Georgia On My Mind

by Alex Tryst

copyright January 2003

Disclaimer: These characters are of my own creation, except for one, Isaac Mizrahi. He is a real person, and I tried to keep him as true to himself as possible. No infringement was intended. This story is about two women (big surprise there) who are doing all right in their respective lives until they meet each other, and that's when mayhem ensues. I should mention as well that some of my old favorites make an appearance, so if you are a fan of "Love in Photographs", you will enjoy seeing Torrance, Helen, and company. If you have not had the pleasure of reading "Love in Photographs", just know that this book will definitely spoil that one, so you might want to read it first. However this is not a sequel by any means and can stand by itself. I just think you'll find more pleasure in the minor players in this work if you have read that one. As far as things to look out for, there is violence such as gay bashing and racist and homophobic remarks, so please be aware. And one last thing I should note. I tried to actually write out the southern accent the best I could, so please go lightly on commentary of the speech. This is my first attempt at affecting a drawl in dialogue.

Dedication: As always to my wife, you are my fondest wish. To the inspiration for the title I credit the song "Georgia on My Mind" sung by the one and only Ray Charles. This is a perfect title given my leading southern lady. Of course in my own way I also thank my blonde muse who has been the star of several books now and more to come I'm sure. Of course I cannot forget my beta reader who has kept me motivated on more than just this book.

Now on with the show.......................................................................................................................

Part 2

"I've never done it in any outrageous places. I mean inside the house, in the car, on the beach once. I guess it would have to be on top of the washing machine. Tell me more about Cara. How long have you two been together?"

"We've known each other a few years. She was one of Torrance's conquests long before she met Helen and introduced us about four years ago. We were friends at first, but one night about two years ago things changed. We had gone to Torrance's for dinner, and that's actually the night I met Helen for the first time. Cara and I both got a little drunk, and we ended up back at her place. We had sex, and we've just been casually seeing each other ever since. I like her. She's a nice woman, but she's not what I'm looking for in a wife. She's a little too clingy for me. After that night she would call me almost every day and demand my time. It was pretty bad in the beginning, because I think she felt more for me than I did for her, but things are better. She's backed off a lot and just let me go at the pace I want, which has worked out well."

"But if she's not what you want, why are you with her?"

"I know this is going to sound awful when I say this, but try to understand that I live in a sometimes dangerous city. Cara is quite good at what I want her around for. It's safer for me to put up with her outside of bed and know that I'm with someone who is sexually clean than to be with a stranger. She and I are both clean, and we're monogamous when it comes to sex. We both see other people but only sleep with each other. That situation suites me just fine at the moment."

"What 'bout her? Do you think she's fine with that?"

"Not totally. I know she'd rather be Mrs. Blake Erwin, but I've made it clear to her that isn't an option."

"Maybe she's just hopin' you change your mind." Georgia offered.

"Well, it's not going to happen. Cara is not the woman I'm going to marry."

"If not her, then who? What kind of woman do you want?"

"I don't know yet. I hope that I'll recognize her though when I meet her."

"Me too. You deserve someone that makes you truly happy."

"So do you, Georgia."

"Yeah, well, I spoiled my one chance at happiness. No one wants to marry Jack's has been wife." she mumbled.

"If you don't mind me saying, Georgia, you have a lot more going for you than all the other women I've seen around here."

Georgia blushed. "Thank you for thinkin' that, but even if that were true, no one would even try to get near me in fear of Jack's wrath. He's still very possessive over me even though we ain't really together any more."

"I think there is someone out there for you, Georgia. You just have to be open to the idea of love again. You never know."

"I don't know, but I'm learnin' to believe." the blonde replied softly looking back at the screen.

Sensing the younger woman getting a little emotional, Blake reached out and placed her hand on top of the blonde's. Georgia felt the heat instantly scorch her hand and up her arm. Her breath caught in her throat making it impossible to breathe for a moment. Casting a shy blue-eyed glance at its owner, Georgia allowed her feelings to show for a fleeting moment.

The sudden way the blonde was looking at her made Blake gulp. She swore she read lust in those eyes, but not knowing the blonde very well, she wasn't sure. Deciding to err on the side of caution, Blake slowly withdrew her hand and felt the loss immediately. Focusing on the large screen, the tall woman slipped into silence to regroup her thoughts.

The rest of the evening passed quietly between them. Once the movie was over, Blake drove them back to her farm. Shutting off the engine next to Georgia's truck, she risked a look at the blonde. "Well, that was a lot of fun." she stated.

"Yeah, it was. Thanks for dinner."

"Any time." Getting out of the truck, Blake went to lower the gate for Bruce, who jumped out and scampered up to the porch. However the tall woman lingered by the small woman's truck. "Thanks for taking me to the drive-in."

Georgia nodded becoming shy as the brunette closed her distance to a few feet. "You're welcome."

Blake decided to test the waters with Georgia. Reaching for the little woman, she embraced her in a hug. She felt the younger woman tense and then relax into the touch. They stayed locked for several moments. When Blake finally pulled away, she whispered, "Drive safely."

"I will." Georgia whispered, her voice failing her as abrupt sensations that overtook her. "You know the county fair is openin' this weekend. You wanna go?"

"All right. Sounds like fun. Give me a call later this week."


Friday evening Blake drove up to Georgia's house twenty minutes before five. The blonde was standing outside next to her father, who was hovered over the engine of a car. When the teacher saw her truck though she smiled brightly and waved. Blake followed suit with a wave of her own as she swallowed hard. The little woman was wearing a skimpy outfit that day consisting of short jean shorts and a baby blue cotton midriff with a pair of brown sandals.

The attorney suddenly felt overdressed in her khaki pants and short sleeve white shirt, but she had debated a long time on her attire that evening. She wanted to look nice for the outing and yet appear that she hadn't put too much thought into her clothes. She still wanted to seem as if she was on friendly terms with the blonde even though her thoughts had become more intimate since their acquaintance.

Georgia didn't even wait for Blake to turn off the engine. She merely kissed her father on the cheek and then scurried to the truck. "Hi." she greeted cheerfully.

"Hi. How are you?"

"Great now. What about you?" she asked.

"I'm good."

"Excited about your first fair?"

"Actually, yes. This should be interesting." the tall woman stated backing the truck out of the driveway.

"I need to stop at the bank quickly if you don't mind." Georgia said.

"No problem." Blake answered.

Ten minutes later they pulled up in front of the bank. "I need you to go in with me." the blonde said slowly.

"Why?" curiously the brunette inquired.

"Because they won't allow me in there without supervision." she admitted in embarrassment.

"What? Are you serious? Why?" she asked as she got out of the truck to escort the small woman inside.

As they cleared the doorway, the security officer that was sitting on a stool near the door stood at attention and stared at Georgia sharply as they neared the teller. Reaching the teller Blake observed the way they warily watched as the teacher filled out a check for cash. With hardly a word said, the female teller quickly gave her the cash before the two women were stared out of the building.

Going back to the truck, Georgia mumbled, "Sorry 'bout that."

"What was that about? My God. They looked at you like you were about to rob the place."

The petite woman shrugged. "Yeah, well, blow up the bank once, and they never forgive you."

With surprise and amusement the attorney asked with a laugh, "You blew up the bank? When?"

"Jack was twelve, and I was ten. A bunch of us kids were playin' with some dynamite they had left at a construction site not too far from town, and we had lit it and were playin' chicken, seeing who would hold it the longest. Of course bein' the youngest and the only girl, I wanted to beat the boys. I held it for a really long time, but I guess finally Jack realized the danger and grabbed it from me, throwin' it as far as he could away from us. It landed in front of the bank and exploded. To this day everyone still thinks it was my fault."

"You're kidding me, right?"


"Wow. You are one wild girl, blowing up a bank. That's unbelievable!" she stated laughing heartily.

"Yeah, well, you try to live with that all your life." the little woman mumbled.

Continuing to laugh at the thought of a young Georgia actually destroying the bank, she casually opened the blonde's door. "Remind me never to leave you alone with explosives." Blake jested.

Georgia rolled her eyes as the attorney closed her door. It was only when the tall woman had moved around to go to her side that the blonde realized the subtle action of being assisted into the truck had taken place. Wondering if Blake was feeling like her, she decided to see if the older woman showed any other signs of being interested that night.

Upon reaching the fair grounds, Blake parked the truck in the large lot full of other old cars and trucks of all sizes. She thought it interesting that it was the preferred mode of transportation in the area, everyone seemingly having one, because she found it somewhat difficult to drive given its size. She was so used to her little BMW convertible that a truck more than twice its size was a challenge. Blake watched as Georgia primped in the passenger's side mirror for a moment, playing with her flowing blonde hair and then applying pink lipstick.

"Are you ready yet?" joked the tall woman.

"Hey. I have to look good."

