move and flex with Cheryl's movements. The sight was hot, incredibly hot, and all that shot straight to the tall woman's groin, building an unbearable inferno in her belly.

"Looks like more cold showers tonight." the aroused woman muttered under her breath, "I swear the woman's going to be the death of me."

Savoring the thought for a moment, Cam sighed and added,

"But, what a wonderful way to go."


END 11



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