Two Part Harmony

By Colleen

This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2007-2008.

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.

There are a few bad words and some violence.

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Chapter 14

Skylar arrived home late in the afternoon on Monday the sixth. It was her twenty seventh birthday. But she wasn’t in a particularly celebratory mood. It was just another day…another exasperating day in which she had failed to help her lover. Gable had visited her in the morning, delivering greetings and a present from the band. She graciously accepted that and other gifts and calls from more friends and business acquaintances throughout the day. But a happy smile was becoming more and more difficult to manufacture, so Skylar had ducked past the daily gathering of reporters and had headed home to be with the only one who could make her happy. Although Skylar knew that her partner was aware of the date of her birth, she certainly didn’t expect the still recovering woman to remember. And that was fine; she had almost forgotten herself.

Sky walked into a quiet house. It was a cloudy day and they had been keeping the curtains closed over most of the windows to keep out invading eyes, so it was fairly dark. The kitchen was empty, with no signs of any recent activity. Mary had been preparing them some delicious meals even though Sky had offered to hire a cook. But the grandmother had just scoffed and grabbed a skillet. But the seasoned chef seemed to be currently absent, along with her husband.

A trace of panic began stir in the star’s stomach, then the music started. Sky followed the gentle and pleasing strains to the back of the large house. A soft, flickering glow welcomed her presence and she slowly stepped into the open and airy sunroom.

“Happy Birthday beautiful.”

Sky turned and smiled as her luscious partner approached with an easy pace. She was dressed in a pair of black jeans and a tailored, silky shirt in a silvery shade. The only thing that, in any way subtracted from her lovely appearance was the sling she was required to wear to support her injured shoulder. But even that appeared to be of a much simpler construction, hopefully signifying some good news. “Look who’s talking about beauty,” Sky said as Kyra settled into her arms. “You look incredible.” She leaned down and planted several soft kisses on her lover’s lips. Not relinquishing her hold on the little blonde, Sky looked over her shoulder at the candlelit table. Two covered plates held a sizzling lobster meal, delivered from their favorite restaurant. “You shouldn’t have gone to this much trouble,” she said.

“Of course I should have,” Kyra countered. “Your birthday is one of the most important days of the year.” She took her lover’s hand and led her over to the feast.

“Thank you sweetheart.” Sky popped the cork on the champagne and poured. Kyra accepted only half a glass because of her pain medication, but toasted her lover’s special day.

Kyra explained that she had sent her grandparents on a three day trip to Las Vegas, something they both had always wanted. Sky and Kyra kept the conversation light and easy, having had too many painful and serious discussions in the past days. Although at one point Sky did ask about Kyra’s doctor’s appointment. “I noticed the different sling,” she said. “Does that mean you’re healing well?”

“Can I explain that later?” Kyra asked.

“Well…sure,” Sky said.

“Good,” Kyra smiled. “Wait here; I’ll be right back.” She dashed out to the kitchen and returned a few minutes later pushing a silver cart. On top was a triple layer chocolate cake with some surprise flavors inside. “Happy Birthday to you,” she sang brightly. When the short song ended, Sky extinguished the reduced number of candles with a single breath. There was only one wish in her heart. All Skylar wanted was to have a long, peaceful life with her beloved Kyra.

Once two pieces of the sweet confection had vanished, Kyra presented a colorfully wrapped box to the birthday girl. Sky removed the paper and lifted the lid. A gentle smile, full of love washed over her face as she removed the familiar looking circle of metal.

Kyra held up her hand, proudly displaying its twin. “I know you can’t wear it on your finger,” she said, “but I thought you could wear it around your neck…at least most of the time.”

“Thank you sweetheart.” Sky stood and slipped the long chain over her head. The beautiful ring of promise nestled comfortably between her breasts. “I love it. Almost as much as I love you.”

Kyra got up and kissed her. “I love you too. And I have one more present. Close your eyes.” Sky did as she was told and listened as the footsteps left the room. Soon the steps were headed back and Sky knew exactly when her partner was standing right in front of her.

“Open your eyes,” Kyra instructed.

The deep blue orbs appeared and her jaw immediately fell open with surprise and appreciation at the enormous amount of cuteness. There were two sets of eyes staring back with glee, one her favorite spring green and the new ones a liquid brown. Kyra had the puppy snuggled right next to her face. “Oh Kyra,” Skylar gushed, “she’s so cute.”

