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Warning: This chapter contains extreme violence that results in character deaths. If this offends or upsets you, then I suggest you delete this now and find something else to read. +++++++++++++

Justice Deferred 16 by: Alex P.

+++++++++++++ When the bodies of the two women were found, the rumors started flying. First it was said, when the two guards found the bodies, it was so gruesome a sight, that both men ran out of the building, tossing their cookies the whole way. Then someone put out, that the bodies were so badly torn up, and scattered, that they had to inventory all the parts, before the doctor would sign off on how many bodies there actually were. Then came the rumor that the women's bodies that had been found, hadn't just been killed, and their bodies vivisected, according to the wild talk, the women had been literally torn to pieces, while they were still alive.

Then came the report officially stating that, it was believed, the two women had gone to the remote place in order to hide from the guards, after it was learned, from a mysterious contact, that the two dead women were the only suspects for the brutal sexual assault on the young woman, still in the hospital. The report went further to state, that judging by the wounds, and grisly condition, that it was the opinion of the coroner, after consulting with the prison nurse, the women must have disturbed some large wild animal, that was nesting, or had young in the long abandoned section of the prison, that made it abnormally over protective and vicious, thus causing it to attack, and kill both women.

It was never investigated strenuously, and it was never determined what kind of animal had ripped the bodies apart, but never touched the meat. One curious side note in the report stated that, apparently, this vicious animal left no forensic evidence. At lot of people also noticed the look on Cam's face, as a stricken Maria had read the coroners description of the bodies, the man was very thorough and exact in every detail. Maria had to stop at least four times for a sickened Cam to run to the bathroom and throw up. After that Cam stayed away from everybody, and everybody stayed away from her, except Maria, and her lover Malinda.

The young violinist was moved into Cheryl's old bunk, and she was taken in by Maria, Cam, and Malinda. She was in very bad shape and it was months before the casts came off her hands, she was given physical therapy and in order to give the girl incentive to work hard at her therapy, Cam secretly got her the finest concert quality violin available. After that except for when the girl was in the gym, Cam stayed away from the girl, but was always near watching over her.

Her resemblance to Cheryl was uncanny, but she wasn't the woman Cam loved, and being in her presence was too painful for the dark woman. Maria and Malinda divided their time between Cam and the girl for a while. After Maria and Malinda both sat her down, and talked to the stoic withdrawn woman, they finally got through enough, so that Cam realized withdrawing from everyone didn't help her or anyone else, it only served to magnify her painful loneliness, and made Cam miss her little one even more. So she was soon back working out with her friends, and when a certain little blonde's name was mentioned, the only reaction from Cam was a wistful sigh of missing her, but she was getting in control of herself, finally.

Cam still spent most of her time away from anyone, except Maria and Malinda, who tried to include their quiet pensive friend, but in truth, it only made her feel more alone, and separated from everyone else. Maria also knew from their long talks, Cam had decided to try to do at least one thing Cheryl had asked her to try, and she was going out of her way to avoid fights. Even to the point of backing down from face to face challenges.

Maria and Malinda had explained to their friends why Cam was acting that way, and to give them credit, even though the others didn't understand completely, they all tried to support her. All of them admiring her courage to go against her nature, and open herself up to ridicule from those that didn't understand the intense inner struggle the hard, proud, woman faced with every time she backed away from a confrontation.

Unfortunately not everyone understood the danger that was there in the repressed emotions, or that the potentially deadly biker was at a constant rage level. That intense and devastating violence boiled just beneath the surface of the new, emotionless, seemingly passive, Cam. The constant migraine headaches, and nearly continuous workouts, were the price the normally elemental, and reactionary woman had to pay in order to try to keep anything like the incident in the abandoned solitary cells from happening again.

These women thought her failure to react to her enemies insults and challenges, and not resorting to violence to solve her problems with other inmates, was a sign of weakness, and reason enough to attempt to assault her with impunity, an understandable, but potentially fatal error. ============== Spook was doing life without parole, simply because she had been convicted during the national moratorium on the death penalty. To put it quite simply Spook was a psychological anomaly, a female serial killer. She picked up women in bars and after drugging them she took them to one of her "safe" places where she would spend hours or even days, torturing them to death.

