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Chapter 2


Six-thirty the following morning, she woke up and walked into the bathroom. She looked in the mirror, m y hair sticking up everywhere. Hmm . After brushing her teeth, she started her bath.

A half hour later, she emerged wrapped in a robe.

After getting dressed, she walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Momma.” Olwyn sat at the table.

“Morning, Ollie. How did you sleep last night?” Sadie asked.

“I slept wonderfully. I finally finished the dream about the deserted island. It was major good.”

Sadie brought over a bowl of cereal and a milk carton.

After pouring the milk, “I have to go to the library today. I'll be done by one o'clock this afternoon. If that. Those finals are major major easy.”

“I'll drop you off and pick you up.” Sadie sat down at the table.

“I'm sorry, Momma.” Olwyn started crying, with her fingers near her mouth.

“Sorry for what?” Sadie asked. “I have errands to do today. It will be much cooler than walking all the way to the library.”

“Oh.” Olwyn stood up from the table and walked to the sink. After splashing some water on her face, “I thought maybe I did something wrong and I have my period now and you know how I get while I'm on it and—“

“I know I know.” Sadie walked over to Olwyn and hugged her. “Everything is fine. Finish your breakfast.”

“I thought you were going to make me French toast sticks this morning with syrup on them. So I thought I really did do something wrong so I—“

“Stop crying. Nothing is wrong. Daddy left already this morning but he will be back later. I though it would be better to share your masterpiece for brunch tomorrow.”

“Of course it's better. You thought of it.” Olwyn hugged her mother. “I love you, Momma. I love you.”

“Go finish.”

Olwyn looked up and smiled, before turning around to walk back to the table. After finishing, she left for the downstairs bathroom. Job completed, she opened the door to the office and grabbed her backpack.

“Do you have everything?” Sadie asked, while searching her purse.

“I have everything I need.”

“Found the keys.” Sadie jiggled them leading the way to the garage.

Olwyn watched the houses as they passed by.

The car pulled into the parking lot. “Here we are.”

“Yes, Momma.” Olwyn left the car and started the walk uphill.

The electronic doors opened with a gush of air. Olwyn walked around to the front desk. “Excuse me, ma'am, I need the listening tape for Ms. Allaway's class please.”

“I'm sorry but… Oh here's one,” The librarian said. “The tape recorders are in the listening room at the back of the building.”

“Thank you.” Olwyn grabbed the tape and left the desk.

The tape is done and so am I. Look over the—

“Are you finished?” Pipperelle asked.

Olwyn looked up from the notebook.

“Are you? Or am I speaking a language you don't understand?” After a moment, “If you're done with the tape, then I'd like to have it if you don't mind.”

Olwyn leaned her head on her hand.

“Are you going to say something? Is this going to be a one sided conversation? If it is, then I can tell you I am a master seeing as how I have a little sister that does this constantly.”

“The only thing I will say is that the devil's child will turn it in when she's done with it.”

Pipperelle turned around and left the room.

Finally, I can get back to work. English . Reading the pages, major easy. Math . She looked through the tests , major easy. History . The pages turned, major easy. PE. Deltoid… humerus… major easy. Health let's see…what is the difference between HIV and AIDS? Pubic Lice. Define. Major easy. All I need is a recipe for Home Ec. Ha! Got that. I'm done and it's only been an hour.

Olwyn packed up the notebook and left the room. Tape in hand, she walked toward the front counter. “Excuse me, ma'am. I'm returning the tape to you.”

“Oh. Thank you dear. How nice of you to do that. There was another girl that wanted this tape. Oh, she'll be back. Have a good day.”

“You too.” Olwyn smiled and left the building. Pay phone pay phone , I need a—There it is . Dropping five quarters into the slot, she dialed a number. “Hi, Momma. I'm done. It didn't take me long at all. I know everything and the tape's done. All I have to do is find a recipe that I can do in class for Home Ec. Everything is just… it's not even worth brain power. I'll stay here and wait for you. Love you.”

As she sat on the steps of the front entrance, a shadow approached.

“You must be the mysterious Olwyn Abernethy. Good morning. I'm Afton. Afton Quincannon.”

Olwyn stared at the cement.

