Disclaimers ~ This is an original work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, places or events is purely coincidental. These characters belong to me, if they have a passing resemblance to you or share your name, it's purely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author.

Bad language ~ A fair bit.

Disclaimers ~ This is an original work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, places or events is purely coincidental. These characters belong to me, if they have a passing resemblance to you or share your name, it's purely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author.

Bad language ~ A fair bit.

Love/sex ~ Romance between men and women and between women. Sex between consenting couples.

Sickness & death ~ There are some deaths in this story. If that's not for you, I hope you enjoy reading something else.

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Friday, 5th March

J anet walked into the hospital and made her way to Chris' room.

"For God's sake! I do not need a wheelchair!"

Janet smiled as Chris' voice drifted down to her. The blonde had been in hospital four weeks and had steadily grown more and more annoyed at being kept there. Janet quickened her pace and stopped in the doorway. "Tormenting the poor nurses... you should be ashamed!"

Chris looked over at the young woman standing in the doorway and gave her a bright smile. Then, remembering why she'd been protesting, she turned back to glare at the nurse. "I'm not getting in that!"

Janet sighed and walked into the room. Taking a seat on the edge of the bed next to Chris, she picked up Chris' hand. "Sweetheart, you are still hurt. Your ribs aren't completely better, are they?"

Chris pouted. "But, Jan..."

"Will you get in the wheelchair for me?"

"You don't play fair!"

Janet gave her a sexy smile and leaned in to kiss her cheek. "The sooner you jump in, the sooner we can get to my mom's house. Tomorrow, everyone is coming over for a party. You want to be there, don't you?"

Chris grumbled under her breath, but stood up and crossed over to the wheelchair. "Come on then, lover. I'm sick of this place."

Janet shook her head and smiled sympathetically at the nurse, then followed behind as they headed for the doors.


* * * * *

Saturday, 6th March

Kate Levens stood in her kitchen preparing a tray of drinks. She looked out the window facing her back yard and smiled at the antics of the investigators.

A month had passed since that night in the forest. The Colonel had gotten together with Walter and had given the local newspapers a false story. The group of men, who were insurers for Tradestones, were camping when tragedy had struck. One of them had knocked over a lantern and the whole place had gone up in flames. Jackson Valmont hadn't been able to get out. His family put on a lavish funeral for him and, of course, invited the press to join in with their grief.

Kate shivered at the thought of being burnt alive. She shivered whenever her thoughts drifted to what had happened. James lost an investigator, and nearly lost Chris and Laurie. Joey and Charley were shot. And yet, it could have been so much worse. She was brought out of her train of thoughts by her daughter entering the kitchen.

"Hi, mom."

Kate smiled at Janet, spotting the brand new love bite on her neck. "Hello, honey. Everything all right upstairs?" Janet nodded, a grin spreading across her lips. Kate had insisted on having Chris stay with her, until she was completely healed and ready to go back to work. Chris staying with her meant that Janet was home a lot too. "How is Chris?"

"She's fine, moaning because she can't do too much." Janet walked over to her mom and grabbed one of the drinks she had been preparing.

"Are you two going to be joining us?" Kate asked, laughing as her daughter blushed.

"Yes, we just... we..."

"They don't know about you two, do they?" Kate asked, suddenly serious, nodding her head to the investigators gathered in her pool house.

Janet shook her head. "Chris doesn't want to tell them yet."

"Ah. How do you... feel about that?"

"I understand I guess. It's hard to... come out. I remember when I had to tell you. I was a mess before! It must be just as hard for her. They are all she has." With Chris' permission, Janet had told Kate about what had happened to Chris' family.

"I'm sure it'll work itself out. She loves you. I can see that every time she looks at you."

Janet smiled brightly. "I feel the same."

Chris walked into the kitchen and up behind Janet. Sliding her arms around Janet's slim waist, she kissed the sensitive spot behind her ear. "You talking about me?"

"No, big head!"

Chris smiled as Janet turned in her arms to face her. "That means you were," she said.

"Come on, hot stuff. Let's go sit by the pool and catch up with your family."

The three women walked out into the back yard. The weather wasn't great. The sky was overcast and a breeze had started up. But Kate's pool was not only inside shelter, it was heated too, which kept them warm.

"Where have you two been?" Laurie asked with an evil smirk. She was seated by the side of the pool, legs dangling in the water.

"I was uhh... returning a book to Janet," Chris replied innocently.

"Uh-huh." Laurie tapped her neck and smile grew wider. "Good book, was it?"

Chris walked in front of Janet and turned back to look at her partner, laughing out loud at the mark she had left. "Yeah, it was great."

Kate handed around the drinks and everyone sat at the pool's edge, all the investigators with their legs dangling into the warm water. The doctor looked around at each of them, all of them laughing and joking. They were family. It was easy to see that they cared deeply for each other. They've all been through a lot.

Joey's neck had healed nicely. Kate had checked him over the day before and given him permission to return to work, stressing that he do nothing too strenuous. Charley was having physical therapy and was slowly working his way back to full fitness. Laurie was itching to get the cast off her arm, but was otherwise better. Chris had only just been released from hospital and was nowhere near ready to return to work. Her ribs were still wrapped and her head injury was still under observation, mainly from Janet. Other than that, the investigators were as they always were, full of fun and games.

"So what happened to that stalker?" Kate asked, needing to know he was far away from her home and out of her life.

"He's in prison, waiting to be transported up to Birmingham, where he is wanted for questioning about a number of crimes against women," Joey told the doctor, noting that she visibly relaxed at his words.

"So, I'm finally free to go back to normal?"

"You were never normal, mom!" Janet joked.

"Thank you, darling. I love you, too." Kate slapped her daughter's knee. "I heard that the Mayor's daughter came home last week."

"Yeah. The Mayor finally cut off her credit cards and she turned up with her tail between her legs," Charley informed her, shaking his head.

"So what is your latest case? Anything exciting?"

"Case? We're insurers, ma'am," Joey said smiling.

"Oh. Yes, of course."

The investigators finished their drinks and sat by the pool talking. The only one unhurt was Patrick and he remained out of the water, next to his new family, rather than swimming.

"Chris, you know you're staying here..." Joey started.

"What about it?"Chris frowned, wondering if he knew about her and Janet.

"My mum is driving me nuts. Can I stay at your house?" he pleaded.

"No way! My house is nice and clean and neat. If you go and stay there, it will be a mess by the time I get back!"

Joey pouted and trained puppy dog eyes on her.

"What's happening about your house, Joey?" Laurie asked.

"My insurance is covering it. A couple more weeks and I should be able to move back in." Joey stood up and slipped away, returning with not only a cheeky grin but a water pistol as well.

Kate laughed and watched in amusement as a water fight started, each of the investigators, except Chris, running to grab their weapons. The doctor sat happily on her lounger, glad that out of all this she had survived and found new friends, and her daughter had found a new love and was happier than she had been for a long time. They obviously love each other. Chris is as of this moment my future daughter-in-law. Good thing I like her. She watched as the couple managed to caress the other when they thought no one was watching. But both have dangerous jobs. I just hope nothing happens to Chris or Janet.


The End.


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