"Better than you already do? Who are you trying to impress?" Blake questioned lightly poking the little woman in her bare side.

"You mean other than you?" Georgia replied testing the waters.

Blake hadn't expected such an answer, but she played along, replying, "But I already think you look perfect." She eyed herself in the rear view mirror and ran her hands through her short dark hair.

"And just who are you primpin' for, Blake?" Georgia inquired.

"Other than you?" the attorney questioned teasingly.

Looking at her for a prolonged moment, Georgia asked, "Why don't you wear makeup?"

"Do you think I need to? Is my smile not enough?" she asked flashing a cocky one-sided grin.

"Your smile is perfect. Come on. I just want to see what it would look like." she pressed extending the lipstick to her friend.

However Blake didn't take it. Instead she challenged, "You want to know, then you have to put it on me. I dare you."

"Okay I will." Georgia stated opening it and leaning over to apply it. However just before she got to Blake's mouth, the attorney leaned back out of the way. Georgia wouldn't be dissuaded though as she leaned farther over the seat until she had Blake pinned against her door. When her hand was within a few inches of its destination, the attorney lightly grabbed her by the wrist, pulling it away from her mouth and twisting it gently behind the blonde's back. Instantly the little woman changed hands and came in with her left, but Blake then grabbed the other wrist as well, pinning it too. The action threw Georgia off balance and she found herself leaning into the older woman's body just to steady herself. The arrogant smile of victory graced Blake's face.

"Well, it appears as if you don't have any more options. You might as well give up." the brunette suggested. "You'll never get lipstick on me."

Determined to get the brunette regardless of the cost, Georgia gave a little cunning grin herself before pressing her lips firmly against the attorney's in an unexpected move. Blake shifted in her seat, moaning in surrender as the small woman's body pushed against her. Deliberately Georgia smeared the lipstick she was wearing across Blake's mouth before pulling away. She grinned triumphantly. "I won." she announced. "However you look silly. You should take it off."

Blake released her and pulled down the driver's side mirror. Sure enough the frosted lipstick was covering her lips. Wiping it off with the back of her hand, she mumbled, "You are one sneaky woman."

Georgia laughed. "I just always wanna win. Come on now. There is fun to be had."

Blake gave a nod as the blonde got out of the truck. She had no idea what had just happened to her, but Georgia's mouth felt so good on hers, and she wanted more. Wondering what the petite teacher thought of the experience, Blake pondered making a move or not. She swore she felt a faint touch of the tip of Georgia's tongue against her lips when the little woman kissed her, but she wasn't totally sure. The whole thing had just taken her by complete surprise that she barely had time to even respond before it was over.

Georgia pretended that what had just transpired was nothing, but her insides were quaking with an excitement that she had never felt in her entire life. The groan that had escaped Blake fueled her passion, and she felt intimate power for the first time. She was reeling from the idea of being able to direct someone else's feelings with just a touch. Casting a subtle glance at the older woman, she knew it would only be a matter of time now before she would want to try it again, and the thought of Blake being the recipient of her inquisitive efforts sparked a flame within her.

Walking closely together, they made their way up to the gate. Blake bought two tickets even though Georgia protested, but the attorney just brushed off the objection. Instead she handed the blonde her ticket and curved an arm around her shoulders to direct her over to the fair entrance. Even though the teacher knew they were probably receiving looks, she didn't care at the moment as the heat of the attorney's strong body enveloped her. Once inside however Blake ended the contact and allowed Georgia to guide her around the fair grounds.

The smell of food filled the air. Blake however wasn't exactly sure what it was though except to realize it was making her extremely hungry as her stomach made its presence known. "You want to grab something to eat? I'm getting hungry." she mentioned.

"Of course. The food is best part 'bout the fair. What're you in the mood for? Somethin' sweet?"

"I'm always in the mood for something sweet." Blake growled sexily. "But I need something of substance first. What is there to eat?"

"How 'bout a corn dog or some fries? You cain have just about any kind of terrible junk food you want. You have to save room though for funnel cake."

"Well, I guess we should start with the corn dog then. Take me to them, woman." she demanded holding out her hand to be led.

Georgia took the opportunity and grabbed Blake's hand, pulling her off in the direction of food. However as they approached the stand where the corn dogs were, she dropped their link as she noticed several of her friends hovering around her mother's booth. "Hey, y'all." the blonde greeted. Blake greeted them similarly.

"Well, if it isn't Yankee? Georgia dragged you out, huh?" Jack stated.

"Yeah. How are you, Jack, everyone?"

Seeing Cindy Blake gave her a friendly smile. "Hi, Cindy. How are you tonight?"

"Blake, hey. What cain I get you, girls?"

Georgia answered for them though saying, "We need a couple of corn dogs and beer, Mama."

"Comin' right up." A few minutes later Cindy placed three corn dogs and two beers up on the counter. "There you go. One for Georgia and two for you, Blake. You have a big appetite after all."

"Thanks. How much do I owe you?" the attorney inquired digging into her pocket for her wallet.

"Nothin'. It's on me."

"No. I have to pay you something." she insisted.

"Buy me a funnel cake and bring it by later, and we'll call it even then." she suggested with a smile.

"All right. You've got a deal."

Cindy looked at her daughter, and seeing her engaged in conversation with her friends, she motioned Blake closer. Leaning over the counter, Blake was surprised when the older woman took a hold of her shirt collar to bring her into her personal space. Practically pressing her lips to Blake's ear, she whispered quietly, "I saw the way you walked over here. You two make a cute couple."

Taken back by the statement, Blake pulled away slightly to met her eyes. Cindy gave a little nod and smile. The tall woman glanced over at Georgia and then back at Georgia's mother. "Do we?" she questioned quietly.

"I haven't seen her like this in a long time. It's okay with me, Blake. I just want her to be happy."

Not knowing what else to say, Blake just nodded. "Thanks." she mumbled.

About that time the blonde looked over at them. "Oh, great, food. Thanks, Mama." she said taking one of the corn dogs off the plate.

"You're welcome. Have a good time, you two."

Blake took one last look at Cindy before turning her attention to Georgia's friends. She actively listened to them gossip as she ate her meal and drank her beer. She found it interesting that Jack wasn't even trying to hide the fact that he had a date with him, as she clung to his waist as they all talked. She found the entire situation strange. She had no idea why the two of them just didn't get divorced since they obviously had no interest in a relationship any longer, but she knew it wasn't her business.

Almost an hour and several more beers passed before the blonde was ready to go explore the rest of the fair. Blake found it quite amusing to watch the little woman try to play games in her intoxicated state, but she wasn't much better. However she did manage to win a small stuff animal at the basketball booth, which she gave to the teacher. Georgia held that animal the rest of the evening like it was her most prized possession. They ended up staying there until almost ten before calling it an evening. Throughout the night though, Blake began to see what Cindy had been referring to. Georgia started to become more obvious with her intentions the more she drank, so the tall woman wondered what was going to happen once they were alone again. Going back to the truck, she opened Georgia's door and assisted her into the cab since the small woman was having difficulties.

As soon as Blake pulled out onto the road leading back toward their town, Georgia reached across the bench seat and placed her hand on the attorney's thigh. "I'm not ready to go home, Blake. You wanna go to the drive-in? We could catch a late show."

"I've got a better idea. Why don't we go back to my place? We can watch a movie in the comfort of my living room. How does that sound?"

"Okay. Sounds good." she answered turning on the radio. The blonde played with the buttons for a few minutes to find the station that suited her before returning her hand to Blake's thigh. "How'd you like the fair?"

"It was a lot of fun. I especially found the county beauty pageant interesting." she joked lightly.

"I'll have you know I won that pageant a few years back when I was in high school." Georgia mentioned.

"Really? Well, I didn't know I was in the company of a beauty queen." teased the older woman patting the hand that was resting on her thigh.

Silence lingered for a moment as each of them was off in thought about the possibilities of the night. The brunette tried to concentrate on her driving, but it was extremely difficult given the fact that the blonde's fingers were drumming in time with the country music high up on her leg. Blake made a conscious effort to breath normally even though she could barely control her urge to moan. Georgia was playing right into her desires, but she was still unsure what the teacher's feelings were even though the blonde's own mother condoned the idea of them together. They didn't end up speaking for the whole ride, the only sound being Georgia's off-key vocals to the songs and the sound of the radio.

Upon their arrival back to the farm, Blake shut off the engine in the driveway. "Well, here we are." she mentioned, but Georgia made no move to get out of the truck. Instead the blonde turned to her with a look in her eyes Blake didn't recognize.

"Yeah, here we are." she whispered suddenly throwing herself on Blake.