“Maybe my daughter is right after all. Looks can be deceiving.”

Olwyn shrugged her shoulders.

“What does that mean?” Afton approached her.

Olwyn looked up and saw Raybans looking down at her.

“I asked a question and that requires an answer,” Afton said.

“If you must know, I don't pay much attention to your daughter, because I feel that she doesn't add anything to my life.”

“I see. Perhaps then she was mistaken in believing if you were given a chance. . .”

After Olwyn stopped laughing, “Que sera sera.”

“You are not old enough to understand what that means.” After a moment, “I am talking to you.”

“Like mother like daughter.” Olwyn shifted her head to the side to look passed Afton.

A few minutes after she left, the white Infiniti pulled up. Olwyn hopped up and ran to the car, running back to get her backpack. “Hi, Momma.”

“Hi, Ollie. How about if we go to the Salad Garden Buffet? We haven't been there in a while.”

“That would be major good. A girl's day after all. I know exactly what I want and what to get.”

“After we get home though, it's upstairs with you to review, and to find a recipe.”

“Okay, Momma.”

“That's my girl.”

Inside the front doors, Olwyn grabbed a tray and two plates. Let's see... Chinese salad, don't like that. Caesar salad, don't like garlic at all. Romaine lettuce, perfect . After placing it on her plate, need some Garbanzo beans, carrots, cucumber oh and the raisins. That will add some flavor. She continued the rest of the way down the main salad bar until she met up with her mother at the cash register.

“Chinese salad. Something new and different,” a lady said, with laughter in her voice.

“I'll take the Caesar. Hail Caesar!” Pipperelle laughed.

I can't go anywhere without her following me. Olwyn stopped at the drink bar to fill her glass with iced tea. Picking up her tray again, she found her mother sitting by the fruit bar.

“So, what did you get?” Sadie asked.

“I got romaine lettuce with carrots, cucumber, beans, raisins, beets and I used the Balsamic vinegar with olive oil dressing. It's perfect. Oh, I forgot the soup. I must not be awake.”

“That's okay. Because I forgot too. Let's go.”

Sadie and Olwyn walked together to the soup section. “Chicken soup,” Olwyn said. “We're having steak tonight so that wouldn't be good. Chili soup is too spicy. Oh, they have vegetable soup. That's what I'll get.” She picked up a bran muffin on the way back.

“I'll get the potato and leek soup.”

They found their way back to the table.

Sadie swirled the spoon in the soup bowl. “I remember when you were a baby. Your daddy wanted to name you Angela and I have to admit it did fit.” After a sip, “The way your hair sat on your head made it look like a halo. But it wasn't too long before that your daddy's niece died. She died of mysterious causes. The closest thing anyone could think of was SIDS. Well anyway, we promised her parents we would name you Olwyn. The name they originally chose for their own daughter. So that's how you came to be.”

“I love hearing that story, no matter how many times you tell it to me.” Olwyn put the soup bowl aside and started on the salad.

“I don't mean to be sentimental but…your birthday is close and soon you'll be away to a far off place.” Sadie watched Olwyn as she ate her salad.

“I won't be that far. I'd miss you too much.”

“It's all a part of growing up. I did and said the exact same thing and do you know what I found out?”


“That everything is fine.”

“Oh but, Momma…”

“Eat. And no crying.”

“But, Momma…”

“Finish. I'm hungry.”

Olwyn looked through teary eyes at her salad. After finishing, “I'm going to the pasta bar.”

“I'll wait here for you to come back.”

“Are you sure?”

“Go on. Then when you come back you can tell me what they have.”

Olwyn put aside her salad plate as she stood up from the table.

“Excuse me, sir, but is the pasta primavera spicy at all?” Olwyn asked the pasta chef.

“Not spicy,” The pasta chef said. “It has olive oil, salt, pepper, and some Italian herbs.”

“Thank you.” Olwyn scooped the macaroni and cheese and the pasta primavera.

When she returned to the table, “They have pasta with marinara sauce, macaroni and cheese, pasta primavera, and that's it.” After the mixing the two together she began eating.

“The pasta with marinara sauce sounds good. And I'll do what you're doing and mix it with the primavera. I'll be back.”

