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Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.


  Part 7

Jamie's phone rang in her pocket and she smiled at the name that showed up on the screen.

“Hi, Alex.” She answered as she tried on a pair of Stiletto's. They were the fifth pair she had tried on since entering the store.

Alex was surprised at the quick response from Jamie because the phone had only rung twice.

“Hey, how's everything going?” Alex asked.

“It's going great! I think I've officially lost Clarissa to this store.” Jamie laughed while watching Clarissa, who was posing in front of a mirror with a flashy handbag.

If Jamie could see Alex now, she would immediately notice the grin on the actress's face. “Have you found anything you like yet?” Alex asked.

Jamie looked down at the shoes she had on at the moment, nodding as she took a few steps towards the mirror in front of her. “Yes, I think I have actually.”

Alex's smile grew wider in satisfaction, “Good! I'm glad,” Alex looked out the tinted limo window and realized they had reached the next studio for her interview, “I just wanted to see how everything was going…and to say hi.” Alex hesitated on her last words, feeling somewhat like an awkward teenager.

Just as Jamie was about to reply to Alex's comment, she could hear talking in the background and paused as she could hear Alex, although muffled, talking back to them. Alex brought the phone back up to her ear as she stepped out of the limo. “Jay, I have to let you go. I just got to my next interview and I'll see you later today, okay?”

“Okay, Alex.” Jamie nodded.

The line disconnected and Jamie realized that Alex had quickly hung up. Jamie frowned a little and placed the phone back in her pocket. Steven, seemed to come out of nowhere as he walked up to her and started to circle her while staring at her shoes. “Those look fabulous on you, honey.”

“Do you think Alex will like them?” Jamie asked. She then looked up from staring at her feet to see Steven, who was staring at her with his hands on his hips.

“What?” Jamie nervously asked. Had she said something wrong?

“Are you seriously asking me that?” Steven's arms relaxed at his sides as he waiting for Jamie to reply.

“Yeah, I'm seriously asking you, Steven. You probably know her a lot better than I do now and you've been with her for a long time. I bet you know all the little things about her. So, will she like them?” Jamie asked again, this time carefully watching Steven as he continued to openly stare.

“She'll like them on you. You've got killer legs.” He stated.

Jamie slightly blushed at his comment. “Thanks. Now, what do you think of those?” She pointed to a few pieces of clothing hung up in a corner. Steven's mouth dropped at what he saw.

“Very nice, Jamie. You've got awesome taste.” He nodded his approval to her.

Jamie smiled in satisfaction, she knew what she was wearing to the premiere and that's all that mattered at the moment.




The afternoon found Alex at her home in the hills, relaxing as someone applied fresh makeup to her face, while another person worked on her hair. She was on a tight schedule and was relieved that she had finished all of the interviews she needed to do that day. Alex looked down at her watch and glanced up at the front door. She had already been home for an hour and Steven hadn't returned yet. There were a lot of people in her home walking around and all for different reasons but most were helping her to get to the premiere on time. The other few were either production crew or her personal assistants. It was safe to assume that she wasn't lacking in help.


A few minutes later as Alex was getting her hair styled, Steven walked in with Jamie and Clarissa following behind. They were each carrying large bags in each hand, which forced Steven to shut the door with his foot.

“Honey, I'm home!” Steven yelled in his best Ricky Ricardo accent.

“I'm in here!” Alex yelled back, from the family room.

As they rounded the corner, Jamie and Clarissa noticed all of the random people walking around, all doing something different. Just then, Clarissa leaned in towards Jamie and mumbled something in her ear. Jamie turned to her with a questioning look, “What?” Jamie asked.

“It's like she's running a business in here. It's like…like the mall.” Clarissa looked around at the group of people and felt a little intimidated. Before Jamie could respond, Alex had walked up to them.

“Nice to see you again, Clarissa.” Alex genuinely greeted. Clarissa smiled shyly as her inner fan girl came out.

