Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.

Jamie looked out of the tinted window as the vehicle stopped outside of a tall building that looked to be made out of nothing but glass and steel. They had reached Alex’s home to have breakfast and Jamie was nervous and a little bit intimidated.

Max opened the door for both women and Alex got out first, turning to offer her hand for Jamie to take. Jamie held Alex’s hand as she jumped out of the SUV and looked up at the building.

“Wow! Is this where you live, Alex?” Jamie asked in amazement.

Alex laughed at the question, nodding. “Yeah, this is my home while I’m in New York.” She turned to Max. “Thanks Max. I’ll give you a call if I need you.”

Max smiled and walked back into the car, closing the door behind him. He watched as Alex led Jamie into the building. He noticed during the ride how Alex would look at Jamie and speak to her softly. He also noticed how Alex handled Jamie as if any rushed movements would break her. In the past Alex had never treated her conquests so gently. Max had a feeling that Alex cared deeply for the girl and he needed to pass that information on. He drove out of the gated entrance, drowning in his thoughts of what he needed to do.

As Alex and Jamie walked inside of the building, they were greeted by the doorman.

“Good morning, Alexandra.”

“Good morning to you, Julian.” They walked through a large immaculate lobby with beautiful floor to ceiling glass murals of a sepia tinted forest on the walls that made the place seem warm and comforting. A large fireplace was situated in the middle of the lobby behind glass and it was burning, casting shadows around it.

Alex led Jamie to the elevators, stopping in front of large silver doors.

“This place is beautiful, Alex.”

Alex smiled at Jamie and led her into the elevator as it opened. “Yeah, it really is. It’s very peaceful here.” Alex pressed the button that had the number forty-two on it. Jamie found it odd that the panel only had a lobby button, emergency button and a floor button.

“I agree; it does seem peaceful. So, why is there only one floor button in this elevator?”

“This is my elevator. It leads up to the penthouse, which is floors forty-two, forty-three and forty-four.”

Jamie was amazed. “So your house is three floors of this building? That’s amazing! I’ve never been in anything like it actually. You said this was your house when you’re in New York. Do you have a home somewhere else?”

Alex loved the look of amazement on Jamie’s face. She rarely saw that anymore in the industry she was in. Everyone always seemed so numb and non-chalant about everything they came in contact with.

“I do. I also have a house in the Hollywood hills, where I spend most of my time. I’m just here for a while promoting ‘The Soldiers’ and then I’ll be back in California promoting it there with the cast.”

Jamie nodded, remembering the trailer that she had recently seen on TV. “That’s right. You do have that movie coming out soon. You know, Alex, I always knew you would become something great. I’m really proud of you.”

Alex smiled and looked into Jamie’s eyes. Their eyes held for a moment. Alex looked away first. She wanted to give Jamie a hug and hold her like they did the night before. Alex resisted the urge and placed her hands in her coat pockets instead.

The elevator stopped and opened on Alex’s floor. It opened to a long hallway with large, brushed silver double doors at the far end.

“Well, here we are.” Alex took a card out of her pocket and slid it through a slot that blinked a green light when she removed it. The door made a clicking sound and Alex opened it, letting Jamie in first.

Jamie looked around. The first thing she noticed was all of the art on the walls. The second thing she noticed were the large floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city. Alex closed the door behind her and stood still, contemplating Jamie. She smiled at Jamie who stood frozen just taking in her surroundings.

Alex walked up to Jamie, lightly caressing her shoulder. “Let me get your coat for you.” Jamie proceeded to remove the scarf and coat she was wearing, handing them to Alex. Alex removed her coat as well and hung them in a closet that was next to the entrance. She closed the closet door and turned back towards Jamie. “Do you like it?”

Jamie turned to look at Alex. “Do I like it?” Jamie laughed “This place is beautiful!”

Alex intertwined their hands as she led Jamie towards the back of the house. They reached an open area with a marble island in the middle and Jamie saw what looked to be a chef cooking in Alex’s kitchen.

“It smells good in here, Brian. How long until it’s finished?” Alex asked, still holding onto Jamie’s hand.

Brian looked up as he flipped a pancake on the large restaurant quality stove.

“Five minutes, Ms. Davenport.”

