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Justice Deferred (2a/26)

by: Alex


Waiting for the guard escort, she was sure would be there soon, to arrive, Camilla Theresa Brusard sat on her small 6x4 bunk and surveyed the place that had been her home for the last six years.

The beautiful woman let out a quiet chuckle as she compared this tiny cell to the life she was about to return to. Thinking about her former life led her mind down the twisted, convoluted path that had brought her to this point in her life.


After her high school graduation life was looking good for Cam. Her excellent grades and her athletic abilities had the college recruiters banging on her door scholarships in hand. She was offered full rides to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities from both coasts.

Her uncles wanting their niece to have all the opportunities they never had a chance at, offered to take all her expenses even if she did chose to take them up on their scholarships.

Finally when the day came for her to choose, she surprised everyone by choosing to attend a small state university, in the nearby town of Springfield.

As she had in high school Cam excelled in college. A Dean's List student, a stand out on the volleyball and softball teams, she graduated with honors. Then she went to grad school and earned not only an MBA but also a masters in computer science, her family was proud but not surprised when she graduated Manga cum laude. Upon graduation Cam received several attractive offers from some major Fortune 500 companies, but turned them all down when her Daddy and her uncles came to her, and offered her a place in their corporation. Instead of a job for wages they brought Cam in as a full partner. Each man split his share until they each owned one fourth of the corporation.

The only difference between them all, was Cutter, he held final say on any major decisions. With all three men in full agreement, Cam went to work instituting several changes using the knowledge she'd learned in school.

A few didn't work or had to be modified but for the most part her ideas were both profitable and efficient. It also allowed her uncles to increase some of their pet projects. Mostly they were the driving- force (financially) behind many of the major improvements within their little community. They supported job programs, food pantries, job training, day care centers, and the three men's pet project a shelter for abused children and women, all anonymously of course.

Knowing the way the town felt about them they were sure their assistance would have been thrown back in their faces. It wouldn't have been the first time.

Only the four of them, their accounting department and the IRS knew the origin of the donations. Life was going pretty smoothly for the tall dark woman, she had her work and when that was boring she would go with her uncle Cobra to his state of the art computer center in a specially built building at the farm where they lived. Cobra's building was a very modest appearing building about a half-mile away from the main house where actually only Cutter and Cam lived. The two would spend hours there writing programs and working on their computers. Cobra had contacts in nearly every computer company, many used him as a consultant.

Most people considered the 6'7" mute albino that always dressed in black leather to be some kind of uneducated freak, a serious mistake they didn't make twice. Among those that knew computers they considered him one of the best R&D people in the business. Her Uncle Mountain had a place a little further down the road.

His building was also deceptively plain on the outside. Inside was a mechanics dream shop, all the state of the art equipment was in there and a few that Mountain had invented himself. If it had a motor he could fix it. Every member of Cam's family had a great many strengths and they seemed to each compensate for the others weaknesses. It's what made them so good at what they decided to do, and it's what made them a family.

So when Cam needed help or a job or any event in her life it was little wonder that she always returned to the three men that loved their little girl more than anything, in fact their family was the only thing they loved more than their bikes.

Yes, life was looking pretty good for Cam and her uncles, but as everyone knows, nothing in this life stays perfect forever. Eventually the pendulum swings back the other way.

At the beginning of the fiscal year rumors began going around that a corporate raider, called Kreelcorp was going to make a run at CCMC Inc, Cam and her uncles' company. No one knew much about Krellcorp's owner, D.C.Kreel, but he or she was a ruthless raider, completely without morals or scruples. They were known to take over a business, pillage it for anything of value, sell it then let the business go bankrupt so they could write it off as a loss at tax time. This was done with absolutely no regard for any damage that may be incurred by the people or the community that depends on the business.

None of Cam's family were worried really they owned or controlled over 75% of the stock and the rest was owned by people they'd ridden with for years. Their attorneys had carefully drawn up all their incorporation papers so that all their personal assets were well insulated from the company. In fact since someone had to be fiscally responsible on the board it was her daddy, Cutter, that stepped up as head of the family. He was the only one that could be hurt by the company failing. His only two protected assets were his part of the farm and his bike. So even when they learned that D.C.Kreel was known to resort to illegal methods if the legal failed to take over a business a nervous Cam's uncles weren't really worried.

Around this time Cam met Deb.

It all began on a strangely quiet night; Cam, Mountain, and Cobra were sitting around Mountain's bike shop slamming down a few beers, lying about all the women they'd had or would have, telling old war stories and horror stories from their years on the road. Actually since Cutter wasn't there Cam convinced Mountain to tell some of his and Cutter's war stories.

Mountain had been a Marine Recon and Cutter had been with some "No Such Alphabet Agency" and while he'd done a lot of solo spook stuff he had been on some with a Marine escort and that's how he and Mountain met.

It was a companionable night but the peace and quiet didn't last. They got bored then Mountain challenged Cobra to a knife throwing contest and before long Mountains fourteen inch Arkansas toothpick was flying across the room and embedding in the back wall, followed closely by Cobra's ten inch K-bar and then came Cam's Green River Special. This didn't occupy them long and as always Mountain won. Finally one of them came up with the idea to go to the little club in town. The little out of the way strip club was called Auggie's South and a favorite hangout for most of the local bikers.

So at ten thirty they were on their bikes and roaring through the warm, clear, night air headed to their favorite watering hole, hoping some of their friends would be there.

Auggie's was a rowdy little bar that was owned by a friend from the uncles wilder days named Gigolo Jim, in partnership with Cutter separately from CCMC. The uncles also owned the building. Cam had been coming to this place since the day she turned 21, she liked the noise and rowdy camaraderie of the bikers that hung out there. She also enjoyed the easy way everyone there had accepted her for what and who she was.

