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A Chance Encounter Ch. 10


Bobbie Halchishak


* * *

Carl groaned as he hung up the phone, the receiver clicking softly into place.  “Damn boss, I think my eyes are permanently crossed.”  He reached up and stuck a finger in his ear, wiggling it vigorously for a moment.  “And I think I'm deaf on one side of my head.”

Luce sighed loudly, rubbing her own neck vigorously.  “Same here.”

He blinked several times before shoving the stack of reports away from him firmly.  “If I never have to look at a due diligence report again, I will die a happy, happy man.”

She nodded as she stood.  “That goes for cost analysis reports for me.”

“Why do I feel like we haven't made a damn bit of headway on this?”  He gazed at the large stack they'd yet to touch ruefully. 

She groaned loudly as she too looked at the largely untouched pile on the table.  “Because we have over a dozen smaller companies to check out and that was only in the first half of the stack?  Not to mention that we really have no idea just how far back this goes.”  She started straightening things up around her, putting what she'd been working on in the discard pile.

Carl chuckled.  “That's why I like working with you, Luce.  You always manage to put such a positive spin on things.”

“Go home, Carl.  We've had enough for the night.  Besides, the rest of the week is going to be pretty busy from here on out.”  She waved him out even as she continued gathering scattered folders.

He went, slowly, not about to fight being allowed to leave but still not wanting to appear too eager.  “Is it too late to request a transfer?”

She chuckled.  “To a different office?”

He shook his head.  “More like a different career at this point.”

She chuckled softly.  “Go home and get some sleep.  I think things will go easier tomorrow now that we know what we're looking for.”

“Night boss.”  He made a bee line for the door.

“Night.”  Just as the door shut softly behind him, her phone gave a quiet chirp.  She smiled before throwing herself back into the chair and opening it.  “Donovan.”

Kylie's pleasant voice came over the line.  “I didn't know your schedule but I thought I'd take a chance and call you.  I figured you had to be close to done by now.”   

Luce's smile grew.  “Hey, beautiful.  Boy, are you a sight for sore eyes.”

She snorted softly.  “I hardly think that saying counts when you can't see me.”

“Oh don't worry, I can see you.  Every time I close my eyes.”  She leaned back in the chair and let her eyes slide shut, glad that her lover's image easily swept away the barage of paperwork trapped in her brain.

Kylie paused a moment, taken slightly by surprise by the rather touching remark.  “I thought since I was the writer, I was supposed to have a way with words.”

She smiled again.  “I surprised ya didn't I?”

“You have no idea.  But in such a good way.”

Luce reluctantly opened her eyes and sat up a bit as she started gathering her things together to leave the building.  “So to what do I owe the pleasure of hearing your voice?”  She scooped a couple of folders and pads into her brief case, slamming it shut with a satisfied snap of her wrists.

“Well I had a rather mild day at work, for once.  So I thought it might be nice to have a quiet dinner; just the two of us.”

Touched by the thought, she paused, her tone a bit teasing.  “Why, Ms. Rogers, are you asking me out on a date?”

“I do believe I am.”  There was a smug note in the other woman's voice.

Luce chuckled.  “And would this date involve a nice big hunk of red meat?”

“I think that could be arranged; I'll even ward off the vegetables for you.”

That was enough incentive for Luce and she promptly grabbed her briefcase, stowing things quickly while still keeping most of her attention on the woman's voice coming from the other side of the phone.  “How thoughtful.  And would this date involve alcohol and maybe some simple but highly entertaining conversation?”

“I guarantee it.”

She shoved the final folder into the case with relish.  “And what about later, will there be a chance of anyone being naked?”

“Most certainly; I even bought some lingerie for the occasion.”  Luce held her breath as Kylie's voice dropped a register, sexy and soft as she continued.  “Intrigued?”

“Definitely.”  Luce leaned against the boardroom table, trying to grab hold of her suddenly raging libido.  She decided a subject change was in order.  Although the vivid image of Kylie greeting her in something short and sheer refused to die easily.  “So it seems that I'm getting quite a lot out of tonight.  What exactly are you getting out of all this?”

“You.”  The soft spoken word drifted over the phone.

It took Luce's breath away all over again, for an entirely different reason.  That somehow, Kylie could cut right to point and with such a simple word, convey everything she meant and so much more.  And more amazingly, that the heartfelt words would find a place in her soul so easily.  It was touching, achingly so.

