Warning: The following chapter contains a fairly descriptive account of two consenting adult women showing that love in the tenderest, most intimate manner possible.

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Justice Deferred 24

by: Alex P.


The air stilled as the two women stood just an arms length apart, the distance held by Cheryl's hand against Cam's chest. The space between them was charged to the point of near combustion as determined green met with molten blue.

"The last time we started something like this we did this your way," the diminutive attorney announced to her frustrated and confused lover "and you gave me the most fabulous, and mind

shattering sex of my life, but you told me to wait to touch you until we were together again. I thought you meant until the next night, at most,

so I agreed, but it's been three years since I've even set eyes on you. That ain't cuttin' it...Sparky!"

"Sparky?" the tall black haired woman asked, shocked by this strange turn of events. "Did you just call me...Sparky?"

"That's right..." the little blonde purred as she gripped her lover'swork shirt, ripped it open, then shoved her willing "victim" onto the bed. "...Sparky."

Buttons flew all over the room and Cam, sensing her lover's needs, remained passive, and laid back to enjoy her lover's sudden, and unusually aggressive behavior.

Cheryl tugged Cam's T-shirt becoming

frustrated at the skintight uncooperative article of clothing.

"Off" the blonde demanded, her lust darkened emerald eyes drinking in the sight of her lovers' well-muscled upper torso, as the offending garment was removed, and thrown across the room.

To Cam's delight Cheryl straddled her hips and began by letting her small hands roam freely over Cam's top half. Each touch left trails of fire on the dark woman's flesh; Cam fully expected the skin to blister,

from the unexpectedly intense heat of her lovers' touch. The blonde wildcat got up and quickly removed her own clothing, throwing it all over the room not caring where it landed at the moment, then Cheryl once more straddled her

still partially dressed lover.

She placed her hands on the prone woman's washboard abdomen splaying out her fingers, in order to make more contact with Cam's satiny soft skin.

Cam watched her small lover through lust hooded eyes as the highly aroused woman crawled up her lovers long gorgeous body. Cheryl bent down to kiss the soft moist lips of the center of her universe.

"I love you so much it hurts my heart,"

the smoking hot blondewhispered,

just before she covered the luscious lips she'd been dreaming of for three insufferably long years.

Both women moaned as the heat of the kiss set their blood boiling. They broke the kiss after several heartbeats; the feel of her lovers saturated sex on her bare abdomen

was driving Cam insane with need.

Cheryl reached back and felt her beloved's denim covered lower half.

"Oh my, I've been remiss in fulfilling my duties." Cheryl said in a low husky voice, as a sexy smile came to her kiss swollen lips. "My sweety is over dressed. I simply must take care of this at once. Don't move baby."

"Not even a twitch?" Cam asked using that "special" little girl voice.

"You know that voice drives me crazy." Cheryl purred sexily as she wiggled her perfectly shaped rear on Cam's washboard abs adding even more to the already over-stimulated women.

Cheryl rolled off Cam and began frantically working on Cam's button fly jeans. Cam chuckled at her lover's lust induced antics. As she looked down watching what her determined little lover was doing, she noticed the shine of Cheryl's juices on her abdomen. On an impulse Cam ran her fingers through the slick fluid and then brought them to her nose. She inhaled deeply filling her nostrils with the intoxicating scent of her lover, stirring bits and pieces of long forgotten dreams.

"By the Goddess, my dreams pale in comparison to the reality of you, my love." Cam said reverently then was struck by the horrible sense of loss she'd been feeling for the last three years. "Please don't leave me with only my dreams to love me, not ever again."

Not hearing the whispered plea,

and Cam never repeated it, she didn't

need to, the blonde of her dreams, own actions reassured her withoutwords.

Cheryl finally pulled Cam's jeans off and smiled when she discovered her lover wasn't wearing underwear.

With Cam's pants around her ankles

Cheryl took the time to take Cam's boots and socks off as well.

"Going commando today my love?"

Cheryl asked referring to Cam's lack

of undergarments.

"Well, Paula bought some little bitty silk things but you know how I feel about them," Cam explained "and they didn't have the boxers I like so I did without. Couldn't find a bra that fit right either."

Believing Cam's tale, knowing how choosy the tall woman was about her under clothes fitting right, and that she'd rather go without than wear something she didn't like. Cam didn't give a damn about what she wore on the outside but underneath she was very picky about what was closest to her skin.

Once she was again able to move,

Cheryl began crawling up her lover's

long beautiful body. Stopping every

so often to kiss and nip at the

all too tempting skin of her much beloved Camilla.

