Two Part Harmony

By Colleen


This is an alternate uber story. The physical descriptions of the two lead characters may remind you of two others we all know and love, but all characters in the story are from my own imagination. This story is an original work and is copyrighted by the author. It cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copyright 2007.

This story depicts a loving relationship between two consenting, adult women and contains scenes of intimacy, but nothing too explicit. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something else.


There are a few bad words and some violence.



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Chapter 4


They did two more concerts in the Pacific Northwest and then the tour moved on to California and down to the southwest. Six weeks after the first concert, the buses rolled into Dallas for two shows. That meant a three day stay at a hotel, but Skylar would not see much of her luxury suite. Bo had scheduled four interviews, two photo shoots for national magazines and a private afternoon performance and autograph session for a local executive. The company president had paid a tidy sum for Skylar Ramsey to sing for two hundred of his favored employees.


While Skylar was working, Kyra and Gable went out for more sightseeing. They didn't always have the bonus time for a little adventure, but always took advantage when they could. They were forming a good friendship and worked very well together.


After some shopping, the July sun sent them seeking shelter inside a little cafˇ. With their lunch orders placed, they examined their morning purchases. Kyra slid a brown cowboy hat onto her head and checked the look in her compact mirror. "Not bad," she muttered.


"Rather spiffy," Gable agreed. She looked down at the new pair of pointed toe boots on her feet. The shiny, black leather set had a matching men's pair in the shopping bag on the floor next to her.


Kyra took another look at her friend's purchase. "Neat boots. And they're so fashionable with your cutoffs."


The tiny tip of a tongue answered Kyra's teasing. "I savor comfort above all else," Gable said. "You must be burning up in those jeans."


The blonde head shook casually. "No," she confirmed and removed her hat. "Do you think it's nutty to buy yourself a birthday present?" Kyra asked.


"Of course not. Is it today?"


"Tomorrow. I had actually almost forgotten the date until we passed that little girl's party in the park. I had a party in an amusement park when I turned eight," Kyra said with a hint of melancholy.


"My youngest sister stole the show during my eighth birthday party."


"How?" Kyra asked with anticipation.


"She was born."


Both women laughed and started in on their lunch.


They were at a table by the front window, watching from the corners of their eyes as the locals and other tourists passed by on the sidewalk. The crowd was increasing as the lunch hour moved on and a familiar face suddenly appeared at the glass. The smiling man waved at the dining duo and ran for the front door.


"Hello ladies," Michael Fisher said as he helped himself to the empty chair at their table.


"Hello Michael," Kyra responded demurely.


Gable crunched on a breadstick and asked what the young man had been up to.


"Me and Jack were checking out the bike park. They have some cool trails." Although he was answering the redhead's question, he kept smiling and sneaking glances at the pretty blonde that had caught his eye from the moment he first saw her. His foot tapped against a shopping bag. "Find some neat souvenirs?" he asked Kyra. He was so obvious in his attentions, even though he was trying his hardest to hide it. But that's what you get from a 22 year old still living in his teens. At least he wasn't an egotistical jerk; Kyra hated them. "Kyra," he said timidly, "would you like to go to that microbrewery across from the park, down the street? I thought maybe we could get a drink, do some more sightseeing and maybe have dinner."


The blonde caught Gable's grin before she answered. "Oh Michael, I don't think so. I'm really tired; I need to get back to the hotel and get some rest."


One other thing he couldn't hide was his disappointment. "Well...I understand...I guess." The last part he murmured under his breath. "I better get going. Maybe I can catch up with Jack. See you later."


Once he was clear of the restaurant, Kyra released a helpless sigh. "I wish he would stop doing that."


"What?" Gable asked.


"Asking me out; this is the third time I've had to turn him down."


"Don't you like him?"


"I like him well enough, but I don't want to date him."


"Tell him that."


