Two Part Harmony
By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2007.
This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.


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Chapter 10

Sixteen skis rushed down the powdery slope toward an imaginary finish line, designated by the bundled form of Kyra McCall, who was standing well off to the side of the raceway. She had skied earlier in the day, but declined to race; she didn’t want to risk another broken leg. The other skiers had decided, by a unanimous vote, to make the last run of the day a winner take all race. The prize was four hundred dollars, a fifty dollar entry fee from each participant, and of course, bragging rights. The five men and three women exchanged leads as they drew closer to the finish. Seven of those, the most competitive, but not necessarily the best strategists, were to busy racing each other, allowing the smallest one of the bunch to scoot passed, and by a quarter of a ski length, win the exciting competition. Gable Roberts accepted the congratulations and the money, not to mention a kiss from her husband, with a big grin.

* * *

It was a week before the holiday, but Sky and her band were celebrating Christmas together at the star’s Colorado mountain cabin before everybody went wherever they called home. After a day of snowmobile riding and skiing, the group was enjoying a home cooked meal. Home cooked by the three chefs Sky had hired for the afternoon. Once adequately stuffed on turkey, roast beef, three kinds of potatoes, five different vegetable dishes and fresh baked rolls, the group headed into the main room. The gentlemen refrained from popping top pants buttons as they relaxed on chairs, sofas and the raised hearth. Skylar expertly tossed a pile of wood and paper into the massive stone fireplace and from a tiny flame soon grew a roaring, but cozy fire. Kyra had happened to take a seat directly across from the fireplace and her eyes were glued to the magnificent set of glutes, so well displayed in the pair of tight, navy ski pants. Sky stood and turned, her gaze landing directly onto Kyra’s face. The undisguised lust in the green eyes quickly softened to one of complete adoration. But it only appeared for a second before it was replaced by a heartbreaking distance. Kyra tried to cover the exchange by hiding behind her mug of hot chocolate and taking a long sip. Luckily, everyone else was too busy talking and joking to notice the mirrored expressions.

Almost everyone.

Gable had full sight of both of her friends and had just confirmed what she had suspected for some time. Happy for the two, but naturally curious as to why the sadness, Gable would keep quiet unless her friends confided in her.

Skylar left the room and Kyra jumped into the current conversation.

* * *

After half an hour of Christmas songs, it was time for the secret Santa gift exchange. They had all decided to give their chosen two gifts, a serious present and a gag gift. Sky was also presenting each band member with a present, some that she had been gathering throughout the year. She loved taking the time to find just the right thing for each friend.

When the last gift had been opened, items of leather, gold, silver, jewels, crystal…rubber, lead, paper and plastic had been received. And as a final gift, Sky had arranged for everyone to spend the night in the most luxurious suits at a nearby resort.

At seven o’clock, a stretch limo had arrived to chauffer the group in style. There was a round of hugs, holiday greetings and good byes, before Sky asked, “Kyra could you hang around for a while? I finished that music and I’d like to play it for you, to see what you think.”

The question caught Kyra by surprise, especially since they hadn’t been working on any songs for weeks. But obviously Sky wanted to talk about something in private. “Yeah,” she said, “I can do that.”

“Good.” Sky put her coat on. “Help yourself to some more hot chocolate and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The catering staff had also departed so it would just be the two of them all alone in the cozy little house. The blonde refreshed her sweet drink and sipped from her mug as she stood at the fireplace, staring into the flames. She lost herself in the mesmerizing, swaying spires of orange and blue. She didn’t hear the door close behind her, or the coat being tossed onto a chair, or the footsteps that crossed the dark hardwood floor. Kyra set her cup on the mantel and suddenly gasped. It was an exclamation of passion as lips began covering her neck with incredibly slow, soft, tender and mind shattering kisses. This shouldn’t be happening, she thought. But how can I stop it. Oh God! Hot breath in her ear was driving her crazy, but damned if she wasn’t loving the trip. It went on like that for hours…no…no it could have only been minutes…couldn’t it? The fire was still burning strong in the fireplace in front of her. Yes, it was only minutes. Lovely minutes. Stupendous minutes. Suddenly, in a single move, the lips were gone, Kyra was spun around and the lips were back, pressed against hers, smothering her in deep desire. Strong arms pulled her close and she pulled her assailant even closer, clawing at the thick sweater beneath her hands. “Sky…what…are you doing?” she panted.

