Twelve Days

By Colleen


General Disclaimer: This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.

Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.


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Chapter 7

Taylor felt a soft tap on her shoulder. Thinking it was a dream she ignored it.


This time she heard a small voice along with another tap. She pried her sleepy eyes open and saw the toothy grin in front of her face. "Travis. What are you doing up Sweetie?"

"It’s mornin’ Mama, I just woke up."

She rubbed her blue eyes to help them focus as she glanced over at the small clock on the nightstand. "Oh, I guess it is." Taylor gave a nervous glance at her bed partner, who was turned the other way and still fast asleep…but not for long.

"Cori! Cori wake up!"

Panicked green eyes popped open as Taylor tried to gently hush her son. The dark haired woman tossed her legs over the side of the bed. "Let’s be quiet Honey, Cori doesn’t want to get up yet."

Travis whispered loudly, "Why did you sleep in here Mama? Was Cori fraid?"

"No Honey, she wasn’t afraid. She was just lonely." And that wasn’t a total lie. "Why don’t you go on to the bathroom Trav. I’ll be in to help you brush your teeth in a minute."

The child scurried off without a problem and Taylor felt the bed shift. A larger hand landed on her shoulder.

"I’m sorry Tay," said Cori as she rubbed up and down the long back.

The tall woman turned and kissed her. "Don’t ever be sorry about needing me Sweetheart. I love that feeling." She took a breath and smiled. "I didn’t wake up all night long. I guess I was just so comfortable." Taylor reached up and scratched her jaw. "I think Travis and I will have that talk this morning." She gave a small laugh and looked down the length of her body. "At least we’re fully clothed."

Cori joined in the chuckle as she leaned over to kiss Taylor, but the gesture was drastically shortened as two separate bellows sounded from down the hall.

"Ah," said Taylor, "mine and yours."

* * * *

Taylor rinsed of the breakfast dishes and handed them to Cori who slipped them into the dishwasher. "What are you going to do today?" the taller woman asked.

"Well, since I’m feeling much better I think Kylie and I will go to our Mommy and Me playgroup this afternoon. We’re supposed to have a little Christmas party and then Mom and Dad wanted Kylie and I to go to church with them at five o’clock." Cori’s bright-eyed expression suddenly faded to sadness. "I want to say a prayer for those two men that died in the accident."

Taylor wiped her hands on a towel and pulled the smaller woman into her arms. She rested her chin on top of the blonde head. "That’s a good idea Honey. That’ll help you to feel better." Taylor remembered the scene she had walked in on the day before when she returned from shopping.

* * * *

The front door to Cori’s house opened, but before Taylor could say anything she was assaulted with the sounds of an argument. She clearly heard Cori’s angered voice coming from upstairs.

"How could you keep this from me?! I can’t believe this!" The sound of a slamming door followed.

Taylor felt a squeeze on her hand. "What’s wrong Mama?" Travis asked with a nervous squeak in his voice.

The raven-haired woman quickly set her purchases aside and shed her coat. She led her son to the sofa and helped him off with his heavy jacket. Then she smiled and smoothed out his hair. "Cori is just upset about something, Sweetheart. She still doesn’t feel good. Everything will be fine." Taylor stepped to the large entertainment center and grabbed a video from the top shelf. "Here, why don’t you watch Santa Claus is Coming to Town?" She slipped the cassette into the VCR and stayed just a few minutes longer until Travis was fully engrossed in the show.

Taylor had seen Mrs. Sterling come down the stairs and slip into the kitchen so that’s where she headed, determined to find out what had Cori so upset. "Barbara, what is going on? I’ve never seen Cori so mad."

The older woman sighed and dropped into a chair. "Cori found this." She tossed a two-day-old newspaper onto the table. "I thought I had gotten rid of it."

Blue eyes scanned the newsprint. At the bottom of the front page was a small article entitled ‘Fatal Accident on the West Side’. "I don’t understand," she muttered.

Barbara nervously shredded the paper napkin in her hand as she tried her best to explain. "On the night of the accident, after Cori had been examined, I was waiting in the emergency room with her. A police officer came in to take Cori’s statement. She told her what happened and then asked about the other victims. The officer said that there were two and that they were also in the hospital. Cori took that to mean that they were still alive and at the time I guess they were…they passed away later. I knew the news would be very upsetting to Cori and she had enough to deal with, so I never told her otherwise and she never asked again...until she saw this. She’s furious with me." Barbara finally made eye contact with Taylor. "I made the best decision I could at the time."

