In the Garden with Ella




Bleu Gato


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A LITTLE GIRL, between three and four years old, giggles her way thru the colorful arrangement of fragrant, blooming bushes. She is being followed closely by her NANNY and this had all the signs of sport. The LITTLE GIRL constantly avoids the outstretched arms that keep missing her, feeding further merriment. Laughing and screaming, the LITTLE GIRL has fun; the same applies to the NANNY.

Watching the LITTLE GIRL and NANNY play out there, on the edge of the rose garden, is a well-dressed MAN. There is a sense that he is not alone in the center; someone is there with him, keeping him company.

The wrought-iron gazebo that frames the MAN is covered with climbing plants. Cement floor gives birth to the wide walkway extending towards the NANNY and the LITTLE GIRL. In fact, there are no dirt paths anywhere in sight; everything is accessible.

MAN, speaking to someone behind him while observing action ahead, affectionately


Ella sweetheart, do you know what today is? Out sixth anniversary: we had our first date here. I dropped the teapot, ate the words, and the cookies … best not mention the poor, unfortunate cookies. You laughed it all away and told me you had a great time.


MAN, his eyes catching LITTLE GIRL'S, happy


Cora has your joy.

Cora waves to him and the MAN waves back a smile. It fades when the tyke's attention turns elsewhere, intent on her ongoing game with the NANNY.

Silence falls and brings with it related, more painful memories.

The MAN face turns somber, his gaze shifting to the past; his eyes remember instead of seeing.

MAN, sadly


So stupid, looking back now: arguing over nothing. Angry shouts ricocheting in the too-small space, the surprise of oncoming lights, and then nothing.


MAN, bitterly


She is over, doctors said. Find someone more suitable, pushed the parents and relatives. Dump her, advised friends. Move on, advised the society.

The MAN takes a moment to gather self and after another glance at Cora, the sun breaks thru the clouds again.


Instead, we married. We did all the things they said we could not do.

He turns around, revealing a quadriplegic, pregnant woman. Ella reclines limply in adjustable bed, having a great view of her daughter and husband. Numerous instruments are discretely hiding about, leaving little trace for their presence except for the sensors on her body; twin tubes sneak into each nostril.

Unlike most of its kind, the bed is low to the ground. Few steps back, a DOCTOR attends, monitoring the patient diligently.

Ella blinks three times, holding each movement for heartbeat longer than functionally necessary - their signal for “I love you”.

MAN, kneeling and kissing the bulging belly, while looking at his wife, lovingly


We became a family.




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