“Great! We’re starving.” Alex walked Jamie to the dining area that was surrounded by large windows overlooking another part of the city. Alex pulled a chair out for Jamie and walked around to sit across from her. There were plates and silverware situated in front of them while they waited.

As they sat and waited, Jamie fidgeted nervously in her seat. Alex looked at the watch on her wrist and took a quick glace at Jamie. Alex didn’t know where to start the ‘talk’ that they needed to have. She guessed that she should explain as best as she knew how. She glanced at Jamie again and noticed Jamie staring at her too.

“Jamie…I hope you aren’t uncomfortable being here…with me.”

“Truthfully, I’m a little nervous.”

“I understand. It’s been so many years since we’ve actually been in the same room hasn’t it?”

Jamie nodded, feeling a little awkward. “It has, and I’m curious to know why you wanted to see me. Why now?”

Alex inhaled and exhaled slowly, rubbing her hands back and forth on her pants, nervous. She looked straight into Jamie’s sparkling green eyes that were currently absorbing the morning sun, making them look brighter.

“I’ve been thinking about you for years Jamie. After we broke up that day I’ve never stopped thinking about you. My life the past few years has been hectic and I’ve wanted to contact you and see how you were doing, but things always got in the way. I was associating myself with the wrong crowd for a very long time and got into a lot of trouble. You probably heard it on the news or in the magazines.”

Jamie nodded slightly. “I have, but I never wanted to believe any of that was true.”

Alex smiled “Are you still looking for the good in everyone, Jamie?”

“I do.” Jamie spoke softly.

Just then the chef came into the dining room rolling a cart with multiple plates and drinks on it. He stopped at the table and placed each plate onto it. The food ranged from different fruits to pancakes, scrambled eggs, Belgian waffles, toast and every breakfast item Jamie could think of.

Jamie looked at all of the food on the table, then back to Alex and laughed.

“Are your breakfasts always this grand, Alex?”

Alex placed a pancake onto her plate and laughed with Jamie. “No, not really. I just didn’t know what you would want so I told Brian to make everything. I called him before I got to your hotel.”

“What if I had said no about coming to have breakfast here?”

Alex poured orange juice for herself and Jamie. “I had faith that you wouldn’t say no.”

Jamie just smiled and shook her head. She grabbed a pancake with her fork and put it on her plate with some bacon. Jamie took a bite of her pancake and closed her eyes in pleasure. Banana pancakes. “Alex, you remembered.” She opened her eyes, staring at Alex.

Alex had a grin on her face. “Of course. How could I forget banana pancakes were your favorite?”

“This is really good,” Jamie said pointing to her food with her fork.

Alex took a sip of her orange juice. “I knew you would like it.”

After that, both women ate in silence, enjoying the company of the other. Jamie finished first and stretched. “Thank you so much for the breakfast, Alex. I enjoyed it.”

“You’re very welcome. Hey, would you like to go out onto the terrace and look at the city?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Jamie and Alex both got up from the table and Jamie followed Alex to a pair of glass doors leading outside. The terrace wrapped half way around the condo and gave both women an unobstructed view of the city skyline. The silver and glass railings were the only obstacle blocking the edge.

“This is beautiful, Alex. If I lived here I would never leave.”

“Sometimes I don’t want to.” They both walked to the edge and Alex leaned on the railing, looking out towards the city. Alex seemed more melancholy now as she looked down at the cars below. Jamie stood next to her, not fully leaning on the rail, but resting her hands on the clear glass. Jamie was about to speak, when Alex started to speak first.

“Jamie, I hope you know I never meant to hurt you all those years ago,” At this, Alex turned to face Jamie who’s face looked surprised at her apology. “I know that we made promises to each other to go to the same college together… and I broke that promise. All these years, that’s all I’ve thought about. The ‘what could have been’ always goes through my mind. I’m always surrounded by so many people, but I still feel alone, and you were good for me, Jamie.”

Jamie looked into Alex’s eyes and saw the sorrow in them. Jamie’s eyes started to water as she remembered that day so many years ago, and the anger came back. “Why didn’t you ever try to contact me then, if all you thought about was me?”

Alex stood up straighter at Jamie’s change of demeanor. “I was scared. With the way we left things, would you have really wanted to speak to me? I figured you would have forgotten about me and moved on.”