"I’m sure she will come to realize that," Taylor said. "It was just a shock. I’ll go and talk to her."

Cori heard the knock, but thinking it was her Mom, she didn’t respond. She pulled the thick robe tighter around her chilled body as she listened to the door open and the soft footsteps move across the room. She immediately recognized the touch that landed on her arm. "I had a right to know," she whispered. "Why did she keep it from me?"

Taylor eased herself onto the mattress and rubbed a hand down Cori’s arm and took her hand. "Sweetheart, she’s a mother. Put yourself in her place. If Kylie was injured, wouldn’t you try to keep her from any further hurt…physical or emotional?"

Cori shuddered at the thought then exhaled a shaky breath. "I...I guess...yeah I would." The petite woman turned onto her back and caught sight of Taylor’s small, sympathetic smile. The blonde head shook. "A concussion really messes with you…I don’t recommend one." She chuckled. "I owe Mom an apology."

Taylor agreed with a nod. She slipped off her shoes and snuggled down next to the confused woman, hugging her tight.

Cori was quiet for a very long time as she tried to process the disturbing information. "Am I remembering right, did you say the driver had been drinking?"


"Why do people do that?" she asked in a tiny voice. A tear slid from the corner of her eye and down the side of her nose. "It’s so ridiculous to think that your abilities won’t be impaired. I wish people would listen to the facts." Taylor was conspicuously quiet triggering a thought in Cori’s haggard mind. "Tay, when you tend bar…?"

The dark haired woman answered before the question was finished. "I always make sure there is a designated driver program in place and that it will be enforced."

Cori tugged on a handful of Taylor’s shirt. "Good." A few more minutes passed and the feelings of gloom settled even more heavily on her heart. She just couldn’t shake the fact that she had gone all that time without knowing. "Taylor, why didn’t you tell me?"

Taylor kissed the bruised forehead. "I honestly thought you knew Sweetheart."

Cori pulled back with a shocked expression. "You thought I knew? I was involved in something that took two lives and I’ve been acting like…"

"You have been acting like a person who is grateful to be alive." Taylor brought her hand up to caress Cori’s injured cheek. "There is nothing wrong with that. You did not cause that accident; you were an innocent victim. You certainly can mourn the loss of two human lives, but there is no need for you to feel guilty."

Cori looked away and blinked. "I guess you’re right." She put her tired head back down on the strong shoulder as the pain started to pound behind her eyes. "Do you know if they had families?" she asked.

"No I don’t, but we could find out."

Cori nodded. "Yeah. I’d like to send my condolences." Her breath soon evened out and she fell asleep.

Knowing that Mrs. Sterling was around to look after Travis and the baby, Taylor soon joined her fragile friend for a nap.

* * * *

Taylor gave the yellow hair a kiss as they stood in the kitchen. "Sounds like a full day," she said. "Try and have some fun."

Cori smiled. "I will. What about you?"

Taylor answered as they moved into the living room arm in arm. "I’m not sure how late I’ll have to work since I’ve had a few days off. I’ll give you a call. Travis, grab your coat." She told the child who was sitting on the couch with a coloring book and crayons. "We have to go home now."

Travis stuck the art supplies into his backpack and hopped off the sofa without a protest. The adults exchanged goodbye kisses until he returned, fully dressed for the cold weather. He walked right up and hugged his new best friend. "Bye Cori. Can I come back again? It’s fun here."

"You sure can, anytime you want." Cori returned a voracious hug. "I love you Sweetheart."

"I love you too Cori."

Mother and son headed for the door as Taylor gave her girlfriend one more kiss.

"You heard him," said Cori. "Guess you’ll just have to come back tonight."

The dark brows wrinkled. "Are you sure Honey? You don’t need a little break from us?"

The blonde playfully slapped her on the arm. "Of course not! You both are welcomed here anytime."

"Okay. Talk to you later." Taylor added one final instruction. "Take it easy when you go out today."

The blonde smiled. "We will, I promise."

* * * *

Arriving back at their apartment, Travis started to run for his bedroom.

"Hey sport, let’s talk for a minute." He walked back and Taylor lifted him into her lap. She smiled down at him to let him know he wasn’t in trouble. "You like spending time with Cori and Kylie don’t you?" she asked.

"Yeah Mama."