The tall woman barely had the wits about her to catch the blonde fireball coming toward her, but as their mouths connected solidly, she moaned as her arms came around the little woman. Their tongues met with a ferocity that relayed their anxiousness for each other. Georgia's hands worked quickly as she ripped into Blake's clothes. The older woman responded in kind, managing to pull the blonde's top over her head and unhook the bra that hid her treasures. Not even missing a second, she went back for the button and zipper to Georgia's tiny jean shorts. Slipping inside them, the brunette found myriad wonders to explore, but the blonde's body was compelling her to hurry. Allowing the tide of emotions to guide her, Blake ran her fingers through the little woman's wetness.

Georgia whimpered into the kiss. "Blake." she whined pressing her hips down against the touch.

"What, baby?" the tall woman whispered stirringly into the blonde's ear before taking in her neck with her lips.

"Take me, Blake." she demanded as their mouths met again.

Blake groaned. She wanted to do just that at the moment, but she figured it would be better to treat the small woman more delicately. "Why don't we go inside?" she whispered in suggestion.

"No. Here. Now." she instructed thrusting her breasts up toward the attorney's face.

That was all the encouragement Blake needed. Latching on to the crest of one, the brunette thrust up into her with all the leverage she could muster in her position. Georgia screamed out in rising need as Blake gave an animalistic growl. Wild unbridled ardor overtook them both as they ground together at a fevered pitch. It was obvious to Blake that Georgia was enjoying herself, but when she added her thumb on the outside to the fray, the little woman instantly peaked, shuddering with such an intensity that Blake could barely hold onto her as she spasmed in her arms and screamed the attorney's name repeatedly until she collapsed into Blake's body.

Silence filled the truck cab. Blake's hand was pinned inside the blonde, but she used her other to stroke blonde hair soothingly as she simply reveled in the feeling of the contractions around her. She could feel Georgia's heart pounding erratically against her own as their bare forms pressed together. No words were spoken for a long time. However as minutes passed, the brunette realized that Georgia's weight was getting heavier.

"Georgia." she softly called. There was no reply. "Georgia." Blake gently sat upright and pulled out of the blonde. She small woman moaned but otherwise seemed to be sleeping. Her fair head drooped forward, her hair creating a curtain around her face. Brushing it back lightly, Blake realized that she was indeed asleep, probably lulled into unconsciousness from the strenuous activity and overindulgence in alcohol. Unsure of what to do, Blake just sat there holding the petite woman in her arms, but it appeared that the teacher was out for the night.

Thinking it would be best to take her home, Blake put Georgia back on her side of the truck and gently redressed her, taking great care not to wake her companion. Then she focused on putting herself back together. Blake then sat there for a moment looking at the teacher. Her fingers still held the residue of their passion. Curiousness getting the better of her, the brunette brought them to her mouth to clean them. The flavor of the little woman was divine, and Blake regretted that she wasn't able to taste her to her fill.

The ride back to Georgia's family's trailer was silent. The attorney kept looking over at the blonde, who was propped up against the door, snoring lightly. She wasn't sure what was going to happen with Georgia now. Furthermore she had broken her agreement to Cara that she would not have sex with other women. Not to mention she didn't even know anything about the younger woman's sexual history other than Jack. She had no idea if the small woman was clean. Blake had just been so caught up in the moment that she had been careless. Coming to a stop in the driveway, the tall woman went around to Georgia's side of the truck and scooped the little woman up into her arms to carry her up to the house.

Cindy answered the door when she knocked. "Blake, what happened?"

"Too much to drink I think." she responded. "Where is her bedroom?"

"I'll show you. This way."

Blake followed close behind down a narrow corridor to a small room. Delicately placing the sleeping blonde down on the bed, the brunette took great care in removing her sandals before pulling a blanket over her. Without thought she brushed some golden hair behind Georgia's ear before whispering good night. She then moved to the door where Cindy was watching. Blake closed the door behind them.

"Could I interest you in something to drink? Maybe some dessert?" the blonde's mother inquired.

"I'm fine, Cindy. Thanks anyway. Where's Melvin?"

"Out drinkin' with his buddies. What happened to you? Did you get bitten by a mosquito at the fair?" she inquired stepping closer to inspect a large red spot on Blake's neck. Looking closer she noted that it wasn't a bug bite on the attorney's neck but a bite of a completely different sort. She looked at the tall woman inquisitively. "You were bitten all right, but that's too big for a mosquito, and it would have to have had teeth."

"It's nothing." Blake mumbled covering it with her hand. "Bruce and I were wrestling."

"Or it could have been Georgia." Cindy pressed. Blake merely shifted uncomfortably. "I knew it. It didn't take to long to figure out. She has an interest in you that way."

"Cindy, Georgia is married, and I have a girlfriend. It's nothing. Now I really should get going." she said moving toward the door.

"Blake, wait. If you want to deny it to me, that's fine. Just know that you two have to keep this well-hidden. People around here will hurt you if you're not careful. I don't wanna see that happen to my daughter or you. Okay?"

The brunette nodded. "Thanks, Cindy. I appreciate that. Good night."

"Night, Blake. Drive safely."

The following day Georgia awoke with a pounding headache. Even before she opened her eyes, the sun was shooting through her closed lids causing them pain. Slowly cracking one open, she noticed that she was at home in her own bed. She had no idea how she had even gotten there. Thinking back over the night, things seemed clear until they left the fair.

Her memory was somewhat fuzzy after that, but she thought she remembered kissing Blake finally and then sensed that a lot more transpired. Of course she wasn't sure. Gently rolling over onto her back, she immediately became aware of the soreness between her thighs. She felt bruised and stretched, confirming her suspicions that Blake had touched her. Georgia moaned uncomfortably as she lightly touched the area in question. She never had felt the smarting pain like she was feeling now, including when she had lost her virginity to Jack.

Desperately she tried to recall the events of the night. Slowly the images came to her mind, kissing Blake, the feeling of the attorney's body against her. She remembered the older woman's fire as hands and mouth scorched her skin. Then it came back to her, the hard pounding of Blake's power. The pleasure almost verged on pain as the tall woman filled her fuller and deeper than she had ever been. The blonde had felt out of control in the dark-haired woman's arms but blissfully so. She had loved every moment of their encounter, especially afterwards when she leaned her head into Blake's shoulder and listened to the older woman's heart as she basked in the afterglow of pleasure while the brunette continued to fill her, making their connection more than physical. She felt the gentle stroking of her hair that had eventually lulled her into sleep. However now she was in her room alone, making her wonder what had happened afterwards. She would have liked to have awakened to strong arms around her but such was not the case. Gradually she eased herself from her bed and made it into her bathroom. She took an extraordinary long time in the shower before dressing. Finally she made her way out into the kitchen. Her mother was standing in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee.

"Well, look who is finally up." she softly stated.

Georgia moaned. "Mornin'."

"Have a good time with Blake last night?" her mother asked conversationally. The blonde nodded slowly. "Could I get you somethin' to eat? Would that help you?"

"No. I'll be sick." Georgia answered dropping into a kitchen chair. Her mother brought over a cup of coffee and some aspirin. "Thanks." she mumbled.

"So, what did you two do after you left the fair?"

"Nothin' really, just hung out at her house."

"When she brought you home, you were passed out. Too much activity?"

"I guess I just fell asleep. I wonder why she didn't just leave me there at her place though."

Cindy shrugged. "Don't know but I would've been concerned had you not come home at all." After a few minutes, Cindy took a seat next to her daughter. "Georgia, I wanna ask you somethin'." she hesitantly stated.

"What?" the blonde grumbled.

Trying to show understanding, she placed her hand over her daughter's. "Was she good to you? That's all I really care 'bout, your happiness."

Georgia met blue eyes so much like her own. Her mother gazed upon her with compassion instead of loathing. She wondered how her mother knew what had happened, for she felt fairly sure Blake wouldn't have said anything. "How did you know?" she inquired softly.

"Because I know you, and you haven't been like this since you and Jack got engaged. Are you fallin' in love with her?"

The blonde shrugged. "I don't know. I guess. She's just so amazin', Mama. She's everythin' I wish I was. I wish I was strong like her and independent. Bein' near her makes me feel so. Bein' close to her makes me feel lots of things." she admitted.

"I know, sugar, but what 'bout her girlfriend? What 'bout Jack?"

"This ain't got nothin' to do with Jack. He doesn't care."

"Then what 'bout Cara?"

"I don't know. I guess I oughta talk to Blake. I just don't know what to say."

"Start with the truth I guess." Cindy suggested.

The attorney was out in the field speaking with some of the farmhands that day about possibly buying her out when she saw Georgia's truck coming up her drive. She had been somewhat dreading what the blonde might say to her after their night out, so she was reluctant to return to the house. However she knew it would only be right to face whatever Georgia might want to say, so she left the men in the field with the promise to continue the talk before slowly walking back. Georgia was sitting on the stoop went she approached. The little woman wore a nervous countenance.

"Afternoon. Feeling better?" Blake tentatively inquired.