“How could I forget about you, Alex? We were together for four years. You don’t just forget about things like that. One day I saw you in your first movie and one of my friends thought I was crazy because I left the theater. That was the first time I had seen your face since high school graduation. I couldn’t watch you without thinking about how much I still loved you and wondering if you ever thought of me.”

Tears ran down Jamie’s face and she wiped them away quickly, not wanting Alex to see her like that. Alex stepped closer to Jamie and held her face in her hands, brushing the stray tears that continued to fall with her thumbs.

“Sweetheart…I thought about you all the time. My life hasn’t been perfect since you walked away that day on the field. Everything has just been crazy these past couple of years. What’s been said about me on the news is mostly all true, but that was me in the past and I don’t want it to scare you away.”

 Jamie held the hands that were caressing her face as Alex continued, “I really just wanted to tell you that I still…that I still love you, Jamie. I wanted to know if you wanted to start over…get to know each other all over again?”

The cold wind blew as they both stood there staring at each other. Jamie looked down and removed Alex’s hands from her face. She held Alex’s hands in her own, caressing the familiar fingers, turning the hands over and lightly touching Alex’s wrists. Alex rested her forehead on Jamie’s hair, taking in the scent of her. As Jamie laced their fingers she saw the ring on Alex’s left ring finger sparkling in the morning sun. Jamie brought it up to her face and smiled as tears once again ran down her cheeks.

Jamie looked up at Alex “Is this—” She was cut off by Alex, her voice cracking.

“It’s the ring I gave to you. I’ve been wearing it since you gave it back to me. I never take it off.”

Jamie saw Alex’s crystal blue eyes shed tears and Jamie softly caught them with her fingers. Alex was surprised when Jamie pressed her body into her and embraced her, laying her head on Alex’s shoulder. Her arms wrapped around Jamie’s waist as they continued to embrace on the terrace, the wind blowing through Alex’s hair. Jamie pulled slightly away from Alex, her arms still around Alex’s neck. Then Jamie slowly raised herself to Alex’s lips and softly kissed her.

Alex felt Jamie’s lips caress her own and almost melted where she stood. No one else had ever made her feel this way. Jamie wanted more and slid her tongue over Alex’s lips, seeking entrance. Alex welcomed the warmth and stroked Jamie’s tongue with her own. Jamie moaned softly into Alex’s mouth, pressing even closer to the taller woman’s body. Alex squeezed Jamie to her as if her life depended on it as they continued to kiss. Jamie brought her hands down over Alex’s shoulders and then lower, lightly caressing her breasts. This time it was Alex’s turn to moan and she slowly pulled away from Jamie’s lips that were red and already swollen. They were both breathing heavily as Jamie rested her forehead under Alex’s chin, her hands still lightly resting on Alex’s breasts. Alex lifted Jamie’s head to look at her and there was passion in Jamie’s eyes. Alex also saw something else, uncertainty.

“You still taste the same,” Alex whispered. Jamie smiled shyly and then looked down at her own hands that were now on Alex’s waist.

“Yes.” Jamie whispered back.

Alex looked confused. “Yes?”

Jamie looked up at Alex, a slight smile on her face. “Yes, I think that we should…start over and get to know each other again.”


Jamie nodded, playfully rolling her eyes. “Yes, really.”

Alex picked Jamie up and spun her around, ecstatic at the thought of having another chance with her. Alex put Jamie back down and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me, Jamie.” Alex pulled her in for another hug as they embraced while looking out at the city. Then Jamie turned Alex’s face to her and kissed her again. Alex automatically opened herself to Jamie and lightly nipped at Jamie’s lower lip. This time it was Jamie who pulled away first and leaned up to whisper softly in Alex’s ear.

 “You still taste the same, too.”

Alex kissed Jamie’s neck and leaned in closer to her ear. “Oh yeah?”

Jamie nodded as she stood in the embrace, leaning once again to whisper into Alex’s ear. “I still love you Alex. I don’t think I ever stopped.”

Alex hugged Jamie tighter to her and closed her eyes, a lone tear running down her cheek.

“How about we go inside? It’s pretty cold out here and I can show you around the house,”  Alex commented.