“Your home is huge!” Clarissa didn't know what else to say and that was the only thing that came rushing out of her mouth.

Alex laughed, “I get that a lot,” and faced Jamie who was quietly checking out her surroundings, “ Did you both find what you're wearing this evening?” Jamie looked up at Alex and noticed how perfect she looked. She knew why everyone was so enthralled with Alex, and why everyone craved her attention. Alex was the epitome of beauty, but Jamie always knew that. She knew before the fans and before the celebrity status.

“Jay?” Alex interrupted her thoughts and smiled as Jamie blinked a few times. Clarissa had already answered and was looking curiously at Jamie, who hadn't spoken yet.

“Oh! Yeah, I did. The store was amazing, thank you so much, Alex.” Jamie felt flustered and couldn't stop from falling into Alex's deep blue eyes. Get a hold of yourself! Jamie mentally kicked herself. Clarissa just stood there and rolled her eyes; she knew she was a little jealous at the attention Jamie was giving Alex.

“My pleasure, Jay,” Alex called over two of her colleagues and directed them to take Jamie and Clarissa's bags, “these are two of my personal assistants and they're going to help you with anything you need to get ready.”

Clarissa immediately walked off, starting to feel like the third wheel in the group. She followed one of the assistants who lead her away so she could get ready. Before Jamie could follow, Alex grabbed her hand. Jamie looked up at Alex, expecting her to say something. Instead, still holding Jamie's hand, Alex led her to the kitchen, which was currently clear of anyone. Jamie wasn't sure why Alex was taking her to the kitchen, but all of her confusion went away as Alex gently pushed her against the counter and latched onto her lips. Jamie was taken by surprise as Alex's lips softly brushed against her own and she melted into the feeling. Alex's fingers ran through Jamie's hair as the kiss slowly deepened. She could taste the lipstick on Alex's mouth as it rubbed off onto her own lips. Nothing about the kiss was forced or rushed, just pure passion as Alex pulled Jamie closer to her. Jamie's hand caressed Alex's face, her tongue slowly tasting the depths of Alex's mouth. She wasn't sure if it was a minute or ten minutes later as Alex pulled away and looked into her eyes.

“I've been wanting to do that all day.” Alex whispered, slightly out of breath.

Jamie's lips tingled as she smiled at Alex's statement. They were both still pressed against each other, leaning on the counter.

“The kitchen seemed like the best place to do it?” Jamie asked, laughing.

“It was the only place I could think of at that particular moment.” Alex said, smiling back at Jamie. She then looked down at Jamie's lips, which were now smeared with her lipstick.

“That's a great color on you.” Alex said, trying to hold back her laughter.

Jamie rubbed her mouth with her hand, “It's all over me isn't it,” Some of the lipstick now smeared on her hand, “this is your fault you know.” Alex swatted Jamie's hand away and helped her take off some of the color with a napkin.

“I didn't hear you complaining.” A sexy grin appeared on Alex's face. Jamie laughed and let Alex remove the lipstick for her. “There, all done.” Alex said.

“You're not, give me that.” Jamie said as she took the napkin from Alex's hand and started to wipe Alex's lips that were smeared with the left over lipstick. Jamie smirked, shaking her head as she wiped.

“You're enjoying this, aren't you?” Alex asked.

“Maybe just a little bit. I guess you're going to have to get your make-up applied again.” Jamie was able to get most of the color off, but anyone could tell why Alex's lips now looked a pale pink.

“All done.” Jamie said, mimicking Alex's response only a minute ago. They were still against the counter and hadn't moved away from each other.

“I should probably go and get ready now.” Jamie whispered, but failed to move away.

Alex nodded but also didn't move away from the warmth that was emitting between the two of them.

Jamie couldn't help herself as she slowly moved in for one more kiss. It was the most soft and loving kiss; she knew she could do this all day with Alex, but she also knew that she needed to stop. She needed to slow down especially since they had plans for the evening, and she also wanted to have more control over the situation between her and Alex. Then again she was enjoying Alex's tenderness and spontaneity.

