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What if you had a prophetic dream? Tomorrow, you are going to find love but there is a catch. There always is with those things.

Christmas 2011


How do you protect legacy?

The Girl Who Waited on Stars

When the star falls, where does it land? One among many above, all alone below - it's a cruel fate.

The Hole in the Yard

Obsession is not good for the soul; or neighbors; or bystanders. Seriously, get professional help.

Xena has a plan. Bring out the mistletoe!

Idiot Proof

It is a brave new world, one of comfort and convenience, although a bit overrun with advertising. Welcome to Life with Lenny.

In the Garden with Ella

Courage is born of love.


Yesterday was the beginning, tomorrow will be the end, but todays stretch endlessly with my best friend.

The Last Ray of a Dying Sun

The status quo is a fragile thing. One careless breath, one wrong step, one reckless deed, and the dominoes fall.

Maude and Francine

Love Prevails

The Place Where All our Worries Vanish

Place your faith in Her.

Rainbow of Tiny Souls

Nothing burns brighter than hope.

Remote Control

Teaching is more than passing facts or skills.


Not knowing when it matters most.

Xena Episode Series

Sins of the Past

I am rewriting the series from the beginning. In tone and style, plus cannon it is close to the original but fixes important stuff. Fifteen episodes followed by a summer break and then the other half starting in Aug. 30 episodes every year until the tale is told. All stories have a beginning. Xena has to face the past and decide on the future. Gabrielle runs away from home and makes a stand. For in the fire of challenge we are born.

My Friend Part 1

The second episode of first season is out, covering their first days together. It picks up in the morning following where Sins of the Past ended. Xena and Gabrielle stage a daring jail rescue. There is barding while impaired and another Xena enters stage left. Plus eating virgins (not what you think).

My Friend Part 2

Xena Warrior Princess Episode 3. Trouble has company. Lots and lots of it. Just the way they like it.

Chariots of War: Episode 4

What is power? One person makes a choice and another has it made for them.

Dreamworker: Episode 5

Brides and sweet kisses. Darkness and pain. Such is the way of the world.

Cradle of Hope: Episode 6

Prophecy, murder, and a baby, oh my! Autolycus in guest appearance.

Titan: Episode 7

Everything passes, memory remains. How will you be remembered?

The Path Not Taken: Episode 8

Tracus, the Las Vegas of Greece. Will it burn like Sodom and Gomorrah or stand the test of time? Place your bets!

The Path Not Taken 2: Episode 9

The bill comes due and Gabrielle makes her last stand.

The Reckoning: Episode 10

Ares brings the wrath of God on insolent mortal. Someone is in for a really bad day.

Tears: Episode 11

How far would you go to save the one you love beyond all life? Xena and Hercules play the deadliest game.

The Black Wolf: Episode 12

Regret and remorse. Hatred and vengeance. Judgment cometh for all.

Royal Academy of Bards Part 1: Episode 13

My sweetest daughter, mother loves you.

Royal Academy of Bards Part 2: Episode 14

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts: Episode 15

Ever heard of a Trojan horse? The Trojans sure wish they did.

The Ties that Bind Part 1: Episode 16

Joyous is the family reunion. Or is it?

The Ties that Bind Part 2: Episode 17

Thorns: Episode 18

Life goes on and there are plenty of warlords to go around. This one likes them young and ... now that would be telling, wouldn't it?

The Day My Hero Died: Episode 19

The road comes to an end and Prometheus' prophecy comes true.

The Day My Hero Died Part 2: Episode 20

Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here obedient to their laws we lie.

This Child of Mine: Episode 21

Gabrielle returns to Potidaea alone, seeking her daughter. She then continues to Amphipolis and begins the healing there. This is the quiet after Thermopylae; this is the time of renewal.

The Greater Good: Episode 22

Callisto makes the most of her first appearance and a lone soul damned and tormented by the Gods wanders the land.