“I’m getting what I want…what you want.”

“But we can’t…your mother.”

Sky finally stopped her sensual assault and met the hazy jade eyes. “I’ll protect my mother. I promise you that. But Bo’s not going to keep us apart any longer. He won’t control my happiness.” Sky took Kyra’s face in her hands. There was no disguising the emotions this time. “You are the only thing that can make me truly happy. I need to be with you completely. Do you still want to be with me?” Sky asked with just a touch of trepidation.

Kyra’s face softened and she smiled sweetly. “Of course I want to be with you. I want that so much it hurts.”

Sky really knew the answer, but the confirmation was heavenly. “I love you Kyra McCall. And we will make a life together. He won’t interfere with my private life anymore. He can run my career, but everything that happens under our roof he will…not…touch.” She leaned forward, resting her forehead against Kyra’s. “I know it’s not fair to ask you to keep our relationship a secret…”

“No sacrifice is too great to be with you,” Kyra assured.

There was a quick, brilliant grin then another series of dazzling kisses. The urgency finally slowed and so did the touches. But they didn’t stop. Couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop. But Skylar did need one more thing to be complete. She looked deeply into Kyra’s eyes and made an appeal. “Say it please.”

Kyra grinned and sighed as it bubbled from her heart and from her soul. She stated loudly and clearly, “I love you Skylar Ramsey.”

The dark head dropped back in joyous rapture as she soaked it all in. Inside her chest, the damaged heart was mending; the cracks were sealing with the sounds of the sweet voice and the even sweeter words. “Again please,” she requested.

Kyra giggled. “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

That was it. Not only was Sky’s heart well and happy, it quickly swelled to accommodate the added feelings that had just taken up residence. Even with the precautions they would have to take to guard against Bo, Skylar felt free. She gathered the smaller body to hers, lifting the blonde off her feet and spinning her in a circle of fun. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“For what?”

“Staying with me, believing in me.”

“I have always believed in you. And I believe in us. And I will stay with you for the rest of my life.” They kissed some more as the dance continued. “Wow,” Kyra said when the ride was over. “I’ve been tied up in knots for so long, I almost can’t believe this.”

“Oh, I can help with that. I’ll be right back.” Sky ran to the bedroom and soon came stumbling back. In her arms was a pile of blankets and pillows stacked higher then her head. “Give me a beacon,” she said, her voice muffled by the heavy covers. “Say something so I know I’m heading in the right direction.”

“You goof,” Kyra laughed. “Please don’t hurt yourself. I have serious plans for every inch of that body and I’d like it to be unbruised.”

Skylar’s mouth went dry and a silly grinned shaped her lips. She dropped the bundle to the floor and held her arms out like a sexy, stalking Frankenstein. “Come’re lady,” she said, trying to step over the tall pile of stuff. Her foot got tangled and…you guessed it…she fell flat on her face.

“Oh my God!” Kyra yelled. “Are you hurt sweetie?” The singer had fallen onto a thick rug and had caught herself with her hands, but from Kyra’s point of view it looked different. The blonde dropped to her knees and asked again. “Are you hurt?”

Sky rolled over and smiled. “No, but if I was, would you kiss it and make it better?”

Kyra leaned over the upside down face. “I’ll kiss everything and make it perfect.” Their lips tangled in a delightful and sultry indulgence. Both wanted more. But neither wanted to stop the excellent kisses.

Sky finally pulled away, rolled to her feet and continued her previous task. She laid out the blankets and thick comforter on top of the soft rug, topping it off with a red silk sheet. Adding on half a dozen pillows and their nest was complete. Sky hurried back to the kitchen for one more thing. She retrieved two beautifully etched crystal flutes and a bottle of chilled champagne. Into the bottom of each glass she dropped two strawberries then poured in the golden bubbles. Sky didn’t indulge very often, only on special occasions. And this was absolutely the most special occasion in Sky’s life to date.

