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Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.


  Part 6

It was mid-afternoon and Alex had been showing Jamie around her home. Jamie could never imagine having such a big house to herself. The cathedral ceilings and the tall doors made Jamie feel like she was a princess in a fancy castle.As they were slowly walking down one of the halls on the second floor, Alex noticed that Jamie had gotten quiet and seemed to be deep in thought.

“What are you thinking of?” Alex asked as they continued down the hall. Jamie looked at Alex with a slight smile on her face.

“I was just thinking how this place makes me feel.” Jamie answered.

Alex's eyebrows raised, her expression silently asking a question.

“It makes me feel like I'm a princess.” Jamie finished.

Alex couldn't hold back the grin that was growing on her face. She had never thought of herself in that way when she first purchased the house. Sometimes the house seemed too large and lonely for Alex, she never felt like a princess. Alex, very rarely had family come over to her home, and the only people that came in and out were either reporters or people working for her. All of those things could make a beautiful home seem very lonely.

Alex gestured to a door that they stopped in front of.

“So, this is what I wanted to show you.” Alex stated with a hint of excitement.

“I'm assuming it's behind this door.” Jamie said as she pointed to it.

Alex nodded, opening the door for Jamie. Behind the door were stairs that spiraled up to another floor, and with every step Jamie's curiosity grew. As she made it to the lastfew steps she heard the faint sound of birds.She turned, giving a curious glance, to look at Alex who motioned her to continue. Jamie laughed, opened the door and was surprised at what she saw. The stairs had led them to the roof of Alex's home. There was a large telescope, almost as large as the ones that you would see at science centers, and it seemed to be built directly into the roof.

Jamie couldn't believe that after so many years Alex was still interested in the stars. Jamie slowly walked to the telescope and admired how it seemed to sparkle under the sun's light.

“This is amazing, Alex.” Jamie whispered, astounded.

Alex had a look of pride on her face as she walked up next to Jamie and pointed at something inscribed on the metal. “Check this out, Jay.” Alex said, with pent up excitement.

Jamie looked closer and saw what Alex was pointing to. Jamie's name was inscribed on the telescope. She looked up at Alex with a smile on her face.

“You named it after me?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah, after I got one of my first big paychecks I decided to go all out and buy something I knew would last a lifetime. And yes, I named it after you.” Alex said, shyly.

“You are just full of surprises,aren't you?” Jamie laughed. That's when she noticed the rest of her surroundings. Alex's house was so close to the Hollywood sign, Jamie had never seen it that close before. The view from the roof was excellent and made Jamie feel like she was on top of the world.

“I love it up here” Jamie glanced at Alex, “Are you going to show me your jet now?” She stated sarcastically.

“I'll show you that later.” Alex grinned, mischievously.

Jamie's mouth opened, but no words came out. All she could do was playfully slap Alex on her arm. Alex laughed at the look Jamie was giving her and gently took Jamie's hand as they both walked back inside.




With Jamie's hand still in hers, they walked through the hall and down the marble staircase. It was Alex's turn to be lost in her thoughts, when she decided to finally say what she wanted and needed to say. Just spit it out, Alex! This is Jay, only Jamie. Alex took a deep breath after mentally arguing with herself.

“I'd like for you to go to the premiere with me on Friday.” Alex said. It ended up coming out as a request instead of a question. Alex inwardly winced, and she quietly waited for a response.

Jamie's expression turned to one of surprise because she wasn't expecting that to come out at all. Well, she had secretly hoped that Alex would invite her to the premiere and here she was, standing at the bottom of the staircase with her hands in Alex's. Jamie noticed that Alex was looking at her with her head slightly cocked to the side, as if she could coax an answer out of her.

“Well?” Alex asked.



March 1997

“You're asking me to go to the prom with you?” Jamie asked, a huge smile starting to grow on her face.

Alex stood in front of Jamie during their school lunch hour. She was surprised, yet proud of herself for having the guts to ask Jamie out to the prom. The dance was in mid-April and she really wanted Jamie to be her date. Alex saw the smile on Jamie's face and took that as a good sign, but she was still nervous. Her fingers automatically went to her mouth as she started to bite her fingernails. Jamie quickly noticed and reached out, taking Alex's hand away from her mouth.

“Stop that.” Laughed Jamie.