She chuckled despite the twisting of her heart in her chest.  “And she's worried she's not a poet.”

There was a slight chuckle on the other end.  “Meet me at my place?  I'll even drive.”

Luce nodded.  “I'll be there.”  She grabbed her briefcase, leaving the boardroom and making a beeline for the elevator.

“I can't wait.  Oh and, Luce?”

 “Yes?”  She waved to Colleen as she passed her, the other woman gave her a cheery good bye.

“I was hoping you'd stay the night.”

The soft request touched her and the taller woman was glad the elevator car was empty when it arrived.  “I was hoping you'd ask.  I'll be there in about twenty minutes.”

*                     *                    *

Kyle pulled the door open and gave her dark haired lover a hungry eyed once over.  “Hello there, gorgeous.”

Despite her fatigue, Luce found herself smiling.  “Hey.”  She stepped into the house, dropping her briefcase near the door and drew Kylie into her arms.  “You look beautiful.”

Kylie pulled back and looked at Luce one more.  “So do you.”

Luce chuckled.  The look the shorter woman had given her was so heated, she was surprised she hadn't burst into flames.  “I'm rumpled.”

Kylie chuckled as she drew the taller woman further into the house.  “Its business rumpled its not the same thing; besides it looks really sexy on you.”

The executive played along, letting herself be verbally and physically dragged along.  “It does?”

“Oh yeah.  I'm having to resist the urge to grab you by that jacket and drag you into the bedroom.”  She ran her hands over the taller woman in a rather suggestive manner for emphasis.

Luce laughed at that, wrapping her arms around the smaller woman.  “Have a thing for power suits?”

“I have a thing for you in that dress shirt; though the suit isn't half bad either.”  She sighed, gave herself a mental shake and resolved herself to ignoring the sudden aching region in her pants.  “Come on let's get you changed or we're going to miss our reservations.”

“You made reservations?” 

Kylie nodded.  “I thought it'd be nice to have an actual date tonight.  Not to mention I really want to take you out on the town.”

She followed along as Kylie led her into the bedroom.  “Where are we going?”

“A nice little italian place I know about.  Lots of red meat and nary a veggie in sight; if you ignore the tomato sauce.”

“I love it and that sounds wonderful tonight.”  She gave Kylie a gentle lingering kiss just inside the door.

Kylie pulled back.  “Then get dressed, Tiger, cause I've got more planned then just dinner tonight.”  And with that, she shut the door firmly between them to let her dark haired lover change.


*                    *                    *

“How well rested are you?”

The rather loaded question made Luce look up from her reclined position on the sofa where she'd been quietly reading and relaxing while Kylie puttered around in the kitchen, making them breakfast.  Reading the hungry look in the other woman's eyes, Luce couldn't help but chuckle.  The shorter woman seemed almost insatiable in the past week; ever since the night Luce had walked through her door and been offered dinner at a nearby italian restaurant. 

It been had a good week, both for them and the investigation at work.  With the discovery that several satellite companies might be bogus, existing only on paper, Luce had called her friend Mac to start physically checking out each one.  He'd begun making progress and the list of bogus companies was slowly growing.  At the rate he was going, she'd have plenty to give the FBI by the end of the week.

With the knowledge that everything at work was well in hand for the moment, she found herself in a rare position to relax and enjoy the company of a woman she found completely alluring and intoxicating. 

Some nights they'd ended up at her place, some nights they'd spent at Kylie's.  But each night had ended up the same way no matter how the day progressed; the two of them wrapped around each other, falling asleep in each other's arms.  For someone who was usually obsessed with protecting her own personal space, Luce found herself amazed at how easily she was allowing someone else to invade it.  Of course everything seemed so different since the moment they'd met.

She marked her place in her book and gave Kylie her full attention.  “I thought you wanted to have a nice relaxing day today?”  Luce looked indulgently at her lover as the smaller woman sat on the sofa eyeing her like a cat would eye a piece of fresh tuna.

“Oh you don't find what I'm thinking of doing to you relaxing?  As I recall, I knocked you out the other night.”  She reached out with devilish fingers and began working her way up the taller woman's long, long leg, teasing, stroking, stoking the fire she knew Luce was keeping well hidden.

Luce snorted loudly.  “That was not my fault.  You jumped me the minute we walked through the door  from dinner.  After I'd been staring at reports for the past twelve hours.  And in my defense, that orgasm would have knocked out a horse!”