Lyceus and the Old One: Episode 23

Lyceus and the Great Caper: Episode 24

Xena and Lyceus plot and scheme a candy heist - Autolycus could learn a thing or two from them. Their plan brings them closer to their mother, Cyrene, and it is a double edged sword. We get a deeper look at the woman who shaped Xena into the hero she is becoming.

Lyceus and the Myths: Episode 25

The heroes of old come alive in Xena and Lyceus. Brave warriors do good and evil doers get theirs in spades. Despite strenuous objections from Xena, a "mushy mush" romance sneaks in - can't win them all.

Lyceus and the Dusk: Episode 26

The twilight of childhood is here. The naiveté and innocence of youth are fading yet hope shines brightly. Xena and Lyceus' bond is tested and renewed, and sparks flare in the teenage hearts.

I, Legend: Episode 27

The story of Xena and Lyceus' childhood concludes. The tale starts sweet and grows darker. We have the courtship and first kiss, and the future teases with possibilities of many more firsts to follow. Then it all turns to ash and warlord Xena emerges from the ruins. A legend is born..

Our Home: Episode 28

Amphipolis, the hometown that turned out Xena welcomes her with open arms. Cyrene, her mother, is a different story. A wedding and a funeral balance the scales.

Callisto: Episode 29

Xena looked in the eyes of twelve year old Callisto and rejoiced at the hatred directed at her. Eight years later, her creation comes after Gabrielle. When you create monsters, people get eaten.

Is There a Doctor in the House: Episode 30

One year removed from the villain, Xena makes a stand in Thessaly. Gone is the doubt, replaced with conviction. This is her moment and this is her fight. Battle on, Xena. The last, thirtieth episode of the first season is out. Don't be sad; expect a gift on Dec 24th and there is the second season to look forward to in 2012.

Remember Nothing: Episode 31

What if you could go back into the past and change it, starting a cascade of events? Could you live with the changes and accept the results? Xena is about to find out.

Remember Nothing 2: Episode 32

The day after finds Xena inching closer to a choice that will determine her life; we have our answer at the end. And a bit more of the alternative past is revealed.

Remember Nothing 3: Episode 33

I died for faith, I died for love, and now I die for you, Gabrielle. Goodbye, dearest Hope.

Losing Hope: Episode 34

Xena's thread is unraveling and her life hangs in the balance. Gabrielle's love and medical knowledge are not enough. Is this the end? Trust and believe.

Destiny: Episode 35

The world is young Xena's oyster. Then Caesar offers her Rome. Can life get any better? Remember, we shape our destiny, for good or bad. Xena sure does.

Destiny 2: Episode 36

We sow the seeds of our own destruction. Looking back, it seems so clear; in the moment, nothing is. A classic Greek tragedy is born.

The Giant Killer: Episode 37

We sow the seeds of our own destruction. Looking back, it seems so clear; in the moment, nothing is. A classic Greek tragedy is born.

Return to Callisto: Episode 38

Xena stole her family, childhood, and innocence. Ares made her a woman and a complete warrior. Morpheus gave her hope and then cruelly took it away. Yet Callisto is not a victim; given free will, she chose. Well or poorly, we all do.

Red Solstice: Episode 39

A Solstice Carol retold. Santa Xena is making a list and checking it twice. Have you been naughty or nice?

Hooves and Feathers 1: Episode 40

The Amazon nation is gearing for war, starting with Centaurs and then the rest of Greece. Xena and Gabrielle are selling peace but will there be any buyers? Love is about to get tough.

Hooves and Feathers 2: Episode 41

Terreis is the violent past and Melosa stands in the way of peace. Like daughter, like mother, or is there a different path? The future of the Amazons is decided.

Orphan of War: Episode 42

The lie of the Centaurs plays into Ares' hands. Trouble is: Gabrielle visits. She and truth have this thing going and woe to any ear that lands near her mouth.