Kyra handed over the two and a half month old chocolate lab pup and giggled as her lover was smothered with doggie kisses. “I guess you like her.”

“Of course; I love her.” She held the squirming dog slightly away from her face. “It’s impossible to look at that face and not fall in love at first sight.” She caught the set of greens watching her. “I felt the same way when I saw you.” Sky tucked the puppy under her arm and leaned toward her lover. Just before their lips met, she asked, “Do you mind?”

“What’s a little puppy drool between friends?” The kisses lasted a few fantastic minutes until the baby decided she had been ignored long enough. The whimpers and tiny barks brought an end to the loving activities. “Well, Mom,” Kyra teased, kissing the round, brown head and smiling, “there goes the love life.”

Sky sat on the floor and played with the pup for the next hour as Kyra watched, knowing she had made the right choice in presents. She slipped from the room at one point to take her evening pain medicine. No amount of pills ever completely vanquished the pain. But she was beginning to learn to live with it. She had no other choice. And she wasn’t going to give in to it. She would not put another burden on Skylar.

Walking back into the silent room, Kyra spied the pooped pup, asleep next to her partner. The tall singer seemed to be lost in thought, her eyes focused on a point in mid-air. She didn’t immediately react to Kyra’s presence…until the vision walked into her line of sight. She grinned. “There you are.”

“Here I am. Do you think she’s out for the night?” the blonde asked.

Sky gave the brown head another little scratch. “Oh yeah. We should probably move her to bed.” Blue eyes looked up. “She does have one, doesn’t she?”

“Brand new and waiting. Any idea yet what you’re going to name her?”

Sky gently scooped up the snoozing puppy and got to her feet. “I need to watch her for a few days, see what her personality is like. But it won’t be anything to do with chocolate; I’d like to be a little more original then that.” She kissed the puppy’s head once again. “But it will be something special.”

The three crossed the house to the mud room, where absorbent pads covered the floor and a small, soft bed sat in the corner. A few toys, already showing chew marks, were scattered about as well. The unnamed animal stirred as she was placed in her bed, but soon settled back to sleep after a few more loving strokes. Sky softly tiptoed from the small room and closed the gate behind her. She watched just a few more seconds before stepping away with Kyra cuddled into her side. The blonde assured the new mom that she followed the recommendations of the breeder to provide comfort for the suddenly lonely pooch.

The couple leisurely made their way back to the sunroom where Sky had another bite or two of her cake. She fed the same to her lover then turned the music back on. Sky turned and smiled sexily at Kyra. Silently she took her lovely partner into her arms and began moving. They weren’t really dancing, just holding one another, reveling in the warmth of their love.

When the music ended, Kyra began a series of kisses, destined to set her lover ablaze. And that is exactly what she intended. Kyra began undoing buttons as the sizzling blitz continued. Only when a hand curled around her waist and caressed the smooth skin on her back, did Sky realize what was happening. She opened her reddened lips to speak. But Kyra beat her to it. “Please don’t ask me if I’m sure. I’ve missed this so much, touching you…you touching me. We need to make love now. I want you.”

“And I’ve missed it just as much,” Sky assured. “There is nothing I want more right now then to make love to you.” She lightly ran her hand along Kyra’s right arm, silently expressing her concern.

Kyra nodded. “We will have to accommodate my slight immobility.” She smiled. “But I happen to know that you are very creative at this.”

Sky took the compliment very well. “I’ll have to come up with something extra special for an extra special night.”

Turning out the lights, they slowly made their way up to the bedroom. They undressed each other with thoughtfulness and gentleness. Sky slipped the loose shirt from her companion’s body, but never removed her gaze from the jade eyes. She trailed her fingertips across her lover’s belly to the slightly ticklish ribs, then up over the lovely pair of breasts. The blonde’s skin was pale from lack of sun, but the feel of satin greeted her tender touch.

“I have more scars,” Kyra announced, with a sad tone.

“Sweetheart, you know whenever I look at you I only see beautiful perfection.” A shade of embarrassment still lingered and Kyra shied away. Sky quickly reclaimed her attention. “Don’t worry about what you see in the mirror. Believe what you see in my eyes.”

