Just a Breath Away

By Colleen


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This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright July 2009-2010

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

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 Chapter 14

Drew opened her eyes after a very peaceful night's sleep. She was facing the window and spied the early morning glow slipping through the slightly parted curtains. Drew smiled as the warmth of love spread over her heart. But the gesture slowly melted into a slightly worried frown. She was ninety nine percent sure that Carson's revelation the evening before had really happened. But there was that nagging one percent that feared that it had been a dream, a wonderful, perfect vision, but a dream. Drew turned easily onto her back. Staring at the ceiling, she concentrated on her breathing, determined not to panic. She thought about Carson's face, and the joy painted there when she had made her declaration. Drew smiled again. “That had to be real,” she whispered. Turning once again, Drew settled in, face to face with the beautiful blonde. Carson's face was perfectly serene as she slept on, her eyes twitching slightly beneath the closed lids. “What are you dreaming about?” the doctor questioned softly. She watched, lovingly for a while until she couldn't resist any longer. Drew reached out to stroke Carson's face, not intending to wake her, just needing to make a connection.

Carson shifted beneath the touch, her dream fading away calmly. Her eyes fluttered several times before revealing their brilliant green color. The vision before her brought a lazy, but joyous smile. “Good morning,” she said quietly.

“Morning beautiful,” Drew said radiantly. They gazed at each other for a few quiet moments, while Drew let Carson shake the last remnants of sleep from her brain. But the curiosity soon bubbled up from Drew's heart. The desperate hope glazed her eyes as she anxiously and deliberately asked the question. “Do you still?”

Carson's confusion lasted a few seconds while she pondered the meaning of the question. But the answer was immediate. “Oh, God yes!” Her eyes popped and she nearly cried. “I do love you Drew. I always did. I was just too afraid to admit it.” She pulled Drew's hand to her chest. “I am so sorry I hurt you. I…”

“No don't. We're not going there,” Drew guaranteed. “That's all in the past. It's a brand new day and a brand new life for all three of us. I love you too.” She leaned over and kissed Carson thoroughly.


* * *


Together, Carson and Drew decided to wait just a short while before telling their family and friends the good news. They wanted some private time. The rest of the day was spent just savoring the new facet of their relationship. Every glance lasted a little bit longer. Each thought involved the other. Every touch meant a whole lot more. And every heartbeat pounded with love.

After lunch, while Drew helped Logan play with some of his new toys, Carson sorted through the stack of mail from the previous day. She'd been far too busy, emotionally and mentally, if not physically. She had gone paperless with her monthly bills, so the mail usually consisted of magazines, some expected, some not and good old fashioned junk mail. One envelope in particular jumped out at her. Even if she hadn't seen the California post mark, Carson certainly recognized the fine flair of the handwriting. It was addressed to the young man of the house, and Carson looked across the room where that young man was happily riding his new rocking horse. Curiosity finally spurred her to lift the flap and remove the content. “Wow,” she huffed after examining it and another slip of paper.

Drew looked up from where she sat on the floor. Her lover's bewildered expression concerned her deeply. “What's wrong Carson?”

Continuing to stare at the mail, Carson shook her head. “Nothing's wrong…it's just…this is a birthday card for Logan.”

“What kind of birthday card gets that kind of reaction?” the doctor asked with just a touch of amusement.

Carson seriously met Drew's gaze as she answered. “It's from Carol, my ex…Logan's biological mother.”

This revelation disturbed Drew. Even not knowing the details, Drew deduced enough to know that that woman had been the root of Carson's relationship issues. “Is that a problem?” Drew asked cautiously.

Carson was lost again in the words written in the card…and the memories. “What? No, no not a problem. It's just very surprising. I never expected her to remember. She also sent a check for five hundred dollars.”

Drew got to her feet, lifted Logan into her arms and took a seat next to Carson. “Are you going to accept the money?” she asked.

The blonde head nodded. “I'll put it in his college fund.”

Drew placed a kiss on Carson's temple. She wanted to know more about her lover's past, but she would never push for information. All she could do was support any decision that Carson made. “Logan is the luckiest little boy in the world to have you as his mother,” she told her.

Carson smiled and hugged her family.


* * *


Carson spent the rest of the afternoon thinking about her previous relationship. And her future one. Drew was her future, of that she had no doubt. But the past was going to be part of that future. Logan's parentage and heritage was a fact. Memories of Carol Chase, good and bad were sure to be evoked every once in a while. And Drew was going to be around when that happened.

