Two Part Harmony

By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way.  Copyright 2007-2008.

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit.  If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it.  If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.

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Chapter 13

Whenever Sky was visiting her injured lover she was always smiling, positive and happy. But the minute she left that hospital room Skylar became an unrelenting bloodhound on the trail of the real stalker, the person who had framed her partner…the one responsible for plunging two lives into a pit of dark nightmares. Every time she poked her head out of a door, flashes erupted as did the voices with questions. Some questions she didn’t know the answer to, but most where just none of their damn business. Sky had released one simple statement about the incident and her absolute faith in her backup singer. But that was not enough. When the paparazzi sharks smelled blood, even the most innocent were put in danger.

*    *    *

Just eight days after the shooting, Skylar was supposed to attend the most prestigious award ceremony in the music world, to present and possibly receive three awards. After arriving to the show alone, an act that made Bo furious, the singing star went to the press room with a golden trophy in each hand. But her mind was about ten miles away in a hospital room. She started out by asking, practically begging a favor from the group of reporters. Most of the men and women in attendance were the more esteemed ones in the business and most everyone respected her wishes and didn’t ask anything about the incident with Kyra. The two questions that were shouted out were easily ignored. And she was asked only three others before being ushered away. Backstage, Sky received words of sympathy and encouragement from the other singers and entertainers, some she was well acquainted with and others she was just meeting for the first time.

Definitely not in the mood for a flashy, noisy party, Skylar had the limo take her right home. But as tired as she was, Sky did a quick change of clothes, jumped into her SUV and headed off to the hospital. Making one brief stop along the way, she arrived a few minutes after nine. The area Kyra was in allowed for twenty four hour visitation. And even if Kyra was already asleep, Skylar would be content to just sit and watch her beautiful blonde. She softly padded into the room, tucking a white sack behind her back. The room was once again alive with dozens of flowers of every color of the rainbow. Tucked in among the bright blooms were stuffed animals, balloons and other small gifts. Sky had arranged for a fresh bouquet of Kyra’s favorite flowers to be delivered each morning. Those particular ones were always placed closest to recovering woman. Kyra kept all those and others from close friends. The many others that had come from Sky’s fans and other colleagues were admired and then generously distributed to other patients in the hospital.

Sky closed the door so they could have some privacy. The television in the corner was still on, playing an annoying commercial. The small woman in the bed had her eyes closed, but there was a less then placid expression over her face. Sky became immediately concerned and dropped into the chair that her backside had become intimately acquainted with in the last eight days. Skylar picked up the trembling left hand, giving it a gentle squeeze and a kiss. The blonde whimpered and Sky caressed the tense face. Kyra was dreaming. “I’m here baby,” Sky whispered.

The light colored lashes flickered with instant recognition. The green orbs soon made a weary appearance. A small smile emerged. “Hi.”


“I just saw you on TV, winning an award.”

“Well, that was a while ago. Now I’m where I want to be.”

“Did you bring me a prize to brighten up my room?” Kyra asked as her hazy mind finally perked up.

Skylar grinned. “Sorry, I left them at home.”

“Them? How many did you win?”

She shrugged. “Two.”

“Congratulations honey.”

Sky leaned over and planted an easy kiss on the pale lips. “Thanks.”

Kyra took a sniff. “You did bring me something else though; didn’t you?”

A hand reached for the sack. “If you’re talking about this delicious strawberry milkshake, then yes.”

For the next few minutes Kyra sipped on her sweet and fruity drink while Sky sucked down a thick one of pure chocolate. A calm quiet ensued as their bellies filled with yummy comfort. But a single thought was churning in the blonde’s head.

“I want to go home.”

It was spoken so softly that Skylar almost didn’t hear. “What was that?”

The drooped blonde head lifted and displayed two jade pools of tears. Skylar immediately matched her tear for tear. She had actually gotten a lecture from her lover two days earlier about allowing herself to display her emotions. Kyra could see how hard Sky was trying to hide her sorrow and how her voice would tremble. Kyra had said, “You are my pillar of strength through the tears and the anger. You were wounded too, sweetheart. Hiding those things from me will only delay your healing.” Sky had promised to allow herself to feel.

“What’s wrong sweetheart; are you in pain?”

Kyra gently moved into a more comfortable position. “It’s not that. Please take me home.”


“Sky, I’ve been having nightmares about going to jail and losing you forever.”

The tall woman pulled her into a gentle hug. “Oh baby, that will never happen.”

