SUMMARY : Olwyn Abernethy believes in her parents and what they tell her is the truth. She believes they are the only people she will ever need. Some may describe her personality as self-righteous, self-absorbed, and too self-confident.

The last day of finals, she wished to be separated from Robin, Pipperelle, and public school. Two of those wishes came true with the added bonus of spending time with the two people she values most. Her beliefs are turned upside down when she learns about a secret. A secret that will shatter her world.

WARNING: Content may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised. Contains scenes of violence and torture.

DISCLAIMERS : All people, places, and things in this story are fictional. Any resemblance to anything or anyone (living or dead) in this story is purely coincidental and is in no way intended to cause harm. No part of this story may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from the author.

AUTHOR'S NOTE : A very big THANK YOU VERY MUCH goes out to everyone who has helped me to provide this story for you to read and enjoy. Any questions or comments please email me at cinderellanjo@yahoo.com or look for Calliopenjo on The Athenaeum's forum.

Enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

Olwyn Abernethy walked downstairs and into the kitchen. She sat at the kitchen island, “Good morning, Momma.” She poured a bowl of whole grain squares.

“Morning, Ollie.” Sadie leaned over with a cup in hand. “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Yes, I did. I slept like a baby last night and had a most interesting dream about a deserted island. I didn't want to get out of bed. But school is almost done so I had to get up. Maybe I'll get to sleep early tonight so I can finish it. That would be major good.”

“Good for you.” Sadie looked into her coffee as she took a drink.

Olwyn looked at her watch and hopped off the stool. “I'm done. My backpack is by the door so all I need are my shoes. After school's done, I can finally throw away the athletic shoes. Yuck.”

“We all must make a sacrifice.”

“Did you put my lunch in my backpack yet?”

“I always do.”


“You have a good day, Ollie.” Sadie picked up the cereal bowl.

“I will, Momma. I love you. I'll miss you so much.” Olwyn embraced Sadie and kissed her cheek before leaving the kitchen.

Closing and locking the door behind her, she pulled her backpack along. I majorly hate humidity. Feels like I just finished my bath. I don't even have a fan. Uhg. She stopped at the street corner, waiting for the light to turn green. On the other side, she stopped at the bakery. Leaning against the window, oh, the chocolate cake that's all mine . Walking away, she passed the man sitting on the sidewalk playing a guitar. A glance at the open case revealed scattered change and dollar bills. Crossing the next intersection, the sun glistened on something. She spotted a coin. Protego Lux Lucis Ex Obscurum scrolled around a knight's helmet, and to protect the light from the darkness encircled a sword on the other. Shrugging her shoulders, she dropped the coin into the side pocket of her backpack.

She passed the cement Zianis High School sign as she entered the campus. The US, state, and the skull and cross bones flags drooped on the pole. They look as wilted as I feel. So much for school spirit. Thugs prowling the parking lot. The geeky weirdoes inhabiting the space under the old oak tree. Probably looking for unnamed bugs. And the debutantes looking pristine. She continued to walk to the front steps, feeling the rush of air as she opened the doors.

“Hey Olwyn.”

Olwyn stopped by a door. Jiggling the doorknob, it's locked. I'll wait.

“I can't believe this is the last week before finals. It's fu...uhm... it's great!” Robin blushed and giggled while setting down her backpack.

“Yes it is the last week.”

“I'm going to grammy's house for the summer. It'll probably be the last time.”

“I'm going to be spending time with my mom and dad.”

“Oh yeah? Doing what?”

“Whatever they have planned.”

“You know, you're probably the only one without a cellphone. Where's your mother's head at anyway?”

“My mother told me that I don't need one. Nothing happens in my life that I need to carry one.”

“That's just too weird.”

“I respect her decision and listen to every word she says. She's my bestest friend.”

“Whatever. Look I—“The bell rang, interrupting Robin.

Olwyn turned around to lean against the wall, hearing Robin behind her.

The door opened from the inside, and they walked in. Sitting at her desk, she heard chairs shifting, and saw the bottom half of the students walking by. Homework taken out, it sat there face down.

“Can you believe it?” A girl asked. “Next year we will be seniors.”

Olwyn opened the report cover and began reading. It is what she wants and I know I'll get an A. Thank you mom and grandmom.