Kyra lowered herself onto the soft blanket, drew her knees up and wrapped both arms around them as she waited for her lover’s return. There was so much going on inside her and even though it was all wonderful, it left her with a touch of unease. She loved this woman so much. She loved her before. And she knew that Skylar had loved her in return. But it was a painful and longing love that had no future. Now she could let it seep into every pour of her body and every layer of her soul. They had so many things to talk about, plans to make and dreams to anticipate. But their relationship had a catch. And as hard as she tried to set that aside for the moment, it still lingered in the background. She was serious when she told Sky she was willing to make any sacrifice. But suddenly she felt a shiver of fear. What if she made a mistake and tipped Bo to their relationship. Sky would be hurt. Sky’s mother might be hurt. They would have to walk a fine line, hiding their feelings for one another from the world, while always reminding each other of that love.

The fire popped and Kyra jumped. But she was glad for the break from the much too serious thoughts. I finally got what I want. Everything will work out. I’ll make sure of it.

Sky sauntered into the room like the proud woman she was. She handed a glass to her lover and settled down beside her. “Why the sad face just now?” she asked.

“Oh honey, it wasn’t sadness.” Kyra leaned in and gave her a single, soft kiss. “I was just thinking.”


“All that’s happened to get to this point, all that might happen and all that we will make happen.”

“Wow; all that. And what is your conclusion?” Sky asked.

“There is no conclusion. Our story is just beginning.”

“I agree.” Skylar smiled and gently touched their glasses together. “To a life of adventure, excitement, joy and love.”

Skylar placed her arm around the blonde’s shoulder and snuggled back against the leather sofa. They slowly sipped the rest of the champagne and talked as the room around them began to glow with the light of the fire. Outside, specks of white dropped from the night sky, silently settling onto tree branches, window ledges and rooftops. A timeless mountaintop stood as a shadowy sentry, while inside the warm and comfortable cabin, Sky took a berry from her now empty glass and temptingly rubbed it over her lover’s lips. The combination tart and tangy juice dribbled down the side of Kyra’s mouth, but she made no attempt to remove it. A deep blue eye spotted the droplets and the mouth below zoomed in and efficiently eliminated the errant liquid. Skylar was immediately drawn back to the kisses, where the added sweetness of the lips created an extremely sumptuous cocktail.

Kyra straddled Skylar’s legs and they finished the strawberries, feeding each other the juicy flesh. Two sets of reddened lips danced to a silent symphony as the kisses drifted across a jaw line and onto a sinewy neck. Kyra buried both hands in the dark locks. “I absolutely love your new haircut,” she whispered into the ear she was nipping.

Everyone had been shocked, earlier in the day, when Skylar had first removed her ski cap. The usually long straight strands that had fallen most of the way down her back were now softly feathered, their length just brushing her shoulders. Kyra had loved the way the lengthy tresses had trailed over her bare skin when they had made love in Hawaii, but she was finding this new length so much fun to play with.

“I told you I was taking some of the power back.” In another demonstration of her determination, Skylar grabbed the hem of the rust colored turtle neck shirt that adorned Kyra’s upper half. “I want to see you now…all of you.” She pulled the shirt off and tossed it aside. She grinned when she saw what was draped around her lover’s neck. The K winked at her as the flames bounced off the green gems, and Sky took just a moment to touch the present she had given months earlier. A tempted finger dipped down into the appealing cleavage and then along a lacy edge. She glanced up at the expression of steamy lust which was tempered only by a beautiful devotion. The bra soon followed the way of the shirt. Skylar teasingly ran all of her long fingers over every inch of the peach toned skin that was glowing under the fire’s light. Kyra couldn’t keep quiet as each touch added a new layer of arousal. In a frenzied turnabout, she added her lover’s sweater to the growing pile of discarded clothing and pulled the naked torso tight against her own. But then things slowed once again as they were kissing, tenderly and pleasantly. Their breasts touched, nipples drawing impossibly tighter, bringing on a lovely little bit of pain with the luxurious pleasure. Skylar’s left hand moved to her partner’s right breast and thumbed the plump bud, setting off more gasps of delight. Wanting her lover to feel the same intensity, the blonde echoed the action with the digits of her left hand.