"Yeah, I will. I thought he'd just give up by now." Kyra rearranged some of the pasta on her plate. "Gable, did Sky have a problem with you and Josh dating, I mean with working together and all?"


"No. I don't think she really knew. She seemed pretty surprised, but pleased when we announced our engagement. But Bo was working her so hard to get her career started she didn't realize much of what was going on around her. I thought you didn't want to date Michael."


"Oh, I don't. I was just curious."


* * *


Both shows went great and everyone returned to the hotel for their last night in Dallas. It was only a three hour drive to the next destination and the performance was two days away, so Sky had decided to let everyone stay the extra night. Skylar showered and dressed in a casual pair of jeans and a blue top. She put her keycard into her back pocket and picked up the basket of food she had room service put together. She placed one final thing into the wicker container and sauntered down to room 218.


Kyra answered the knock on her door and smiled. "Sky? I thought you'd be fast asleep by now. Come in."


"Not sleepy tonight. But I am hungry." She held up the basket. "I thought you'd like to share a little midnight snack."


Kyra checked the clock on the wall. "It's only 11:05."


"Good, then I'm not too late for this." Sky pulled a package from the basket. "Happy Birthday."


"Sky, how did...did Gable tell you it was my birthday?"


The singer grinned mischievously. "No. I have my ways."


Kyra sat down at the table and unwrapped her gift, while Sky began unpacking the food. Opening the small box, Kyra gasped quietly. "Oh Sky, it's beautiful." She lifted the silver chain and further inspected the pendent hanging from it. The stylized version of the first letter of her first name was studded with tiny emeralds. "I'll wear this at every show." Kyra hugged the star. "Thank you."


"You're welcome. How about some stuffed mushrooms and a little pasta salad?" Sky asked. "And for after..." She pulled out a tiny chocolate cake that they split in half, and that ended a good day and a wonderful birthday.


* * *


Kyra got a phone call at eight o'clock the next morning. "Hello."


"Hey sleepy head."


"I've been awake for more than an hour Ms. Ramsey. What can I do for you?" They were not checking out of the hotel until eleven and she had just planned to have some breakfast, pack and take it easy till then.


"The manager is closing the pool to the rest of the guests for half an hour and I wondered if you wanted to join us for a short swim."


Kyra made just a slight hesitation. "Thank you, but I don't think so. I need to pack and write a couple of e-mails."


Skylar was definitely disappointed. "Are you sure; that cool water feels awfully good first thing in the morning?"


"I'm sure. But have fun. I'll talk to you later Sky."


Just a few minutes later, Kyra stepped out onto the balcony with her morning tea. The pool was below her room and five of her co-workers were splashing around in the crystal clear liquid. It certainly looked like they were having fun. Leaning her arms on the railing, Kyra caught sight of the sleek form doing the backstroke, slicing effortlessly through the water from one end to the other. Her steady cadence was almost hypnotizing. Kyra couldn't pull herself away.


Skylar made her turn at the end of the pool and pushed off for lap...she'd lost count she was so relaxed. It was just her and the water for these short screaming crowds, no reporters, no Bo. Actually, he was standing by the fence surrounding the pool, wearing a suit and checking his watch every five minutes. But she managed to put even that out of her mind. "I wish Kyra was here though," her inner voice whispered. As she started a lap away from the hotel, her eyes popped open. The sun was momentarily hidden behind a cloud and she had a clear line of sight to the second floor balcony above her and more importantly, the grinning face looking back. Skylar stopped her momentum and floated, smiling at her friend. Kyra was the best friend she had, the first best friend she'd ever had. Skylar had been pretty much a loner in school. She had a few casual friends, but no one in particular that she had been close to. She grew up an only child and for the most part she was glad it had been that way. Even in college, Skylar didn't socialize much, preferring to concentrate on her studies and her music. The relationships with her band members were certainly friendly and their companionship was important to her, but they lacked the intimacy and comfort that everyone needed, that Skylar had craved.