“I know they’re only dreams, but I would just feel safer if I could be with you…at your house…if you…I mean…would you…”

Sky pulled the delicate hand to her lips, kissing it once again. “Kyra , honey there is nothing more I want then to have you home with me. I’m only worried about your health.”

“Well, maybe you could give me an advance on my salary and I could pay for a private nurse.”

“Honey, I would gladly pay for a dozen nurses and everything else you would need. That’s not a problem. I just want to be sure nothing hinders your recuperation.”

“I just know that I will feel better…at home. Unless… Bo would find out, wouldn’t he?” She had been told that he was the one who shot her, and that he was not facing charges. Of course it angered her, but she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

“Bo can go to Hell,” Sky proclaimed as she stood and forcefully shoved her empty cup in the trash.

“He was trying to protect you,” the blonde said, though unconvincingly.

“Bullshit!” Kyra recoiled just a bit at the strength off the singer’s word. “Sorry,” Sky said. “I’m not taking this out on you.” Skylar sat back down blew out a breath, needing to tell her lover some truths. “Kyra, he took advantage of the situation to get you out of my life.”

  Kyra was shocked by this new revelation. “You…you think he wanted to kill me?”

Sky stared into the frightened eyes. “I can’t…say for certain that he wanted you dead; I don’t know how good a shot he is. For a long time now, Bo has suspected that I had feelings for you.” Again Kyra reacted. “I don’t think he suspects we’re a couple, just that I have feelings for you. And I’m sure he thought that was an opportunity to…well, like I said, get you out of my life. If nothing else, I’m sure he thought he’d scare you off.”

Kyra nodded slowly. “Then I don’t want to cause any more trouble.”

“You have never and will never cause me trouble,” Sky assured. Kyra looked away. “Oh no.” Sky turned the forlorn face back in her direction. “I got you and we are not going to backtrack. I love you.”

Kyra finally smiled. “I know.”

“Good.” She sealed the knowledge with a kiss. “Bo is no longer allowed in my house,” Sky said. “I have changed the code to the gate. Jodi will be there and will not even let him onto the property. He can phone me, fax me or e-mail me, but we will only conduct face to face business away from the house. You’d be safe there. I’m just concerned about your health.”

The tears dried upon the star’s face and a loving smile lifted the corners of her lips. Love is what it was all about. The love Skylar wanted to give. And she found the perfect recipient in this demure, talented and beautiful woman. The love she needed to receive in order to revive her lonely spirit. Together Sky and Kyra shared a love that would only deepen over the many years they had ahead of them. Together or apart they had an unbreakable bond. “I’ll talk to your doctor in the morning.”

*    *    *

The next morning, Sky was in her office at the studio, phoning agencies to arrange for a private nurse to look after Kyra. The doctor had agreed to discharge her under certain conditions, a nurse being the most important. Discretion and security were a major consideration so Sky was choosing very carefully. “Yes, I would appreciate that clause in the contract,” Sky said to the other person on the phone. “

Bo suddenly threw the door open. “Morning Cash.”

Startled by his appearance, Sky quickly covered her conversation. “Yes, just proceed as we discussed and I’ll get back to you soon.”

“Who were you talking to?”

“Personal business, which means it is none of yours.”

Bo lowered himself onto the small sofa and precisely settled one leg over the other. “I don’t appreciate the little hissy you’re throwing and keeping me out of your house.”

Sky pounded on her laptop, easily ignoring his comment. “Why are you here?” she huffed.

“We are flying to Paris tomorrow.”

Sky stopped and met his dark eyes. “Why?”

“I’ve been working on a deal with a perfume company to create a fragrance named after you.”

The pair of indigo eyes rolled skyward. Oh please. “Well, that’s nice…I guess. But I’m not going anywhere; I have too many things to do here.” 

“You’ll do what I say,” he reminded her calmly. “This is a multimillion dollar deal and you won’t mess it up for me.”

“Then I guess you’ll have to go by yourself. You’re a smooth talker Bobo; you can come up with a good story to cover my absence. You make the deals anyway. You can fax me the contract. You’ll get what you want.” And so will I.

It took more convincing, but she finally conned him into it. And patted herself on the back when he left. With Bo out of the country, it would be the perfect opportunity to bring Kyra home. Skylar was immediately back on the phone and by the end of the day, she had everything ordered that was needed to see to Kyra’s care. A specific type of bed, a wheelchair and several other specialty items were going to be delivered first thing the next day. She was determined to make everything as comfortable as possible for her lover’s homecoming.