The bell rang, and the teacher stood up from the desk. “Papers forward. No late assignments will be accepted. If the final report is not in my hand by two-forty-five today, that's a deduction of forty points. No chance to make up for the lost grade.”

“Ms. Allaway,” a student said. “What kind of final are we going to have? I mean. Is it all writing?”

“Yes, Craig, writing will be involved.” After the class finished giggling, “In the library will be a tape that I have recorded a story onto. You will listen first and then answer the questions on the last page of the syllabus. We have done this a few times in class, therefore, I shouldn't need to remind everyone that you get one chance to listen. A grammar review test that will be taken in class. A fifteen hundred to two thousand word comparison and contrast essay on The Great Gatsby will be emailed to me along with the listening test. Any questions?”

The class was silent.

“I thought that might get your attention.” Ms. Allaway dropped a pile of papers on the front table of each row. “Review this sheet if you wish to pass this class. It will tell you all you need to know for the final. Some of that information will be there and some of it won't. How you interpret that I will leave up to you.”

A mixture of moans, groans, and fluttering lips echoed through the class.

“Your textbooks will be turned in on final day. Please be respectful of other's property and bring it back intact.”

A half hour passed before the bell rang. Olwyn remained seated until everybody left the room

“Maybe I should be petite sized instead,” A girl said.

Olwyn exited the room. After ten paces, she looked behind her. “Pipperelle.”

“Yes? Did you need something? We have seven—“

Olwyn turned and walked away. Picking up her backpack, she climbed the staircase to the next class. She leaned against the wall, closed her eyes as she inhaled all the way in, and exhaled all the way out.

Opened eyes revealed Pipperelle standing in front of her. “I have always wondered if you're rude on purpose or is it that you feel you are above anyone else.”

“No not anyone else. Just some people who choose to make choices that go against what is normal.”

“Normal normal what is normal. Hmm. Perplexing statement. Why? Because what is normal for some may not be normal for others.”

“Then it's the others.” Olwyn tried the doorknob and opened the door. A peek inside and she saw the teacher sitting at the desk.

“Yes, Ms. Abernethy. May I help you?”

“Oh, Mr. Tillens,” Olwyn said. “I was just wondering if anyone was here yet and if the door was open.”

“Yes on both counts and yes to the third question.”

“Third question?” Olwyn asked.

“The one where you ask if you can come in.”

“Oh. Right. Thank you.” Olwyn straightened up and walked through the door.

Olwyn sat down smelling Pipperelle behind her. Oh that cologne...

“This is not the time,” Pipperelle said. “This is not the place. What this is... is a break in a conversation with the intention of passing along information.”

Olwyn stared the wood grain of her desk. People trickled in as the board became another focus point.

Another bell rang and the door was closed. “Good morning everyone. I trust all of you had a good morning so far?”

A few yeahs were heard from the back of the room.

“Wonderful wonderful. I have the results of your persuasion essays. I will pass that out to you along with a study sheet. Answer the questions on your own time, but if you need help...do not be afraid to ask. My job is to teach. My role is to be sure that everyone leaves this class with at least one tidbit of information.”

Mr. Tillens placed a stack of papers on the front desk. “Take yours and pass it down, please.”

“On your papers, you will note there are three things at the top. First is the grade judged by grammar, punctuation, and content. The next item you will note is that there is a P at the top with a number beside it. That means how many people were persuaded with your speech. NP, on the bottom of that, stands for not persuaded and hopefully the top number is larger than the bottom. Questions so far?”

The students looked at each other and their paper.

“Nobody has any questions?” Mr. Tillens asked. “Really? It's open question time.”

“Sir?” A student asked.

Mr. Tillens laughed, “Yes, Lyle. . .”

“Mr. Tillens, will all of the information that we put on the review...be on the final. How do we know we got everything?”

“When you're done, you can show me the review sheet and I will tell you if you need a better answer or if you have everything. You can email it to me or come in person.”

“Cool. Thanks.”

“Welcome. Anybody else?” Mr. Tillens looked around the room. “Nobody else? Then how about you get started on completing the review sheet before the bell.”

Olwyn watched Mr. Tillens walk to the back of the room to his desk. I got a ninety-seven percent? Why? Olwyn read the comments on the back. I need better statistical data? But daddy said it was perfect and he's always right. My persuasive score was seventy-five percent? I better not read anymore or I'll get really angry. I don't understand. But daddy said—

“What was your persuasive score?” Pipperelle asked.