"Good, because so do I. You know how much I love you right?" He nodded. "Well, I love Cori and Kylie a lot too. All four of us are going to be a family," she said gently. "Would you like to have a bigger family?"

"With Uncle Ben too?"

"Yes, Uncle Ben is part of our family. But you and I and Cori and Kylie will be a very special family."

The blonde head cocked to one side and he thought about that. After the short contemplation Travis grinned. "Okay. I like that."

She hugged him. "Good. Now I want to tell you something else. When two adults love each other like Cori and I do they like to sleep in the same bed so they can be near each other."

"So they won’t be lonely," he stated, remembering their conversation of earlier in the morning. "That’s why you slept with Cori."

Taylor beamed. "That’s right." She wrapped her arms around him again. "I am so proud of you Travis. Now we are going to learn something that all big boys know how to do." Taking him by the hand, she led them into the hallway and pulled her bedroom door shut. Taylor bent to his level. "When you go up to anyone’s bedroom and the door is closed you always knock, like this." She proceeded to knock twice. "And you don’t open the door unless someone inside says it’s okay. Ready to try? Okay, lets pretend that you want to tell me something."

He nodded and she stepped inside the room and shut the door. She barely heard his little fist rap twice. "Who is knocking please?"

"It’s me Mama."

"Okay, you can open the door." He did and she rewarded him with a hug. "Good boy," she praised. "Let’s try it again. Go back out here and knock on the door."

Knock. Knock

"Who is knocking please?"

"It’s still me Mama."

"Wait right there just a minute Travis." Taylor waited about ten seconds. "Okay, you can come in now. Very good," she told him when he entered. "Now you have to do this no matter where we are, especially if we are at Cori’s house. Okay?"

"I will Mama. I’m a big boy."

"You certainly are."

* * * *

Later in the evening, Cori answered the door with a content baby on her hip. "Hi," she said, giving the visitor a kiss.

"Hi Honey." Taylor greeted her friend and caressed the baby’s soft cheek with the back of a finger. She walked into the living room and removed her coat. She turned to find Cori still standing at the open door.

"Where’s Travis?" the blonde asked, slowly shutting the door.

The backpack dropped to the ground with a plop. Very drastically, Taylor dropped her head to her chest sighed heavily and covered her wounded heart. "I knew it," she accused. "You only love me for my son." She flopped bonelessly onto the sofa and shook her head dejectedly.

Cori laughed at the mellow dramatics and joined her silly partner. "So where is my little boyfriend?" she asked with fluttering eyebrows.

Taylor played with a tiny, baby hand as she explained. "I got a call from Ben this morning. I told him all about you and he’s dying to meet you."

"I can’t wait to meet him too."

Taylor was momentarily distracted, caught in the fathomless emerald eyes. Cori smiled, waiting for the rest of the story. "Anyway," Taylor continued. "He had been out of town for a while and just got back yesterday and he’s leaving again tomorrow, so he wanted to do Christmas with Travis today. They like to camp out in the living room," she explained. "He informed me, in his not so subtle way, that he would be there all night…in case I wanted to stay somewhere else."

"Ohhh, now I know I’m going to like Ben." Cori pulled the tie from the misaligned, dark ponytail and untangled the long strands with her fingers. She asked with just a teasing, little grin. "So…do you have somewhere in mind that you would like to stay tonight?"

Taylor pretended to think really hard. "Actually," she finally said. "I thought about the same place I stayed last night. The accommodations were great and the company was excellent." She finished with a brilliant smile.

Cori informed her, very seriously. "You know there just happens to be a vacancy, but you will have to share a bed."

Taylor gently pounced on the duo, sending the baby into a fit of giggles. "I would hope so," she said, kissing Cori’s lips. She paused then addressed the baby. "Do you think I’ll fit into your crib?"

* * * *

After a light meal, Cori turned on some Christmas music and Taylor started a fire. Just a few moments later the blonde was snuggled in the corner of the sofa with a dark head in her lap. She was rubbing the weary temples as they both watched Kylie, who was on her belly on a big blanket in the middle of the floor. The infant was chewing on a ring of large, rubber beads as she struggled to accomplish her latest developmental task…turning over.

"How did your talk with Travis go?" Cori asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

"As well as can be expected for a three year old I guess. We also had a lesson on knocking before entering a bedroom."

"Ah, always a good one."

"Speaking of Travis, the oddest thing happened yesterday when we were at the mall. We passed by the Winter Wonderland display and he wanted to visit Santa."