When it was no longer enough and Skylar wanted even more intimacy, she said, “Please stand up.” When Kyra was on her feet, Sky peeled away the heavy corduroys. Once the beautiful legs were bared, Skylar remembered back to the tropical beach. Knowing the embarrassment Kyra felt about her scars, Skylar had been very careful with her attentions. She hadn’t totally ignored the areas; she didn’t linger there either. This time would be different. She ran a hand up the warm skin of Kyra’s left leg and followed with her lips. The tremors of desire rippled under her touch and Sky savored the reactions, only wanting to bring her lover pleasure, now and forever. Sky moved her fingers to the right ankle. There she detected a tremble of apprehension. “It’s all right,” she said softly and looked up into the misty, green eyes. “I love you Kyra; all of you.” The slight nod and faint smile gave Sky the permission to continue. Slowly and lovingly, she caressed the outside of the formerly damaged limb, adding a kiss here and there. Skylar treated the tough, angry patches of skin as exactly what they were, just another part of Kyra…not the worst part.

Kyra slowly descended into the new sensations, finally relaxing enough to let Skylar’s hands wipe away her longtime disgrace. She knew she still wouldn’t bare her leg in public, but she would no longer worry about how she looked in her lover’s eyes.

Sky looked up at the fabulous body, taking the time to absorb every detail from the perfectly curved hips to the pair of breasts standing high on Kyra’s chest. It was almost as if she was seeing it for the first time. It had been dark that first night and she had been too busy devouring to actually savor the delights. “You are so incredibly beautiful,” she said with wispy, awed words. “I should have told you that before. But I don’t remember many words being said. We were a little busy.” Skylar’s lips drifted on to other deserving parts, coming to rest on a neatly trimmed nest of flaxen curls. She inhaled deeply, taking in the honey and spice. The stimulating scent and surrounding heat drove her own level of arousal up a few degrees. She placed one kiss, then another.

“Wait, please.”

Skylar pulled away and looked up, slightly alarmed. But the flaming emerald eyes quickly put an end to her concern. A hand ruffled her dark hair.

“I need to see you too,” Kyra said. The vibrations from her husky speech sent a shiver down Sky’s spine.

“Your voice is so sexy,” Sky said as she gracefully climbed to her feet. “Everything about you drives me crazy.” She stole a single kiss, wrapping an arm around Kyra’s waist and turning them both around. Skylar took three steps back, grinned and winked. On anyone else that particular gesture would have appeared conceited. But Kyra saw it as pure playfulness, a trait she adored in her new lover. Sky had every right to be proud of her shapely body, but she’d be the first to claim that she wasn’t beautiful or sexy. Kyra would be the first to disagree. Sky wiggled out of the tight pants and kicked them aside, leaving her standing there in a navy blue thong, backlit by the luminous fire. The tall crooner did a sharp 180 and looked back over her shoulder to catch her partner’s lusty reaction. And a good one it was, like a dieter eyeing a cruise ship buffet. Kyra studied the taunt backside that she had been ogling earlier, and her fingers twitched, remembering how the feminine muscles had felt in her hands. As Sky slowly twirled, something else caught the blonde’s attention. A colorful patch of skin, no more than an inch and a half square, on the upper part of Sky’s left hip. As if the meager body art was magnetic and her fingers metal, Kyra’s hand led the rest of her forward until the digits connected with the vibrant picture. Sky was fascinated with her lover’s fascination as Kyra’s fingertips traced the thin lines and ink. The smoky green gaze rose and locked with the matching blue one. Kyra gave her a little smile.

“I guess you like my tattoo,” Sky said.

Kyra examined the artwork again, giving her dark haired lover a quick bob of her head and another impish grin. “I…tawt I taw a…puddy tat.”

Sky bumped her hip in the blonde’s direction. “You did. You did.”