Olwyn held her paper over left shoulder as she grimaced.

“I got a seventy-two percent in my favor. Times are changing as the mind explores more knowledge in today's society. Yesterday it was the woman's--”

Olwyn read over her essay. I still don't understand . She shook her head as she put it in her notebook. What do we have to know? She glanced through the paper, looking at the topics. I can do this at the library tomorrow.

After the bell rang, “See you on Monday folks. Happy weekend.” The teacher sat on the desk watching the students pass by.

Out of the building and up the hill to physical education. The pea green walls, the smell of limburger, and the dripping water told Olwyn she was in the girls' locker room. After locking up the backpack, a red shirt and black shorts with a pirate logo on the back were taken out. I'm going to the bathroom to change.

Hair in ponytail athletic shoes on. I'm going out. Long strides followed her to the blacktop.

“And I killed Princess Stephanie,” Pipperelle said.

Olwyn stood, watching the butterfly flutter around the drinking fountain.

“If you open your heart...if you open your mind...the world cannot be such a lonely existence.”

Olwyn turned around, facing Pipperelle, “I am not lonely. I have a mother and a father and that's all I need. Unlike some people, I have a happy and well balanced existence.”

Pipperelle clenched her jaw and narrowed her eyes. “Now I know that you fell in the twenty-eight percent category.”

“It was my opinion based on fact.”

“Based on what fact?”

“The fact that women belong to men just like I was taught by my mom. Women do not belong together. It goes against nature.”

“So young and so tainted.”

A man walked out to the blacktop. “All right. Three laps. Come back, then I'll take roll. That means you better come back Wilson .”

“Sir, yes sir,” Wilson said, before turning around following the rest.

After roll call, “Out to the obstacle course.” Mr. Scheinberg led the way down the hill behind a set of bleachers. Once there, “I want to see improvement. I do not see improvement expect to do this on final day along with a written exam. I will stay outside so as you leave...pick up a review sheet. Questions Haggard?”

“No sir!”

“Good. Remember to pick up a bow and shoot the arrows at the target. Come back to me and I will tell you...yay you need to do this on final day...nay you don't need to do this on final day. Last chance for questions Quincannon...”

“No sir!” Pipperelle laughed and shook her head.

“What I like to hear. . .”

I guess it's my turn . Olwyn climbed through the windows without falling jogging to a set of tires. Oh I hate tires. Up up up up...ow. She stood up dusting off before continuing . Up up up up up...ow. She stopped and looked at the rope attached to a five-foot wall. I'm not Tarzan. I can't do that. Glancing towards Mr. Scheinberg, she bit her lip and looked at it again. Welll. . . Olwyn stared at the rope and grabbed hold. On the third step, right shoe slipped off the wall and she slammed into the wall. “Aaa!”

“All right, Abernethy?”

“Yes. I'm fine. Can I get down?”

“Only a couple feet to go. Finish it off.”

Olwyn got both feet on the wall and jumped into a net on the other side, flipping over onto her feet.

I can do monkey bars. Yes , as she swung from bar to bar.

Picking up a bow, she placed the arrow aiming it for the target. After releasing five arrows, she counted one bulls-eye, one on the hay bale, and three arrows sticking up from the ground.

After placing the bow in a box and arrows on a table, she walked to the instructor.

“Nay.” Mr. Scheinberg smiled. “Go change.” He pointed behind him with the pen.

Olwyn left the locker room with her PE clothes in her backpack. After picking up the review sheet, she continued downhill to the Beech tree. The bell rang as she sat down. Bottled water in hand, eyes closed, I did a wonderful job in phys ed. I'll have a bruise though. After a swig of water, she watched a pair of gray Sketchers come in her direction.

“It seems as though Maid Marian needs a little help with her physical skills.” Pipperelle stood above Olwyn.

After another swig, she opened her backpack to put away the water.

“Yes or no?”

“What.” Olwyn looked up.

“I can teach you what you need to know after school. I have the equipment at my house.”

“Please let me be. And just so you know, my mom said that God gifted me with intelligence. He couldn't possibly gift me with physical skill as well. It wouldn't be right for a proper lady to be physical anyway.”

Pipperelle shoulders shook as she covered her mouth. After she stopped, she lowered herself to sit beside her.

Pipperelle sat down as Olwyn stood up, walking away.