The smaller woman paused a moment in her explorations.  “Is there something about your past you're not telling me?”

Luce started laughing at that statement.  “I didn't mean it like that.”

She shrugged, her hands continuing their teasing journey upwards.  “Pity, I was beginning to think you were a true pervert.”

Luce struggled to keep her mind clear as those clever fingers moved higher and higher on her thigh, but it was a losing battle.  “Honey, last time I checked I thought we were both perverts.”

She reached the hem of Luce's shorts, paused a moment and then slowly, slowly slid underneath them, continuing upwards at a much slower pace, tormenting her lover.  “You might have something there.  I mean if I wasn't a bit of a pervert, would I really enjoy doing this?”  Her hand slid the final distance in an instant, coming in contact with covered, heated flesh, wringing a groan out of the taller woman as Kylie continued to torture and tease with just the tips of her fingers.

“Oh God, Kylie.”  Luce moaned louder as pressure was applied and she was just suddenly ready, willing and very, very close.

Kylie gave her an evil smile, sliding closer to her lover as she reached up and one handed pulled her t-shirt off and over her head.  They had decided not to leave the house so Kylie hadn't bothered putting on a bra yet.  The sight of her naked breasts bouncing into view broke the spell on Luce.  And without thought she reached for the shorter woman, her hands reaching out to cup them just as the door behind them suddenly opened.

“Honey, I'm...what the hell?”  He took in the site of Kylie's hand up Luce's shorts and her state of undress as well as the placement of Luce's hands and dropped his luggage on the floor with a loud thump.

Kylie's face went pale at his sudden appearance.  “Oh my God, Jace.”  She scrambled around for her shirt, her mind suddenly numb.  “I thought you weren't supposed to be home for another month.”

Jace simply stood there a moment, as both women stood and straightened their clothes.  “I wasn't but I begged off.”  As the truth of what he'd seen began to sink in, he gave them both a sneer.  “Looks like maybe I shouldn't have bothered.”


He came into the room enough to slam the door.  “Just what the fuck is going on here, Kylie?”  His shout seemed very loud in the quiet room.  He stood there waiting impatiently for an explanation.

Luce touched Kylie's shoulder.  “I'll give you two a minute.”

The shorter woman shook her head, reaching up to take her hand.  “No, Luce, I want you here for this; I won't have you thinking that you're my dirty little secret.”

Jace snorted loudly, his anger getting the best of him.  “No she's just your fucking dyke girlfriend.”

Kylie shot him a scathing look but Luce ignored his nasty words.  “I don't think that.  But it might be easier for both of you if I stepped outside.”  She refused to look away in shame as she left the room and managed to stare Jace down as she walked out onto the porch.

Kylie waited until the door clicked shut and turned to Jace, her own anger growing.  “Dammit, Jace, that's not fair.”

He seemed incredulous.  “Fair, you want to talk about fair when I just walked in on you topless and another woman's hands touching your tits?  Don't even think about what's fair for you here.”  He jabbed a finger at her.

She shrugged.  “What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to tell me that what I saw wasn't what I thought I saw?”  She merely looked at him in silence.  “What nothing to say?”

She shook her head.  “I'm not going to lie to you; its exactly what you saw.”

This seemed to piss him off further and he began to stride angrily around the room.  “God dammit, I go away for 2 months and you suddenly decide you're gay?”

Again she shook her head not sure if she could make him understand.  “No it wasn't like that.”

“Then what the fuck was it like because when I left, I thought everything was fine.”  He reached out to touch her gently, his eyes pleading with her to make it all untrue, make it all go away.

She reached up to brush his hand aside.  “No everything was not fine.  I've been having doubts about us for awhile now.” 

“And so you decided to keep this to yourself and not tell me?  Talk about kicking a guy in the balls.”

“You were already so stressed out with everything that was going on with your Phd that I didn't want to add to it; especially since I knew it wasn't fair to you to throw all this shit on you when you weren't here to do anything about it.”  She felt a stab of guilt at that; she'd never meant to hurt him.  She'd been trying not to hurt him by waiting until he got back to talk.  Now it was too late.

He snorted in disbelief.  “So you thought it'd be better for me to come back to find some damn carpet muncher on my turf cause she turned you gay!”

Her eyes glittered dangerously as she looked at him.  “Turned me gay?  Is that what you think, that someone just becomes gay?  After everything we've talked about you're going to take that route and blame someone else for who I am?  How dare you!” 