"The taste of you is purest ambrosia,

and the scent of your arousal

the finest perfume," the blonde moaned

as she hovered over the dark

wet shining curls at the apex of her lover's muscular thighs, the green eyed blonde, let the aroma of Cam's arousal fill her senses.

On an impulse Cheryl bent down and planted a tender loving kiss on her lover's tempting mound.

"If you will allow it," the enraptured blonde continued, "I will neveragain leave your side. I already love you to the exclusion of all else, and you are the beginning and ending of me. I had no one in my life before I met you, and since we were separated I have merely existed,

a hollow shell. Now that I have you back, I will never be able to exist without you. Please let me stay Camilla, and I will worship you, my love, asking only to spend the rest of my life, in the ecstasy of your presence."

With her every word the small blonde crawled higher up on her lover, until she was able to stretch out her entire body over her beloved Cam's, so that every possible inch of their skin was touching. Cam spread her thighs allowing Cheryl to slide easily between them. The little blonde kissed her way down Cam's strong jawline until she reached her tall blue eyed lover's long beautiful neck where she continued licking, kissing and biting at the tempting skin as she kept going lower. Cam groaned passionately as she felt the small sharp teeth of her lover grasping at her flesh.

Cheryl came to the point where Cam's neck and shoulders met, she could feel her lover's pulse pounding just beneath her lips. Unable to resist Cheryl began sucking at the skin, making the woman beneath her writhe in ecstasy.

Cam felt her lover sliding down her body slowly, the blonde's lips and tongue leaving molten trails of desire with every touch. The ravenous mouth moved down the dark woman's chest, obviously searching for a particularly treasured morsel. Apparently the search ended when Cheryl's eager lips found the tender

soft flesh of Cam's breast, and she concentrated her efforts trying to be sure that she didn't miss even the tiniest speck of the obviously addictive and exotic tasting treat.

The accomplished blonde lover pulled back just enough to blow softly across

the wet, super-heated flesh, she watched in fascination as the skin surrounding the nipple puckered and pebbled, the nipple itself hardened and elongated until it was just too much for Cheryl to resist. She took the hypersensitive nipple between her soft moist lips and began suckling at it like a starving infant. In response Cam ran her hand down Cheryl's back until she reached the firm muscular globes of her lovers tight backside. With a powerful hand on each cheek of Cheryl's fabulous backside, Cam pulled the woman she loved tight against her and began slowly grinding her pelvis against her lover's

This was driving Cheryl to soar even higher, as she lightly bit Cam's nipple. Then she moved on to lavish

her attentions on the breasts

twin, her mouth ravishing the delectable mound of firm yet pliable flesh. She eventually released

the delicious morsel and raised up her

head to look deeply into her Camilla's lust darkened blue eyes.

"Camilla, please, let me taste you?" Cheryl pleaded barely able to speak, her voice was so thick with desire. "I need to taste your essence on my tongue."

"Oh yes my love yessss." Cam hissed as her arousal was reaching nearly painful proportions.

As soon as Cam released Cheryl's rear the small blonde began working her way down her lover's long body, her hot tongue swirling mercilessly over Cam's burning perspiration-coated skin savoring the salty sweet flavor.

She also took time to press her lips on the soft skin, she loved feeling the hard well developed muscles of her lover's abdomen flexing and relaxing, as she would occasionally nip at Cam's permanently bronzed skin, Cheryl let her exploring tongue dip into the well of Cam's navel and swirling it around causing the woman to gasp, at the very sensual feeling it brought her.

After making sure that her lover's navel had received its share of attention the small blonde moved on down her lover, in search of further adventures.

The sounds of Cam's pleasure spurred her small blonde lover to even more enthusiastic explorations, as her sexual quest continued.

"Oh Goddess!!" Cam moaned as the sweet torture continued to build. "I think you're trying to kill me, woman."

"Hummmmm, then maybe I should stop then." Cheryl quipped as she looked up into the deep blue pools, gasping at how her lover's lust had darkened them to the colors of stormy seas.

"Don't you dare.." Cam growled sensually her eyes opening wide, silently begging her recalcitrant lover to continue.

Cam let her legs spread wider to allow Cheryl enough space to reach her ultimate goal. The diminutive blonde nestled herself between her blue eyed lover's thighs, the very place she'd been dreaming of being in for three

years. That is after she got through the memories of her last night in prison,

when her lover had come to her in her cell, and showed her love for Cheryl. The pictures of which were burned indelibly into Cheryl's mind, the only other thing on her mind, had been giving the tall dark woman a night she'd remember forever. If Cam's noises were any indication the small and determined blonde was well on her way to achieving her wish.

