By Colleen

General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.

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Author’s Note: This is the third story in the Jamie and Erin series. You might want to start at the beginning with At First Sight and Seeing You Again for the First Time to get the full impact of this story.

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Chapter 3

Erin blinked against the sun invading her eyelids. She turned over and stretched, immediately noticing that she was alone. Something scratched at her back and she rooted beneath the blankets. Coming up with the offending item, she smiled. Erin had finally discarded the braided, blonde wig a few hours after they had climbed beneath the sheets. She remembered Jamie’s reaction when she had told her of her trip to the costume shop over eight days ago in Zurich. Jamie had chuckled and told her to test her imagination any time she wanted. The rancher even taunted that she herself might think of some inventive fantasies for them to play with.

Erin tossed aside the fake hair and after a quick trip to the bathroom she went in search of her elusive lover. She found Jamie snuggled down in the over stuffed love seat in the corner of the living room. The rancher was in deep concentration over the laptop screen. The blonde tightened the cinch on her robe and crossed the chilly floor, hopping from one small throw rug to the other until she reached her destination. The dark head made no move, which was strange; not much ever escaped the woman’s attention.

"What are you doing hon?" Erin asked, as she quickly scooted in beside Jamie.

Jamie turned and gave her a smile. "Good morning," she said, following up with a kiss. "Actually, while you were sleeping in, I was doing some research on the insemination process. I didn’t really know much about it."

"Well, I can help there. You see, the doctor will take this tube and put it…"

"Yes! That much I knew. I was talking about details, silly. I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be painful or dangerous for you."

Erin grinned softly. "What a wonderful partner you are," she said, laying her head on Jamie’s shoulder. "I don’t think there is any danger at all. And maybe just a tiny amount of discomfort." The big, green eyes tipped up through blonde lashes. "There will be much, much more in giving birth."

Jamie winched in agreement. "How long do you think it will take to find the right donor? From what I have learned there may be hundreds of names to choose from."

"Well, if they are cross referenced to dark hair and blue eyes that will probably narrow it down considerably."

Jamie looked shocked. "But don’t you want a donor with blonde hair and green eyes so the baby would look like you?"

"No." Erin smiled. "I’d much prefer a combination of the two of us. That way it will be as close as we could come to creating a baby ourselves. I especially like the thought of seeing blue eyes in miniature."

Jamie gave her a slightly embarrassed smile and another kiss. "Thank you. Don’t all newborns have blue eyes though?" she asked.

"So you do know something about babies," Erin teased with a pointing finger.

Jamie’s blue eyes rolled skyward. "Bridgett told me that once," she said. "She had a picture on her desk of Caitlin as a baby and a more current one and I asked about the difference in her eye color."

"Well, I want a child that will grow up with baby blues."

* * * *

Much later that day, Jamie pulled up in front of the small house and killed the motor on her currently chosen mode of transportation. Pulling off the thick gloves, she pushed them into her deep pockets and strode up the walkway that had been recently swept from the day’s inch of new snow. She knocked twice and waited.

Erin opened the door and grinned. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Jamie stared at the incredible beauty. Her temporarily tunneled vision disrupted the connection from her brain to her mouth, but a saucy little wink aimed in here direction suddenly jumpstarted her tongue. "I’m here to pick up my date."

The author crossed her arms in front of her and perused the tall body from the boot-covered toes to the top of her coal colored hair. "Didn’t you just take her out last night?" she asked suspiciously.

"Yes, but she is so adorable and irresistible, I just had to take her out again."

Erin intensely eyed the bold woman once again. "Well…okay, I guess I can let her go out with you again. But I want her in bed by 9:00."

Jamie grinned devilishly. "Oh, I can promise that. Get your coat my ladylove. Our chariot awaits."

Erin slipped into her red parka and stepped onto the porch when Jamie scooted aside.

"Chariot?" questioned Erin, when her eyes landed on the vehicle parked below the drive.

Jamie took the blonde’s hand and escorted her down the wet walk. "I checked and there isn’t a horse within miles. This is the next best thing." The rancher tossed her leg over the big beast and settled in, bringing it to life with the switch of a key. Erin mounted and scooted up as close as she could to Jamie and still be in her own clothes. "Comfortable?" the darker woman asked when the hands closed over her stomach.