“Its a bit late to play the defensive slut here, don't you think?”

His hateful words hit her hard but she refused to feel worse than she already did about hurting him.  This was who she was, this was who she been trying to find all of her life.  And no close minded bigot was going to make her feel bad for finally truly understanding herself.  Not even someone she'd thought she loved. 

She closed the distance between them, her voice growing louder for the first time since the fight began.  “You self-righteous bastard.  Here I thought I was being considerate and waiting to see you before I told you I wasn't really happy.  I thought I was being a good person by not sending you a Dear John letter.  But now I wished I hadn't bothered.”

“Me either, it would have saved me the trouble of picking out a fucking wedding ring.”  He reached into his pocket and slammed the box down on the counter.

That knocked the wind out of her sails for a moment.  She looked at the box in surprise.  They'd had fun together sure, but she never expected he thought their relationship was anywhere near that serious.  She had misunderstood a few things herself it seemed.  “You were going to propose?” 

He clapped sarcastically.   “Give her a fucking cookie!”  His voice was bitter and hurt as he slid the box back in his pocket.

She tried again to make him understand, to somehow apologize for what happened.  “Look I'm sorry I didn't call you or write.  But the truth is that I never realized just how unhappy I was until after you left; the more I thought about it the more I realized that I just didn't love you the way you deserved to be loved.  And despite what you might think, I never meant for this to happen.  It just did.”

He snorted loudly unwilling to be placated by explanations.  “Honey, that's what they all say.  Right before they start spreading for every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along.  Although I think in your case it'd probably be more like every Ethel, Eve and Mary.”

She saw red at that and knew that nothing she could say or do would change the way he felt.  He was pissed and he was going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.  The best thing for all of them would be for him to leave immediately.  “Get out, get out of my house.  You're just bound and determined to make me the bad guy here when you won't even bother to listen to what I have to say about it.”  She pushed him towards the door.

He stopped long enough to shoot of another nasty reply.  “Newsflash, sweetheart, I just caught you cheating on me; that kind of makes you the bad guy right now.”

She shoved his suitcase at him.  “You can think whatever the hell you like but I'm not a bad person just because I couldn't love you.”  Despite her own anger, his words hit home, she knew he was right; she had cheated on him.  She hadn't meant to but she had.  And she'd hurt someone she once thought she cared for a great deal.  It was going to take a while for both of them to get over that.

“Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart; I'm sure even someday, you'll start believing it.”  He grabbed his suitcase from her and jerked the door open.  Seeing Luce standing on the porch, her eyes anxiously watching the door, he gave her a nasty smile.  “I hope you've got a bigger dick than I do, doll; you're gonna need it.”

Behind him Kylie spoke up harshly.  “Get out of here, Jace.”

“Stupid conniving bitch!”  He turned and for a moment, he looked as if her final order might push him to violence, his fist tightly clenched at his side.  He never got the chance as he found his way suddenly blocked by six feet of ill tempered lover just looking for a reason.

She gave him a sharp look, her hands loose but ready as she stared him down.  “Not a good idea.”

He looked at her for several long seconds before deciding to let it go.  He grabbed his suitcase again and stomped down the porch.  “Fucking dykes.”  His final remark was shot at them over his shoulder as he stomped towards his car.

The two women watched him toss his suitcase in and drive off in a squelch of tires and acrid smoke.  Once he was gone, Luce turned her attention to the smaller woman, who was shaking by her side.

She put her arm around her gently.  “Hey you ok?”  Kylie gave a soft sob and simply sagged against her.  She tightened her grip and practically dragged her lover back inside.  “Looks like we need to get you inside.  Come on; I think we both need some booze right about now.”  She settled Kylie on the couch and grabbed both of them a beer out of the fridge; it was the only alcohol Kylie seemed to have in the house.

They sat in silence for several long minutes, sipping from their beers, reliving what had just happened.  Finally Kylie took a deep breath, pressing her head against the half empty beer bottle.  “I can't believe...I thought he was such a nice guy.  I never thought...” she trailed off, taking another sip as the memory of his anger and hatred swept over her.

Luce took the beer from Kylie's numb hand before putting her arm around her, pulling her close.  “Hey, this isn't your fault.  Some men just seem to take this kind of thing personally.”

She shook her head.  “Not that, I can't believe I did that to him.  I really hurt him.” 

“Seems to me he returned the favor, in spades.”  Luce wished she'd had a reason to punch him, just once before he left. 