Jamie pulled away and looked up at Alex, finding Alex's blue eyes already fixed on her own. Alex caressed Jamie's face once more, and soon after backed away too.

“You. Are. Beautiful, Jay.” Alex whispered, putting emphasis on each word. She wanted to make sure Jamie knew how much she cared for her, and how much she wanted her around. Then, without waiting for a reply Alex turned and walked back to the family room to finish getting prepared for the event.


Jamie's eyes followed Alex as she disappeared around the corner, “So are you,” Jamie whispered to the empty kitchen. She finally broke out of her foggy state of mind because she needed to find Clarissa. Jamie turned, and walked in the direction she saw her friend go in. She walked quickly down a corridor and heard talking coming from a room ahead. When she entered the room she saw Clarissa sitting down having her hair and makeup done.

“There you are!” Clarissa yelled.

“Sorry, I needed to talk to Alex about something.” Jamie stated. She was trying not to sound too embarrassed.

“They've been waiting for you.” Clarissa pointed to Alex's assistants who had neatly splayed Jamie's attire on one of the couches in the room.

Jamie went over to where the assistants stood, both looking at their cell phones.

“I'm so sorry you had to wait, but I'm ready when you guys are.” Jamie said.

They both looked up at Jamie and smiled knowingly. It wasn't any of their business but they knew Alex was dating her; they knew she was just another girl on the side. It was a shame because she seemed so kind and genuine.

“No worries, lets get you set up.” One of the assistants said as they guided Jamie to her dress.




While Jamie and Clarissa were getting ready for the evening, Alex was getting her makeup re-applied. Steven walked up to Alex's chair with his hands resting on his hips as Alex slightly turned to look at him, and smiled at the expression of annoyance he had on his face.

Her make-up person walked away as she finished up on Alex's lipstick to leave the two friends alone.

“What's going on, Steven?” Alex asked.

“Max is late. I flew him down from New York to be our driver tonight, and he's not here yet.” Steven replied, waiting for Alex's outburst.

However, instead of getting upset Alex crossed her arms over her chest, the situation puzzling her. “Really? That never happens, he's always on time for all of my events. Have you called him?”

Steven nodded, “I've called him three times and left a message each time; I have no clue where he is.”

“Don't get upset, Steven. Can you just find me another driver just in case Max doesn't show up? I'll have to talk with him afterwards and find out what's going on. This isn't like him.” Alex said.

“You're telling me.” Steven said as he rolled his eyes.




“So you're driving Alex and her special friend to the premiere, right?” Cindy asked Max as they both sat at the bar in her home.

“Yes, I'll be the one driving them.” Max replied, glancing at Cindy as he downed a shot of hard liquor.

Cindy rolled her eyes in disgust just thinking about Alex's new girlfriend; She really wanted her gone. She wanted her out of Alex's life because Alex deserved better. Cindy was Alex's true date to the premiere, and she wanted everyone to know it.

“After this whole thing is over tonight I want you to be my driver to take me home. I'll pretend that my driver isn't available and surely Alex will let me ride with her. Then, I'm sure at that point the paparazzi will be onto us and we'll be all over the magazines seen leaving with each other.” Cindy laughed at her plan and also took a quick shot, slamming it down next to Max.

Max looked at Cindy, his eyes glassy from the alcohol as he smiled back at her. He looked down at his cell phone, which had a few missed calls from Steven, and decided it was time for him to leave. Max slowly stood up, swaying just a little bit as he jumped off of the bar stool.

“Careful cowboy, I'd like Alex to get there unharmed.” Cindy said, with a smirk on her face.

“I'm fine, I need to go...Alex's place. They're going to be so pissed that I haven't answered.” Max replied.