*    *    *

A non-descript van pulled onto Skylar’s property at about ten thirty Tuesday morning. They had managed to hide from the paparazzi as they left the hospital and for the first time in days there didn’t seem to be any outside her gates either. But Sky suspected at least one or two were probably hiding in the bushes with those telephoto lenses pointed toward the house. Leaving those matters to the bodyguard, she had more important things to worry about. Skylar jumped out of the vehicle first, followed by the nurse, Tori James, and leaving the two attendants to expertly move Kyra into the house.

Mary and Barton greeted their granddaughter just inside the door. But the trip had taken its toll on the injured woman and they noticed her green eyes glazed with pain, even though she bravely smiled. As much as Mary wanted to be with her granddaughter, she waited until Kyra was settled into her room.

Skylar came out of her lover’s room about twenty minutes later. “Tori gave her something for the pain,” she explained. “I sat with her until she fell asleep.”

Mary rubbed Sky’s back. “I’m sure that’s what’s best for her right now.”

Sky just nodded and shuffled into the kitchen. Bart said he had some things to do, but Mary followed the singer. Skylar had removed some potatoes from a bin in the pantry and was sitting at the table peeling them. But the spuds suddenly started to disintegrate under the force of her strokes.

Mary started boiling water for tea. She walked over and removed the peeler and the mangled vegetable from the frustrated hands. “I’ll do that dear.”

Skylar scrubbed her face. “I hope bringing her home was the right thing to do,” she muttered.

“Honey, I know you hate to see her in pain; so do I. That was happening at the hospital too. We all know she will be in pain for a while to come. But you are her best medicine. She’s not hurting because of you, but it would be so much harder for her to get through this without you.”

*    *    *

A couple of hours later, Sky was sitting by her sleeping lover’s bedside reading a book. The story would have been riveting at any other time, but now it was just something to pass the minutes.


Sky shoved the book aside, not even bothering to mark the page. She smiled brightly. “Hey. Did you have a good nap?”

Kyra smiled back. “Yeah. I told you I’d have good dreams here.”

Sky brushed away some golden strands from her face. “I’m glad. Are you hungry; I made us some soup for lunch.”

“I could eat a bite or two.”

“Good.” Sky moved to the window and opened the curtains, letting in the cheery sunshine. “I’ll go…”

“No wait.”

“What; are you in pain? I’ll get Tori.”

“No, I’m okay right now. I just want you to sit with me for a few more minutes.”

“Okay.” Sky started to sit back in the chair.

“No.” Kyra patted the bed beside her. “Sit here.”

Sky cautiously sat on the mattress and took her lover’s left hand. Kissing the back of it, there was something noticeably absent. She pulled something from the pocket of her pants and held the precious circle of metal between her thumb and forefinger. “I have something here that belongs to you. I knew they wouldn’t let you wear it in the hospital so I kept it. But now…” she slipped it onto Kyra’s pinkie finger, “it’s going back home too.”

Kyra studied the shining promise and for the moment she forgot all about her physical discomfort and her legal troubles. There was only love.

Sky kissed the ring and then Kyra’s lips. “I’m gonna get our lunch,” she said. “And I’m going to have to share you. Your grandmother is impatiently waiting to visit.”

*    *    *

The nurse didn’t really have a lot to do and was able to spend most of her time in her own room, where Sky provided plenty of entertainment choices. She was mostly responsible for helping her patient get in and out of bed, bathing her and administering Kyra’s medications. But she was also prepared for any emergencies that might happen. 

*    *    *

Skylar had an early morning meeting with the private detective and the lawyers she hired to defend Kyra. They had nothing new to report. But Sky wasn’t going to accept defeat.

“I don’t believe this! She is innocent, which means there has to be some proof…something…somewhere.” The three men didn’t know what else to say. “Okay.” Sky calmly had a seat behind her desk. “Is there anyone else that any of you can think of that we could bring onto this team that could help?”

A trio of silent tongues met her question. Skylar looked each one in the eye, very disappointed and very frustrated. She tapped a pencil against the tabletop and chewed on the inside of her cheek.

“I could bring in another detective I know,” said John Walters. “But I really don’t think…”

“Maybe that’s the problem,” she muttered under her breath. Skylar stared at the mass of under achieving testosterone sitting before her. “Is your colleague female?” she asked.


“Call her, but don’t share with her any of the details of Kyra’s case yet. I want a fresh pair of eyes.” He nodded. “Now let’s go over this one more time.” She addressed the lawyer. “Since her fingerprints weren’t on any of the evidence, is it circumstantial?”

“Yes. All the evidence is. That’s why I think we can win without anything more.”

“I want a certainty. Read me that list of things found in her apartment again.”

“One black, silk scarf, one magazine with photos and letters cut out, half a bag of candy and suggestive drawings.  There was the partial thumb print.”