"Very. Let’s go."

The engine revved, sending the snow mobile coasting over the crystalline banks of snow on the five-mile trek back to town.

* * * *

Two sets of boots stomped against the rubber mat, dislodging the caked on snow before stepping up to the entryway of the ski lodge. Their five-mile journey had turned into six as Jamie detoured through a field, leaving evidence of their visitation in the tracks that trailed behind them. They were having too much fun to stop.

At one point they sped across a snowy dell and through a stand of birch trees, when Erin tapped her partner on the shoulder and pointed to a particularly mature individual. Jamie brought the snowmobile to a halt and they dismounted and tromped through the white drifts over to the tree. Its winter branches rose high above their heads with not a leaf, bird or any other adornment in sight. Erin pursed her lips and placed a single finger against them in a shushing gesture. She didn’t want to interrupt the flawless moment with words when feelings were so much more important. Erin grinned and sidled over to Jamie. She cuddled close and without a word, planted a kiss on the curious woman’s lips. During the diverting action she wriggled her hand inside the tight pocket of Jamie’s jeans, much to the rancher’s surprise. Jamie went wide eyed and pulled back slightly as the blonde fished around. Erin made the quiet gesture again and soon found what she was looking for. The author smiled again and held the red pocketknife up between them. Pulling out one of the sharp blades, Erin turned back to the tree trunk. A few cutting motions later and she stepped aside to reveal the letters E. C. + J. S., carved into the bark. Jamie nodded her approval and smiled. She took the knife, kissed the back of the hand that held it and proceeded to enclose the initials in a heart.

Jamie held open the large, wooden door as Erin stepped under the outstretched arm. The warmth from the open pit fire in the center of the huge room caused them to quickly shed their coats. The round, stone hearth surrounding the fire allowed for a 360 degree view of the mesmerizing flames and the padded bench offered seating for at least twenty patrons.

Crossed swords and shields dotted the high walls along the hallway leading toward the dining room. The authentic weapons were dented and dulled from untold ancient battles in defense of the land and its people. Neutrality was not always the country’s political stand. Paintings and tapestries told their own stories of generations gone by and of larger than life legends and heroes.

Jamie and Erin followed the hostess into the dining area and were seated at a table just big enough for two, among a dozen other quiet diners. Erin’s satiny, black and gold colored blouse was a glistening backdrop to the two glass encased candles flickering between them. Jamie continuously peeked over the top of her menu and watched as the green eyes practically devoured the written words. The menu listed many tasty sounding dishes, and as they often did, they each ordered something different that they would end up sharing.

The waitress returned with the bottle of wine Jamie had ordered and one sip had Erin planning to order another bottle to take with them. Soon they were dining on a local dish called Pastetil, which consisted of tender pieces of beef and mushrooms in a cream sauce ladled into a crusty bread bowl. Served with rice and peas the large portion easily sated their hunger. Jamie’s choice of a spicy veal and noodle dish was left partially uneaten to leave room for dessert.

"We’ve got a pretty busy November coming up don’t we?" asked Jamie.

Erin nodded. "Yeah, the movie’s premiere, Thanksgiving and Mom’s birthday. Not to mention finalizing the plans for the new clinic and my riding program for challenged children. You do still plan on going to Texas with Dad for that horse auction?"

"Yes…as long as you’re going too."

Erin laughed. "I wouldn’t send you off with Dad alone. As a mater of fact, Mom said she was coming with us."

Jamie hesitated. "Well, maybe your parents would like the time alone."

"No. Mom made a big deal about the four of us spending that time together."

Jamie reviewed all those things in her mind. "I’m thinking we’ve got too many things on our plate. You forgot to mention that we still have our appointments with Dr. Webber."

Erin sighed. "You’re probably right. It might be better to wait on the riding program until the first of the year anyway and I can let Anne do most of the work on the clinic."

"Good. I don’t think being stressed will help if you’re trying to get pregnant."