Jamie nodded, taking Alex’s hand as Alex led her back inside.

* * *

Parked outside of a warehouse was Alex’s black SUV. Max was inside talking on his cell phone.

“Let me speak with Cindy.”

“May I ask who’s speaking?” The other voice on the line asked.

“Tell her it’s Max.”

Max could hear the phone being put down and two minutes later heard the taps of what sounded like heals coming closer to the phone.

“Hello, Max.” Cindy breathed into the phone.

“Cindy, I’ve got some news for you regarding Alexandra.”

“Keep talking.”

“Remember how I told you she had her assistant Steven looking for that girl that she went to high school with?”

Cindy started to impatiently tap her foot on the floor. “Her name was Jamie. Alexandra could never shut up about that bitch. Every time we were together she would always tell me I would never please her like Jamie did.”

“Riiight. Well he found her. Jamie and Alex are at her home now…together.”

“Oh yeah? Doing what?”

Max rolled his eyes. “Having breakfast I think. But what I do know is that Alex seems quite serious about her. She treats her differently than the others.”

Memories of Alex’s trysts with her filled Cindy’s head. “She treated me like shit and kept coming back for more so I think deep down she loved me. Then she thought she was too good for me. How dare this low class whore try to take what should have been mine. Who does she think she is?”

“I don’t think you and Alex were ever a couple, Cindy. You had your husband and she was having her fun.”

Cindy walked through her large home and out to the poolside area. “But she always came back to me, Max. I was her drug. My husband left me because he found out about Alex and me. Anyway, she should be back here in a few days. We have to promote our movie with the rest of the cast at the premiere. I’ll talk to her then, maybe knock some sense into her.”

“Okay, Cindy, do what you feel is right.”

“I know what’s right. Alex and I together. Do you know how many magazine covers we’d be on? We would be the perfect Hollywood couple, don’t you think?” Cindy asked, staring at her own reflection in the water as she sat by the pool. Her butler came up to her with a silver platter that had a tiny plastic bag with white powder in it and a small utensil with a scoop at the end. Cindy took the silver plate and opened the bag, dipping the utensil in and scooping up some of the white powder. She put it under her nose and quickly inhaled it. She gave the plate with the drugs on it back to the butler, and shook her hand at him to leave.

“Sure,” Max whispered.

“Anyway, thank you for the information, Max. We’ll talk soon.” She hung up before Max could say anything else.

Max knew that Cindy was a self absorbed bitch, but she was paying him a lot of money to get information on Alex’s schedule and personal life. Max knew she was obsessed more than ever with Alex ever since they were cast together in ‘The Soldiers’. Alex had told Max she almost didn’t take the part because Cindy had a supporting role in the film and Max knew she was a bad influence on Alex and was the person that introduced Alex to drugs. Max loved Alex but also needed to support his own family and when Cindy came up with the offer, he took it. There was no turning back now because he was in too deep.

* * *

Alex and Jamie were sitting on the couch in front of a burning fire place talking, their legs lightly touching. Jamie was laughing at a story Alex was recalling about when Jamie’s mom caught them in the middle of a heavy make out session in Jamie’s bedroom.

“Do you remember that? Your mom looked like she was going to pass out!”

“Of course I do. How could I forget?” Jamie laughed.

March, 1994

Jamie closed the door to her room once Alex came in behind her. They both dropped their back packs, tired from a long day at school. They had been close friends since last October but only had been dating for four months.

Alex walked over to Jamie’s bed and laid back onto the pile of pillows. Jamie looked at her with a smile on her face, shaking her head.

“Alex, you know we have to study for the English test tomorrow. Come on, get up.” Jamie threw an eraser at her, hoping to get Alex’s attention.

Alex covered her face and laughed as the eraser bounced off her arm. “Hey! That’s not nice.”

“It won’t be nice when we fail the test tomorrow.”

“I might fail, but you’re too smart for your own good. You won’t.”

Jamie rolled her eyes and walked towards Alex, “Come on, get up.” Jamie took Alex’s hand and pulled her up. “I don’t want you to fail; that’s why we have to study.”

Alex sat up on the bed, her hand intertwined with Jamie’s. Jamie stood in front of her, looking down with a smile on her face.