But now she had that.


Their instant connection had forged into a devoted bond in just a matter of weeks. Even though the sentiment was yet to be spoken by the young blonde, Sky knew that Kyra felt the same. Every morning, one of the first things Skylar anticipated most was seeing her friend Kyra...talking to her......working with her... sharing their thoughts and feelings. Skylar recently realized just how important that was when Kyra had to make an emergency trip home. When Sky had asked if she could help in any way, Kyra had declined to discuss the problem. But then Skylar had her own secrets. And part of being friends, was letting people keep their secrets.


Skylar lifted her hand to wave when the rowdy gang around her displaced the water causing her to sink. The dark head popped right back up and she spit a stream of water onto the pool deck in her best impression of a fountain. Sky looked up to see Kyra laughing. Her day was now perfect.


Kyra suddenly reached for her pocket and even from a distance Sky saw her friend's expression change to one of near panic. Kyra answered the phone and stepped back inside the room.


Skylar hauled herself out of the water, still curious what the frequent phone calls were about.


* * *


Skylar zipped her heavy leather jacket and pulled on her waterproof gloves. All the band members were gathered around the small, snowy field, dressed appropriately in ski parkas, wool coats, gloves and hats. Six inches of fresh snow covered the ground beneath their booted feet as they mingled and kicked up powder like a bunch of kids. It was a bright, sunny day in the middle of...July. Skylar had written and recorded an original Christmas song for a compilation CD with a dozen other singing stars. Making videos for her songs was nothing new to Skylar, but wearing two layers of clothing in a summer month was. A giant snow machine was whirring behind the cameras, ready to shoot fresh, clean snow down over the pseudo actors before each take and that helped, but it was still hot. The current scene had Sky and her friends engaging in a rather spirited snowball fight. In spite of the moderately stuffy conditions, they were having a lot of good, winter fun.


Bo was sitting by the camera, in a director's chair, although he was definitely not in charge. But he tended to think so. The director called for action and Sky was suddenly, but expectantly pummeled by a barrage of cold, white orbs. Everyone was getting in their friendly shots. The group of eight took off in all directions and Sky was supposed to tackle one of them in a long camera angle. The way it was going to be edited, the viewer wouldn't know exactly who her victim was. On the first take, Skylar chased down her piano player, Grant Worthington. The jokester had dropped an icy chunk down her back earlier and a little retribution was in order. He came away with a face full of snow and a head full of wet, shaggy, blonde hair. But the smile never left his face. He was always a good sport.


On take number two, Sky took off after one of the two shorter figures clad in a coat of deep crimson. The person faltered after about twenty feet and Sky seized her chance. But instead of falling down on top of the smaller person, in one smooth move she wrapped her arms around the slim waist and tugged backward, pulling them down on top of her into the soft, ivory blanket. Kyra rolled off the lean, but sturdy body and began laughing uncontrollably. Sky couldn't pass up the opportunity and dug her long fingers into the blonde's sides in a tickle torrent.


The little maneuver wasn't scripted, but the director let the camera roll just in case he got something special to include in the video. Bo took particular interest in what was happening in the snow. Two voices were singing out in harmonic laughter and rolling around on the ground a bit longer than he thought appropriate. From their angle, it was hard to see the face of Sky's prey, but Bo knew that Kyra McCall was wearing the red ski jacket. This is over, he thought and jumped from his chair. "Stop the camera! Stop the camera!"


"Hey," the director said, "I'm in charge here."


Bo turned to him and growled, "But that's my client and I'm in charge of her." He got into the man's face. "Unless you want to spend the rest of your career directing toilet paper commercials, you will not put that last bit in this video. Now I suggest that you move on to the next scene, which, I believe features Skylar by herself."


The director backed into his own space, not the least bit intimidated. "Just who do you think you are?" he asked, with controlled irritation. "No, don't answer, because you are not what you think you are Mr. Bowers. And unless you've suddenly become an executive with Eagle Eye Music, I don't have to answer to you. Now...!"