Erin smiled brightly. "That’s right and that is our most important goal."

"May I get you some coffee and dessert?" a voice asked.

Jamie looked up about to answer, but she choked on her tongue before a word could slip out. She brought the napkin to her mouth to cover the grinning, coughing spell that followed.

The new blonde waitress looked at Jamie in concern. Erin bit the inside of her jaw to keep from smiling at the memories the young girl suddenly invoked. But her reaction was definitely subtler than her convulsing partner’s.

"We’ll have coffee and two slices of the chocolate cheesecake please," the author said. The blonde servant nodded and turned to leave. Erin waited until the girl was well away from the table before she turned an admonishing eye toward her wife.

Jamie cleared her throat with a several sips of water before speaking. "Sorry. That just took me by surprise. And don’t look at me like that," she said. "She is wearing the G rated version of that sexy, little costume you had on the other night." Jamie reached over and took Erin’s hand. "Right down to the blonde braids." She winked. "Can I help it if that vivid image will be with me for the rest of my life?"

* * * *

Friday had seen them spending one final day on the slopes. Jamie had practically begged Erin to give her one more lesson, promising not to over exert herself or her back. Mostly she wanted Erin to have fun at something she was so good at. Jamie had effectively used her adorable little pout to its full advantage. And she felt not an ounce of guilt for the small manipulation as the grin widened on the author’s face as the lift carried them high onto the snowy mountain.

It only took a little more than an hour for Jamie to finally catch onto the art of balancing her weight and keeping her butt off the ground. But she still had just a little trouble keeping the skis together. Most of the time she ended up doing the splits on snow or crossing the tips and coming to a complete stop. Although half the time she just did it for comedic effect to make Erin laugh.

But neither one of them laughed when Jamie hit a patch of particularly icy snow and went careening down the hill unable to control her speed or her direction. A large, menacing tree was coming up fast and getting larger by the second. She closed her eyes tightly, anticipating the impact. But when it came it wasn’t nearly as painful as she had thought it would have been.

The next thing she remembered was resting on a sled, being whisked away to a nearby first aid station.

* * * *

The frightened woman ducked around the dark haired medical technician to be next to her wife. "I am so sorry honey," she pleaded with misty eyes. "We never should have been out there on that damn, slippery slope. How could I have been so stupid to think…?"

"Could you please step into the next room," the nurse asked gently, "so we can continue our examination? I promise you she is in good hands."

The exasperated skier looked over the nurse’s shoulder and caught the faint wink and the weak smile directed at her. She took a deep breath and turned away, reluctantly moving through the door and into the silent waiting room. The brightly colored coat was ripped off and tossed onto a corner chair and the pacing began. She ran a hand through her damp hair and a thumbnail was nervously chewed.

An hour’s worth of worry was packed into the fifteen-minute time span until someone finally appeared with information.

"You can see her now," said the tall, blonde haired doctor.

She wasted no time with amenities as she barreled past him into the examining room and over to the small bed which held her beloved wife.

The patient tried to rise, but insistent hands held her back. "Jamie, I’m fine," Erin said.

The rancher looked at the doctor for conformation.

"I wouldn’t quite use that term," he said. "I’m sure you will be sore for awhile, but amazingly there are no breaks or other serious injuries…not even a sprain."

"I just got the wind knocked out of me," the blonde added. "I can go home now, right?" she asked the doctor, well aware of the still unresolved terror twisting in Jamie’s belly.

"Of course." He held out a small brown bottle. "You might need these later today," he said. "And please call if you need anything else."

Jamie glanced at the label as she pocketed the bottle, recognizing the name of the muscle relaxant. "We will," she assured. Once he had left she turned to find Erin pushing herself up from the bed. Jamie reached out to support her. "Little at a time sweetheart. Just sit hear a minute then we’ll think about walking."

Erin was more than capable of moving, but she allowed Jamie’s assistance, knowing it was helping to ease the rancher’s worry.

Jamie took a seat right in front of her and cupped Erin’s cheek, careful of the red, raw scrape that ran across the pale surface. It was the only real injury she had sustained in the incident.