“Leave then, Max.” Cindy said as she waved him off. She stood up as the door closed behind Max, and walked over to a cabinet by the bar. Inside of the cabinet were small vials of white powder; this was something Cindy couldn't live without, she wouldn't. Grabbing two of them, she placed them gently between the fabric of her gown and her breasts. As she closed the cabinet a smile grew on her face. The night was going to be fantastic.



Half an hour later Jamie walked out of the dressing room she was in and slowly walked towards the family room. Her hair was pulled up elegantly, and the makeup made Jamie look flawless. As she continued to walk down the hall, her dress dragged behind her; slowly flowing with each step that she took. Once she made her way to the crowded family room, she stopped to look for Alex, not seeing her in the crowd of people.

“Hey beautiful.” Alex whispered as she stood behind Jamie.

Jamie turned around, surprised at how close the voice was.

“Alex,” Jamie breathed out. She smiled and took in the woman standing in front of her. Alex was wearing a strapless black gown that had two slits on each side that came all the way up to her hips, “I was just looking for you.” Jamie finished.

Alex smiled as she put her hand on her hips, “Looks like I found you first, Jay,” She couldn't stop staring at what Jamie was wearing, “I'm sorry, I just want to say that you look stunning.” Alex said, noticing how Jamie blushed at her comment.

Jamie could feel her face getting warm at Alex's compliment and for a second she felt like that shy teenager at the party all those years ago.

“Thank you, but I think you should take a look at yourself because you were made for that dress.” Jamie said as she gestured to the high slits on each side.

Alex scrunched up her face a little, shaking her head, “You know I'm not really into all of this; it's all for show. If I could wear a t-shirt with a nice pair of ripped up jeans I would.”

Jamie laughed, remembering how much Alex hated dressing up when they were both teens. Alex would sometimes steal the clothes out of her brother's closet and wear them out; they were around the same size at the time, so she fit them perfectly.

Steven walked up to both women as he looked down at his watch, “Max is outside waiting. We should probably leave now.”

“Okay,” Alex looked down at Jamie, “Is Clarissa ready?” she asked.

Jamie nodded, looking around, “Yeah, she should be around here somewhere. She was done before I was.”

“I'll go look for her and you two should probably go to the car, we're already running late.” Steven said, walking off to look for Clarissa.

“I'm sorry Alex. Are you sure you don't want to go ahead without us?” Jamie asked. She didn't know that Alex was running late for tonight's event and she felt like they were being a burden.

“No, come on. I've been late before.” Alex lied so Jamie wouldn't feel bad. Truthfully it was Max's fault that they were all running behind and she would deal with that later. Alex took Jamie's hand and they both walked out into the courtyard where Max stood waiting for them outside of the car.

Max saw both women walking towards him and smiled at both as he opened the back door for them. Alex let Jamie inside first and stood outside the door looking at Max. She noticed that his face was a little flushed and his eyes were somewhat glassy, “Are you okay, Max?” Alex asked, concerned.

“Yeah, I haven't been feeling too well for a while. I'm sorry I didn't answer Steven's calls but I was a little out of it; I feel better though.” Max said, trying to smile sincerely.

Alex continued to stand there looking him over. Something was off about his explanation that he gave her, but before she could ask any further questions Steven came out with Clarissa who had a margarita in her hand.

“I found her by the drinks.” Steven said rolling his eyes.

Clarissa giggled and bent down to look into the dark interior of the car, waving at Jamie who was sitting quietly inside.

“Sorry guys, I saw that table in there filled with drinks and I couldn't resist.” Clarissa said.

Alex moved to the side to let Clarissa in, and she followed behind her with Steven being the last to get in. Max shut the door behind them and ran around to the driver side. He knew where they needed to go and hoped that he could get there with no problems.

Inside the car Alex leaned towards Steven, “Something's up with Max.” She softly spoke.

Steven looked at her confused, “What do you mean?” he asked.

“He has this odd look on his face.” She whispered.