“It's really good. It's not garlicy at all. And no hot chili peppers.”

Sadie scooted out from the table, leaving Olwyn behind.

“Excuse me,” A lady said.

Olwyn looked up, it's her with the man's cut . What does she want now? “Yes ma'am?”

“I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but are you AmberLee Reynolds?”

“No, I'm not AmberLee Reynolds.”

“Thank you.” The woman stood there for a moment before leaving.

AmberLee Reynolds? Why would I be her?

“Who was that?” Sadie asked.

“I don't know. She wanted to know if I was AmberLee Reynolds. I told her no I wasn't.”

Sadie stopped the progress of her fork halfway with her mouth open.

“The pasta too hot?” Olwyn asked.

Sadie looked at the fork, “Oh uh…no. Everything is fine.”

“Okay. I'm going to get some fruit for desert. The pineapple and the melon is calling me.”

The honeydew looks good and so does the—

“I would appreciate it if you would treat my mother with respect.” Pipperelle leaned against the fruit bar.

“Whatever.” I have everything. Mm, the smell is intoxicating.

She followed Pipperelle stopping at her table.

“Oh, that looks like a good mix. I think I'll indulge and get some tapioca pudding.”

“Is that the one that looks like curdled milk? The one with all of the bumps in it?”

“That's the one. I'll be back.”

I'll stick to my fruit.

When they finished, Sadie placed a dollar on the table before leaving.

Once they returned to the house, Olwyn dragged herself and the backpack upstairs to her room.

Taking out the notebook once again, she took out all of the review sheets. I know all of this. But Momma said I have to review. I could complete the health sheet and still have time to find a recipe.

Twenty minutes later, health sheet done, everything packed up and put away in the closet . Downstairs to find a recipe. She walked downstairs and into the kitchen to look through the cookbooks. “Oh, Momma. Momma?”

“Yes?” Sadie answered, as she measured a steak with the palm of her hand.

“I found a recipe for fruit tacos.” Olwyn was bounding on her feet. “All I need are strawberries, bananas, peaches or nectarines, yogurt, and nuts. Oh and crunchy taco shells. Doesn't that sound major good?”

“That sounds nice and easy to put together.” After sprinkling salt and pepper on three steaks, “No cooking involved though. You should have something to cook to show your ability.”

“Do you really think so? It only takes ten minutes to cook and clean up is nothing practically.”

“It's a cooking class, so yes I think you should.” Sadie walked outside to waiting grill.

“Yes, Momma.”

Another book taken out, stopping on a page with a picture of a sandwich. “I found a grilled ham sandwich. It has roasted red peppers, gruyere or Swiss cheese, ham, and mayo. Oh and parmesan cheese to mix with the mayo.”

“That's sounds like a better choice and we have all of the ingredients. We have half a loaf of the whole grain bread that you like. You can take that along.”

“That sounds major super good. I'll mark the recipe right now.”

“Glad you like it. Finish what you need to do.”

“Yes, Momma.”

Olwyn took the recipe book upstairs with her, setting it aside on her desk. She took out a book The Baron's Fortune . At six o'clock she walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

“There's my angel,” Oliver said, opening his arms.

“Daddy daddy!” Olwyn jogged into Oliver's arms. “I can't wait to tell you what happened today.”

“Why don't you start now?”

“Okay. Well. My morning didn't start so good because I got emotional. You know how I am when I'm on my period. But Momma said it was okay. That was when I remembered that she said God makes women emotional because we are mommies. But I forgot about that because I thought I did something wrong. She didn't make me French toast sticks like she was supposed to, but she said we are going to have them tomorrow. After that, she dropped me off at the library. I finished the listening tape and emailed that out. No Problem. I looked through the review sheets. Major easy. All of them. Every single one of them. Then I called Momma to tell her I was done and we went out for lunch. We went to the Salad Garden Buffet. Major delicious. Oh…almost forgot. This weird lady came up to me and asked if I was AmberLee Reynolds. Do I look like an AmberLee? Such lame name and weirdo lady on top of that. After telling her no, she went on her way. Then when we came home, Momma and I that is, I went upstairs to complete my health review sheet. After that was done, I found a recipe for grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. I need you to copy it for me. And that was it. What did you do?”

