More Unlimited Sexual Favors

by Cephalgia

and MJ


Authors’ notes: See Part 1.

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Part Three…

A roll of the dice…

The door to Darcy's old bedroom opened slowly. It was Wilder who poked her head in first. Her eyes scanned the room, a room that she only recalled from memories of many years before. Stepping in ahead of Darcy, Wilder assessed the bedroom in a three hundred and sixty degree turn.

"Wow, this hasn't changed at all... unless it's a little smaller!" Wilder snorted. "Boy, I am so glad that poster of David Hasselhoff isn't above your bed anymore!"

Darcy winced at her remark. "I was young. Besides he was sitting on Kit and I loved that talking car." Darcy sat on the edge of her queen-sized bed. "Anyway, do you still have those G. I. Joe dolls in your closet? If you insist on teasing me I'll be forced to return the favor, Wilder!"

"That's G. I. McNeil to you." Wilder grinned and straddled Darcy's legs. She looked down at Darcy. "Wow, this was one of my greatest fantasies when I was younger. Getting you into a position like this…knowing I could have you at my will." Wilder closed her eyes and reminisced. "I used to lie in bed at night, a hand slipping down my body as I dreamed I was in this very bed with you. Touching. Feeling. Tasting." Wilder yelped as she was suddenly grabbed and thrown down on the bed. Her eyes fully open, she looked up at a flushed Darcy.

"God, Wild, you know what your words do to me." She pushed her body tighter against Wilder and closed her eyes. "Tell me more."

Wilders breath caught. A flush of embarrassment momentarily colored her cheeks. She never considered for one moment that she would willingly reveal her innermost and long kept fantasies to a willing Darcy. The thought, however, did excite her. She closed her eyes.

"I remember once, when I at school. I saw the guys laughing and joking about something, so naturally being one of the gang, I went over to see what all the fuss was about. Matt pulled out this vibrator. For a minute, I didn't know what it was but I soon caught on. He let me hold it and turn it on. I gave it back to him pretty quick, though, when he said he found it in his mom's drawer! Anyway... later that night, I was in bed thinking. I thought of you. You did have the power to pop up into my thoughts occasionally back then! I thought of you, but this time I thought of what I wanted to do to you with that toy." Wilder groaned. Her hands moved down to Darcy's behind and she massaged firm cheeks. Darcy responded with a gasp. She buried her head in Wilder's shoulder. Her warm breath caressed Wilder's ear as she pleaded, "Tell me more. Tell me what you wanted to do."

Wilder felt desire undulate though her veins. She bit her bottom lip as memories resurfaced in her mind's eye. "I imagined what it was like to kiss you. To feel your tongue in my mouth." Wilder's chest rose and fell with increasing excitement. "Oh god… I'd never been so turned on up until that point. All those new experiences that opened up my imagination. I touched myself, wishing it was you." Wilder opened her eyes. She sucked her index finger and waited for Darcy to look at her. Once eye contact was made, Wilder trailed her hand down Darcy's body and up her shirt. She pushed her hand under Darcy's bra.

"I caressed my breasts... pretending the arousal I was feeling was sensations I caused within you." Wilder ran her moist finger around Darcy's puckered nipple. "Do you realize this is one of my oldest fantasies coming true? To lie with you on your bed, like this?"

"Wild." Darcy whispered, unable to resist the desire to kiss her, to stoke the fire burning within them both. She knew they wouldn't have long before her cousin returned and she decided upon a plan to remedy that fact. First, however, Darcy wanted to make another of Wilder's dreams come true.

Releasing the blonde's succulent lips, Darcy halted their fevered pace. "I've got something for you," she whispered seductively.

"You've got everything I want," Wilder replied and hugged Darcy closer.

"No." Darcy pulled away and rose from the bed. "This is something I know you'll like."

Opening her old closet, Darcy cast her eyes upon a row of old clothes that were covered in protective plastic. Kneeling on the floor she began moving old books, sports equipment and high school yearbooks out of the way. Once the floor of the closet was clear, Darcy pulled away a small piece of carpeting. She lifted three floorboards and reached inside the hole.

"What are you doing?" asked a thoroughly intrigued Wilder.

"Come and see," Darcy replied as she pulled a dusty shoebox from its secret hiding place.

Wilder scrambled to the floor and knelt in front of Darcy. The brunette placed the box between them. Without saying a word, Darcy lifted the lid to let Wilder look inside. She smiled as blue eyes looked down and Wilder's jaw fell open.

"Son of a bitch!" Wilder exclaimed. "Would you just look at this stuff? Does this ever change the way I visualized the girl next door!"

Darcy giggled. "I called this my hope chest."