That night, after the baby was fast asleep, Carson told Drew everything. From the day she met Carol Chase, to the day she left her. Carson tried to keep her emotions and her voice neutral, but she knew Drew would see right through her struggles. Most of all, Carson didn't want to give Drew any reason to doubt her newly pronounced love.

Drew sat quietly, holding onto Carson's hand and hanging on every word. She understood the love the couple had in the beginning, but seethed inside when the facts of Carol's indifference and infidelity came to light. The distress Carson had endured broke Drew's heart. But it all made sense to her now. When Carson finished the story, Drew pulled her in close, renewed her vow of love and promised her devotion.


* * *

Being a real family was something they celebrated. Drew doted on both of them. Still recovering from her injuries, Carson couldn't do much more than watch. But that she did happily as Drew played with Logan, pushing him on his new swing. Drew laughed. Logan laughed. Drew picked him up and swung him around, careful not to excite him into an asthma attack, but showing him all of her love. Carson's eyes sparkled with tears…delighted tears. It made her cry to see Drew so happy. It made her cry to feel so happy. She knew deep in her soul that Drew was the best thing that could have ever happened to her and to Logan.

“Hey Mommy, I think our little man here is hungry,” Drew said, depositing Logan onto Carson's lap. She pulled a chair around so she could sit close to her loved ones.

“He is huh?” Carson carefully turned to Drew, leaning over to give her a beautiful kiss. “Maybe Doctor Drew is the hungry one,” she speculated.

Drew grinned. “Maybe. But I'm thinking I could survive on kisses like that alone.”

Carson looked deeply into the azure eyes and she saw the truth. “I love you,” she said, her voice clear and blissful.

Drew sighed, luxuriating in those words. “I love you,” she mirrored. “And that's all I need to do for the rest of my life. Everything else is icing on my good fortune.” She kissed Carson again. The delicious kiss lasted until the baby decided he needed their attention.

“Wow! That was spectacular,” Carson said, breathlessly. She took hold of Logan's searching hand and blinked several times, tying to get her lust hazed brain to work again. “What were talking about?” she asked.

Dew shared the same state of mind. “Ummm…eating?” she answered uncertainly. Carson raised a yellow brow. Drew snickered. “I mean food…we were talking about food. How about we go over to that Italian place on Stewart Avenue? The temperature's good, we can get an outside table.” Logan continued to fumble with the toys on the table in front of him as they talked. He tossed them into Drew's lap, obviously not finished with his playmate.

“Sounds good to me,” Carson agreed. “Just let me run a brush through my hair and add some color to my face.”

Drew pecked her lips once again. “Your face and the rest of you is beautiful,” she confirmed. Drew took the curious baby into her arms, settling him onto her right side. “But let me help you to the bedroom,” she added. Carson was still frustrated by her weak body, although it was a little better each day. But being in Drew's arms was absolutely not a hardship.


* * *


Several nights later, Carson entered the bedroom after putting little Logan to sleep with a story. She and Drew had been taking turns reading the tyke his favorite…or maybe it was some of their favorite children's books. Carson's parents had saved a big box of Little Golden Books that she had loved from her childhood.

The room was dim accept for the moonlight beaming through the window. She slipped into bed, under the covers and snuggled down into the soft, fresh smelling sheet. “He loved the Poky Little Puppy,” she told the silent doctor. Not receiving a response, Carson turned to her lover. “Drew?” Studying for a bit in the darkness, Carson finally made out the tracks of silvery tears sliding down the doctor's face. “Why are you crying Sweetheart?”

Drew turned to the concerned woman, reaching up to brush away the tears. “I don't know,” she murmured quietly. “I was thinking of how happy I've been and I suddenly had a flash of you in the park…the blood. I guess it hit me again how close I came to losing you, losing all of this…us.” Her voice hitched with the heavy sensation.

Carson turned and caressed the wet cheek. “Oh Drew, you've been my rock since…well since we met. You've been doing everything for me and for Logan for weeks. You never really took the time to deal with the emotional trauma you went trough. You just cry all you want and let me be your rock.”


* * *


A week later, Carson was finally feeling stronger. She convinced Drew to let her go to the grocery store alone, which was necessary because Carson had a very special evening planned. But she wanted it to be a surprise. Since Carson still wasn't allowed to drive yet, Drew dropped her off and then took Logan to a nearby park.

“Now don't you peek inside those bags,” Carson ordered as Drew insisted on unloading the groceries when they were back home.

“But I like to peek,” the doctor teased.

“Peek any place you like…but inside those bags.”

“Oh really!” Drew said lustfully, as she snuggled up behind her blonde and nuzzled her neck. “The possibilities run rampant through my mind.”