Cori’s eyes went wide. "Really?"

"Yeah. When it came his turn, he walked right over and climbed in his lap and rattled of his list like it was the most natural thing in the world. He told me he didn’t remember being afraid the first time."

"That is strange." Cori laced the fingers of her uninjured hand with Taylor’s before she made a confession. "You know, that night I spotted you way back in the line and I kept my eye on you."

Taylor broke into a silly grin. "You did huh?"

"Ummm. I really wanted to meet you…but if Travis hadn’t been scared, you would have had your visit and walked away." The blonde chuckled. "I wouldn’t have followed you in my gray wig and padding like some crazed stalker. My main goal that night was to help Travis, but meeting you was the best moment of my life."

Taylor raised their joined hands and kissed the smaller palm. "Mine too."

They chatted a little while longer before letting the quiet serenity drape over them again. The dark haired woman closed her eyes and relaxed under the gentle ministrations of her partner’s hands.

Ten silent minutes passed before they heard a few loud grunts coming from the floor. The sounds could mean one of two things: one very good thing or one very smelly thing. A smile slowly spread over Cori’s face as she watched and realized just what the sounds signified. "Taylor," she whispered and nodded her head toward the yellow blanket. "Look."

The blue eyes opened and glanced to the floor. Kylie had both arms pulled up under her chest and she began rocking to one side. The tall woman squeezed Cori’s hand as they mentally cheered the infant on. A series of short, high-pitched snorts and a determined push from a chubby leg sent the delighted tot over onto her back. She chewed on a fist in victory.

"Yeah!" The simultaneous shouts were accompanied by joyous applause. Both adults dropped to the floor and Cori scooped up her daughter, smothering her with kisses and exuberant praises. The smiling baby was soon passed off to Taylor, as she would be to a second proud parent. Cori sat there grinning ear to ear as she watched her two favorite ladies enjoying the special moment. Life was good…and precious.

* * * *

Taylor rapped softly on the door to the nursery before entering. Her stocking feet pattered across the plush carpeting and she came to a stop beside the rocking chair by the window. The only illumination in the fairy tale decorated room was a single nightlight and the rays of a full moon shining through the glass panes. But the moody lighting beautifully highlighted the sweet scene before her.

Cori caught the faint wink as the tall woman knelt down beside her. Taylor placed a fist on the arm of the chair and propped her chin on it as she watched the nursing baby. "This is the only thing I regret about adopting." She whispered, touching the back of the infant’s head with her free hand. She looked up to see the compassionate smile and returned it.

"She’s had a busy day," Cori said. "I think she’ll sleep most of the night."

Taylor rose to her feet and stepped away as the blonde carried her sleeping daughter to the oak crib in the corner. Cori settled the baby with a few final pats to her tummy as she felt the tall woman settle beside her. A long arm slipped around her shoulder and a kiss was placed to her temple.

Taylor leaned over the crib and whispered. "Goodnight Sweetie."

Cori reached up and clasped the hand on her shoulder and they walked out of the room together.

* * * *

Taylor flipped off the light in the bathroom and walked toward the bed. She suddenly stopped when she heard the voice.

"Absolutely stunning, totally sexy and incredibly beautiful." The blonde on the bed beamed as she perused the approaching woman clad in a deep blue, silk pajama bottom and matching sleeveless top. The top was cut sort and with every movement showed off a very flat stomach. Her skin was still pink from the heat of the shower and the tips of her long hair still damp, adding to her allure. "Did you buy those for me?" asked Cori.

The question took her by surprise. Taylor looked down and hesitated. "No…I ah…well in a way yes. I bought these a few years ago. Travis was about two…actually it was around Christmas I think. Looking back, I guess I was feeling…" She plucked at the short top. "…blue." Taylor chuckled then her eyes turned very serious. "Lonely." She moved closer to the bed, shrugged a shoulder and continued. "I put them away in the closet because there was no around to appreciate them…and I made a tiny wish that someday there would someone. But at the time I didn’t give it a lot of thought, I just concentrated on my son."

Cori held out a hand. "Well, I’m glad you have a reason to wear them now."

"You’re my reason for everything." Taylor took the hand and bent down to kiss her soon to be lover. The intimate touch continued as she slid one leg onto the bed. She pulled back as a chill ran across her bared arms, raising goosebumps…among other things. She laughed slightly. "Winter in Minnesota is not really conducive to nocturnal, romantic activities."

