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The following chapter describes two women expressing their love for each other in the most intimate manner possible.
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Justice Deferred (14/?)

by: Alex


Feeling weak in the knees Cheryl took a few minutes to gather herself into some kind of control before walking toward her cell. She was stopped several times on her way there, by people she knew. Some actually had questions to ask her, a couple of their friends wanted her to file some motions about their cases. It had been Cam and Maria's idea for her to give some "free" legal advise, as Cam put it, to give something to these women they'd never had before, someone willing to help for no other reason than they needed it. Besides it gave her a chance to get some real life practice working within the legal system.

She had been amazed at how many of the women were in prison simply because of inadequate or incompetent legal representation. Cheryl figured if she was able to see the mistakes these women's lawyers had made they had to have really sucked at being a lawyer. Over the last six months she had helped several of the women get their cases either retried or reviewed then released because of the glaring mistakes she had pointed out in their trial transcripts. She had considered checking out her own but had been refused to the information because they said her case was being reviewed. Not knowing why or who was reviewing her case was frustrating, but the young law school grad had learned not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and patiently waited until the review was over to resubmit her request.

Fortunately the questions weren't hard and it wasn't more of a distraction, so Cheryl still had an hour before head count. As soon as she got to her cell Maria threw a towel to her and handed her a note.



"Come on niña, let's hurry up and get you a shower before the bulls will no longer let us." Maria said, a slight edge of urgency to her voice. "Read while you walk chica, vaminos."

She unfolded the paper and read it, but was just as confused after she read as before. It was a cryptic note from Cam that said: ============== Mon Petit Chér I'll see you tonight. Be ready for me little one. I need you, I want you, I love you. C. ============= Not understanding what the note meant but knowing that Maria had never steered her wrong before, she followed the woman's instructions. Maria even helped Cheryl wash her hair, a sure way to get her to relax. When they'd finished Maria got dressed and gave Cheryl a robe to wear back to the cell, where Cheryl was sat down on the stool while Maria helped her style her hair, and put on some make up. During this time the blonde noticed their third cell mate, Malinda was missing.

"Hey, what happened to Malinda," Cheryl asked her friend "How come she's not in here treating me like some sacrificial virgin too?"

"Virgin? Yeah right," Maria snorted "in your dreams chica "Mi Amada, is going to be "very" ill tonight, so ill that she will need to be in the infirmary, where I will spare no effort to see that she is properly taken care of, and miraculously well and ready to return to us by morning."

Maria, finally satisfied with Cheryl's look, gave the blonde a very sexy, emerald green silk night gown that revealed her assets nicely, without going too far. The beautiful garment clung to her magnificent curves, molding itself to her breasts and hips with a slash up the side all the way to the hip, revealing her shapely legs. Giving her creation one last look over to assess her creation, with a critical eye. She gave her nervous friend a wide dazzling smile and a quick hug.

"Do not worry mi amiga." Maria whispered in Cheryl's ear "I swear if it were not for mi gigante dulce I would be after you like a bee to a flower. Do not worry niña she will find you to be her destiny."

With a tear of happiness in her eye, her friend turned to leave.

"Malinda and I will be in the infirmary until late in the morning," she said over her shoulder noticing that Cheryl was putting on her robe "so I wont see you until the afternoon, but I will expect a full account then so be prepared."

The Mexican woman left to get to her job in the infirmary before lights out. She had been the night nurse at the prison infirmary for so long the guards didn't even stop her to check on her anymore, and even though all the guards knew of her relationship with Malinda, none of them said anything about the frequency of the giant woman's illnesses and injuries, that often kept her confined to the infirmary overnight only to have a miraculous recovery by morning. Maria was humming a soft Latin love song she had heard her father sing to her mother whenever they thought the children couldn't hear. It was going to be a very romantic night in probably the least romantic setting in the world.