Bo's fingers curled into stone fists of rage. It took all of his willpower to resist swinging one of those fists at the man who had dared to command him. But getting arrested was not on his list of things to do today. Bo Bowers stomped away, his attitude taken down a notch. But he was about as mad as he'd ever been. A couple of whistles and a few claps sounded clandestinely from the winterized musicians. Bo stopped, but didn't look their way.


Skylar looked up from her seat in the snow and addressed the cheering members. "That's enough guys," she said in a hushed voice. "We all feel that way, but that's only gonna make it worse. He won't forget."


"Okay," the director said, "now that that's over, let's take a fifteen minute break."


Sky momentarily dropped her head and ran a hand through her dark, disheveled and slightly damp locks. A headache was charging her like a bull elephant. He ruins everything, she thought. I'm certainly not having the fun career I'd imagined. About the only time I'm happy is when I'm on stage with only the audience and the music. The only other time I'm happy lately is...


"Could you use a hand?"


Sky looked up and the corners of mouth twitched, finally lifting to an inevitable smile. She reached up to grab Kyra's hand and was pulled to her feet.


"Guess we got carried away," the blonde said.


"No, he got carried away. He should be put away. Sorry Bill," Sky said as the director approached them.


"Don't worry about it Skylar. Everyone in the business knows you must have your reasons for keeping him around. Are you going to be ready to continue after the break?"


She sucked in a breath. "Yeah"


Kyra shed her coat, revealing her white, sleeveless top. "Guess I'm done here," she said. "Are we still on for dinner tonight?" They had planned on visiting a local restaurant that catered to a celebrity's privacy with a special dining room.


"You're not too disgusted to keep hanging around me yet, huh?"


Kyra shook her head resolutely. "Never happen."


* * *


Sky had had the week off from touring, but not much relaxing was on her schedule. After two days of filming the Christmas video in Northern California, she had flown back to LA to do a daytime and a late night talk the same day.


A dark limo pulled up to the stage door and Sky exited the vehicle, carrying a garment bag. She was followed by her entourage...of one. Sky was not singing on this appearance so the rest of the band members were enjoying the time off. Kyra made a joke and cracked her friend up as they walked into the huge studio. They were met immediately by an assistant and led to the star's dressing room where Sky changed into her outfit. Kyra, well accustomed with dressing rooms by now, laid out the singer's makeup in front of the larger mirror. Sky liked to apply her own make-up as often as possible and that included wearing as little as possible. She knew how she looked best on camera. While she did that, Kyra picked up a hairbrush, quickly and proficiently leaving her friend's long strands ordered and shiny.


With that done, the two went down the hall to a waiting room and chatted with the show's other two guests, a daytime drama star and an up and coming sitcom star. As the small group talked, the television in the background displayed the show's host doing her monologue and trademark dancing.


Sky was the last guest. Now alone in the room, Kyra watched the interview on the television. Sky was always very articulate and personable. She had a great sense of humor and matched wits with the funny host. Kyra laughed out loud at one of their exchanges, but was then stunned when Sky mentioned her by name during a related story. She hadn't heard the door to the room swing open, but she jumped from her seat when the same door slammed shut.


* * *


Sky was scooping food from a white box with a pair of sticks. She was also autographing photos of herself for members of her fan club. And reading e-mails from the laptop on the table in front of her. If her toes had been a little more nimble, she probably would have been writing the music for the new lyrics Kyra had recently given her. Skylar was in her office at the music studio and only had an hour to toil over work and lunch. On the screen she read fifteen notes of a personal nature from family and friends, very pleased with everything included. She dumped more than two dozen junk mails while she munched, but her jaw halted mid-chew as she highlighted the final mail. It had only been sent a few hours before. There was something odd about it, and an intuition made her slip it into a folder for later inspection. Sky finally sat back and rubbed her stinging eyes as the underwater screen saver popped up.