“I left early this morning to go into the office. Had to look over some reports. After that, a meeting here and there.”

“What kind of a meeting?”

“I met some people I'm doing some business with.”

“Food is ready.” Sadie placed the food on the table.

Olwyn followed the food with her eyes. “Perfect, Momma. As usual. Men always need more meat than women. That's why our steak is small compared to daddy's quarter pound steak. A lady's steak should be no larger than the palm of her hand. And that's what this is. Sour cream on top of the baked potatoe and the green beans look so good. Mmm.” Olwyn inhaled the aroma. “This does smell good.”

It was quiet during dinner, Sadie and Oliver exchanged glances.

“What are you guys doing?” Olwyn asked.

“It's called love glances. It's what two people do when they love each other.”

“Oh. I want to do that with my husband some day.”

“You will,” Oliver said, looking at Sadie.

“I'm done,” Olwyn said, pushing her plate away.

“Go on upstairs. I want you upstairs all day tomorrow. I'll let you know when you can come down.”

“Yes, Momma.” Olwyn stood up from the table walking upstairs to her bedroom. After brushing her teeth and changing clothes, she laid down on her bed. Math is so simple. History is not even a challenge. So why am I thinking about this? I'll read instead. At nine o'clock, the book was put away and the light turned out.

The following morning, a knock sounded on Olwyn's door. “Good morning, Momma. I was just waiting on my bed, because I remember you said I couldn't come down unless I was told to.”

“Good morning to you too,” Sadie said. “I see I don't have to ask if you slept well.”

“I slept major good.” Olwyn stood up from the bed and walked towards Sadie.

Holding her arm out, “Well come on then, breakfast is waiting.” Three steps from the final stop, “Daddy had to go. It's not normal and he was supposed to be here, but they needed him this morning to clarify a few details. He promises to be home for lunch. And he said your bread was great.”

“He did?” Olwyn asked with a wide smile. “It would have been better if he was here so I could talk to him about it.” She sat down at the kitchen table, listening to the noises of silverware and plates. “Mm mm mm mm mmm.” After inhaling, “Aaaahhh. That smells so good. I can smell the warm maple syrup.” Picking up a stick, “Mm. I can taste the cinnamon and the raisins mixed with the syrup. Oh that is so good.”

“You did good. I had a piece myself. I had to remember that this is the summer so I don't over eat.”

“What are we going to do?”

“We are going to spend some time at the beach house. It's a shorter drive for daddy than where we are now so that won't be a problem. He won't be able to take off for hol--for vacation right away though.”

“Oh that's okay. He'll be there and then we can have a barbecue and seafood every night. That would be…beyond words.” Olwyn drank the orange juice, dabbing her mouth with a napkin.

“All right. Upstairs with you.”

“Yes, Momma.”

After closing the door, she took out her book again, the last chapter . She looked at the clock, no wonder I'm hungry. It's twelve o'clock. Mom hasn't come to get me yet. Book put away, she sat up staring at the closed door.

A few minutes later, the door opened, “Come on. Your daddy brought home lunch.”

“He's home?” Olwyn popped up from the bed. “Really?” The smile stretched her face from corner to corner.

“Yes, really. He's very tired right now. So behave.” Sadie grabbed Olwyn's shoulders and held her still.

“I'm sorry, Momma. I'm just excited he's home.”

“I know.”

Three plates were on the table, an empty one in front of Oliver.

“You're not eating, Daddy? You don't feel good? Momma—“

“Oh no,” Oliver said. “I'm fine. I finished mine already. I was hungry.”

“Oh. Okay. Tell me about your day.”

“Not as exciting as yours.” Oliver picked up the newspaper and started reading.

“Oh, Daddy.” Olwyn lifted the corner of a sandwich. “This one looks like ham and cheese.”

“This one is California chicken sandwich.”

“Can I have that one? Please, Momma? It's been a long time since I had any avocado.”

“Yes.” Sadie traded plates with Olwyn and both began eating.

Olwyn drank her milk to the last drop.

“All right. Back upstairs with you.”

“Yes, Momma.”