Again, Kyra touched the tiny Tweety sliding down a rainbow. “And what a pwetty tat it is.”

They came together again, skin craving skin, lips seeking out their counterparts. They kissed madly and deeply, one tugging the other to their knees and then on the blanketed floor. There was no more patience for slow and gentle. The passion had simmered too long and was now a boiling, frenzied need to get re-acquainted with the body they had touched only once, but had left indelible fingerprints inside and out.

When Kyra gained the upper hand she forced herself to slow things down once again. A tiny sliver of her brain feared that this may be another one time event and she was determined to make it last as long as possible. She guided Sky onto her belly, putting her graceful back and superior posterior on magnificent display. Kyra pulled the final piece of material down the long legs and absently flung them aside, hoping she missed the roaring flames. Everything was suddenly quiet and still. Skylar felt the eyes on her, but nothing else was happening. She decided she could be patient…for awhile. She smiled, anticipating whatever her sassy little lover might be formulating in her clever mind. Sky crossed her arms on the floor in front of her and propped her chin on top. Kyra knelt beside the long, lovely form, taking in every luscious inch with her eyes. Her hands, though itching to touch, were perched calmly on her thighs. She was indulging in a lesson of visual exploration. A slow exploration. They had all the time in the world. Kyra angled her head, first one way then another, studying the muscles, the lines, the skin and the cutest set of dimples. And still her hands made no move, they twitched, but didn’t move. She did begin to utter her appreciation with low whistles, whimpers and mumbled compliments.

Sky didn’t want to rush her lover’s perusal, but the tension was making her vibrate, and not in a good way. “Is my ass blushing?” she asked. “It sure is getting warm.” She wiggled the firm globes. Not that she needed to get Kyra’s attention; she knew that was absolute.

The blonde slowly slipped her body on top of Sky’s and whispered in her ear. “Maybe I should turn up the heat.” She moved away and began by skimming her fingertips down the singer’s spine, leaving a trail of goose bumps. She circled Sky’s behind with a single digit as she planted wet kisses along the previous path, both actions causing the supine woman’s breath to hitch again and again. When Kyra’s lips met the dimples and her tongue joined in, Sky had a few choice words. The loving torment continued for a long time, driving both ladies wild with a craving neither had ever known before. Kyra turned her target over and attacked her lips. “I…love you…so much,” she said between the intense kisses. A long arm reached down and palmed her rear, rubbing as much of their bodies together as possible. As Kyra indulged in the delicacy of the luscious pair of breasts, her hand traveled between the parted, long legs and instantly became covered in the thick passion pooled there. Kyra maintained her steady movements until Sky’s wildly beating heart lifted her to a plateau of excitement which she had never imagined. Although it had been a beautiful and unforgettable experience, she had unconsciously held herself back on that beach in Hawaii. She denied herself the truest pleasure because she knew she was going to have to break Kyra’s heart the next morning. And her own.

But on this night there were no such restrictions and she had just experienced the love of her life.

Kyra languidly kissed Sky back to Earth and a slight chill fell over her damp skin. But that only spurred the singer to immediately make love to the woman of her dreams. Sky flipped their positions and covered Kyra with most of her body. Hands and lips reached into every pore and crevice, fast and furiously filling the blonde with feelings she was incapable of measuring, but she knew with absolute certainty that they could never be rivaled. Sky slowly began her pleasurable descent, planting kisses down the middle of the panting chest and onto the quivering belly, where she painted intricate designs around the tiny indentation. Kyra was moaning loudly by the time Sky decided to move on to other areas. The sexy sounds surrounded Sky’s body, echoing off her bones and settling into her soul, inspiring her creativeness. One hand snaked back up the wiggling torso and palmed the nice round breast. The fingers of her other hand played alongside the oral exploration, reaching into the dark, but delicious hollow of flesh. A twist, a stroke…a tickle.

“Oh, damn yes!” Kyra yelled. “Don’t you dare stop.”