"I'm all right. You?" she asked taking her gaze up strong legs encased in a pair of casual gray slacks past the cotton knit shirt up to dark eyes.

"Just fine. Could I get you a drink?"

"No, thanks." Georgia's stomach churned anxiously, especially when the older woman merely stood there instead of taking a seat. In order to get them on the same eye level, the blonde patted the wooden porch. "Sit down."

Reluctantly Blake did as the little woman asked. She had been up most of the night wondering what to do about the situation she had created. She had no idea what the teacher might want now, but she felt fairly sure a relationship between them wouldn't work given their vastly different backgrounds. Unsure of how to begin the dialogue between them, Blake simply sat and propped her forearms up along her thighs. Her eyes stayed out over the field.

Seeing the distant demeanor, Georgia tentatively reached for the brunette's hand. The larger one was reluctant in enfolding her own. "Blake." Georgia whispered with a quavering voice that relayed her uncertainty.

The older woman sighed. Just by the sound of the blonde's voice, she knew that this conversation was going to be difficult for the younger woman. Pulling her hand away, Blake looked into blue eyes. "Georgia, last night something unexpected happened. I wasn't exactly prepared, and thinking back on it, I probably shouldn't have allowed it take place. Nevertheless it did happen, and I have to be enough of a woman to accept the consequences of my actions." she began.

"What are you talking 'bout? What consequences?" Georgia asked.

"I'm talking about the fact that I cheated on my girlfriend with a married woman. I had unprotected sex with a drunk woman I know nothing about and who is a curious straight girl twelve years my junior. I have to tell Cara what I did, and she's not going to like it. Even more I feel like I took advantage of the situation and you. I should have been stronger for your sake, Georgia, because I have no idea what you want from me. I only know I can give you nothing. There is nothing to base a relationship on being that you are married, and I'm at this point involved, even though that might not be much longer. We come from entirely different places in life, and it's only a matter of time before I return to New York, and you will be here in this dead end town. There is nothing for us, and I feel I led you to believe otherwise by being with you."

"So, you're sayin' you regret what happened?" the petite woman inquired her voice trembling as tears came to her eyes.

"I do regret some things about the evening, yes. I regret taking you without thought as to what you wanted from me. I regret having the only experience we're ever going to have in a beat up old truck, and I regret not being able to give you what I would have wanted to under different circumstances. You deserved more than you got, Georgia. You deserve someone who can give you everything, and that person isn't me. At this point I would just like to move on and not discuss it any longer. There's nothing left to say." she stated coldly, going against her natural instincts of wanting to comfort the small woman, but she knew it would accomplish nothing to do so. She stood and brushed off her slacks in an effort to end the conversation.

However Georgia just sat there for a moment in shock that the woman who seemed to possess such tenderness could act so callously. "So, that's it?"she questioned as a river of tears flowed over her face.

"That's it, Georgia. You have caused me enough trouble, so I would prefer to leave it at that. Now if you'll excuse me, I have business to finish, so I can get back to New York as soon as possible."

Georgia watched as Blake headed back out into the field. As she walked away, the blonde felt her heart go with the tall woman. She hadn't known what to expect when she had come over, but she never thought Blake Erwin would treat her so terribly. The attorney was emotionless as she killed the blonde's hopes of a possible relationship with one speech. That was the only thing on her mind when she had arrived at the farm, getting the taller woman to agree to explore what might be happening between them, but now she knew Blake had no interest in that, and the rejection was painful to bear for the younger woman. Blake was the only other person she had ever been with outside of her husband, so to be so casually brushed aside after she was no longer needed tore her heart into a thousand pieces.

As Blake walked away from the blonde, she resisted the urge to look back. She knew that what she had just done had hurt the small woman, and she felt horrible for bringing her pain, but she also knew there was no way they could be together. She figured it would hurt less in the short run just to cut her off now than drag things along until she left to go home to New York with no intention of returning to Stillwater, Georgia in the near future. Her own heart hurt at the fact that she would never have a chance with the blonde, because she knew what she felt was more than friendly. In fact she thought it might be the first signs of love, but she figured the faster she went home, the easier it would be to forget the fair-headed southern beauty.

That night Blake felt restless as she lounged around her living room with Bruce. The tv did nothing to keep her mind off a certain teacher. Thinking that a change of scenery might do her good, she decided to go for a drive. However when she got out to her truck, there was really only one place to go, so she figured the bar might take her mind off things.

Making her way over to Jack's bar, she heard the loud music before she even stepped through the door. However as soon as she went inside, all eyes turned to her, especially a pair of cold blue ones. Blake groaned to herself at the sight of Georgia being there with her friends. It was quite obvious that the blonde was intoxicated by the way she was hanging onto the pool table to support herself.

"Well, if it isn't, Yankee!" Georgia yelled over the noise.

Blake didn't respond to the slur though, figuring the small woman was just upset with her still. Instead she headed straight to the bar. Jack was behind it serving drinks when she approached. "Yankee, what cain I get you?" he asked.

"Just a beer and a shot of whiskey." she replied.

"Comin' right up." Jack answered casting a look over at Georgia before going to fix the drinks.

Blake turned her back to the pool table in hopes that Georgia would just leave her alone, but that wasn't the case. Instead the blonde got more vocal. "Hey, I'm talkin' to you, you damn Yankee!" she screamed coming toward her.

Looking over her shoulder, the attorney simply stated, "Well, I'm not talking to you, Georgia. I just want to drink my beer in peace."

"Oh, I see how it is! Pretending that you don't even know me now that I'm no used to you! Should've known!" When Blake offered no reply, Georgia announced loudly to the whole bar, "Guess what, everybody? This Yankee is nothin' but a dyke, and she put her hands on me!" Meeting the tall woman's eyes again, she questioned, "What do you have to say for yourself?" The attorney looked at all the eyes on her. The whole room had gone silent at Georgia's declaration, and they were all glaring at the older woman in hatred. "Blake Erwin practically raped me!" the teacher shouted. "Didn't you?" she accused poking the brunette sharply in the chest with her pool cue.

Blake looked down at the blue chalk that was left on her white shirt and tried to brush it off. Still not speaking to the blonde, she turned to Jack and inquired, "How much do I owe you?"

His eyes glared at her. "Is that true, Yankee? Did you touch my wife?"

She didn't answer the questions. Pulling out her wallet, she dropped a twenty on the bar. 'That should more than cover it." She threw back the shot of whiskey, leaving the beer untouched. Then she directed her attention toward Georgia. Meeting her eyes she growled, "Fuck off, Georgia. It's over." Gazing around the bar, she stated, "Fuck you all. We, Yankees, are superior, you know. After all we beat your southern asses."

Grabbing her by the sleeve of her shirt, Jack demanded, "Get out of my bar."

"Gladly." she replied. Taking one last look at the teacher, she mumbled, "I hope you're happy with what you've done."

Later that night Blake was just starting to get tired when Bruce started barking hysterically. He trotted out to the foyer and kept barking at the screen door. "What is it, Bruce? What's out there?" the brunette inquired moving from the living room to the foyer herself. He insistently kept at it. "What's up, boy?" she questioned curiously opening the door and stepping onto the porch.

The sight that greeted her was enough to make anyone freeze in fear. Blake couldn't believe her eyes. She had read about the Ku Klux Klan in history books, but she thought it was only a southern Civil War convention that had long since passed to the wayside. However at the moment it was alive and well and standing in her front yard. Bruce growled ferociously at the three white cloaked and hooded figures standing a few feet from her stoop, but just then Blake noticed a fourth standing in the darkness on her porch with a shot gun pointed at her. The attorney had no idea what was about to happen as the four of them simply started at her for a moment in mortal silence, but she knew that she was in grave danger.

Trying to put on a brave front, Blake asked, "What can I do for you?"

"We gotta problem, Yankee." one of them stated. "Word has it you laid a hand on one of our women."

Blake said nothing at first as the man on the porch approached her. "Get down those stairs." he gruffly demanded.

"That's all right. I'm quite fine where I am." the tall woman answered. Before she could even flinch a shot rang out, and pain pierced through her leg that sent her to the ground. Blake howled in agony as the thigh wound squirted blood over the porch and down her slacks. As she fell she had let Bruce's collar go, and the dog attacked her assailant, but the man hit him upside the head with the butt of his gun, knocking him unconscious.

"Next one takes off your fuckin' head!" he yelled. Grabbing Blake by the shirt collar he dragged her face first down the three steps from the porch to the dirt and the feet of the other three. "Get up, Yankee!" the gunman instructed yanking her to her feet by her short dark hair.

The brunette could barely stand the pain in her leg was so bad, but she looked at her attackers defiantly as blood dripped out of the corner of her mouth from catching a nail head on her journey down the stairs. Angrily she spit on the closest one, spraying red all over the white robe. In retaliation she was punched across the face and sent flying into the dirt again. Before she could move though she was grabbed by two of the men, and they dragged her over to the porch railings, tying both writs and leaving her defenseless.