“Well?” Alex asked, getting more nervous by the second.

Jamie nodded and hugged Alex tightly. “Of course I'll go to the prom with you.” She whispered. Alex was proud of herself because she now had her date for the prom.

“Awesome. I've been wanting to ask you that for weeks.” Alex said, letting go of Jamie.

“Why were you so nervous? You knew my answer would be, yes. I'm your girlfriend, so my answer will always be, yes.” Jamie playfully shoved Alex with her shoulder.

Alex shrugged, trying to act like it was no big deal. “You never know.” She said.

“If you didn't ask me sooner or later, I was going to ask you. It's our last year in High School, so we have to go to our prom.” Jamie stated matter-of-factly as she took a bite of her granola bar.

The bell rang loudly, signifying that lunchtime was over. Alex picked up her backpack and smiled at Jamie, “See you after school by the stop sign?”

Jamie nodded, her mouth too full of granola to answer with words. She handed Alex the rest of her granola bar and watched as Alex placed it in her pocket. Alex winked at Jamie before they both walked their separate ways to their next class.



Alex continued to look at Jamie, waiting for her answer.

“Wow, this is all so surprising, Alex. I would love to go with you.” Jamie said, smiling.

Alex let go of Jamie's hands and released a breath she didn't know she was holding.

“Great! That's great.” Alex nodded.

“What do you wear to an event like that?” Jamie asked as a worried look appeared on her face.

Alex had completely forgotten about that part. She already had her suit for the premiere and it was ready to go for Friday. Alex gently put her hands on Jamie's shoulders and gave her a confidant smile. “You don't have to worry about that, Jay. I'll take care of it.”

“Is it okay if I bring my friend Clarissa? She would love to be part of something like this.” Jamie said.

“Sure, she can come too.” Alex said, smiling.

Clarissa was going to be ecstatic when Jamie gave her the news about attending the premiere. Clarissa was already a huge fan of Alex's work and would probably have a heart attack with the news. Jamie chuckled at the thought.

“What are you laughing at?” Alex asked, curious.

“Clarissa's reaction when I tell her about going to the premiere. She loves you, well, your work and what you do.”

“Well that's always a good thing, I love my fans.” Alex said, standing a little bit straighter.

Alex's cell phone chirped in her pocket and she answered it with a smile on her face.

“Hi Steven, what's up?” She took Jamie's hand again and led them to the kitchen where Sofia was placing food on the counter and signaled them to come over. Alex nodded and led Jamie by the small of her back to the counter. Sofia took Jamie's hand and made her sit down to eat. Jamie turned to Alex and found her making hand gestures to Sofia. She turned back to Sofia, who smiled, and continued to put more food in front of her.


“You're coming tomorrow, right?” Alex asked Steven.

“Of course I am. My flight comes in Friday morning.” Steven said.

“Good. I have a favor to ask you.” Alex continued.

“What's that?”

“Jamie is coming with me to the premiere and she needs something to wear.”

“I can take her tomorrow morning to Rodeo and we can do some shopping.” Steven stated.

“You won't be too tired from your flight?” She asked.

“This is what I do, it's my job to make you happy, Alex.”

“You're my best friend, Steven.” She smiled.

“Yeah, that too. Wait, aren't you going with Cindy to the premiere?” Steven asked.

Alex closed her eyes and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “We're going in separate cars. I refuse to ride in a car with her.”

Steven laughed because he hated Cindy too. “Okay, well, I'll see you Friday morning.”

“Alright, Bye.” After hanging up, Alex walked towards Jamie and Sofia, who were both quietly talking to each other.

Jamie turned, sensing Alex behind her.

“Oh my God, Alex, you have to taste this. It's unbelievable!” Jamie said with enthusiasm. She pointed to a few dumplings that were on a plate. Alex took one, bit into it and grinned.

“You made this, Sofia?” Alex asked.

“Yes, you've had those before, Alexandra.” Sofia stated with her hands on her hips.

“I think I would have remembered these.” Alex mumbled as she chewed on her dumpling.

Sofia waved Alex away from the dumplings. “Those are for Jamie.”

Jamie laughed at both women as she popped another dumpling in her mouth. “These are fantastic.” She mumbled.

Alex sat next to Jamie and watched her as she ate. “Steven is coming tomorrow morning to pick you up and take you shopping.”