"That was a really silly move, putting yourself between me and that tree," said Jamie, as she allowed the memory to slink its way from her brain to settle painfully into her churning gut.

Erin’s slightly weary, green eyes studied her for a moment. "Would you have done any different?" she finally asked, knowing full well the answer.

Jamie answered slowly and somberly. "No." She relaxed just a touch and the corner of her mouth lifted into the ghost of a smile. "We will always help and protect each other whenever we can." She topped off the vow with a curt nod of her dark head.

Erin got to her feet, pulled her wife into a slightly painful hug and whispered, "Damn right."

* * * *

Jamie let that last memory fade as she returned to the moment at poolside and reached over to stroke the hair of her snoozing and healthy looking companion. A night of TLC and about an hour soaking in a bubbling Jacuzzi had eased any and all aches…or so Erin had said. But Jamie suspected that they both would resort to little fibs when confronted with eyes full of worry.

Jamie lowered her dark glasses and peeked over the rim, slowly perusing the best sight, not only the country, but also the world had to offer. Starting at the adorable, slender feet that she loved to rub between her hands, Jamie’s eyes traveled up to the strong calves and inviting thighs. Her mouth ran dry at the thought of the treasures that lay beneath the tiny triangle of shimmering, purple material of the bikini Erin almost wore. God, if she turned over and a I got a glance at those perfect handfuls of luscious firmness, nothing in the world could stop me from pulling that tie and… Jamie took in a silent, deep breath and gulped down the last of her cool drink. She debated running over and jumping into the cool water, but she was determined to handle her libido without resorting to such measures. She fanned a hand in front of her face as she continued the visual tour of the delicious flesh on display to her. Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips as her eyes landed on the ticklish navel. It wasn’t the only spot on that body that elicited giggles, but it was by far one of her favorites. Because when she spent time there, she also received a little tickle. The insanely flat abdomen, whose muscles trembled under her touch, gracefully rose and fell with each slight breath. Jamie followed the little hollow up the center of Erin’s torso, remembering the first time she discovered the baby fine, yellow hairs that grew there. Lucky fuzz, she thought. Next, the purple top and what was under it. Oh yeah! Her fingers twitched as her stare remained glued to the gorgeous swells. Something else swelled right before her eyes. Jamie took a quick glance up to the peaceful face. She detected the barely discernable jerk at the far corners of the soft, pink lips. But Erin’s breathing remained calm. A look back at her chest. Yeah, still there. I wonder. Jamie leaned forward and inhaled, letting the very familiar aroma fill her senses. Again she looked back at the still face. You little minx. You have been awake this whole time and you can feel my stare. Just then the petite body rolled over on to her stomach. That wrenched a growl from Jamie’s lips. Yep. One glance is all it takes. So you are a mind reader too, huh?

Jamie got to her feet and stood over the sturdy lounger, her shadow falling across the lightly muscled back. With a leer on her face, she wiggled all ten fingers then reached down and pulled the ties on the very small, bikini bottom. She repeated the task at each shoulder and very carefully lowered herself upon the prone figure.

Once a kiss was placed under her ear, Erin could no longer play opossum. She let out a moan that threatened an avalanche on the nearby mountain. "Last one inside is the last one done," she said in a sultry voice. She felt a tickle at her ear with the next whispered words.

"In either case darlin, we both win."

Jamie scampered back to her feet and the blonde quickly did the same. Erin took off at a slow run, her bare feet hitting the blue tiled floor. That wasn’t the only thing that was bare however, as the two small pieces of dark material were left behind on the lounger.

Jamie followed even slower pace, leering at the retreating figure. "There are advantages to lagging behind."

* * * *

Much later, the two snuggled in the large bed, lazily caressing small patches of damp skin. Jamie had worshipped her gently, careful of the tender body and was in turn loved to complete satisfaction.

The crackling fire in the corner kept the chill from the air and Jamie watched the dancing flames, wistfully. "I wish we had a fireplace in our bedroom," she said. She felt a simple nod against her shoulder. "This has been and incredible honeymoon, but it will be nice to get back home…won’t it?" she asked tentatively.

