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Warning: There is the mention and fairly graphic description of a violent and sadistic rape, it's aftermath, and it's affect on some of the characters, in this chapter. It is not pretty or whitewashed over. I'm sorry to go there, but unfortunately this did and does still occur in prisons all over the U.S., and it is an integral part of the story. This one is definitely deeply into NC-17 territory. If this bothers you, or offends you too much, you may want to delete this one now and go else where.

+++++++++++ Justice Deferred 15 by: Alex +++++++++++

Cam sat on the edge of the bunk and watched Cheryl's body as the convulsions of her orgasms subsided to a more tolerable level. She slowly smiled at the incredibly beautiful young woman, knowing that falling in love wasn't going to be a problem, it was clear to her they were far beyond that now. She leaned and captured Cheryl's swollen lips with her own. They shared a soul-searing kiss; they reluctantly separated and once again gazed deep into each other's eyes.

"Cam, I didn't..." Cheryl was interrupted when two long slender fingers pressed softly on her lips.

"Hush now sweetheart," Cam reassured her lover "it's better if we don't talk till tomorrow. K?"

Cheryl looked up into those clear sapphire eyes, and saw the love she was feeling being reflected back to her, and silently agreed to leave it until their usual afternoon talks. Cam pulled her up and sat at the end of the bunk, so that Cheryl's head rested in her lap. Cheryl lay there and let the simple pleasure of the moment wash over her, while Cam gently and lovingly stroked her lover's soft golden blonde hair. Cheryl didn't remember when she fell asleep, but sometime during the night she did, and when she finally woke the next morning, she was alone. As mysteriously as she appeared, Cam had disappeared. Cheryl reminded herself to find out how her friend was able to move around whenever she wanted, despite securely locked doors.

She went about the next day like she always did, except on this day time seemed to almost stand still. Finally it was time for lunch, as usual, they were all brought back for head count. While Cheryl stood there waiting for the guards to finish the required counting, her mind wandered back to the night before. She had tried to fight sleep so that she could take a turn exploring Cam's tempting body, like she had been waiting to do for over a year, but Cam talked her into laying down, and relaxing saying that if necessary they would get together again soon. So that the small exhausted blonde could reciprocate for the attentions Cam had already lavished on her body.

The thoughts of her new lover were interrupted by the grumbling of the other inmates at how long the head count was taking. Things were taking a strange turn, and nothing good ever came from disrupting the inmates' schedule. Then just as some of the women were being released to go to lunch, two guards stepped in front of the anxious young blonde. One was the guard Captain that was always talking to Cam.

"Cheryl Anne Killian, number 11758?" the first guard asked.

"Y-yes?" she answered confused.

"You have visitors." the guard told her with a smile "They are taking you to Jefferson City, gather your belongings and come with us, you, wont be returning."

Cheryl was stunned; somehow she was able to get her things together. She only took the barest of essentials, leaving the rest knowing that Cam and Maria would keep it for her, in case she needed it again. She was confident it would be there when she came back from where ever these people were taking her. But if it turned out she didn't need them again, then she knew that the two women would see to it the things went to women that needed them. As she was being led out Cheryl felt someone watching her, she knew instinctively that it was Cam. She stopped and turned looking up at the tall dark stoic figure that was looking down at her from the third tier rail. If you didn't know her you'd think Cam felt nothing for the short blonde being led unknowingly to her freedom, but even as far away as she was Cheryl could see the cerulean blue eyes shining with unshed tears, and through them the saddened soul that was being ripped to shreds.

"You knew." Cheryl mouthed to the woman she knew was her soulmate.

With a slight nod Cam confirmed the blonde's suspicions.

A single tear fell from the corner of her eye, as Cam mouthed back to the woman who was about to leave with her heart and soul.

"Goodbye my little love" ====================== Cam stood at that rail for nearly two hours, staring at the exit door that had closed on her heart. She felt like a hollow shell, nothing mattered to her at that moment.

"She wont be back you know." a voice hissed from behind her, "I saw the paper work in the guard room. She's free, my beauty. They've set her free and she's leaving you."

"I knew Spook." Cam whispered "I already knew."

"Do you think she'll remember you, my beauty?" the psychotic voice taunted "By this time next week, you'll be a dim memory, and by next month, she'll have forgotten you completely."

Cam turned and focused, her cold empty almost colorless blue eyes on the painfully thin woman leaning in the cell door that had been behind Cam, as she watched her lover leave this hell hole.

"I hope you're right Spook." Cam said and turned to walk to her cell, hoping that her long time nemesis didn't see the silent tears that were flowing uncontrollably from her eyes, the blood from her dying soul. ============ Soon the sounds of old blues singers were coming from the darkened cell. After that day things remained as quiet as possible given the location. Cam and her friends carried on as usual, and Cam immersed herself in her work out, just as she always did when she was hurting. She accomplished what others believed impossible; she buffed up even more. The group continued to help any and all that they could.