"I bet I know what you were hoping for," an impressed Wilder said as she reached into the box and removed a six-inch vibrator. "Why pink?" she asked, noting the almost neon bright color.

"Pink is for girls, Wild, everybody knows that," Darcy replied in an amused tone. She blushed then and looked down. "The truth is, I ordered it so it would match these." She reached inside the box and pulled out a carefully folded object. With a quick flip of her wrist the item unfolded and a skimpy pair of what were almost panties was revealed. There was barely enough near-transparent pink material to cover a small portion of the crotch and ass. What held it together appeared to be nothing more than pink threads.

Wilder wanted to laugh, but was stopped by the image of her girlfriend in the silky underwear. That enticing visual was interrupted only by an overwhelming curiosity.

"Where did you get this stuff, Darce? Somehow I can't picture you coming home from a chess club meeting and heading over to Steve's Book's," Wilder said, referring to the town's adult bookstore.

"Of course not, dopey. This stuff is through the courtesy of Pleasure Products Incorporated, a wonderful company 'discretely bringing you the best in adult entertainment directly to your mailbox'. That was their motto on the advertisement I found. Check it out." Darcy reached into the shoebox and removed a tattered copy of Metropolitan magazine. It fell open to a page near the back of the magazine that displayed a full color ad for adult toys. "See? 'A free catalog available on request.' Who could pass up an offer like that? Remember that summer our moms volunteered at the library?" At Wilder's nod, Darcy continued, "Well, I got to the mailbox first because they weren't home in the afternoons. I got money orders at the grocery store and had the things mailed to 'Donald Gardner' at our address."

"Damn, you should work for the CIA. You can really come up with a plan! So, tell me, did you ever use any of these things?"

"Some I did," Darcy admitted. "A couple of the things have just been in this box waiting for the right moment."

"You mean like this?" Wilder asked as she removed a small vial of red liquid. "It looks like you never opened this at all. Studying the label, she frowned. "Hmm, cherry flavored. Do you think it really gets warm on contact?"

"I don't know. After it got here I was afraid to use it. I just put it in here to check out later, but I never got around to it."

"What else have you got in there?" Wilder asked as she rummaged in the box. "Hey, what's this?" She pulled a small velvet bag from the box and heard a rattling sound issue from inside. Darcy blushed a deep shade of crimson.

"Love dice."

Wilder wasn't sure she heard correctly. "What did you say?"

"They're love dice. You know, on one of them is a body part and on the other is an action."

"This I have to see," Wilder laughed as she removed two oversized blue dice from the bag. She closely examined the writing on each side of the cubes. "Okay, we have lips, breast, above waist, below waist, ear and a question mark. That about covers all the bases but what is the question mark all about?"

"I don't quite know. Your choice I guess, or maybe you could make something up." Darcy speculated.

Wilder peered at the other one. "Touch, lick, blow, suck, kiss and another question mark. Nice variety there." Experimentally, she placed both dice in one hand, shook them and then allowed them to fall to the floor.

"Touch and nipples. Remind me I owe you one," Wilder said with an exaggerated leer as she slipped the dice into a pocket of her jeans. "Meanwhile, tell me about Pink Beauty here." She indicated the vibrator. "Did you ever use it? How did it feel? What did you think about when you used it? Did it make you come?" Wilder's voice dropped with the last question and her eyes widened a little in anticipation.

"This really floats your boat, doesn't it?" Darcy asked. Wilder smiled and raised both eyebrows twice in quick succession as confirmation. "Okay then, here's the story. Yes, I used it a couple of times." Wilder scooted closer and took the vibrator in her hand, willing the visual of Darcy using the vibrator to appear in her mind.

"One time I remember I had been reading one of those bodice-ripper novels. You know, the ones with the heaving breasts and bulging manhoods?"

"Not my thing, but go ahead," Wilder encouraged.

"Well, all that sex got my teenage mind going and believe me I didn't need much to get it going at that age. I had been masturbating fairly regularly, but the vibrator had arrived the day before and I decided to try it out that night. I waited until well after midnight before I got it out. I took off the t-shirt I wore to bed and dropped it on the floor. For a while I just ran the vibrator over my body without turning it on. I kept seeing that 'throbbing fullness' in my imagination." Wilder snorted at the term but kept listening.

"I turned the control at the bottom and it started to hum and throb a little in my hand. I moved it over myself for a while then slid it over my nipples. God, that felt good! I turned the speed up a little and that felt even better. I knew where I was going with it though and pretty soon I had that thing between my legs. I was on my back with my knees raised, seeing my lover above me. 'Fuck me!' I begged. 'Fuck me hard!' I ran the tip of the vibrator over my clit and then I was coming. Coming harder than I ever did with just my hand."