After a trip to the girls' restroom, Olwyn strolled to the back of the building. The door opened as the bell rang. She walked inside to the back of the room, sitting at a table.

“We finally get a class together,” Robin said, sliding in the chair. “Other than English that is. I refuse to do all that...uhm...all that paperwork. What does she expect? That we're superteens? God almighty.”

“Yes God is almighty,” Olwyn said, looking over math homework.

“It's just a figure of speech. God.”

“Yes God did give us the right to speak.”

“Everybody in the right class? Yes? No?” Mr. Falk asked.

The students looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

“Sheet of paper.” The teacher held up a piece of paper. “Print your name. Your name not on the paper. You're not here. Three unexcused absences people. While that's going around, homework forward.”

“Mr. Falk, what kind of a test will we get?” A student asked.

“A test reviewing everything we've covered. One hundred questions with equations and word problems. You review the previous tests that will cover everything.” Mr. Falk reached behind him for a stack of papers. “Pencils and erasers out. First sheet is scratch. All work that you can't do in your head will be on here.” He walked up and down the aisles passing out the sheets of paper. “Second sheet, will be the test. Your name top right with the date. The date is on the board. When you're done, staple your scratch paper to your test paper. No name. No grade. Face down until I call time.”

At the front of the room, Mr. Falk crossed his hands clutching the test sheets. “Begin. Twenty minutes.”

Olwyn turned over the paper and looked at the first problem. These are all word problems. The first one looks so easy. Daddy would laugh and tell me to take care of it. Olwyn worked the problem out on scratch paper, writing the answers in the grid provided. She saw a shadow from the right corner of her eye. Glancing up, it was Mr. Falk walking around the room. Only two problems, major easy. After writing the answers in the proper spaces, a double check her name was in the right place with the date, she brought it up to the front.

Back at her seat, Olwyn stared at the board.

“Time,” Mr. Falk said. “Everyone with a test come forward with your test.” Tests in hand, he passed them out, face down. “Turn it over. If you have your own...trade. Answer to number one: fifty one thousand, four hundred eighty five dollars and sixty six thousand, four dollars. Answer to number two: two point five liters. Anybody need a repeat?” After looking around the room, “Pass forward.”

I got all of those answers. Daddy would be macro proud of me. Olwyn put her hands on the tabletop, and crossed her legs.

“Take out your books. Work page thirty-five. Odd problems.”

We did these already. Oh well. It's review to keep us busy. I know. Olwyn took out her notebook and brought it up to the table.

“Hey Olwyn,” Robin whispered.

“I am not a horse.”

“How did you do? I think I did all right. I don't know yet.”

“That test was major easy. Of course I got an A.”

“Of course.”

Complex fractions are nothing . Love you daddy . A paper slid underneath Olwyn's notebook. Putting away her mathbook, she picked up her paper. I knew I got an A. What else would it be?

“I got a C,” Robin said. “I missed one. What did you get?”

“I told you.”

“One day Olwyn, you will be proved wrong.”

“Only by God.”

The bell rang and the doors banged open.

Out the door and the hall, to the last room, the lightbulb is burnt. This corner is major dark. Up the aisle by the windows, Olwyn walked to the front desk. Homework out face down, I smell that cologne. I really do wish momma would reconsider homeschooling me. Why do I have to be here? With Robin? With—

“To walk in somebody's shadow is easy,” Pipperelle said. “It requires little thought. It requires little action. To walk in the sun requires that you use both.”

Olwyn watched the teacher organize the desk. She turned her head and watched other students trickle in.

After the bell rang, “It will be a good day today. All of your papers have been graded and recorded and I have a review sheet for you to study. Yes to the question about essay questions as there will be no multiple-choice questions. They will be short answer and essay questions covering everything we have done after the mid-term. Study study study. We must all do well. Mustn't we? Any questions?”

“Ms. Warszawski,” A voice called from the back. “Can we have our papers back?”

“Oh yes. Of course of course. So sorry. So sorry. Early Dynastic Pharaohs of Egypt from around 3050 BC to about 2890 BC include but certainly not limited—“ Ms. Warszawski held up a report cover “Ah ha! Millisent Weatherby where would you be?”

A girl in the back of the room raised her hand.

“There you are dear.” The teacher placed the report on the desk.

“Ma'am?” A student asked.