Two green eyes looked up at her with love. "Sure it will," Erin said as she squeezed the bare torso. "Home is one of nicest words in the human language." They bathed themselves in more minutes of silence, but Erin had something on her mind and now was as good a time as any discuss it. "Jamie, I’ve been thinking."

"About what?"

"Well, what you said about a fireplace in our bedroom." She pulled away from Jamie and leaned up on her elbow. She wanted a clear view of the reaction that was about to come. "Let’s build a new house."

Two dark brows drew together. "What’s wrong with the house we live in now? Except for no fireplace in the bedroom, that is."

"Nothing. It’s a very nice house. But I’ve always had this idea of…of my dream home. I thought we could build down by the big lake. I picture a rustic, log house with lots of windows and a wrap around deck."

"You want to live in a log cabin?"

"No!" She lightly slapped Jamie’s belly. "It’s a full sized house," Erin said. "It’s just built with logs. We can afford it, that’s no problem. And I have some great ideas for decorating…" Her voice trailed off waiting for an answer.

Jamie brought one arm up and under her head as she lay there contemplating. Several faint emotions floated over her face as Erin looked on. She finally settled on a mini scowl. "What about the farm house?"

Erin smiled brightly, proud of the idea she had come up with. "You are always complaining that your office in the barn is too small and too hot. We could make part of the first floor into more office space where you could comfortably meet with perspective clients. And I was thinking that we could turn the second floor into a separate apartment with its own entrance. Then we could hire Chad as an on sight vet. He could convert the rest of the first floor for his offices and exam rooms. He said he wanted to get his own office, because his practice was growing so fast. You are always so worried that there will be an emergency and he is almost thirty minutes away. This way he would be there all the time and think how it would look to those clients."

Jamie’s expression remained neutral. "Obviously, you have given this a lot of thought and haven’t consulted be before now."

Erin picked at imaginary lint on the sheet. "Well, it hasn’t been that long...I just…" She looked back up at a beaming smile.

Jamie pulled the blonde back to her. "Sweetheart, I think it’s a wonderful idea." She rewarded her love with a breathtaking kiss. "And I think you are incredibly smart to think of all the details. I guess we need to add one more thing on our November list of things to do."

* * * *

It was their last night in Switzerland and the couple had definite plans. Erin busied herself in the kitchen, cutting up vegetables, stirring things on the stovetop and tasting dishes to make sure they were just right. Jamie was lighting candles, setting the table, programming the stereo for a night of love song serenades and tasting things in the kitchen…although not a speck of real food had entered her mouth.

They had spent the morning outside, leaving behind a monument to their stay in the chilly, European land. Two snow ladies, with twig hands intertwined, sat in the side yard ready to greet the next visitors to the chalet. Beside the taller one was Erin’s adorable attempt at a snow horse…a miniature snow horse…okay it looked more like a very small dog. With a roaring chuckle, Jamie dubbed it Artemis junior. They documented the event with plenty of photographic evidence for the family back home.

With the afternoon spent lazing by the pool and exercising in bed, the evening was being prepared for romance pure and simple. As the darkness was descending over the mountains, Erin carefully carried the last hot dishes from the oven to the counter where she prepared two plates and took them to the dining room table.

She had changed into a pair of platinum hued, satiny cocktail pants that flared like small wings around her slim legs. The matching jacket and camisole was accessorized with a pair of black, pearl earrings and her locket, which she had slipped onto a shorter chain making it more of a choker.

Jamie stepped from the hall and around the corner, stopping in her tracks to admire her wife who was standing by the candlelit table, waiting for her. The tall rancher walked slowly across the room and engulfed her spouse into a hug, careful not to crush her or the lovely outfit. "You are incredibly beautiful," said Jamie. "Can I tell you that for the rest of my life?"

"Only if you don’t mind hearing the same thing."

Jamie had on a pair of light gray, linen slacks and a short sleeve, lightweight sweater the color of a spring sky. She gallantly seated her lady on one side of the small table and filled each of their glasses with the sparkling burgundy.

They talked about nothing of great consequence, but the dinner conversation was complimented with laughter and smiles.