Steven was about to comment but was interrupted as the car jolted hard to a stop. They all braced themselves against the seats in front of them as they tried to stop their forward motion.

“What the hell, Max!” Alex yelled. Max immediately turned his head trying to apologize.

“I'm sorry! The light turned red-” He started to say, but Alex didn't let him finish.

“I know we're late, Max, but you don't have to speed to get us there.” She said.

Max nodded and started to drive again once the light changed, heading towards Sunset Boulevard.

Alex looked at Jamie and Clarissa who hadn't spoken since they got into the car.

“Sorry about that.” Alex said to both women. She then turned to Steven who still had his hand on his chest.

“You okay?” She asked him.

“Yeah, just a little surprised.” Steven replied.




Thankfully a few minutes later they had made it to the premiere without any more incidents. The red carpet was teaming with celebrities and their entourage, while on the sidelines stood the reporters and photographers trying to get interviews with any celebrity they could. On the other side, standing behind a red rope were the fans. They were screaming with excitement and taking pictures of their own.

Max quickly walked around the car to open the door for his passengers. He had parked right in front of where the red carpet began, and two bodyguards automatically stood at attention on the opposite side of Max. He opened the door and stood there, bracing himself for the craziness he knew was about to come. Steven stepped out first and turned to help Alex out. Once Alex fully stood up, the crowd went crazy. Lights were flashing everywhere as they all tried to get Alex's attention. She looked around at the crowd, smiling at them as she waved.

Alex turned around to see Steven helping Jamie and Clarissa out of the car. At the same time she saw the one person she was dreading to see tonight walking towards her.

Cindy openly checked Alex out, licking her lips as she did so. She walked up to Alex and gave her a hug. Alex awkwardly hugged her back knowing she needed to put on this show for the crowd. Before letting go, Cindy couldn't help herself and whispered into Alex's ear, “You look so sexy tonight.”

Alex quickly backed away and gave Cindy an icy stare. Cindy laughed at Alex's response to her comment, and then arrogantly walked over towards Steven who was standing with Jamie and Clarissa. Alex followed behind her; she didn't want any problems, not tonight.

Jamie saw both women walking towards them. Cindy had a smile on her face, and Alex looked like she wanted to kill someone. Cindy walked up to Jamie and Clarissa, completely ignoring Steven who just rolled his eyes at her.

“Hello ladies, this must be very overwhelming for you two. It's too bad Alex has to make the rounds with me,” She looked directly at Jamie, who seemed a little shocked. “You don't mind while I take her with me, do you?” Cindy asked. Before Jamie could speak Alex had been pulled away by an assistant to talk to a reporter. Alex kept looking back trying to get Cindy's attention but the crowd was too loud.

“Oh, you look surprised. She didn't tell you I was her date for the night?” Cindy continued.

“Why don't you go and talk to a reporter somewhere, Cindy.” Steven said. He was getting annoyed at her presence and the way she had approached them.

Cindy rolled her eyes to look at Steven, “You're right, I have to go catch up to Alex. It was nice seeing you two.” Cindy said with false kindness as she walked away.

“That was weird. Did Alex tell you that she already had a date for tonight?” Clarissa asked Jamie.

Jamie continued to stare on at Alex who was currently talking very animatedly to a reporter with Cindy at her side. Every other second or so, Cindy's hand would travel to Alex's back.

“Hey, Jamie.” Clarissa nudged.

Jamie shook her head. “No, she didn't tell me. I thought we were going together.” She said softly.

Clarissa turned to look at Steven who was currently on his Blackberry.

“Hey you!” Clarissa yelled. Steven stopped what he was doing and looked up at her.

“That Cindy chick is Alex's date tonight?” Clarissa asked.

“Well, not a date like you might think, but they were supposed to be with each other during the premiere.” Steven said, gesturing towards the crowd.

“Why didn't Alex tell me?” Jamie asked.

“She was going to, I assume, but these things always get her hyped up and she forgets things.” Steven replied.