Sky smiled, grateful for her skilled tongue. “Wasn’t on my list of things to do anytime soon,” she murmured. Skylar plunged right back into the yummy mission, hoping to prolong the end, but ultimately granting the whispered plea. Every caress tightened the coiling muscles and with a thoughtful, well timed stroke, Kyra’s back arched off the floor and she screeched her release. She was on such a sky high and the air was so thin she almost couldn’t breathe. The laps continued at the pulsing flesh even as Kyra’s taut body came down from the sexual peak. Her scent was intoxicating and Sky inhaled harder, taking it deeper into her lungs. The taste was delectable as it settled onto the buds of her tongue, salty and sweet with just a pinch of spice. Sky lingered, her actions moving at a much more leisurely pace. She was playing. She was losing herself. Sky felt as though she had melted into the body below her, as if they had become one. She loved it. Kyra loved it too, but she didn’t have the energy to continue. But she’d also never been so happily tired. A hand landed on the dark head and began a massage, finally sobering the singer. Sky placed a reluctant, but final kiss, moved back up and engulfed the suddenly limp woman into her adoring arms.

That embrace was home and Kyra hoped that those arms were going to hold and protect her for the rest of her life. When her breath evened out, Kyra opened a single eye. Seeing the beauty beside her, she smiled. “That…was…incredible.”

“I totally agree,” Sky said with a satisfied exhaustion. “And the great part is we get to do it over and over and over again.”

Sometimes dreams can come true. And Sky was now determined to make theirs happen.

* * *

Skylar opened her eyes and immediately flashed back to another morning after, on a tropical island. It was quiet. It was gray. Her lover was still slumbering beside her. This time though, there were no tears to shed. No words of rejection to be spoken. No heartbreaking stories to tell. There was only love and joy to cherish. She kissed a bare shoulder then pulled the blanket up over the chilled area. Watching the small, blonde woman sleep was a delight Sky had never spared any previous lover. There weren’t many. Of three previous relationships, two lasted only a few weeks and one managed a five month duration; all happened in college. But not a single one had evoked even a trace of the soul searing intensity that she felt for Kyra. Sky had loved one other, but realized now that she had never fallen in love. Had never before reached that realm of mystical bliss where you sometimes forget your own name, but where everything in your world suddenly seems so much better simply because you have a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on and a proud smile to cheer you on. Sky knew this was just the beginning of the greatest journey of her life and when her earthly excursion was over, a pair of beautiful green eyes would be the last or the first thing to sooth her passing.

Those jade eyes blinked open. “I love you. Good morning,” Kyra slurred with a smile.

“Best morning of my life. I love you too.” Sky returned it in such a sincere manner that no one in the world would ever dispute.

Suddenly wide awake and cheerful, Kyra climbed on top of her new lover, settling between the long legs that parted to accept her. “You are such a romantic Ms. Ramsey,” she said. “The first time you make love to me is on a moonlit beach, on an exotic island. The next time is in front of a roaring fire in a cabin on a snowy hillside. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

“I have endless ideas,” Sky said. “And fortunately, the means to make them happen. But right now I’ve only got one idea.”

A new onslaught of hungry kisses followed. But they weren’t the only famished things. “Sky, honey, I’m hungry.”

“Mmmm, me too.”

“I’m serious baby. We need some food and definitely some water.”

Sky had her mouth full of a plump breast. “We’ll live off love,” she mumbled.

Kyra chuckled deep in her throat. A very sexy sound. “I know we have about six months of sexual frustration to make up for, but I don’t think we can do it all at once.”

Skylar snaked her hands far under the blanket and grabbed the perfect rear end. She wiggled and thrust her hips. “Are you sure?” she asked.

Kyra let the hot breath on her chest, the tingling skin against her stomach and the renewing dampness on her thighs banish the hunger and capture her imagination. It suddenly ran wild with things that she had yet to do to the sumptuous body beneath her. “Well, it won’t hurt to try.”