Jamie swallowed before talking again. “He's okay with doing that? I don't want to be a burden on him.”

“You're not a burden. It's really his job and he's also doing this as my friend.” Alex said.

“Where are we going?” Jamie asked.

“You and Steven are going to Rodeo drive, there's a lot of nice shops there.”

Jamie almost choked on the water she was sipping, “Rodeo drive?!”

Alex nodded, innocently, as she checked the calendar on her phone.

“You really don't have to, Alex, really.”

Alex looked up from her phone and gave Jamie the smile that she had seen countless of times on magazine covers. It was a smile that hypnotized you and would pull you in. Jamie knew that smile probably got Alex many things in her life. It was beautiful.

“I want to, Jay. Steven will find you something great to wear. Don't leave without Clarissa.” Alex said, taking one of Jamie's hands in her own. Jamie couldn't stop staring at Alex's mouth and she knew she couldn't say no.

“Okay.” Jamie whispered.



Friday morning found Jamie sleeping soundly until a loud chirping caused her to stir. She slowly opened her eyes and tried to figure out what the noise was that woke her up. The chirping continued and Jamie finally realized it was her cell phone. She managed to crawl across her bed and to her phone, which was slowly spinning in circles as it pulsated with the ringing on her night table. The brightly lit screen showed that it was Clarissa and she cleared her throat before answering.

“Hi, Clar.”

“That's all I get? Well, good morning, Jamie.” Clarissa said sarcastically.

“You woke me up, I'm tired.” Jamie whined.

“You wouldn't be so tired if your girlfriend didn't keep you up all night.”

“That's all you think about, Clar. You're always thinking about sex, and for your information, I'll have you know that she didn't sleep with me here. She dropped me off yesterday.” Jamie said.

“ Okay, I believe you, for now…and I can't stop thinking of sex because I'm not getting any. I'm a waste of air, a waste of a perfectly warm, human body. Can I have Alex? She's hot.”

Jamie shook her head slowly and couldn't stop herself from smirking at Clarissa's antics.

“You also need to wake up because we have a long day today that consists of Rodeo drive and all of it's glory. So get ready!” Clarissa stated excitedly.

“I know, I know. I'm hanging up now.” Jamie said through a yawn.

“See you in a few.” And the line went dead.

Jamie threw the phone on her pillow and forced herself up from her nice, cozy resting place. Alex had taken her home yesterday after she had gotten another call from a producer that needed her at his office. They always seemed to get interrupted by a phone call. So much had happened in the last few days and Jamie hadn't really had the time to fully process it all. As she took off her clothes in the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and stopped.

“Oh my God…I had sex with Alex.” She whispered to her reflection. She steadied herself on the bathroom counter, looking down at her hands. Her thoughts were running wild with everything that occurred between them. I don't even really know her anymore…what does this mean…the sex was great, but I don't know her. How could I be so easy? Alex probably thinks I'm easy now. I'm nobody and she's a huge…huge celebrity.

Jamie closed her eyes, willing her thoughts to slow down. She didn't want to get hurt again, not by Alex or anyone else.

“I'm good…I can do this.” Jamie nodded and finished undressing.

A few minutes later the house door opened and Clarissa stepped in announcing herself.

“Jamie, I'm here!” She heard the shower running and figured Jamie was still getting ready.

Clarissa sat down on the living room couch and glanced at her watch. “It never fails, she's always late.” She then heard the shower turn off, and jumped up from her seat. She walked down the short hall to Jamie's room and leaned against the doorway. Jamie walked out of the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel and her body wrapped snug in a larger towel. She turned to go to her closet and let out a surprised scream as she jumped, startled, when she saw Clarissa standing there just staring at her.

“What the hell, Clar!” Jamie said with her hand on her chest. Clarissa bent over, holding her stomach and couldn't stop herself from laughing.

“You jumped so high, and the look on your face was…priceless!” She said between laughter.

Jamie took the towel off of her head and threw it at Clarissa. It landed at Clarissa's feet which made her laugh even more.

“I hate you. Just because I gave you a key to my house doesn't mean you can sneak around and scare the crap out of me.” Jamie shook her head as a smile grew across her face.

“Sorry, Jamie. Won't happen again. Hurry up and get ready, I want to shop!” Clarissa said, short of breath as she walked back to the living room still laughing but trying to catch her breath.