“Yes dear?” Ms. Warszawski asked

“Are we supposed to be writing this down?”

“Writing what down?”

“About the early Pharaohs of Egypt?”

“Oh that. Just the ramblings of an old woman.”

The students put down their pencils.

“Now where was I? Oh, yes. Pharaoh Tutankhamen, know as King Tut, was first discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. King Tut was the twelfth ruler in Egypt 's eighteenth dynasty.”

Another pile picked up from the desk. “I have just given back to you your reports. Most of you put a great amount of effort into them and it showed through. I enjoyed reading the biographies of Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette, and King Louis the fourteenth. It was fascinating to read your interpretation of their lives. On the title page, I listed the point value adding up to the final score and wrote some comments there as well. Any questions, please come to me and ask. Now, in my hand, I have the review sheets and they will be passed down to you. We must all study for the final exam so please...if you didn't get one, come up and get one.”

I knew I would get an A. Queen Anne Boleyn was both beautiful and graceful. She took her punishment as any lady would. Mechanics 100. Content 100. Bibliography 100. Holding the report on her chest, mm mm mm mm mm, swiveling her body back and forth . After putting the report in her backpack, she glanced at the review sheet. I know all of this. All of my finals will be nothing.

“Happy about the results I see,” Pipperelle said. “And so you know, it is possible to have both brains and beauty. It has been proven I think. Both personally and in the books I read.”

The bell rang.

“Good weekend everyone. Happy studying.” Ms. Warszawski waved as the students left the room.

Olwyn left the building, walking across the quad to the cafeteria. She saw the back corner table empty. Sitting down, she took out her lunch bag. Unwrapping a sandwich roll, she began eating as she looked over the English review.

“Hey,” A boy said.

Olwyn continued to read.

“I said hey.” The boy said.

Olwyn looked up. “I do not have four legs, have a large head with no brains, and a tail that swishes away the bugs.”

“The name's Tucker. Mind?” Pointing to an empty seat in front of her.

“As a matter of fact I do.”

“Too bad. No other seat open.”

Olwyn started to pack up and leave but was blocked by a hand.

“Tucker Morrison,” Pipperelle said. “The only living thing that repels all other living things.”

“Look bull dyke. I'm here. You're there. Let's keep it that way.” Tucker made a fist hitting his other hand.

“You really don't want to do that.”

“I still say you need a real man. I may just be the ticket.”

“The only ticket you will see is the ticket to the trauma unit to repair your third leg.”

Tucker's face turned white. He stood up, picked up his tray, and left.

Pipperelle sat down as Olwyn stood up.

“Am I that repulsive to you?”

“Yes.” Olwyn looked around, and found no other empty seats available. God, I promise I'll pass the finals. Looking around again, she dropped into her seat.

“Now that I have your attention, may I ask why?”

“All right. I hated you. After the display you just made, you expect me to welcome you with open arms? Maybe I'm being too nice that's why you don't understand. Your kind doesn't understand polite lady like behavior.”

Pipperelle stood up and left the table.

“Finally peace and quiet without that awful stench.”

“There you are,” Robin said. “I should've known you'd pick the dark corner. Whadda ya have for lunch?”

“My roll up has turkey, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoe, grated carrot and zucchini, celery with mayonnaise. All of it is wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla. There's half an apple and water here as well.”

Robin looked at her tray, “I have school pizza, a garden salad, green Jello with something in it, and milk.”

“Mm.” Olwyn continued to read the English review.

The bell rang and Olwyn returned to the main building. The door's open. I know momma's recipe for parmesan chicken was a winner. This is also the only class I have by myself. The perfect way to end the day.

After roll call, “I have written the scores for the original chicken recipes you emailed me,” Ms. Babineaux said. “Look for your last name. Most of them were very nice, although there were a couple of questionable ones that I wasn't sure. Especially the peanut butter and blackberry jam chicken recipe. That is until my grandson had a bite and asked for more. I am very thankful for the originator for helping me find something for that boy to eat.”

When the class finished giggling, “For the final, you will put together an original recipe that can be completed in the forty minute time frame. That doesn't mean it will only be cookies. If you choose a salad, you will put the ingredients together and make the dressing here in class. Please bring your own supplies and ingredients on the day of the final. You may store them here if you wish. Today, we will finish the bread you started yesterday.”

“Hey. Ms. Babs?”