"Yankee, you're an abomination, and you're gonna pay for whatcha did to Georgia Carmichael!"

"Fuck you!" Blake screamed. "Can't stand it that I fucked that girl? Had her screaming for more?" recalcitrantly she questioned trying in vain to free herself. "All of you can just go to hell!"

Without any further words, eight fists came at her at once. Unable to defend herself with her own hands, she tried her best to block the blows with her feet, but the gun shot to her thigh was smarting even more as the moments passed. As the beating continued, Blake started to lose consciousness from the pain, especially after the repeated blows to the head from the butt of the shot gun.

"Just remember, Yankee! You brought this on yourself!" one of them stated as they retreated a few steps. Blake couldn't even respond or see as her eyes were swollen almost completely shut from continuous pounding. However she became aware of something being slipped over her head and it beginning to tighten around her neck as her air supply began to decrease before blacking out completely.

Georgia was sitting at her kitchen table with her mother, trying desperately to fight the urge to wretch the following morning when there was a loud pounding on the door to the trailer. Cindy raced to answer the urgent knocking as Georgia looked up from her position. As Cindy flung open the door, Jack stood there with his clothes covered in dried blood. "Jack! My God! What happen to you?" Cindy inquired pulling him inside.

"I'm fine. It's not mine." he answered. "I gotta talk to you and Georgia."

"Well, come in, come in. Sit down. What happened?" anxiously the older blonde asked again with concern.

"Last night you made quite a nuisance of yourself, Georgia." he stated. "I got upset with what you said 'bout Yankee, so I went to see her after I closed down the bar, 'cause I heard some of the boys talkin' 'bout gonna pay her a visit."

"What happened? What'd she say?" Georgia inquired.

"She didn't say nothin', because she was practically dead when I got there!" he yelled dropping into a chair.

Instantly the blonde's eyes flew open wide. "What? What do you mean?"

"I mean the boys tried to hang her, Georgia! I've never seen anything like it! When I pulled up, I couldn't even believe it! There she was strung up like a scarecrow. There was so much blood and dirt that I couldn't even see her face except where tracks of tears had wiped her cheeks clean. There was noose around her neck, and it looked like they had tried to hang her from one of the rafters on the porch, but it broke under her weight. Looked like it had dry rotted, so it wouldn't hold her. As it was she had been shot in the leg and beaten so badly I hardly could recognize her." he explained softly, his voice trembling. "The dog was lyin' at her feet whimperin'. He looked like he had been injured too. She was unconscious but still alive. I cut her down and rushed her to the hospital."

"Oh my God! That poor child!" Cindy exclaimed. "How did this happen, Jack? Who did this to her?"

Jack looked at Georgia. "Well, some of my Klan buddies were at the bar last night, Georgia. They heard you goin' on 'bout Blake. I guess they took it upon themselves to take matters in their own hands."

"Georgia, what did you say?" Cindy asked loudly.

"We just got in a fight, Mama. It was nothin'." Georgia tried to defend.

"Nothin'? Georgia, you almost got her killed!" Jack screamed. "Had I not come along, she might be dead right now! What the hell is the matter with you? How could you do that to the one you love?" Shocked at her husband's revelation, Georgia just sat there stunned a moment. "Look, Georgia. I don't like Yankee a whole lot, but you do! How could you kill her with your words?"

"I didn't! She hurt me! I had nothin' to do with them goin' over there!"

Rising from his chair with such anger, it tipped over backwards and slammed against the floor. Jack stared at her. "You know, Georgia, I want a divorce! I thought you were still a kind woman under it all, but you ain't nothin' but a cold-hearted bitch for doin' this! I cain't love you any more!" Looking at Cindy he spoke more softly saying, "I took Yankee's dog to the vet. Maybe you could be kind 'nough to go by her house and try to find a phone number of someone to call. Right now I have to stop by the sheriff's office and tell them what I know."

When Blake came to, she had no idea where she was. Her body ached all over, but she fought the pain enough to try to look around. Taking in the room, she realized she was in a hospital and by her bedside sleeping in chairs were her parents. Looking down her body, Blake didn't see a place that wasn't bruised. Just then the door opened admitting a nurse.

"Well, look who's awake?" the nurse stated. "How you feeling, sugar?"

"Terrible." Blake whispered as her parents began to wake at the noise.

"Oh, Blake, baby!" her mother exclaimed.

"Girl, you had us scared!" her father mentioned.

"Ya got a visitor." the nurse stated. "Do you think you're up for it?"

"I guess."

"All right but only for a few minutes. Don't over do it."

A moment later Jack entered the room hesitantly. Blake was surprised by his presence but didn't have time to question it as her parents introduced themselves. Jack then requested he be allowed to speak to the attorney alone, so within a moment they were looking at each other silently.

"Why are you here, Jack? Haven't you done enough? Or are you just here to finish the job?"

"You think I did this? Yankee, it might be true that I don't like you much, but I know my right from wrong. God's the one you have to answer to so my opinion don't matter. I just happened to be the one to find you."

"But you probably know who did do it."

"I have an idea, and I already talked to the sheriff 'bout it. I just wanted to see how you were and tell you what was goin' on with Bruce."

"Bruce? He's okay, isn't he?"

Jack gave a nod. "He should be all right. He's still at the vet's. I took him over there after bringin' you here. If you feel half as much for your dog as I do mine, I couldn't have left him behind."

"Thanks." Blake whispered.

"Yeah, well, it was nothin'." After a brief, awkward pause, he stated, "Just so you know, I asked Georgia for a divorce."

"Why is that any of my business?"

"Just 'cause I know how she feels 'bout you, but I couldn't stand the fact that she could be so mean. I know the truth now, Yankee. She lied to everyone in that bar. Why didn't you say so?"

"Like any of you would've believed me over her? Besides it wasn't my place to expose her to all of you. I know how this town feels about me. I wouldn't have wanted that for her."

"You love her?" he questioned.

"How could I love anyone who did this to me?"

He gave a nod. "Well, I should get goin'. I'll tell your parents 'bout Bruce. I'll see you 'round."

"All right. Thanks again, Jack."

Later that afternoon while her parents had gone back to the house to get some much needed rest she had two other visitors. Unfortunately though Georgia was with Cindy. Nevertheless Blake greeted Cindy politely. "Hey there."

"Oh, Blake. Look at you. You poor girl."

"I'll be all right. I'm alive. I can be thankful for that." she answered. Looking at Georgia, she inquired, "Why are you here?"

"I just wanted to make sure you're all right." the younger blonde stated softly. She hadn't been prepared for what the tall woman might really look like. Jack had said she had been badly beaten, but that didn't do the damage justice. In fact she hardly knew the woman lying in front of her because of all the injury that had taken place. Blake's head was bandaged hiding what was left of her hair. She had huge black circles around her eyes, her nose was misshaped, and her face was swollen with angry dark welts. She had rope burn around her neck and wrists, and her left arm was in a cast along with one leg while the other was bandaged from her gunshot wound. Georgia's heart sunk at the sight of the woman she loved in spite of what had happened, and she felt tremendous guilt, knowing she had been the cause of Blake's current state. Bringing trembling hands up to her mouth, she held back a gasp as tears began to stream down her face.

However Blake only gave her a cold stare shortly asking, "You satisfied with the job your boys did on me?"

"Blake." the blonde uttered.

"How could you do this to me, Georgia? I never want to see you again! Do you hear me? Get out!" the brunette yelled.

"Blake, please. I'm so sorry."

"Get the fuck out before I get out of this bed and throw you out myself!" that attorney screamed as loud as she could.

Within seconds a nurse came rushing threw the door at the sound. "Is there a problem, honey?" she inquired looking back and forth between the three of them.

"Take the little girl out of here. Her mother can stay." Blake stated gruffly.

"Go on, Georgia. Wait outside for me. I'll just be a few minutes." Cindy requested.

Regretfully the teacher looked down at the woman who held her heart. "I'm sorry, Blake." she whispered as the nurse took her by the arm and escorted her from the room.

The brunette watched her go before looking at the older version of the teacher. "Cindy, it's nice to see you."

"Baby, I'm real sorry 'bout what happened to you." she said.

"Me too, Cindy, me too but I'll manage. As soon as I can I'm going to get out of here and go back to New York where it's a little safer for someone like me." she said, the irony not lost on her.

"I understand if you're mad at Georgia, but you have to know that she never meant for this to happen."

"Cindy, your daughter almost had me killed. It's because of her that I'm here. In her drunken stupor she told half the town that I raped her. I did no such thing."

"I know you didn't, Blake. I believe you."