Jamie grabbed her phone off the bed and saw that she had a text message. It was from Steven, letting her know that he was on his way. She removed the remaining towel and hurried through her closet.



Once Jamie was done getting ready she walked to her living room where Clarissa was spread out on her couch. She needed her friends opinion on what she was wearing. What did one wear when shopping in Beverly Hills?

“Hey.” Jamie said, getting Clarissa's attention.

Clarissa turned around and looked at Jamie curiously.

“What do my clothes say to you?” Jamie asked.

“They say that you're a rock star who's sleeping with a super star.” Clarissa smiled.

Jamie rolled her eyes and waved her off. “Why do I ask you these things?” Jamie asked as she sat down.

“Okay fine, you look great. You always look good. In fact, you look… sexy.” Clarissa whispered, leaning into Jamie.

“Really?” Jamie asked innocently.

“Yes, really.” Clarissa nodded just as Jamie's doorbell rang.

“That's Steven!” Jamie stood up and ran to the door. Clarissa's smile faded and she shook her head, not believing what she had told Jamie. She knew Jamie didn't notice her that way. She didn't notice the looks Clarissa would give her when she wasn't looking. They were best friends but she had always wanted more, even when she denied it. You're so stupid, Clarissa. She doesn't love you like that.

“Hey Clar, come here.” Jamie said from the doorway. Clarissa plastered a smile on her face as she walked towards the two.

Steven stood at the door next to Jamie with his hands on his hips and his eyes covered by large aviator sunglasses.

“This is Steven, and Steven this is my friend Clarissa.” Jamie introduced the two as they shook hands.

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Clarissa.”

“Likewise, Steven.”

Steven looked at both women and clasped his hands together in excitement. “Are you two ladies ready to go?”

“Yeah, we're more than ready,” Jamie saw the car that was parked in the driveway, waiting for them. “This is a nice ride you have here.” Jamie said. It was a bright red, nineteen fifties style, two door convertible. The top was down, showing off the black and red leather seats that reflected the morning suns light.

“Thanks, but it's not mine. It's Alex's baby and she wanted me to take you girls out on the town in it.” Steven said as he allowed Clarissa in the back seat. Jamie sat in the front and Steven proceeded to start the car to finally head out.

“I didn't see this car in her garage.” Jamie told Steven as they drove down the neighborhood to the main road.

“Oh yeah, that's because she usually has it covered up in the back.” Steven replied.

Clarissa leaned forward in her seat so Steven and Jamie could hear her. “Where is Alex now?”

Steven looked at her through the rearview mirror as they stopped at a red light. “She's getting ready for a few interviews today before the premiere.”

“She's a busy lady, huh?” Clarissa said, directing the comment at Jamie, then smiled.

“Yes, she is.” Jamie said smiling back at her. She was thinking about Alex and what she was doing and how she was spending her time before this evening's event. She tried not to think about the complications, if any, from their morning together, yesterday. Why should she be worried? She still loved Alex, and she knew she was a good person, beautiful, and smart. She couldn't help but feel like there might be some sort of backlash with all of this. Jamie hoped she was wrong. She wasn't a celebrity so dealing with fallout or backlash wasn't her thing. She only knew how to motivate and make people happy with themselves, that was her job.

“So, I heard Alex took you for a ride on her motorcycle. Did you like it?” Steven asked Jamie.

“I was apprehensive at first but it was actually really fun, I enjoyed it.” Jamie chuckled at herself. “I want to learn how to drive one and I'm thinking of having Alex show me.” She continued.

This surprised Clarissa, who scooted forward again. “Are you serious, Jamie? Do you know how dangerous those things are?”

Steven nodded in agreement.

Jamie turned to her friend, who's mouth was open in shock. “I know… I thought they were dangerous too, but if you know how to drive one I don't see the big deal.”

“Well what about the people that are driving around you? You know people here cannot drive.” Clarissa stated.

“No, they can't drive at all.” Steven said as he honked at another driver.

“I know that but life is short, I want to try something new.” Jamie said.

Clarissa sat back again, shaking her head. “You have officially gone crazy my friend.”

Jamie turned around and pointed to Clarissa. “You're not even wearing your seatbelt so shut it.”