Those sparkling eyes penetrated her soul, filling it to overflowing with love. Kyra finally smiled. She reached up, cradled Sky’s cheek and stared deeply into those eyes for a long time before guiding their lips together. They teased and tasted as they climbed into bed. The kisses slowly deepened and Sky carefully lowered her weight onto her lover. Gently, they rediscovered the physical passion that had been missing in the previous, difficult weeks. The passion in their hearts had never diminished. And never would.

Kyra drifted to sleep soon after the last kiss, wrapped safely in the arms of her savior.

* * *

The next morning, Kyra awoke to find herself alone. That was unusual unless Sky told her the night before that she would have to leave early. She didn’t hear the shower running or music coming from downstairs. But somehow she knew that her lover was nearby. That always made her feel special. Kyra lay there in the silence, reflecting on her life. She suddenly remembered an old classic. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Facing years in prison was almost the scariest thing she could ever imagine.

Losing Skylar was absolutely the scariest thing. But she didn’t want to even imagine that.

Pain. She experimentally shifted, but moved the injured joint as little as possible. It was pretty stiff, but surprisingly, after the previous night’s activities, the discomfort was minimal. Unfortunately, she knew that would change later, after her morning therapy.

Kyra caught sight of a slip of paper on the pillow beside her. The note, written with her lover’s precise hand, read, “Good morning gorgeous. I woke up early and watched you sleep for a long time until the whimpers from our new little baby drew me downstairs. We’ll be waiting for you. Love, Skylar. P.S. Looking forward to slipping into the shower with you.”

Wrapping her nude body in a warm robe, Kyra made her way to the kitchen. A fresh pot of coffee was the only sign that Sky was around. A laugh outside the window got her attention. She walked over to the back door and smiled at the sight of Skylar, in her robe, on the ground playing tug of war with the puppy. The cocoa colored animal tugged on the piece of knotted rope that the big brunette had in her hand. When she finally got bored with the rope, the dog dove into the pile of toys on the ground beside Sky. The singer laughed so heartily she tumbled onto the ground and then puppy pounced on her. The tiny tail wagged so hard it threatened to send the pup air born.

Kyra couldn’t tell which one was having more fun. “Have I lost you to another girl?” she asked with a smile.

Skylar flashed a grin and a wink of sapphire. “No other girl, human or otherwise could steal my affections for you.” Sky smoothly rose to her feet, depositing her pet back among the scattered toys. She walked a few feet and kissed the chilly lips. “You will, however have to share my attention.” On cue the baby canine bounced over to the couple and barked twice.

“I’ll get this one,” Kyra said. She lifted the light weight dog, cuddling her between them. “Did you have a good playtime with Mommy?” she asked and listened for an answer. “She said yes. What was that?” Kyra listened again. She nodded. “You’re right; me too.” Kyra looked back at her giggling lover. “We’re hungry. So get your lovely butt in the kitchen and make us breakfast.” She put the dog back on the ground and put her good arm around the tall woman’s waist, guiding her toward the house.

Skylar suddenly stopped. “The dog said I have a lovely butt.”

“No, that was me.” Kyra squeezed the mentioned body part and they both giggled.

The pup pranced in behind them and was soon chowing down on a yummy bowl of kibble. A while later, the humans were munching on bowls of warm cereal, doused in honey, nuts and fresh fruit.

* * *

Sky was spending the entire day at home. After breakfast she helped Kyra with her physical therapy, and after that she had helped her clean up and shared some time in the soothing Jacuzzi. While soaking, Sky had asked about the doctor’s report Kyra had evaded the night before.

“Dr. Callaway, the orthopedist, says things are healing all right, but he also thinks I’ll need more surgery before I can regain full range of motion in my shoulder.”

“By the sound of your voice that’s something you don’t want.”

“Of course I want to be back to normal,” Kyra protested, and then paused. “But no, I don’t necessarily want to have another operation.”

Skylar picked up a delicate foot and began a calming massage. “Why don’t you get a second opinion,” she suggested. “Maybe there’s some other type of therapy that would help. He might not know everything.”

Kyra huffed. “Probably wouldn’t do any good.” The massage felt wonderful, but the current subject was beginning to depress her.