“Yes, Carmen?”

“We can use the mixers and can openers?”

“Yes you may. If you need plates, bowls, cups those are the supplies you will need to bring.”

Olwyn put the bread in the oven. In about a half hour, the cinnamon-raisin bread will be major good. Set the timer. Now wait.

Picking up a toothpick, insert in the middle. Ah ha. It's done. I smell momma's French toast tomorrow morning. She wrapped the bread in foil before putting the baking dish in the sink.

“Ms. Abernethy, how did your bread turn out?” Ms. Babineaux asked.

“It came out perfect.”

“Good. Don't forget to clean up.”

Olwyn watched the teacher walk away. Shrugging her shoulders, the baking ware was rinsed off and put away.

“Don't forget hot sudsy water with a scrub sponge.” Ms. Babineaux came around to Olwyn. “Did you use hot sudsy water?”

“Yes ma'am.” God knows it's clean.

“Very good.”

The final bell of the day, “There's the bell and don't forget your bread. If it's left behind, it goes in the trash.”

Olwyn left the building with the bread in hand, she exited school campus with her backpack in the other.

“Olwyn,” Pipperelle said.

Olwyn continued to walk.

“Olwyn will you stop a moment?” Pipperelle asked.

I'll stop . A moment later Olwyn continued to walk. She heard running feet behind her. She screamed as her shoulder was grabbed from behind.

“Will you stop screaming!” Pipperelle yelled.

“You assaulted me!”

“I asked you to stop and you didn't.”

“You said stop a moment and I did! We have nothing to talk about! If you will excuse me….”

“You know. You have the entire school fooled into believing you are an angel. The angel who is too shy. The blonde hair…blue eyes…the only thing you're missing are the wings. We know differently don't we? On the outside that may appear to be the truth. On the inside, the devil's child.”

Olwyn turned around and continued to walk, stomping her feet with wide strides until she reached the crosswalk.

Erase her from my mind. All negatory will be forgotten. The light changed allowing her to cross.

Once at the house, she set aside the backpack and opened the door. “Momma? Momma? It's your Baby Doll.”

“Hi Ollie. How was your day?” Sadie asked holding out her arm.

“It was major easy.” After hugging each other, “First, there was English. I have to go to the library tomorrow to do a listening test. I told you about that. Then I have to email her my comparison and contrast essay on The Great Gatsby and we have a grammar and vocab final in that class. In math, it's a complete total review of everything we did. We had a word problem quiz that was major easy. I got a total A. Then in Health, we got our persuasion essays back I got a lousy ninety-seven percent and only seventy-five percent agreed. I was macro angry when I read that. Especially since daddy said it was really good. We have—“

“Remember, only God is perfect and we can't always live up to his expectations. Though we must always try. He is our guide and our ultimate teacher for that reason.”

“You're right, Momma. Of course. Anyway, we got a review sheet to complete for that class and study. I looked it over already and it's not even a challenge. Then in phys ed, we had the obstacle course. I slammed in the wall. I wanted to get down. It's not something a lady does. You always told me that. But I had to and I completed it. The good part about that is I don't have to do the course on final day. Just a written test on muscle groups and attachments. Major easy. It was break time, so I sat under the tree in the quad enjoying God's beauty but that Pipperelle girl came by and ruined it.”

“You still had an opportunity to enjoy.”

“She macro ruined the moment. I was macro angry. Beyond angry. I just got up and left without talking to her. Why should I waste my time on someone like her? Her parents aren't even normal. Two moms. Who has two moms? One of them has a man's cut even. So not what God wants. God made a man and woman for a reason, and it's people like her family that ruin it for everyone.”

“God gave us the right to choose. To make our own decisions.” Sadie led Olwyn to the dining room table. “He cannot force us to listen to his word. It's people like her family that don't bother to listen.”

“How come you are right every time? I wish I could be just like you. So smart. I love you, Momma.” Olwyn stood up from the chair and hugged Sadie.

“That's what happens when you grow up.”

“Oh I can't wait. I have so many dreams. Anyway, I got back my history report and I got an A. As if it would be anything else. I major love Ann Boleyn. She gave us a review sheet and of course I looked it over. I know everything on that sheet. I don't even have to strain. I know all of the names, places, and dates. Then I went to the cafeteria to eat my lunch and this…this…boy… Eww…sat across from me. He was major repulsive. Not even a gentleman like Daddy.”