Back in her room, she sat on her bed staring at the door.


A few minutes after six o'clock, “Come along, Angel,” Oliver said. “It's time for dinner. Salmon tonight. I can smell the fresh dill.”

“Oh that sounds major good.” Olwyn smiled as she descended the staircase.

“Hi, Momma.”

“Hi, Ollie. Go ahead and eat. When you're done…”

“I know. I will.” Olwyn began to eat.


Olwyn smoothed out her dress before going downstairs. “It's finals day.”

“Ready to go?” Oliver asked, standing by the front door.

“Yes, I am,” Olwyn said, as she descended the staircase. “I can look like a little lady today in my summer dress and my shoes. I have everything here. Even the recipe you copied and all of the ingredients that Momma packed. Other than that, we turn in all of our texts, we need pencils and pens, and…that's it.”

“Sounds like you have to take a lot.”

Oliver led Olwyn to a black convertible BMW in the driveway. Both climbed in, and the car started down the road.

“It does seem like a lot, but by the end of the day I'll have nothing in my bag. We have to go to school tomorrow, even though finals will be done, but it'll only be a half day.”

Oliver pulled into the front entrance. “There you go, Angel. See you tonight.”

“See you tonight, Daddy.” Olwyn waved, blowing him a kiss. Taking out the handle of her backpack, she walked up the ramp to the main building. As she passed, students sat under trees or on benches in the main quad area with books open.

The Home Economics door was open. Olwyn went inside and opened the class refrigerator. Momma put my name on the bag and sealed it with tape. Oh, an entire shelf open. God must've made them aware.

The building was quiet besides the closing of the doors and lockers. Squeaking shoes and the clackity clack of heals were heard as well.

Next stop was English. The classroom door was open, but nobody inside. Olwyn sat in her seat, taking out her textbook and testing supplies. She traced a picture with her finger, following the wood grain on the desk. Up and down, back and forth, around and around until a familiar scent walked by.

“Morning,” Pipperelle said.

Olwyn picked up her text and put it on the teacher's desk.

“Thank you for the listening tape by the way. My mother said she met you out front. She was surprised at your lack of manners.”

Olwyn traced the same pattern on the desk.

“Uuuhhh,” Robin said, dropping into the seat. “I. Hate. Mornings. Extremely! Do away with them. So how was your weekend?”

Tan and brown. Hmm. The edge is smooth.

“Yoo hoo,” Robin said. “Are we not having a morning or what?”

Olwyn looked up, “My weekend was wonderful as always.”

“Did you finally get a date?” Robin wiggled her eyebrows.

Pipperelle snorted before standing up.

“I spent time with my parents.”

“Must have been exciting.”

More students entered the classroom, sitting down, turning around and talking to the neighbor. After the bell rang, Ms. Allaway walked inside the room with the door closing after her.

“Morning. If you haven't already, please put your text on my desk. When everybody is done, we will start.”

The teacher stood in front of the desk, looking around the room. “The final has thirty fill-in-the-blank questions. The last paragraph must be rewritten with proper punctuation, spelling, word choice, whatever you feel is necessary to make the paragraph complete and correct. As soon as you get the test, you may begin.”

Olwyn started as soon as she received it. One question after another was completed until reaching the final paragraph. Huh. Not even a challenge. Halfway through rewriting the paragraph Ms. Allaway tapped the board.

“If your name is on the board, that means I have not received the listening test or the final essay from you. That means a deduction of seventy-five points from your final grade.”

Olwyn finished the test and turned it in. Everything is done .

The bell rang. Olwyn stood up after everybody left.

Up the stairs and down the hall, Olwyn stopped at Mr. Tillen's room. The door's locked. Doesn't matter.

“Have you considered dating someone?” Pipperele asked.

Olwyn watched the crowd below, heard lockers slamming shut, and smelled chalk permeating through the air. We don't have chalkboards but yet it's still there. I wish he'd open the door.

“… And your mother did the President.” Pipperelle said.

Olwyn looked up to the pair of blue eyes staring down. “Why do we have to talk?”

“Gee golly whiz. Doesn't it just seem like the thing to do? To find out about someone? Perhaps? Yes?”


“Maybe my mother was right. Why waist my time?”