Wilder's breathing had increased during the story and she knew she would beg Darcy for a repeat of that event if she had to. "Darce," she whispered hoarsely. "I want to see that." She leaned over and gave Darcy a scorching kiss, putting as much passion as she could into it. Breaking the kiss she lifted the hand still holding the vibrator. "And I want to see it now!" Holding the vibrator in one hand and bringing the other up to its base, she turned the control.


"Batteries!" both women said.

"Come on." Darcy replaced the lid on her 'hope chest' and began re-hiding the container.

'Pink Beauty' in hand, Wilder looked across to where Darcy was pushing her old junk back into the bottom of the closet. "Come on, where?"

Darcy closed the door. "Tilly will be back soon and I have an idea."

"Does it involve batteries?" Wilder rolled the vibrator around in her hand. The sheer thought of what Darcy had used it for, so many years ago, sent pleasant tingles south in her body and the blonde's passions were stirred.

"Wait and see."

Taking Wilder's hand, Darcy led the blonde barmaid back onto the landing. Wilder had the good sense to push Darcy's vibrating toy into her other pocket. She had no idea what Darcy was planning. Together, they descended the stairs. Darcy walked into her parent's living room and headed toward a tall, freestanding wall unit.

"I know mom keeps spare batteries in here somewhere," she said, opening the top right hand drawer. "Dad goes through loads in that small stereo he uses in the garage."

"Hmm." Wilder looked around the room. She smiled as something caught her eye. "I've got it."

Darcy turned to watch Wilder pick up the television remote control and begin to slip off its back casing. Shaking her head, Darcy closed the drawer and began to open another. "Those won't be any good."

"There's nothing wrong with those batteries," said Jeff, walking into the living room. "They've only been in there a couple of months and they last well over a year."

"I am sure they do, Dad," Darcy continued her search. "But Wilder and I are going for a…"

"Walk," Wilder supplied.

"And I want some new, fully charged batteries for my um…"

"Radio." Wilder looked at Darcy and shrugged, hoping she said the right thing.

"No problem." Jeff disappeared and returned moments later with his hand held radio and a new packet of batteries. "Here, use mine. Your mom and I are off to bed now. Try not to make too much of a racket when you come back in, okay?"

"Okay, Dad." Darcy took the batteries and kissed her father's cheek. "See you in the morning." She made a swift exit from the room, followed by one amused barmaid concealing a long cylindrical object in her shorts.

On her way out of the house, Darcy confused Wilder further by grabbing her family's camp light and a blanket from the laundry room. Taking Wilder's hand, she led her out into the garden.

"Where are we going?" Wilder had to ask.

Darcy continued to lead her down toward the back of the garden. All the gardens in the neighborhood were large and long. The bottom end disappeared into a small area of trees. "When you were a kid, where did you say you would live when you were an adult?"

Wilder searched her mind. "Well, when I was a teenager I remember saying I wanted to live in a harem, but…" Understanding suddenly dawned as Darcy handed Wilder the blanket and camp light and climbed over a rickety part of the fence separating the Gardner and McNeil backyards. "Oh my god… my old tree house!" In excitement at the thought of visiting her childhood hideout, Wilder followed Darcy into the small grove and up to a wide oak tree. There, in the middle of the tree, was a sturdy wooden shack. It had been painted a light blue, but many years of neglect had resulted in much of the paint being removed by changing weather conditions.

Upon the tree, a make shift ladder had been nailed into the trunk. It was old, but still robust. Darcy led the way, venturing up the wooden rungs first and into the tree house. Wilder was close behind and as she reached the top and crawled into the tree's cabin, she breathed in deeply.

"Oh, this smell brings back so many memories. Warm summer nights, the scent of timber and … bug spray!"

Darcy grinned. "Thank god it's the end of summer." Adjusting the camp light to a low beam, she placed it on the floor. Darcy took the edges of the red and green plaid blanket and shook it open, spreading it out upon the wooden floorboards. As she rose to her feet she felt Wilder's body press into her back. Tanned arms wrapped around her as a pair of hands began lightly stroking her stomach.

"I've wanted you all day, Darce" Wilders voice whispered huskily. She buried her nose into the back of the brunette's neck and inhaled deeply. "I love the way you smell." She ran tempting kisses along Darcy's shoulder. "Do you have any idea what that story did to me back in your bedroom?" Twisting the executive's head to the side, Wilder searched out and found Darcy's lips, stealing them in a breathtaking kiss.

Tongues meshed as the kiss deepened. Darcy managed to turn her body without breaking contact and fit herself back against her partner. Wilder moaned involuntarily at the feel of the executive's warm body pressed against her own. She broke the kiss and moved back enough to look into Darcy's half lidded eyes.