“What was his name?”

“Tucker Morrison. A name I will not forget. Major eww.”

Sadie opened her eyes wide and opened her mouth. She reached for a grape on the table popping into her mouth. After clearing her throat, “Go on.”

“Then that Pipperelle girl she behaved like a Neanderthal. He ran away like a baby. He couldn't even stand up for himself against her. She asked me why I don't like her and I told her it's because of how she just acted against Tucker and that her kind doesn't understand when being lady like and polite means. Just like I expected she ran away. After the bell rang—“

“Hi,” Oliver said, carrying his brief case into the dining room. “How are my girls?”

“Oh hi honey,” Sadie said. “When we're done talking I'll get dinner ready.”

Olwyn stood up and hopped to Oliver, embracing him with a smile that stretched her entire face.

“How about Pizza Castle instead?” Oliver asked.

“ Pizza Castle ?” Sadie asked.

“It's Friday. I thought it was time we get together and go out to eat.”

“Oh,” Sadie said. “Oh yeah. Okay.”

“ Pizza Castle is perfect, Daddy. You always know what's perfect on a Friday.”

“I'll be upstairs.” Oliver tossled Olwyn's hair before he turned around and left the dining room.

Sittig back down, “The last class was my cooking class, and I got an A on your Parmesan Chicken recipe. I knew she would like it. Who wouldn't like your cooking? You are the greatest. Oh, I almost forgot. I am such a major dunce. Sometimes I worry about myself.” Sadie stood up and walked to the table by the front door. Returning to the dining room, “I finished the Cinnamon-Raisin bread, and I know you're going to make me French toast sticks with that tomorrow for breakfast. Warm syrup dripping on to the plate. Mmmm.”

“Anything for you. Is that all that happened?”

“That's it. I know it was a boring day and nothing much happened…but…it's the end of the year.”

“All right. Stay down here and wait for us. You heard your daddy say we're going to Pizza Castle tonight.”

“Oh I know. I love their cheese pizza. It's not spicy at all and their salad is so good. Their house dressing isn't vinegary at all.” Olwyn pushed the chairs in and rolled her backpack into the downstairs office, closing the door behind her. Oops, almost forgot . . . After the toilet flushed, she looked in the mirror. Devil's child. I am God's child. Momma tells me so. I am a beautiful young lady. As she opened the door, her parents were downstairs.

“Oh, Momma. You look adorable in that pink cotton dress.”

“Thank you,” Sadie said. “Your daddy picked it out. It's casual still, but better than the t-shirt and jersey shorts.”

“Are we ready to go?” Olwyn asked.

“Just waiting for my girls.” Oliver motioned toward the door.

Olwyn smiled as they passed the buildings along the way, soft rock playing in the background. Fifteen minutes later, Oliver pulled around back. They walked through the front door.

“You two stay here and I'll take care of the order.” Oliver left Sadie and Olwyn at a bench seat in the middle of the restaurant.

“Football?” Olwyn asked.

“It is a pizza place. You know they have sports in places like this.”

“I suppose.”

“Your daddy and I were talking about what we're going to do in the summer. We decided to stay at the beach house. It's actually a shorter commute to work than it is to and from the house. The weekend of the finals we'll go shopping for the essentials.”

“Shopping? Just you and me?”

“That's the plan.”

“Oh boy. That's going to be major major major ma... jor...fun. A girl's day out. I'm so excited I can't wait. What are you going to do for my birthday?”

“That is a surprise.”

“Ooo. I love surprises.” Olwyn giggled, she turned her head hearing Oliver approaching.

“Two waters for the ladies, two green salads with house dressing, the beer for me, and—“

“Number four-oh-nine,” was called over the loud speaker.

“Our pizza is done.” Oliver walked back toward the counter.

Dinner was eaten in silence. Oliver watched the game on the big screen TV. Full of pizza, they left for home.

Olwyn looked at the clock. “It's my bed time. I want to continue that marvelous dream. It was macro spectacular.”

“I'll tuck you in.” Oliver followed Olwyn upstairs.

Emerging from the bathroom, nightgown on, she lay down on the bed as Oliver turned on Mozart.

“Have a good night.” Oliver kissed her forehead.

“I will, Daddy. I love you.” She closed her eyes.



To be continued in chapter 2


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