"Cindy, I never want to see your daughter again. She might has well have killed me, because I'll never be the same. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm getting tired."

Cindy nodded. "Of course. For what it's worth, I'm truly sorry, Blake. I'll come see you later without Georgia."

"I'd like that."

"All right. Take care of yourself, sugar."

"I always do." Blake stated before Cindy walked out the door.


Blake looked out the window of her upper Manhattan office down toward Midtown. The Empire State Building stood proudly in the skyline on that bright summer day. In the further distance was the hole where the World Trade Center once stood, and she idly thought about having been in that building before it fell. It had seemed like such a long time ago already.

The attorney sighed. Only a few minutes ago she had received a phone call from the prosecuting attorney in Stillwater, Georgia, who was updating her on the case against the Klan members who had brutally beaten her six weeks prior. She still had her casts on her arm and leg, and she walked with a limp from the pain of the gun wound. The scars from her reconstructive facial surgery had faded, but it had taken her awhile to get used to her new face. She had a more angular nose and cheeks now giving her stronger and more serious looking features than what she once had. However there was one upside to the situation in as much as the facelift she had gotten out of the deal had magically removed the weary wrinkles of age and stress around her eyes, making her look almost ten years younger than she actually was.

The prosecuting attorney had just tried to convince her to come back to Georgia to testify in the case. It had received national attention thanks to her famous photographer friend Torrance Whitfield's bright idea. Blake and Torrance had gotten together, and the attorney had allowed her friend to photograph her right after she had returned to New York dressed in only in a rainbow flag. The pictures were haunting images that they truly displayed the horror of the destruction the Ku Klux Klan had inflicted on the respected attorney, and yet they showed the fearless strength of the woman who had stood defiantly in the face of the enemy.

With each of their prestige in the respective professions along with their money, they had managed to get the pictures into every major national liberal political publication, and before either of the realized it, there was a sudden hailstorm of media attention surrounding the tiny town of Stillwater and the case. Political activists demanded justice, expediting the judicial process and forcing the conservative town to take the situation seriously and make the arrests, instead of simply sweeping the matter out of sight.

While Torrance had won accolades for the photographs to add to her collection of the many she already had, Blake had been pushed into a spot light she had never known. She was a national name in politics and media. However instead of shying away from the attention, she boldly stepped into the light, accepting numerous speaking engagements at many social-political functions and interviews with the press. Through it all she displayed the strength that had carried her through that fateful night and the events that followed.

However during that time since she had left Georgia, a certain manacle continued to torment her. It wasn't the Klan or the battering she received that plagued her slumber but the blue eyes of her real foe. The beauty queen that stirred her passions was constantly there in her dreams tempting Blake with her serpentine ways. Not a night went by that the brunette didn't see the blonde in her sleep, usually in the most provocative of ways, constantly reminding her of the desires she had that had put her into her current position. Georgia Carmichael was the devil in angel's robes, her gentle smile, fair hair, and sparkling eyes all catalysts of sweet deception, and Blake found herself still unable to resist the woman in her dreams. She took Georgia Carmichael with every emotion she felt. Sometimes it was sweet and soft, the way she would've have originally liked for their first encounter to be. Other times she forced herself of the blonde, doing the thing the blonde had accused her of, but Georgia never failed to reappear in the darkness of the night to lure her again just when Blake thought she had finally rid herself of the little woman. The tall woman felt helpless. Georgia was like the black widow spider, bringing suffering and death to those that ventured close enough to be bitten, but Blake never failed to be enticed into the blonde's web even knowing the certain mortal fate that awaited her. Every morning Blake swore she wouldn't dream of the small woman again, but inevitably Georgia was waiting whenever she closed her eyes.

Blake knew her feelings for the teacher from Stillwater ran deeper than they had for any one else, and in fact she had fallen hard for the demon that possessed her fantasies. The attorney detested to admit, even to herself, that the reason she hated the blonde so much was that she loved her with equal intensity, but she knew there would never be a time or place that she and Georgia could ever work out their differences. She doubted there would be a time that she would be able to forgive the young woman for practically having her killed even if it was unintentional. The horror of being accused of such horrendous crimes by the blue-eyed monster, even in a fit of anger, was more than Blake thought herself capable to forgive.

Just then her assistant and a junior attorney on staff buzzed her. "Blake, Torrance and Helen Whitfield are here for that lunch appointment." he stated.

"Thanks, Jeff. Tell Glenda to tell them I'll be right out."

"Sure. No problem."

Moving to her desk, Blake slipped on her suit jacket and pulled her wallet out of her brief case. She slowly made her way down the long corridor to the front lobby. However just before she entered it, Glenda, the front desk receptionist, pulled her aside. "Blake, there is a woman here to see you, but she doesn't have an appointment. I tried to get her to make one, but she refused to leave until she saw you."

"What's her name?"

"She said it was Cindy Carmichael. She's been here most of the morning. I put her in Conference Room A."

"All right. Thanks."

Going out into the lobby, she was greeted by her two friends and their baby. "Hi, Blake. How are you feeling?" Torrance asked patting her friend on the shoulder.

"Better and better every day, Tor. Thanks for asking." she replied hugging the photographer. Stepping to Helen, she embraced the attractive blonde and kissed her lightly on the cheek. "Helen, you look beautiful as usual. You tired of my old pal yet? Ready to run to me?" she asked teasingly.

"Not yet, Blake. Give me forty or fifty years before propositioning me again." Helen replied to the joke with a bright smile that set her green eyes a glow as she spoke of her beloved.

"Damn. You certainly got lucky, Tor. Wish I could." Blake mumbled in mock disappointment. "How's my favorite boy?" she inquired coming to the stroller and leaning down to pick up the infant. "How are you, John Thomas? Are you going to smile for your Auntie Blake?" The dark-haired green-eyed boy gave her a wide toothless grin as he saw her. He raised his small hand toward her face as she cradled him and offered his toy to her. Playfully Blake nibbled on it, making him squeal in delight. "Looks like your boy has a crush on me." the attorney joked smiling back at him.

"How could he not?" Helen answered touching Blake lightly on the arm before gazing down at her son as well.

"Listen, I was just told that I have an unexpected visitor. She's the one from Georgia I was telling you about. I have no idea why she's here, but I'd like to invite her to lunch with us if that's okay."

"That nasty one that almost got you killed?" Torrance inquired.

"No, not her, her mother. The really nice lady I told you about. Come on. Let's go ask her. She's in the conference room." Blake led the way to where Cindy was waiting. Opening the door she saw the blonde standing with her back to the door staring out the window. "Cindy, sorry to have kept you waiting. What brings you here?" Blake questioned brightly moving into the room. However as the blonde turned, the brunette felt her breath leave her, for it wasn't Cindy standing there.

As Georgia's eyes met Blake's she felt a sudden lump form in her throat. The attorney was standing there with a baby in her arms, who was busy chewing on her jacket lapel. Two women stood just beyond her, one stunning blonde and the other an equally attractive tall brunette. "Blake, you look different." she mentioned taking in the attorney's features.

"Yeah. It's called reconstructive surgery, Georgia. You gave me this face. What the hell are you doing here, and why did you say you were your mother?" she sternly inquired. "I thought I made it clear I never wanted to see you again."

Helen moved forward and reached for her son. "Here. Torrance and I will just wait in the lobby for you." she offered.

"No. You and Tor stay here. After all I should have witnesses in case she wants to accuse me of raping her again." Blake growled shooting daggers at Georgia. "Now, tell me, Georgia. What are you doing here?" she asked again stepping closer to her nemesis.

"I wanted to see you, Blake. I couldn't stand the way things ended, and I wanted to see if you would talk to me. I said I was my mother, because I figured that would be the only way I could get you in here."

"I have nothing to say to you, Georgia, that I haven't already. When I said I didn't want to see you ever again, I meant it."

Georgia took a deep breath and stepped forward toward the woman who held her heart. "Blake, I'm truly sorry for what happened to you. It was never my intention for this to happen. That night we made love was nothin' like I ever experienced." she stated continuing to move slowly closer to the attorney. "I was hurt beyond words when you brushed me off the next day, but never in my worst thoughts of you did I want anyone to kill you or hurt you this way. You have to believe me, Blake. I had nothin' to do with those Klan members comin' to your house." she said coming to a stop a few feet from the tall woman.

Blake was mesmerized by the fact that Georgia looked exactly how she was in her dreams, soft and beautiful. There was no denying the physical attraction to the teacher, but when the blonde reached up to touch her cheek, Blake yanked back quickly, knowing if she allowed the little woman to touch her, she might not have the strength to fight her libido. "Georgia, your words at the bar that night destroyed me, and I'm not just talking about the fact that I was beaten within inches of my life. You told everyone in there that I raped you. You lied about something so intimate, and you made me out to be a monster. You intentionally degraded my integrity and honor. Not only that it was your words that fueled those men to their hate and made them come to the house to try to hang me. I could be dead, Georgia. It was chance that my life was spared."