Wanting to prolong the moment Cheryl began to gently kiss the creamy soft skin of Cam's inner thighs carefully licking up the juices that had leaked from her sex and had liberally coated the inside of the muscular limbs, causing the tough biker to whimper in frustration.

"Sweetheart, you are so beautiful."

Cheryl moaned and began biting

and sucking at the sensitive flesh.

"D-damn, b-baby I d-don't know what y-you're d-doing to me!" Cam cried out her passions reaching explosive levels "I d-don't c-care, pleeease don't s-stop!!"

After marking her territory several times, Cheryl turned to her lover's center.

The swollen pink flesh was beckoning her and unable toresist, Cheryl let her tongue flick out and lightly graze the glistening flesh. The spicy musky scent was only somewhat less enticing than the actual flavor of her lovers' nectar that had coated the area as it flowed from her core. A shudder ran through Cam's body as she felt her lover's delicate pink tongue fluttering over the sensitive tissues.

"Baby please!!" Cam cried out, desperation and need gripping her entire body bringing her arousal to painful heights. "Cheryl..my love...take me now!

I can't stand it any longer, Pleeeease."

Hearing her lover's plaintive cry, Cheryl brought up her left hand, and using two fingers, she very gently opened Cam's swollen and slick outer folds, gently, as if handling the petals of the most beautiful flower, revealing the bright coral pink, extremely wet flesh. Unable to hold back any longer Cheryl began swirling her tongue around the entrance of Cam's core, taking in the very essence of the woman. She stiffened her tongue, then slowly, maddeningly, pushed her oral muscle into her lover's wet center.

The older woman went wild with pleasure she hissed loudly and pushed her sex into the blonde's face, trying to increase the delicious contact and force the wriggling tongue further into her. Wordlessly begging her lover to keep up the pressure. Encouraged by Cam's reactions Cheryl swirled her tongue around inside her lover's core, and lapping at the muscular walls that tried to grasp her eager tongue, but failed due to the copious amount of the slick fluid that was pouring from her core and coated the walls and tongue, so that it slipped away from every grasp.

Cheryl licked greedily at the interior of her lover's core, trying her best to get every single drop of Cam's sweet essence. She was enjoying her black haired lover's writhing and incoherent ramblings as Cheryl drove her slowly insane with pleasure.

Cam found to her surprise that her scattered thoughts held together long enough to recall something her friend, Maria, had mentioned one night while they were reminiscing over former lovers. She told Cam a lover that had kept

her on the very edge of an orgasm for hours, the beautifully built Mexican woman had called it IPIP or Indescribable Pleasure Indefinitely Prolonged. Cam was now becoming fully aware of what her friend had been taking about.

Reluctantly leaving the source of Cam's sweet delectable nectar, Cheryl let her tongue take a slow lazy trek up her lover's sex until she reached the hyper-sensitive swollen and throbbing bundle of nerves at the very top of Cam's sex. She let her tongue circle the painfully erect nub. While the green

eyed blond was tormenting Cam's throbbing clit, she brought up her right hand and began teasing the entrance to her lover's core with feather light touches of her fingers. Cheryl took her beloved Camilla's clit into her mouth and closed her lips around the erect nerve packed tissue, she could feel Cam's pulse pounding through the engorged organ.

To increased her lover's stimulation, Cheryl let her teeth lightly scrape up the sides of the even more sensitive nubbin, as her tongue fluttered over the very tip, all the while tenderly suckling at it, puling even more blood into the almost painfully, erect organ. Cam was going wild from all the things Cheryl was doing to her, she had already taken Cam far beyond any pleasure any of her former lovers had given her, and while she was grateful for her beloved Cheryl's incredible skills this was all way beyond anything she'd ever experienced and she was at the very frayed end of her rope.

"Ah...gods...please...I...need...you...in me...now... pleeeeease !!!" Cam cried out, her voice nearly reaching a scream level "fill me baby...I need you in me NOW!!!!!"

Surrendering to her lover's desperate pleas, Cheryl slowly and gently inserted two fingers into the hot liquid center, feeling the slick velvety walls of Cam's center closing tightly around her fingers, the strong muscles trying to pull the delightful digits deeper into her core.

"More, baby give me more." Cam screamed grinding her hips into her lover's hand. I'm ready sweetheart, make me cum for you."