“What time does your mom get home?”

“I don’t know. Like in an hour I think.”

Alex grabbed Jamie’s other hand and gently pulled Jamie to her. She then wrapped her arms around Jamie’s waist, sliding them up her back, and pulled Jamie down to her mouth. They kissed softly as Jamie ran her hands through Alex’s hair. Alex’s mouth tasted like sweet cinnamon and Jamie liked the taste very much. Alex was always chewing cinnamon gum and always had a pack with her. Jamie pulled back and looked at Alex.

“You’re trying to make me forget about our studies.”

“No I’m not.” Alex smiled innocently.

“I see where this is going.”

“Oh yeah? Where?” Alex whispered.

Jamie kissed Alex again, enjoying the feel of her lips against Alex’s. Her breathing started to quicken as Alex pulled her down onto the bed with her. Alex could feel Jamie’s body heat against her own and it made her want more. She slowly turned Jamie so that she was on her back and Alex moved to lie next to her as they softly continued to kiss. They were kissing for several minutes and Alex couldn’t remember how she got on top of Jamie, but her body was now resting between Jamie’s legs. Jamie was wearing a skirt that was currently bunched up around her waist. Jamie nibbled on Alex’s lower lip and looked up into her eyes. They were both breathing hard and Alex had a visible flush to her cheeks. Jamie could feel Alex’s jean shorts against her inner thighs and she wanted to feel more.

“Take these off.” Jamie tugged at Alex’s shorts.

“Okay.” Alex breathed. She quickly unzipped her shorts, awkwardly, and threw them on the floor. Alex lowered herself back in between Jamie’s legs but stopped to look at Jamie.

“You okay, Jay?”

Jamie just nodded in disbelief of how good she was feeling at that moment. They had made out before but nothing like this. She could feel Alex’s skin against her own.  Jamie was feeling so many things at once that she felt like she was about to explode.

Alex lowered her head and continued to kiss Jamie. Jamie’s breathing was now coming quicker and Alex smiled against their kisses. Alex loved the way Jamie felt against her and she was tingling for more. Alex pushed down against Jamie’s hips and noticed how Jamie’s breathing turned into a gasp. Jamie automatically lifted her own hips for Alex and they slowly began a dance against each other. Their kissing became frantic and Jamie couldn’t help herself as she slid her hands underneath Alex’s shirt, grasping onto her back. Both girls were so into what they were doing that they didn’t hear Jamie’s mom coming up the stairs and opening Jamie’s room door.

“Oh my god! Jamie, what are you doing?!”

Alex flew off of Jamie and grabbed a pillow, covering herself.

Jamie sat up quickly, pulling down her skirt. “MOM! It’s not what you think!”

“Oh really?! You need to get out of here Alexandra!” Jamie’s mom then quickly left the room, slamming the door behind her.

 Jamie and Alex could hear her running back down the stairs, cursing on her way down. Alex looked at Jamie, whose hair was sticking out at different angles, and started to laugh. Jamie looked back at Alex wondering why she was laughing.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Your hair…it’s a little bit…messed up.”

Jamie continued to stare in disbelief. Her mother had just caught them heavily making out and Alex was laughing about her hair.

“I’m sorry, Jamie. It’s more of a nervous laughter.” Alex stopped laughing and put a strand of blond hair behind Jamie’s ear and smiled. “You know, I think you just came out to your mom.”

“I know. Shit! What do we do now?”

“Well, she just kicked me out of your house so I think I better leave. I don’t want her to come back up here and kick me out on the street when I’m only in my underwear and shirt.”

“I’m really sorry about that, Alex.”

Alex stood and picked up her shorts from the floor. She walked to Jamie and softly kissed her cheek.

“I’m not. You made me feel things I have never felt before, Jamie. My body is like wired right now… and I think I have no chance at that test tomorrow.” Alex winked at Jamie while she put on her shorts. Alex picked up her back pack and started walking to the door to leave. Jamie got up and ran to Alex, turning her around before she could open the door. She laced her arms around Alex’s neck and kissed her with all that she had in her. She then opened the door for Alex.

Alex looked back at Jamie. “It’ll be okay. I promise.”

Alex gave Jamie one last peck and ran down the stairs, quickly going through the front door and leaving.