Cheryl sat trying to read a book as she waited nervously for the appearance of her soon to be lover, she read the same page four times before she gave up and admitted to herself she was just too nervous to read. She sat down on the edge of her bed, but before she could lay down she noticed a small bottle on her pillow with a note. It was from Maria and Malinda but it was just as cryptic as Cam's but their motive was far more obvious. ================ Use this Niña. I think you will like the results. We love you chica Maria & Malinda ================ Cheryl took off the lid and held it to her nose, it was Cam's favorite fragrance. It had come up during one of their marathon talks, and Cheryl had gone out and bought a bottle, but as she had told Maria the day before, she had used the last of hers a couple of days ago. Cheryl had become rather fond of the fragrance herself and on a whim she dabbed a few drops in some strategic spots.

She got up and paced some more but nothing seemed to help, so she decided to lay down awhile and see if she could meditate and relax like Cam had shown her several times. Lights out found the little blonde nestled into her blankets disappointed, and laying on her bunk. Cheryl slept fitfully, unable to relax. Her normal deep slumber seemed to evade her.

Not knowing what her Camilla was planning had the young anxious woman's nerves wound tight as guitar strings, waking at the noises she'd grown used to over the long nights, because seem louder and more annoying than before. There was something in the air, this particular night, something unusual, that refused to allow the tired blonde to find the rest she was normally able to find within minutes of laying her head on her pillow. It was late that night when Cheryl was awakened by an unusual feeling.

She blinked her eyes straining to see through the darkness trying to find what had disturbed her sleep. While she didn't feel fear, Cheryl could feel an overwhelming presence. She felt the same tingling down her spine that she always felt whenever Cam was near. She gasped in surprise when a tall silent wraith separated from the shadows and began slowly approaching her. A deep quiet voice reached her sensitive ears that reassured her and eased her anxiety that had begun to cause her heart to pound.

"Don't worry little one." the voice of her heart whispered as it enveloped her like a warm soft blanket "I am not here to harm you."

"C-Cam is t-that you?" Cheryl asked her voice a harsh hiss "How did you get in here, what do you want?"

The figure stopped and Cheryl could see it's head tilt slightly and examine her as if seeing her for the first time.

"You already know that it's me, little one." the voice said finally "and I am confident that you already know the reason why I am here, at least I hope you do. The how...well...is best left answered by the phrase, I have used often over the course of my somewhat colorful life, 'I have many diverse capabilities'. Anything else is best answered by something I must tell you, then a question of my own. Since meeting you I have found myself falling in love with you little one, it is my most fervent wish that you feel the same way."

Cheryl was speechless; all she was capable of doing was nod in agreement.

"Good I was sure you did." the figure told her "To give you the simplest answer as to how I got here, do you really think something as simple as a mere lock could keep me from the one I love?"

As she spoke the figure made its way over and sat on the edge of Cheryl's bunk. She could barely make out the classically beautiful features of the face of the woman she had come to love more than life itself, but as if they radiated a light of their own, Cheryl could clearly see the cerulean eyes that were burning with desire. One hand reached out and tenderly caressed Cheryl's cheek. Unable to stop herself even if she'd wanted to. Then Cam slowly pulled down the blankets that were covering the delectably built body of the woman that held her heart and soul.

The smoldering blue eyes slowly raked down Cheryl's body studying every curve under the thin silk that clung to her like a second skin, not concelling anything. The eyes worked their way back up until they met and locked with emerald green embers, requiring little to turn them into a raging inferno.

"So beautiful" Cam whispered awestruck by the body laying before her.

Cheryl reached out and let her fingertips barely graze over Cam's soft skinned thigh marveling at the hard muscle flexing beneath. Cam felt the burning trails left by her lover's touch. She slowly bent down and let her lips capture the soft moist lips that awaited her. Cheryl felt the flames burst to life in her belly singing to her very soul. Cam's hands slowly worked their way down to the hem of the gown that had bunched in her sleep up to Cheryl's mid-thigh then stopped.

She pulled back from her panting lover and looked longingly at Cheryl's lust hooded eyes.

"If you want me to stop at anytime please tell me." Cam whispered into Cheryl's ear, her hot breath washing over the sensitive organ, "I don't want you doing something that makes you uncomfortable simply to please me. I don't want to do anything from you that your heart is not ready to give me."