When she'd been examined before her trial the doctors all agreed that the painfully thin, dark haired woman with the watery light almost yellow brown eyes, not only knew what she was doing when she tortured and killed her victims, but she did it for sexual gratification. They had found no signs of abuse, sexual or otherwise in her, life nor was she a deprived child, her family was actually well off, and both her parents had doted on their daughter. No, the only reason 'the Spook', as the other prisoners called her, had spent years hunting down women and torturing them to death, was she got off on it. Consequently in keeping with the doctors recommendations, and in deference to her wealthy family, the Spook, also known as Kathleen Spears, was quietly given a trial in front of a judge, and as he said, regretfully, at her sentencing, since there was no death penalty at the time. He was giving her the harshest sentence the law allowed, at that time, life without possibility of parole. It had been like sending the deadly psychotic to her own personal heaven.

Almost from the beginning, Kathleen, or as she now preferred, the Spook, had hooked up with Val, a fellow lifer and by simply letting the big strong bleach blonde burn a capital V between her breasts and every once in a while, hurt her while they had sex (all of which Spook found she liked, as a change of pace) Spook could, with Val, cut a wide swath through the prison population, raping and torturing as they wished. The fact that Val wasn't too smart and the Spook with her IQ of one hundred eighty made it easy for the deceptively submissive psycho, to manipulate the big powerful woman, to do whatever she wished, while leaving her to think everything they did was all Vals' idea. The deception made their maniacal partnership work smoothly.

Then Cam had entered the picture. The minute the Spook had seen the tall incredibly beautiful woman, she knew she had to have her. The tall black haired beauty had haunted the crazy woman's fevered dreams, causing her to wake up in the middle of the night, her sheets soaked with her nocturnal emissions. At first Spook had tried to overpower her fantasy woman in the showers, but at five feet eight inches and a hundred pounds, all she got was hurt and humiliated. She tried to use Val to obtain the object of her budding obsession, but all that had happened was that Val had ended up in the infirmary for weeks and came out fearing the tall dark woman even more. Deciding to wait for just the perfect opportunity to go after her obsession, the Spook and Val returned to their other pursuits, they even managed to obtain a couple of permanent slaves, which filled those nights when fresh talent was unavailable.

Then the worst happened; Spook's dream girl had wandered into the showers when she and another pair of chicken-hawks were in the middle of breaking in a new woman. When the victim had begged Cam for help the powerful and highly skilled fighter stepped in and rescued the beaten woman. She also managed to break several of the two attackers bones, and to add insult to injury, Cam took the woman she'd saved to the infirmary to be treated, and left the others in the showers to be discovered and publicly humiliated.

Then Cam and her meddling friends began interfering in every ones hunting. Spook was livid, she raged for hours, she didn't stop until she almost killed their latest acquisition. Val had ended up having to hide the brutalized woman for several days, until she'd healed enough to be taken to the infirmary with reasonable safety to Val's various operations. It was the last they ever saw of her. The matter was at its worst the day that Spook had maneuvered Val into surprising, and attempting to take the new little blonde fish, that the Spook had seen Cam eyeing as the cute little blonde got off the bus. Spook had no intentions of sharing the long tall beautiful brunette with anyone, let alone some little blonde piece of fluff. For some unknown reason the Spook was sure Cam wanted her as badly as Spook wanted Cam.

In fact Spook had already figured out a way to kill Val as soon as they gained control of Cam, so she could have her dream woman all to herself. This day they were out trolling for the little blonde, on what Val thought were her orders, after the Spook finished talking to Val about the blonde, the woman was almost drooling at the prospect of having the frightened little thing. The Spook couldn't believe her luck, when she heard the naive young woman asking the guard to allow her take a shower alone, in the middle of the day.

The thin scarecrow of a woman ran through the cellblock, to the cell she and Val shared. She found the big bleach blonde laying on her bunk, reading a comic book, she looked up at her partially winded cellmate, and smiled at her.