Jamie closed her bedroom door behind her and leaned against it, closing her eyes. She was still warm and fuzzy inside and tingling in places she never knew could feel so good when touched. And then she thought about her mother, who was probably downstairs in the family room waiting for her. Jamie took a deep breath, opened the door again and hoped her embarrassment would kill her before she got downstairs.

“JAMIE!!” her mother yelled as she took the first step down.

* * *

“Your mom gave me the silent treatment for a month every time she saw me after that.” Alex shook her head, remembering the times she would go over to Jamie’s house after the incident. Jamie’s mother would ignore her, but still made dinner for both whenever she would stay later.

Jamie laughed and nudged Alex’s arm. “I think she learned to love you after she saw that you weren’t going anywhere. I had a long talk with my mom that night. It’s exhausting to even think about it.”

“It’s okay, I remember.” Alex smiled, then looked over to Jamie. “Can I ask you a question?”


“Have you had other relationships?”

Jamie nodded, playing with her hands nervously. “Yes, I did actually. One other serious relationship.”

Alex decided to go further and asked the question she was curious to know about.

“Did you love her?”

Jamie looked into Alex’s eyes and there was a guarded look to them.

“Why do you want to know, Alex?”

“I guess…I just wanted to know if there was someone out there that was able to capture your heart. I always thought I would be the only one,” Alex softly spoke.

“I’m sure you would have been but we both know how that turned out.” Jamie smiled a little, taking the hardness out of her words.

Alex grabbed Jamie’s hand and brought it up to her lips. She lightly kissed the back of Jamie’s hand. “I know, and I really want to change that, Jay.”

Jamie smiled and just stared at her as Alex continued to hold her hand. A ringing phone broke the silence and Alex let go of Jamie’s hand to answer her cell phone. Alex took the Blackberry out of her pocket and saw that it was Steven calling. She looked at Jamie apologetically and Jamie knew that she was going to take the call.

“Sorry Jamie, one second.” Alex stood up from the couch and walked towards the dining area as she answered. “Yes Steven?”

“Alex! Are you at home?” Steven chirped from the other end.

“Yeah, why?” Alex turned back to Jamie and smiled at her.

“I need you to do an interview in about an hour for Morning Talk.”

“Isn’t this a little last minute, Steven?”

“I know, I know. But I spoke with one of the producers earlier and I sort of let it slip that you were in town and they want you there for the last hour of the show. Apparently the word has spread and you have tons of fans outside of the building waiting for you.”

“Steven, you know you really shouldn’t have done this. I’m a little busy right now and I have a guest.” Alex’s patience started to dwindle.

“Alex, you have to do this. You cancelled SNL earlier. You can’t cancel this appearance. Your fans are out there already, and this is great to promote the movie. Everyone loves surprise celebrity guests.”

Alex exhaled slowly and walked further into the dining room. “Steven, I said I have a guest. What part of that didn’t you understand?”

“Is it Jamie? Come on, Alex. This is important. She can come by later and see you. Anyway it’s a little too late because I requested hair and makeup to be at your place and they should be there any minute. They have got the greatest suit for you to wear.”

“I can’t believe you, Steven,” Alex’s fingers massaged her forehead. She was stressed out with the situation and how it was unfolding. “Fine, I’ll do it.”

There was a squeal of delight on the other end. “Beautiful, Alex. I love you!”

Alex didn’t give him time to continue because she hung up on him. She turned back towards Jamie, who was sitting on the couch still, looking at the fireplace. Why does this have to happen now? What am I going to tell her?

Jamie heard Alex coming back and stood up to meet her.

“Jamie…something has come up and it seems I have an interview I need to go to in an hour.”

“Oh, Okay. Well I can leave—”

“No! You can stay, really. I would like you to.” Suddenly the door bell rang and both women turned to look at the door. Jamie smiled awkwardly as Alex walked to the door still talking to her. “It’ll be just a minute, I promise.”

Alex opened the door and there were five people standing there. It was Alex’s makeup, hair and wardrobe crew. They all started talking at once as one of the women grabbed Alex and quickly ushered her up the stairs. Alex turned around and yelled down to Jamie. “I’ll be right back Jay!”