"I suppose," Wilder spoke through rapid breathing, "that it's too late to announce that I'm requesting Unlimited Sexual Favors?"

Darcy grinned despite the intensely sensual situation. "If you didn't request them, then I would have." She took Wilder's hand and drew her down to the blanket. Wilder moved over the executive and situated herself between her partner's legs

"Ooh!" Darcy's eyes opened wide and she looked up at the barmaid. "Is that a vibrator in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

"Oh shit! Sorry," Wilder said as she leaned up on one elbow and used her free hand to fish the vibrator from her pocket. "Now, where are those batteries? Never mind," she admonished as Darcy reached for the requested items, "I'll get them." Wilder set the vibrator down and moved her hand to the front of Darcy's pants. "Let's see, where do you have them hidden?" She pushed her hand across Darcy's pockets, lingering over her crotch as she moved from one side to the other.

"Tease," Darcy said as Wilder pushed her hand into the pocket containing the batteries.

"Is that an accusation or a request?" asked the blonde as she pulled the batteries free of their confinement.

"Both," Darcy answered. She reached over to the small radio Darcy's father had given them and snapped it on. She adjusted the settings, changing from her father's favorite classical station to a soft rock station. The tree house was filled with Marvin Gaye's rich voice singing, "Let's get it on".

"He read my mind," Wilder said as she moved again to both elbows and used her hands to unscrew the bottom of the vibrator and slip the batteries in place. She replaced the bottom and waggled her eyebrows at the executive.

"Now," she began in a sultry tone, "Tell me where you want me to use this." She turned the dial. Nothing happened.

"Not again," she groaned. This time Darcy laughed as Wilder let fly a string of swear words. The barmaid unscrewed the bottom of the vibrator, turned the batteries upside down and reinserted them. "Technology is way over-rated," she said as she secured the vibrator again. She turned the dial a third time and was finally rewarded with a steady hum and a tingling sensation in her hand.

"That's more like it!" she announced. Turning the dial up, the vibrator increased its intensity. "Not bad for something from the dark ages. Sorry, I mean your teenage years."

Darcy gave a mock growl at the age reference, but surprise replaced annoyance as Wilder turned the vibrator off and moved away from the executive.

"Hey," Darcy protested, "where are you going? I thought you were going to show me your prowess with Pink Beauty?"

"I will," Wilder assured her, "if it's in the cards. Or if it's in the dice I mean." She reached into the pocket opposite the one that had held the vibrator. "You didn't forget about these, did you?" The blonde pulled the love dice from her pocket. "I figure anytime one of the dice lands on the question mark, we use the vibrator. You game?"

"New shooter coming out," Darcy said, imitating a Reno croupier. She snatched the dice from Wilder's hand, gave them a shake and let the cubes fly.

Rumbling across the floorboards, both women watched the dice intently. As the wooden cubes rolled to a stop Wilder moved to look at the outcome, but Darcy stopped her.

"Hey... hey, no looking." She placed her hands over the dice. "I get to look first. This is my task."

Wilder pouted as Darcy discreetly lifted her hand and took a look at the dice. Her eyes journeyed up to Wilder's and twinkled in merriment. "Interesting."

Sporting a sly smile, Wilder attempted to peek at the dice. "Well?"

"Kiss," Darcy began, "Above the waist." Moving towards Wilder, Darcy placed one hand upon the blonde's chest and pushed her backwards. Wilder complied willingly until she was in a semi-reclined position, resting upon her elbows. Kneeling between Wilder's thighs, Darcy ran her fingers up the woman's legs and over her hips until they rested just below the first button of Wilder's figure hugging, button-down summer top. She began to undo the first button. "I have something to confess to you," she whispered. "It's been on my mind a lot since…"

Wilder's focus moved from Darcy's fingers to her eyes. She waited for Darcy to continue.

"Remember that night when this all began... on the phone?"

Wilder nodded. A night that I will never forget, she acknowledged to herself. Blissful anticipation hummed through her veins. Her breathing had already increased as she waited for Darcy's words and her touch. Sometimes even just hearing the brunette's voice was enough to stir a pleasurable sensation within her loins.

Another button slipped from its hole. The executive opened Wilder's top halfway and caressed the revealed, bronze flesh. After a moment's hesitation she continued. "After we hung up..." Another button was released. "I laid in bed thinking about you and what we were going to do." Darcy broke eye contact as she blushed. She undid the penultimate button, not in the least bit surprised to see Wilder wasn't wearing a bra. "My mind was swept away in thought and when I finally came around… I realized I was um…" Darcy's blushed deepened. "I was unconsciously stroking myself."

Darcy released the final button and the top fell open. She looked at Wilder shyly. "I knew something then."