"I know." the blonde whispered as tears came to her eyes. "I cain't think 'bout that. It breaks my heart to think of you that way. I just want to try to make things up to you, Blake. I want to see if we have somethin'. That's all I ever wanted."

"Then why did you tell everyone that I raped you? That's not the way to start a relationship."

"Because I was hurt that you'd rather be with Cara than me. I'll do anythin', Blake, if you just give me a chance."

"Forget it, Georgia! There is no way in hell I'd ever trust you again! Now just leave me the hell alone!" the tall woman screamed turning to leave. Brushing by Torrance and Helen, she softly said, "I just need to run to the restroom before we go."

With tears streaming down her face, Georgia watched Blake leave. A quiet moment passed before her eyes settled on two green sets that were looking at her. "I'm going to go check on Blake." Torrance announced, leaving the two blondes alone.

Georgia just looked at the woman holding the baby. She assumed this was the Helen that Blake had mentioned before by her stunning looks and child. "You probably hate me too." the younger blonde stated.

"I don't know you well enough to hate you." Helen answered. "Do you love Blake?"

"More than I've ever loved anyone." Georgia admitted. "I just don't know how to get through to her. I guess it's too late for apologizin'. She wants nothin' to do with me."

"You know, Georgia, ever since Blake mentioned you, I've always thought there was something there. Now that I've seen you together, my suspicions are confirmed. She cares for you."

"No, she doesn't. Didn't you hear her? She hates me."

"You can't hate someone so much without caring about them. She hates what's happened, and she hates that you did this to her, but I'm willing to bet she doesn't hate you even as much as she claims to. She's just using that as an excuse to hide her feelings. People make mistakes, and you've made a huge one here, but I think you can correct it."

"You think? How?" Georgia asked stepping closer to the mother.

"You have to somehow prove that you love her beyond a shadow of a doubt. You have to acknowledge your responsibility in what happened. I think those things might help. Blake's not an unreasonable person, Georgia. She's just hurting so deeply right now in more ways than physical. I think she loves you as well, and that's why this is so difficult for her." Georgia gave a nod. "Are you staying in town long?" Helen inquired switching John to her other hip.

The other blonde shrugged. "I don't know. I was kind of hopin' that Blake would be more responsive to me and that I'd have reason to stay."

"Maybe you should hang around for a few days. Maybe she'll come around if she sees your face every day."

"I don't know. I have no where to stay, and this town is pretty expensive and dangerous as I've already figured out on the taxi ride. It might just be best if I go back to Georgia."

"If you had a place to stay, would you?"

Georgia shrugged. "I guess. Why do you ask?"

"Come stay with Torrance and me. We have a place a few blocks from here in town. Torrance won't mind."

"Are you sure? I know she and Blake go way back. I'm sure she doesn't think too highly of me."

"Listen. If you tell me you're truly interested in reconciling with Blake, then that will be enough for her. Torrance wants Blake to be happy as much as I do, and I know Torrance believes there are feelings there too. It couldn't hurt anything."

"All right. Thank you. Here I thought all New Yorkers were rude, but you're very polite."

"Well, that's because I'm not a New Yorker. I'm a southern who just happened to migrate."

"Oh yeah? Where're you from?"


"Well, that explains the southern manners." Georgia said with her first smile.

"Torrance is really nice too once you get past that protective exterior. I promise you. She's the most compassionate woman I know, so if you're serious, she'll be helpful too. Here. Take this. Meet us at our place tonight." she said taking a piece of paper from the diaper bag and scribbling down her information. She extended it to Georgia. "We'll be home after six."

"All right. Thank you again, Helen. This is unexpected."

"No sense in you being on the street. It's dangerous out there. See you tonight."

Several minutes later Blake and Torrance returned to find Helen alone with John. "Where did she go?" Blake questioned.

"She's gone." Helen said with a smile.

"Thank God."

"Oh come on, Blake. You like the girl. Admit. You want her. You're just upset over what has happened."

"Don't I have right to be?"

"Of course you do. That doesn't change the fact that you look at Georgia and feel something, does it?" she inquired.

"She feels something all right." crassly Torrance stated. "Like the urge to strangle her."

Helen glared at her wife. "I asked Blake, honey."

Blake shrugged. "Yeah, I guess."

"You guess? Blake, I know you. You probably look at a woman like Georgia and get hot just thinking about the possibilities of what you could do with a body like that. Come on. I've heard the stories about you."

"Have you now? From who?" Blake asked in interest.

"Well, when you were with Cara, she wasn't exactly withholding information, and Georgia was obviously moved if she came all the way up here to see you. Just admit that you at least find her attractive."

"All right. She's hot, but that doesn't change the fact she almost got me killed."

"Well, if that hadn't happened would you be interested in her?"

"She's married, Helen, to the man that actually saved my life. I couldn't do that to Jack. I owe him that much respect after what he did for me."

"But you already had sex with her." Torrance stated.

"Well, that's when I thought he was an asshole, but he saved my life even though he thought I had raped his wife. Turns out he wasn't as bad as I thought. Point is I need to leave Georgia Carmichael alone regardless of how I feel about her or her for me."

"Do you feel more for her than primal lust though?" Torrance asked as they made their way to the elevator.

"I don't want to." Blake confessed.

"But do you?" Helen pressed.

"I do, and I hate that fact." the attorney conceded.

Later that night Georgia arrived at the address Helen had written down for her. She didn't know quite what to expect when she arrived there, but she wasn't sure she had many options. She knew hotels in the city were expensive and staying in one would wipe out her savings. Knocking on the door, she anxiously awaited for an answer.

Within moments Helen answered it with a friendly smile. "Hi, Georgia. Come on in. We were just waiting on you to start dinner."

"You didn't have to wait."

"It's fine. Just leave your bags here for now, and we'll get them upstairs later. You must be hungry after a whole day wandering the city. Sit and have something to eat."

Leading the way into the kitchen, Helen gestured to the table where Torrance already was trying to feed their son. The photographer looked up at their guest and gave a somewhat forced smile. "Hi, Georgia."


"Have a seat. Helen's made quite a meal for your arrival."

"Thank you. Y'all really didn't have to do such a thing. I know you're Blake's friends, so I'm still not quite sure what I'm doin' here."

"Helen says you don't want to hurt Blake, that you only want to make amends. She thinks you're all right, and I trust her judgment. Don't do anything that proves to the contrary, and you'll be welcome to stay here for awhile." Torrance stated.

Georgia gave a nod. "Thank you again."

Most of the meal passed with small talk, but Georgia was intrigued with the couple that had so graciously invited her into their home. Blake had spoken of Torrance and Helen in such a positive manner that Georgia had wondered what they were like. Now she was sitting in their loft witnessing their relationship. It was so obvious how much they adored each other and their child.

When Georgia first recognized her feelings for Blake, the idea of two women being together seemed so foreign to her. However now that she had experienced the pleasure of being with another and she saw how wonderful a relationship truly could be through her hostesses, the idea seemed perfectly natural. She wanted what Helen and Torrance had and hoped some day she would find that special someone, wondering if that person would ever be Blake Erwin.

The evening passed with Georgia being an observer with the way the couple related to their child. He was obviously the center of their existence outside of each other, and it created a pang for a child of her own. She often wondered what it would have been like had she not miscarried. She too would have a child. As unexpected as it was at the time, she had loved the life growing inside of her, and she had been just as devastated as Jack when she miscarried. It tore their marriage apart, because neither really knew how to handle the emotional pain. However seeing two doting parents made her long for another chance, and she mused if Blake ever wanted kids of her own.

Over the next week the blonde visited Blake's office every day in an effort to try to gain Blake's attention. However the brunette was resistant to her pleading. She was disheartened that she couldn't break through the hard cold exterior of the woman she cared about. Figuring things were not going to improve, she decided it would be best to go back to Stillwater with hopes that she might be able to get through to the attorney when she came down to the trial.


In August of that year Blake returned to Stillwater for the trial of her assailants. However she was not alone this time. Along with her came an entourage of family, friends, press, activists, and security that turned the rural town into a regular circus. The attorney wore a scowl every time she saw someone from town that scared most of the people from approaching her. Nevertheless there was one woman whom she eagerly embraced when she rushed to see her when she arrived at the plantation house.

"Cindy, always a pleasure to see you." Blake greeted with a genuine smile.

"Blake, sugar, how've you been?" she asked with a gentle hand to the tall brunette's cheek. "You look better than the last time I saw you."

"Yeah, time will do that, Cindy. Come in."

"Who are all these people?"

"Most of them are just here to sensationalize the trial. I do have some family and friends here though. I'll introduce you. They're all in the living room." Leading the way there, Blake announced, "Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Cindy Carmichael. She's one of the sweetest women you'll find around here. Cindy, I believe you already know my parents."