"Hey Spook, ya' in a hurry or somethin'?" Spook flinched at the big woman's incredibly stupid questions, it galled her even more when her less than bright "friend" continued by holding out a comic book and asked "You think Catwoman and Batgirl are secretly fuckin'?"

Spook roared out and grabbed the comic and threw it across the cell where it landed in the toilet.

"Damn it Spook!" Val yelled rising to severely punish her cellmate. "I hadn't finished that one yet, I'm gonna have ta mess ya' up for that."

For the first time in their many years together Spook felt a twinge of fear of her cellmate, a thought entered her twisted brain.

<>I'll have to get rid of her soon<> she thought with an evil smirk <>Oh well back to work<>

"Sorry Val, really, but listen," Spook said quickly diverting the woman's attention, "Remember that pretty little blonde you saw Cam eyeballin' the other day, and you said you'd love to get a hold on her before Cam could interfere?"

Val shook her head trying to picture which woman the Spook was talking about. Then a very dim night-light went on in the big woman's brain.

"Oooo yeah." she answered, smiling cruelly.

That set into motion the first meeting of her Cam, and that little teasing tramp blonde. It still burned the Spook up, to think about it, but now she was hearing about how, since her little blonde had left, the black haired woman of the Spook's twisted evil erotic nightmares had lost her edge. ============== The fact Cam wouldn't even fight anymore, was enough to cause a celebration for Val and her cronies, but to the Spook, it was like seeing your favorite pet getting sick, so that you have to mercifully put them down. The psychotic genius began thinking of ways to put Cam out of her obvious misery. Deep in the back of her sick demented mind the Spook was delighted to do her beloved Cam this "service" (hopefully as slowly and painfully as possible), but she was still skeptical that she would be able to take the tall capable woman by herself, and she was becoming sure that Val was worse than useless against Cam.

There had been several times she was sure she had that conniving bitch, but every time Cam had made a fool of her, usually through the incompetence of Val. The Spook decided it was time to live up to her name, and maybe even find a way to rid herself of two problems at one time. She thought for a moment to the day the blonde tramp had been released. As soon as the Spook had seen the release order on the warden's desk while she was cleaning, she found an excuse to get back to D-block, before they came to get Cam's little slut.

Spook figured that if she could be close when Cam heard her friend was getting out, then maybe she wound turn to the Spook for comfort. A thousand scenarios ran through her mind as Spook hurried to the third tier, and slid into the empty cell behind the woman of Spook's dreams, and waited for the inevitable. Spook felt a shiver of frustration, as she watched the interaction between the two obvious lovers, and as she watched Cam's actions, she knew the woman had known all about in advance.

Probably even before the warden or the guards had been told, in fact judging by how calm the tempestuous woman was, she probably knew before the prison grapevine. Frustrated Spook had resorted to words to try to hurt Cam, to make her feel the deep down agony of unrequited and impossible love. That hadn't worked either, so at that moment the Spook had decided that if she couldn't have her "beauty", no one else would. Hearing Cam ask the guard if she could take an early shower, and hearing the Captain telling her to go ahead and that as Captain of the guards, she would inform the other guards that Cam was going to be in her cell, and would not be reporting to the head counts.

The Spook was sure that the gods were smiling down on her, that all that was needed now, was to convince Val that it was her own idea to take out the tall dangerous woman while she was alone in the showers. As she headed for the cell she shared with the big bleach blonde, the Spook smiled at the irony of the situation. Val's first mistake as always was listening to the Spook. Something in the back of her not too bright mind was telling Val, this was not a good idea, but every time she hesitated to gather her thoughts in order, there was the skinny evil eyed woman urging her on. Finally she let the woman convince her that Cam couldn't fight back, that somehow being in love with the little blonde slut had cost the once formidable woman her edge. That she was now a broken woman, and would actually welcome death.