Bewitched by Darcy's words, the sound of her voice and her tantalizing ability to keep her in suspense, Wilder hung on every word Darcy uttered.

"I realized this was something I had wanted for a long time." She leaned forward, an arm either side of Wilder, as she laid her first kiss upon the blonde's stomach. "Longer than I think even I dare to admit." She kissed her stomach again, groaning as her tongue dipped into Wilder's navel.

Wilder released a ragged sigh. She fell backwards onto the blanket and clasped Darcy's head in both hands. Her kisses continued for a little while longer and Wilder basked in the sound and feel. The all-encompassing warmth colored her skin.

Hands caressing Wilder's sides, Darcy pulled her lips away and mumbled, "Your turn."

Taking a deep breath, Wilder rose to a sitting position, Darcy still between her legs. Outside the tree house, the last star had already beautified the night sky. Wilder looked through the cabin window to the lights from the San Francisco skyline. She found the mix of lights from the city's nightlife, which blended into the horizon with the stars, nowhere near as beautiful as the woman in front of her.

Picking up the dice, Wilder shook them within one hand and dropped them to the floor. She read out her task. "Suck… ear!" The blonde smiled. She beckoned Darcy with her fingers and the executive moved closer.

Just as Darcy thought she would steal a kiss, Wilder's lips veered to her side and grazed along her cheek towards her ear. Wilder's tongue snaked out, capturing Darcy's ear lobe and coaxing it into her mouth. She sucked lightly for several seconds and then released her. "Want to hear my confession?" she whispered.

"Uh huh," mumbled Darcy, her eyes closed and head leaned forward in anticipation.

Wilder bit the lobe playfully. "Yours weren't the only hands to wander that night."

"Hmm," Darcy groaned in a long, languid tone. "That is very good to hear."

"What is?" Wilder twisted Darcy around and laid her upon the floor. "That you excite me so much that the mere thought of you brings a smile to my face, a swell in my heart, and a lot more carnal yearnings…" she inclined her head towards her lower waist.

"Oh really!" Darcy reached out her hands toward Wilder's center but the blonde stopped her.

"No cheating, Miss Gardner. For now the dice control our fate." Wilder dropped the wooden cubes into her hand. "But roll a good one, Darce, because I am aching for your touch."

Darcy shook the dice and watched as they tumbled from her hand out onto the surface of the blanket. She rolled her eyes heavenward and gave a short prayer for divine intervention on the results. She was sure she'd burn in hell for asking for that kind of assistance, but revised that idea when she saw what had come up.

"Touch…below the waist." Wilder said the words aloud at the same time Darcy read them. The executive smiled and a flash of lust blazed into her eyes.

"I'm powerless to deny the dice," Darcy said in a resigned tone. She moved to her hands and knees to crawl the tiny distance to Wilder. As she did, she made a mental note to send out a check to the local Spanish mission's renovation fund. Granted wishes required proper thanks.

"I'm glad you are, because I'm powerless to deny you," Wilder said as she reclined back onto her elbows, stretching her legs out in front of her. She lifted her head to meet Darcy's lips as the brunette moved next to her. The kiss carried all the passion they had both been suppressing since they had left San Francisco and when it finally broke, both women were breathing rapidly.

Darcy looked directly into Wilder's eyes. "The dice, fate, God…whatever, has decreed this and let me tell you something. Short of this damn tree, house and all, burning to the ground, somebody is going to come soon."

Uncharacteristically, Wilder giggled. "Me?" she asked. Darcy nodded as she moved in to seal their lips again. Darcy's tongue moved into Wilder's mouth and chased and played with the one she found there.

The executive broke the second kiss and moved her lips to Wilder's jaw and down her neck. Visiting those areas briefly she continued south on her journey as she captured one of Wilder's nipples in her mouth. She teased the already rigid nub with her tongue as she brought a hand up to squeeze the other nipple between her fingers. Wilder's head tipped backward as the pleasurable sensations washed over her. Darcy was thorough with her ministrations and switched her hand and mouth to opposite nipples. The barmaid groaned her approval.

"Darce," Wilder gasped as the executive's teeth grazed a sensitive nub. "I love this, but what happened to the command of the dice?"

"I'm getting there," Darcy assured her as she removed her mouth from Wilder's breast. "It didn't say how I had to arrive there, did it?" Wilder smiled and shook her head. "Good," the brunette continued. "Why don't you just consider this a bonus? No extra charge, of course." Darcy returned her mouth to Wilder's body, this time trailing hot kisses down the barmaid's flat abdomen.

Wilder dropped down off her elbows and laid back fully on the blanket. "A 'gift with purchase'? How fortunate for me!" She laughed and the muscles under the hot flesh of her abdomen moved enticingly. Darcy's mouth was drawn to the area.