Olwyn laughed, it started with her shoulders shaking to snorting laughter. She finally caught a hint.

Hearing footsteps walking in her direction, she looked to her left, “Morning Mr. Tillens.”

“Morning morning. Sorry I'm late.” After unlocking the door, “Go ahead and go in. Put your text on my desk.”

Olwyn set her backpack by her desk, taking out testing supplies and the text. She returned to her seat and found a note, picked it up to toss it in the trash.

“That note was for you,” Pipperelle said.

“That's why I threw it away,” Olwyn said.

“So you're not worth it?”

“The only ones in my life are my parents and God.”

“You are screwed so tight the contents you are holding will burst one day.”


Once the bell rang, “Morning everyone,” Mr. Tillens said. “This is the last day of class. Final day as it were. I would ask…all of you…to consider the people around you. There is not only one person on this planet. There are many people on this planet and we learn the lessons in life by interacting with each other. Now that my soap box moment is done, I will pass out the test.”

Olwyn signed her name at the top, ten minutes later it was turned in along with her text. She returned to her seat, leaned back, and stared at the white board.

The ticking of the clock, swishing of pens and pencils, squeaks and sqwaks from the noise of chairs moving filled the room. The air conditioner was blowing causing goosebumps to form on Olwyn's arms. She glanced to the right to see the orange edging of the message board. To the left, light shined through the windows.

Nothing left to look at , the clock ticked in the background.

“Finals here before you leave, and don't forget to leave your text on my desk,” Mr. Tillens said, after the bell rang. “It was good to have you. Enjoy your summer!”

Now PE. Luckily, I don't have to do anything. Olwyn walked through the building and up the hill. On the other side of the Physical Education building, was an empty classroom. She found a front seat in the open room.

Why does she have to sit by me? Olwyn's eyes moved with Pipperelle. I move she moves with me. What would be the point? I know that God is teaching me patience by creating her. But she's one of those. Maybe God is teaching tollerance as well. Why am I even thinking about her? Waste of brainpower.

At the start of class, “All right people,” Mr. Scheinberg said. “This test I made as simple as I can make it…so that anyone who needs to do the obstacle course will have time to do so. If you finish early, and you don't need to do the obstacle course, stay inside the classroom. Another teacher will be here to monitor. Questions Abernethy?”

“No, Mr. Scheinberg,” Olwyn said.

“Good,” Mr. Scheinberg said. He held up a blank sheet, “Print your name on this paper so I know you're here.”

Connect the terms on the right with the terms on the left. Major simple easy.

Fill in the blank. Last five. And there's still thirty five minutes left. Name. Check. Date. Check. Olwyn picked up her test sheet and turned it in. After signing the sign-in sheet, she sat down. Mr. Scheinberg left the room, another teacher walked in. A woman. Look at all of those muscles and that hair…Uck.

Olwyn stayed behind waiting for the rest of the class to leave the room. Deep breath in and out, she exited with Pipperelle following. I can't sit under the tree today, but I can sit inside the building. There are benches inside.

In the middle of the hall was a detour leading to another hallway lined with benches, water fountains, and the restrooms. The girls' room is at the end of the hall, that's where I'll sit. Hopefully she'll—

“The benches back there were open,” Pipperelle said.

Olwyn continued to the end, setting aside the backpack as she stared at the painting of a lighthouse. Those tests were unbelievably major easy. Momma will be taking me out tomorrow to go shopping for summer clothes. Can't wait. A few minutes before the bell, it was a trip to the girls' room.

When she exited the door, she saw a black tank top. Looking up, “Excuse me.”

“I'll see you at lunch.” Pipperelle turned around, slung the backpack on her back, and shook her head.

Olwyn sat at her assigned seat in math.

On the board: Text on the front desk. Roll will be taken at the bell. Take test pamphlet and begin at the bell.

The door slammed as the bell rang. “Instructions on the board,” Mr. Falk said, walking to the front of the room.

Quadratic equations, not even a challenge. Olwyn continued through the test, looking it over when she was through. After turning it in, she returned to seat, seeing Robin still working on the word problems.

“Tests up front, if you have not turned it in already.” Mr. Falk walked from row to row collecting the stack from the front.