Tears filled her eyes as the guilt grew.  “This is my fault, all of it.  I should have called him, told him the truth.”

Luce pulled her back until she was practically lying on the couch, Kylie's softly crying form draped over her.  She stroked Kylie's hair gently as she tried to reassure her.  “Maybe, but I don't think it would have changed a thing.  All it would have done is made him rush up here to try and change your mind.  He probably wouldn't have believed you over the phone anyway.”

“To be honest I'd forgotten about him.”  The admission seemed to horrify her.  “God I thought I was in love with him at one point, how could I have forgotten about him like that?”

“Out of sight, out of mind?”  Kylie didn't look convinced.  Luce reached down and touched her face, forcing Kylie's eyes to meet her own.  “Look, Kylie, you could spend years beating yourself up over this.  Trying to see how you could have changed things.  But given how he reacted, the disgust in his face, the fact that he was going to hit you before he left, I don't think there was a single thing you could have said or done that would have changed what happened just now.”

“Do you think it would have been easier if he'd caught me with another guy?”  She seemed completely dumbfounded at the idea.

Luce nodded.  “Based on his reaction?  Yeah, I do.  At least he'd have felt comfortable taking a swing at me.”  The idea made her pause for a second as her own little niggling doubts rolled to the surface.  “Do you regret that I'm not a guy?”

Kylie snorted.  “Luce, what a thing to say.”  Seeing the slightly hurt look in the other woman's eyes made Kylie wish she could take the flippant response back.  This was something that obviously bothered Luce a great deal; it wasn't something to be easily brushed off.  “You're serious.”

Luce shrugged.  “Sometimes, in the light of day, some women decide that maybe they've made a mistake.  That maybe they've done something really bad, something they're truly ashamed of.  And sometimes they decide that maybe finding a guy would just be the easier option.”  Her eyes were distant, unfocused.  For just a moment, Luce was somewhere else, somewhere far away from Kylie, in a place that had hurt her deeply.  In that moment, Kylie would gladly have gone back and beaten whoever it was that had hurt the taller woman so badly.

She reached up touching Luce's face, bringing her back to the present, touched by the trust she'd just been given.  “Obviously those women have no brains.”  Her flippant yet biting remark was just the thing to jolt Luce back to the present.

She chuckled slightly.  “Kylie...”

“No, Luce, I mean it, they were real idiots if they thought that was right thing to do.  Not to mention blind and too scared to see a good thing if it bit them on the ass.  Which is good for me since it means you're mine now.”  Luce chuckled softly at the possessive tone in the smaller woman's voice.  Kylie smiled at the sound and then went on in a more serious tone.  “I've never taken the easy road, ever.  I don't think I ever will.  Its boring, its got no scenery and its too damn crowded.  And you know what the worst part about it is?”

“What?”  Luce waited, holding her breath, slightly fearful of what she might say.

Kylie reached up to touch her face gently, stroking it in a soft caress that touched both of them deeply.  “Spending a lifetime on it wouldn't make me anywhere near as happy as I've been in the last couple of weeks with you.” 

Luce felt tears sting her eyes as she wrapped her arms around Kylie and held her tight, her throat far too tight for words at the moment, even if she could have thought of the right ones to say.

Kylie seemed to understand the need behind the embrace and gladly returned it.  “I meant what I said when we started down this road; you are not going to be my experiment on the gay side of life.  I want to see where this ends up, through the good and the bad; just as long as you're with me.  Understood?”

Luce nodded.  “Yeah.”  She took a deep breath, feeling the tightness leave her chest at the heartfelt deceleration.  She decided a change of subject was in order.  “Now, how bout lunch?”

Jade eyes lit up at the mention of food and all the potential possibilities laid out before her.  “Spicy?”

Luce laughed at her enthusiasm.  “Meat or seafood?”

She pondered that one a moment before deciding on something truly out in left field.  “Sushi.”  That decided, she scrambled to her feet to get around for their lunch date.

Luce stood too, feeling a bit shaky but much better about where things stood between them.  “I think I can handle that.  Come on, I'm buying.”

She needed no other invitation and headed towards the bedroom.  She stopped in the doorway and looked back at her lover.  “Luce?  Thanks, for everything.”

Touched by the gesture, she walked over to Kylie, cupping her face gently before kissing her sweetly.  “Hey, didn't you say we were in this together?  What I did is all part of that; and there isn't anything I wouldn't do to make you smile.”