"You've got such a great body, Wild. It's time to look at it all." Darcy dropped her hand to the button of Wilder's pants. All laughter ceased as the barmaid raised her head to look down her body and observe Darcy's actions. The executive kept her hand still until she knew Wilder was watching, then deliberately slid the metal button through the horizontal buttonhole. She grasped the zipper and tugged slowly south, opening Wilder's pants and revealing the fact that, like always, she wore no panties.

Darcy's fingers completed the unzipping and moved to push the fabric aside even more. She leaned over and planted a kiss on the newly exposed piece of flesh. Goosebumps rose immediately and Wilder let slip a small whimper.

"Darce, please. It feels like it's been forever. Please. Touch me." Darcy complied wordlessly as she slipped her hand inside Wilder's pants. Her hand moved until it touched the neatly trimmed hair at Wilder's crotch. The barmaid's hips gave an involuntary jerk at the contact.

Briefly, Darcy considered drawing out the agonizingly slow seduction but discarded that thought when her extended finger encountered slick heat in the next second.

"God, Wild, have you ever been this wet before?" Darcy asked in amazement as she wiggled her fingertips deeper into the heat. Wilder was unable to speak at that moment as she captured her lower lip in her teeth in an attempt not to scream out. Darcy glanced up and saw Wilder's predicament.

"Poor baby," she crooned. "No more waiting." Bringing her digits out of Wilder's pants she used both hands to grasp the waistband and tug. Wilder obligingly lifted her hips and the last barrier to the blonde's sex was stripped off her body.

The aroma of arousal assaulted Darcy's senses and she moved quickly to push Wilder's legs apart and settle herself in between them. Reaching forward she brought her finger to Wilder's nether lips and watched with fascination as they petaled apart at her touch. The evidence of Wilder's need was slick on her fingertips and Darcy pressed forward, pushing her index finger deeper into the wetness.

A second finger joined the first and serious exploration began. Darcy moved the digits over Wilder's hooded clit, causing her to start a sensual undulation with her hips. Darcy could actually feel the fresh flood of wetness as her stroking increased in speed and rhythm.

"Darce…more. Please," Wilder pleaded. The executive didn't have the heart to refuse her partner, but giving relief would be on her terms. Wilder was always so confidant and in charge, it would be a change to see her beg.

"You want more, Wild?" Darcy asked. "What kind of more? Do you want this kind?" Darcy moved her fingers down and entered the barmaid with a firm stroke. She moved her fingers in and out and she felt Wilder move to impale herself deeper.

"Or do you want this kind of more?" The executive withdrew her fingers, pulling moisture out of Wilder and over her clit. She massaged the firm bundle and Wilder groaned.

"Make up your mind, Wilder," Darcy urged. "This…" she returned to plunge two fingers deep into her partner. "Or this?" Darcy's hand moved up to rub Wilder's clit again. The barmaid was nearly overwhelmed with sensation. It was impossible to decide between the two equally erotic activities. Wilder became frantic as her climax neared.

"I don't know," she groaned as she worked her center against Darcy's talented hands. "Whatever…either…both. Please!" Darcy pushed two fingers back inside the blonde and moved her mouth over Wilder's clit.

"Both it is," Darcy breathed as she brought her mouth to the seat of Wilder's pleasure. A furious rhythm was set as the executive matched the movement of lips and tongue to the renewed plunging of fingers. When the movement of Wilder's hips mirrored Darcy's pace, it was only mere moments before the barmaid was crying out with her climax.

"Oh God! Darce! Yesss, fuck me! Ohh!" Wilder lifted her hips a last time and held them there as the spasms of her orgasm pulsed within her. Darcy kept up her ravaging of the blonde until the tension left Wilder's body and her hips returned to the blanket. Only then did she slow and stop, giving the barmaid's exquisitely sensitive clit a final gentle kiss. Darcy turned her head and rested her cheek on Wilder's mound, slowly slipping her fingers from Wilder's body.

The blonde breathed deeply and rapidly for several minutes as she floated back to reality. Once under control she reached down and stroked Darcy's head.

"I knew I wanted to make love to you, but I didn't realize just how much I wanted you to do the same to me. That was…was…indescribable!" The barmaid felt Darcy's smile and the executive raised her head to meet Wilder's eyes.

"It was my pleasure," Darcy said warmly.

"Not yet, but very soon," the barmaid said as she moved to sit up. "Where are those damn dice?"

Darcy shifted her position slightly, revealing the dice to Wilder. Using the hand that had recently been inside Wilder, she picked them up and deposited them in Wilder's palm. Her fingers then slid into her mouth, savouring the flavor that still lingered.