Carson basked in the feeing for as long as she dared. “As much as I love this,” she finally said, “I need to put this stuff away. And don't take this the wrong way, but please find something else to do for a while.”

They had taken Logan to his grandparents for the night, and Drew pondered what to do, eventually picking up her keys. “Actually, I should get started packing my things to move them down here. And I have a couple of errands to do before Monday,” she told her occupied lover. “And since I can't play with Logan or you, I guess now would be a good time to get that done.” She pulled Carson into her arms again and planted soft, tickling kisses across her face. “Are you sure…I can't hang around for a while…and peek into your packages?”

Carson's breaths came faster and her hands wandered over the doctor's fine form. “Oh Sweetie,” she panted, “…you are the hottest woman…and you make me…no, no I can't get distracted.” Carson reluctantly pulled out of the loving arms, but maintained a great smile. “And you, you naughty girl…” She gave a playful swat to Drew's butt. “…let me do what I need to do and I promise you a fantastic evening.”

“Well, with a promise like that, I guess I can have some patience.”

“Well, you are a…”

Drew held off the bad joke with a last kiss goodbye.


* * *


Drew returned home many hours later to find Carson tending to the last details of her surprise. She was lighting candles on the outside table in the back yard. Two place settings and an open bottle of wine waited for the arrival of the home cooked meal. It was a mild evening for early August, a light breeze keeping the temperature comfortable. The back of Carson's house faced East and with the sun nearing its evening horizon, the candles and soft patio lights set the perfect twilight mood. With the heavy tree cover, it was sort of rustic romantic.

“What a beautiful sight,” Drew said from her place in the doorway.

Carson turned and displayed a lovely smile. “Welcome back. And thank you.” She sauntered past her sexy partner, stopping to give her a kiss and some instructions. “Have a seat, pour the wine and I'll be right back with dinner.”

Drew loved being bossed around…by this woman at least.

Through the delicious meal they laughed, held hands and traded forkfuls of food, even though they had the exact same things. It just seemed like the fun thing to do. Now dark, Drew peered out into the backyard, remembering Logan's laughter as he played on the new swing. She missed him. But she definitely had other things to hold her attention.

Carson returned with coffee and the lemon coconut cake she had baked that afternoon. She had one more very special surprise tucked under her arm, but she covertly set it aside for the moment. Handing her lover the cake server, she asked, “Would you do the honors?”

“My pleasure. I knew you had some sweet surprises in those packages.”

“The surprises, sweet and otherwise are far from over,” Carson promised.

When Drew had finished the last crumb of cake on her plate, Carson reached for the envelope she had hidden earlier. She pinned a gaze on her partner that included more than just a pair of adoring eyes. The glow of the love she felt gave her face a peacefulness and a simultaneous liveliness. Her smile was simple, but contented. Carson took Drew's hand in both of hers. “Thank you for having the determination, yet patience to get us to this place,” she said. “It's a place of beautiful, crazy love, total respect and absolute trust.” Carson's gaze dropped, remembering the confusion and turmoil she felt…and caused over the previous months. The reassuring squeeze of her fingers dispersed the somber feelings. The corners of her mouth lifted and their eyes met once again.

Drew brought Carson's hands to her lips for a little kiss. “Your heart is the most precious thing I could ever hope to own,” she said resolutely. “I will treasure it always like the rare beauty it is. And I will never intentionally bring you pain or betray your trust.”

Carson's blonde head nodded and her eyes softened. “I believe you. And I promise the same.” She leaned in to meet Drew's lips with her own. “I want to share my life with you,” Carson vowed.

“I want the same thing,” Drew agreed.

“For me, that includes sharing my son.” Carson slid the large envelope across the table in front of Drew. “I'd like for him to be your son too.”

Drew's hands trembled a bit as she opened the envelope and read the paper inside. “A petition for adoption,” she mumbled with awe.

“Yes. I love you. Logan loves you. Will you be his mother?” Carson asked.

“I love him,” Dew assured. “And I would love nothing more than to call him my son. I will always do what's best for him and try my best to keep him happy. And I will protect him with my life.”

“I know you will. You already do.”

Drew pulled Carson to her feet and into her arms for a long, satisfying hug. “We will be an amazing family,” the doctor whispered into an ear. She pulled back and covered the lips with a dozen kisses. “I love you more every day,” she professed.

Carson agreed with even more kisses, and backed it up with words. “I want to show you and tell you all night long.” She took Drew's hand, blew out the candles, turned off the outside lights and slowly led the grinning doctor back inside. Drew tossed an arm over the smaller woman's shoulder, never letting go of the soft hand.