Ten Little Warlords: Episode 43

It's Xena and Ares reunion tour. There are warlords, accidents, and fun. Sometimes all three.

Intimate Strangers: Episode 44

Xena and Callisto settle an old score and Warrior Princess goes to Elysian Fields. Mourn the loss of the beloved one, but remember that the dead hear our thoughts.

The Price: Episode 45

Midseason's summer of action tradition continues; Horde's siege of Athenian outpost brings Xena and Gabrielle's involvement. The fate of the soldiers and their families rests in the hands of the heroines. Who pays?

A Necessary Evil: Episode 46

When slave revolt crosses the line, Xena and Gabrielle step in. It is not perfect justice, but Ancient Greece is an imperfect world.

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Episode 47

The man no one believed in. The fool dismissed by all. A wretch coasting thru life. In a fight for his life, Joxer finds the buried truth.

The Quest: Episode 48

Leaving the troubled home waters, Xena takes to the endless steppes of Asia. Trouble follows.

Debt: Episode 49

Leaving the troubled home waters, Xena takes to the endless steppes of Asia. Trouble follows.

Altared States: Episode 50

Welcome to the hero's life, Solan. Like Gabrielle found to her sorrow, it takes everything and gives back little.

The Battle of Red Cliffs: Episode 51

To understand the Ancient Chinese, hear their stories. The bard spins the tales and becomes them.

Buffy the Vampire

Episode 1: Welcome to Hellmouth

The Slayer arrives in town and finds the Hellmouth open for business.

Episode 2: The Harvest

Three thousand years of Sunnydale history pass in the blink of an eye. Round two of Luke versus Buffy results in extreme interior redecoration. And Willow makes a choice.

Episode 3: The Witch

We fear what we don't understand. We destroy that which is different. Buffy, Xander, and Willow make amends for the wrongs of the past. Giles repeats his mistakes, trapped in what was. And a new witch is born.

Episode 4: The Witch 2

For a town with supposedly no witches, Sunnydale is brimming with cauldrony badness. Or is that goodness?

Episode 5: Teacher's Pet

For a town with supposedly no witches, Sunnydale is brimming with cauldrony badness. Or is that goodness?

Episode 6: Teacher's Pet 2

For a town with supposedly no witches, Sunnydale is brimming with cauldrony badness. Or is that goodness?

Episode 7: Teacher's Pet 3

Do the dreams end when we awaken? Do they start when we fall asleep? Or do they go as we do?

Episode 8: I, Master ... You Bard

Do you want to play a game? Fantasy is free.

Episode 9: The Puppet Show

She will make you dance, sing, and perform to the best of your ability. And if you are really good, you get to be the first eaten.

Episode 10: Nightmares

Quoth the Slayer, “Argh! Bully spiders, carnivorous canines, rat with a taste for expensive literature, and bums, the musical - I fail to see the pattern.” The First, Second, and Third visit Sunnydale.

Episode 11: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

To catch fish, it helps to have bait. What are you expecting to reel in when you put the Slayer on the hook?

Episode 12: Angel

To catch fish, it helps to have bait. What are you expecting to reel in when you put the Slayer on the hook?

Christmas 2011

The best gifts are from the heart.

Star Trek Series

Episode 1: E Pluribus Unum

The first step on the road to stars was taken on July 20, 1969 fulfilling the first part of the quote "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind". With UNS Enterprise and warp drive comes the leap part, 100 years later.

Episode 2: One

Who is guilty? It is the one who lied to save a friend knowing the dire consequences? Is it the one who deliberately unleashed a killer? Or is it the one that did the foul deed? And if it was not an accident, does the blame rest with the one who perpetrated the original atrocity, setting things in motion? Things are not what they seem; things are exactly what they are. Who is the one?

Episode 3: Anarchy

We place our trust in others and it is returned. Unfortunately, there are snakes who feast on our kindness. Still, in the end, faith is rewarded.