Cam could bring a date there, pick up a date there, even get laid in the parking lot just like one of the guys without anyone caring if she was with a woman or a man, well they might notice if Cam was in the parking lot with a guy.

In fact after getting some personal attention in the parking lot with a particularly vocal young dancer, Cam walked into the bar and received a standing ovation from the entire crowd.

That night all eyes turned towards the three as they walked in, the usual greetings were exchanged as they made their way through the crowd to their usual table. Suddenly a familiar voice called out across the room so loudly it could be heard over the roar of the crowded bar and the jukebox.

"Cammy!" came the cry from across the room followed closely by a bouncy little red haired dancer, who without a thought launched herself into the tall dark woman's arms.

The girl was someone Cam had once dated, but she decided she liked boys better (a certain albino boy anyway), Cam was fine with it and actually enjoyed the little dancer,

Kat's, antics. She was obviously working because she was wearing a small lace and satin bra in bright red with a matching thong and ruby red six inch spike heel with red sequins. Cam shook her head. Cam knew she wouldn't wear an outfit like that on a bet, but she also knew it was really doing something to her that got her blood flowing.

"How ya' doin' Kitty-Kat!" Cam asked laughing at the audaciousness of this tiny red head, she let her large strong hands slide down the girl's back to Kats' small but deliciously curvaceous rear and gave the firm globes a good squeeze.

"It's good to see you tall, dark, and gorgeous." the diminutive dancer purred softly as she snuggled in closer to Cam's ample chest. "You...ah...ridin' tonight?"

Cam could hear her Uncle Mountain and Gigolo laughing at her dilemma. She just rolled her eyes at them, smiled down at the double handful in her arms.

"Better be careful little kitty-Kat." Cam whispered dramatically teasing the girl "You wouldn't want to offend Uncle Mountain or Uncle Cobra by holding out on their hugs ya' know."

"Coby's here!" Kat cried out excitedly and gently pushed away from Cam, "Where is he?"

Cam let the girl know where her uncle was and released her knowing how her uncle felt about the tiny red head. She wanted to ask Kat how she could miss six foot seven inches of albino dressed like the road warrior, but she just shrugged and went on to their table. Where a cold pitcher of beer and her regular shot of Bushmills was waiting for her. Cam smiled content and looked around the room, this was her "place", she belonged.

She shook off her jacket and sat down at their corner table. It was situated so that even if all four were there they all could sit with their backs to a wall.

As the night progressed Cam sipped her beer and relaxed enjoying the show. Not just the dancers but the patrons as well. Probably ninety percent were actual riders and their friends, there were a few wannabes around but as long as they were smart enough to stay in their own circles there'd be no problems, with the guys anyway.

No, the real trouble here were the women, most of these were paired off with a rider and they were viciously territorial and they saw every un-attached female that walked in the door as a potential threat to their territory.

There were a few gays around and most of the real lives didn't care about gay and lesbian issues as long as the beer is cold and they were left alone to drink it. Everyone in the bar knew her and that she was gay and that several of her lesbian friends came to the bar, the gays were pretty nervous at first, and one of Cam's friends kind of slipped and asked for her at the bar.

The guy behind the bar was Gigolo and he asked if there was a problem, like all her uncles' friends he was very protective of Cam, so he asked the woman why she wanted Cam. The woman looked at the short skinny man and told him they were gay and would there be trouble if they came in to drink. Cam still chuckled at GJ's answer;

"Lady is your money green?" the woman looked at him like he was crazy and nodded. "Well then lady I own the place and as long as the money's green you are more than welcome here. Hell lady I don't give a damn who or what you fuck. Just don't do it in here I ain't zoned for it."

After that they figured out as long as you loved to ride and you loved your bike more than most people you'd fit in here. It was funny but Cam noticed that most of the straight bikers got along just fine with the lesbians, she'd seen several nights that several of her friends and some of the guys would close the place sitting together drinking their beer and talking bikes.

At one time she had worried about fights when some drunken idiot would decided that all a lesbian needed was a "good man", but after the guys took a couple of them out to the parking lot and beat some sense into them that kind of stupidity stopped. No now the biggest worry was attached females, and unattached females. Some of them saw every single female that walked through the door as a potential rival for their partner.

Sometimes all it took was for one fairly pretty woman to walk in the door and the tension of the whole bar shot up.

When Debra breezed through the front doors of Auggie's South around midnight Cam knew a good looking woman was in the bar even she saw the tall beautifully built platinum blonde. The tension in the air was so charged you could almost hear it crackling with electricity.

Automatically her sky blue eyes began scanning the crowd looking for potential trouble. From spending years with her uncles and their friends had taught Cam what to look for, the kind of mix of people that would explode into violence, the real trick was to prevent it.

Since she was well aware that the guys working security were friends of theirs and that her uncles would not hesitate to jump right in to help their friends maintain order.

They also knew that she had learned the skills to cover their backs. Actually the head of security a bandy legged little riding Bro of uncle Mountain and Cutter called Bounce, would call on Cam to help keep some of the rowdier women reigned in, which she always did.

Cam's eyes surveyed the room until she got to the near end of the bar between the stage and the bar. The first thing she noticed was an absolutely drop dead gorgeous tall blonde she'd never met before, standing next to a table full of riders all attached and they were some well known very tough lesbian riders.

<>Uh oh<> Cam thought looking at the woman carefully <>If that looks as good up close as she does from here, I'm in trouble and so is she<>


END 2a



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