Cori gave a sly grin as her eyes drifted a few inches below Taylor’s chin. "Oh, I don’t know about that," she purred sexily. "There are some very definite benefits to the cold."

Taylor lifted the lowered chin. "That’s not from the temperature," she said. "That’s your personal brand of magic."

Cori answered the compliment with another kiss. Her lips moved over the smooth surface, tasting the remnants of mint-flavored toothpaste. "Maybe we should get under the covers and keep each other warm, just to be sure."

"Actually, I’m warming up very nicely with every kiss." Taylor’s expression suddenly switched to one of concern. "Are you sure you feel all right? Just two days ago you could barely move."

"I feel fine…just a twitch of soreness once in a while. Nothing in the world will make me feel better than to have your arms around me." Cori let a finger slide up the long arm, over the lightly defined bicep to a shoulder, where she lowered a thin, sapphire strap. "As sexy as this is, can I take it off? Because I really want to take it off," moaned Cori.

Taylor nodded and watched as Cori’s hands drifted to the edge of the material at her waist. "Then I get to return the favor," the taller woman said.

The photographer’s itchy finger’s grasped the blue hem and the material went slowly up and over itself and was soon flung aside, landing…somewhere. "Oh god, you are beautiful," she proclaimed. The lower half of the satin ensemble soon joined its mate.

Once Cori was also stripped of her sexy nightwear, Taylor matched the compliment and gently lowered the petite body to the pillow-topped mattress. Their lips were drawn together with magnetic force and they spent a lovely span of time just kissing.

Cori ran her hand from a soft breast to a hip and beyond. She cupped the rounded muscles and pulled the taller body to her own. Skin met skin and…and Cori felt that same body stiffen. She pulled back from the kiss to see the tinge of embarrassment on the sculpted cheeks above her. "Tay, are you all right?" She asked gently, also spying the uncertainly in the icy colored orbs. "If you don’t want…?" Two fingers immediately hushed her.

"No Cori, don’t say it." She removed her digits and kissed the bruised lips. "Of course I want to make love to you…very much. It’s just…" The dark head dropped. "I’ve never…"

Cori approached her next words with a tender tone. "Sweetheart, why didn’t you tell me? Please don’t say you’re ashamed, because that is the most special thing you could have said to me. I only wish I had that gift to give you."

Taylor looked back up. "You are a gift to me," she said. Their eyes held for a long second as she gathered her thoughts. "I know what to do…I just…I’m afraid I won’t be good enough to make you happy."

Cori gave her another soft kiss. "Taylor, I know you know that I love you, but I need you to understand just how much I love you; not just for tonight or a few months or a few years…but forever." Cori’s unencumbered hand came to rest on Taylor’s cheek. "I know you feel the same Tay, because I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. And knowing that, any other way you choose to show me that love couldn’t be anything but perfect."

All of Taylor’s insecurities melted instantly. "God, it is true…I do love you." She proceeded to demonstrate that intense love with a kiss and another and one deeper still. Her body moved over the compact one beneath her and the caresses ignited her skin. Lips sought out a succulent neck as long fingers passionately examined the pleading flesh under her hands. Sounds of love soon filled the room as Taylor reached her goal in pleasing her…soulmate. She took Cori to the pinnacle with many well-chosen strokes and her own heart pounded in her chest as her name was proclaimed to the heavens.

Only seconds later, Taylor was placing butterfly kisses on the damp, quivering skin beneath her lips.

"Just…as…I thought," said Cori through panting breaths. "Perrrrfect." She ran her fingers through the midnight satin lying against her belly as Taylor’s head rose and fell with each calming breath the blonde took.

The dark haired woman smiled and whispered a thank you next a nearby navel.

"Now," said Cori. "Come up here and allow me to make my dreams come true." Her hands moved leisurely, sliding over the sculpted form of muscle and bone, feeling the skin twitch with excitement under her fingertips. She shifted one leg between the hard thighs and rolled Taylor to her back. Cori stared deeply into the beautiful eyes and whispered her profound feelings, drawing tears, which she kissed away. Tenderly, Cori devoured her new lover, tasting points north to south and back again. Her right hand finally came to rest over the heart she vowed to protect and they both settled into the peaceful sounds of mated souls.

On the night before the night before Christmas, Cori and Taylor fell asleep in each other’s arms, snuggling under the heavy comforter, but basking in the warmth of an eternal love.


More to come.

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