Wilder mindlessly shook the dice, her gaze completely focused upon Darcy's antics. She could already feel a renewed desire make its aching pressure known and her clit throbbed at the sight of Darcy's tongue wrapping around her digits. She recalled the intensely pleasurable sensations that tongue had caused not moments before. She remembered the wonderful softness combined with the firm pressure against her clit.

The brunette slipped moist fingers from her mouth. "Are you going to throw those dice or just shake them all evening?"

Blinking, Wilder looked down at her hand. "Oh um…" she dropped the dice and looked down at her command. "Lick… Ear! Oh you have to be kidding me. If these damned dice hadn't already produced some good results I'd think they were loaded by some prudish organization intent on never allowing us to get off!"

Darcy laughed. "You have to obey the dice, Wild."

The blonde pouted. "But I can think of something a lot tastier I wanted to lick."

That remark sent a throb of desire straight to Darcy's core. She took a shuddering breath. "Next time," she breathed, mentally crossing her fingers.

"Fine." Wilder twisted Darcy around and pushed her back onto the blanket.

"What are you doing?"

Wilder shrugged. "Like you mentioned, it doesn't say how I get there so I figured I would work my way up." Sliding her palms over Darcy's waist, Wilder grasped the hem of her shirt. She took it in both hands and pulled it straight over Darcy's head. Then, without even reaching for the fastenings, Wilder pulled Darcy's white lacy bra up her body as well. "I think I'll start right… here." Placing a kiss upon Darcy's navel she began trailing moist, soft kisses up Darcy's body. She pressed herself into her lover's flesh, inhaling her unique scent.

Cupping her left breast, Darcy offered it to Wilder. "How about here?"

"How could I forget?" Wilder answered. She laved her tongue around Darcy's ridged nipple.

"And here?" Darcy offered Wilder her right breast.

"Hmm." Wilder took the right nipple into her mouth, manipulating it with her teeth and tongue. She didn't, however, stay there for long. She had a command to fulfill and very soon her lips left Darcy's breast and moved along her skin to her right ear.

She swirled her tongue around the lobe and whispered, "Imagine this is what I am doing to your clit."

Darcy groaned. "Ugh, God yes, I can almost feel it." Her breathing increased and her ridged nipples pushed into Wilders breasts.

"Feel good?" Wilder asked.

"Yes," she breathed and Wilder felt Darcy's hips push into her roughly.

The blonde pulled away and looked down upon Darcy. She smiled wickedly. "Your turn!"

The executive was almost ready to protest, but something held her back. The feeling of being so aroused, yet not being able to freely do anything about it was a bigger turn on. It was the most exquisite feeling of pleasurable torment she had felt. With her center swollen and aching for release, Darcy rose to a sitting position and rolled the dice.

Two question marks.

Darcy frowned. "So what does that mean?"

"That means the choice of a vibrator, anywhere you choose," Wilder replied. Her thoughts suddenly took an exciting turn and a flood of wetness, at what she had in mind, seeped from her body. "Of course, if you think about it, whatever you do is for my pleasure right?"

Darcy nodded.

"So I can think of something you can do that is purely for my pleasure!"

"And that is?"

Wilder picked up the pink vibrator. She licked her lips and placed it upon her tongue. With a faint smile Wilder sucked the toy into her mouth, and moistened its six inches of length.

Darcy gulped, her cheeks flushing at the sight.

Pulling the vibrator from her lips, Wilder trailed it down Darcy's torso to the waistband of her shorts. "Show me."

The brunette felt the air leave her lungs. "Show you?"

Taking Darcy's hand, Wilder placed the toy in her palm. "Show me!"

Darcy's blush deepened, but she was inexplicably drawn to Wilder's lustful gaze. She was helpless to refuse and her head nodded in agreement. Wilder's hands drifted to the executive's button and zipper where she released them swiftly. Darcy lifted her hips and Wilder slipped them from her body, underwear included. She then leaned over the brunette and kissed her softly.

Darcy closed her eyes. "What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Whatever feels good to you will be good for me," Wilder breathed. She pressed moist kisses down Darcy's torso and knelt between her wide spread thighs.

Keeping her eyes closed, Darcy allowed her free hand to glide over her body. Long fingers moved with purpose to her left nipple and she manipulated the tight bud with purpose. Her hand holding the toy drifted down to her center and slid across slick, swollen lips.

Opening her eyes, Darcy looked up at Wilder. She smiled, pleased by the profound expression of desire upon Wilder's features. Her heavy lidded eyes fixed upon Darcy's engorged need. She felt her confidence rise, brought on by Wilder's expression of sheer anticipation.

"Do you want me to continue?" Darcy asked.

Wilder looked up at her. She swallowed deeply. "God yes, Darce." Her hands itched to touch her lover, but she was transfixed by the view.