“I am so glad that math is done.” Robin punched the air, as she left the room. “I am going to miss you.”

“Have a good summer.” Olwyn walked down the hall and entered the last classroom.

She sat in her seat, History textbook taken out and placed on the desk on top of the others. Pencils at the ready, she smelled Pipperelle walking in.

“I hope you're doing well on the finals,” Pipperelle said. “I stayed up late most nights studying for these. What about you?”


“As much as you enjoy spouting that God did this, God did that, one of the things you should know is that he also gave us variety.”

Olwyn shrugged her shoulders.

“We'e spent two years together going through school. Don't you think I at least deserve a hello?”


“I hope that whoever it is you are going to spend the rest of your life with…has patience.”


Olwyn walked across the quad to the cafeteria. Stepping inside, she looked around and found the back corner table open. Lunch bag out, she started eating her food.

“There you are,” Robin said. “I am so glad this is the last day and that I only have one class left. It's PE. So no thinking required. What abou you?”

After Olwyn swallowed her food, “I have one class left.”

“We all have one class left, goof ball.” Robyn took a bite of her burrito.

Olwyn stopped eating and started packing.

“Hey. Where are you going?”

“Somewhere where I won't be insulted.”

“Insulted. That wasn't an insult. Effin' fat cow is an insult.”

Olwyn stood up to be stopped by Pipperelle. “If you wouldn't mind…”

“Actually I do mind. We are going to be together even if you kill me.”

“Why would I dirty my hands?”

“You see. We're bonding already.” Pipperelle smiled as she blinked her eyes.

Olwyn ate one bite after another, without stopping until everything was finished. Lunchbag packed, she stood up and left the cafeteria.


“All right everyone,” Ms. Babineaux said. “Today you are going to prepare something in twenty minutes. It must be enough to feed four people. This is nothing new to you. Now. If your dish should require refrigeration or needs to be kept frozen, please write a note with your name clearly written. You may begin.”

Momma packed half a loaf of bread, Black Mountain Ham my absolute favorite, Swiss cheese… everything is there. Twenty minutes later and sandwiches done, she cut the sandwiches in half and placed them on a plate.

“Excuse me, Ms. Babineaux.” Olwyn held the plate and tapped her foot. “Ms. Babineaux…”


“This is my dish. Grilled Ham sandwiches with Swiss cheese and roasted red peppers.”

“Looks very nice. Is this a family dish or did you follow a recipe?”

“It's a family dish.”

“Very nice. Put that on the back table and attach your name to the plate. Be sure to clean your area. I've been finding dirty dishes in your cupboards.”

Olwyn turned around and taped a name card to the plate. She stared at the dishes in the sink before looking to see where the teacher was standing. She's over at her desk. She won't see me. I would only do housework for God, Momma, and my future husband. Dishes rinsed and put away, she sat down at her table.

The bell rang and the door banged open. All of the students made a loud noise as they exited the building. The boys jumped to slap the top of the doors. The girls smacked gum as they laughed and caught up with each other in the halls. Outside, cell phones turned on and various ring tones sounded in the parking lot.

Olwyn stood under the old tree, watching for Sadie.

An Infiniti SUV pulled in front of her. Ducking, she watched Pipperelle's footsteps climb in.

“Gone at last. Just one more day and I'll be rid of her.” Olwyn smiled and waved when she saw the white Infiniti.

Olwyn climbed in, putting her backpack on the floor. “Hi, Momma.”

“Hello. How did you do?”

“I got an A. God made sure I knew everything for the finals.”

“Good. Tomorrow, the both of us will go out to eat first. Then go shopping. You need to find a swimsuit. The one you have now is too small for you.”

“Yes, Momma. Are we going to the Salad Buffet again?”

“No we're going to the sandwich shop down the street. You and I will share. From there, we'll go to Beach Heaven. I have one and it still fits. So it'll just be you.”

“Oh. I guess I need to lose weight. Too much fruit.”

“A little lady must always be cautious about her weight.”

“If you get too big, you won't be able to find a husband.”

“How much weight do I need to lose?”

“I'll tell you that after we get home.”


To be continued in chapter 3


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