“Which they could not match to Kyra or anyone in their entire database,” Sky remembered.

“So that doesn’t help us unless we can come up with a new suspect,” Walters said.

Sky thought out loud. “Either the real stalker frames Kyra because he thought the police were going to find him. Or someone else frames her…why?”

“Because they had a grudge against her for some reason,” the P.I. suggested.

“And it’s obviously not a coincidence that everything they found in that box was recently all over the news,” Sky added.

“Maybe they don’t really care if she is convicted; maybe someone just wanted to embarrass her.”

“Probably. Any ideas about who that might be Skylar?”

She took a deep breath. “I did have one thought. I’m almost positive it isn’t him, but I think everything should be investigated. My drummer, Michael Fisher had a crush on her a few months ago, but she wasn’t interested in him.”

“I’ll check it out,” the P.I. said.

“Do it discreetly please,” she told the investigator. “I don’t want to lose a good musician if I don’t have to.” Skylar looked out the window. “Something else still isn’t right. I don’t know what it is, but there is something here.”

“Maybe you are just grabbing at straws,” one of the lawyers said. Sky threw him a glare. “Hey, I believe she’s innocent,” he added, “but I’m not sure we can prove it.”

*    *    *

Sky returned home late in the afternoon. Kyra was having her first physical therapy session the next day. Sky knew that it was going to be a painful and exhausting morning so she was planning a quiet evening for just the two of them. She had arranged for Mary and Bart to enjoy dinner and a play, and she was having a romantic meal catered in for herself and Kyra. She had also obtained a copy of a brand new movie that she knew Kyra had been anticipating. And since she couldn’t easily leave the house it would be a nice surprise.

Sky walked into the house and heard familiar voices coming from the dining room. There she found a heated game of Scrabble in progress. She was surprised, but happily so, to see her lover out of her bedroom. Still weak from the serious injuries inflicted on her body, Kyra was in a wheelchair. Her right arm was well secured to her body to prevent any further damage and she was wearing a large, soft, and comfortable looking shirt. And looking beautiful. “Hey, hey,” Sky said. “Who’s winning?” She kissed Kyra on top of the head, enjoying her freshly shampooed hair.

“I rarely win against my brilliant granddaughter,” Bart said with a chuckle. “But I keep trying.” Sky smiled as the blonde laid out a thirty eight point word. Grandpa jotted down the new score. “Kyra could have been a doctor or a scientist…if she could have gone to college,” he said, annoyed at himself.

“Grandpa, I wasn’t interested in medicine or science. Music makes me happy. And it led me to Skylar.” She smiled at her lover. “And that is worth everything to me.”

He gave them their moment of adoration before he said, “You are very good at what you do. And I’m damn proud of you songbird. And I know your parents are too.”

*    *    *

Later that night, after a fine meal, they were on Kyra’s bed watching the comedy. Sky had been sleeping in her own room so she wouldn’t irritate Kyra’s injuries, but the little singer had persuaded her lover to cuddle close for two hours…and longer if she had her way.

Sky hit the remote as the credits began to roll. “Did you like it?”

“Oh it was great.” Kyra reached over and kissed Sky’s cheek. “Thank you for getting it.”

“You’re welcome.” She set aside the popcorn bowl. “Are you sleepy?”

“Not a bit; I had a lot of extra sleep today.”

“Need any medicine?”

“No; I’m feeling good.”  Sky started to leave the bed. “Stay. I don’t want to sleep alone anymore.”

“Baby, I’ve been lonely too. But are you sure? The last thing I want to do is hurt you.”

“I’m positive,”  Kyra said.

“Let me go change.” Sky gave her a lovely kiss. “I’ll be right back.” She returned shortly to find the lights dimmed and her beautiful lover waiting at the far side of the bed. Sky climbed under the covers and turned on her side.

“This is where you belong,” Kyra whispered.

Sky smiled her agreement.

*    *    *

After a week it was decided that the private nurse was no longer needed. Kyra was stronger and able to get around her under her own power, although she did tire easily. As long as her Sky and her grandmother were around to help, Kyra could care for herself now.

After the physical therapy sessions, Kyra was always in a lot of pain. That’s why she always scheduled them early in the morning while Skylar was out for the day. After the grueling hour, Kyra would load up on pain medication, spend some time under the warm jets of the Jacuzzi, and then sleep for a couple of hours.

One day, in early March she refused to schedule a session. It was a very important day, she had a lot of things to do, including a doctor’s appointment, and Kyra wanted to be alert and involved for every one.

To be continued…

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