Jamie stood there in the middle of the family room, not quite knowing what to do. She was about to sit back down, when the door opened again and in walked a slim red head with piercing grey eyes. She looked over to Jamie and quickly assessed her. She had a smug look about her and she walked towards Jamie with one eyebrow raised.

“Are you the maid?” The red head asked.

Jamie grinned at her and shook her head. “No, I’m not.”

“Oh. Where’s Alex?”

“She just went upstairs with a few people.”

The red head looked towards the stairs then back to Jamie.

“What’s your name?”


“Jamie, who are you?” The red head once again stared down at her.

“Um…I’m a friend of Alex.” Jamie crossed her arms in front of her. She was feeling uncomfortable in front of this woman.

“Funny, Alex never mentioned a Jamie before.”

“Okay…well how do you know her?” Jamie wasn’t sure she really wanted to know.

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Jenna. I was looking for Alex because we were going to go out this morning for a workout. Alex loves her workouts. I’m her trainer.”

Jamie had a feeling that Jenna was more than a trainer at one time for Alex, by the way Jenna was talking to her. She was talking to Jamie as if she was staking her claim on Alex.

“Well I think she’s getting ready for some type of interview this morning.”

“Really, is that so?”

Just then, Alex came down the stairs with her makeup and hair done perfectly and she was also wearing something different than what she had on earlier. Jenna saw Alex and practically turned into a hungry tiger right in front of Jamie’s eyes.

“Alex!” Jenna ran up to her and threw herself into Alex’s surprised arms. She also gave Alex a very noticeably forced kiss on her mouth.

Jamie looked on with confusion and annoyance. Confusion at Alex and Jenna’s relationship and annoyance at herself because she was still standing there in Alex’s home and feeling like a fool for even coming now.

Alex pushed Jenna away from her. She completely forgot Jenna was coming for a training session today and was bothered by the show of affection when she clearly told Jenna weeks ago that she didn’t want to continue their off and on relationship.

Jamie felt awkward and uncomfortable so she walked towards the closet where her coat was hanging and grabbed it to put it on. She turned to button up the coat and saw Jenna practically hanging off of Alex. Alex was trying to reach Jamie but Jenna kept grabbing her.

“Jenna, can you please just back off for a second!” Alex raised her voice. Her cool blue eyes were piercing into Jenna’s.

“I’m sorry, Alex. Oh yeah, your friend Jeanie is here.”

Jamie rolled her eyes, continuing to fix her coat. Alex quickly walked up to Jamie.

“I’m sorry about this whole situation. It really wasn’t supposed to be like this.”

Jamie looked up at Alex and Alex saw uncertainty in Jamie’s eyes.

“Are you okay, Jamie?” Alex turned towards the door as Steven walked in, loud as usual.

“Guess who ladies! Alex, oh my god you wouldn’t believe the traffic out there.”

Jamie looked at the man standing at the doorway and figured it was more of Alex’s entourage. Alex gave Steven a stern look and he seemed to get the hint as he walked passed them towards Jenna who was still staring at Alex and Jamie.

Alex looked worriedly at Jamie. “It’s really not what you might think with Jenna. We had a very crazy relationship—” she was cut off by her stylist coming up behind her to fix a few strands of hair.

“Sweetie you need to watch your hair it—”

“Do you not see that I’m trying to talk right now!” Alex yelled.

“I’m sorry Alexandra.” The stylist walked away towards the family room.

Alex took both of Jamie’s hands and caressed them. “Will you come with me to the interview? And I promise later we can talk more about all of this.”

Jamie nodded. “Sure, I guess.”

Alex smiled widely. “Perfect. I would really like you there. Your friend isn’t expecting you too soon, is she?”

“No she isn’t. She knows I’m here with you.” Jamie smiled slightly.

“Okay. Shit, I forgot something upstairs. I’ll be right back.”

Jamie nodded as Alex ran back upstairs. She turned her head back to the couch as she felt eyes staring at her. Jenna was glaring at her and suddenly stood up and walked slowly to her.

“So I guess you’re her new conquest.”

Jamie couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Excuse me?”

“You might be her conquest for now. But once she gets tired of you, she’ll let you go.” Jenna put her hands on her hips and looked down at Jamie like a bug that needed to be squashed.