Steven laughed at both women who were now arguing about which form of transportation was safest. “Okay ladies, enough of the chit chat, we're here.” He continued to park the car in front of a very upscale looking shop. Once parked they all got out of the car and followed Steven inside.

“Feel free to get whatever you want ladies, I'll be right over here.” He said, as he pointed to the back of the store where a man stood, formally dressed and very clean cut.

Clarissa leaned into Jamie. “Did he say whatever…” her sentence trailed off as she spotted a beautiful gown. Jamie turned to her friend just as Clarissa walked off towards the gown. This is going to be interesting. Jamie thought.



Cindy was sitting next to Alex during their interview with the Los Angeles based entertainment news channel. Alex's legs were crossed in front of her, pointed away from Cindy, who was a little too close for her comfort. During the interview Cindy would lightly touch Alex's hand or knee when asked a question about their on set relationship. Alex knew she had to go along with it in order to promote the movie, and she knew it was something that went with the job and status.

“So do you two read any of the tabloids that say you two are romantically involved in real life?” The interviewer asked both women.

Alex's eyebrow rose sharply at the question and she shook her head. “No, not really. I mean every once in a while you can't escape them and you get a glance of the cover but that's all.”

Cindy placed her hand on Alex's knee and laughed. “Alex and I don't read those because a lot of it is nonsense to be quite honest.”

Alex smiled, but inwardly wanted to slap Cindy's hand off her knee.

“But you two were once a couple, right?” The interviewer pushed.

“Well-” Cindy was cut off by Alex before she could finish.

“That was a very long time ago.” Alex stated, slightly annoyed. The interviewer nodded and seemed okay with the answer Alex gave to him.

“It was great having you two women here today and don't forget to check out their movie everyone. Now, speaking of couples, here's a clip of Alexandra and Cindy in ‘The Soldiers', we'll be right back.” He said, charmingly, to the camera.

The interviewer stood up as soon as the show went off-air to the clip and commercials. Alex and Cindy both stood up as well, removing their small mic's that were hidden on their clothes. The interviewer went to shake Alex's hand before she left the studio. “It was really an honor to have you here today Ms. Davenport, I know the movie will do great.”

Alex nodded with a smile as she returned the handshake. He shook Cindy's hand too but she didn't want to stick around.

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” Alex said. She was ready to get out of that studio and go off to her next interview, away from Cindy, who had a separate interview to do herself. Alex turned to walk out but felt a hand grab her arm. Cindy was walking next to her with a mischievous smile on her face.

“What do you want, Cindy?” Alex asked, fully upset now. She shrugged her arm out of Cindy's hand and motioned her bodyguards to follow her out.

“That was a good interview, wasn't it?” Cindy asked, trying to keep up with Alex's long strides.

Alex rolled her eyes and stayed silent as she continued to walk. Cindy saw that she wasn't going to say anything and feigned sadness. “Come on Alex, baby…tell me it was good for you. We were together again, like old times.”

“Get away from me, Cindy. I have nothing to say to you.” Alex whispered out harshly.

Cindy grabbed a small clear vial out of her jeans pocket and put it in front of Alex's face. “Do you want a bump before your next interview?” she asked as a large smile appeared on her face.

Alex slapped the hand away from her face. “If you don't get out of my way, Cindy, I'll have you forcefully removed.”

“I love the sassy attitude, honey. How does your new sex kitten like it? Does it make her squirm?” Cindy whispered before she walked off in the opposite direction. Alex's fists were tightly clenched at her sides and she wanted to hit something but resisted. She finally made it outside the studio and into the limo that was waiting for her. Once the door closed she was by herself inside and leaned her head back against the seat. She needed a breather because being so close to Cindy always made her feel like she was suffocating.

Alex had about ten minutes before they would arrive at her next interview and she already wanted to go home, get on her bike and feel the wind hitting her face. That was pure freedom and that's what she didn't have now. All of her interviews were routine, the same questions were always being asked and she would give the same answers. It almost felt scripted to her. This was the only part she hated when making a movie, the publicity she had to do. She loved the fans and she would always love them but she didn't enjoy the loneliness that came along with it. Alex wanted her family, but most of all, she wanted Jamie. She looked down at her phone and selected Jamie's name from her contact list. Even if they spoke for just two minutes, she would be happy.


To be continued in Part 7

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