"Your pleasure, remember?"

Wilder nodded. Her chest rose and fell rapidly. She watched with complete fascination as Darcy slid the toy into herself and moaned along with the brunette. She felt her body's response as her center clenched in sympathy and her clit jumped in need for contact. She fought the urge to answer that need, wanting only to watch her lover.

Hand upon one breast, Darcy continued to roll the nipple around thumb and forefinger as she slid the vibrator in and out of herself. Her finger found the switch and she turned it on. Instantly, strong vibrations further stimulated her sensitised flesh and her hips moved in time with the rhythmic thrusts.

Darcy's musky sent of arousal caressed Wilder's senses. Her mouth watered and body burned in a need to be a part of her lover's pleasure. She could tell Darcy was nearing her climax.

"Darce," she whispered in a hoarse voice.

The writhing woman opened her eyes.

"Move it over your clit."

Darcy gasped sharply. "Oh yes," she replied, sliding the toy from her center.

Wilder watched as Darcy moved the vibrator over her engorged clitoris. The brunette groaned long and hoarsely, her hips increasing to a frantic rhythm. Wilder knew Darcy's body. She knew when her excitement would reach its peak and as she rode the waves to that final precipice, Wilder slid three fingers inside Darcy. She felt the contractions around her digits as her partner's body exploded into orgasm.

Darcy cried out Wilder's name, surprised, yet highly gratified by the unexpected intrusion. She thrust against the fingers, riding the waves of her release as vibrations assaulted her clit in a constant surge of ecstasy.

It took many moments for Darcy to calm, eventually pulling the toy away from her body and clasping Wilder's hand as she whimpered in blissful, yet fatigued, contentment. She breathed heavily, sweat trickled down her brow as her heart slowed its frantic pace.

Wilder leaned forwards. She kissed Darcy's stomach before laying her head upon the soft flesh. "God I love you," she whispered softly.

"I love you too, Wild." The executive gave a short laugh that caused Wilder's head to bounce on her stomach.

"What?" the barmaid inquired. She lifted her heard to look into Darcy's eyes.

"I was just thinking how crazy and wonderful it is to say that to someone. You're the first, you know. Even when I really liked someone who was my lover, I never said the words. I wanted to wait for the right person. You're the right person, Wild."

"Oh yeah? I am?" Wilder resettled her head on her partner's stomach. "Wow," she breathed in an impressed voice.

Darcy brought her arm up and folded it under her head, pillowing it comfortably. Gazing up at the roof of the tree house she smiled at the drawings there. When Wilder was fourteen years old, she read about Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. She insisted that her tree house needed just the same effect and "borrowed" her mother's oil paints. The ceiling of the tree house was painted with as imaginative a scene as the young Wilder could come up with.

It was a jungle scene complete with animals clearly visible in the thick canopy of foliage painted on the wood. In the center was a huge tree with massive branches that dominated the picture. A large tree house sat in the middle of the dominating tree, obviously a stylised version of the very tree in which they were presently sitting.

Darcy appreciated Wilder's hard work and was just about to comment on it when something caught her eye. Next to the massive tree house was painted a much smaller tree that was nearly lost in the glory of the larger one. On the trunk of that tree was painted a small heart with tiny but legible letters inside. It read "W.M. + D.G".

Darcy felt every one of her heart strings tugged as she stared up at the letters painted there so many years ago and proclaiming Wilder's love even then.



"How long have you known you loved me?" Darcy asked, her eyes never leaving the painted initials.

"I've always known, Darce," Wilder said with simple honesty. Both women were quiet a moment, then Wilder moved up the executive's body and settled alongside her, draping an arm across her middle.

"You cold? You want to go back inside?" Wilder asked solicitously.

"In a little bit. I just want to stay here with you a little while longer." Darcy brought her arm down and around Wilder's shoulder. She softly stroked the blonde hair, marvelling at the silky texture under her fingertips.

"I can hear you thinking, Ms. Gardner," Wilder said sleepily. "Want to tell me what about?"

Darcy sighed wistfully. "I don't know. You. Me. Us. You have to admit a whole lot has happened between us in a relatively short time."

Wilder thought about it. "I suppose you're right. We've gone from really good friends, to competitors, to lovers, to…" Wilder searched for a word to describe what they were to each other at this point.

"To two people very much in love," Darcy supplied. "Where do you think we'll go next?"

"Don't care as long as you're there with me," Wilder mumbled as she snuggled tighter. "Besides, I haven't had nearly enough unlimited sexual favors."

Darcy laughed, "God, you just never stop, do you?"

"Nope, I never do, but you love it don't you?" Wilder asked, confident of the reply.

Darcy glanced up again at the painstakingly painted heart and initials.

"Yeah, I do."

The End

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