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Author's note ~ As always, a big thank you to my beta readers. Without your help this would be littered with errors. This series takes place in the fictional town of Honeyport in the South of England.

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Better the Devil you know


Cam Taylor




Sunday, 25th October, 2009

The two men stood in the shadows of the tall trees that surrounded them. The night air was crisp and carried a hint of sea salt from a breeze rolling across the not so distant ocean. The dark sky above was mostly blanketed by cloud, little light coming from the moon. The house they were intently watching was bathed in darkness.

Not for long.

The security alarm shrilled loudly into the night, probably disturbing everyone in the neighbourhood.

The two men watched as through a pane of glass next to the front door, a light went on for the stairs. The shorter of the two men giggled excitedly. "I wonder if she'll come down nude," he whispered.

Judge shot an elbow into his companion's ribs. "Shhh," he rasped, without taking his eyes off the house.

"Maybe wearing a sexy nightie?" The man licked his lips, a leer on his face. He pictured the woman in his mind, remembering the first time he had seen her. The good doctor had been sitting alone in the park on one of the benches, her loose auburn hair curled around her face, as she leaned forward to read the newspaper she had on her lap. The man felt himself grow hard and groaned quietly. She is so beautiful! She will be mine and we will be happy. God, I can't wait!

The night suddenly plunged back into silence. The woman within the house obviously stopped to turn off her alarm system. The two men waited as the forty-four year old woman opened the front door and peered out into the darkness, the hall behind her bathed in light.

The woman stepped outside, a robe wrapped tightly around her. The shorted of the two men groaned, getting another blow to the ribs. He watched as the doctor reached back into the house, the front garden suddenly lighting up as she turned on the 500 watt floodlight that was mounted next to her front door.

The woman screamed in horror as she found what they had left for her, hands flying up to her mouth.

Judge smiled, pleased with the outcome. This is only the beginning, doctor.



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