Cheryl nodded her understanding. Cam's hands were shaking visibly from the effort to control herself and to control the overwhelming desire to rip the clothes from the woman's body and ravage her on the spot.

Taking the hem of the gown in her large powerful hands the dark woman stopped and captured the fiery green eyes with her own smoky blue gaze.

"May I take this off you, my love?" Cam whispered her voice thick with desire "I want to see you, please."

Cheryl was touched by the tall dark powerful woman's request and gentle loving courtesy, it only served to arouse the small woman more.

"Yes please take it off, my love." Cheryl hissed urgently needing the closeness. "I want to feel you on my skin, please I need your touch."

Carefully lifting the delicate silk gown over the small woman's golden haired head Cam had to stop and let her eyes roam hungrily over the beautiful, perfectly proportioned body on display in front of her. Reaching out Cam pulled the willing woman to her, in doing so the sheet Cam had wrapped around her slid off, leaving her long lean muscular bronze skinned body fully exposed to Cheryl's delighted gaze. Cheryl wrapped her arms around Cam's strong neck and pulled herself up to capture her new lover's full, soft, inviting lips. The younger woman's flickering tongue gently slid across over her lover's lips begging permission to enter.

The tall woman's lips parted surrendering happily to the woman she loved. Their tongues swirled around each other not battling for dominance but exploring, probing, each reveling in the sweet taste of the others hot wet mouth, in a timeless dance of passion, not stopping until their lungs burned from lack of oxygen.

Cam trailed kisses over Cheryl's jawline to her neck where the dark woman's teeth and tongue went to work on the soft flawless flesh letting erotic the tastes and delicate scent fill her senses. When she came to the pulse point where her lovers lovely neck and her soft inviting shoulders met, Cam began gently sucking and nipping at the skin driving her beloved further towards the peak of ecstasy, forcing whimpers of pleasure from her lover.

While one of Cam's large powerful hands continued to rub the small of Cheryl's back the other hand swept around and cupped a full firm breast. She began gently kneading the voluptuous mount absorbing the pleasurable sensation of the feel of the firm pliable flesh. Her callused thumb discovered and began teasing Cheryl's fast hardening nipple eliciting a soft moan from Cheryl's throat. Sensing her lover's heightening arousal Cam left the small blonde's neck and began trailing across her chest, her teeth and tongue licking and nipping the soft skin until she reached Cheryl's other breast. She began licking the mound in small circular motions occasionally stopping to nip at the soft tender flesh.

"Oh my gods" Cheryl moaned in mind consuming pleasure "What are you doing to me?"

With a knowing chuckle Cam lowered her head and captured the blonde's achingly hard nipple with her lips, and began suckling at it stopping to let her teeth gently tease the sensitive morsel causing Cheryl to groan and squirm as Cam lowered her to lay back on the bed.

"Do you want me to stop?" the tall woman asked smiling wolfishly down at the small writhing woman below her already knowing the answer.

"Noooooo," Cheryl moaned as she felt Cam's hand begin to slide across her tight flat abdomen. "Please I need you so bad my love take all of me, I belong with you completely."

Cam smiled at her lover's declaration, she felt the slight sting of a joyous tears at the back of her eyes, but she stopped it. She let her long slender fingers slowly make their way through the soft golden curls at the apex of Cheryl's muscular thighs. She let the hand continue down to her lover's knee, then she leaned down and placed her lips next to the small woman's shell like ear.

"Open for me baby." she whispered hoarsely. "Let me have all of you please baby, please."

Cheryl let her legs part and Cam's hand wandered slowly up the panting blonde. Her nimble fingers danced over soft skin leaving trails of fire everywhere they touched, Cheryl could feel the juices of her arousal flow freely from her. A low groan escaped her as powerful fingers began delving into her slippery wet folds.

"Oh baby, so wet ohhhhh yesssss, just for me?" Cam purred like a happy panther as she reveled in the hot wet velvety-soft flesh of Cheryl's core.