Jamie felt as if she had wasted time picking out clothes that Alex would like on her. She felt like a third wheel now that Cindy was in the picture. She remembered when Cindy visited Alex's house uninvited and how she had touched Alex's face. Cindy was beautiful, but something was just a little off about her.

“She doesn't seem very nice.” Clarissa commented.

“She's a bitch, believe me. Come on girls, enough of her! Lets walk the carpet.” Steven said as he led them towards Alex and Cindy, who were still talking to reporters and taking pictures with fans.

“Come on, you'll be my date, Jamie.” Clarissa smiled as she held her hand out for Jamie to take.

Jamie smiled back slightly and took the offered hand. “Thanks, Clar.” She said, as they both slowly walked behind Steven.

What had she expected, that her and Alex would walk down the carpet hand in hand as a couple? She knew that wasn't going to happen, but at least it would have been nice for Alex to warn her about Cindy. Jamie mentally laughed at herself.

Clarissa watched Jamie as they strolled behind Steven hand in hand. She thought Jamie looked beautiful and for Alex to pass her up for Cindy seemed crazy. She noticed Jamie quietly contemplating Alex and Cindy so she gave Jamie's hand a little squeeze to reassure her. Jamie looked at Clarissa and squeezed back, letting her know she was okay.

The trio stood off to the side waiting for Alex who was being stopped every minute by reporters or paparazzi. To Jamie this was all a very huge experience, and Cindy was right, she was a little intimidated by everything. They were more than halfway down the carpet when Alex turned to look for Jamie. She was so involved with promoting the movie that she forgot to check back in with Jamie.

Alex knew she needed to talk to Jamie about the Cindy situation and only hoped she had time to explain. She found Jamie a few feet off to her side holding hands with Clarissa, who at that moment met her gaze. Clarissa didn't smile at her and only continued to stare her straight in the eyes as she pulled Jamie to her a little closer. Alex knew at that moment that she was no longer on Clarissa's good side. Just then Jamie looked up at Alex who was not paying attention to the questions being thrown at her because she was too busy staring at Clarissa. Jamie knew the look on Alex's face; it was the look she gave when she was about to give a piece of her mind. Jamie then looked at Clarissa, and saw the same look mirrored on her face.

“Hey, what's wrong?” Jamie asked.

Clarissa turned to Jamie, her eyebrow raised in question.

“What's going on?” Jamie asked again.

“Nothing actually. Why?” Clarissa said as she tried to sound believable.

“I just saw Alex giving you a look that I know too well, and you were giving one back. Please don't start anything tonight, Clar.” Jamie pleaded.

Clarissa just shook her head as she let go of Jamie's hand and walked away towards Steven. Jamie stood there with her mouth hanging open in shock. She had no clue what just happened and the only thing she knew was that she was on her own tonight.

Alex noticed the exchange between Jamie and Clarissa and decided that she needed to finally just talk to Jamie who was currently standing alone.

“Excuse me.” Alex told the reporter as she turned to walk away.

“Hey! Where are you going?” Cindy yelled after her.




Alex walked up next to Jamie, putting her hand on Jamie's lower back. “Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, I'm good. I just had a minor disagreement with Clar, but that's all.” Jamie looked down at her hands, feeling somewhat insecure with herself.

“Hey, I'm sorry if Cindy told you anything rude.” Alex said. Jamie laughed a little and shook her head. “She just told me that she was your date for the night.” Jamie replied.

“God, no, I mean, I was going to tell you that they wanted me to appear with her here but that's all it is. It's not a date, Jay. I'm sorry I didn't tell you in the car but sometimes I get so caught up in the moment that-” Jamie stopped Alex.

“It's okay, Alex. You don't owe me any explanations.” Jamie said as Alex took both her hands in her own.

“No, I do. You aren't used to all of this and I really just want to do things right with you. You are my date tonight, Jay, only you. Okay?” Alex said.