"Of course. It's a pleasure to see you again. Sorry about the unfortunate circumstances though."

"Well, we just thank you for taking such good care of our little girl. She has always had just the best things to say about you."

Blake moved Cindy around the room quickly ending with her friends. "Cindy, these two lovely women are some of my best friends in the entire world. This is Torrance and Helen Whitfield and their son, John."

"Are you the one who took those pictures of Blake?" the blonde questioned as they shook hands.

"I am." Torrance answered.

Cindy shook her head sadly. "They made me weep. I saw Blake the day after it took place, but it just looked that more horrific in photograph. This poor sweet girl." she whispered touching the attorney compassionately on her face again. "Here. This is for you." she stated pressing a pie into the brunette's hands.

"Did you make this?" Blake inquired smelling it.

"No. It's from Georgia."

"Well, thank you, but I wouldn't even feed this to Bruce. I don't want anything from Georgia." she stated as her dog came to her at the mention of his name. "There's probably arsenic in it anyway."

"Blake, please. Georgia is a mess over this. She's hurtin' so much over the fact that you won't even accept an apology. She loves you, Blake, and she'd do anythin' to have you forgive her."

"She doesn't love me, Cindy."

"She does. She's even testifyin' 'gainst her friends for you."

"She's testifying? Why?" Blake inquired in interest. She hadn't heard that news before even with all her conversations from the attorney in charge of the case.

"Because she wants to prove to you that she's sorry. The prosecutin' attorney thought it was a good idea to help your case."

"Well, I didn't know that, but it's going to take a little more than that to get me to forgive her."

"Maybe it'll be a start though. Well, I just wanted to stop by. I need to get goin'. I'll see you tomorrow at the trial. Be strong, Blake."

"Thanks. See you tomorrow."

As soon as she left, Torrance inquired, "That is Georgia's mother? She's really sweet. I can see where Georgia gets it."

"What are you talking about? You only saw her that one time at the office."

"Actually we spent some time with her while she was in New York. She's a nice girl that made a horrible mistake. She does feel terrible about it, Blake. I believe that she does." Torrance said.

"You think that too?" Blake asked Helen.

"Yes. I think that she is in love with you, Blake. She admitted that she was, and I think she would do anything to prove her love to you. She wants another chance."

"And you two think I should give her one?"

"Blake, I've never been in your shoes, so I don't know how I would feel if I were you. I only know that when I look into her blues eyes as she talks about you, I can see the love there. Whether you can find it in your heart to accept her is your choice, and we're going to support you no matter what you do." Torrance answered.


"Torrance is right, Blake. I believe it when she says she's in love with you. She's separated from Jack, and they're getting a divorce. She wants you, Blake. She wants to make it right with you."

The following morning Blake and her following arrived at the county courthouse early. The media was already stationed outside with live footage. Blake was asked for interviews but declined at the moment, instead heading straight inside with her family and friends. As she processed into the courtroom she saw Cindy and Georgia seated in the third row behind the prosecuting attorney. Georgia looked at Blake, but the tall attorney ignored her and took her own seat in the front row.

Promptly at nine the judge entered the courtroom and shortly there after opening remarks began. Blake sat silently observing. The prosecuting attorney seemed to be competent to try the case, but the brunette she would have handled it differently had she been the one to work it. As Cindy had mentioned the day before, Georgia was the first witness called the stand.

Blake chose to not look at the little woman as she was sworn in and took her seat. "Would you please state your name for the court please?"

"It's Georgia Smith, but most people call me by my maiden name Carmichael."

"All right. Miz Carmichael, could you please tell the court how long you have known the defendants?"

"I've known them all my whole life. We used to play together as children."

"And did you know that the four of them belonged to the Ku Klux Klan before this trial?"

"Yes but I never thought anything of it."

"All right. Tell me about your relationship to Blake Erwin. How long have you known her? Under what circumstances did you meet?"

"I met Blake in May just after her great aunt's funeral. We started a friendship."

"Would you say you are friends with Miz Erwin today?"

"No. I cain't say that we are."

"Why not?"

"She blames me for these four men tryin' to kill her."

"Why is that? Does she have a reason for believin' that?"

"The night that she was assaulted, she had come into my husband's bar. She and I had gotten into an argument earlier that day, and I was still upset with her. I said some things in my anger that I think caused my friends to try to kill her."

"Objection! Speculation!" the defending attorney yelled.

"Sustained. Miz Smith, please stick to the facts." the judge ordered.

"Yes, your honor." she answered.

"Miz Carmichael, what did you say at the bar that night?"

Georgia lowered her head in obvious shame. "I accused her of...of rapin' me."

"Did you use that exact word? Tell me exactly what you said."

"I said she was dyke and that she raped me." Georgia repeated her eyes beginning to tear as her lips started to quiver.

"Did Miz Erwin rape you, Miz Carmichael?"


"Did she ever touch you without your consent?"

"No, never." she answered softly.

"Then why did you accuse her of doin' such a thin'?"

"Because she hurt me, and I wanted to make her pay for it by humiliatin' her in front of everyone at the bar."

"How did she hurt you?"

"She refused my love."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I wanted her to love me, but she said she couldn't. She was involved with someone, and I was married. She said what had happened between us had been a mistake, and she wanted to forget it had ever happened."

"What did happen? What took place that made Blake Erwin give you such a speech?"

"The night before that Blake and I..." she began but her voice failed her for a moment. She looked around the courtroom at all the eyes on her. No one but she, Blake, and the attorney knew what had taken place that night, but she was about to confess to the whole crowd that she had been intimate with the New York attorney.

"Miz Carmichael." the attorney prompted.

Georgia looked at Blake, who was suddenly watching her. Locking eyes with her, the blonde stated clearly, "I had sex with Blake in her truck."

"You had consensual sexual relations with Blake Erwin?"

"Yes, it was consensual. It was more than that. I'm the one who even initiated it." she added.

"All right. The morning after though you two argued. She said she regretted it, that it had been a mistake, but you didn't share those feelings. Is that correct?"

"Yes. I wanted to pursue a relationship with her, but she wouldn't do it."

"And that upset you. That's why at the bar you told everybody she raped you, even though that was a lie?"


"Thank you, Miz Carmichael." the prosecuting attorney said before returning to his chair.

The defending attorney stepped forward and stared at her quietly for a moment. "Miz. Smith," he began with a patronizing tone. "You are married, correct?"

"Yes but my husband and I have been separated for a long time, and we're now gettin' a divorce."

"All right, but you are married, and you committed a horrendous crime against nature by havin' sexual relations with this woman."

"Objection!" the prosecuting attorney called out.

"Miz Smith is not on trial for her activities, counselor." warned the judge.

"Not yet." the attorney mumbled. "All right. Miz Smith, you say you've known the defendants all your life. Would you consider them your friends?"

"Up until now yes."

"Now that they are on trial for defendin' your honor?"

"I never asked them to hurt Blake. I never asked anyone to harm her. I was upset that night, and I let my temper get the better of me. I said things that were lies, and I did it intentionally to humiliate her, but I never intended for her to be beaten and almost killed for doin' exactly what I asked of her." the blonde answered confidently staring coldly at the attorney questioning her.

Blake watched on in intrigue as the meek southern belle transformed before her very eyes. As much as she was still angry at her, Blake silently cheered her on as she held her ground with the arrogant attorney set on degrading the little woman for her decision to be with the brunette.

"Miz Smith, how would you describe your relationship with Miz Erwin now?"

"There is no relationship. This is the first time I've seen her in months."

"Do you still have feelings for her though?"

Georgia met Blake's eyes again. "Yes, I do." she said without hesitation.

"Is that why you are here testifyin' on the prosecution's behalf? Hopin' to win her affections by sacrificin' your friends?"

The blonde met the defending attorney's eyes. "It might be true that I still love Blake, but she does not feel the same for me. She has made that clear, and I know that there will never be anythin' between us ever 'gain. I'm here, because it's the right thin' to do. I feel like I set this horrible event in motion by my inconsiderate lies, and I want to correct the record." she responded.

When Georgia was allowed to come off the stand, she walked back to her seat. She met the brunette's eyes again. "I'm sorry, Blake." she whispered before turning her head down and taking her seat on the bench next to her mother.

Jack was the next person to take the witness stand, but Blake's mind strayed from the testimony as she thought about the little blonde sitting two rows behind her. Never in her wildest imagination did she think Georgia would answer the questions with the confidence and strength she had displayed. Furthermore the blonde had opened herself up to discrimination just by virtue of admitting that she was intimate with the tall woman. She had indeed accomplished what she come to do. She had set the record straight about their relationship, and Blake felt her anger receding at the sacrifice the blonde had just made on her behalf.

Continued in Part 3.
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