* * *

The next time Skylar managed to pry open an eyelid, the blue orb beneath caught sight of the sun’s rays peeking through the split in the curtains. The eyeball moved to the clock on the wall. It was well passed one and the hunger…for food was gnawing at her hollow belly. She looked at her snoozing lover and the inevitable smile, albeit a lazy one, curled her lips. She kissed the temple with those lips then pulled the blanket over the exposed skin. She tossed the cover off her body and extricated herself from their comfy nest. Standing into the chilly air, Sky stretched her suddenly stiff muscles. After we eat, we’ve definitely got to move this to the bedroom. She trotted to the bathroom then to her bedroom to slip into some sweats. Her final stop was the kitchen. After rattling around in there for about fifteen minutes, Sky carefully walked back into the living room carrying a loaded tray. Setting the tray on the leather sofa, Sky snuggled in behind her lover, placing more kisses along the recesses of the sleeping woman’s neck. This is my second favorite place to bury my nose. Sky silently giggled at the wicked thought. “Sweetheart,” she whispered. “You should wake up now.” The blonde mumbled something unintelligible into her pillow so Sky tried again. “It’s afternoon Kyra; we slept all morning.” She laughed. “Well, we didn’t sleep all morning.” She waited a moment, but still no response. “I have food.” A perky nose twitched…but that was it. Okay, time for a different approach. Skylar dipped her finger in the bowl of raspberry preserves. “I have something for you to munch on,” she said softly as she painted the sleeping lips. That did it. The green eyes blinked as a tongue lapped up every drop of the gooey sweetness.

“Mmmm…gooood.” Kyra said that only after she’d also cleaned every speck of red from Sky’s finger. “What else ya got?” she slurred sexily.

“Bagels, cream cheese, bacon and your favorite tea.”

“Well, that all sounds good, but that’s not what I meant,” Kyra said as her hand crept onto Skylar’s thigh.

Skylar flashed her lover a cocky half grin. “I know what you meant,” she said as she slipped a piece of crispy bacon into Kyra’s mouth. “But you were the one who was clamoring for food earlier.” Sky kissed the sweet and salty lips. “I have a plan,” she said between kisses. “We’ll eat all the food on this tray, then we’ll take a shower…then we’ll make love.”

“Or we could eat all the food and make love in the shower. It’ll be one step closer.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

* * *

They emerged from the bathroom about an hour later dressed in thick, comfy robes. They saw no need to put on clothes since they didn’t plan to step foot outside the house and the clothes probably…well definitely wouldn’t be on for any length of time anyway. Sky slipped a CD into the stereo and instantly the sensuous music was floating across the room. She turned and studied her lover, who was snuggled in the corner of the sofa sipping a cup of tea. Kyra turned and watched as the tall, sexy woman sauntered slowly across the floor with the grace of an angel. When Sky reached her destination, she silently held out a hand and pulled the smaller woman into her arms. The bodies melded together and they moved languidly in a small circle. Holding one another in a perfect moment of solitude, the rest of the world faded to a pinpoint of chaos far outside the door. And inside the safe haven, two hearts savored true love for the first time. Two lives suddenly felt a purpose. One merged soul knew permanence.

Soon after the dance, Sky took Kyra by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Climbing into the huge, king sized bed, the couple found a movie they both agreed on and settled in for a rest. However, they didn’t choose wisely. It took thirty five minutes for the first significant kiss to appear on the large screen television. Even though it was between a man and a woman, Sky and Kyra both found the image sexy…or maybe it was just the memories it evoked. Eyes still on the screen, Sky slowly eased her hand across the tiny space between them. Halfway there, an obstacle impeded her progress. Green eyes met blue. “Well,” Kyra said, “great minds.” They laughed until their lips met. They kissed delightfully for a long time before moving on to other things.

* * *

Sky finally changed into some clothes to prepare their dinner. The kitchen in the mountain cabin was expertly equipped and she grilled a couple of steaks while Kyra whipped up some scalloped potatoes. They shared chopping duties and masterfully created a perfect vegetable salad. All the while they harmonized on some favorite old songs. After they ate, Kyra patted her lover on the butt and sent her in to build a fire for more evening romance.

With the dishwasher running, the blonde prepared a batch of hot chocolate. Kyra retrieved two big mugs from the cabinet and filled them with the creamy, sweet mixture. Dropping in a couple of marshmallows, she carried the full cups into the next room.