Jamie smiled up at Alex and nodded, “Okay.”

Alex smiled back and leaned in to give Jamie a kiss. Just as their lips met, hundreds of flashes from all of the cameras were lighting the couple up. Alex pulled away slightly and looked down at Jamie.

“Are you ready to go inside?” Alex asked.

“I'm so ready to go inside.” Jamie replied back. As they held hands, Alex led the way down the rest of the red carpet to the awaiting building as she gave a few more waves to everyone before going inside. It was much more quiet inside of the building away from the crowd, and Jamie let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. She noticed Clarissa and Steven walking ahead of them further into the room towards the theater itself.

Everyone was inside, the director, producers, cast and crew. Jamie recognized many faces from other movies she had watched and was definitely star-struck. Alex had her arm around Jamie's waist as they walked into the elegant theater. The seats were assigned for individual parties that were attending and Alex led them to their seats, which were near Steven and Clarissa.

“Is it just me or does the walk down the red carpet always seem to get longer?” Steven asked Alex.

Alex looked at Steven and smiled, “I think it's just you.” She said.

Clarissa was sitting down next to Steven and had yet to speak. She was still upset at Jamie and also jealous of Alex's hold on her. She wanted desperately to leave, but didn't want to be rude or cause any trouble.


A few minutes later as the lights dimmed down, an older man walked up to the front of the room to announce the movie. After he stepped down, the lights fully faded and the night had officially begun.



Two hours later they had all left the building, once again walking down the red carpet but this time to go home.

“That was so inspiring, Alex. You did such a fantastic performance.” Jamie said as she looked up at Alex.

“Thanks, Jay. That really means a lot to me.” Alex said. It meant the world what Jamie thought of the movie, and every once in a while during the movie she would glance at Jamie to try and catch her reactions to certain scenes.

“I think you might get another Oscar for this one.” Steven stated.

Alex laughed as she rubbed small circles up and down Jamie's back.

“I'm serious, Alex.” Steven said as he playfully slapped Alex's arm.

“Hey, I know you're serious.” Alex replied.

“God, you're way too humble sometimes. The only scene I hated was every scene with Cindy in it. If people only knew how crazy she is.” Steven said as they continued to walk to their car.

“Speak of the devil herself.” Alex stated, aggravated, under her breath. Cindy was standing next to Max with an uptight look on her face.

“I need a ride.” Cindy stated.

“What happened to your ride, Cindy?” Alex asked.

“Oh, you know how they leave sometimes, or just show up late.” Cindy said as she glanced at Max.

“Go find your own ride and leave.” Alex said as she walked up to Cindy and pushed her to the side. Alex opened the door and allowed Jamie in first, completely ignoring Cindy who was now yelling at her.

“You are so rude, Alexandra! If I need a ride home you're going to give it to me! Max, let me in there!” Cindy yelled as Max closed the door behind Steven who was the last to get in.

“I'm sorry, Cindy, I can't do that.” Max said as he walked around to the driver side.

“What?” Cindy followed closely behind Max, “We had a plan, Max. What the fuck are you doing?” Cindy now whispered.

Max looked down at her, “Alex said no, that means I have to say no too. It didn't happen like you planned, so you have to go.” He went to open his door but Cindy grabbed him. Just then, the back window slid down revealing Alex who looked pissed.

“Let go of my driver, Cindy.” Alex said, her voice low and calm.

Cindy turned to Alex and glared at her as she let go of Max.

“You don't know anything at all, Alex. Leave, go have fun with the blond.” Cindy said. She then walked around the front of the car, glaring at Max, and then walked away. Max finally sat down inside and knew he was going to hear it from Cindy later. He knew he didn't have to do anything she said but she was paying him to get closer to Alex. The extra money was all he needed to support his family. Max liked to drink a little too much recently but he wouldn't admit he had a problem. Just because he spent his money on liquor most of the time didn't mean he had a problem, Cindy knew that, so Max was like puddy in her hands.