Cheryl tried to visit, but as she always had Cam refused to see any and all visitors, except her lawyers. She tried to write, but all her letters were returned unopened, and marked "Delivery Refused".

At a loss for how to proceed, Cheryl settled in and concentrated on passing her Bar Exam, as Cam would have wanted her to do. The lawyers that had taken over her case, not only got all charges dismissed and expunged from her record, they had also gotten her a large settlement from the state for wrongful imprisonment, making it possible for her to take some special classes to help her pass her exam, and to live comfortably as well. When she passed the bar with a nearly perfect score, Cheryl was offered, and accepted, a position at the law firm that had gotten her out of prison.

Cam continued to serve her sentenced time, she was offered parole every six months, but she kept turning them down, saying she would not leave, until she no longer had to deal with the state of Missouri, that knew she was innocent, but refused to drop the charges and set her free, because she'd been forced to sign a bogus plea bargain. Saying that it was iron clad, they kept an "innocent" woman locked up in max wing. Cam stayed knowing that her life could get a lot worse, if she allowed a government agency to become involved. So she opted to wait until she could leave free, and clear of any ties to the Department of Corrections for the rest of her life.

None of this was new to Paula, but she remembered she was bothered by the personality changes she saw in Cam. After the little blonde left, something seemed to disappear from the tall beautiful and once dynamic woman. While she was still a force to be reckoned with, there was no fire in her eyes anymore. As if she no longer cared about anything, or anyone. The once intensely emotional woman was now just going through the motions of what she had sworn to do. In fact it looked as though if it weren't for the vow, Cam would have simply forgotten about the people that needed her so badly. Paula wasn't the only one worried about Cam; Maria was going out of her mind, trying to come up with a way to bring back her friend.

Cam's cold treatment toward others had even been turned toward the pretty, big-hearted Mexican woman. Even during the dark times, after Cam had learned of Deb's betrayal, Maria had been able to reach her through the walls that pain had built around the dark woman's heart. She had been able to get some response from her friend, but this time even she couldn't reach the cold stoic woman. Several nights were spent laying in her giant lover's arms trying to think of ways to bring Cam out of the depression, that was threatening to swallow Maria's closest friend, next to her lover, Malinda.

"I'm telling you mi amada, it is like she has died inside, you know." Maria said one night after a particularly rough confrontation with the dark uncaring woman "It is like she has taken all her feelings and emotions, along with the light in her soul, and walled them up in a place, where even she can't reach them."

"She's hurting pretty badly, love" Malinda said, even though the gentle giant of a woman wasn't very happy with their friend either, mostly because of the way her attitude hurt Maria. "I know she was the one that got Cheryl out of here, but somewhere deep inside of her she feels hurt, and angry, because the woman she loves more than life itself, is out there and she's in here."

None of the group was able to think of a way to reach their lost friend. The walls she put up around herself were too tall and too thick, and now that she had given her heart and soul to the little blonde, there was little hope that anyone could reach her. Eventually the group began avoiding the stoic woman, finally the catalyst everyone was looking for came the night Cam had caught a couple of chicken-hawks that had cornered a young girl in one of the music rooms.

The naive, innocent young blonde had been warned to stay away from the sound proof rooms, but her only true love was playing her violin. Usually she had a couple of friends that went with her, just for the privilege of hearing her play, but this night they had been both called away, to take care of some official business. The girl refused to miss a night of playing, and since she had reserved the room, she went ahead, and went to the out of the way wing of the building. She had really been in the zone that night, and was so into her music, that she lost all track of time. The next thing she knew, she heard someone clapping slowly. She looked up and saw two big mean looking women, that were looking rather as if she was a crippled antelope and they were a pair of very hungry lions.

Cam had taken to going to out of the way places to avoid those embarrassing run ins with members of the group of women she had once hung around with, she had spent the evening listening to some new CDs Paula had brought her. After learning of their shared love of old blues singers, the guard captain was always bringing Cam recordings she found when she was out shopping. This one was an amazing remastered recording of Billie Holiday, and Cam loved to listen to Lady Day alone, without anything to distract her from the low sultry sexy voice of the legendary singer.

As she was locking up the music area, which was a job Cam had taken so that she could stay later, and listen to her music in private. It was one of the few pleasures she had since Cheryl left. As she was about to lock up, Cam heard a muffled noise in one of the private rooms. Immediately suspicious, she entered the room and found a small naked young blonde, huddle in a corner. Pieces of the girl's clothing, and her beloved violin, were scattered all over the room. When Cam calmed her down enough to get close to her that's when she saw the multiple cuts, bruises, and the welts of a belt using the buckle end (wounds she knew instantly from her childhood). She finally got the girl calm enough to get an idea what had happened, the severely injuried she was just bearly able to describe the women that attacked her, well enough for Cam to know who they were, and what they had done to the girl. The punching, and whipping, had been bad enough, but then came the small glass bladed knife, that they had used to cut her face breasts abdomen and inner thighs, as their "foreplay".