Closing the bedroom door, Drew stopped and just watched as Carson stepped over to close the curtains and flip on the bedside lamp. She turned to find the lusting, but loving eyes on her. “Are you gonna stand there all night?” she asked with a saucy tone as she reached for the buttons on her blouse.

“Oh, I'm just enjoying your package,” Drew said, referencing their flirty conversation from earlier in the day.

Carson giggled. “Well, you can take a peek now.”

Drew sauntered over to the blonde. “I intend to have more than a peek,” she said, taking over with the buttons. She slowly peeled away one side and then the other, letting the tangerine colored garment fall to the floor. “I want the full view of your beautiful body.” And she soon had that, her gaze triggering the memories from the first time they had made love. It had been a magnificent night. What happened the morning after was all but forgotten. Now there was only genuine love and profound joy. Drew's arms wrapped around the naked torso, coming to rest on the lower back as she kissed Carson with gentle nibbles, which turned into long worshiping gestures.

Carson was lost in the dazzling kisses, until something spawned her own memory of that same night. She momentarily pulled away from the luscious lips, and cupped the lovely face in her hands. As she studied the blue eyes, her smile faded just a bit. “I'm sorry I tainted the memory of our first time together with my behavior.”

Drew hugged her tight. “Oh baby, I promise, you didn't. Our first time together was beautiful and a night I'll never forget.” She brought her gaze back to the blonde's face. “But tonight we are going to rock with the love we both feel,” she assured. They began kissing again.

Very soon, with all clothing out of the way, they moved to the bed, where Drew fell softly upon her lover. As warm skin caressed warm skin, and curves nestles like puzzle pieces, the lovers got reacquainted with favorite spots. Carson's hands found the midway point of Drew's length. She clasped the defined muscles, making Drew moan. “I love your beautiful ass,” Carson revealed huskily.

Drew's blues twinkled. “Thank you. And it loves your touch. In fact…” Drew peppered kisses across Carson's neck, moving on to her chest, “…there isn't a spot on my body that doesn't crave your touch…” she reached the blonde's robust breasts, “…but first I crave you and I am going to devour you…very thoroughly.” Drew's lips wrapped around a plump nipple, wasting no more time with words. She devoted her attentions to the lovely twins for many wonderfully long minutes, until Carson was breathless and begging for more. A trail of kisses followed a straight line down the soft skin of Carson's belly, finally landing at the treasure trove the doctor blissfully sought. The prized pearl twitched as Drew surveyed the puffy, pink flesh. It was just as splendid as she remembered. The sighs and praises sounding above drove an eager tongue into action. She started out slowly, intending to draw out the experience and the pleasure for as long as possible. Drew followed with languid, but deliberate motions, and a few happy sounds of her own. Carson writhed energetically under the luscious touch, one hand blindly grasping the sheet beside her, and the other clutching the short hair atop the doctor's head. The green eyes were closed tightly and a bottom lip was drawn in between two rows of ivory teeth as Carson savored the incredible sensations thrumming through her body. She'd never experienced the intense feelings currently flooding her being, with any previous partner. Drew was a skilled lover for sure, but Carson knew her soul was singing, having found its mate…having found true love.

Drew's talents soon brought about a massive climax, as Carson arched off the bed and shouted her lover's name. When Carson was supine once again, the doctor moved back up, nipping here and there as the tremors continued to ripple through the body she had just loved. She settled in for a brief respite, more kisses being the only movement from either lady. “I love you,” the doctor declared passionately.

“I am so blessed that you do,” Carson said, her eyes misty with emotion. She caressed Drew‘s face, running a thumb over the supple lips. “I love you too.”

Drew nestled herself against the soft, feminine form and her hand slithered back between the blonde's thighs, not yet ready to relinquish her chance to express her love. She nuzzled into the damp neck and traced the shell of an ear with her tongue. As Drew's fingers began a gentle, rhythmic stroking, she whispered tender words of love and secret things meant for Carson's ears only.

Carson's hand clasped the muscles on Drew's arm as she again climbed the heights of

passion. After one more calmer, but no less satisfying orgasm, Carson flipped their positions and eagerly worked on Drew's sexy mouth. “I believe I promised you a fantastic evening,” she remarked.

Drew smiled. “Baby, it has already surpassed fantastic. But don't let me stop you from trying for stupendous.”

Carson flashed a teasing wink. “Well then, I'd better get busy.”

At about 12: 48 AM, it officially hit stupendous, and by one o'clock they were heading toward colossal.


To be continued

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