The small woman's mind was spinning, never had she felt like this. No other woman had touched her the way this beautiful bronze goddess was. It was as if Cam was making love not just to her body, but to her soul as well. Cheryl trembled uncontrollably as she felt the unbelievable woman's mouth begin working slowly down her body, the older woman's lips and tongue teasing their way over the younger woman's abdomen, the well developed muscles rippling beneath the satin smooth skin.

After taking a brief detour to the writhing woman's navel, Cam trailed her swirling tongue across Cheryl's mound enjoying the way the soft blonde hair tickled her nose. The tastes and smells filled Cam's senses inspiring her to continuing the pleasurable torment. Cheryl closed her eyes as her arousal reached almost painful proportions.

"No no baby please" Cam whispered her rasping voice nearly breaking with lust. "Open your eyes baby, please. Watch me please you, watch me make you cum. Please baby do this for me. Watch me as I worship my Queen."

Cheryl slowly opened her emerald green eyes and instantly locked onto the dark stormy blues watching her intently from between her thighs. The sight of her lover's lust darkened eyes the dilated pupils almost blottin out the stormy green, raising Cam's own arousal level to a new peak, she could feel her own essence flowing down her thighs.

"Oh baby you taste so sweet," Cam muttered barely able to control her own rising lust, "your essence is pure ambrosia, the taste of the gods!"

Her tongue discovered the bundle of nerves at the top of her lovers sex, and what her tongue started as quick flickering teasing was soon replaced by soft hungry lips that gently grasped Cheryl's throbbing clit and began suckling on it like a hungry child at a breast. Cheryl bit down on her soft lower lip to keep herself from screaming out in ecstasy.

"Ah ah jeez...Oh goddess Camilla," the small woman hissed "I'm I'm oh goddess, Camilla...I can't hold on I'm gonna cum...my love...please...don't...stop!!"

Cam released her lover's clit and looked deep into the heavy lidded windows of Cheryl's soul, the tall beautiful could see the unbridled lust clearly burning in her eyes pleading her soul mate to satisfy her desperate need for total release. As Cam once again locked her lips around the rock hard throbbing bundle of hyper-sensitive nerves and sucked hard letting her teeth lightly scrape the sides of the over-stimulated nerve endings her tongue fluttering back and forth over the end of it as fast as it would go.

As all this hit Cheryl, Cam slowly inserted two long slender fingers into her hot wet core, if her lover disclosed even the slightest discomfort she could remove them quickly.

"More Camilla please," Cheryl hissed desperately "I want you to fill me, take me Camilla I'm begging, please do it."

"As you wish my love." Cam whispered her heart pounding in pure adoration for this small woman.

Cam inserted a third finger in to her lover's core and began relentlessly driving them in and out of the burning hot liquid-velvet center of the woman she loved with her entire being. Without a second thought Cam's mouth went back to tormenting Cheryl's clit. The little organ was throbbing so hard Cam could have taken the small woman's pulse.

Cam could feel the powerful, muscle-lined walls of Cheryl's core convulsing trying to grab and hold her probing fingers as her hips bucked in rhythm with Cam's thrusts. Cheryl grabbed the pillow out from under her head and held it over her face. She held the pillow tight over her face as orgasm after mind numbing orgasm ripped through her convulsing body in seemingly never ending waves of her multiple orgasms, in what Cheryl would later call the most intense experience of her young life.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...godddssssss!!!" the small, sweat soaked blonde screamed into her pillow several times.

Every muscle in her small body went ridged as every nerve fired again and again sending rapid fire messages of ecstasy from her center to every other part of her body making it convulse like a grand mal seizure. Cam herself shivered as her lover's muffled screams of pleasure drove the older loving woman to a sort of mini-release of her own. Cam slowly sat up and gazed down at the sated body laying on the bunk.

She reached own and gently pulled the pillow from the young woman's face. She gasped at the angelic beauty of her lover's face when the pillow was removed.

Looking deep in to those hooded sparkling emerald eyes Cam saw something she'd never seen before, something that reached down into the deepest darkest parts of her battered soul, and lfted it into the light, something that shook the very foundations of her life, and something that both attracted and scared Cam, more than anything she had ever faced in her long hard life...pure unconditional love.


END 14



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