Then she told Cam how they had taken turns laughing one burning her with cigarettes, and holding her down, while the other used a broom handle on her, and the agony she felt as the unyeilding wood was plunged into her again and again until she felt something tearing deep inside. That's when Cam looked down, between the blonde's slender legs, and saw the slowly expanding pool of blood coming from between the girl's thighs. She did her best to calm the girl down. Cam slid effortlessly into her protective mode, telling the frightened, and horribly injured small young blonde, that she had to go for help, and that a short Mexican woman would return for her, Cam promised that she would lock the door so no one except Maria and her rescuers could enter.

Maria had just begun her shift, when Cam walked through the doors. It was unusual enough for Cam to be there, especially lately, since they hadn't spoken in weeks, that it quickly drew Maria's attention. As she got near the tall dark woman, Maria noticed that there was a lot of blood on the woman's hands and shirt. She was about to ask what happened, the woman just put the keys to the music area in her hand.

"Go to the music rooms," the black haired woman told her, "in room two there's a girl who needs your services badly, she may be bleeding to death internally. Please my sweet Rose, hurry!"

That was all she said, and before Maria could ask her more, the enigmatic woman was gone, as if she'd never been there. The thing that was really scaring Maria, was the flat lifeless look in Cam's once expressive blue eyes, and that the color was almost entirely gone, giving her eyes a sliver appearance, giving them the look of hard cold steel. Maria grabbed an orderly, a gurney, and the biggest first aid box, as rushed to the music rooms, where they found the badly injured girl. It was very close, but with Maria's experience she was able to save the girls life, and keep her stabilized until transportation was provided to take the girl to the nearby local hospital.

The girl was kept in the hospital for nearly three weeks. Maria didn't know what Cam was doing leaving like she did, but the stocky little RN was pissed off enough to go hunting for the dark enigmatic woman as soon as the girl was transported. She was passing a dark alcove, going to one of Cam's usual quiet spots where she went to be alone, when a low growling voice called to her from the shadows.

"Looking for me mi amiga?" the voice inquired, Maria could swear she could see those silver eyes shining out at her, filled with a cold deady fire. "What do you want?"

"I want to know why you left that little girl in that room alone, and where you disappeared to." Maria hissed at the hidden woman. "She was scared shitless, and almost died, where the hell did you go that was so important, that you had to abandon her like that?"

"I knew you would be able to take care of the little one. You did your part." the voice stated quietly "I went to do my part."

Maria shivered at the flat emotionless way her friend spoke, and when she heard Cam use her favorite nickname for Cheryl, Maria was getting worried for her friend, knew now that Cam had also noticed how much the injured girl looked like Cam's absent lover.

"What do you mean your part?" Maria snapped back at her "and get out here where I can see you."

A low evil chuckle came from the dark alcove, for the second time a warning chill ran up Maria's spine

"I'd thought to spare you this, my little Rose, but since you insist." Cam growled back, the sarcasm and regret dripping from her words.

She stepped into the light, and Maria gasped, nearly fainting. The woman was covered in blood, there were bits of tissue, stuck to her in various places, and to her hands, hanging in chuncks from her fingers.

"Ah Dios mio! What have you done?" Maria exclaimed softly, crossing herself at the sight of the woman. "This is the work of your alma oscura. Have you returned peligrosa? Have you lost to it now? Who will care for your amada, if you have given in to the beast?"

Cam had asked herself the same questions already, but now was not the time. Being a good friend as always, and knowing in her heart that there was still hope for Cam, Maria took control. Maria's mind was racing, trying to determine how to take care of her friend. Before Cam finished talking Maria had already decided what to do to help her friend from losing her way again, and was already working on various ways of keeping the tall dangerous woman, safe from the authorities and most of all safe from Cam, herself.

"Come on I will sneak you into the infirmary showers." the R.N. ordered urgently "Then I'll you a change of clothes."

The woman's no nonsense Nurse mode kicked in, and soon Cam was clean, and sound asleep, on one of the infirmary beds. Maria recorded it as one of Cam's migraines, admitting her until morning. Maria looked over at her restlessly sleeping friend and shook her head.

"What am to going to do with you chica?" the compassionate woman asked herself.

Knowing that she, and Malinda were Cam's only chance, the fiercely loyal friend vowed to herself, that somehow she would save her friend, at least until she was once again safely in the arms of her small golden haired guardian angel. Maria knew well enough the task she had set for her and her lover was daunting, but with a single-minded sense of duty, the woman was determined to see Cam through this. So that when the time came the dark beauty would walk through those gates, and hopefully into the arms of the one woman on earth that could put the beast in chains, and keep it there forever...her beloved Cheryl.

++++++++ END 15 TBC in 16 ++++++++

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