Cheryl pulled back and inserted a third then a fourth finger into her lover at her lover's pleas, Cam began rocking her hips in time with Cheryl's thrusts. Cheryl took her mouth from Cam's throbbing clit, replacing her mouth

with her thumb to continue the stimulation. The beautiful green eyed blonde moved so that she was straddling one of Cam's hard muscular thighs. She began grinding herself into the hard-sculpted quadricep. Cam had just enough presence of mind to flex the hard muscle and press it against her lover helping her to create the most marvelous friction in all the right places. Both women were reaching the stratospheric heights, only true lovers can find. It struck Cam why this little petit blonde was able to launch her to heights way beyond the abilities of any previous lovers. For the first time in her long and illustrious career, as an ultimate player, Cam was making love, and not just having sex. Meaning that for the first time in her life, the great Camilla Brusard, was truly in love. It would have probably scared her to death if she'd had time to process the information. She couldn't right now, because her little blonde lover was

driving her to the edge of total insanity, so her brain filed the revelation away for further consideration at a later time.

Suddenly without any warning, Cam felt as if every nerve in her body was connected directly to her groin,

and each and every one of them was firing at once.

"Oh Gods Cheryl, baby I'm cuming,"

the black haired beauty screamed

unable to control herself any longer.

"That's right sweetheart," Cheryl growled as she continued to piston her fingers in and out of her dream lover come to life, "Cum for me baby, it's alright, Camilla, give it to me!"

As if following her lover's commands Cam's entire body went ridged and she arched into Cheryl, flexing her thigh harder into the small blonde straddling it, and Cheryl felt her own climax rushing to her.

"Cum for me Camilla," Cheryl urged

as her own volcanic orgasm blasted

through her petit form making her cry out her own pleasures "Awwww sweet Goddesssss yessssssss!"

"Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Cam roared out her ecstasy, her body arched up bowing into Cheryl

"Oh baby, it'ssss sssso gooooood!"

Both women's bodies convulsed in the throes of passions unable to control it. Finally their bodies began to calm and allow them to regain a semblance of control. Cam collapsed back on to the bed and Cheryl collapsed on to Cam, both laying there panting and trying to hold themselves together until their muscles quit feeling like over stretched rubberbands and would once again begin answering their brain's commands.

They lay there for several minutes enjoying the quiet and reveling in each other's company.

"Sweet Goddess!" Cheryl husked out breathlessly, "That was so...never in my life have I ever felt anything so...I don't know, I...I mean I thought that that last night in Chillicothe when you came to me and...well I thought it was spectacular...but this tonight was so...."

"Intense...all consuming...mind blowing" Cam finished for her lover. "You are positively amazing, do you know that?"

"So I must ask," Cheryl said with a mischievous gleam in her emerald eyes "At least it's something I kind of wanted to ask..."

"You can ask anything you want baby." Cam stated softly, her love for the little blonde clear in her voice, "but can it wait sweetheart, you've turned my brains to a puddle of mush."

In answer, Cheryl nodded, leaving her question for later, and snuggled in tighter against the woman that was her entire world, kissed her tenderly, then

with a satisfied smile she fell into the arms of Morpheus. Cam remained awake for a little while longer, watching the amazing woman in her arms as she slept. It was as if she was afraid that if she too went to sleep, that she'd wake up alone again in her cell.

Eventually, Cam became unable to keep her eyes open, and without her knowledge, the exhausted woman's beautiful eyes closed as she joined her lover in Morpheus' realm.

The tall black haired woman slowly drifted awake, even before her ice blue eyes opened she became aware of small hands and fingers tracing delicate patterns on her skin, Cam smiled even before her cerulean blue eyes opened knowing that when they did open the small beautiful golden haired center of her universe would be there apparently using her as a living body pillow.

"Thank you my Goddess." Cam whispered as a prayer of heart felt gratitude that this feeling was no longer a dream.

She really was out of the hell that prison had been, and her greatest wish had come true and she was waking up with the most beautiful woman in the world.


"Good morning sleepy head,"

the lyrical voice from Cam's dreams

said. "Are you going to do like I did and sleep for two straight days, now that you can without someone yelling for you to get up? It's alright if you do my love, I'll be right here when you wake up. I'm NEVER leaving you again."

Cam's smile was bright enough to out shine the clear morning sun; her beloved blonde had spoken the words she'd dreamed of hearing for the last three years.

A wave of absolute peace and contentment swept over the quiet black haired biker as she came to the realization that after thirty-three years, her soul too had found its home.


END 24

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