The ride home was quiet. They were on their way to drop off Clarissa who had only spoken a few words to any of them. She didn't want to stay at Alex's house, even though Alex insisted she had more than enough space for her. As they pulled up in front of Clarissa's place Jamie grabbed her hand. “We'll talk later?” Jamie asked.

“Yeah.” Clarissa nodded and closed the car door behind her.

As they drove away, Alex took Jamie's hand, “How do you feel?”

“Tired, I just want to knock out.” Jamie said, as she yawned.

“You mean you're not hungry?” Alex asked.

“I'd rather sleep now than eat.” Jamie replied.

“Okay, then we'll sleep.” Alex softly replied as Jamie rested her head on her shoulder.



Once at Alex's home, Steven walked down the hall to the room he considered his whenever he stayed over. “Night ladies.” He said as he walked off.

Alex took Jamie's hand and led her upstairs to her own room. She closed the door behind them and dimmed the lights.

“Let me help you with this.” Alex said as she went to unzip Jamie's gown.

“Thanks.” Jamie said, kicking off her heels.

After unzipping Jamie, Alex removed her own gown to reveal a laced bra and a skin colored thong. Jamie stared on after her as Alex walked to the bathroom to wash her face. Alex was oblivious to Jamie's gaze as she continued to wash up. Jamie dropped her gown on the floor next to Alex's and took a running leap onto the very large bed.

Alex caught Jamie's leap and couldn't help from laughing.

“You saw that.” Jamie stated, a little embarrassed at herself for being caught.

“Uh, yeah, I did.” Alex said, smiling at Jamie's antics. She walked around to the other side of the bed and also jumped up onto it.

“Nice underwear.” Jamie said, giggling.

Alex looked down at herself and then proceeded to removed her bra and thong.

“Thanks, but I can't sleep in those,” Alex then lifted the comforter and slid underneath, “Are you going to sleep above the sheets, Jay?” Alex asked.

“No, I'm not.” Jamie said. She lifted her side of the comforter and slid underneath them too.

“This is really nice.” Jamie sighed.

“It would be a lot nicer if you took off your bra. I mean, nice for you.” Alex said smiling.

Jamie looked at Alex for a second, then, sat up to take off her own bra. When she laid back again, she turned her body to face Alex. “You're right, this is nice.” She said.

Alex smiled and continued to stare at Jamie who was staring back. Alex scooted closer to Jamie and allowed her hand to roam up Jamie's side. Jamie took in a quick breath and closed her eyes. Alex leaned in and softly kissed Jamie's lips just as their breasts touched as well. Jamie pulled Alex closer to her so that their bodies were fully touching. Alex let out a low moan at the feeling of warmth that was coming from Jamie's skin. They continued to kiss, slowly, enjoying the feel of their lips and tongues caressing. Alex lifted herself up and straddled Jamie's waist while she trailed kisses down Jamie's neck.

They continued to taste each other and knew it wouldn't go any further tonight. They were both too tired and just wanted to be close to one another. Jamie ran her hands down Alex's back, pulling her down, wanting to feel more of Alex's heat against her. When she did, she let out a soft moan that didn't go unnoticed by Alex. Alex pulled back smiling, “We should probably stop now.” She said.

“I think so too.” Jamie whispered, slightly out of breath.

Alex rolled off of Jamie and rested her head on her pillow. “Come here.” Alex said.

Jamie smiled and laid her head on Alex's shoulder. It only took a few seconds for Jamie to fall asleep. Alex heard her breathing slowly even out and knew that Jamie wouldn't wake up for anything at all. Alex's thoughts started to spin in her head; she knew she loved Jamie, and she wanted to do everything right to make her happy and comfortable. Her own life was a long, crazy rollercoaster ride, and Alex knew she would do anything to protect Jamie from any backlash. With those thoughts in her head, Alex drifted off to sleep as she held Jamie close to her.

To be continued in Part 8

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