The door to her office suddenly swung open. "Oh Cash," Bowers chuckled, "it does my wallet good to see you working so hard."


"Yeah well, none of this is going to put a dime in your pocket Bobo, so back out and go pester someone else."


He propped his black clad behind on the edge of her cluttered desk and bragged, "You know you're my one and only." He picked up a geode paperweight and tossed it into the air, whistling some unknown tune. Sky tried to block him out as she continued her lunch. "Tell me Cash," Bo said when his song was finished, "why did you take the little songbird to the taping this morning?"


Sky didn't flinch as her hand slid across the color 8x10. "And how did you know she was there?" she asked calmly.


Bo's dark eyes to bored into the top of her head as he hesitated, hoping she would squirm. "I got there halfway through your interview," he explained, "went in to watch you and to my surprise, there she was, staring at you all dreamy eyed."


Again, Skylar didn't give him the reaction he wanted. "If you must know, and you always do, I am trying to mentor her songwriting career. I am taking her places so she can make contacts. It's that simple."


He angled a doubting brow. "Song writing? Right." He was quiet for the moment as he continued to toss around the sparkling rock.


Skylar remembered how Kyra was acting when they had left the studio. Her friend had been unusually quiet and timid, although she had claimed to be fine. Sky looked up at the irritating man through ruffed bangs. "What did you say to her?" she asked rigidly.


Bo noisily plopped the geode down on her desk. He reached up and brushed a knuckle across his prickly whiskers. "I didn't have to say anything. Just one of my famous looks had her scared shitless."


Skylar jumped to her feet, blue fury in her eyes. "You leave her alone!" she demanded.


Bo snickered. "You are awfully protective of her, aren't you?"


"Your business is with me," she spat, leaning across her desk less than a foot from his smirking face. "You may control me, but I don't want you scaring, intimidating or even talking to her or any of my other band members. They are my friends and they don't need to deal with your bullshit. Do you understand?"


Bowers slipped off the desk and matched her wrathful posture. "I understand that you'd better start remembering the terms of our private deal...especially when it comes to sexy, blonde...songwriters. Believe me, I see the appeal, but you'd better not."


* * *


Skylar Ramsey broke out into a big, joyful smile as she posed in front of her band. She was doing a photo shoot for a very popular music magazine; it was going to be the cover story. She had requested that Sky High be in a few of the photos and had asked that they be credited individually in the article because she was very proud of them and wanted them to share her success. In some of the photos they recreated their stage positions and in others they were grouped behind her, some standing and some sitting.


"Very good," the photographer said as he stopped snapping to switch cameras. Having seen Skylar's stage show, he remembered the great dance routine. "Now if I could have the three lovely front ladies over here." He gestured to the rest of the band. "Not that the rest of you aren't just as lovely." They all had a good laugh when Grant did his best vogue poses.


Sky changed into her favorite painted jeans and then Kyra and Gable joined her in front of a blue, sky blue to be exact, background. Recreating the dance he remembered, the photographer positioned the tall star in the center of the trio. Her back was to the camera and she was looking over her right shoulder, in her back pockets were her trademark scarves. At first all three women adopted stoic expressions and had their arms crossed in front of them. The next series had the blonde and the redhead pulling on the scarves. For the final few photos, he instructed them to do what they wanted.


Sky was more at ease and having fun than she had in a long time at one of these publicity functions. She knew it was because Bo wasn't there trying to dictate her every move. In fact, he was out of town on personal business, so there was no chance of him showing up and destroying everyone's excitement. Sky, still standing in the middle, but now facing forward, threw her arms around her friend's shoulders and said something to make them laugh. The man kept snapping away as Sky's arm, unconsciously snaked down around Kyra's neck, pulling her body closer with Sky's cheek ending up perched on the blonde head.



To be continued...


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