Once finished, Erin sent Jamie off to relax, while she cleared the table. Normally, Jamie would have insisted on helping, but without protest she filled her glass again and changed the CD playing in the background.

The rancher finally wandered into the pool area, but swimming was not on her mind. Besides Erin, she wasn’t sure what was invading her thoughts…but something was tickling at the corner of her brain and her heart. Jamie felt as if she needed just these few minutes alone. She didn’t crave that very often since meeting Erin; the opposite was true in fact. It was hard being separated from her partner in every way.

She walked to the very back of the glass-encased room and peered into the night at the silhouetted mountains in the distance. Taking a healthy drink of her wine, Jamie placed her left hand on the door’s support and placed her chin against her upper arm. She sighed a little, but not from unhappiness or boredom. Unconsciously, her eyes traveled the length of her arm and settled on the white and rose gold band on her finger. A smile slowly slid across her face and her eyes misted over. "I’m happy," she stated clearly, finally accepting what had long eluded her. "And I deserve it." Setting her empty glass on the nearby table, Jamie went to the corner and adjusted the telescope that had been left there by the house’s owners. She rotated a couple of knobs and zeroed in on two bright stars. She studied them for a long time then walked back to the window and found them with her eyes alone. "I finally made it Mom, Dad. I know I started out kinda rocky, but…I think I’ve finally made you proud of me." She had another thought. "I’ve finally become the kind of person that I’m proud to be."

The author stood at the sink and watched as Jamie appeared to be talking to someone. The blonde brows wrinkled over her green eyes, but it didn’t worry her too much.

Jamie continued. "Erin gave me the courage and the confidence to do that. I know you’d really love her." She paused and smiled. "I guess you do. I’m gonna do right by her and our children. I was born into our family and I thank you for that, but now I’m making one of my own. And I intend to follow your great example to make it a happy one. I love you," she told her family. Seconds later, Jamie felt the arms encircle her waist.

"Are you okay?" Erin asked kissing her cheek.

Jamie turned and pulled the smaller woman closer. "I am perfect." She made contact with the offered lips. "Now that you’re here."

"It’s beautiful out tonight isn’t it?" asked Erin, as she looked over Jamie’s shoulder.

"It certainly is."

Erin headed over to the telescope with Jamie still at her side. "Find anything interesting?" she asked, leaning down to look into the eyepiece.

"Many things." Jamie allowed Erin a good long look into the sky before gently tugging on her hand. They ended up on the middle of the large room where Jamie asked a question. "Have you ever danced in starlight?"

"Yes. Down at the beach we danced under the star’s light many times."

Jamie pulled a small device from her pocket. "No, I said danced in starlight." She pushed a button and the room came to life with silvery white stars reflected onto the walls, the floor and every other solid surface. A projector mounted in the corner provided the magic, but that didn’t detour Erin from loving her wife’s own personal brand of magic. The shimmer from the pool’s water made the stars literally appear to twinkle.

Erin looked around and smiled as she passed a hand across one of the illuminated beams. "This is beautiful Jamie. You make my life perfect. I love you so very much."

The music drifted in and Jamie took her wife into her arms and began to sway to the melody as the night cloaked them in contentment. As they moved in a lazy circle, one of the stars fell across Erin’s eyes. Jamie reached up and traced her thumb over the soft skin just under the emerald orb. She grinned and started a kiss that lasted well beyond any measurable amount of time. Time to them didn’t matter. "I love you," she said as her forehead met Erin’s. "Let’s go to bed. I want to make love to you all night long. I will never get enough of you. In fifty years I will still want to pleasure you all night. And I will be thanking my…" Jamie flashed a half grin. "…lucky stars."

"That you’ll still be able to?" Erin teased.

"That you’ll still love me."

Erin kissed her again. "That, I will beautiful, that I will. But I better increase both our vitamins."

Jamie scoffed. "I won’t need that. Just one look in these eyes will give me all the inspiration I’ll ever need."

"You are the sweetest thing in the world," Erin whispered as reached for the hem of Jamie’s sweater. "Let’s make love in the starlight."

To be continued.

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