Skylar switched to the other foot. She was failing in her duty to keep her partner happy, at least that’s how she felt. Sky began formulating a plan to search for the best orthopedic surgeon in the country…or the world if necessary. The proverbial light bulb suddenly went off in her head. I know I’ve recently heard about an orthopedic sur… A big smile. “Remember when we met my piano teacher at my cousin’s wedding last month?” Sky casually asked.

“Of course.”

“Well, if you also remember, her partner is an orthopedic surgeon.” That brought a lighter expression to the blonde’s face. “I’ll call Jackie this afternoon,” Sky said as she moved her hand up Kyra’s leg.

* * *

Later that evening, the couple lay in bed, facing one another. Neither one was particularly sleepy; they were just having a nice quiet chat. The newest member of the family was sound asleep in the corner, snug in her warm bed. Skylar took a peek at her baby and grinned. The pup was practically on her back, her pink, pudgy belly on display. She was twitching in puppy dreams. Sky looked back to her companion and asked, “Why did you decide to get me a dog?”

“When we went to that luau in Hawaii, you were playing with that big dog.”

“Rascal,” Sky added. “He belonged to the couple who hosted the party.”

The blonde nodded. “You had a lot of fun; I could tell. You needed something fun now. You’ve been so stressed lately.” Kyra paused, almost uncertain about finishing her thoughts. But it was the truth. “She can keep you company when I’m in prison.”

“Stop that!”

Kyra touched the distraught lips. “Shhh, you’ll wake the dog.”

“Then stop talking like that,” Sky said in a more hushed tone. “You are not going to prison.”

“Okay, okay; I’ll try to remember that.” There was more truth to be told. And it would be just as painful later, so she decided to forge ahead. “Well, then she can keep me company while you’re away.”


“Doing interviews, talk shows…on tour.”

Sky took a moment to absorb what her lover was trying not to say. “But you’ll be with me on tour.” She sounded positive.

Kyra shook her head, sadly. “I don’t think so honey. Even if I’m cleared…I can’t work for you anymore.” The star pulled back, looking like she was going to cry. “No, no,” Kyra reassured, “don’t do that now. I love you and I love working with you. But after what he did to me, I don’t think I can face Bo everyday. Can you understand that?”

A tear did escape, but Sky nodded. “Yeah, I understand,” she said, her voice slightly trembling. “It just feels like I’m taking one more thing away from you.”

“But you’re not.”

“You get a thrill from being on stage,” Sky said. “I know you do. And we have so much fun.”

“It was exhilarating, being in front of the crowds. You gave me that experience and it’s something I can never forget. Thank you for that. But we will still have fun together. We’ll still write together. And we will still sing together, even if it just happens here…in our haven.”

Sky finally managed a little smile. “You’re right; we will.” She reached over and softly kissed Kyra. “I love you.” Sky reached back and turned off the light. In the dark, she vowed, “I’m doing everything I can to stop him and get him out of our lives.”

“I know you are. But you have to be very careful Sky. I’m afraid of what he might do to you if you push him too far.”

* * *

Sky sat in her office at home, studying the list of evidence found at Kyra’s apartment. The paper was wrinkled. There was a discoloration in one corner, probably due to a stray tear. She looked it over four times. But she had read it before at least thirty times. But she would read it a thousand if it would help her lover. Something poked at her brain about the list of items. There was a clue there, she just knew it. And even though Sky had it memorized, she read it one more time.

Finally, there it was…or wasn’t.

There’s no perfume listed here, she thought. Bo said there was perfume in the box of stuff found at Kyra’s. I remember because I told him she was allergic to it. It’s possible he was mistaken; he knew that perfume was used on the stalker’s last delivery.

But there was something else too. Something that had nothing to do with the evidence. It was something…someone had said. Something that…

“She’s crazy! She belongs in that swanky nuthouse, right next to your mother and her sister.”