Skylar was standing at the huge picture window. A light snow was falling from an inky evening sky. As the frozen flakes drifted onto the cold glass, a few managed to keep there unique form. The star had but a second, or two if she was lucky, to admire the intricate and beautiful patterns.

“What are you doing?” Kyra asked softly.

Sky accepted the hot beverage and draped an arm around her partner’s shoulder. “Just enjoying the peace,” she answered. “I could really live here for the rest of my life.”

Kyra thought she was jesting and gave her fleece covered belly a little tickle. “What about your career?” she asked with a tiny chuckle.

Sky sighed and sipped her chocolate, letting the warmth settle into her full stomach. What about my career? “I like doing the shows and singing for the fans. But inside, I only need to make music for me. Know what I’m saying?”

“Sure. Your soul needs the music, but not the fame.”

Skylar looked at the pretty face and smiled. “Yeah.” She kissed the golden temple. “I seem to recall you saying just about the same thing the day we met.”

“We are a perfect match,” the blonde said. That earned Kyra a kiss on the lips. “I love you.”

“And I love you.”

With a little nudge, Sky moved them to the sofa where they settled into the corner and slowly finished their drinks. The topic of conversation had yet to leave Sky’s thoughts. “Maybe I would feel better about it if I didn’t have the constant dark cloud over my head. I have to find a way to neutralize his threat.” She hugged Kyra closer. “But right now he doesn’t exist. There are only two things that make me truly happy, you and music. And you will always come first.”

* * *

“Can we talk about what’s going to happen when we get back to Los Angeles?” They were in bed for the night, Krya’s head cuddled against Sky’s shoulder. Both happily tired.

“Honey,” Sky said, “I promise you I’m not going to go back on my word. I love you and we are going to be together.”

“But exactly how can we be together with Bo around?” Kyra didn’t want to interrupt the wonderful time they’d been having, but as each moment passed they were closer to returning to the real world and their only real problem. Some questions needed definite answers.

“We will have to be cautious. But we will find time to be together. I’ll play his game for now, but I won’t let him win.” Sky thought it a minute. She agreed they needed some plans. And she needed to reassure her lover.

Kyra was doing some thinking of her own. “When we finish the re-scheduled tour dates next month, I know we won’t be able to share a room.”

“No, not with Bo in the same hotel. But after we finish that, there won’t be any more touring for at least six or seven months...maybe more.”

“And when we are home?”

More thinking. “Do you have an apartment in L.A.?” Sky asked.

“No. We weren’t there that often so I just got hotel rooms.”

“You’ll need an apartment now. Unless you want to go back to San Diego.”

Kyra playfully slapped her arm. “Of course not, you goof!”

“Well, I expect you won’t be spending much time at the apartment anyway.” Kyra threw her a questioning stare. “It will be much safer for us to be together at my house,” Sky explained. “And I’m not talking just about sleeping together. I want to be quiet with you. I want to work on music with you and laugh with you. I want to be alive with you.”

Kyra reached up and kissed her lover decisively. “I believe you,” she said as she looked upon the face of unequaled beauty. Beyond that, she saw a splendid soul of vivid colors and exquisite notes who inspired the world with her talent and her friends with her kindness. “I love you ya know.”

Sky ran a finger down the peach skinned cheek. “I know. You’re the only reason I need to wake up every day. And definitely the best reason to go to bed at night. I love you too.” They kissed as Sky reached over and turned out the light. A hand landed on her breast, squeezing a gasp from her busy mouth. She arched into the touch. “You do that so well,” she complimented between kisses. Sky pulled her lover closer, enjoying the soft and supple lips beneath hers. The caresses continued and Sky slid her hand lower, to a place still wondrous to her. “We’ve been making love most of the day…has the frustration dissipated?” she asked.

Kyra considered it. “Hmm…yep, I think the frustration is just about gone. But if you keep touching me like that we’ll never leave this bed. The desire is stronger than ever.”

“Well, that’s a good thing. Think we can make it last another sixty or seventy years?”

To be continued…

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