Kylie nodded.  “I'll keep that in mind.”  Another soft kiss between them.  “Now, get lets get me fed.  I'm going to need the energy.”

A dark brow arched at the seductive tone.  “Oh?”

She reached out and touched Luce's chest gently.  “We were interrupted earlier and trust me, I have plans for you.”  Kylie leaned in close, pressing herself against the taller woman, reminding her that she was still in fact not wearing a bra.  She watched as Luce's nostrils widened slightly at the feel of nearly bare breasts pressing against her arm. 

Then Kylie pulled away and softly shut the bedroom door in Luce's face, ramping up the seduction factor by not allowing her lover to watch her dress.  She heard a soft thud and guessed it was Luce's head hitting the door in a bit of frustration.  Despite herself she smiled as she got dressed.

*                    *                    *

Luce stepped out of the shower, wrapping a rather large towel around herself before stepping out of the bathroom.  She found her way to the bedroom blocked by Kylie who was holding a cup of coffee and looking nearly as smug as she had just the other day when she'd interrupted Luce's reading.  Luce would have felt a strange sense of deja vu if it weren't for the fact that they were doing completely different things.

She gave her shorter lover a soft smile and a peck on the lips before heading into the bedroom. “You look like that cat that ate the canary; should I be afraid? ”  She dropped the towel and went in search of her fresh clothes.

Kylie leaned in the doorway, sipping her coffee and giving the taller woman a nice approving look.  “Well considering I don't have to be at work today and you've decided to play hookey...” she trailed off to take a sip from her steaming cup.

Luce snorted.  “I have, have I?”

“Yes at the insistence of your very gorgeous girlfriend.”

The look on her face gave Luce pause and she found herself suddenly just willing to go along with whatever the other woman wanted.  It was a strange change of behavior and yet, not completely unwelcome.  The investigation was going well; they would likely have all the proof the FBI needed later that week.  There really was no reason for her to go into the office just to sit at the large boardroom table and continue to go through reams of paper.  There wasn't a great deal she could really do until Mac contacted her in any event. 

And there was something appealling at the idea of spending a day off doing something relaxing and just for her when she would normally be working.  Sort of like napping on the couch in the middle of the day even though there was a perfectly good bed in the bedroom.  So, she decided to just give in.

She pulled on her pants, buttoning them quickly before leaning forward to wrap her arms around the other woman.  “Hmmmm sounds good to me actually.”

Kylie smiled, snuggling closer.  “Like I was saying since neither of us is going into work today, I thought it would be nice to go on a bit of a cultural tour today.”

“Art, music, something more basic?”  Luce, suddenly amused by the differences in their heights, leaned forward and rested her head on the shorter woman's. 

Kylie, gave her a soft slap in the stomach, pulling away chuckling at the gesture.  “Well the museum downtown has a bunch of exhibits that I've been dying to see; especially the new one on ancient Greek artifacts.  I thought maybe we could just wander through there for awhile, maybe grab some lunch.  Or if you want we could go to an aquarium or a zoo.”

Chuckling at her lover's enthusiasm, she pondered the list of things Kylie wanted to do with a bit of genuine eagerness.  “I haven't done any of that stuff in ages.  Is it wrong that I want to do all of it?”

“No, but no need to be greedy; we do have time to explore the city together.”

“True.  So which one first?”

“You pick.  We'll go from there.”

“Then maybe you should get dressed.  I don't think any of these places will let you in wearing just your underwear.”  She reached out to tweak some exposed flesh, eliciting a startled squeak followed by a slap from the shorter woman.  “Then again, it might be entertaining for me to watch you parading around practically naked.”

Kylie chuckled.  “Oh really?  And I suppose you'll be ok with everyone staring at me?”

She sighed.  “Damn, you're right.  We won't get to see anything because if anyone looks at you, I'll kick their asses!”

Kylie reached out tweaked the taller woman's nose.  “Careful, your butch is showing.”

The comment drew a loud laugh from the taller woman.  “Don't you mean caveman?”

“Well, you haven't hit me over the head with a club yet, so we'll stick with butch.”

Luce chuckled. Giving her a gentle shove towards the bedroom.  “Go get dressed before I end up giving in to that urge and we both wind up in bed for the rest of the day.  I'll even buy you breakfast.”

She stopped resisting, rushing into the other room to find her clothes.  “Well, when you put it like that, what choice do I have?”

To be continued...

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