“That bastard!” She was suddenly thankful she had closed the door. “The only way he could have known Kyra had a sister and that we took her to Silver Lake… That son of a bitch had us followed. He knows we’re lovers. He framed Kyra and then shot her to get her out of my life.” Sky’s heart was racing. In seconds she was nearly hyperventilating. She had to calm down and think clearly. But she needed to hit something. Wisely, Sky chose a soft pillow, picturing his slimy face among the stripes. Kicking the stuffed accessory for good measure, Sky walked to the window and stared off across the California canyon. She crossed her arms in front of her and continued her musings. “And since that hasn’t happened, he might just be planning another way. If Kyra is found innocent, I’m sure he’ll plan something else to get rid of her. Okay, I have to be careful not to tip him off before I can find the proof. Maybe I shouldn’t even tell the lawyers or the private investigators…until I can think of a plan anyway.” She was anxious about the possible evidence she may have discovered, but she had decided not to tell Kyra, until she was certain it could clear her.

That night, Sky, Kyra, Mary and Barton had a nice family meal together. It would be their last for a while. Kyra’s grandparents had decided to return home until the trial started. Their granddaughter was healing well and they were certain they were leaving her in good hands.

“My plane will take you back to San Diego anytime you’re ready. But may I suggest a side trip up to Silver Lake to visit Jilly.”

“Oh, you have to Grandma,” Kyra said, excitedly. “Wait until you see the change in her.”

“Yes, I can tell a difference just talking to her on the phone,” Mary said. “Thank you Skylar. We will accept your generous offer.”

After the older couple had slipped off to bed, Sky and Kyra went into the sunroom to play with the puppy. “Have you decided on a name for her yet?” Kyra asked as the brown baby mischievously chewed on her fingers.

“Yes I have. What do you think of Makana?”

“Makana?” Kyra grinned. “That wouldn’t be Hawaiian by any chance?”

Sky chuckled. “Why yes, yes it is. It means gift. And that’s what she is. After what you told me the other night I thought it was appropriate.”


Skylar leaned over and nibbled her lover’s lips. “I have some very fond memories of Hawaii and the night of the luau in particular.”

* * *

By the next morning, after a sleepless night and lot of thinking, Sky figured that her best bet was to secretly obtain Bo’s thumb print and get it to the police. Then they would have probable cause to further investigate him.

For the next week, Sky tried to make face to face appointments with her manager, but he always had convenient, but sensible excuses. She wasn’t going to second guess his actions. It didn’t necessarily mean he was aware of her suspicions. But Sky decided to be extra cautious.

It was mid week when Bo called Skylar and requested a meeting at her studio office. Sky laid out several objects around the room, hoping to entice her manager to touch at least one.

A little after two o’clock Bo strode into the room…without knocking of course. He addressed her with one simple word as he eased into the burgundy leather chair opposite her desk. “Cash.”

Her blues eyes stealthily scanned his hands as she pretended to work at her computer. “What’s with the gloves?” she asked casually.

He flexed a leather covered fist, flaunting the black cover. “They go with my brand new sports car,” he boasted and flashed her a sly wink. “Thanks.” He removed the left glove, but kept it clutched tightly in his hand as they discussed business. Sky kept a surreptitious, blue eyeball on his digits as he sat in front of her rattling on. Touch the damn leather chair! The thought shouted inside her head again and again. But his bare hand always came to rest on his leg. She offered him a drink. He cracked the lid on the bottle of water with his uncovered hand then slipped the white lid into his jacket pocket. Over the next fifteen minutes he downed the liquid and tossed the empty bottle in the trash, never having touched it with bare skin. His guilt was still safe.

As soon as he left, Skylar slammed her hand on the desk. She was getting so desperate that she momentarily considered breaking into his house… or his new car. But Sky soon remembered him telling her about a high tech security system he had installed. And with a brand new, expensive car, he was sure to have done the same.

Kyra’s first court appearance was approaching fast. Sky debated if she should at least tell the lawyer, to see if he could do anything with her suspicions. But Sky had one more idea to try and get the fingerprint. If that didn’t work, the lawyers would still have adequate time to use the information to plan a defense.

She was also preparing for the arrival of her friend from back home. Jackie Harper, her first piano teacher was coming to L.A. with her family. Specifically, Jackie’s partner, the orthopedic surgeon was coming to examine Kyra and advise her on further treatments of her injury. Two of the guest bedrooms had been spruced up under Kyra’s direction. Sky had several things planned to entertain their teenaged daughter, Ashley during the week long stay.

And the quest for the fingerprint continued.

And the story is to be continued, next time.

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