“I’m sure that when she let you go, Jenna, there was a very good reason for it. I don’t know what happened between you and Alex, but I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you can’t get over it and over yourself.” Jamie was talking calmly to Jenna, whose face was turning a bright shade of pink.

“You don’t know who you’re dealing with, Jeanie.”

“It’s Jamie and I really don’t care to know.” Jamie was very annoyed at Jenna’s huge ego and wanted to leave. She didn’t want to go to the interview with Alex anymore. She just wanted to go back to the hotel and get on with her normal life.

Alex came walking down the stairs and saw how Jenna was staring at Jamie. Jenna’s face was still a shade of pink and she looked like she wanted to strangle Jamie. Alex reached the last step, her eyebrows together in confusion.

“What are you doing, Jenna?”

Jenna turned to face Alex and smiled. “I was just talking to your friend here. She has quite the sense of humor.”

Jamie looked at Jenna in disbelief, then back to Alex.

“I think I’d rather go back to the hotel, Alex. I’m not feeling well.”

Alex walked up to Jamie and spoke softly. “Did she say something to you?”

“It doesn’t really matter. I think you have unfinished business with Jenna and need to speak with her.”

Alex turned back to Jenna, anger clearly written on her face. “Did you say anything to her?! Because if you did, you need to realize that she is a very special person to me and if you or anyone tries to hurt her or treat her badly you’ll have to deal with me. You know very well that there is nothing between us and there never really was. What we had was unimportant and you were just a pass time, Jenna.”

“I can’t believe you, Alex. Do you realize how embarrassing this is? Your friend is standing right there.” Jenna pointed to Jamie, who was watching everything unfold.

“Get the fuck out of here, Jenna. I’m leaving anyway. So go!” Alex yelled.

“But Alex…”

“Get out of my house!” Alex took Jenna by the arm and walked her to the door. She opened it and pushed Jenna out, closing it in her face. She walked back to Jamie, embarrassed herself. Alex put her hands to her side and inhaled slowly.

“I’m so sorry, Jamie. This is literally a day in my life. I never get quiet time and there’s always some sort of drama going on. Are you okay?”

Jamie cleared her throat and nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t expect to meet her. I didn’t know people could be so conniving.”

Alex stood in front of Jamie and brushed a strand of hair from Jamie’s face.

“Unfortunately that’s about half of young Hollywood. Those are the type of people I’m really trying to stay away from. I completely forgot she was coming today.”

“I don’t see how you could have even started to stick with people like that. You hated people like that in High School.”

“I know, but when you’re in this industry, it’s like you turn into someone that you’re not. I don’t ever want to go back to the woman I was. She was hurting, lonely and disgusted with herself.”

“Alex, you don’t ever have to go back to that. I know you, and you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. That’s what I love most about you.”

Alex smiled and caressed Jamie’s face. She wanted to kiss Jamie badly so she leaned down towards Jamie’s lips. Jamie leaned up towards Alex and slowly closed her eyes. Before she got to touch Jamie’s lips with her own, the doorbell rang again.

Alex’s shoulders slumped at the interrupted moment. Steven came running out of one of the rooms, with the rest of the group following him. “That’s Max, Alex. It’s time to go.”

Steven opened the door for Max and two very large men dressed in Tuxedos with dark glasses on. He nodded at them then left with the entourage following behind him. “I’ll meet you at the studio, Alex!” Steven yelled past the door.

Max and the two men stood at the door waiting for Alex and politely smiled at both women.

“Hey there, Max.” Alex waved. Alex looked back down at Jamie. “Are you ready to go?”

Jamie looked up at Alex and noticed a change within Alex, it was the same change that she noticed back at the hotel, getting off the elevators. It was a cool indifference. Almost like she was changing into the Actress ‘Alexandra Davenport’ and not the sweet Alex she knew.

“Yeah, I’m ready.”

“Great, come on.” Alex put on her coat and a pair of sunglasses. She led Jamie out of the house and they were both immediately flanked by the large men as they stepped into the elevator on their way down.

The elevator ride was quiet and Jamie couldn’t believe the morning she was having. Little did she know the day would be getting crazier than she could ever imagine.

To be continued in Part 4.


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