She knew that Spook for some reason hated Cam, and that her information about the tall dark woman being alone in the showers, while true, seemed strange. That in itself, the Spook explained to Val, was an admission on Cam's part that she wanted to die. Elated that her chance to get her revenge on her long time nemesis had finally come, Val had the Spook, and their latest pet keeping a look out, as the big bleach blonde slipped noiselessly into the showers, where her destiny awaited her. By the time Cam strolled into the large tiled room she was alone, and probably in the most dangerous position she'd ever been in since she left the streets. Oblivious to her surroundings, Cam stripped down, and stepped into the warm spray, beginning her shower, oblivious to the dire situation she was putting herself. As she rinsed the last of the soap from her body, Val stepped into the room ready to take out the one woman that had, as Val saw it, ruined her life.

"Ya' know Val, you don't have to do this." Cam said without turning around, "We could just walk away and nobody gets hurt. What do ya' say?"

"Can't go there Beauty." Val hissed, her voice harsh with anger and surprised that Cam had known she was there without looking, "We coulda been good together, but you were too good for the likes of me. So ya' turned me down in front of everyone, and made me look like a fool. Now you've lost you're love and your edge, and since I can't have ya' Beauty, nobody else will either."

Val pulled a shiv from her pocket and began to warily approach the dangerous woman, watching Cam's every move. For her part Cam stood there seemingly relaxed, and totally un-phased at being stalked by the uncontrolled sociopath. Cam stood under the still running shower letting the hot water run down her body unnoticed, as her mind went into defense mode. She automatically scanned the woman's approach, and her mind catalogued her strengths and weaknesses. After a quick appraisal, Cam knew that at any time she could take out the larger clumsier woman. Then an evil feral smile crossed Cam's lips, that never quite reached her hard cold ice blue eyes. In her mind, Cam had fulfilled all the prerequisites that Cheryl, Maria, and Malinda had imposed on her, now she was free to act in accordance to the laws of survival she had grown up with.

Val and Spook had made a serious miscalculation, they thought that when the little one had walked out of the tall dark woman's life, that she had lost her edge, and was unwilling to fight back, making her an easy target. Nothing could have been further from the truth. What Cam had lost when her beloved little emerald eyed blonde left, was the guiding light in her soul, sending it back into the darkest depths of despair, and all that was left was a hard cold shell, that had no room for compassion and mercy. Her friends had convinced her to at least allow an enemy a chance to leave, and she had done that, now her conscience was clear, leaving the deadly biker free to inflict whatever damage she saw fit to hand out, and it was this ruthless person that decided it was time to finish the Val-problem, once and for all.

On the first attack Cam disarmed the big woman, and ran her, face first, into a tile wall smashing her nose, and knocking out her two front teeth. Val stepped back glaring at the naked woman standing there casually, completely uninjured and holding Val's shiv.

"Is that the best you've got tubby?" Cam snarled laughing evilly "It's hard to believe you got all that heavy rep, you can't even hang on to this pitiful little pig sticker."

With that comment Cam easily snapped the blade off the homemade knife, and threw the pieces at the bleeding bleach blonde.

"You're gonna pay for that bitch!" Val snarled spitting blood "I'll tear you apart with my bare hands!"

"Save it Val," Cam laughed "you couldn't even tear paper, without hurting yourself."

With a roar of overwhelming rage Val charged at the tall muscular opponent. It was exactly what Cam had figured she would do, and she moved accordingly.

Shortly after the fight had started Cam was walking to her third tier cell humming a little tune she'd picked up from her uncles.

A few hours later screams drew a crowd to the showers. Laying in the middle of the shower room was the brutally beaten body of Val; her neck was so badly twisted that her head was facing backwards. The official investigation found nothing, Val's death was written off as just one of those unsolved prison mysteries, it never even reach the outside papers. Everyone had their own ideas about who killed the big bleach blonde chicken-hawk, Goddess knows the woman had more than her share of dangerous enemies, but no one was talking. ============== The vicious woman wasn't exactly Miss Popularity in prison circles, only two people went to her funeral as she was laid to rest in an unmarked grave in the prison graveyard.

That day Spook swore that the tall dark blue eyed angel of vengeance, that had taken her Val away from her, would pay for it. Conveniently forgetting it was Spook's idea for Val to go after the woman, but now she didn't have the woman, and she'd lost her Val too. It was something the seething psychopath wasn't going to forgive...ever.

+++++++++ END 16 TBC in 17 +++++++++

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